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Halfshav Horse Auction (For Real This Time)

The auction is actually happenning this time. If you are gonna sell a horse, message Brianna to be put on the list.


Aug. 16, 2020, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Brianna Arik


Appolonia Thea Reve Cassandra Rowenova Khanne Azova Kastelon Alecstazi Mikani Svana Baelos Nina Alaric



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Halfshav Hall - Open Courtyard

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Comments and Log

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrives, following Khanne.

The Halfshav courtyard has been largely cleared out for the auction, the pots and garden furniture moved off to the periphery, and to the stables roped off for easy movement of animals to and from the low auction platform. A ramp has been built up one side for the for ease of movement. Brianna, arguably the loudest Halfshav, has won the role of auctioneer, and she loves any opportunity to be up on a platform or dais anyway. A young boy runs back and forth, asking questions before dashing back to the barn.

Appolonia makes her way in to the courtyard, with the hem of her dress pinned up (in lieu of dragging it through the inevitable byproduct of Horse). She has a small paper fan with her despite the cool weather, which seems to be getting used mostly as something to fiddle around with. The melancholy character of her expression brightens somewhat at the sight of bustling movement and, of course, the animals under consideration.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrives, following Kastelon.

Arriving just in time is Thea. Dressed in her leathers normally, she's equally glad she did so because well--horses. And donkeys. And--is that a little terrier? The Malvici is already eyeing Finn, smirking,"No. Just no. You stay here."

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

Reve arrives from Halfshav's Great Hall, nodding casually to one of the guards as he passes by them. Given the set up for the auction, with the various steeds and sundry animals about, he keeps his distance from the stables. There are people to bother anyway. Deciding that he is going to play the role of greeter (and no, absolutely no one gave him this job), he welcomes guests. "Silver is preferable!" he calls to one fine lord making his way by, then he sets his sights on Appolonia and greets her with an inclination of his head and a grand sweeping motion to the direction of the livestock. Onward he goes, remarking an amiable, "My Lady," to Thea before he spies Azova. That's his next target and he prowls her way.

While she has very little time for horses, Cassandra grew up around them as a member of the Laurent family. The Legate makes her way in, finding a place to settle as she glances over to look for the animals for auction, her hands folded in front of her tabard.

Stepping out from the great hall, Nova continuously walks until she steps up into the light saddle astride a grey mare of short stature with black points (which also includes dorsal stripe). She did not even bother with rein pickup but just seeks the good seat for the time being as she peers up platform way. Meanwhile, Sir Flop is making the rounds for potential pets from people.

Khanne came to support her family and the auction, of course. The Duchess keeps to the perimeter, a bit out of the way of the horses and horse... things. She didn't exactly come dressed for the occasion, but no one said she would have to muck about in... muck to bid, so, here she is, watching as others arrive.

Yes, Azova is definitely relieved to see Reve participating in the day's events. Even if it is as greeter and silver-preference herald. He's easy to spot in the crowd despite his prowling and she immediately steps up to his side to hook her arm with his politely and murmur something to him quietly. Once she's quietly said whatever it is she wanted to convey, she seeks out Brianna and Alecstazi to wave at cheerfully. And then the Duchess to incline her head towards politely.

"No," Kastelon quietly tells Resolute as the pair linger by the fountain. The hound gives the water a sad look, then leans obediently against the huntsman's leg.

Kastelon has joined the by the stone water fountain.

Alecstazi is prowling about, giddy as a lad, looking over all the horses and the ponies and avoiding the donkeys, miniature or otherwise. He happens to pass near Khanne, giving his Duchess a proper bow.

Appolonia returns the firm nod to Reve and smiles at him in her turn, before moving towards the observation positions. Given her height she may be taking some pains to be in front. (Sir Flop receives a pet on the sly, if he dast approach.)

Brianna stands up from her shady seat on the platform and addresses the crowd. "Thank you all for coming here today! Other than our first horse, which is a private sale, all proceeds from this auction will go toward improving the shrines and educational facilities in Cascade Springs, making life better for people in one of the farthest reaches of Arvum. Thank you for your interest in helping us with this!" She waits for a moment. Then another moment. Then gives a LOOK in the direction of the stables and a young boy of about ten leads out the first horse, a steady-as-he-goes dark bay Artshall destrier with warm brown eyes. The lad seems to have missed his cue, but he is making up for it with speed. "Bidding for this one starts at thirty thousand silver."

Cassandra moves to stand next to Khanne. "This looks like a lovely event, Your Grace. And I was told it is to help with one of your territories to rebuild?"

Cassandra calls out. "Come now, do not make me bid on a horse from my brother's stables!" It's said with a hint of tease, knowing full well that the horse should do fine.

Thea nods her head to Reve with a slight smile. Seein Azova as well, she offers her a bow of her and wave as she makes her way to look at the horses. Skimming the first horse brought out, she lifts her eyebrow. "He's beautful..."

"Thirty thousand and one!" calls Kastelon from near the fountain. Maybe he isn't used to auctions.

Appolonia laughs behind her fan, lightly, and then raises it upwards - oh so that's why she brought it. "Thirty-one," she calls, testingly.

Reve offers an arm to Azova, easily enough, when she comes as though to slide an arm through his. Whatever it is that she murmurs to him, that has his brows draw in toward one another and he suddenly becomes far less interested in his self-appointed duties. "What?" he says, a bit too loudly. His throat clears and he drops his tone, responding more quietly to her.

Brianna points at Appolonia. "Thirty one to the lady with the fan. Do I hear thirty five?"

Kastelon looks over towards Appolonia. Heavy brows draw down over his eyes as he surveys this opponent. "Thirty-five!"

Sir Flop dast approach Appolonia, and he looks up at her with grateful eyes, tail swishing a couple wags, too. As things get going, Nova smiles brightly, curiously regarding the bidding folk.

Appolonia glances sidewise towards Kastelon, the fan hiding all but her eyes, which narrow. She raises it up: "Thirty-seven," she calls, before dipping into a curtsey which also allows for a discreet ear-scratch to the most noble of canines.

Brianna points to Kastelon. "Thirty five over--" then to Appolonia. "Thirty seven to the lady with the fan, do I head forty?"

Kastelon cants his head towards Appolonia. Those narrowed eyes don't make him smile, but the crinkle at the corners of his eyes is close. He doesn't bid again.

Khanne smiles at Alecstazi. "It looks like a good turn out here. I am sure the stable keep will make the courtyard sparkling and fresh smelling once it is all over, yeah?" She hopes, anyway. Greeting Cassandra with a soft dip of her head, she smiles. "Building and improving, not rebuilding. It is for Cascade Springs, a new area that all started with a shrine to Mangata, as a matter of fact."

