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Laurent Family Guess Who

Are you a Laurent? Related to a Laurent? Used to be one in some capacity but maybe not so much now? Are you in a vassal house?

Join House Laurent for a little game of guess who! Please be prepared with three facts about yourself! The person who guesses the most people correctly will get a prize. Could be a little horse in a sweater, who knows!


Aug. 7, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

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Margerie Norwood Mabelle Sunniva Cocine Cassandra Kael Reigna Fiora



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Kitchen

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Comments and Log

It's autumn and the kitchen is a somewhat cozier venue than the big drafty hall just outside. The kitchen island has been loaded with cookies, pastries and pre-dished slices of cake. There's warm apple cider, mulled wine, milk and hot chocolate along a different serving station. And there are plenty of chairs to sit at between the nook and the stools meant for the island. Cristoph has stolen one of the stools already and is perched on it, going through pieces of paper and nodding. He's dressed in something different than his typical black and gold outfit with armor. Today he's wearing fashionable black seasilk pants and a comfortable looking seatouched wool top in blue. So... black and blue. And still there's gold. As people arrive, a hand is lifted and he waves to them. "Hello! Yes, thanks for coming. Please, grab something to drink and something to eat. Feel free. Fill out your fact cards! And hand them back to me. Quick!" It's less commandy and more joking, as he laughs right after.

Marie, chef of Keaton Hall arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Margerie enters on Norwood's arm, smiling happily at each wonderful familiar face she sees. She does appropriate greetings and finds a mug of warm cider before settling down into a seat.

Margerie has gotten Norwood all presentable again - never mind that it is the same outfit he wore at his last big Laurent Thing. Cristoph //probably// won't send him up a tree this time?! He walks in with Margerie on his arm and kisses her cheek lightly as she sits, then he walks them towards Cristoph. "Duke," respectful, "I cannot decide if you look like you're enjoying yourself."

Mabelle has been here all along. She lives here now since she returned to eating solid food a day or so ago. Clad in velvet and wool, she wanders around the kitchen until she spots the hot chocolate and cookies tray. Collecting all she can fit in one hand and still look like a lady, she spots her cousin, and grins at Cristoph, "Oooo if only Zara was here, she wouldnt believe me without seeing it", an approving commentary is made upon the outfit. A card is collected and greetings are offered as she moves to fill it.

Sunniva arrives on her own, dressed for comfort rather than to impress anyone; after all, there's no need to impress family! They're stuck with her. She's in a simple silk gown with a woven wool shawl for warmth loosely draped over her shoulders. Pausing a moment, taking in the warmth and the yumminess spread out on the counter, Sunni heads immediately over towards Cristoph, giving the Duke a quick hug and whispering something softly in his ear before she pulls back and winks. Before he can answer, she is sweeping off to claim a mug of hot chocolate for herself, and decide on a seat for herself.

Cocine arrives promptly, relying on the servants to help her navigate through to the kitchen. She thanks the maid that lead her through with a smile and lifts a hand towards Mabelle as she approaches. Dipping into a curtsy, she flashes a grin, "I am un-bee-lievably happy to bee here, my lady. Thank you so much for inviting me!" Dipping into a bow towards Cristoph, then Margerie, and Norwood, she offers a warm smile, "My lady, its truly a pleasure to see you again. My lords, a pleasure to meet you both." Slipping around, she plucks up a card and starts to fill it out, muttering, "I should have had a thinking cap made to help contain the brainstorming..." Because when you are dressed in puns, and nothing but puns, of course you become a pun-dit!

Apparently Cristoph is not alone in dressing down. No robes. No tabard. For visiting home, Cassandra is in a set of wispy seasilk pants and top that is adorned with feathers. The Legate smiles as she enters, catching sight of her brother with his guard down and greets him with a bow of her head to greet her family. "Good evening." she offers to the others politely. A soft laugh escapes her when Cocine goes on a pun rant. "That outfit was all the buzz at Blessed Hamish's event."

Kael arrives with his wife on his arm, as the pair are prone to traveling. "My Liege," greets Kael first and foremost to Cristoph, inclining his head deeply to the man in a low and respectful manner. The pose is kept for a series of beats before he rises, lifts his chin, and casts a glance to his wife as though to allow her the choice of seating options. Kael though? He's decided that they are going to have refreshments. Mulled wine for himself, though he gestures - uncertain - to the hot chocolate as though debating if she might prefer that. A quizzical look is cast in the direction of his wife. Mind you, he is also greeting those around the chamber once refreshments are seen to. A kiss to Aunt Margerie's cheek, a clasp of Norwood's arm, a, "Lady Laurent," to Mabelle and so forth while less known individuals are the recipient of a simple nod.

