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Igniseri Bonfire: It's All Got To Go!

Marquessa Quenia Igniseri is tired of the arbor that's in her garden. It's got to go! However, she wants it to go in a purposeful, cathartic manner. She's going to burn it down. All of it down! She's inviting members of the compact who have something they wish to burn, something associated with a bad memory, or maybe something they just don't want in their house anymore, to bring it to atrium of the Igniseri Manor and burn their things too. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Discussion can be had, should they wish, about why they're burning stuff down along with her!


Aug. 14, 2020, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Quenia Amieli Juliana Luis Videl


Svana Rowenova Kritr Lucita Katarina Sebastian Alessia



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Atrium

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Comments and Log

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points arrive, following Rowenova.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Rowenova arrive, following Svana.

Quenia has joined the a sky blue hammock stretched between two trees.

The fire is roaring to life. Set close to the fire, but not close enough to catch fire just, are bits and pieces of what used to be an arbor, just ready to be added to the flames when things to get start. Some might recognize it as the a whimsical wooden arbor with lilacs and roses{ that used to in the bare spot which now showing in their carefully cultivated garden.

Quenia is seated on sky blue hammock, or really she's standing and leaning against it gently rocking herself with her feet, as she awaits for any guests that might arrive and join her in ritualistically putting behind part of her life and the memories that go with it.

The fire is roaring to life. Set close to the fire, but not close enough to catch fire just, are bits and pieces of what used to be an arbor, just ready to be added to the flames when things to get start. Some might recognize it as the a whimsical wooden arbor with lilacs and roses{, that used to in the bare spot which now showing in their carefully cultivated garden.

Quenia is seated on sky blue hammock, or really she's standing and leaning against it gently rocking herself with her feet, as she awaits for any guests that might arrive and join her in ritualistically putting behind part of her life and the memories that go with it.

The guardsmen of the Domus Igniseri bow respectfully to an arriving member of the household.

Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler arrive, following Lucita.

Svana rides into the atrium on the short grey mare with a travois of boxes pulled behind her. Sir Floppington keeps up the pace beside the horse and Svana while the Northerner chuckles and pulls the mare to a stop near the bonfire. She does manage not to disrupt any finery in the noble House's lawn, somehow - perhaps because she's taking great care with whatever she's pulling. Floppington seems rather excited for her to dismount and so she does, patting Floppington behind the ears before going to the boxes at the back and seemingly beginning to unload them...

Meanwhile, Rowenova was laying amidst and on boxes upon that travois which was being pulled by Svana, doing so as if she were lazy, with her wolfy pelt down over her fair face. She lifts that up, though, when they stop, and then also lifts up a lazy wave all around before she finally smiles to Svana's approach and then rolls off the boxes and stands up to help. "That was so fun!" Yes, indeed, Sir Flop is happy to have been pet, his soulful eyes showing as much.

Kritr heard about the event and came this way to clear his head. He doesn't evince a lot of comfort in the strange surroundings. He comes here solo, but he's glad to see other people he knows present.

Lucita comes into the Atrium with the easy familiarity of one who feels at home, mostly, at least till she spots the sculpture and shudders, taking a step back from it as she stares at the oddity. Hands reach up to pull her shawl around her. "Good grief! What is that? Who made it?" One finger slips away from its grasp to point to the thing with glowing eyes. Nova is there and Kritr. Lucita manages to sidestep and linger back till they are between her and the sculpture, at least till Quenia manages to reply to her questions.

It's a long way back to the Ward of House Valardin. And yet, here is Princess Katarina, taking in the sights of the corner of the city south of her own. Her hands are folded, one over the other, in front of her lap as she walks, returning greetings and nods and so on with a coy, almost feline smile. She happens to stop right by Quenia as Lucita begins her questions. Rather than intrude with questions of her own -- Katarina lets her expression do the talking, because once she truly pays attention to the sculpture, said expression becomes... confused, probably.

Svana's attention is caught by the terrifying sculpture that everyone else is regarding, and she stops unloading boxes in order to look over her shoulder. "Mangata's foamy tits, are we burning that fucking thing?" Svana asks, before she bows her head to Quenia. "Marquessa, a pleasure to see you again. If we're not burning it, please tell me that there's a fascinating story behind it. I do wish to know what will be haunting me in my sleep tonight."

Quenia smiles warmly upon seeing people starting to arrive. She pushes away from the hammock for now, but will likely circle back to it later as it's her favorite spot in the whole atrium. "Welcome, welcome!" she greets, "Do please be welcome at Domus Igniseri, and I do hope its just not me burning things this evening," she says with a bit of a grin. There's a lighter air about her for those who might have been aware of the gloomier funk she was in during these last few weeks, and her mood is /certainly/ most improved. She glances curiously over at the sculpture, then back to Lucita, "Cousin, in all the times you've been coming over in these last several months, you've never noticed it before? That thing has been here for the better part of two years!" she exclaims. "Videl made it, as part of a some grotesque artistry challenge. She's quite proud of it." She inclines her head to Kritr and Svana. Rowenova gets a bright smile. Her eyes curiously travel over to Katarina, noting the Valardin princesses's presence. "Princess Katarina, welcome to Domus Igniseri. I hope all is well with you?" she remarks. The princess had stayed at Igniseri House briefly when working out the divorce with her former husband Rook.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

Briar, a quiet young woman, Intruder, an excited Oakhaven bloodhound, 6 First Legion Centurions arrive, following Sebastian.