Cassandra nods slightly in thought, her brows coming together.

Appolonia seems content to accept this fate, a laugh sneaking into her eyes as she rises back upright.

"Thirty-seven going once, thirty-seven going twice..." Brianna lets it linger for a moment.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Appolonia before departing.

Azova continues speaking in a very animated but low voice, just loud enough for Reve to hear it as they walk towards wherever it is he's leading because she is paying absolutely no attention now that she's started babbling. Only cognizant enough to realize Thea has greeted her, which is returned with a flash of a smile and a nod.

As she listens to the bids, Cassandra makes a decision and she leans over to speak to Khanne quietly, a glance towards the horses. It's a quiet conversation, but she's paying attention, really.

"Sold for thirty-seven thousand silver. My lord, see Scout Rowenova for this transaction. For all others, see me after the auction." Brianna whistles and the horse is taken away by the lad and the next one brought out. It's a yearling, a sprightly filly with a white blaze and white socks. "This one is a charmer. Young, not saddle-broken yet. Do I hear five thousand for her?"

"Oh, the smell will fade in ... well. A while?" Alec assures Khanne with a grin. He winks and offers her another bow before continuing the rounds, moving over to Reve and Azova. "Cousin, Lady Darkwater. Oh! Reve. I have your daily tribute of silks ready for you. I'll have them sent to your room."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassandra before departing.

Whatever it is that Cassandra says to her makes Khanne turn to her in a bit of surprise. She bows her head towards the Legate and speaks quietly in return.

With a flourish of the fan, Appolonia calls, "My thanks!" and then crouches to ask Sir Flop, "Could you, perhaps, guide me?" The movement towards Rowenova takes a few moments, long enough for a big brick of an Ischian to peep in round the edges and pass Appolonia a purse of silver, to match the one she had come with, it would seem.

Mikani enters late but in time to see the Artshall Bay walked off and the Filly pulled up.

Once she is finished speaking to Cassandra, Khanne smiles again to Alecstazi. "I will make sure something is done to make it sooner rahter than later.

When Alecstazi approaches Khanne, Cassandra offers a bow of her head. "Lord Alecstazi, how are you?" she asks, a smile at what Khanne whispered to her and a nod of agreement.

Reve's frowning, near scowling, at whatever it is that Azova murmurs to him. He shakes his head swiftly and starts to respond - manages a few words before he hears his name. Reve snaps his gaze up, orients on Alecstazi, and it actually takes him a moment. Abruptly, likely due to the mental cartwheels he is doing, he laughs. Sharp and abrupt. "Excellent. I will have to see if they are of fine enough quality. Just right to the touch, you realize."

"No one willing to part with five thousand for this beauty? Do I hear three, perhaps?" Brianna looks surprised.

As Sir Floppington and Lady Appolonia come closer, Nova gets down from her short horse and then steps closer. "Thank you so much, My Lady. I do hope that you have been well?" Then, she gives the scribed paperwork to the noble woman.

Cassandra says in Celestial cant, "Three thousand. I can donate him to the Templars for their stables."

Azova takes a breath and pauses in her rambling of course, when Alec stops to greet them. "Lord Alecstazi. I'm sorry, did you say tribute of silks? How does one go about getting a tribute of silks? I'm very curious!" Both eyebrows are raised towards Reve, as they obviously try to shake off whatever it was they were discussing so seriously.

A steady-as-he-goes dark bay Artshall destrier with warm brown eyes have been dismissed.

"Three thousand, I can donate him to the Templar stables." Cassandra offers. Because she's totally not speaking in a different tongue. Nope!

"By harsh standards I am well, by soft standards I am poor, but is it not always so?" Appolonia asks Rowenova. "That's rhetoric getting away from me. Let me count out this money - oh that poor filly. She must be embarrassed."

"Five thousand!" Kastelon calls. Perhaps he feels for the filly's shame, or maybe he just wants Cassandra to notice he exists.

"Oh! Sorry, I couldn't hear before..." Khanne says when she hears bids begin. "Six thousand!"

"I hear three thousand from the Legate, and--" Brianna's eyebrows perk up. "Five thousand to the lord in the green tunic!" she nods to Kastelon. "Six from Duchess Khanne! Do I hear eight?"

Thea calls already,"8 thousand!"

Nova gratefully accepts the silver pouch then quickly bows before standing up. Then, she glances back to the filly before looking back to Appolonia again. "Yeah, poor girl." she certainly empathizes. "Seems like it is picking up, though." Sir Floppers sits down besides Appolonia and Rowenova, glancing back with that hopeful look in his soulful eyes. Nova reaches out and flops around those floppy ears a bit for him, then lets others pet him.

Brianna says, "Eight thousand from Lady Thea! Do I hear ten?"

Mikani shouts "ten"

Brianna says, "Ten from Lady Mikani. Do we have twelve out here tonight?""

,"15 thousand,"Thea calls out

"Well you see, it is... well... I.. mm. Something something, Reve has a pretty face and if he was a woman I would shower him in silk and jewels... uh." Alec looks at Reve as if asking for help.

Kastelon glances down at his tunic thoughtfully, then back to Brianna. He doesn't bid again. But man, that tunic looks...pretty okay.

Even if Brianna weren't in the middle of an auction, she would not step in to make Alecstazi's moment less awkward. Too good. "Fifteen from Lady Thea! Do I hear eighteen?"

Khanne looks over towards Alecstazi with a tilt of her head. "I am related, surely I am also attractive. Do I not deserve to be showeres in silks and jewels?"

Okay, now both eyebrows definitely raise as Azova looks between Reve and Alec. "I have a pretty face and I'm a woman. When can I expect my tribute, gentlemen?" And then there is a gesture towards Khanne. "I believe we are both being very much left out of the fun here." It's okay Brianna - they've got the making Alec uncomfortable thing down pretty solid.

Mikani shakes her head.

Brianna says, "All right, fifteen going once, fifteen going twice, sold for fifteen thousand silver to Lady Thea!"

Mikani shakes her head and moves to stand by Thea.

Reve checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Appolonia fans herself lightly, but in a careful and low-angled way. "It really is," she murmurs to Rowenova. "These are always exciting, aren't they? Even if it feels vaguely frivolous, the proceeds are doing good."

Cassandra glances over at Kastelon and a loft of a brow at his tunic. It's nice enough. "Better luck next time!" she offers encouragingly.

The boy brings the filly back to the stables and returns with a rotund pony. "This is Murphy, and he is just as happy to pull a cart as he is to be a mount and friend to your child. Do I hear seven thousand for Murphy?" Brianna strokes the fat little pony's head.

Khanne smiles and nods to Azova, looking expectantly towards Alecstazi and sending a wink towards Brianna.

