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SoE: Mapmaking Extravaganza

Are you good at making maps? How about copying maps? Lou is in need of a good deal of people to help update and combine some of the maps within the Society of Explorers. If you have skills to work on such an enterprise, please considering attending and lending your skills.

OOC: This event is open to any player that wishes to interact with the Society of Explorers, get to know the organization and maybe help them spruce up some of their maps. All are welcome to attend.


Aug. 16, 2020, 2 p.m.

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Harlan Neilda Lisebet Emily Ophira Martino Pasquale Peri Kaia Kiera Rosalind Vitalis Adalyn



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

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1 Malespero guard, Alberico, the Malespero aide arrive, following Pasquale.

1 Saik Guard, Pasquale arrive, following Neilda.

2 House Deepwood Guards, Rona, Aurora, a dark coated Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Emily.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: There are all sorts of writing and coloring supplies for making maps set out one every table. In one corner items are set up for snacks and drinks. Paper for mapmaking and copying maps is in a rack along the wall that people can freely get themselves.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to:
There are all sorts of writing and coloring supplies for making maps set out one every table. In one corner items are set up for snacks and drinks. Paper for mapmaking and copying maps is in a rack along the wall that people can freely get themselves.

The Ashfords arm in arm, enter having idle chatter. Harlan has a smile plastered across his face, and where they are walking seems to not be a huge concern for him. Although he is not too bad at multi-tasking. As they enter the building, the conversation seems to pause as the Duke takes a moment to look around. "Maps. We came for maps right?" He asks Lisebet.

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Lou can be found sitting at one of the tables in the room. She's got a stack of maps before her that she's going over, making sure the details are correct. She's comparing them, making marking ons on them, and when it seems she's satisfied with something she's copying it all over to a brand new piece of map making paper, making sure details from all the maps she's flipping through are combined into one map. It is meticulous work. She looks up from time to time to greet those who've arrived. "Harlan, Lisebet!" she exclaims in greeting. "Come in, come in, sit down, and join us."

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Neilda comes in looking... tired. Tired but determined, and without the veneer of grumpy that often accompanies fatigue. "I should have eaten something," she says to Pasquale, aside, but gosh, the forethought! There's a snack table. There is an apple on it with a dark destiny; she grabs a second, wiggles it at Pasquale in offer as she looks to see where to sit.

Lisebet walks alongside Harlan, not seeming to be moving more quickly than usual, even so. She chuckles at his question, and nods her head. "Yes, maps," she agrees, almost solemnly. Though her gleeful expression does give away the fact that she's teasing her husband slightly. Look how distracted he got! "Lou, it's good to see you as always. Glad we can come join." She has some rolled up map paper in hand, which she deposits near Lou. "These are the maps we have currently," she says softly. "I have no idea if they are accurate or up to date."

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Emily enters, a little tenderly really for her movements are a bit hitched as she adjusts the collar of her tunic. She gives a long look about the room as a smile curl sher lips and she notes the location of each as she seems to consider where to sit. The Deepwood gives a nod in greeting before moving to take up a space for herself. Lou receives a deep inclination of her head as she notes Harlan with a smile.

Harlan smiles at Lou as they head over to join her, "As you wish your highness-" He stops sharply and glances over at Lisebet, "Oh so you had them this whole time!" He says in reference to the maps. He sports a grin for his expression as he says this, clearly there must be a little something to this. He spots Emily's smile and returns it with his own and a bow, before offering Lisebet a hand to help her to her seat.

Lou positively beams at Lisebet when maps are set down on the table. "Fantastic!" the princess most known for exploration exclaims. "We'll put those to good use. And if any are of your lands, they'll be updated when we send Explorers out to survey your land again." Since they had already agreed to it just the night before. She glances over at Neilda, smiling. "Lady Neilda. Welcome. Ready to put in some hard work?" she asks, noticing the woman's maybe famished state. "Lady Emily, welcome back to Arx. I do hope that your adventures kept you busy and you got to see some awesome sights? And, maybe, you mapped some places that we can incorporate into these," Lou asks as she motions to all the maps that have been pulled from the map room in anticipation of this event. The princess who hates to be called princess can't help but wince a bit at Harlan for the use of her title, but she's still in that energetically happy mood from the night before. She chuckles at his interaction with his wife. "Or she knew where someone stashed them," she suggests.

Salt flecked boots moved with soundless gait, curious eyes roaming interested and intrigued about the room and the two rolls she has in hands are tapped against an awaiting palm. The Seraceni winds serpentine towards a table, looking over the supplies and then finally let's attentions go to those about the room, offering a polite nod and dip of silky dark head. Approaching the table which hosts Lou, a smile is offered, "Princess Grayson." A purred greeting, a lilting Lycene lilt, " I'm Ophira Seraceni and here to see about updating Ischia's atrocious maps." Perhaps comical given the nature of her brother's troublesome antics. A pirate turned privateer with terrible maps? Odd. "But, I believe there to be some interesting smaller islands that need to be updated and perhaps haven't had a foot on them in some time." The curl of lips in a becoming vulpine smirk, dangling the carrot of a potential adventure.

Smoothly stepping into the Society with his wife, the Lady Kaia Malvici upon elbow, the Lord Martino Malvici and she dips their torso low here-and-there in greeting. A faint crease of Martino's sharp green eyes as we dips his head low to Lou before walking across to a table within the Society. Turning, Martino guides Kaia to sit before murmuring hush, "I shall get us some papers... Lycene coast or... we drawing something else? Could you save the thick stylus for me please?" Martino chuckles slight before dipping his chin once more and making his way to collect the papers.