2 Keaton Huntsmen arrives, following Amari.

"Don't worry, Norwood. You'll be safe this event, I promise." Cristoph is enjoying himself! He reaches for a glass of mulled wine and nods his greeting to both the baron and Margerie. When he hears Mabelle's comment, there's a quick laugh and he offers: "I didn't think she'd make it tonight. So I figured it would be safe to dress properly." Absolutely incorrigible when he wants to be. He's quickly being distracted by Sunniva whispering something in his ear. There's a furrowed expression and then he laughs. "Good!" he calls back to her. About something. "Cass! Jael is resting tonight. But I'll let her know you were. Kael, Reigna!" A hand is waved to them and he starts collecting cards as they're handed to him, skimming through them. "Another moment and we'll start! But don't shout out answers."

Vern arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Reigna hands her card to Cristoph with a bright smile, "Duke Laurent, you are looking excellent this evening!" As for the Keaton Marquessa, she too has dressed for comfort, choosing a clingy seatouched wool tunic dress and leggings. She looks quite comfy! "Thank you for hosting!" She moves off towards Kael at the refreshment table and says, "Cocoa, please, beloved."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Mabelle beams brightly at all the faces gracing the room, "Cocine! Thank you for coming. You will now realize what you got yourself into", for the benefit of making sense, Mabelle introduces her around and to Cristoph, "Cocine Arcuri, my protege. You will likely learn the names as everyone will not shout at all, we're Oathlanders, we're polite". Kael and Reigna receive a curtsy and a greeting, "Marquis, Marquessa, welcome!" but then her eyes narrow at Cristoph, "So you do not fear my berating? I should be more strict"

Norwood gives Cristoph a serious eye - WILL HE BE? But thankfully, others are filtering in and so Norwood steps aside so others can claim the duke's attention. Cocine's face is unfamiliar but Norwood nods at her, Kael gets a warm, "Marquis," and the handclasp, and then Norwood moves towards Sunniva to offer her an arm. "Come join us at the island Sunniva. Don't mind the bees." Seriously. It's like they're FOLLOWING him today.

When Margerie sees Cassandra she lets out a decidedly un-baroness-like squeal and hops out of her seat to embrace her old friend. She does not care who sees.

Sunniva takes time, now that she has hot chocolate, to greet Margerie and Norwood each with a kiss to their cheek. Others receive smiles of greeting before Norwood offers his arm. "Thank you, Norwood." is voiced quietly. When Cristoph calls after her, she tosses a sharp grin in his direction. "Here I expected you to say something more akin to 'about time'!" she retorts before the arrival of Reigna and Kael draws her focus. "I was rather worried about you both! So glad to see you in good health." And one piece, but that needn't be said.

There's a soft oof when Margerie embraces her, but Cassandra is quick to return it, giving her a warm squeeze. "I'm so sorry, I have been under a mountain of paperwork since I got back in town! We should have tea soon... and..." She leans in to whisper conspiratorily to the Auntie Superior before she pulls back. "Did your husband use a floral scent tonight? He seems to be positively abuzz with bees."

Smiling towards Cassandra, she offers, "Legate! How wonderful to see you again! And thank you, I wanted to do something different from all the spiders and skulls and webs." Cocine nods to Mabelle and chuckles as Margerie almost immediately lets out a squeal after, looking back to her patron, "I can tell. You're a very quiet and stoic bunch." Amusement dances in her eyes and is writ clear across her face. She turns, offering a bow towards Sunniva, Kael, and Reigna, "My lord, my ladies. A pleasure." Handing her card over to Cristoph, she smiles briefly, "I hope this is good enough. I've never played a game like this before."

Reigna looks oer at Mabelle and smiles, "Lady Mabelle, how are you feeling? How is your stomach?" There is gentle concern there, so very sincere. As Sunniva arrives, Reigna looks over towards her fellow Marquessa and says, "We are fine, fine. When the woman turned into the snake and the Cardian started lighting things on fire, we got everyone into the clinic and barred the doors. It was... a long night."

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Norwood is Beeutiful THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVERYONE as he serves up some honey cake (is there honey cake? guys, there is honey cake) for Sunniva and then for Margerie also.