Lucita says, "No, I've never noticed that. No one ever said I was all that observant and usually when coming here I've had something on my mind and rather rushed through to one of the wings or the Great Hall. Even when I visited with you here a week or so ago, I was seated where some of the other decor blocked it from view." She explains with a wry grin as she lifts her shoulders. The shawl is pulled off and draped over her arm as she then turns and gives warm smiles to those she knows, greeting them."

Quenia turns her attention first to Svana. "I don't know that Videl had a great story behind her sculpture, just that she'd won first place in an art competition with it for most gruesome art. Or, something along those lines. I keep forgetting its out here, though it did give me such a fright when I first saw it!" she exclaims, her voice jovial and much unlike the darker mood she was in just earlier this week.

For those arriving, the fire is roaring to life. Set close to the fire, but not close enough to catch fire just, are bits and pieces of what used to be an arbor, just ready to be added to the flames when things to get start. Some might recognize it as the a whimsical wooden arbor with lilacs and roses{, that used to in the bare spot which now showing in their carefully cultivated garden.

"Ah," Quenia glances to where the arbor used to be after Lucita's comments. "I see then. It might have been hidden behind the arbor? Though I can't remember. I had people break it apart so it could be burned this evening. Time to clear away old memories to make room for new ones, and put a certain chapter of my life behind me for good."

Kritr sidles up to Rowenova. "Is this a thing? Burning stuff you no longer want to think about? Seems very much like something one would do to get the attention of a spirit." He probably didn't intend to be overheard, but he doesn't have anything resembling a whisper in that bass rumbvle of his voice.

"'ve had it... OUT, where people can SEE it, for two YEARS...?" The youngest Valardin Princess is so lost in her amazement at such a notion that she accidentally says what she's thinking. And then, within an instant, Katarina has recovered, acting as though the moment never happened. "I have been well, Marquessa Quenia. I hope you have been also?" Katarina's never-shaken Eurusi accent gives her speech an odd cadence compared to most Arvani speakers', sometimes punching the 'wrong' syllable of a word. "I hope that it is all right that I did not bring a thing of very much size to burn?"

Sebastian is on time, for him. That is to say, he's most definitely late. Still: he's well in time for things being on fire, which is an upside when that's the whole point of the gathering. He seeks out the hostess first, his stride towards Quenia paired with an intent regard of her, and a smile that brightens as he nears and bends to kiss her cheek. "Marquessa Quenia. When you said you were going to tear down the arbor, I didn't realize you meant to burn it as well -- though I wholly approve." He straightens, slipping towards Lucita to greet her with a kiss to the cheek as well. "Baroness," he murmurs with a smile, regarding unfamiliar faces. "Perhaps you'd care to introduce me?"

Nova looks back at the grotesque statue with a half frown but then looks back to her patron's entry. "Welcome, Baroness Lucita!" Then, Nova smiles brightly to Marquessa Quenia. "Thank you for hosting this. We..." She motions forth to Svana then back to herself, "... certainly have a whole lot to burn!" Then, such fiery anticipation certainly inspires a wee twinkle in her cobalt blues. Then, she nods forth to Kritr. "Good to see you, too!" She picks up a big box without so much as even huffing, looking like she were carrying something feather light, except it is most assuredly not so. She momentarily pauses, replying back to Kritr, "A Spirit or Lagoma! Either one."

3 House Mazetti Guardians, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, Rance, a confused swan that likes to headbutt arrive, following Alessia.

"I believe that if I saw that in my front yard as a shadow in the night..." Svana's nose twitches. "Bravo to Videl though." She finishes unloading her boxes. She looks over at Rowenova. "This is all of it, yeah? I don't need to make a second trip with the horse?" She asides something quietly to the other woman before turning to smile at Lucita. "Baroness Lucita, a pleasure to see you again so soon." She shivers a bit, something cold running down her spine for some reason before she looks over at Kritr and laughs. "In some circles I doubt you're wrong. This is a ritual for us though."

She gets distracted by booze though. Wine? Please yes. She goes over to get a glass, then ambles back to the crowd. There's a decent chance she's started drinking before she came.

The guardsmen of the Domus Igniseri bow respectfully to an arriving member of the household.

Argent, a silver hound, Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard, Granthwyn, an androgynous healer's apprentice, Starboard an excited Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Juliana.

Argent, a silver hound, Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard, Granthwyn, an androgynous healer's apprentice, Starboard an excited Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Juliana.

The guardsmen of the Domus Igniseri bow respectfully to an arriving member of the household.

Argent, a silver hound, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard arrive, following Juliana.

Quenia glances over at Kritr, grinning at him. "Tonight it's going to be a thing, but I must admit I don't know much about spirits at all," she tells him. She glances over at Katarina, "Er. Yeah? I mean, Videl is my Voice too, and I can't really go about hiding her art. Art needs to be expressed, even if, you know, it can be grotesque and gruesome sometime." Just then she catches sight of Sebastian and inclines her head in his direction, offering him a bright, warm smile. "Prince Sebastian, so good to see you again." She turns back to Katarina a moment. "Any item will do, doesn't have to be big. Of course, you don't have to burn any items either," she confides. "You could just enjoy the wine and snacks?" she suggests.