Thea blinks at that. And blinks more. "Oh. Thank you." What do say to that.

Kastelon straightens himself up taller as Cassandra's eyes move to him, and then he executes a deep and formal bow. "Legate!" he returns. "An honor to bid with you." Then there's a request for bids for Murphy. "Seven thousand!"

Brianna nods to Kastelon. "Seven thousand, do I hear ten?"

"Ten!" calls Kastelon.

Alecstazi looks between Azova, Khanne and his ife who is both paying attention and ignoring his plight. He looks at Reve then, clerarly this is *his* fault. "Do you take ponies as tribute?"

Cassandra checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 lower.

Nova half smirks after Khanne's question. "You do, my Duchess!" says she before turning back to Appolonia once more, "I do love Cascade Springs. Did you know that I have a shop up there called "Copper and Tellurium"? I send Alchemy and Herbs from the Defense Lab up there. There are also people who hunt herbals, too."

When Alecstazi trails off there, Reve's brows are lifting slightly. It is when the two females however join in on the fun that he snorts slightly, deftly disengages from Azova and approaches Alecstazi. "My lord," he says, and his expression quite believable with how very serious is. "I assure you that I accept your silks and jewels despite my lack of being your preferred sex." Alec is an intense fellow and Reve absolutely reaches out without shame, fingers brushing through his hair in a most consoling fashion before he deftly leans in against him. "Cousin," this to Khanne. "You have your fine husband to dote on you. Me? Nothing. Allow me my silks and fine jewels to satisfy my loneliness." Yes Alec, this would be Reve's fault. He's eating it up too. "Lady Azova? Your tribute shall come in good time."

"I do." Cassandra deadpans to Alecstazi, just before... Kastelon bids against himself. And the Legate can't help it, she lets out a laugh.

Brianna points to Kastelon. "Ten from green tunic. Do I hear twelve?"

"Really, Lord Reve. That the Duchess has a husband is hardly an excuse, since Lord Alec has a wife." Azova points out, lips pursed together in a vain attempt not to laugh uproariously at the show he's putting on for the crowd just now. "Your /loneliness/." she scoffs then, the first bubble of laughter escaping. "Yes, yes. See that it does, Lord Reve." is countered playfully. Of course, she is paying rapt attention to how Alec reacts to all of this. Poor man.

"I haven't had the chance to visit, but I may have to when you put it so fetchingly," Appolonia says to Rowenova. She taps her lips with the fan: "Do you mean in the sense of the lore of herbs, or something more... /active/."

Alecstazi checked charm + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 4 higher.

"Twelve!" calls green tunic. He can't be this dumb. Maybe Kastelon is making a joke for Cassandra's sake now.

Twisting her lips to the side slightly when Alec asks after ponies, Khanne seems to consider the offer. "I can't exactly wear a pony though, and they don't make me feel more beautiful..." Swiftly, her gray eyes shift to Reve, "My husband is on travels and cannot dote on me nearly as much as he used to. Those were the days. He often surprised me with gowns and jewels...." Her voice trails off a bit, nostalgic. She then gestures with her hand towards Azova. "And, what she said." To Azova herself, Khanne nods. "I like you."

"Ten going once, ten going twice, sold to--" And then Kastelon is outbidding himself. "All right, sold to Lord Green Tunic for /twelve/ thousand silver."

"Gods, stop!" Cassandra calls out to Kastelon, trying not to laugh and doing a better job of it.

"Kastelon Keaton!" Kastelon calls to Brianna. "Thanks for noticing my tunic though." He salutes Cassandra as though this has been a service.

As Reve sidles up to Alec, the former Thrax Prince stands stony-faced until the Reve runs fingers through Alec's hair. There is a softening of Alec's expression and he steps forward, a hand coming up as if to cradle Reve's face, "Brianna, your cousin and I are running away together. I shall leave some silk and jewelry on the bed!" And with that, Alec leans in as if to call Reve's bluff, as if going in for a kiss.

Except at the last minute, his hand moves from Reve's jaw to cover his face and gently pushes the man back. "Greedy thing. Fine silks and sex too? Hrmph."

Thea looks over at Kastelon and asks him,"How is that cow treating you, Lord Kastelon?"while murmuring quietly to Mikani. She watches the auction with interest still, thoughtful with the terrier.

"Fine silks and sex? What have I been missing out on?" Cassandra asks, a lift a brow from the Legate as he looks between the small group.

Mikani perks up. "We're all getting silks and sex?"

The next horse led up to the platform is a gelding named Excellence, and he lives up to the name. She laughs at Alec, placing a hand on her gently rounded midsection. "You two have fun. I always knew it would come to this. Good thing you already did your job." And with that, it's back to the horses. "This one was bred by Lord Alecstazi himself, some time between marrying me and seducing my cousins. Do I hear twelve for this beauty?"

"Very well, thank you, Lady Thea," Kastelon tells Thea. "I have had a barn made for the cow to winter comfortably on the grounds." He loftily ignores the silks and sex talks.

Cassandra nods to Mikani. "Reve is offering, apparently." she says, before she sees the new horse. She raises her hand. "Fifteen."

Brianna says, "Fifteen from Legate Cassandra! Do I hear eighteen? Alecstazi, darling, make sure you don't neglect Arik and Mirk. We can't have you playing favorites."

Mikani laughs. "Well I would love the silks Reve. You can give the sex to Lord Alecstazi."

Thea looks over to Cassandra and Reve. And chokes back her laugh. "That's so--sweet of him,"before turning back to Kastelon. "Oh that's good. I figured he was going to the best home. And people questioned my want for her!"

How far shall this teasing go? Reve is going for it! Maybe. You see, his hand actually is starting to come up, even as he puffs up with the tell-tale sign that he is going to start offering forth gods-knows what. Alec beats him to it though, pushing him back gently. Reve though acts as though he is absolutely wounded, drawing back in a grand motion and spinning as though about to fall to oblivion. He ends in a crouch, hand-to-heart. "Rejected!" he calls, to Brianna. "Your husband is devoted to you, alas, and House Halfshav. Now, to get a steed as devoted to you," and this is for all asundry, "--go for bidding twenty!" Reve's a multi-tasker. Then for clarity he announces, "I absolutely am not offering sex and silks. I will however take tribute of the latter."

"She is a fine milking cow," agrees Kastelon with a sober nod to Thea. "I find keeping this cow to be an entertaining and fruitful hobby, and have been considering what I might gift you in return. Perhaps I will wait for spring."

Brianna says, "Fifteen going once, fifteen going-- Twenty thousand silver from Lord Reve. Do I hear twenty-five?"

Cassandra considers, and then politely, as smooth as the steel that the Legate has accused of being sometimes. "Twenty-five."