Lisebet gives Harlan a very mischievous glance, but says nothing about having the maps. She simply half shrugs delicately, wordlessly expressing 'and so what if I did?'. Emily gets a smile as well, as she is near. To Lou, she says, "Indeed, that's why I brought them - so as to assist with the whole endeavour." She raises a hand to wave to Martino and Kaia as they arrive. "If you two are drawing, by all means," she says with amusement. "Because my stick figure drawing will not help anyone at all."

Neilda has to pull the apple from her mouth to answer - oh, no she doesn't. She just nods enthusiastically, gives a sturdy thumbs up, and settles in a seat at that same table. "I've got some notes," she says, pulling a slim book from an inner pocket, after her bite of apple is gone. Straight to work, she gets some parchment, a couple of existing maps for reference, and then starts comparing the reference maps to scrawls in her book, still eating before she sets to using any any marking implement.

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"I would gladly show you the expansive ridges of the lands back home. Be rather glad to. We are to head out again soon enough to explore something once lost," Emily reports with a sort of excitement that belies the true delight of exploration. She takes up a seat as she glances to Neilda and Ophira, unfamiliar faces as she lowers to take her seat at the unoccupied table. Perhaps to have her reign of the entire table. She spreads out the items and smooths them into place. Glancing upwards she returns Lisebet smiles, "Duchess, Duke," she finally greets as she settles into her seat with care, wincing a little but extending her legs out beneath to afford for comfort.

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Pasquale just shakes his head at Neilda's suggestion he should eat. "You enjoy." He moves along to the map table then, more interested in the various maps than what the Saik is eating. He does pause to ask Neilda one thing though. Quietly.

Peri enters the hall with rolled up maps sticking out from her backpack. She walks over to Lou and explains, "Lou, I am excited about this! I've brought portolan maps with me. They will be most accurate from Stormwall to Arx since those are the ports I am most familiar with." She continues, "But I have studied logbooks from other trade routes as well, so I have some notes on other ports. I'm here to help copy any maps you need, or make copies of my own for the society." She gives a nod and looks around for a roomy place to set up.

Harlan first looks a little worried about Lou's visible wince, but when she doesn't skip a beat he lets out a bit of air in relaxation. He chuckles lightly at Lisebet's response about the maps, shaking his head with a grin as he finds his seat. He smiles at Emily and waves, "Lady Deepwood. Are you injured from your exploration?" He asks with genuine concern in his voice. He does turn back to Lou, "No doubt she wanted to see me scour the house for the maps I thought I lost!" There is definitely a mirth to his tone.

Lou glances up at Ophira as she introduces herself. She offers the woman a smile and says, "Please, just Lou," she insists. "Thank you for coming. And, oh! So are you ehre to take me up on the free offer of having the Explorers help survey your lands then?" she asks Ophira, seeming to brighten at the prospect. "Because we'd absolutely be glad to do that as well as have members of your family along as part of the group." She glances over at Martino and Kaia, familiar sights to her; one being her protege. "Lord Martino, Lady Kaia. Glad to see you could make it."

"Oh we shall..." Martino's voice carries his smooth Lycene tones to Lisbet's question on drawing while his fingertips wriggle and swirl above some paper. "Mmm... mmm.... mmm!" Finally picking a shade he likes, two are taken by the Malvici Lord before turning deft upon his toes. A-far, Martino spots Neilda and dips his chin low to her, "Ah! Lady Neilda I had heard you were in the city once more. I might just be drawing a map that would be of great use to me and possible interest to you along with a fine little exploring project." Firm, there is a nod from Martino before walking back to Kaia's side to place down the papers, "Oh excellent. Thick stylus."

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Lisebet nods at Harlan's question of Emily, curious there as well. She grins at Lou, not disputing that maybe she knew where Harlan put the maps even if he forgot. "I am quite sure, Harlan, that you did very little scouring," she puts in, letting the amusement sound in her voice. Then there's a slight eyebrow raise at Martino. "That sounds suitably mysterious and tempting."

"Pathfinder Lou. Lovely to see you again. We are quite happy to be here. Thank you for hosting.~" is Kaia's greeting to the Grayson princess, once she and her husband, Martino, are near. Martino gets a nod from her as he moves to gather some parchment, and her eyes roam about to take in the familiar and not so familiar faces. "Duke Harlan, Duchess Lisebet." she says their names amicable, with an inclination of the head in respect. "Oh, yes please. I do believe I will be drawing quite a lot today." Then, there's a little chuckle given in response to the stick figure comment. "Oh, it can't be that bad, can it?" she asks playfully, before raising her gaze to find others. A wave given to Emily. "Lady Emily! Welcome back to the city! I haven't seen you since...gods...our teenager years? I'll have to grab you for an archery match sometime soon!" she notes quite happily.

Charming and vivid was that smile with a flash of pearly whites, lashes lowered with a demure grace and a sparkle of playfulness, "I would be honored though I can't promise what may be found. There is a lot of ancient history surrounding Ischia's origins and I may need to disentangle that first, but if there are those keen on the uptake of investigation? Then I will send over a request." There is a sidelong recognition paid towards Pasquale, with all the thoughtfulness of a cat who'd just saw a bird ruffle in a tree. "I'll roll these maps out and see about marking spots of interest for you, Lou." The name is sung, going to where Emily sat. A glance towards the Deepwood with interest her stiff wounds, "My goodness, who spat you out?" It was lightly teasing with a smile, before she then introduces herself, "I'm Ophira." Then she goes to roll out those islander maps, the tactician mind at work.