Quenia then turns her attention to Rowenova. "Oh my," she exclaims, noticing everything she and Svana have piled up. "Well, I mean, there's certainly room since fire burns!" she grins at them both. "You know, just so long as no one puts any of the wine on the fire." Her face darkens briefly at the mere thought. She looks around and says, "It looks like most people who are coming are her already so, I guess, let's begin in a moment or two." She then wanders over to where the arbor is lying in pieces and is content to watch people mill about a few moments longer to get their greetings in.

Katarina shakes her head 'no' to Quenia's suggestion of NOT burning anything: "You have arranged a most splendid bonfire, Marquessa. I would not do it the disservice of failing to contribute." The Princess's golden eyes turn to Sebastian, since they're standing right near one another, and for a long moment, Katarina's smile becomes even more cheshire-catlike in the way it always seems to suggest she knows more than she's letting on.

Arriving just in time, her retainers trailing after her with a bag of somethings, Alessia beams at the display. She pauses by the Marquessa. "My lady, what a wonderful idea. Catharsis." She says with a nod to the items her retinue are hefting, giving them the cue to throw it all into the fire. Then she notes more familiar faces. "Bas." She gives the prince a familiar hug in greeting, before turning to Lucita. "Baroness, it's been far too long." She rests a hand on the woman's arm. "Nova." To the scout, she smiles warmly.

"Which one is Lagoma again?" Kritr wonders out loud. "I think burning something is a good way to clear one's head." He loosens the knife next to his belt and uses it to spear a snack on the point of the knife. He doesn't show any interest in the wine.

Lucita's lips upturn into a beguiling smile. "Of course, Ba... Prince Sebastian. Lets see. There is Lord Kritr Clearlake, he has such interesting tattoos and is marvelous in using an ax, you should see him in practice. And Princess Katarina Valardin, a long time friend of the family Igniseri. You remember my telling you of the time I went sailing with her and wound up in a dark cell full of snakes." She glances over the gathering and then indicates Nova. "Scout Rowenova, my protegee, a skilled alchemist and scout, Lady Alessia Mazetti, a friend. She is Sister Dianna's twin and is a glaive dancer, lovely in her forms. Lady Thea Malvici, another friend whose belated birthday party I missed! And Svana Grayhope. She is pleasant, good person with whom to talk though do not know her so well as the others.

"Oh, is that Lady Videl's work? I thought the artist seemed familiar?" Sebastian regards the statue with a critical eye, looking approving. "And the Marquessa is absolutely correct: art should be showcased, even where it makes us uncomfortable. Especially then," he adds. Katarina's regard of him is returned in kind -- albeit without the cheshire smile -- "Princess Katarina," he says, after Lucita introduces them. "I've heard a great deal." There's a wealth of meaning behind that, though in typical Lycene fashion he doesn't linger on the thought. "Lord Kritr," a nod, "And Scout Rowenova I know, of course. As well as--" his smile brighten st Alessia's approach, leaning to kiss her cheek. "Messere Svana, a pleasure." He has no glass with which to toast her, which is something he seems set on fixing, stepping towards the drinks.

"We've both been previously married," Svana explains to Quenia, sighing. "Everywhere I go in my manor, I find things of my ex-husband's. I gave away the really good things to charity, to spite him. And some to his friends. But now I think it's time to let go so I can quit talking about him half as much. Hopefully this will do just that." She takes a long slug of her wine and gasps. "But who would ever think about burning wine?!"

Svana looks at Rowenova and grins, then glances to Prince Sebastian. Overly long. "Oh yes, how do you do Prince Sebastian? We spoke via missive not that long ago in regards to Whiskey Kisses... a pleasure to remember your face. I've seen you about." She eyeballs Alessia again. "I keep forgetting you're Sister Dianna's twin."

"Catharsis," Quenia readily agrees with Alessia when she arrives, and chuckles softly as she notices the woman immediately signal to have her things burned. She looks to Kritr, "Lagoma is the Goddess of Change. I suppose in a sense this honors her, as I'm putting a part of my life behind me, that I've carried with me for a long time, and I am now looking forward to making a new future, one that will hopefully be brighter."

With that said, Quenia steps closer to the fire, taking up one of the boards of the arbor. "During my early time in Arx, I was introduced to a man, who was then known to be Prince Aurelian Valardin," her eyes go to Katarina a moment, giving her a sad sort of look, then goes back to the others. "He and I courted for a time. But, two weeks before we were to be wed, I was informed that he may have been working for darker forces. It was not something I wanted to believe. I railed against it being true, but a thorough investigation was completed, and well. . . it turns out it was, indeed, so very true. He was working to take down the Valardin family. Our courtship ended with his execution," she recalls, studying the fire a long moment. "This arbor serves as a reminder of our time courting one another and so I am putting those times behind me, for good. And I will endeavor to never let what happened with that situation in the past to color my judgement of the world or other people again."