"I suppose I shall just have to do some stretches, if that is the case." Alec calls back, shaking his head. As Reve turns their drama into a sales pitch, Alec laughs heartily and claps his cousin on the back, "Well done! Brilliant. You shall have extra jewels, I say it!"

Brianna says, "Twenty-five from the Legate. Do we have thirty out there somewhere?"

Nova tells Appolonia, "I mean the staff goes out and picks plants from the surrounding area, keeping in mind that they do not overdo it, so they have a variety of herbs. I am sure they are studying up there, but since it is the shop front, they focus on gathering and selling more than the lore and study, which is what the Defense Lab does down here with me on Honor Walk Central." Then, she looks to the bidding with a grin.

Brianna says, "Twenty-five going once, twenty-five going twice, sold to Legate Cassandra for twenty-five thousand silver. You won't regret it. Lord Alec's horses are the finest in the Compact." The young boy takes the horse to the stables and Brianna takes a sip of lemonade for a quick breather."

"If you do not mind, Lady Brianna, make sure the horse if transferred to the ownership of the Shield of the Faith." Apparently Cassandra is shopping for others tonight.

The next horse the boy brings out is a darling dapple grey palfrey named Wave Dancer. "This is another of Lord Alecstazi's horses, and I do believe she is a close relative of my own mount. They share a dam, do they not?" Brianna asks her husband. "I would start with no less than twelve for her. Do I hear twelve?"

Mikani raises her hand.

"Fifteen." Cassandra apparently has another horse to purchase for someone. Maybe she's buying all the Legates horses?

"Well if the two of you are running off together..." Azova gestures towards Alec and Reve. "Then that leaves Brianna and I free to...." And then the game is up, with the seduction turned sales pitch and the healer just laughs instead. "Thank you, my lady. That is very kind of you." A curtsy, simple though it might be, is offered towards Khanne.

Mikani laughs, "Twenty. "

Cassandra corrects. "Twenty-five."

Brianna says, "I see twelve for Lady Mikani -- fifteen for the Legate -- Oh, twenty from Lady Mikani! Do I hear twenty-five?"

Cassandra says in Celestial cant, "Yes, you do."

Mikani bows her head to Cassandra, "thirty."

Brianna says, "I do, in fact, hear twenty-five. Thirty? Thirty to Mikani. Thirty-five?"

Cassandra smiles slightly. "Forty."

Reve grins to Alecstazi, straightening up. He offers some serious side eye to Azova, laughs, and then when Wave Dancer is brought out he considers a fair amount. "Fifty!" he calls forth with ease.

Kastelon is pleased by the ongoings, even though he doesn't smile. He departs with Resolute at his heels, since he has already purchased a steed at this event.

Kastelon has left the by the stone water fountain.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound leaves, following Kastelon.

Mikani arches an eyebrow. "Sixty."

Cassandra lifts a brow as well. "Seventy-five."

Appolonia fans herself, carefully again. "That palfrey's getting attention, isn't she!" She adds to Rowenova, "Do you care much for orchids, by the way?"

"Hey Reve, what are the odds on ah," Alec points between Azova and Brianna. Then the heat of the auction has him perking up, "Yes! Wave Dancer and Majesty share a spirited dam. She is a fantastic mount for any rider."

"Seventy-five for the Legate! And don't think I can't hear you, Alec. Do I hear eighty?

Reve shakes his head to Alecstazi, starts to say something before promptly thinking the better of it. Mind you, he did just murmur something to Azova. "Eighty," he bids.

Cassandra considers, doing some mental math in her head. "One hundred."

Mikani shakes her head and bows out.

Thea is flaborgasted at the amount of the horse. She glances over at Mikani, murmuring to her,"Do all horses go so high?" Blinking over at Cassandra. She straightens again. Going back to her usual demeanor. This is obviously not her usual scene.

Mikani shrugs. "I know nothing about horses ..... if they were ships I'd feel better."

Reve briefly offers a few words back and forth with Azova, laughs, then bows to the Legate. He is out of bidding.

Brianna says, "One hundred thousand from the Legate. One ten?"

"She is beautiful, likely worth that amount or even more," Khanne offers as she admires the horse.

Alecstazi seems entirely too pleased with himself at the price the palfrey goes for. He nods happily, "I know you can, dear!"

After what Appolonia says, Nova hmms softly. "I have heard of certain orchids, indeed. I never grew any of 'those orchids', though. Goodwoman Orchid is a wonderful person, though." Nova lets out a little laugh after her big segway.

After a moment, Brianna declares, "Sold for one hundred thousand silver pieces to Legate Cassandra!" The horse is brought down and another brought up by the boy, a bay stallion named Bryce. As he is brought up, he leans down to gingerly pluck the boy's hat from his head, chewing it thoughtfully. "Ah, hem. Do we have ten thousand for Bryce?"

Mikani smiles and raises her hand.

Brianna says, "Ten thousand for Lady Mikani. Do I hear twelve?"

Khanne bites her lip. "I hate to even imagine how Wrath would take to Bryce. He doesn't seem to be very disciplined. She is rather... particular." To say the least. "He is awfully adorable though."

Reve considers Bryce, glances to Lady Azova, and thereafter to the small circle of House Halfshav near him. Also? Let's face it, he is putting on a show at this point. "Might Lady Azova store a horse here at Halfshav Hall?" He lifts a hand. "Fifteen!" Yes, he bids prior to answer.

"Hm," Appolonia says to Rowenova. "A hat destroyer. This seems like a risky addition to one's herd..."

There is a battle of wills between the boy and the horse, but the boy finally reclaims his hat. The horse starts munching happily on a decorative floral arrangement. "Fifteen to Lord Reve, and yes, of course she may. Do I hear eighteen?" Brianna winks at her cousin.

Mikani tilts her head and considers Bryce. "Twenty."

Nova lets out a side laugh after Appolonia's commentary. She looks forth to the ongoing bidding. "That one has personality!"

Brianna says, "Twenty to Lady Mikani. Do I hear twenty-five from you, Cousin Reve?"

Azova glances at Reve, and then the horse. Her mouth opens as if to say something, and then closes. "He is quite handsome. But do remember this doesn't count as tribute." It had to be said, of course.

Thea bows now, excusing herself,"Off to the bank.."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Reve cranes his head to peer at the ever-diminishing list of steeds left on the auction list and deliberates. He shifts his attention to Mikani as though appraising her, but Azova declares that, no, this will not be tribute. So with a cluck of his tongue he shrugs. He is out.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Brianna before departing.

Khanne goes to answer Reve, but closes her mouth when Brianna instead replies. Khanne smiles and gives a small nod. However, when Reve declares himself out, she says, "just because she says it does not count as tribute does not mean that it wouldn't be a fine gift."