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Neilda looks up at Pasquale with a very strange sort of bewilderment; a smile grows, summoning dimples to her cheeks. "Map-makers, map-users." The expression is very: of course. She gives Emily a chin-up, when she catches her eye, but she heard a name... her head wheels, catches Martino talking to her. "Oh /really/," she says. "Tell me?" A glance to Pasquale, then she flashes Martino a smile, rises to turn and... find Kaia. Ah, she is gonna squeeze the -stuffing- out of Kaia. "I /knew/ you'd be here!" she greets her. To Pasquale, she grins. "The city has its perks, I guess."

Lou looks back to Emily, "Oh. I'm not sure I can go myself, but I can certainly send some explorers along the way if you should like. You never know what new discovery you might find on your lands that you missed the last time you were out," she suggests. "Do please see if Samantha will be agreeable to an Exploration venture?" she queries. "It's an important cause, and one I'm very passionate about." Oh so very! She glances over at Peri then, grinning. "Lady Kalani already gave permission for the Explorers to travel across Seliki lands, but we'll take whatever you have on the ports and add them to our own maps. There's writing stuff all over the place and coloring stuff too and lots of parchment for mapmaking," she remarks. She hands Peri a small bag of silver for the maps she offers.

The cheery greeting form Kaia gets a glance up and she smiles still, "Lady Kaia..oh...I nearly did not recognize you! It has been far too long," she agrees with ease as her head tilts to take in Martino and then glance between them. "It appears I missed something important." That said she turns her attention to the Duke. "A mishap at the House of Solace. I am not he mend but its a little fresh yet." She admits, "Thank you for your concern," she remarks though now she has a tablemate and smiles up at her. "In service to Solace..that is what spat me out," she motions to the table. "Glad to have you. I am Lady Emily." A hand is extended to Ophira before she responds to the Pathfinder. "I do not think the Marquessa would mind the help. I had planned to return and explore more in depth about Norman, see if family held anymore information on our ancestor. One never knows what has been lost without realizing it."

"Mmm my ideas are /just/ like myself, truly, Duchess Lisebet." Martino's lips curl up for a faint moment, a scant smirk, as his hand reaches to pick up a stylus and down into the black ink before him. He commits. "Well I want to do some excavating, you see, in Southport. Now I /could/ go do it but I would then end up being dusty." Light, Martino sinks the tip of his stylus down upon the parchment before him, dragging it down in a slow rake like fingertips upon skin, "I do not like being dusty. Or muddy. Ruins the aesthetic." Laughing slight, there is a curl from Martino's lips at Emily's voice. "Ah. I should have presumed a Crownlander of about Kaia's age would be a friend of hers. Oops."

Pasquale looks as if he might just sigh at Neilda's answer. He resists. Instead looking to Martino "Its good to see you old friend." before chuckling at Neilda. "Including the impending snow." Ophira's glance is responded too with one of those small nods that get shared between two who recognise each other.

Harlan can't help but grin at Lisebet, "Well. I had Relic scour." He looks around to everyone taking up parchment and such and looks a bit confused. "I was unaware we needed artistic skills for this. This is likely to end in disastrous maps from me. I hope no one will be relying on mine for survival..."

Lisebet simply settles, not taking any paper or stylus to hand. "This is why we brought our maps," she remarks to Harlan. Then there's Martino, and the petite duchess chuckles softly. "Indeed, a fit match," she agrees. "Though I agree that some aesthetics are destroyed utterly by mud and dust. Some however only seem to improve."

"Peri!" it's the second name being eagerly said quite loudly, as the now Malvici lady finds a seat near the Seliki. "It's so good to see you again, dear! How have you been?!" She seems to be speaking quite rapidly, and then, another familiar voice approaches and she is being squeezed. "Neilda! You're back in the city as well!" she lets out with a sudden gasp. Evidently happy seeing so many familiar faces. "My, I think I've been spending far too much time inside the manor. How had I not realized there's so many of you in town?!" she wonders, mostly to herself. "I'll have to make it a thing to catch up with you all." she notes. A sweet smile now playing on her face. Her gaze returning to Emily. "Ah, yes, I married a southener in the end..." she admits, a little blush taking over her cheeks. There's a little tap given at Martino's arm. "You make it sound as if you were //so// old." she complains with a slight roll of the eyes. Her hand reaching out for some parchment and a quill to begin her work once properly seated.

The hand would be taken but it's held with a dusky curl of fingers, as eyes take in Emily with a curious wander to see if she could indeed spot spoken of injuries, "A pleasure, Lady Emily." There is a small chuckle, looking perhaps with a bit of wistfulness at the map now revealed, "I did hear about that, I hope your recovery goes well and soon things will find themselves contained."

Neilda does not resist the pointed glare she shoots at Pasquale at the 'snow' comment. Even if it does seem to be in good humor. After a good kiss to Kaia's cheek, she gives Peri a finger-wiggle wave - for the interruption to her conversation with Kaia. Then she drifts back to her spot. She's lost her place. Forgotten what she was doing. Hmmm. "Dusty is impermanent," she tells Martino, grinning. "I hope that was an invitation." She glances up at Pasquale, like she might borrow his memory, somehow. It'd be a good trick.

Harlan sighs with relief as Lisebet assures him he need not draw, and scoots the parchment away from him. he turns to Emily, "Well I am glad there is no serious injury. We need not having people out there getting seriously hurt, think there has been plenty of that for quite a while." Suddenly he pulls the parchment back and draws an oval on it. Looks like doodles for now.

