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Winter Golden Buckle Tourney

Come one, come all for the first ever Golden Buckle Tourney! Test the limits of your physical endurance by entering the bull riding contest or simply sit back and watch the spectacle while enjoying a drink and lively conversation. The winner of the tourney - who stays on a bucking bull the longest! - gets to take home the coveted Golden Buckle! Be one of the first to arrive for a commemorative gift. Don't worry, medics will be standing by!

(OOC: Specifics on entering the tournament coming soon; it will require rolls of dexterity, strength, stamina, atheltics, ride, and luck at progressive difficulty levels. The Golden Buckle will be an actually wearable item for showing off your win!)


Sept. 27, 2020, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Medeia Harlan Thea Valencia


Talwyn Norah Eirene Kastelon Rowynna Caprice Asralyn Macda Drake Domonico Calla Orrin Iseulet Ophelia Martino Aedric Kaia Rowenova Korka Valerius Neilda Michael Hamish



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

With Iseulet on his arm as an escort, Talwyn arrives at the arena, looking around at the decorating job that Medeia has carried out. "This looks really fabulous." he admits with some wonder as he adjusts the lute he has across his back. Getting one of the plushies from the gift area, he grins at the Marquessa when she pulls one as well. "Look, we can start a herd." More than a little amusement touches his voice as he leads her to the raised seating so they can sit and talk while the competition is going on. He leans in to speak quieter to the Marquessa as he settles down with her and takes out a small flask of wine.

Norah gets a cowhide bull plushie from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Drake has joined the line.

The excitement is palpable in the Golden Hart's arena as contestants and spectators gather together at the start of the event. On the small stage, Lady Medeia Saik stands with a group of people. Someone off to the side rings a cow bell a few times to get the attention of the crowd, and once they are quieted, Medeia speaks in a loud, Lycene-accented-but-otherwise-clear voice: "Hello, good afternoon, and welcome one and all to the /first/ Golden Buckle Tourney!" She pauses for the inevitable cheering to subside.

Medeia says, "It is my absolute pleasure to be your hostess today, but I couldn't have done it alone! I would like to thank Lady Thea Malvici for financial and moral support, Duke Harlan Ashford for providing the bull and all the handlers you see around the ring, Princess Valencia Velenosa for not only letting us use the arena but transforming it as well, Lady Eirene Riven for leading the medic team on standby, and Master Apollo Oakwood for his generous donation of the door gifts and prize!" While naming people, she occasionally points them out from the group she is among."

Medeia says, "Of course, we also couldn't have this event without all of you! If you haven't be sure to get your limited-edition stuffed bull plush toy at the door. Riders, head to the sign-up table to read the rules! One of you, whomever stays on the bull the longest, will take home the coveted Golden Buckle! Yes, an actual belt buckle!" Her voice gets a little quieter, "Okay, it's actually silver and copper, it looked better, but Silver and Copper Buckle doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely." She flashes a smile so bright it can be seen across the arena. "We will get started in just a few moments, so please, grab a drink and find your seats. Thank you!" With an enthusiastic wave to the crowd, Medeia steps off the stage and heads to the sign-up table to collect the list of riders."

Jasper, a treasure hunting gyrfalcon, Portia, a tittering and bashful lady's maid, Renato, an overconfident attendant, Luciana, a rigidly conceited handmaiden, Bastien, a strapping Malvici escort arrive, following Kaia.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker, Kaia arrive, following Martino.

Norah is utterly charmed by the small bull. The marquessa arrives without an escort -- scratch that, without a /noble/ escort, as she is always accompanied by her shieldbearers, and she makes her way to an excellent seat to watch the proceedings.

Eirene is here with her young children, because it's never too early to teach them how to point and laugh when people get hurt doing adventerous and dumb things. She is, as mentioned, the medical team, and a handful of medics in black with a white heron's crest on their tunics wait nearby with a table of splints, bruise salves and tonics, and a few bandages just in case someone gets really hurt when they're thrown.

Kastelon is settled in the seats, a hand stroking lovingly at the back of Resolute's head as if the hound himself is far more interested in going down to try his hand than his master, who seems to be watching the goings-on with a little bit of amusement. His hazel eyes stray about, looking for familiar faces within the crowd.

Rowynna arrives to the event, the tip of her nose reddened from the cold despite the warm cloak that she wears. The smell of the sea hinting at where she might just have been, clings to her like a second skin as she makes her way through the crowds. She lurks for a moment near the plushies, and beams her delight when she's handed one. "It's adorable." Her voice is a quiet murmur, and she looks a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that have assembled to watch. "Here goes nothing..." Her chin lifts and she climbs the steps to find a place in the raised seating. A nod is given a couple of people whom she's met before.

Caprice arrived early, evidently, for the sole purpose of securing a good vantage point. With that handled, and with cheery applause directed to Medeia's introduction, the copper-haired clothier collects her fluffy mascot souvenir and resumes making the rounds - greeting familiar places and, perhaps, introducing herself to a few less familiar while people find places to settle in.

Thea glances over at Medeia and grins a bit, standing next her. "I mean, why would I not. I feel like Duke Harlan deserves a thanks for even getting this idea started." The Malvici is dressed in her leathers, of course participating. Why would she not. She also watches as everyone gathers around, lowering her voice to Medeia,"This is--more people than I thought,"Thea sounding actually surprised.

Asralyn tosses her short gambeson aside revealing a linen shirt without sleeves and the toned, sculpted arms which she plans to use generously for this competition. She stretches one to the side, hooking the other around it as she loosens up her body. Her cowhide plushie is set atop her things. As she's pushing against the fence to stretch out her legs, she notices Rowynna and gives a cat-calling whistle then cackles to herself before she turns around to lean back and wait.

Macda was there ahead of time and she simply looks around her eyes twinkle as she waves her hand to Thea "i have come to see how well I do, or awsomely fail!" she claims with a smile.

Drake is here to ride, apparently. This was totally on a dare from Thea, of course... but naturally he's got to do his best in any contest that involves riding, win or lose. At the very least, he's pretty sure he has what it takes to not fall off during this contest. Drake has an appropriate riding hat from his time outdoors doing lots of horse riding and herding. He also has a coat, because... it's cold, but that he he removes once he gets inside, being otherwise mostly in leathers.

Drake has joined the Champions' table.

Domonico is looking as serious as he always does as he slips into the arena, the stern Magnotta Count moving around to get a good look at the area and hmmms softly to himself as he begins to tighten his bracers, checking other bits of his armour as well. Thea, Eirene and Medeia in particular get friendly nods.

Calla slips in, sadly unescorted to this evening's touney, slips into the arena area, looking around at the set up before she stops to listen to her friend welcome everyone to the event, clapping vigoriously when she is done. "Lady Medeia! It all looks fantastic, and what an amazing turn out! I knew it'd be a success." When she manages to get her handws on one of the plushies, she smiles, "My word! These are adorable! You thought about everything didn't you?"

The sheer prospect of the Golden Buckle Tourney was enough to draw Orrin to the event and he's slipping into the Golden Hart after removing his outer cloak and coat. Then, a hand is lifting up to slip through his hair, shaking away the light dusting of snow before the large man is moving over towards the nearest drink station, to claim himself a glass of wine. From there, it's up towards the raised seating after registering for his chance on the bull. Spotting a bunch of people already seated, there's a smile given, along with a quick, "Afternoon, all."