The hurt and betrayal of that moment was massive for Quenia and something she bore largely quietly since that time. She steps forward and puts the board to the flame, then feeds the rest in there as well. Each time a board goes into the fire, the fire grows higher a moment before dying back down again. She steps back, then turns to the others, stating. "Each of you is invited to come burn the things you may have brought with you. You may share the story behing it, or not, that's up to you. But do so knowing that tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start."

The line has been dismissed by Quenia.

After that reaction from Quenia, Nova half grins her way. She soon sees Alessia's arrival, and softly reciprocates that warm smile right back then slightly leans in a symbolic gesture that she would hug if not for this here huge box she has in her gloved hands. "Good to see you." says she. Then, the scouty scout quietly notes, "Lagoma is the one of change for good and fire!" Then, she gratefully regards Lucita for those kind words then grins forth, "Greetings, Prince Sebastian. I remember you from various moments in taverns, along with various events around Arx. Good to see you again." After what it is that Svana says, Nova quickly nods her wolf-pelt-clad noggin. "Exactly."

Quenia checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 77 higher. Quenia rolled a critical!

Returning the prince's kiss, Alessia says with a wry smile to Lucita. "He and I are well acquainted by now." She turns to Svana with a raised brow. "A relief to be sure." She laughs. "Nobody wants to be remembered as -purely- somebody else's twin." She taps her chin with a finger. "I always feared our resemblance would leave me stuck with that." She beckons for her maid to get her a glass of wine, and one of herself too, of course.

Alessia checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Alessia checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Alessia checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Alessia checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

With a snap of fingers, Sebastian's expression brightens. "Ah, yes! I'd thought your name familiar, Messere Svana. Your gift was very well received, and I'd meant to come by your shop some time to tell you in person." While Quenia speaks, he's silent: he doesn't look surprised, as if he's heard this story, before, though he does give an approving nod as she finishes speaking and begins feeding wood to the fire. "Well spoken, Marquessa," he murmurs, with a lift of his newly acquired glass. He doesn't look ready to burn anything just yet, instead chuckling at Rowenova's words. "As I recall, I gave you some relationship advice. I hope it didn't turn out badly." Overhearing Alessia's words as he nears to deliver her a glass of wine before her maid can, he muses, "Speaking of twins: is mine going to show up, or do I have to set her children and all the dogs on her to encourage her to escape out here?"

Katarina takes advantage of Lucita's procession of introductions to curtsy toward those she hasn't greeted herself, as they're counted off. When she does so, it becomes more obvious that she's holding a folded leaf of paper in her hand -- a letter, perhaps. When Alessia's sister is brought up... well, for whatever reason, it's at exactly that moment that Katarina turns to put all of her focus on Quenia. And to frown at the story that Quenia shares, though at least it's a fairly empathetic frown. Before she approaches the fire outright, Katarina does take a moment to approach Quenia directly, and get up on tip-toes to say something quietly.

Kritr finishes the snack he has kebabed and then takes one of the braids in his beard ad cuts it off with the very same knife. He ventures close enough to the fire to throw it in before taking the braid on the other side and doing the same thing. He pitches both of them in the fire but leaves the third, fortunately the one in the center, so his beard remains symmetrical.

"Uncle Bas!" called out suddenly as the doors to the private wing opens and a three year old, in gowns, dark curls and weilding a wooden sword burst through and makes a bee line towards the Pravus Prince. To be honest without the child's excitement, one could have known she was related to Sebastian as the little girl looked very much like the Pravus Prince, as does the lady that follows behind shortly after.

Juliana was dresses in dove grey wool with braids of Pravus blue and Igniseri red weaving around the yoke and skirts, her dark hair caught in a loose braid and a bemused smirk on her face as she stepped inside to take in the bonfire and those that are attending.

Nova momentarily adopts a serious mien as she curiously watches Quenia, then understandingly nods. She turns forth to Sebastian, "We eventually married, then we ended up getting divorced." She smirks faintly after a comedic pause, "Though, it is not on you and your advice. I only jest in silly insinuation. Learned lots. I have a real man now. He and I have been courting for no less than a year's time. Things turned out alright in the very end. I know to be ever grateful for the little things that the other jerk would never even try to do for me."

Quenia leans in so Katarina can whisper in her ear, and then she gives the woman a gentle pat on the arm in support. "Me too," she tells her, not needing to hide her reply. She then goes to get a drink for herself before wandering back over to Lucita and Sebastian. She gives Kritr a curious look. "I don't believe I've met that particular Lord before," she remarks to them. "Did I miss the introductions?" She watches as he systematically starts cutting off his beard bits before throwing them into the flames, giving him a curious look.

Quenia tilts her head up a Sebastian. "Oh. Er. I did try to inform the family of the event, but many of them are busy with other projects. And yes, that is Videl's work," she did, at least, manage to hear /that/ question before she had wandered off to the fire to see to the arbor being burned. To Svana, she says, "Ah, yes. I can understand that. Closure is sometimes very desperately needed." Something they can see Quenia really needed tonight. And, already, she's looking quite a bit lighter than before from when the evening started. She sips at her wine, the glass she selected was the light and airy Zephyrs, amongst her favorites.