The disappointed look that Lou gives Ophira is rather remarkable, but she nods her head understandingly. "Of course. Do please let us know if you wish the help. It's not just an Explorer project, but one that's to benefit all of the Compact as you'll get updated copies of all the maps we make for your fealty as well," she tells her. She glances again to Emily, "Ah, right. The Normal project. I recall you've been to his house before? Sparte and I were able to decipher the journal he had within the last several months. It was, er... rather interesting, and remarkably about a Zoo of animals that, well, was filled with things that would very well kill you as soon as you walked into the room. He was rather distressed in it." She grins at her, "He entitled that specific journal: The Bullshit Beastiary - Part 1"

Emily's head comes up with the mention of Peri and the Seliki is searched for with a quick shift of her blue eyes. She smiles towards her without breaking her conversation with her tablemate, Ophira. "I can only hope that all will end well. Not always the case but best to aim for such a thing," she says as her attention turns back. "Ophira, do tell me, are you skilled at mapmaking or is this a new skill you wish to pick up?" Emily is reaching for charcoal first so she might begin to sketch out a section of land from memory, small lakes being placed first before she uses her fingers to measure lengths, setting pointer and thumb down and twisting her hand to walk them along and pause, making a marked distance from the edge of one small lake." She glances up at Ophira, already smearing charcoal along her skin.

"I could not agree more, your grace," she says to Harlan. "Sometimes it can be unavoidable." Lou gets a nod, "I found his cottage in the woods, it is not exactly the safest place in the Compact but I had plans to return. I would be glad to take a group of explorers with me. My hope is to eventually visit every location he has been." she quiets to hear the talk of the beastiary and then laughs. "Sounds like Sparte. I can appreciate that. I would love to see it."

Turning his chin, slowly, to Kaia. Martino glances from her to the room then back before leaning to murmur to her, "I am probably the... second oldest here? Maybe even contesting with the Duke. My best days are gone. Gone my heart." Exhaling, there is something of a dramatic flair to the words before laughing slight and going back to his parchment. "Oh! That warms my heart. There is hope for me still when the dust settle on." Laughing hush for a moment, Martino's head dips in reply to Lisbet's comment . Still detailing, Martino smirks for a moment at Neilda's words, "Why certainly. I need an expert relic finder."

Pasquale smiles just a fraction and then turns his attention away from Neilda and onto Lou. "Will you be publishing the maps to anyone who has an interest in them at the end Princess Lou?"

Kiera enters the room quietly to find she doesn't know most of the folk in the room well and so she goes over to martino and kai whom she does know to inquire "Is each table working on different areas?" she queries

Peri gazes around the room. At some point she gives a slight sheepish smile. Finally she hears a familiar voice. "Kaia!" she joins Kaia and Martino at their table. "It's been too long since I've seen anyone but my family." She settles in and takes out supplies from her backpack. "One day I should take a trip to Southport to make my southern maps more accurate."

Harlan draws a star in the oval and some stick figure trees around it. He grins and scoots it over to Lisebet, "Frame this? Might be worth something when I am a famous artist." He grins and stands. He gives his Duchess a kiss on the cheek, looking to everyone, "You will have to excuse me. I have a previously scheduled engagement I must get to. My apologies." He gives a few bows in all the directions. "Pr- Lou. Make sure no one uses my map!" He grins and heads out.

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Lisebet gets Harlan's little drawing, and she smiles. "I also need to depart. Thanks, Lou."

Watching Peri sit with Kaia and Martino, Emily smiles at them both and nods her head, "Kaia makes friends wherever she goes if she has not changed..which I suspect not and I am happy for you both. If it has worked out for the best." she speaks of their wedding. Emily smiles though her eyes are quick to flit towards Peri before looking down at her. map and then over to Ophira with a smile.

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Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout leave, following Lisebet.

Oh! RIGHT. There's her notebook. Neilda snatches it up, lays her fresh parchment sheet next to the first, and starts making a meticulous - enlarged - rendering of an island. There are details, though, that differ - a coastline here, placement of a settlement, arc of a forest, shape of cliffs. Substance, even if not great. She's making two copies of this.

Neilda's kiss to the cheek is returned just before she departs to her own things, and Martino's remarks on his age reap a notable eyeroll. "You exagerate love. I must say I disagree.~" she insists, quite stubbornly before shifting her attention elsewhere. There is a slight laugh in response to Peri's words before Kaia speaks again. "I understand the feeling all too well. But, yes, you must come with us to Southport! You'll love it! Oh, and you must come to the manor for some tea and treats. I have yet to have you meet little Nia." she tells her Seliki friend. "Oh, did you hear? I have taken lady Kalani as my protege?!" she announces. "She's so talented and bright."

"Mmm so we are each either bringing maps to help replace some for the Society or... in my case..." Martino leans back, his left hand gesturing down to the very, VERY, blocky and straight lines of Southport to Kiera as he replies, "Drawing the city of Southport in detail as I am hoping to pitch and twist an arm or two help with some digging." Creasing his eyes in a dear welcome to Peri, Martino nods in agreement with Kaia's words to her before clicking his tongue slight ot Emily, "Well... she managed to tame this dear Malvici playboy. Mostly."

Pasquale watches Neilda's map take shape for a little bit. "Are you keeping different tiers of maps Neilda?"