Iseulet's arm is draped over Talwyn's and she agrees readily. "It's lovely. I've always been a fan of the Hart, but I so rarely get time out of my schedule to visit. I'm glad you've asked me along." She takes her cow with a broad grin. "Oh no don't say that too loud the cats will hear you," she teases as she takes a seat alongside him.

Ophelia walks in and gives a wave to her cousin Valencia before making her way to the bar. She braved the elements to attend this event! It must be important. After collecting a drink, the archeress finds a table where she can sit and watch those that participate in the tournament.

Stepping in with his wife upon left elbow, the Lord Martino Malvici and Lady Kaia Malvici arrive with a smooth step with each other. Hush, Martino chuckles to his wife, fingertips of his right hand resting upon her fingertips as he leans to murmur hush to her ear, "Oh my sweet darling... what a fine idea to have the nanny care for Arsenia tonight. That means..." Devious, the Malvici Lord whispers wickedly to her ear before lifting his chin and stepping in further, "Ah Lady Medeia... such a delight to see. Kaia and I shall be up at the top watching and cheering afar." Not one to ride a bull, especially in the umbra, the Lord Martino leads up to the raised seating. Dipping his chin to those among them, flickering a wider smile to Caprice, "Oh Messere Caprice. I did say I would draw Lady Kaia out from the library. Didn't I?"

Martino has joined the raised seating.

Eirene lifts a hand to Domonico, Kaia, and Martino in quick response before she goes to join the Hostessess. "Damn, Deia," she says with a low appreciative whistle. "This place is packed. I just hope it's not going to end with someone breaking a damn fool neck," the medic adds with a grin. Eirene then tacks on, "I don't recognize a lot of these people, which is good, I guesss?" The pregnant woman starts to once-over the contestants to make sure there's no pre-exisiting injuries to exacerbate by riding.

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Valencia smiles as her name is called, glancing up her conversation with the Hart's head of staff, a tall, broad shouldered man named Maggnus, a pretty little buxom brunette know as Lizette, a tall slender man with a finely styled moustachio referred to as Missere Chef and a pink cheeked rubenequse woman with bright blue eyes and warm yet calm demeanor, some may know as Madame Fleur. Final instructions offeredand questions answered as the rest of the Hart's staff move easily about seeing that all are well cared for.

Valencia nods and smiles seeming confident her staff have all well in hand to ensure that Medeia's competition is a success. Turning back to the crowd, the little vixen smiles to see so many people arriving and excited for the competition.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Domonico before departing.

Thea offers a wave to Drake, Domonico, and Macda as they make their way in. "I've entered too,"she assures Mac. "I promise, I'm good with things--between my legs but this is something completely different,"a laugh escaping her lips. She sees Eirene too, hopping off from her place next to Medeia. "Going to go and break myself soon. Not sorry--"Thea declares shamelessly. As others enter the Hart, Thea goes to greet them as well. Trying to be as good a host she can.

On her way to the sign up table, Medeia waves to various attendess who greet her, and stops for just a second to hug Calla. "Thank you, friend Baroness! A preview for you." She winks before contiuing on, stopping again briefly to squeeze Martino's hand in greeting. More waves and nods to all the wonderful attendees are given until her attention is grabbed by the sign up table.

Micana, an efficient assistant arrives, delivering a message to Talwyn before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Talwyn before departing.

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"And I'm here to witness it!" Warmth suffuses Caprice's expression as she turns to greet Martino and Kaia, a dip of a curtsey offered the pair. "Lady Kaia, lovely to see you again." The smile extends in more silent greeting for those nearer whom she recognizes, Orrin and Valerius among them.

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Calla heads up into the raised seating after procuring a drink, smiling as she spies Lord Malvici and his wife. "Evening! Should be in for a fun show huh?" She remarks as she tries to find herself a seat. Rowynna is spotted and her smile brightens. "You came! Do you mind terribly if I sit near you? My date seems to be running a little late." She remarks with a brief frown.

Thea's comment makes Drake raise both eyebrows. Then he chuckles at her, but knows she's busy hosting. For a moment, he lingers at the Champions table, as this is a spot he feels richly deserved for himself, but... he also wants a drink first, so he instead moves over to the bar, and flops down there. An ale in a solid mug is passed to him right away.

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A gaunt and ill-appearing sailor adorned in platemail enters the arena and pauses to survey the arena's interior, cerulean gaze unable to identify the bulk of the crowd's faces. Heavy sabatons carry the man up a small flight of stairs before they wander to the far end of the riser, opting to sit within arm's reach of the ledge. This would provide an opportune view of the games that were scheduled to take place. Muscles relax and shoulders slump, content simply to wait in silence for festivities to begin.

Rowynna doesn't miss the catcall given her by Asralyn. Her brows lower and a dark look is shot the woman's way before she deliberately turns her head away and acknowledges Calla with a smile. Her fingers do tighten on the small plushie that now resides in her lap, but perhaps she fears to lose it. "I did. Yes. And of course you may sit with me. I don't have an escort myself, so I'm gld for the company."

Domonico heads over to join Eirene and the troublemakers, sliding into a seat.

Valencia offers a bright smile and a happy wave back to Ophelia as she arrives, her excitement open and unhindered in her eyes. Seeing that she is well cared for, she slips to check in briefly with Medeia to see if there is anything else she requires. "Congratulations, my dear. It you have done it! I cannot wait to see what other magic you bring to the Hart. I'm so excited. If you need anything, please ask and if it is in our power it is yours," the little Lycnene warmly nods before leaving her to see to her happy guests.

It's actually something of a comfort for Kastelon to see familiar faces, from the look of relief on his face at it. Even as his hand strokes along the back of his hound's head, and he's watching warily while the queue's forming apparently for the competitors, he's not moving from his spot to join them. Maybe perhaps it's worth watching to see what's about to happen, since his other experience with bovine adventure clearly didn't go his way either.

The whirlpool vanishes from the harbor of Arx almost as suddenly as it appeared. Rumors persist of a strangely mobile eddy roaming up the coast, but most people dismiss this as a silly, unlikely story. Even if it were true, shipping and docking may freely happen again. And that's what matters: the crisis is over. Thank Mangata.

Amusement rises in Talwyn's tone as he chuckles, settled in with Iseulet as he offers her the flask of Setarco Red. "I cannot imagine you wandering the city with a herd of wooly-haired cattle following you around instead of cats. Then again, that would be kind of cute." he comments wryly as he sets down his lute and strums idly on it to get it in tune for the event.

Calla smiles brightly when Rowynna accepts and settles down onto the seat next to her. "Do you know any of those competing this evening?"

Iseulet waves to Domonico and Drake and other friendly, familiar faces too while leaning over to steal a sip of his wine. "Look at you. I guess you can take the Prince out of the South but not the South out of the Prince." She teases, taking a taste. "I don't know. The cats are so much cleaner. Can you imagine cleaning up after cows?" She tsks and sighs to herself.