Kael hands off his card to Cristoph, acquires that hot cocoa as Reigna requests, and escorts her to... the breakfast nook. He settles in close to Mabelle, inclines his head politely to her protege, and before he might say more in that regard Sunniva's comment catches his attention. The man shifts his focus to Sunniva and he regards her in that steady manner of his before dipping his head. "Marquessa Harthall," he offers forth. "It is good that you are unharmed." After a series of beats, his focus returns to Cocine and he nods to her. "A pleasure," he says in turn.

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"Zara has never berated me and it's not about fear. It's about seeing her shocked look of indignation and how well she composes herself." Cristoph takes a long draw of that wine and taps the cards together, shuffling them together. "That seems rather rude to shout," he remarks to Sunniva from across the room. He reads the first card off of the deck and snorts about something. Cocine is handing her card off to him next and he grins broadly, "That's alright. It's a game! Nothing can go wrong. Thank you for your joining us."

"Alright, lets start. Your first person to guess has the following facts attributed to them: 1) I met my wife on the ramparts of the Valardin ward. 2) I'm better at riding horses than Baron Norwood claims. 3) I have extensive scarring from an attack of Abandoned archers.

Mabelle smiles over the table to Reigna, "Its been a difficult few weeks but I am feeling much better. Our new Guildmistress is a miracle worker". She then silences herself for the sake of the game.

Sunniva takes time to fill out her card once Norwood sees her to a seat, and she has it passed to Cristoph easily enough. "Yes, I'd returned to the clinic with the fellow that was thrown into the door. I...was not outside for the snake and lighting of things on fire, but yes, a very long night." she admits, sympathetically. "But please, Marquis and Marquessa, when here with family, Sunniva will do just nicely." This is directed to both Reigna and Kael. And then the game begins, and Sunniva is hrming softly, looking about at the others in the kitchen consideringly.

To add to Sunniva's comment, Cassandra nods. "Family can call me Cassandra." she points out gently. "I cannot be 'Mother' all the time after all."

Reigna leans over to whisper to Kael with a grin on her face.

Mabelle consults quietly with Cocine as she jots something on the paper, "So its a man...".

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Kael inclines his head in response to Sunniva, chin to shoulder, before he is conspiring with his wife at the start of the game. It does not take long at all until he chuckles, shakes his head. He looks quite content with his answer.

As the guests begin to murmur among themselves, Cristoph flips the next card. He watches a couple of faces in particular, but he seems to think this first one isn't terribly difficult. Of course, he has all the answers! Then he reaches for his wine. After a suitable amount of time has passed, he'll lift up the next. "Time's up! Number two: 1) Reached the city with nothing but the clothes on their body and a pink beret. 2) Can play the clavichord but won't in public. 3) Won a weapon dance against the Lyceum's finest." He squints at the last one. "Really?"

That one seems to throw Reigna and she looks around curiously, speculatively even. She giggles and shakes her head as she writes her guess.

Sunniva blinks at the second person, head tipping to the side. "Interesting." she murmurs while considering her options before eventually writing down a name on her list.

"But who is the Lyceum's best?" Wonders Margerie.

Mabelle gazes afar at Norwood, trying to picture him in a pink beret.

Looking around the room at the others as she ponders the second one, Cocine remarks absently to Margerie, "Currently that would be Harlex, Sword of Velenosa.. at least, one would think so."

"If we're talking about a weapons dance, I know that Alessia is one of those best at it. I do not imagine Harlex as much of a weapon's dancer." Cassandra responds, weighing in as someone that knows combat, supposedly.

You know who's going to have drunk a lot of wine by the end of this? Cristoph. He sips again and surveys the room! "Number three: 1) I have one daughter. 2) My dead horse's name was Clover. 3) I believe in the dead not staying dead."

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Sunniva sighs softly as the third clues are read. "I have been away from Arx for far too long, as these do not remind me of anyone." she declares, though sounding entirely amused by the situation.

Reigna purses her lips and looks around the room curiously. She looks to Kael and Norwood, head tilted speculatively.

Yes, yes, yes. Much conversation is head! Cristoph drinks steadily more wine! Three more cards are read of.

FOUR: 1) Their favorite color is forest green. 2) They enjoy baking. 3) They like turnips.

FIVE: 1) I hate sleeves. 2) I am a middle child. 3) I love jasmine, both as a scent and a flower.

SIX: 1) Spent 6 months on a merchant ship just after being married. 2) Is a sucker for anything blue with pearls on it 4) Has a specialized knowledge in flora and how they apply to healing

Mabelle begins to squint her crystalline eyes at all the women in the room, particularly Sunniva and Reigna.