Lou glances over at Pasquale, "Well, the map room is always open for people to use, just so long as they don't take our original maps. People may copy them all they like. With the Eurusi looking to attack Arvum, we felt this was a good time to get everything updated so we can better plan our defenses." To Emily she notes. "That was Norman's name for the bestiary, and I'd be very interested in going to his cabin," she notes for her sake. All of this, of course, is said as she continues to flip back and forth between pages and making her annotations and notes so she can start copying things over to make a fresh, completed map. "Those that have signed onto the Explorer mapping project so far are Houses Ashford, Seliki, Laurent, and Fortier," she notes for those there. "So, we shall be busy in the coming months."

"You will certainly get the chance to allow explorers to plunder the depths of these little island outliers, Lou." A smile forms playfully, "I am going to convene with my brother when he's done sulking somewhere with a bottle of rum about where to request your gifted people to go first."

To Emily there is a laugh, musical in it's trill as she reaches for charcoal as well, "I do know the basics of map making, yes. But usually it's for tactical reasons for the fleet or ground forces, nothing beautiful and gifted with detail." Watching the Deepwood's hand, there is intrigue, "Yourself?" Then Ophira's voice is calling out towards Pasquale, " Lord Sparrow, did you ever learn how to create tactical maps?"

There's another click of her tongue and she gives Martino's arm another tap. "Stop it! A playful smile on her face. "How that came to be, I'm sure it's a mystery to us all." she comments. There's a bright grin returned to Emily's words however. "You recall right, dear. I still do, or at the very least try.~" she chimes. Her hands dexterously moving that quill atop the canvas with an insane precision. A little crownlander tune being hummed as she does. Her attention lifting at the talk of the mapping project. "Oh, Lou, I do believe us Malvici will be happy to join in on the effort. Isn't that right, darling?" she says, her eyes finding those of Martino.

After nodding at Lou's answer Pasquale asks. "Do you keep maps for the explorers only as well?" He has a scroll half way out of its container at about the same time as Ophira calls in his direction. Theres a moment where he clearly wonders if she is talking to someone standing behind him but that quickly passes and he instead replies to Ophira's question with an "Is there any General worth his salt who hasn't?"

Neilda glances up from her work, face looking briefly blank at Pasquale's question. "Hmm?" A blink, then she shakes her head. "No, I'm keeping a copy for myself. This is one of the islands I stopped at. A lot of cussing over the map. Some of it wasn't the map-maker's fault - this beach here," she gestures to the beach indicated on the old maps, "- I'm sure it /was/ there, just washed out by storms. And the settlement probably moved sometime after that. Or something to do with this bit of forest - maybe a fire? They're cultivating it now. But there's no good reason for this coastline to be this bad. We thought we landed at the /wrong island/." She shakes her head. "And there's a ridgeline - here? It's too far east." She sets to correcting that on her version, measuring in thumbnail-widths.

"Ahh I misunderstood. It seems Norman's personality is taking shape then," Emily nods to Lou, "We may wish to wait for spring considering how much is gathering for the explorers to handle," she remarks in regards to the cabin. This said she glances across at Ophira and smiles, a crooked one that dimples one dusky colored cheek. "Interesting, are you a commander?" She walks her fingers to the cardinal direction of North after quickly sketching an N with an arrow up. But then she remarks, "I explore, so its mostly for terrain and notations. Easier to retrace ones steps or allow others to,'s he expresses. Her eyes flit up to Pasquale briefly before looking down at her map. A smile pulls at her lips as he speaks and she mmms thoughtfully.

Martino gets a chortled laugh. "Well I am sure given time she can fully reform anyone." She winks at Kaia and Martino before she starts to draw a moraine.

Kiera hms at Martino's response "May I sit with you. I know little of Southport I'm afraid, but I can take direction. We do not havecurrent maps of high to provide so your offer would appear to be quite well-timed for our purposes. It will be richard's decision of course, but I shall firmly advocate for it" she says to Lou before turning back to Martino "Digging, why digging Lord Martino?

Peri unwinds some twine while she listens to the ebb and flow of conversation. With an upturn at the corner of her mouth, she slightly smiles as she glances over to see Emily working on her map then quickly looks away. She returns to the conversation at her table. "Kalani /is/," she agrees with Kaia. She becomes engrossed in placing some twine and gently marking out plumblines.

Lou beams at Ophira, "Good, good. I shall put your house name own on the list then, and make a note that we're just waiting on word for when we can start." She leans back into her chair and asks Martino. "What, exactly, are you digging into protege mine? Or, rather, wanting the Explorers to dig into?" she may have missed his initial answer with the crowd. She rounds back to Pasquale, tilting her head at him. "We do not hide any maps from the public's use, no. We make them available, so long as the original stay here. We also typically offer copying services for a small fee." She grins in Neilda's direction. Your attention to detail on the maps is exactly what we need!"

Slight, Martino's head ducks at Kaia's click of tongue and her 'tap' against his. Shifting his eyes before replying after his slight scolding to Kaia for Lou, "Oh certainly. We would be. If useful, we have trade route maps as well as part of our work with the Empyrean." Reaching his right hand forward, Martino plucks up a grey cloth to begin cleaning the end of his stylus's tin tip while curling his lips easy to the side as Kiera speaks to him, "Curious things are found underground. Old tomes... heirlooms. Lost treasures and...gourds." Shifting his eyes slight as Lou's attention comes across to him, he dips his chin low. "Oh just a little project into old Lycene battlefields. Some of the eldest have been fought by the Malvici and... who knows. The secrets of them all right there."

There is a sidelong glance towards Pasquale, there is a widening of eyes in playful show with lips going in a surprised circle before they devolve into a smirk that is all impish charm, "Are you saying you're worth the salt?" Amusement drizzled velvet smooth, turning away to try and chuckle as she then addressed Emily, " Yes, I am. Though, my expertise lies in extracting information from the unwilling. Are you a Dame of Solace, Lady Emily?"