With a faint laugh, Martino's tongue clicks to the Baroness Calla after aiding Kaia first to sit upon the benches, "My... perhaps next time you can be the shared date of Kaia and I's. Mm?" Turning to sit, Martino catches the arrival of Johannes carrying one of the plushies lifting it to his Lord, "Oh my thanks. For Lady Arsenia. I assume." Glancing for a moment, checking on the ownership of the plushie with Kaia before speaking with Caprice, "The studies finishing, a nanny as well. Today we have been quite blessed."

Medeia collects the list of riders from the table and stands for a moment, looking at the crowd that has assembled, grinning. There are a few nods and waves to specific people around her as she makes her way back to the stage.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Iseulet before departing.

Thea distantly waves to Martino and Kaia, calling out,"You forgot my neice you know!"before greeing Iselet and others. "Hello Messere Caprice. It's nice to see you here. Baroness Calla, hello.."

Macda gets onto her bull and she was the first of many to jump onto this thing! She starts off with the bucking animal pretty good and as she gets into a rythem with it Thea's voice cuts across to her and while her start looked good her legs loosen and she slips with profanity fit for a bawny sailor, "oh fuck my fucken titties." she says as she looses her composure and she falls slightly though even as she falls she hits the ground once before somehow pulling herself back up for a strong finish "helllla yah Princess Sparklefists for the finish!" she yells as she stops her ride

Drake has a hat on, so he tilts that hat in greeting to Thea, raising it with a flick of his finger before picking up his beer. Then he goes back to looking at the bullriding already in progress... since it looks like Mac is about to get up.... and she makes quite a show of it.

While Eirene's twins attack Domoninco with their plushie bulls, she herself goes to ready her medics for the rise and fall of the competition. This should be entertaining. The heavily pregnant woman presses her hands into the small of her back to stretch and then leans on the ringside railing to watch.

Turn in line: Macda

On the stage, Medeia takes a deep breath as the cow bell is rung several times to get the audience's attention. "Are we ready to get started?" She calls out to the crowd. She'll give everyone a moment to cheer before continuing, "Our first rider is: Princess Macda Grayson!"

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The crowd is joyous and ready for fun, so much so that the pitch of the room ripples with unfettered delight that is almost overwheming. With her responsibilities done, Valencia smiles and casts her eyes up to the rafters high above. An impish smile comes to the raven haired princess' lips and she slips through the crowd towards a sturdy ladder that reaches high up into to the vaulted ceiling and the some of the best seats in the house. Without hesitation, she is soon carefully climbing up, up and up so she might settle upon one of the broad beams.

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Calla chuckles softly in Martino's direction. "Anytime you'd like. Lovely to see you again Lady Kaia." She adds before turning to another introduction. She's certainly never going to be able to keep them all straight by the end of the night. "A pleasure, Count Seliki, Good luck on your ride!" She calls out to Orrin, before Thea catches her eye. "Lady Thea! Congrats on the fantastic event!"

With Iseulet nodding and smiling, Talwyn chuckles. "There is so much tea one can drink in a day. And I do enjoy a good tea as much as any Oathlander. Even milk on occasion!" he explains. "But I was raised with some Lycene understandings as well and spent my summers at the twin cities. So, I developed a fine taste for wine." Grinning, he glances around and lifts a hand in wave to Norah when he notices her. "It looks like I may have to get you to introduce me around, Iseulet."

Domonico is being attacked quite enthusiastically by Eirene's twins, the plushie cows bapping the incredibly serious Admiral repeatedly. He takes the beating in good humour... possibly taking notes and remembering this for the future when they are older.

Thea watches the ring with interest now, watching Macda. When Mac starts yelling about her breasts, Thea snorts. Until she falls. First instinct is to go check on her, but then---remembers there are people for that today. To Calla, Thea winks,"All the work work was Lady Medeia,"gesturing toward her friend.

Norah waves to Talwyn from her seat, watching the riders with great interest. She laughs, waving over an attendant for a drink.

Martino takes a cowhide bull plushie from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Valerius takes a cowhide bull plushie from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Caprice isn't petite but neither are most of those she's seated near. The stuffed bull she's tucked away is withdrawn again, held in hand to give her greeting a little more height as she waves towards Thea - then down at the competitors in a general cheer.

Macda gets onto her bull and she was the first of many to jump onto this thing! She starts off with the bucking animal pretty good and as she gets into a rythem with it Thea's voice cuts across to her and while her start looked good her legs loosen and she slips with profanity fit for a bawny sailor, "oh fuck my fucken titties." she says as she looses her composure and she falls unable to get back up due to being sidetracted, she fell off before the thing really started!

Iseulet spies Rowynna, a familiar face indeed and waves, smiling brightly to her. Mouthing 'hello!' back, just before sipping her wine again. Yes, that's right. HER wine. Remembering it's not her wine, she passes it back over to Talwyn. Reluctantly. "That's my cousin, Rowynna. That over there is the Count Magnotta he serves as the voice of the Empyrean on all war-ish matters. And that is Drake. You must know Lord Drake Wyvernheart. He's been helping me with Estroch's... taming. We'll call it taming." She points over /there/. "That's Lady Thea Malvici, Domonico's sister and all around sparkling Lady. That very pregnant angry Lady there is Lady Eirene Malvici. Don't let her fool you, she's a hoot." She grins to him, "We'll have to make a tour shortly."

Kastelon makes a face as he's stroking Resolute's head and there's a decision made when he's watching the goings-afoot down in the ring. "You stay here," he says to the hound, as if there's any way at all that the four-legged friend is going to do what he's about to do, and then he's rising from his spot, looking briefly at the ladder as if it were a tree... and he climbs to see what's afoot higher up.

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Turn in line: Asralyn

Medeia watches with interest and applauds Macda's effort. The cow bell rings signally the next announcement. "Thank you Princess Macda! Next up: Mistress Asralyn!"

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound leaves, following Rowenova.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Macda laughs a little as she rubbs her arm moving to sit at the bar she orders a whiskey. "harder then it looks."

There's a brief wave and a smile directed towards both Eirene and Thea from afar as the couple makes their way in and up towards the seating area. A small roll of the eyes at Thea's remark on little Nia, before her attention shifts over to the ones closer. She sees many familiar faces as well as unfamiliar ones amongst the crowd. A proper curtesy given to the nobles of renown and a simple nod and a sweet smile to the ones of lesser standing as she passes them by. Her gaze lands on Caprice at the warm greeting. A bright smile just for her. "Ah, Messere Caprice, lovely to see you again as well! You look fabulous as always.~" she notes, eyeing her attire appreciatively. Then her gaze goes on to Calla. "Baroness, I'll have to agree with my husband. It will be our honor to steal you away sometime as our date." she teases with a chuckle, before adding: "It's wonderful to see you again as well." Her eyes follow on to Orrin and she smiles bright for the Count of Seliki. A wave given his way. "Count Orrin, glad to see you back in the city. Do send my regards to Lady Peri and my dear Lady Kalani." Idle talk before glancing back to her husband and then the arena.

Aedric, spotting the wave, returns it -- though he cannot make out who the stranger is. Beyond her uncanny resemblance to his sister, of course. Minus a few years. This sends an uncomfortable chill down the mariner's spine.