Azova looks over at Khanne to share an amused smile, and a slightly exasperated one for Reve.

Sold for twenty thousand silver to Lady Mikani." As Bryce is led away, Brianna looks down at her once-beautiful flower arrangement and sighs. The next animal is heard before he is seen. Gregoire, a donkey, is braying the whole way, sometimes refusing to move at all unless enticed by snacks. To the boy's credit, he manages to get him up onto the platform. "Starting at eight thousand," she says warily.

Cassandra, maybe amused. "Twenty."

Reve dips his head to Khanne when she mentions that it would be considered a fine gift. "I suppose it would, but no." When Gregoire comes up, Reve looks so very amused. He peers yonder to the Legate and then calls forth to the crowd in general, "Only twenty for this fine ass?" Because it had to be said.

"I'd pay thirty for your fine ass, Reve." Alec says in a droll tone. Because of course he does.

Nova cracks up!

Cassandra deadpans, "Legate Aureth deserves a fine ass, my Lord." Then to Alec, "Did you just bid thirty?"

"You don't want to know what we paid for /his/ ass," Brianna says dryly. "Though yes, I am awaiting clarification, my lord husband."

"Nobody will be paying for Lord Reve's ass." Azova mutters, rolling her eyes. "You know, I do think that donkey would get along quite well with Xander. Perhaps Xander could ride him around next time he wants to attack someone."

Alecstazi points to Azova, "Excellent idea! Thirty for the fine ass!"

Cassandra frowns slightly. "Thirty-five."

"I deserve a few hundred multiples of that, Lord Alec," counters Reve, straightening his spine, squaring his shoulders and looking every bit a fine rooster. He just barely starts strutting in walk when Azova's words have him stop and behave. For the next minute.

Brianna says, "Legate Cassandra is believes my beautiful ass is worth thirty-five thousand silver. Is there anyone who disagrees?"

Azova snorts back a laugh at Reve's attempt to behave.

Appolonia veils her mouth with the fan, which may be a polite thing in general.

Bob, the chartreuse parakeet arrives, following Baelos.

Bob, the chartreuse parakeet have been dismissed.

"Sold for Legate Cassandra for thirty-five thousand silver." It is equally difficult to get the donkey off of the platform, but the boy manages. He arrives a few moments later with a lean paint horse with bright blue eyes. "This is Jimothy. Young Caleb named him." The boy puffs up proudly. "Do I hear ten thousand for Jimothy?"

"Absolutely," Appolonia says, raising up her fan.

Khanne is overheard praising Brianna: A loud and lovely auctioneer!

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrive, following Svana.

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards leave, following Cassandra.

Mikani is overheard praising Brianna.

Alecstazi is overheard praising Reve: Putting up with nonsense is a proud family tradition.

Mikani is overheard praising Cassandra.

Alecstazi is overheard praising Brianna: Fantastic auction, better wife.

Reve looks as though he might be finished with bidding, but when Caleb is announced as naming the horse, he turns to consider the child and horse both. "Thirty," he calls forth, easily.

Appolonia is overheard praising Brianna: This was quite a diverting affair. Charity can at times seem pointless... my one remark is, I think that something was wrong with that one horse.

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

Brianna says, "Ten thousand to the lady with the fan -- oh! Thirty to Lord Reve! Do I hear thirty-five?"

Khanne is overheard praising Cassandra.

Svana arrives late. She furrows her brows and finds a seat somewhere, looking tired.

Khanne is overheard praising Reve.

Khanne is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Appolonia seems to be weighing over whether or not a horse named Jimothy will damage her image. As she raises her fan to indicate she's in for thirty-five, the answer seems to be no, at least thus far.

Mikani grins and moves to sit by Svana. "Good to see you Svana." She says warmly.

Khanne is overheard praising Rowenova.

Khanne is overheard praising Mikani.

Khanne is overheard praising Appolonia.

Excellence, a majestic Maelstrom gelding have been dismissed.

Wave Dancer, an elegant palfrey have been dismissed.

Bryce, a horse of inordinate appetite have been dismissed.

Brianna says, "Thirty-five to the lady with the fan. Forty?"

The fact that she's late, however, does not stop Svana from bidding. She puts her hand up next and looks to Mikani, smiling softly at her. "Ah, hello Lady Mikani. Nice to see you too! I'm afraid I've been scarce between working out trade deals, tailoring, and taking care of teething twins. Asher was kind enough to sit with them while I ran here."

Khanne is overheard praising Svana.

For a young 20-something Redrain prince with a strong back and an inclination to bad ideas, one semi-logical understanding of tonight's event is that they are auctioning 'horses' - i.e. Baelos is ready to be sold! His shirt is extra open just for the occasion. Upon arriving and seeing that no, in fact, there are actual horses being auctioned, his smile fades, but only for just a minute. Then he finds some whiskey. He wanders into the crowd.

Mikani shrugs a bit. "I've been sparse with Nakoa and the Girls ...... I understand." She smiles warmly at Svana.

Appolonia's eyes are drawn momentarily towards the inbound steed - that is to say, Baelos - before she calls out, "I'll take thirty-five for-- Jimothy!"

"Good job, Caleb!" calls Reve to the child, raising his hand toward the child by way of a salute and he nods toward the lady with a fan. That particular amount of silver evidently has him folding for this particular horse.

"Sold for thirty-five to the lady with the fan." Brianna nods and Jimothy is led off. The next horse that is brought out is big. Huge. Even if he weren't being led by a ten-year-old boy with a half-eaten chapeau, this would be a monster of a horse. This horse stands easily six feet at the shoulder, though it is steady and gentle, nosing the boy's hair affectionately. "This is Jostein. Yes. He is big. Bidding on Jostein starts at fifteen thousand."

Khanne is overheard praising Baelos.

Appolonia seems pleased at this turn of events, giving Jimothy a soft-eyed look, but then emerges Jostein. "That's the biggest horse I've ever seen," Appolonia says, in wonder, and she raises her fan AGAIN! "I think it might be a shaved mammoth -- no, the trunk's too small."

Svana wraps an arm around her stomach and furrows her brows. "Maybe if I'm lucky Squire Asher will see fit to give me another one soon." She turns around to look up at Reve and then down to Caleb, smiling faintly. "Shit, I have to finish making something," she says under her breath. Quite apparent from the look on Svana's face that something is troubling her, but she looks distracted as well.

Svana has joined the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

Azova watches Jostein get trotted out, and has to blink a few times before she mutters something to Reve.

Brianna says, "Fifteen to the lady with the fan. Do I hear twenty?"

Alecstazi puts his fingers in his mouth and lets out a piercing whistle, "Good job my boy! Well done!" This is clearly aimed for Caleb.