Pasquale nods at Lou's answer. "Then I'll give you the sort of information I know my Marquessa will be happy to share with anyone." He goes to offer the rolled up scroll in his hands to Lou but pauses briefly to glance across at Ophira "I'm afraid its impossible to measure my worth in salt. There would just be so damned much of it." The map he gifts to Lou. "That covers Nilanza and the waters regularly travelled by her navy and merchants. I can not claim responsibility for most of it, since much came from said merchants, but it should at least be current."

As Ophira expands upon her skillset, Emily casts a quick glance up to study her and then nods, "Yes, I am, newly joined though my travels kept me from doing so sooner. Now I am curious about this skill set of yours, my lady, I admit that it is not my forte." Interest shows as she lowers her hand to trace out the different elevations only to shade them to a degree to ensure it is easy to read. The ranger looks up and across at the table with Kaia, Martino and Peri a moment before she straightens up and sets down the charcoal to dust off her her hands before continuing.

"Spring, huh? Well, I'm sure that will work just fine, given it is your venture. Just remember we're a pretty large organization, but it can certainly wait." Lou addresses this to Emily. She gives Martino another curious look and nods her head. "That sounds like an interesting endeavor," she tells him. "And if you do need any help, I'm sure there will be plenty here willing to do so!" Of that Lou is certain, as the Explorers are filled with Indiana Jones and Lara Croft types; down for the adventure and discovery of new or old things together. Or, maybe just the sight and wonder of it all. "I mean, after discovering the fabled city of Whitepeak, we learned so much more about what happened in the Suthyrn Wastes, and how the dragons of Carida were responsible for the destruction of the Uanna nation and people and a large portion of the Metallic Order, turning that area into the Wastes."

Neilda's eyes flick up to Lou, and she smiles brightly, dimpling, unsubtly happy at the praise. She continues her work, transcribing a ridgeline in profile, hastile sketched, to discrete peaks along a line marked with notes and numbers. How she makes sense of her own scribbles, the world may never know - but the map she's making is neat, even if she's half-listening to Martino and Lou and Emily go on about potential plans.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare arrive, following Rosalind.

Lifting the previously black-inked stylus to his green eyes, Martino inspects his craft and nods slighty, "Mmm... clean once more." He reaches forward to swap it for a much smaller brush and gets a new piece of parchment from Kaia's side of the table, "Oh certainly, certainly... that is why good Pathfinder and Patron Lou I just /had/ to come without much arm slapping from Kaia here." Stylus dipping twice more into the black ink, the smaller flicks of it overly scratch and jag against the paper as he draws easy. "If we are to defeat a great enemy, after all, to look back when we last did seems... suitable."

Kiera chuckles at Martino "I had her Lycene's were sly but you went straight for it didn't you putting the old tomes first. If you have by chance you have done this accidently I do apologize but you have my attention now and aren't likely to be rid of it . Never mention old books to a scholar unless you want them hanging round. Though gourds is certly an interesting addition to the usual list.

With a flash of red hair and a loud gasp, Rosalind comes rushing in. Not as fast as usual of course, but still! "Im sorry Im late,"she bursts. Waving, Rosa grins,"Hello! Hi!"

There is a rich, purely amused laugh at Pasquale's quip back and it causes that smile to linger, "The true challenge would be trying to see where it originates from. My guess would be less from the mine of your mind but that alkali personality."

The map that Ophira has been etching away at holds the ridges of Ischia, revitalized and newly built up with the smaller islands spoken about with annotated notes of interest. The waters surrounding are included with elevated depths, marking reef points and notes of interest for the savvy seafarer, "I'm just really charming and tend to get what I want out of those who don't want to give it easily."

Peri traces a coastline and pens the names of towns and landmarks that a ship would encounter on its travels along the coast. She annotates her map with depths from a recent logbook. The slight smile from before has become warm and open.

Lou's lips quirk ever so slightly at Martino. "Indeed," she tells him. "A group of us traveled recently to a place in the Lycene, an old settlement of the Uanna. There we found information on how to decipher their language, so there's definitely things to be found out in the wilderness in the Lycene areas and within the abandoned tribes, even, if we can manage to treat with them civilly."

"And this." Pasquale offers Lou a second map-scroll. "Shows what I recall about the jungles of Saragaia in the Saffron Chain. It was particularly unpleasant from all reports." He waits for it to be taken off him, gives Lou a polite smile, and then heads on across to Ophira. "Are you going to explain where Lord Sparrow comes from Ophira? That is a new one."

Wiping her hands clean, Emily nods to Lou before setting the rag down beside her as she looks at the basics of her map. Crisp, clear but the details are not there yet still its helpful in its annotation of the details in a given area. "I will put together the information on it. I meant to learn more about what is inside the cottage but I think an expert will be needed. I am sure we can find one," she admits to the Pathfinger before her attention shifts to that of Ophira who sits with her. "I can see that, charming. Of course there is no other way but your charm I am sure." She winks and she says with a grin at the other woman before her gaze flits up and over to Rosalind. The red head is unfamiliar but she lifts a hand to wave in her direction. "Welcome."