Reigna hrms and looks around the room speculatively, "These are all things I would not guess about many of you!"

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Sunniva pipes up, echoing Reigna, "I do believe being gone for nearly four years has put me at a distinct disadvantage in this game!" Of course, Sunni doesn't actually sound the least bit upset by this.

Norwood is eyeing people back as all the things come though. This is HARD PEOPLE.

Kael furrows his brows and looks from this person to that, glances to his list, considers, then actually marks out something and goes back to change his answers. That's totally allowed, right?

Nunia the discreetest handmaid arrives, following Fiora.

Cassandra chuckles softly. "You think you're at a disadvantage, Sunniva?" She looks thoughtful as she jots down something.

When Sunniva pipes up, Cristoph laughs brightly. "NUMBER SEVEN: 1) They're the youngest of 7 siblings! 2) They've has been close to the Everwinter twice. 3) Their favorite color is blue." He hums and flips to another card. "Another person with the favorite color blue? I guess it's a nice enough color." The guests are settled in and Cris is reading a seemingly endless (there's only nine cards not even ten!) pile of cards while he keeps drinking wine. Just little sips. Swear.

Mabelle rakes her fingers through the black sheet of her hair, "I came in confident, I'm utterly lost", she points out to Cassandra and Sunniva, "And I was in the city all along!"

Reigna shakes her head and peers to Cassandra, "You know, everytime I turn around there is another Laurent sibling."

"I rather favor green," says Kael, with a wry tone, as he looks up with Cristoph's commentary. Still, he shakes his head and there is hardly any hesitation at all before he is jotting down his answer for number seven. Once this is done he looks over his past answers, clearly deliberating over one or two choices.

Sunniva sends a grin towards Cassandra, and replies with a silent shrug. Another name is dropped down onto her list for number 7, accompanied by a soft sigh.

Cassandra considers and adds, "I apologize in advance that I will get these all wrong."

"I helped //raise// half of you and I haven't the faintest..."

Reigna sends a sympathetic look to Cassandra, "I think we will all be apologizing to one another! This is eye opening!"

Mabelle peeps at Norwood as if to spite him, "Not me! That's why I drown!"

Fiora checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

Norwood says, "Some Laurents can't be saved." #spicy Norwood"

Fiora arrives (very quietly) and makes her way to a table. She says zero words. But she is here, participating in festivities.

Cocine laughs lightly at the commentary going around and offers, "If it helps, I only really know one of you and only vaguely know two others. Everything else is just... sheer damn guesswork."

"I feel like the worst auntie." Margeriebis distraught at how poorly she is guessing.

Norwood checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

There's only a couple of left, so Cristoph begins shuffling them together dramatically. The beeara is shifted on his head. "Number EIGHT. 1) I am a founder for the Academy of War. 2) I was raised in the small town of Westwillow. 3) My favorite dish is roast game hen over root veggetables." He laughs as people are struggling with the answers. "I hope everyone here knows everyones favoriate color by the end of tonight, or else!"

Reigna bursts out giggling and starts writing with glee. She does not look at anyone. Nope.

Mabelle protests a little bit, "Favorite color is not a fact!", but then there's Fiora, "Fiora. Were you here the entire time?", she grins at her, "Dont mind the bees". To Cocine she informs, "You are the only one I guessed for sure!"

Sunniva leans over and gently hugs Margerie with one arm and quickly murmurs, "You are the best Auntie!" Then she laughs at Mabelle's protest. "Favourite colour is a fact, and an opinion." she retorts. "Don't whine just because you don't know the answers!"

"You know, I have been keeping an idea on the thought of joining the Academy..." Cassandra muses as she jots down her answer. Of course, they may have been trying to coax said person to speak up.

"I highly recommend it." Norwood calls out to Cassandra. AoW for life.

"We've got TWO left. So I'm going to read them off quickly and you guys can start handing in your cards." Cristoph laughs at Mabelle's protests and shrugs his shoulders. "It's a personal fact for them! Look, I'm simply a reader of the cards. I don't judge for content." The second to last card is held out, "Number NINE: 1) They have an adversion to coffee, taking tea instead. The smell of the Bold Espressions makes them ill. 2) They have a scar on their upper thigh from a riding accident when they were six. They haven't ridden a horse since. 3) Secretly loves to dance in their office when they're alone. But they're a terrible dancer." Actually no, Cris isn't going to read that last card off yet. Because he's laughing at the third fact and nodding his head. "That is true."