As he hears Svana's voice, Reve is shifting his focus toward her and lifts his hand in a half way and a rueful grin. No smartass commentary on this day, but that might be due to the fact that whatever Azova just muttered to him has him snorting and shaking his head. He glances toward his competition, aka Lady With A Fan, and then lifts his hand. "Thirty," he calls.

"Thirty-five," Appolonia immediately replies!

Seeing as how this Jostein is taking all of his thunder (attention), and the tall prince has a soft spot for giant animals, Baelos shouts out

Baelos says, "Forty!""

Reve calls, "Fifty!" after murmuring something back to Azova swiftly.

Mikani looks at Svana, "Enjoy your time with the twins while you can move." She says lightly though understanding Svana's position. It's then she notices the other woman's face. "Everything okay?"

The bidding is going so fast that Brianna can't seem to talk fast enough. "Fifty, to Reve Halfshav. Is there sixty out there for this gentle giant?"

Mikani has joined the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

Azova busts out laughing, then. Whatever was said, she is amused.

Appolonia grips her fan in both hands. "Yes! Sixty it is!" she says, with a building enthusiasm.

Mikani raises a hand, "100."

Brianna raises her eyebrows. "A hundred thousand to Lady Mikani. Do I hear one-twenty?"

"I think I'm going to puke," Svana says to Mikani. She leans in to whisper something to the other woman, then shakes her head. "But enough of that. I have to take a moment to brag on myself; look at Lady Brianna's gown. Isn't it lovely? It looks even more beautiful on her with her coloring than I ima..." She trails off there hearing Mikani's bid.

Mikani leans to murmur to Svana. "Looks beautiful." Before she drops her voice softer.

Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist arrives, following Nina.

Appolonia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Nova quietly wows about the draft horse. She looks forth toward Svana and then toward Brianna and the dress she scans before looking back to Svana. "That is some mighty fine tailoring!"

"One-twenty," Appolonia says, if with significantly less certainty than before. Nevertheless!

Mikani raises her hand, "One thirty."

Brianna says, "One-thirty to Lady Mikani. Do we have one-fifty out there?"

"Bless you both," Svana says to Mikani and Rowenova. "Really, the model makes it. I have one more gown to finish for her and it's taking me some time. Many little details." But she smiles wistfully while talking about it. The bidding increases and Svana looks between people, wrinkling her nose in some anticipation. "Blimey. That much silver and we'd be able to not reuse the same cloth for a diaper the rest of our lives until the next major unnatural event."

Reve looks about to comment - not bid, just simply fall back to the realm of smart ass commentary - but he seems to think the better of it. Instead he shoots a sidelong look toward Azova, shaking his head before he takes another step toward her. That makes their little back and forth side commentary quite a bit easier, see.

Appolonia vibrates slightly for a few moments at this news. She may be doing sums. Then Mikani escalates and she sways and then with a grinding noise in the back of her mouth she says, "I..........."

And then she snaps her fan in half!!

From the slump of her shoulders that was not a bid.

"I will match her bid, and arm wrestle her for it!" Baelos calls out, with respect to Mikani. Is that how auctions work? Maybe in the Redrain ward.

Brianna looks between Mikani and Baelos. "If Lady Mikani accepts the challenge, I'll allow it."

Mikani grins, "Well this should be interesting. I will take the man up on the offer. Your Highness."

When that fan snaps in half so quickly, Nova looks back to Appolonia with a double blink. She offers out a back pat, maybe even a wolfy hug if needed.

Nina is not really here to bid on a horse, probably, but maybe there were cute ponies to look at! Arriving mid-auction, she suddenly sees that a challenge has been issued! How interesting! She walks over toward Lady Appolonia, who she knows, to perhaps reassure her about the fan. But her eyes are on the battle that might occur.

Brianna waves Baelos and Mikani up onto the platform, and servants quickly bring up a table and chairs. "Take your seats, and begin on the count of three."

Mikani checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Mikani checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

"Excellent!" Baelos dispenses with whatever drink is in his hand and quickly heads over to the platform. He dispenses with his shirt, and leans in to murmur something to Mikani with a grin as he sits down.

Mikani checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 63 higher.

Mikani nods and takes her seat putting her elbow up on the table.

Baelos checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Baelos checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Appolonia seems to have a moment of the vapors. She leans her head against Rowenova's shoulder, as it is offered, for some moments, but then she looks at Nina with a wan smile. "Look at that horse," she says. "It's not an optical illusion. It truly is that size." The fan is at least a rattan-and-paper thing rather than, say, alaricite-and-steelsilk or what-have-you. As she recovers herself, she adds to Nina, "It's getting a little heated here... be prepared."

Baelos checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Svana furrows her brow and bites her lower lip, looking to the two competitors. She fans herself with her hand and shakes her head. "Oh, my my."

"Hm! Indeed it is!" Nina looks at Baelos, and watches his career with interest. "Oh, yes, that IS quite a sizable horse." Though he seems to be bested in this fascinating competition.

After back patting Appolonia a few times during their mutual hug, Nova lets go (but only when Appolonia seems to have recovered herself and no longer has so many vapors). She softly nods. "He is so big." Someone could totally drop a 'that's what she said' right about then. She soon steps to side hug Svana, doing so very carefully, not too much squeeze unless she seems to want one.

This has really gone exactly as Baelos planned. Sure, he lost the arm wrestling competiton to Mikani, but clearly he sees no shame in that, badass that she is, plus she wanted the horse. The Redrain, on the other hand, finds himself on the platform, shirtless and a little sweaty, having successfully stolen attention. "Perhaps the ladies here would like a bid!" He suggests to Brianna, nodding in the direction of the vapors crowd.

Cassandra frowns. "Five thousand silver for you to put your shirt back on, Your Highness."

"Sold to Lady Mikani for one hundred and thirty silver and a successful arm wrestling match. You are becoming a Northern lady after all, Mikani." Brianna gives Baelos some side-eye. "Ten thousand for you to put your shirt back on," she declares, bidding against the Legate.

Svana eyeballs Baelos when he makes his suggestion before she turns to Rowenova and carries on a slightly hushed conversation with her, hugging her softly. "I'll drink it, but I won't like it."

Mikani laughs and goes to pay. "Aye put the shirt back on." Mikani on the other hand kept her shirt on as she wrestled Baelos. It was touch and go there for a moment but in the end she won the bout. "Good run." she says to the prince before stepping down off the platform.

"Ten and a half," Appolonia calls out, obscurely. She seems to have regained her vigor. Perhaps the prospect of bidding that sum bothered her. "At least it's a lucky number," Appolonia asides to Nina. She pauses, and says, "Assuming it's thousands."