Wry, Martino's lips curl at Kiera's voice before he exhales frustrated at his own efforts at the map drawing this time. Beyond drawing functional maps of cities. This was quite out of his depth. "Mmm." He sets the stylus down once more, giving up and leaving the half-done piece there instead taking Kiera's voice as a fine excuse to distract himself from working. "Oh dear... oh dear. Well I am certainly either doomed for the Wheel's welcome or in dire luck. Which might it be?" Creasing his sharp green eyes for a moment, Lou's voice catches him and he perks slight, "Oh curious... actually. Mm. Uanna settlement or Lycene-formerly-Uanna?"

1 Clement trained guards arrives, following Adalyn.

Adalyn arrives, following Vitalis.

Rosalind goes hurries over to grab some paper and all the THINGS! The writing and drawing things. Large hazel green eyes look over to Emily and youd swear they're smiling,"Hi." And with that, she goes to sit next to HER! "Im Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. You can call you Ros or Rosa though." There are large claw like scars on half her face and she smiles big as she goes to start on map.

Neilda lifts her head to track the passage of maps from Pasquale to Lou, and more generally as well, casting eyes around the room. Peri's tracery of coastlines, Ophira's Ischian ridges, both draw curious study a moment. She lifts a hand to tuck hair back away from her face, pauses juuuuuuuust in time - before she totally besmears her face with darkened fingers. There's a face. Does she have a handkerchief? No. Will she ever learn? Unlikely.

Lou gives Pasquale a grateful look. "We haven't had many maps from the Saffron Chain come in, so this is particularly useful. Thank you," she tells him. She looks back to Martin, after a glance to Emily after she passes a piece of paper over to her, "Oh, and Martin, when you are out there exploring, do please be mindful of any Cariboussnakes or Daggerwolves." Oh yeah, she's being serious, even if there is a slight twinkle in her eye.

There is a glance towards Rosalind, offering a bright and curling smile, " Lady Ophira Seraceni, a pleasure." A wink it tossed towards Emily just as Pasquale makes his way over, it causes the Siren to pause in her etching to glance up, " Say your last name of for me, Lord Pasquale." It was requested with a becoming lilt, finishing up one final marker on the map before with a languid grace Ophira stands, rolling up her creations and the old maps brought with her.

Pasquale curious to see where this goes Pasquale says "Malespero."

Vitalis arrives to the Hall with a sheaf of pages and his should-really-be-an-Explorer wife, Adalyn. Vitalis making a circuit of the room with her pointing out interesting bits of things brought back, pots, pelts, patelas... the whole gamut, until they arrive at the tables and find a sheaf to spread things on, "Lou, I don't know if you've met Adalyn, Lady Clement. My wife. Adalyn," he's dropped formalities, mostly, "Adalyn, Pathfinder Lou Grayson." His eyes track to Martino, mouthing 'daggerwolves?'

There is a blink, " Nothing, really?" There is a curl of lips as Ophira glances towards anyone as if they might get it before she explains it. Perhaps it is a songstress thing, finding the words in names and weaving them differently.

A messenger approaches Peri and interrupts her with a small scroll that Peri opens and frowns thoughtfully at. She sighs. "This is hardly done, but I have to go. I'll leave it here to dry and come back to finish it later." She stows everything else in her backpack and takes her leave.

Raising his shoulders, Martino shrugs unsure to Vitalis as he mouths to him. Turning his head back to Lou, the Lord Martino nods firm, "Mmm.... sounds like the Giant Frost Spiders. I refused to believe there were real." Creasing his eyes, Martino welcomes in the Lady Adalyn in alongside Vitalis before wiggling his fingertips in parting to Peri, "Come see Nia soon."

The wink received from Ophira, she chuckles and looks down at her map, pleased with it as Rosalind is quick to set herself down next to her. The clawmarks on the northerner's face are noted ands he mmmms, "Emily will do but Lady Emily Deepwood. Pleased to meet you," she says. "It seems Lady Ophira here is good at tactical map making, I do maps purely for exploration and well..have you a talent for it, Ros? Or is this a new hobby. I have decided to take a poll." There is a quirk of a smile as she stretches out her legs and tries to ease the pain that causes her nose to wrinkle.

She glances up and takes the parchment from Lou and begins to read. Emily chuckles, her eyes widening as Lou teases Martino but as Peri leaves she looks up and nods to her, a fond smile on her lips.

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Lou glances up at Vitalis, giving him a grateful look for the maps and such. "Emily and I were discussing Norman the Explorer's journal that Sparte dug up, which was coded by the way, which I helped him translate. In it, he discusses an Exceptionally Bullshit Bestiary, Part 1. And part of that Bestiary includes a number of rather frightful animals." She pauses, looking down at some of her notes, "I believe he said: D is for Daggerwolves. Wolves that appear to have produced some kind of cartilaginous blades instead of fur. These blades are not sharp enough to cut on a gentle brush, but I would strongly advise against letting one, two, or, Elysium preserve us, three barrel into you." She looks up, noting, "He'd been invited to tour a Zoo. I'm pretty sure the Zoo was some kind of shardhaven."

"Either that or someone had a fascination with... twisted creatures. So very twisted," Lou gives a shudder.

Rosalind grins and gets to work. Starting with Bonespire. "Nice to meet you,"waving to Vitalis too. At the mention of map, Rosa clears her throat. "Weeeeellll--"she shows the random dots and lines and what seens to be a triangle for a mountain. "Ta da! It's great right?!" The Ravenseye admits unabashedly,"I can read them, but Im better at sneaking and reading than drawing."

Pasquale just nods at Lou's thanks. "They don't show much more than a general location but that is enough to be helpful I assume." Turning his attention back to Ophira he simply replies "I suspect I can see it. Why don't you say whatever it is you hear?"