Kaia takes a cowhide bull plushie from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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Rowenova gets a cowhide bull plushie from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Talwyn chuckles when Iseulet remembers it's not her wine and passes it back to the Prince, who takes a draw from his flask. "I met Rowynna briefly yesterday -- but I remember her telling me she was your cousin." he grins to the Blackshore lady with a wave, before she makes the rest. He adds in to help. "That is Marquessa Norah Eswynd. Her Lord seemed shocked that I carry no weapons on my person and instead rely on my guards. "Lady Medeia Saik is the organizer of this event. I made a poor first impression on her, but I have hoped to have recovered since then."

Eirene glances at people up in the rafters with a dubious ' don't you dare fall down' kind of scowl. As if willing them to stay the hell in place and not tumble into the arena below. But it's Valencia, so she can't really scowl TOO much at the owner of the establishment. She moves to the bar to look over Macda's injuries. "Did you bump anything too hard? Stretch your arm out. Now flex the elbow..." She runs through a brief range-of-motion exercise to determine just how badly off the Princess is.

Asralyn cracks her knuckles. When it's her turn, she strides into place and hops into the saddle. She's not even really sure how these things work to be honest. But she holds on, damnit. Her thighs cinch to the sides, which is not great. This really goes bad fast. All around her, that long lustrous hair whips and snaps in its ponytail. She has enough support under her shirt that she isn't really concerned about her chest. It's when the bull bucks too hard right at the start that a loud 'Oh!' and a bunch of explicit words that have some spectators covering the ears of their children slew from her lips, that Asralyn lands on her ass in the dust and huffs out a laugh before she scrambles out of the ring. It would be deeply embarrassing if the woman wasn't cackling and giving a dramatic bow. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I promise I last a lot longer in the bed than I do the saddle!"

Drake hears his name spoke, so he glances over in time to see Iseulet talking about him. He nods to her. In his hand, he has a mug of ale, and as he's distracted, giving Iseulet a nod... Thea manages to snatch his hat. It wasn't tied down.

Thea watches Asralyn as she takes her turn, eyebrow lifted. The more she holds tight and swears, the more Thea is laughing. Until the final. And Thea busts out laughing. Even more laughing as she has somehow managed to swipe Drake's hat from his head. No one said Thea no swiping! So she swiped! Hearing her name from Iseulet, she offers her a wave. "Baroness, hello. Thank you for coming."

Turn in line: Orrin

Somehow, Sir Floppington was here before Nova (or it seemed like it), before the Halfshav Scout showed up and stepped up to where she might show her immediate readiness for the riding shenanigans which will take place soon! She curiously regards the ongoing ride of Asralyn, doing so with her intense eyes of cobalt blues taking in every twist and errant spin.

With a chuckle, Medeia applauds Asralyn's performance as the cow bell signals the next rider to prepare. "Thank you, Mistress Asralyn! Count Orrin Seliki, it's your turn!"

She looks almost shocked up at Talwyn. "You /must/ be speaking of Lord Haakon Eswynd." Iseulet just sighs and shakes her head. "He's an interesting fellow. An acquired taste, but I enjoy his company. You should ask him about the goblin some day."

Eirene grins for Asralyn's announcement as she goes to look the next contestant over. "How's the ass," she asks with a chuckle. "I won't kiss it and make it better, sorry. Not part of my bedside manner," she says with a ribald wink.

Even if he is a dog, Sir Floppington wags up to Iseulet while Nova signs up at the registration table.

Macda looks over to Eirene as she brings her through the ranges of motion "that hurts..." she says quietly her eyes look over to Talwyn and she nods her head "oooh yes I heard all about that tale, pretty funny." she laughs as she looks to Iseulet before pulling her arm back out of the healers grip "it will heal."

Drake sits back, and looks at Thea, amused. "You can wear it if you ride, but you're going to give that back. That's a lucky riding hat, you know."

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Valencia cheers as loud as anybody. Her dark eyes glimmering in the dim light above. The first rider seeming to impress with her bravery. Macda's call of her distress about her breasts nearly has Valencia protectively and emapthetically reaching for her own chest, but the unexpected arrival of company seems to snap her from the motion. "Lord Kastelon," she smiles up with happy delight. "What are you doing here?" she glances down and up again before smiling brightly and gathering her gown closer so he might join her upon the broad beam. Eirene's grimacing glare is noted and the little vixen smiles gently down upon her, seeming appreciative of the concern, but happily at ease where she is.

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Ophelia.

Eirene mutters, "Drink two shots ... whiskey, ... Best bruise ... I ... Makes ... forget about ... ... ..."

"Yes, that's the one. He, at least, inspired me to commission a weapon from Dame Ida. I am hoping that it may be finished soon. Though I doubt I will ever use it as a weapon." Talwyn responds before Macda speaks up and he smirks. "Princess Macda Grayson, this is Marquessa Iseulet Seryn, if you have not been introduced. Though you both seem to share my humour in common." That said with a smirk.

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When his name comes to be called, Orrin is lifting himself up from the raised seating, only to then jog his way down to the arena. There's a grin given in the direction of Macda and Asralyn, though, so that he can quickly offer up, "Don't worry. I'm not going to be doing much better." A wink is flashed to the pair of them and then he's pulling himself up into the saddle ... which was the very first mistake that he made. He's a Seliki after all. They sail, not ride. He's at least got himself settled .. or at least he thinks that he does. The bull just starts to buck and the poor Count is sent flying to one side after only a couple of seconds. Sprawled on the ground for a moment, there's a deep laugh that begins to rumble past his lips and when he pushes himself up, it's to lift a hand to give a wave to the crowd, "I think we're all vying for who can stay on the /shortest/ length of time!"

Rowynna covers a laugh with her hand as she notes Asralyn's demise in the ring. She claps and cheers, it'd be rude not to.

"Asses are getting broken, tits are hurting,"Thea declares shaking her head. "This will--,"but then Orrin is saddled. "Now balls are busted,"she starts with a laugh. She supposes that's not funny, hiding her mouth with a drink.

Turn in line: Domonico

Resolute gives a few circles at the bottom of the ladder, his head lifted upwards, before he's settling to sit a few paces away for his master to return.

Kastelon's hand stretches out briefly to gesture at the crowd below as he's settling in mindfully. "I figure as the hostess here, you know the best places to see things," he points out plainly, and there's a smile. "Though the child in me still wants to have acorns to drop from the height. As much as my Marquis would likely discipline me for such things, and Master Gerrick'd come up with worse... or join in." There's a nod as the next rider's taking his turn. "I still think I'll stick to racing cows."

Another chuckle from Medeia as the bell rings. "No, Count Orrin, /longest/! Thank you! Next up is... Count Domonico Magnotta!"

Eirene stands two shots of whiskey at the bar for the riders. For medicinal purposes. Who cares about bruising when you can't feel the bruises. She also takes the time to make sure each one has no broken bones or severe hematomas. Her children, however, seem appreciative of the cursing. They -are- her kids, after all. Both of them cheer as Domonico is brought up.

Macda snorts a little as she nods her head to Thea, "its all about them busting broken balls." she teases back not able to help her bawny sassy tune. She looks to cheer domonico on "grab its horns!"

Iseulet rises to greet the Princess with a curtsey and a bright smile. "Princess Macda, it's a pleasure to meet you. You did very well - lasted longer than I would have." Oh and there's Rowynna! Where did she come from? She waves her way, too! And to Sir Floppington.