Eyes sparkling when Sebastian arrives with a glass of wine for her, Alessia raises it in toast before taking a sip. "Gods... it was like a summoning." She muses when the children make a bee line for their uncle. Her gaze shifts to Quenia, though given her lack of surprise, the story is likely familiar to her. She nods in approval as the arbor burns. "I'm sorry to hear it." Is offered to Rowenova. "Love can fade once people grow too familiar with eachother's shortcomings." She offers, very helpfully.

Kritr turns to Quenia. "Krit Clearlake." He introduces himself, putting the knife away in his belt.

Svana looks at the little girl coming out of the private wing and she drinks down the rest of her wine, then goes for another glass. She smiles at the little girl and takes a sip of her wine. "She's beautiful," she says to those in the family, or whoever can hear her. Svana looks to Bastien and smiles. "You're kind." Then she's looking at Quenia, bowing her head.

She moves over to gather just one of the boxes from the pile that she and Rowenova brought in, emptying it over the fire. "Goodbye, Jules. Without you I wouldn't have two beautiful children nor would I be with my current husband, and that is the sad truth of it for you. I hope you are at peace wherever you are..." Though there is some measure of doubt in Svana's voice. "Haunt me no more." She moves away from the fire and looks at Rowenova, but then quickly to Quenia. "There was part of him who loved you, but you're more than that and always will be. Let's all let go tonight for a happier tomorrow."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Sebastian tells Rowenova, genuinely. "But pleased to hear you're doing well." He nods in mute agreement with Alessia's advice. The facile way Sebastian shifts his glass to his left hand, and scoops a hand around the fast-approaching Bastian's waist with his right to haul her upwards suggests the ease of long practice. "Tia! Have you come to watch the fire?" The beaming way he regards his niece is unmistakable, settling her on his hip before he leans to kiss Juliana's cheek and offer her his glass. He regards Kritr's braid-cutting and burning with interest. "Was that cathartic, my lord, or merely symbolic?" Svana's mention of Jules earns a momentary furrow of brow, before he seems to realize it's not the one he's standing by.

Lucita's glance toward Kritr is apologetic as she murmurs. "Sorry I failed to introduce you to my esteemed cousin, Marquessa Quenia Igniseri." She glances at the beard and her finger waggles a little. "A new style?" With that waggling finger she discretely tries to signify by gesture that one lopped off braid is a little shorter than the other lopped off braid. For her own contribution to the fire comes a packet of musical scores all scratched over and crumpled, some with notes here and there, some with spills or little handprints of children in various substances... mud, gravy, makeup, juice. It obviously represents failures of the past in musical composition, letting go of them to move on and try again. They are fed to the fire a handful at a time.

Juliana watches as her brother sweeps up the three year old, who is busy smooching his cheek and nodding to the question if she came to watch the fire. Which Juliana immediately corrects as she takes the wine and a sip. "

Quenia starts to say something to Kritr, but Svana's words catch her off guard and she hmms quietly over that. She doesn't comment on the words offered, simply nodding her head. Her eyes go back to Kritr again, "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Kritr. Welcome again to Domus Igniseri. I hope that the offering you made in some way makes your future somewhat happier and brighter," she tells him, offering him an encouraging smile. She does not ask for his story, having allowed people to burn things without the telling of it.

She takes another sip of her wine and then her eyes fall in Bastien as she comes running up to Sebastian and then Juliana behind her. "Juliana," she greets warmly, but is easily distracted when Lucita offers introductions, her eyes widening somewhat. "Ah. Yes. Right." She looks back to Kritr. "How rude of me not to have offered one back!" she blushes somewhat at her ill manners. Rowenova gets a surprised look. "You've married again? Congratulations!" she gives her a warm smile.

Juliana watches as her brother sweeps up the three year old, who is busy smooching his cheek and nodding to the question if she came to watch the fire. Which Juliana immediately corrects as she takes the wine and a sip. "She came to say good night to you and then go to bed." Tia immediately pouts and clings to Sebastian's neck. Juliana not at all swayed, takes a sip from the glanss then passes it back before leaning over to press a kiss to Bas' cheek then turn and add one to Luci's.

Nova happily chunks her paperboard box into the licking flames which then ultimately destroy that exterior item to eventually reveal curling pages which were once inside, now exposed to the consuming immolation. To the trained eye, several symbols of the alchemical kind are ultimately revealed in what is some crazy scrawling with associated numerics, too. "Worry not. I actually kept the 'good stuff' in a single book, while all those are just crap. Like stink bombs and what you can get high on. Should be the kind of things which are easy to actually remember, if you really wanted to know." She then looks to Alessia, "Well, it was less of a fade and more of a breaking and trying to pick up the pieces which were all over." Another box gets chucked into the growing fire. This one apparently smells like burnt furs. "Thank you, Prince Sebastian. I am doing well, indeed!" She nods back toward Svana. "Those were beautiful words. Very generous." Apparently, Nova has no generous words for her own ex husband whilst happily hunking a box here and a box there into the fiery pile. Then, "Nope, Marquessa Quenia. I am about to, though. Soon as we finish our quests, but been courting for a year now with Goodman Tarik Morien."