Lou gives Pasquale a thankful look. "Every bit helps, even if its not the best. I can have one of our cartographers sit down and help you remember some of the details too for anything we need to fill in, or we just might go exploring there again, depending on time and resources."

Neilda finishes up one copy and lays the other on top - consistency is key. A bit of tracing, careful not to smudge, and she glances up at Lou. "I'll have another one for you in a few minutes," she says. "We weren't able to get a name, though. That settlement was..." a pause. "Not friendly." There's an eye cast to Ophira, then Pasquale, then to newcomers Vitalis and Adalyn - she scoots in her chair a little so she's not crowding the path.

Vitalis has an avid audience in his wife, Adalyn's curiosity evident as she admires the various finds and listens to the accompanying explanations. Her eyes are alight with curiosity, time taken to study each detail in turn. "I really ought to talk to you about joining the Explorers after this child comes," she notes to Vitalis, grinning. As introductions are provided, she turns a cheery smile upon Lou and inclines her head. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure yet. It's nice to finally meet you!" She quiets, rapt attention focusing upon the discussion at hand. "Wolves with blades instead of fur? That would certainly be an interesting encounter."

"Abyssal wolves are pretty big and drool green goo, so you know, this ranks higher than that I think." Lou tells Adalyn, "A pleasure to meet you, by the by. Lou Grayson, Pathfinder of the Explorers." Princess is left off, on purpose. She nods over at Neilda. "Thank you. I appreciate all of your help!"

"Some of these things are a bit...far fetched. Hopefully truly not in existence or as the explorers go out we will one day run into such things," Emily admits to Lou, glancing over at Adalyn and Vitalis to give them a smile before she turns her attention to Ros when she gets all excited about her triangular mountain. There is an easy smile that comes to Emily's lips and one would call it genuine. "I appreciate it, well done," she remarks and and then leans into ask, "Is it it meant to represent a mountain range or a single peak?" Pause. "You like to sneak...kindred spirits." Her eyes flit up to Neilda to see what she is doing and then over to Ophira and Pasquale as Sparrow is debated still.

There is a nod of blue black head, towards the pair at the table as she stands now, going to hand in her creations to Lou with a smile before turning to face Pasquale, head tilted a fraction as chin raises to peer up, "I was hoping that someone else may have heard it to help your suspicions. But if you are to remove the first four letters of your family name, you get sparrow. While not spelled the same, it does remind me of the curious little bird. Along with swallows, they've a maritime history and speak of experience when a sailor sees themselves marked with one." Towards her prior tablemates, "It has been wonderful to meet you." A sweep of a bow towards Lou before Ophira sees herself out.

Giving up with his papers, Martino turns his head to check on Kaia before murmuring to her. "Should we get back to check on breakfast and also Nia's breakfast?" A hush ask as he reaches his left hand forward to touch upon Kaia's elbow before lifting up to his feet, "Oh Lady Emily. A delight to see you again. Yes... yes. Such is the pained life of being the Pathfinder's protege. Teased and poked for hating the mud and Daggerfangwombles." Shrugging, Martino had already forgotten theses dangers while his hand aids Kaia up to her feet, "Please... do excuse us both. I shall send something proper across to you soon about the digging, Lou." Torso dipping, Kaia beside once more, Martino smoothly leads the two from the room as a flicker of brocades.

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Vitalis whistles low, so low it's soundless. "That's... chilling." He looks at Lou, expression teetering on dubious, but leaning more to wariness than disbelief. He tosses a nod at Peri on her exit. Notably, to folks who know Vitalis, his face is raked by new scars, left eye ghostly hazed. He likewise waves a farewell to Martino, taking the man's spot and spreading the sheafs there. "If anyone's working on something with the Lycene Split where it runs near Duskshire," pages whisper as he spreads them, "I have updates. There's been flooding."

Lou inclines her head to both Martino and Kaia. "Thank you for coming!" she calls out. She furrows her brow and then motions to one of the initiate explorers. "See to it that things keep going smoothly. It's about time I check in on Mason and the kids." Lou has doing regular checks on Mason since there have been two assassination attempts on his life. She looks to the others. "Do feel free to stay and help with the maps, and thank you all for coming today."

Neilda finishes up her map copy, fans a hand over the new one, and hands it over to Lou before rising to her feet to stretch.

"It wouldn't hurt to go back and check it hasn't been re-infested." Pasquale replies to Lou. "Assuming Pravus has no objections of course." He pauses when Lou says that about Abyssal wolves and then smiles, almost amused. "You can identify the type of unnatural wolf just by looking at its drool? You learn the most interesting things in the most curious of places." To Ophira Pasquale says "Interesting. I suppose I have no objection."

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As Ophira stands, Emily nods up to her and smiles, "A pleasure, Lady Ophira. I look next to when we speak," she says sincerely, a nod given to her but as the others stand to go she keeps her seat and glances from Ros beside her to that of Martino and Kaia. "Good to see you both as well. We will need to catch up...and I need to get you know you better." This said to Martino as she nods to their departure.

She glances up at Lou as well, a smile offered to the Pathfinder. "Be well." she bids her and then starts to get up, mostly to stretch and let the bundle of bandages beneath her tunic move so she does not outright run out on her tablemate Rosalind.

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Adalyn's gaze shifts to each person gathered around the table, a good-natured smile offered to those whose gaze she happens to catch. "I imagine there's a wealth of information here," she notes, gesturing to the various maps spread out. Pasquale's comment prompts an amused look sent in his direction and a faint nod of agreement before her attention returns to the task at hand. "If I can help fill in bits and pieces from my various travels, I'd be happy to do so."

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