Valencia smiles at the thought then seems to banish it quickly, though her dark eyes dance with mischief. "It would be rather unkind," she grins. "And to be fair, arrows do make it up here. So we might wigh to behave for at least a little while," she teases gently back. "I have never tried such a sport. I fear I might be thrown and pounded flat. Not the end I was hoping for. They are brave men and women, I think."

Rubbing his side a little bit, Orrin is then beginning to make his way back to the raised seating, though he does spare Medeia a glance, a quick grin darting to his lips, "Oh .. longest!? I knew I should have read the rules." But there's a grin on his lips and he's dipping a bow of his head towards her, even as he then reclaims his seat.

Korka has already discarded her cloak by the time she gets to the arena, side-stepping away from the door and leaning back against the wall with folded arms to take in who is here and what the layout of the place is for this event. She gives a nod to Eirene, eyes sliding over the crowd.

Valerius is standing clapping loudly for Count Orrin, "A marvelous job dear Count!"

Domonico stands from where he is sat near the ring and unfastens his red cloak, folding it up and placing it on the table before he loosens his cuirass and, with a glance to the gathered audience, removes it (sorrt Thea), revealing his (very) well muscled torso, rolling his shoulders before focusing on the bull. The wraps around his hands are tightened once more as Domonico approaches the bovine and slow, deep breath follows before he kisses the charm around his neck once before he mounts the bull in one swift motion.

And it is off! The bull bucking frantically as Domonico holds tight with his thighs and a firm grip. Back and forth the beast goes and Domonico manages to keep on as it spins and bucks. There is a moment after a couple of seconds when it looks like he will be thrown off but he manages to right himself, working with the movements of the bull to stay on, his face one of sheer focus. Several more seconds pass as he rides it before he realises his grip is slipping...

Another couple seconds pass before he cannot hold on any more and is flung off of the bull. Remembering the advice from Eirene he twists, tucks and rolls as he hits the floor, getting his bare chest all dusty before standing and stepping away from the bull quickly. A sharp onserver would notice a perhaps auspicious number of seconds had passed while he stayed on. Thirteen.

1 Saik Guard arrives, following Neilda.

"I wasn't worrying so much about arrows really." Kastelon's hand slides from his beard to ensure that he's steady on the beam, like a bough in a tree, and there's the thoughtful watching when Domonico's going. "My thought's more not quite knowing how the thing is done. Better to see it once before deciding to throw my..." His hand slides up and brushes through his hair. "Well, I've no hat to throw. But you know what I mean."

"Hey!" Martino gasps as he glances to Kaia, protesting up in the viewing range as she nudges him before resting head upon his shoulder. Martino's hands lift to cheer for another upon the bull before lifting his hand for Johannes to bring up a /bottle/ of red wine for he and Kaia as he hums, "Mmm no child tonight. No child tonight."

Macda looks to Orrin "its alright Count!" she says as she rubbs her arm a little, "Well met lady Iseulet" she say before she laughs "this is fucken great."

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Thea watches Domonico ready himself--which includes removing his shirt. Causing her to roll her gold-flecked eyes. He is NOT sorry. "You're not distracting the bull you know,"she shouts. She watches him do--actually well though, and not even getting hurt. "But well--good job not busting anything..I guess."

Late! Neilda is late. Again. It's becoming a thing.

Macda has joined the bar.

Eirene says, "I see you've managed to get your shirt off." She has to laugh to herself as Domonico steps up and then, there he goes. Longer than most. Impressive considering the length of time other riders have had. "Good roll, good roll!"

Turn in line: Thea

Medeia's eyebrows creep higher the longer Domonico rides. Once he's off the bull, she applauds. When the bell rings, she says, "Thank you for that display, Count Magnotta! Next up, your sister, Lady Thea Malvici!"

Drake sits back and watches as Thea is about to get on the bull. He looks amused by this whole situation, but maybe his hat is going to be lucky for her.

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"I admire that you consider there might be a strategy to such things," Valencia nods with approval to Kastelon's musings. "Though I suspect some are new to this sport and a more hands on, pray to the gods and hold on with all you've got seems to be more the favored tactic today," she grins playfully before pausing to cheer loudly for the next competitor. "I sometimes wish I was more made for such engagements. Despite the dangerousness, they seem to be having such fun."

Dark brows go up as Domonico is thrown from the bull, despite his best efforts, "Has anyone died yet?" She asks Orrin as he moves to sit back down, "I'd hate to think I'd missed the fun bits."

There is no shirt removal from Thea. There's no---show. Nope, she stares at the the bull as she hops on and straddles the large creature. She grips what needs to be grips and tightens her ler thighs around the bull. With her long legs. The supposed lucky hat in place. As the giant beast start to buck and move, Thea is well--holding on for dear life--swearing the whole time. Thanks Eirene for the sailor mouth. Or the sailors! Three seconds later, the younger Malvici finds herself thrown on the ground, the hat not being lucky at all! Not even a little bit!

Turn in line: Drake

"My patron, and inspiration for this event, everyone," Medeia says once the bell rings, applauding for Thea. "Lady Thea Malvici! And next is... Ah, Lord Drake Wyvernheart!"

Eirene claps for Thea's go at it. "Nobody's died," she says, "But we'll have some bruising and aches tomorrow." She encourages the fallen to get their drinks. Hey, it's free whiskey, and it's on HER tab.

Domonico dusts himself off and offers Thea a hearty applause before he offers Drake a nod as the Wyvernheart prepares to go."

It is one of /those/ days. The days where Arx has decided its attention and fascination is on something off-beat, crazy and strange. Michael is here to read the trend and the bull both. The man is near the bull enclosure, hands upon the wood rounding the arena and lifting eyebrows higher and higher at the gallantry and oddness going on within. Those eyebrows are threatening to disappear after the first few riders. "Well, well, well. I can see why people wanted to be first. So they didn't have to watch."

"Honestly, the only strategy is... hold on?" There's a gesture briefly as he considers, watching Thea as she's going flying, and he does cringe at it slightly in sympathy. "That and avoid the pointy-bits. I'm sure I'm simply missing the finer points of it though." He does, at long last, glance down to the bottom of the ladder to make sure Resolute's not wandered anywhere.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar arrive, following Hamish.

Thea is already turning to get the whiskey. Slowly. Painstakingly slow, dusting the dirt from her pants. "Yep. This was pretty--fun still." Sore still. But then Drake is going to ride, and she watches, wiping more dirt from places.

Norah checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

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Valencia grins at that and gazes down again upon the fray. Kastelon's look for Resolute draws a slight frown of concern, however. "You would wish to see to Resolute? I would not keep you. We could go down if it concerns you," she nods gently. "I only came up here because it is rare that I get enjoy events more as happy spectator. It truly is perhaps the best seats in the House. I can see why so many choose to sit here during our Sip n'Spars."

Macda turns her eyes also as drake gets on the bull to ride curious as to how he will do her eyes move over to him as she drinks the whiskey quite generously

Talwyn checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

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Drake is up next, and, looking cocky about his chances here. After all, a bull ride is just another type of riding. And riding, he's pretty good at. Often, even with somebody rushing him down with a lance, though he's taken a fall at that once or twice. As Thea gets up from the ground, she passes back his riding hat... which he takes, and puts back on his head. Then he stretches. Maybe it'll be luckier for him.