Nina is not bidding on this. She puts her hands behind her back and watches, smiling a silly smile at the whole situation.

"But Baelos, get your shirtless ass off of my stage before I have to make you eat grit," Brianna says sweetly, batting her eyelashes at the Redrain prince.

Reve glances over after saying a few more words quietly to Azova. He, wisely, stays silent. He does awkwardly rub at his nose however. Yet when Brianna makes such a comment, he clears his throat and stands just a bit taller to consider the Redrain prince, the stage, and the general atmosphere near his cousin. Juuuust in case. Note: Reve's actually sporting a serious expression by this time.

Svana looks at Rowenova and smiles in a cat-like manner, then begins to grin - and laugh. She says something to her under her breath. "Of course, you're right. I should do my part too. My Ash has been taking time off work to take care of the twins with me. He and I are up and down all night together again..." She smiles. "I put too much on him, I think. But he does love those children so. And me too, I should like to think."

Caleb leads the gentle giant away, then returns with a sorrel-and-cream gelding courser. Brianna explains, "This young gelding was bred by Lord Oddmun Sanna and would make a fine mount for any discerning horseman. Bidding starts at ten thousand." Brianna ends up playfully shoving Baelos down the ramp.

Nova back pats Svana and lets out a little laugh. "Up and down." And then the scout lets out a hearty laugh but off sideways not to rude laugh in her face. "I am glad he has been taking care of you all. Sorry work has been a bit intense."

Cassandra has made her bids and after handing a message to Brianna, Cassandra turns and heads off.

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards leave, following Cassandra.

"Tsk! Up and down all night, it's not like that!" Svana turns a shade of red to match the leaves changing in the fall, bursting out into giggles. "Alright, most nights it is." She leans back to look at the horse that Oddmun bred, considering it and smiling. "It is lovely, isn't it? I've been thinking about getting my own. I liked riding yours so much the other night. I should Asher's out, probably, more often."

Brianna looks around. "Is everyone tapped out? No interest in the Sanna courser for ten thousand?"

Svana raises her hand sheepishly.

Mikani raises her hand, "If no one else will."

Brianna says, "I hear Mistress Svana for ten thousand. Ten thousand going once..."

Appolonia breathes in, breathes deeply, and positions herself on Nina's other side - which would mean there is a small Pravus cluster for Baelos to encounter. Ish. "Eleven," she calls, waggling her broken fan above her head.

Pointing out at Cassandra, Baelos grins: "Sold! 10,500!" He pulls on his shirt, partially. To Brianna, he shrugs happily, "Just raising money, but I do love grit." He winks and leaps down from the platform, shirt on-ish. He is oblivious to any posturing by Reve, and instead finds his way back to a drink server, plucking another whiskey and turning to watch the final horses.

Brianna says, "Eleven to the lady with the fan. Do I hear fifteen?"

Svana raises her hand once more.

"I will be terribly unfair and pay fifteen thousand out of my own coffers to buy the horse for mistress Svana." Perks of being the auctioneer. Caleb takes the horse away and returns with a pair of miniature donkeys and a bright-eyed terrier. "These are the last of the lot. We will start with Earl, the male miniature donkey, with a starting bid of five thousand."

Reve's not doing too much posturing to be fair, just peering that-a-way and looking more serious than not. When Brianna takes on that playful tone however, that is the end of all of that. He settles back with an effortless ease that is common amongst the Lycene and focuses on Azova once more, continuing his quiet conversation. "Ten for the ass," he says, looking up. His lips twitch.

Svana blushes terribly at Brianna and bows her head in thanks, then stands up to bow to her while she reaches out to squeeze Mikani's hand, then Rowenova's. "Blessings," she says softly.

"I would, but I cannnot bring myself to repeat the same joke again." Alec says, though he bends a bit as if to check out Reve's posterior. "Obligatory commentary of a mildly predatory sexual nature."

"Is this for that ass cart you said you wanted?" Azova is just gonna play along, see.

Mikani squeezes Svana's hand back warmly.

Nina puts her hand to her mouth and looks positively scandalized by the joke.

Brianna says, "Ten thousand for my cousin, who is clearly an ass man. Do I hear fifteen?"

Brianna leans down from the platform to murmur something to Alecstazi.

"I shouldn't be the one to take the pleasure away from your cousin nor your husband," Svana says.

Alecstazi laughs and pulls Brianna in for a kiss; one that rides the edge of appropriate, before he releases her. "Noted and obeyed."

"Thank you, cousin," says Reve with a glance over his shoulder to Alec. "Just assume I counter with something smart - but not too smart - and with a hint that there is hope. A game for another day." When the couple engages in their whisper and kiss, he smiles and shakes his head, then turns his focus back to Lady Darkwater. "No," he answers her. "Tell you later though?"

Brianna says, "Ten thousand going once..."

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Alaric.

"Later it is." Azova agrees, lips quirking in a slight smile before she leans over to say something quietly.

Appolonia laughs lightly at Nina's words, and then says to her softly while trying to put the broken fan parts back together, however temporarily. "Is this in the new space?" she asks, seeming fine with not obtaining the petite asses on display for now.

Brianna is up on a platform with two miniature donkeys and a black and tan terrier, all three being wrangled by young Caleb, who is wearing a hat that appears to have been half-eaten and then spit out. Because it was. "Ten thousand for Earl the miniature donkey, going twice..."

Nina nods to Appolonia, having muttered something to her. "Oh, please do come by, as it's quite nice. I'm open for commissions now, though the show room will have a proper opening AFTER my concert." She puts a finger under her chin. "I think. Yes. I can really only do one major event at a time."

After hugging Svana, Nova lets go and turns to her grey horse, the one that had been here and not one she bought. She was selling horses after all. This time, she gathers up the reins and then steps up into the saddle, sitting astride before gently nudging the good mare with a calf squeeze.

Sir Floppington seeks final pets and then he moves to follow the scout, too.

Svana turns to Nina, smiling at her. "You will have to show me where your shop is. I get lost down there, in that ward. I'm hopeless." She waves at Rowenova and smiles to the other woman.

Brianna says, "Sold for ten thousand pieces of silver. Reve, congratulations on getting that ass at last."

"Twenty thousand," comes the bellow of a random face inserted into the party, moseying through the thick of the action in an attempt to double-check that he's found the right party at last.

As it seems things are winding down to the last couple horses, and Baelos is winding down his glass of whiskey, the Redrain makes his way out of the crowd and away from the platform.

"Of course!" Nina says, folding her hands and nodding to Svana. "There's nothing on display yet, but I've started this project with wool. As it's getting to be colder in the night, it's the season for wool and velvet!"

"Too late! Reve already bought the ass!" Azova, piping up loudly, without knowing who bellowed. "There's still another one up for auction though! I think..."