"I don't know this word, catharick." Kritr admits. "So... maybe. But I think that it is just letting go. Beside. Hair grows back. So it is no loss." He doesn't explain the reasons but he does stroke his beard to see if it feels the same. It doesn't, but there's nothing he can do about it without a mirror. He's not vain enough to ask for one. "It's just... Krit, Marquessa." He fingers the third braid and considers whether he will keep it or not.

"Lady Juliana." Alessia greets the woman warmly, gaze shifting between her and the child in Sebastian's arms. "Not even my cousin's children are this excited to see me." She muses. "And I'm simply charming." She turns to Rowenova. "That sounds like a nightmare. At the very least, it prepares you for future trails." More 'helpful' advice.

"Aw. And miss an excellent fire?" Sebastian makes a sympathetic noise, not yet putting Bastian down. "I think we can let her burn one thing before bed, don't you Jules?" He really is a terrible influence -- and he knows it, too, by the smiling regard he gives his twin. "I spoil them rotten, then hand them back," he faux-murmurs to Alessia. Kritr's response earns a quick smile. "Catharic, it's like... letting go of one's emotion through some action. Like yelling into the wind where no one can hear you, or burning a thing symbolic of something that's caused you pain."

Svana leans in softly and whispers something to Rowenova quietly before she puts her wine glass and starts to vacate the grounds on foot.

Juliana says in Eurusi, "Good evening, Quenia. Lovely fire." Juliana adds to the Marques, then another smile to Alessia as well when greeted. "He undermines, which if fine because he is going to get them so bad that they know they can get him to allow anything, then I am going to make him foster all three for a year and see how he fares." gaze settled on her brother with a smirk and then a sigh as Tia squeels when Bas suggests she stay up."

Kritr gestures to the fire. "Oh. Well. I think I did it wrong." He says, rolling his shoulders to indicate a lack of concern.

"Good evening, Quenia. Lovely fire." Juliana adds to the Marques, then another smile to Alessia as well when greeted. "He undermines, which if fine because he is going to get them so bad that they know they can get him to allow anything, then I am going to make him foster all three for a year and see how he fares." gaze settled on her brother with a smirk and then a sigh as Tia squeels when Bas suggests she stay up.

Katarina, meanwhile, has been at the fire -- rather than giving a speech to those assembled, she's said something that's not only quiet, but in whispered Eurusi. And then, she takes her folded letter, and drops it into the bonfire. It goes up like... well. Like a sheet of paper in a bonfire. Only once she's confirmed it's gone does Katarina turn and walk towards the group, looking... POSSIBLY unburdened. Maybe just a little emotional.

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"I don't think you can do such a think /wrong/, my lord." Alessia assures Kritr with a rueful smile. "If you wish to let something go. The reasons don't matter much. To the rest of us anyway." She takes another drink from her glass. "Bas will probably pawn them on someone else for the year." She adds teasingly to Juliana's comment.

Quenia chuckles softly at Juliana's response to Sebastian wanting to spoil kids and let them stay up at night. "He may not survive that, particularly if they have the impishness of both you and Luis together." Oh, Quenia has heard stories about Juliana's practical jokes! She nods after Svana and Rowenova when they go, then looks to Kritr. "Krit. Right. I apologize. And yes, just as Prince Sebastian has said. But, you can burn things for any reason you wish to this evening," she tells him. "For me, it was to let go of the past and to look to the future, hopefully." She doesn't seem to understand what Juliana said just moments ago, but figures it was not for her anyway. She glances over in Katarina's direction, giving her an empathetic look. She glances over at Alessia, having recalled the earlier conversation, saying, "I don't think I've ever mistaken you for your sister."

"You know that won't work, Jules: I'll just hire a nanny," Sebastian is wholly unrepentant, laughing. "Besides, I think Luis would object. Here, Tia," he digs in his pocket to come up with a wrinkled hide, tiny writing marking it. He steps towards the fire, glancing at Katarina as he catches the faint Eurusi, and smiles as he says, "Alright, Tia -- big toss into the fire." As the Valardin princess moves away, he murmurs something.

Kritr nods to Alessia and Quenia. "But they did not cause me any pain." Kritr assures those that are paying attention. "Except when I forgot they were there and pulled one on accident."

"Well we have no doubt that the three of them are going to do great things, Quenia. We just can't decide if it is for good or bad at that the moment." smirking Juliana meets Alessia's eyes. "No. He won't." said softly but with absolute conviction, her blue eyes flickering to her brother a moment in seriousness. Then the seriousness slips and the Lady Igniseri turns towards the Eurusi Princess and smiles. "Kat." holding her arms out to give the Valardin a hug and kiss to both cheeks.

Sebastian's murmur to Katarina causes the Princess to draw in a silent breath through her nose, the act of which seems to gear her back up for putting her 'game face' on. She murmurs something back, reaching out to touch Sebastian's elbow to do so, because apparently she's the sort of Princess who touches people's elbows when speaking to them.

Tia takes the hide into her little fist and throws if with all her might from where she sits against Sebastian's side... the hide fluttering out and falling into the very edge of the blaze, the child clapping her hands with a bright smile.

Kritr's words seem to prompt a short laugh from Alessia, as though she's trying to stifle it. "Who doesn't have that problem from time to time?" She asks, trying and failing to keep a straight face. Her humor seems to fade when her gaze shifts to Katarina though, noting the somber vibe. She doesn't interject though, simply heading to the table to refill her glass.