Though he is confident about his chances, he still approaches the bull with respect. This is a beast that could injure him if he's not terribly careful. And so far, things haven't been great for other riders. Drake gives it a slight bow... his hand atop the hat so it doesn't tip over. Then he hoists up onto the creature and gets ready to ride. The first step is just to kick the creature into gear... no problems there, as it gets a nice roll going throughout. Then as it starts to buck a bit, as these things do... and when it starts to kick more wildly, he has to struggle a bit more to hold onto it. Grabbing it by the horns is tempting... but a bad idea, despite the logic of the idiom. When it finally kicks its last hardest, Drake takes the fall. Like Domonico, he rolls off... at least rolling with it, and miraculously not losing his hat.

The time wasn't as good - only nine, but it certainly seemed to be much longer from his perspective.

Kastelon looks dismissive of the matter about going down to join the dog. "More making sure he's not sneaking off for snuggles and adoption by someone else," he says warmly to Valencia, clearly teasing her a little bit. "You've seen how he works. But indeed about the seating - I'll have to come back the next time you have an event and roam about to see where indeed are the other good spots to watch."

From where he is sitting, Talwyn strums his lute a few times. And then he starts to perform. The music is bright, cheerful, an undertone added to the cheers, jeers and roar of encouragement to the riders. His eyes close and he concentrates on the melody. As he does so, the words start to come to mark his performance.

"The bull was brought to the Hart,
there'll be blood, whiskey and song.
Where men and women grit and sweat,
to see whose ride will go long.

First up the lovely Ladies,
mounting up for their quickly ride.
Halters on and knuckles white,
striding for victory and pride.

Next up the bucking bull,
as they drive men to the dirt.
Clinging on to make the time,
sometimes getting worse than hurt.

The brave young Lords settle in,
rope tight around his hand.
So lonely there atop this girth,
but has to make his stand.

Does he chance this ride on death,
so grand is the first prize.
Having to ride with all he has,
there's thunder between his thighs.

The mighty bull snarls,
as the mirth turns to a hush.
Every eye upon the two,
as the crowd waits for the rush.

And then at the end of the day,
the time tallied, the wounds tended,
a new champion hailed, relations mended,
and in their hands -- a bright buckle lifted."

Turn in line: Michael

"Another impressive display!" Medeia calls to Drake as the bell signals the next rider. "Thank you Lord Drake! The next rider can now come to the ring: Lord Michael Bisland!"

"...could do without all of the-" Whatever Hamish says comes to a halt when he sees the crowd here. And all the people. Someone mentions riding and he makes a face. "I hate horses." But then, "Wait, bulls?" He gets a calculating look on his face and finally mutters, "Well, can't be that much harder, can it?" Sir Daniel and the other Templar both immediately start protesting, but Hamish walks right down and signs up. Then he's taking off his pulpit robes and passing them to a very consternated Sir Daniel, leaving him in plain black ironwool and his Harlequin pendant with a handsome alaricite dagger at his hip. That's also passed on to Daniel. "Don't lose this."

From the seating, Neilda appreciates Talwyn's song with a sharp whistle.

Thea sees Neilda and waves to her best friend,"Nel!"a slight smile on her now dirt smudged face! "We learned I'm not--very great in the saddle." When Drake falls, she winces a bit..But Gods. Even he tucked and rolled! Off in a corner, The hears Talwyn--singing. And she is amusedly smirking. "Thunder between his thighs. Ha!"

Eirene is glad her advice about how not to get totally hurt on a landing has been heeded. The lack of severe injuries has her looking very pleased. Even Talwyn's song is met with a pleased nod of appreciation. "Ha! Go Hamish," she calls out with a laugh. "And go Bisland," she adds. The twins are sitting with Marquessa Norah and have turned their attack bulls onto her between bouts. The rides are very short so even their attention spans are satisfied.

Korka watches as each person is thrown again and again, lips quirking at the corner amused by some of the attempts. As Talwyn starts singing she glances over his way and misses Drake being thrown since when she looks back he's getting to his feet and she clicks her tongue once. Not that it can be heard over the din. She notices Hamish handing off all of his stuff to Daniel and calls out, "So eager to meet the Queen in person, Archlector?"

Drake sits back at the bar, goes right back to the beer... and laughs. "I always like to hear the word 'girth' in poetry," he asides. He looks at Thea, and smirks. "Ah, you're good where I'm concerned."

"Well, to be fair, Sir Resolute is a rather handsome and charming gent. How could one resist his affections with those sweet soulful eyes," Valencia replies to Kastelon with a smile cut short by another hard fall of a competitor. She winces deep and glances to Medeia to make sure all is well.

Macda looks over to Korka, she scoffs a little before she looks to Talwyn "that was nice!" she says as she looks over to Drake with a smile.

Hamish calls back to Korka, "I've ridden wilder creatures, Inquisitor." Then heads over to the bar, waiting for his turn on the murder-cow.

Domonico has yet to don his cuirass again and settles back into his seat, rolling his shoulder and brushing a few more bits of dust from him. "Well ridden Lord Drake!" he calls with a hearty applause before the Count perches on a seat, eyes focussed on the event and the other riders.

Neilda is overheard praising Medeia: My sister is a GENIUS

Drake raises his glass in cheers to Domonico. "You as well. An impressive turn of skill and showmanship."

Michael does not woo himself, he would've liked to but trepidation abounds as he dips between the wooden beams of the railings and slips into the ring. A hand lifting towards Medeia to wave before he'll move towards the bull. "I saw your plushie. It looked nice." Is his way of greeting the bull, a hello. Then a hand to pat pat the tip of the horn before his eyes go wide. "They probably sharpened these, didn't they?"

Then he'll push fingers through the grip and ease on up onto the back of the bull. Too much wiggling occurs to get settled, back and forth and side to side to test just what might be the best way to sit on there only to discover there isn't a good way to.

Then the bull shoots forward at its notice and charges out towards the center of the ring first to the benefit of his time, but not his backside. To spin once, twice as if looking for an exit before deciding Michael is abhorsome and its hind legs kick up and the wildness has truly begun. His grip seems mighty and the simple to fro, side to side isn't enough to unseat him. The bull gets invented and threatens to roll in mid air once or twice before Michael untangles from the saddle and the way he goes is FORWARD, to make a good dint in the sand with his face. 19 Seconds! Micahel's body crumples downwards, before him rights himself and begins enacting a crab walk mimicry that displays a healthy amount of respected for an irritated mammal.

Thea glances at Drake and rolls her eyes, though a hint of a grin pulls at her lips. "Well that's appreciated,"she tells him with a wink. "Since I may be tending to your bruises." There's a look of surprise as Hamish goes to enter, waving to him. Not having seen Korka. Stop hiding!

Calla is overheard praising Medeia.

Talwyn is overheard praising Medeia.

"A most eligible bachelor," Kastelon's agreeing as his head bobs. There's a little cringe again, though he's smiling faintly when he's listening, and there's a shake of his head. "I think Lord Michael might be better suited to this than to cow racing. He definitely did better at this than I would've."

Calla applauds Michael's amazing ride from her seat in the raised seating. "Well done!"

Eirene's impressed with Michael's riding abilities. Almost twenty full seconds. She claps slowly and goes to meet him at the sideline to make sure he's able to stand up straight after that, offering her hand.