"I have been looking for something warmer," Appolonia muses towards Nina, smiling at Svana as she comes nearer. "Especially if gahh!!" The voice that emerged from right behind her startles her enough to jump up and drop the broken fan.

Brianna blinks. How does a man with thirteen guards manage to sneak in? "It appears His Majesty desires my ass, but it is too late. However, I will consider this as his bid on the next miniature donkey, Tara." Tara is a miniature donkey so small that she might as well be a dog.

Brianna says, "Do I hear twenty-five?"

"Perhaps I should buy the next for Arik," Khanne ponders with a grin.

Svana can't help but giggle a bit at Appolonia's sudden startle, warmly smiling at each of the women. "Oh yes, I do believe that crushed velvet is the fabric of this season this year! At least it is for me." She looks excited about potential winter crafting. "I haven't asked Marquis Magnus what he thinks about bone-carved jewelry being sold in my shop yet, but I do hope to put some charms up, for charm bracelets too. You're going to do well with wool, Nina. If you have need of seatouched wool, let me know!"

"Something, something blocking the King from getting that sweet little ass, twenty-five!" Calls Alec, offering a wink and a grin to the King.

Reve also is definitely craning his head to look and see who just bid, even if it was slightly too late. His brows lift and Alaric is considered for just a moment. Is he going to pass on the donkey? Of course not. Instead he shoots a look toward Alecstazi, the King, then calls, "Thirty!"

Azova murmurs to those nearby: "Is that called ass blocking? I think it's technically called ass blocking."

"It is a rather proud ass that I will undoubtedly lose sleep over for some time, but there is something about minatuer donkeys that might make up for it," Alaric quips in cheerful observation, seeking out refreshments while the bidding is underway, venturing to make his rounds afterward. At Alec and Reve's call, he immediately counters with, "Thirty-five thousand for that precious ass! I'll miss out on it!"

Khanne blinks, having not noticed the King and his entourage arrive. "King Alaric! Welcome, Your Majesty." She dips her head low to him then says, "thank you for attending tonight."

Svana quietly asides to those whom she sits near upon seeing the King, "Oooh, he is pretty."

Nina looks happy at the prospect of getting more wool. "Oh, really!? If you're selling, I'd be willing to buy. I think I need about thirty bolts total to do all the work I'm hoping to do." And then Svana draws her attention to the king. She looks at him thoughtfully, a finger under her chin.

Khanne raises her hand. "Forty thousand."

Alaric brings his glass up in the air, "Fifty thousand."

Alecstazi looks to the King at his quip, and suddenly seems to think this whole joking thing isn't so funny. Instead of carrying on, he just clears his throat and looks away.

Reve is once more looking toward the trio there: Alec, Alaric, Brianna. "Sixty thousand," he calls forth.

As Nova rides out on her short horse, Nova lifts a hand to all those here. "Farewell, and thank you, all!" She smiles back to Appolonia and Svana before nodding her horse saunters on its way to the east, Sir Flop following.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points, a grey mare with black points leave, following Rowenova.

Khanne hmms, looking between Alaric and Reve. "It is, of course, for a good cause. Seventy."

With a discerning look cast between Khanne and Reve, Alaric decidedly ups the bid a touch higher: "Ninety thousand."

"Khanne always seems to have the best interest of my sweet little ass at heart. Do I hear eighty?" Brianna lays a hand on Alec's shoulder, as she is a foot or two taller than he is due to the platform. "Ninety from His Majesty. Do I hear one hundred?"

"This is tense," Svana says, before she looks to Nina. "Sell? Silly goose, I will give it to you. A donation for your new shop from one crafter to another. Think nothing of it at all. When we're done here I'll have my assistant send it along."

Reve looks outrageously stubborn for a moment, mutinous even, and quite on the cusp of bidding once more. Yet when Brianna lays her hand on Alec's shoulder, he is turning to peer back to his bidding competition. Khanne. His Majesty. Finally that little miniature donkey catches his focus and he snorts then. Shaking his head, he turns and elaborately bows to the King. There's an extraordinarily high amount of dramatic flair to that bow even.

"And Tara goes for ninety thousand pieces of silver to His Majesty. Treat my ass well, or there will be hell to pay," Brianna warns him. "Finally, we have a terrier up for auction. I am not entirely sure where he came from, but he keeps trying to eat my socks and I want him out of my house. Bidding starts at three thousand pieces of silver."

Alecstazi doesn't seem entirely mollified, but he does not move away from Brianna's hand. He looks up to her and then over to Reve. Silence! No quips!

"These horses are growing increasingly dubious," Appolonia opines from the floor.

Svana raises her hand for the terrier.

"Oh, my goodness! Thank you for your generosity! I'll be sure to send you a personal invitation to my official grand opening day," Nina says to Svana. But then there is bidding again, and she shuts her mouth.

Azova quietly tucks her arm through Reve's, and looks upward to smile slightly. Nope, not saying anything.

Brianna says, "Three thousand to Mistress Svana, though I have no idea why. Five?"

Alaric walks toward Khanne. "I am not entirely sure what I will do with my newly acquired miniature donkey," he confesses as he draws near to the duchess. "Do you suppose Lord Arik would appreciate it after all?"

"There are people I dislike in this City, who wear socks," Svana says simply before she smiles at Nina, nodding. She offers a hand to Appolonia too, perhaps having realized that those from the Lyceum do not simply choose to sit on the ground after being startled as a fashion choice.

Brianna nods once. "Three thousand silver going once..."

Khanne smiles at Alaric with quite a depth of mischief in her twinkling eyes. "Yes. Yes I do believe he would."

"Three thousand silver to Mistress Svana, and that dog is no longer my problem." Caleb looks a little disappointed. "We will get you a dog that doesn't eat socks," she promises the boy. "And with that, this auction and impromptu arm wrestling competition is at a close. Horses will be delivered to their new homes as soon as tomorrow. Please arrange to have payment sent to me. And I'm going to find somewhere to sit and have a nice cool glass of... something."

"Oh, and your open house is soon too, right?" Nina looks at Svana. "I'll come by and see how it's done!" She applauds as the auction has ended.

Svana frowns softly at Caleb. "Oh, I'm sorry, Caleb. I will make it up to you and let you come over and show me more about the horses soon, yes?" She moves from where she's standing to have a private word with Brianna quickly before she intends to depart.

When Azova is tucking her arm through his, Reve shifts his focus back to her and dips his head a little bit before rising up to his full height. Alas, the second miniature donkey is not to be his. Now, that being said, he casts a look toward the pair of tailors yonder by way of consideration but he does not actually engage. Instead he sends a wave to kin and acquaintances alike before escorting Lady Darkwater into the Hall proper.

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