Lucita listens to the flow of conversations around her as she backs away from the fire and wanders over to get a goblet of wine upon which she sips. "I think more of us have problems than dont have them."

Kritr eyes Alessia warily when his words draw a laugh. "I wasn't making a joke." He points out. "When I'm making a joke I sound like this." He says without altering his voice in the slightest.

Sebastian stays by the fire to watch the hide flutter down and curl as it catches fire a few moments later. "Well done, Tia," he says approvingly. "But now, you'll have to go to bed, for real. And," he half-lowers his voice, "You can't tell your brothers we let you stay up. Our little secret, yes?" he steps back from the fire, kissing his niece's cheek before he sets her down, with a little pat on her shoulder to guide her along.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points arrive, following Rowenova.

Quenia raises both her brows at Juliana. "I suppose we shall have to wait and see," she says, giving Bastian a studious look, then nodding. She glances between Kritr and Alessia as they comment to one another, remarking. "Even still, he may have been attached to his beard for all we know. He was still letting go a piece of himself, for whatever his reasons." She nods her head in agreement with Lucita. "The burning of the arbor has lightened my heart a bit, but there's still other issues to deal with tomorrow. Maybe not the same kinds of issues, but issues all the same." She grins down at Sebastian as he addresses his niece. "Ah, so that's how it is?" she asks him, giving him an impish glean. "Her brothers are not going to stand any sort of chance."

After patting Sebastian's shoulder and letting him tend to various uncle-related matters, Katarina makes some polite but unremarkable rounds to say goodbye to this person or that person -- and then the Princess is on her way.

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After Svana whispers her way, Nova looks back with a concerned expression, and one hand lightly rests on the travois beams, as if to maybe suggest that the grey mare could be set free of the carting device to be simply ridden, but the offered horse is not accepted, so Nova simply nods. She quietly watches Svana before turning back and nodding twice to Alessia. "I am extra prepared." Then, "How have you been?" Then, to Juliana. "And you? Been a little bit it has."

"How do you know I wasn't taking you seriously?" Alessia asks the man, wryly, taking a sip from her glass. "Maybe my facial expressions are just as hard to decipher."

"I think that my beard is attached to me. No one says that a horse is attached to it's saddle, do they?" Kritr wonders aloud. "I find you unsurctable Lady Mazetti. Insurctable? I think I said that wrong."

Lucita grins over the rim of her goblet at Alessia and Kritr. Her neice is given a hug as she heads off toward bed. "Watching her head to bed reminds me it is likely past my children's bedtime and this is the night I told them would return home and tuck them in. Thus seems it is time I must leave, despite the delightful company here.

Sebastian gives a parting nod towards Katarina, watching her head for the exit, before he half-shepherds Bastian towards her rooms. "They already don't," the Pravus prince faux-whispers to Quenia. "She's the eldest and the most wily. It's no contest." Lucita's goodnight to Bastian is followed by a hug from Sebastian. "Say hello to the twins for me, would you, Luci?"

Juliana sweeps her daughter up as Bas sets the child down, both arms behind the child's legs as she presses three fast kisses to the little face, causing giggles to erupt. "Now off with you. Rosie is waiting in the hall." setting the little girl back down watches as she runs off, not taking her eyes off the child until she see's the nurse gather her up then turning back with a nod to Row. "Good evening to you as well." hug given to Luci before she disappears.

"Inscrutable? While the Lycene in me lives for such compliments..." Alessia begins, nodding to Lucita as she bids them farewell. "Take care." She turns back to Kritr. "I think I may be an open book among some of my closest friends." A wry smile is directed to Sebastian. "Isn't that right?"

Lucita says, "I will, Bas, though hope you will have time to come by and see them yourself. They remember you each time they see those paintings and statue you did that are in the Great Hall... and have hopes you will do a snow or ice sculpture with them once winter arrives."" She gives Jules a hug and cheek kiss, and Basbefore she settles her shawl around her shoulders, a hug and kiss for Quenia and she is gone."

Quenia inclines her head after Lucita. "Thank you for coming." She grins back at Rowenova. "You came back, I see." She's not quite sure what to make of Kritr or Alessia's exchange, though she's watching it closely. She also waves after Katarina, a slight worried look following the woman as she leaves. She chuckles heartily at Sebastian. "I see. Is that how it works? I've never had a strong family element because I was always being shuffled off and fostered places," she explains, smirking somewhat. "Part and parcel with having Emisilia Igniseri for a mother."

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"That phrase doesn't make sense to me. I hate reading." Kritr comments, barely able to keep up with the conversation. "I think I'd avoid open books more than closed books. At least with a closed book nobody expects you to know what they say."

Sebastian gives the briefest -- if obvious -- of shudders at the reminder of winter coming soon. "I can already feel the cold in the air. Forgive me, dear Luci, if I decide to hole up again. I suspect this year will be a bad one." Or he's just too Lycene to ever adjust. He steps closer to Juliana, with a brilliant smile for Quenia. "Well. Not always. But I have a strong suspicion in this case," he says with a quiet, fond chuckle. Alessia's words draw his attention to her and Kritr's conversation. "You are indeed," he says, with a lift of his hand -- it was probably supposed to be a reflexive lift of his glass, but he has to claim it back from Jules first.