Turn in line: Rowenova

Medeia watches Michael, counting the seconds. The bell rings when he lands. "Lord Michael Bisland, that was impressive. Next rider! Scout Rowenova!"

Sir Floppington soulfully regards Iseulet with those big eyes and sweeping wags of his long tail. For a time he is in petting range (if desired), but then he suddenly spots Nova making her way to the bull chute. He looks intently with those soulful eyes before barking loudly several times in distinct succession and again repeating the same cadence. It is a bit loud for all those who are right close, but then he quiets down and curiously regards Nova with those big eyes.

Meanwhile, Nova steps up to the bull chute and glances back to Sir Floppington then to the big bull. She quietly mentions, "Not gonna spur ya, but maybe we go for a nice ride, yeah?" Of course, the big bovine simply snorts! Her scrappy form scrambles up the side fence before she pops over it and onto the bull's back. As he momentarily lowers his massive/horned head and furiously scrapes a front hoof at the dirt below, Nova gently pets him before she takes the riding wrap around her gloved right hand as the bull shifts from one side to the other and somewhat rattles the enclosure as well as gives a good squish to her legs, but she only narrows her eyes about that so far. She is a scribe after all, so wrapping her left would have been a bad idea! After she is set, she gives a quick nod of her wolf-framed visage to the gate keeper, and they are let out in a flurry of spins and bucks and twists and jumps! With much concentration, Nova simply stays via an impressive show of perceptively anticipating the next move and ultimately balancing in the right ways. She does not seem to make any particular attempt to rile up the ginormous mount, simply letting him work out his frustrations as he must about the situation.
After some time, there is less buck and more swift stride alongside arena's edge. That is the moment when Nova releases the wrap and springs off, grabbing ahold of the fence on the far side from where they were let out. When the bull realizes, he turns and lowers his head and runs as if to smash her between himself and the fence, but she manages to scramble over and jump away and down on the other side before there is a CRASH of the bull butting the fence! It shakes and the metal and wood squeal, but it stands (barely), and then the bull backs up and seems not phased at all about having just mashed his padded horns and his hard forehead into something, lifting his noggin and trotting away. Nova shouts out, "Thanks for not ending me! And, for the ride, too!" Sir Floppington looked worried, but then he looks relieved to see that the scout is not hamburger, herself.

Rowynna claps with enthusiasm for Michael's ride. "Well done!" she calls, hands cupped around her mouth to make her quiet voice carry. If only a little.

Too distracted by the conversation around him, Valerius fails to see the impressive hold that Michael had on the bull. Though turns around as the crowd cheers, and gets the last few seconds of his ride. Valerius stands and claps loudly for his new freind.

Macda laughs a little as she listens to the banter, "nice ride!" she calls out loudly clapping for everyone. "this is a lovely event indeed."

Korka is distracted momentarily by Michael's rather impressive display, staying on the bull for the longest time she's seen since she stepped in. But he does eventually get thrown and not gored, so she glances through the crowd to call out to Hamish, "Is that a compliment?"

"CONGRATULATIONS BISLAND!" calls Domonico following Michael's impressive feat!

Turn in line: Neilda

Hamish has joined the raised seating.

"Another incredible ride!" Medeia calls, having stepped back a bit during Rowenova's ride. "Thank you, Scout Rowenova! Next up... My sister. Oh. Do be careful, Neilda."

Thea squints at Michael and the bull. She applauds him slowly. "That was amazing actually,"as Rowenova goes to ride too. She has an odd friendship from the scout, as she knows! Thea is trying to keep up with everyone, really! But then her partner in crime is called, and her gold-flecked green eyes are focused. "Go Neilda!"

"My backside feels a blacksmith's anvil." Michael can be heard remarking after he gets clear of the ring and attempts to stand up all the way with a cringe.

"Bravo!" Valencia calls out as she happily joins the cheers and calls. "Well done!"

Eirene brings Michael his whiskey. He deserves it. "Doesn't look like you broke anything," she tells him. "Now try to stretch your back out, slowly. Let me know if it start to hurt in your legs or feet..." Nova's ride is met with an impressed whistle. "Damn, girl," she barks out, glancing over.

Nova walks around the outside of the arena fence, having to orbit half of it, to get back to where everyone else is. She shouts out, "Thanks!" and waves to Thea before she gives a side hug to Valencia. Then, she goes to pet Sir Flops. "See, I did not die!"

Macda calls out to michael "great gob!" she nods her head softly "yes, yes very good indeed!"

Sir Flop has this look like 'but you could have!'.

Kastelon applauds as well, though there's a breath that slides from the huntsman as he turns to smile to the Hart's hostess. "I probably should go check on him, regardless, before he wanders," he offers apologetically. "If you'll excuse me, highness, and I'll seek you out later."

Kastelon has left the upper rafters.

Neilda is about to say something back to Calla at the seating, but - oh! Her turn already!

Now, Neilda is excited to ride that bull. Oh yes, yes she is. Excited in a manner not in keeping with the inevitable aches to follow. She hears the nice soothing pep talk Michael and Rowenova give, and... does not seem interested in following suit. "Do your worst, pokey," she says, and mounts up.

She does discover, much as Michael did, that there is no good way to get on, not a way that means /staying/ on. But that's the whole point, isn't it? And more the point - the vivid, blazing wedge of a smile on her face for the whole rolicking rocking five seconds of up and down and gravity-isn't-supposed-to-work-like this. It becomes swiftly (FIVE SECONDS) clear that she is not a bullologist, has in fact never studied bullology, and she's even got that smile on her face when the bull yeets her into the air. It's the landing that hurts, after all. She sees that it does not hurt too badly by barrel rolling to the side, staggering to her feet, her hair a halo of brown disheveled about her head. "Owwwwwman that was..."

She has no words, rubbing a hip. "I feel like a cocktail," she settles on, going back to take a seat.

Drake claps a few times as Michael has an excellent time in the ride. "That may be the ride to beat." But he's still curious now Neilda will do here.

Chuckling hush to Kaia, Martino nods low and shows her his plushie, "Well this works. One for Arsenia and one for you then darling." Martino's chin lifts once more, as he cheers for another before sipping his red wine.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound leaves, following Kastelon.

Turn in line: Hamish

The look of concern on Medeia's face the entire time her sister is riding is intense, but she applauds when she makes her way out of the ring. The bell rings and she looks back at her list. "Thank you, sis, for giving me a heart attack and for a good show." She squints at the list. "Our last rider is... Blessed Hamish? Archlector Hamish!"

The line has been dismissed by Medeia.

Neilda takes a cowhide bull plushie from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Calla watches with her held breath as Neilda goes for her ride, cheering loudly for the whole 5 seconds. "You did great! Better than I could!" She calls out encouraginly.

Thea calls out to Neilda and grins,"That was great!" Definitely not the same as what Mediea. But kinda. Because you know--Thea wasn't worried. "I owe you all the drinks! When Hamish is called, Thea's attention drawn that way. This should be--interesting too.

Hamish walks down and considers just how bad an idea that this might be, then shrugs and climbs up on the bull. Even before it gets loosed onto the arena floor it seems very unhappy. Nothing is going right for it today. First there's all the noise and the people and then the chute and finally someone nearly as big as it decides to drop down on its back? This shit is not gonna fly. Hamish pats the bull on the head, this doesn't help, and says, "I think this is going to go well." The bull bucks hard against the chute and the gates clatter loudly. "Yes. We're fast friends, you and I."