Mabelle pauses now at Cristoph's card. "Goodness this is confusing. Who has an office?", she glances around the room before informing Sunniva, unashamed, "I do not like losing!"

"Yes." Fiora lies to Mabelle with a small smile. "Just right back there." The woman murmurs, motioning with her chin over her shoulder. "Sorry I didn't say hello earlier. Hello."

After he's recovered himself, Cristoph looks at the last card. "Okay, okay. NUMBER TEN. 1) The best with a bow in this room. (probably). 2 )Has been pushed off a cliff." He slows down there and reads it a second time silently, one eyebrow lifting upward. "3) Doesn't drink." There might be more but he cuts off there, but he seems amused. "Alright, write your final answers down and send me your answer cards. I have grading to do."

Marie, chef of Keaton Hall arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

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Mabelle drums on the table dramatically, "Come now, Mabelle needs a new horse to carry her shopping from the market! Will there be a revelation and some explanation?"

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Vern arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

When the cards come back, Cristoph spends a bunch of time reading through them. He nods approvingly at one and then... another then... there's a couple of more them. "Ah, so. There's actually four people in first place. And those people would be: Norwood, Mabelle, Kael and Margerie." He scratches the back of his head, then narrows his eyes on the group of people assembled in the kitchen. "And there were a few close calls after that. A lot of muttering for a bunch of people that clearly know each other's favorite colors. Well." He stretches across the table and gives a bag a little shake. "I have one dawnstone and one duskstone here for first and second place." CLEARLY THAT DIDN'T WORK OUT. "I'll send this pair home with Norwood and Margerie. Kael and Mabelle have earned an I.O.U." That means he's sending Rupert out to the city center to buy VALUABLE GEMS.

Cassandra gives polite applause. "Excellent job!" she says as she gives a little smile as she looks down. Apparently she needs to work on the family thing some more.

"See, you -are- the best auntie ever," Sunniva quickly reassures Margerie with a laugh, before she involves Norwood in that look. "And you are the best 'almost raised many of you' figure as well." Just in case he felt left out by her statement. She politely applauds the four winners, smiling widely. "Well done, all of you!"

Mabelle snickers at Cristoph, clapping for everyone, but particularly eyes Norwood, "Did the Raspberry beret give me away?", she laughs helplesslly.

"A pink beret, Mabelle." There is no judgment in Margerie's tone, simply l

...simply indulgent humor.

"Oooooh! I changed my mind! I should have stuck with my gut on the beret! Why would Norwood wear a pink one?!" Reigna laughs delightedly, "Congrats beloved!"

"I am afraid it did." Norwood replies, "Considering I gave it to you. Thank you Duke Cristoph," Norwood replies seriously and then hands them gem to Margerie because what will he do with it? String it around Queensguard?

Kael lifts his glass of mulled wine that he's had a few mere sips out of and toasts Margerie and Norwood, with Mabelle thereafter. After he takes another sip, he remarks, "An excellent game, my liege. Thank you for hosting." He might be on the cusp of saying more, but Reigna's commentary has him laughing. "Baron Norwood in a pink beret?" he asks her, brow quirked. He turns to the man to imagine it.

"I could see it," Sunniva pipes up so helpfully. "Pink is very much Norwoods colour." She manages to say this with a straight face, though the distinct twinkle in her eye gives her away.

Mabelle peers at Cassandra then, "You dance at your office?", a grin on her lips. She then defends herself to Cristoph, "The dance was with hairpins! And I beat Ophira, Dianna and Gianna!".

There's a small smile from Cassandra. "My mother made me take dance as part of preparing me to be a Duchess. It is good exercise." she shrugs.

Cocine smiles and offers applause for the winners, turning her gaze towards Margerie and offering, "I would be happy to work with you on what to do with those gems, Baroness!" Then to Mabelle with a chuckle, "And yours as well, obviously." She glances around and perhaps tries to figure out who she got right or wrong.

"Cocine, you will be hearing from me for sure. You are a talented artist." Margerie smiles happily. "This was quite the mind game!"

Fiora folds her arms tightly over her chest, letting out a sigh. "Well played." Comes out begrudgingly while it sounds like maybe she thinks it was not so well played.

Mabelle is overheard praising Cristoph: Magnificent host!

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Sunniva is overheard praising Cristoph: For creating an exceptional game, and being an immaculate host.

Sunniva is overheard praising Bree: For seeing her word through to completion and advancing her personal quest.

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Kael is overheard praising Cristoph.

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