Nova softly smiles to Lucita's parting whisper/words, and then she looks up to Quenia with a quick nod. "Was just seeing Svana off." The grey mare is so good that she just stood there (travois and all). Nova keeps yeeting boxes into the fiery flames.

"Do you?" Alessia asks with a raised brow. "There are so many good books though. You're missing out." She turns to Quenia. "I wouldn't have minded being shuffled around when I was young. But it's not common among my family. And my mother really liked having my sister and I close. Nearly always." She muses, finishing the drink in her glass.

Kritr visibly relaxes at Alessia's comment and nods. "As you say." He inclines his head to Quenia. "I'm going to get some more of that cheese." He loosens the knife in his belt and fixes his gaze on the snack table. Poor snack table.

"Ah, yes. Well, I had a bit of a tragic childhood and all, which my life seems to have mirrored somewhat," Quenia says with a touch of wry amusement. "My mother is known as the Badger of Igniseri. She was also married three time and all of her husbands have died. My father, the first Igniseri husband, was dead before I was even born."

Quenia adds. "As a result, the family thought my mother should not care for me or my elder brothers."

Sebastian gets the glass back, Juliana stepping to his side as she listens to the others. "Do I want to know what was on that piece of hide?" asked in a low voice to her brother as he takes his sip and she watches the others.

When Kritr speaks of the cheese on the table of snacks, she slides to his side and then reaches back and pulls around a strange blade in a semi circle. "Sounds like a plan to me!"

Rowenova wields a steel ulu with an antler handle and copper fixings.

"Failure," is all Sebastian says in answer to Juliana's question. Quenia's sharing earns a furrow of brow. "I think you've mentioned this story to me, although not why she was called the Badger. Am I missing something?"

"Are badgers known for killing their young...?" Alessia asks, squinting a little at this. "Or their spouses?"

Quenia gives a small shrug at Sebastian. "I don't exactly know. Or, perhaps it was her perchance to pretty much marry anyone she wanted. My last step-father was a commoner Knight, raised to nobility through marriage." she remarks. "I am told my father died of natural causes, but the other two were rather mysterious and my aunts seemed to think she killed them. Of course, she was actually never charged with the crime." They jokingly refer to it as the Igniseri curse as many husbands or spouses in her family have ended up dead.

"There are a number of people that are believed to have killed or arranged the killing of their spouses and never charged." Juliana comments. Arms wrapping around one of Bas' to hug at the comment of failure but not pressing it any further.

Kritr stacks his straight dagger with chunks of cheese and meats and asks Rowenova. "What did you come here to get rid of Nova? Did I miss it?"

"Curse." Alessia repeats with an exhale. "No, it's just bad choices that lead to the downfall of your betrothed..s." She attempts to reassure Quenia.

With the time growing later than anticipated, Quenia says, "Do please enjoy the fire. I should be retiring for the evening." She offers everyone a warm smile and a waves. "And thank you for coming this evening."

"It can get tricky, when there's alliances at stake," Sebastian muses, "Though that doesn't explain the your step-father commoner, granted. Honestly: this is why there should never be fidelity clauses in marriages." It's an oft-discussed topic on the Pravosi's part, in any case.

Quenia wrinkles her nose somewhat at Sebastian. "I'd never put a fidelity clause in a marriage contract," she clucks her tongue at the very idea! "Not that there's anyone banging down on doors here," she remarks. Not that she's been putting herself out there either. That might change. Maybe. "Anyway, good evening," and with that she does make her way to the ebony hall and disappears behind those doors.

Quenia has left the a sky blue hammock stretched between two trees.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle leaves, following Quenia.

"Mhm. Such clauses put so much burden on the couple to be -in love-. Without them, you can be sure you're marrying someone for the right reasons." Alessia says, clearly meaning not love. Then she goes for yet another refill, this time mixing it with... brandy? "Night, Marquessa." She smiles warmly as the woman takes her leave.

"Fidelity clause is why my first betrothal fell apart." Juliana murmurs softly. "That and that it was not either my or his insistance to have it in the contract."

Kritr's grunt is his only addition to this conversation. He's interested in eating cheese directly off his knife more than discussing fidelity.

Nova uses the semi circle blade of her ulu knife to rock it like a wheel through the cheese wheel. See what she did there? She mimics Kritr with the stacking of the cheese and meat on his knife, but hers is not very long, so mostly all the bits are stacked in the middle of the flatness. "I threw some more things from my former marriage in the fiery flames. Alchemy notes, but actually kept the major breakthroughs. I have my own notes now for all the simple shit." says she to Krit.

Sebastian gives an agreeable nod to Alessia. "It's hard enough to consider a marriage: let alone that." As Juliana speaks, he kisses her cheek. "In the end, it was for the best: or we'd not have Tia and Lucien and Abbas in our lives. Speaking of... I'm going to go sneak in and kiss them good night." He hands the half-full glass back into Juliana's care and slips away into the hallway.

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Kritr munches his way to the base of his knife. "Well. I don't know anything about husbands, or wives either. So marriage talk is beyond me."

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