Fast is certainly correct. As the gates open the bull is out in a flash, kicking hard against the air and spinning to try to get the enormous weight off of its back. Things start off well! Hamish is moving like an old pro, holding on and keeping apace with the kicking. Honestly, it's a really great three quarters of a second. Then the bull twists in a way that anyone could have guessed it would except for Hamish, who might do well with like skeletal steeds or something but is very out of his depth very quickly. Less then half a second later he's flying, which is pretty impressive, really. He hangs in the air nearly as long as he was on the bull. "CRAP," says the accomplished speaker. Then he lands hard on his shoulder. "SHIT!" He tries to roll with it, but there's only so much rolling someone shaped like hill can really do. "FuuuUUuuuck!" And then he stops, staring at the ceiling. This moment of pure peace lasts another second or two and then the bull is on him, trying its best to finish the job. "Shitshitshit..." Hamish scrabbles out of the way, rolls, gets to his feet and limps back to the fence before he gets stomped.

As he rejoins the sane world back on the other side of the gates he says, "I won, right?"

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Diane, a bright-eyed peregrine falcon have been dismissed.

Sini, a very fluffy Northland shepherd puppy have been dismissed.

Neilda grins cheesily at Calla as she re-settles. "Oh, I don't know," she says. "Who /knows/ what you've got in you without giving it a good try? Practice. You just need practice." She has never once practiced riding a bull in her life. She's just in an exceptionally good mood. She probably will be until the adrenaline wears off, bumping Thea's shoulder with hers, blowing her sister a kiss from her seat.

Medeia hides her face behind her hands as Hamish gets ready, peeking between her fingers. "Tanith will never forgive me..." She mutters. When he gets up and the bell rings, she lowers her hands and applauds. "Thank you, Archlector! That is it for our riders, please give me a moment to get the results, I will announce the winner in a moment!"

Prepared for such an occasion, namely someone landing hard on a joint, Eirene's medics rush over to escort Hamish back onto the safe side of the railing and she excuses herself from the sidelines to assist. "Archlector, okay... did you hear anything crack? Can you roll your shoulder? Lift your arm. Forward, back..." She starts gently guiding him through some tests to see what needs to be done and how badly it's injured. "We may need a sling for you, depending on how badly you landed on it."

Rowynna stares at the near destruction of Hamish. "Oh..." A grimace. "Is there a special category prize or something for that?" She's all sympathy.

Calla looks over at Rowynna, "There should me. the Luckiest rider award?"

Korka takes one step forward when it looks like the bull is going to end Hamish for real, but then it doesn't and Eirene is on the case, so she steps back again, leaning up against the wall once more, "Not a bull farmer, huh?" she calls out.

Macda laughs a little as she looks over to Rowynna and she smiles a little "ahh leave him be." she chuckles and she nods to her barmates. "I will meet you there." she says as she moves to stand waiting to hear the winner.

Rowynna chews on a fingernail, then shakes her head to Calla's suggestion. "The 'He Went One Way and I Went the Other' perhaps? I hope he's alright."

Calla snickers at Rowynna, "That's much better than my suggestion. Well he's on his feet, that's a good sign right?" she asks with a shrug.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," grouses Hamish when Eirene runs over to make sure he's alive. "I've had worse. I once got killed by a donkey. Nothing cracked. I think my shoulder dislocated, but then I rolled and it popped back into place. Lucky!" He waves a hand. "Our Queen isn't interested in seeing me yet. That was pretty stupid, though. I'm too old for that nonsense. We'll see if my back still works tomorrow." He flips Korka the bird, seems to think better of it, then flips her the double bird.

Lifting up from the benches, the Lord Martino Malvici offers out his left hand to his wife Lady Kaia, "Ah darling... shall we return back to the House?" Creasing his eyes down to her, Martino aids and eases her up before dipping his torso to those sat with them, "Baroness Calla, Lady Rowynna... fair Count Orrin. Might we both see you dearly soon." Stepping down, walking smooth with his wife, Martino's head dips low to Medeia as he comments, "Wonderful event Lady Medeia..." And quietly the two return out with bottle of red wine carried along with two plushies.

Eirene seems satisfied by the Archlector's answer and pats said shoulder, gingerly. "It was pretty fucking stupid," she agrees with a rough laugh. "Take some willow-bark for the ache if it persists. For now, have some whiskey. Two fingers, on me." She lifts a hand and waves bye to Martino and Kaia as they leave.

Thea blinks at Hamish as he falls. "Gods, how does one even FALL like that,"watching as Eirene sort of waddle/runs over to check on him. "You good Eirene,"she calls over. Not that Thea can get there quickly. But when Martino and Kaia go to leave, Thea waves to them too. "Hug my niece for me..I'll take her soon." Yes, she offered that purposely.

Drake lets out a little huff as the last fall hits. "Well, I imagine we'll all be sore tomorrow, if some more sore than others. Did she get the final tally?"

Martino has left the raised seating.

Kaia has left the raised seating.

Jasper, a treasure hunting gyrfalcon, Portia, a tittering and bashful lady's maid, Renato, an overconfident attendant, Luciana, a rigidly conceited handmaiden, Bastien, a strapping Malvici escort leave, following Kaia.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker, Kaia leave, following Martino.

Medeia takes a few minutes to go around to every single rider and thank them personally, checking after their wellbeing. For Thea and Neilda, there are hugs offered. She gets to Michael last and reaches up on tiptoe to whisper something in his ear, then loops a hand into the crook of his elbow and leads him to the stage. The cow bell rings again as she smiles brightly, bringing a hush over the crowd.

"Everyone, it is my great pleasure to announce the winner of the first ever Golden Buckle Tourney, with an astonishing 19 second long ride: Lord Michael Bisland!" She'll give everyone a moment to cheer before taking out the prize. "Lord Bisland, your prize, the coveted belt buckle!"

As she pets Sir Floppers, Nova shouts out (with Northern Volume), "Yes! Good Job on the Shield buckle!"

After playing a short, very short dramatic chord for the last two riders, Talwyn slows his play and sets the lute to the side as he sets it aside. Sitting with Iseulet, the two of them talking lowly when he hears his name mentioned. Lifting his head, Caprice earns a bright smile and bow of his head in acknowledgment before he stands to applaud Michael on his excellent ride.

Talwyn is overheard praising Michael.

Eirene is overheard praising Michael: Man can ride a bull like nobody's business.

The cheers rise loud and clear for Michael of Bisland. Valencia joins them with equal zeal, her delight apparent and open. "Bravo! Well done everyone!"

Talwyn is overheard praising Michael: THUNDER. IN. HIS. THIGHS.

Valerius is overheard praising Michael.

Medeia is overheard praising Michael: Golden Buckle Tourney Champion!

Medeia is overheard praising Domonico: Golden Buckle Tourney Rider

Medeia is overheard praising Drake: Golden Buckle Tourney Rider

Medeia is overheard praising Thea: Golden Buckle Tourney Rider and Co-Host and Best Patron

Medeia is overheard praising Orrin: Golden Buckle Tourney Rider

Medeia is overheard praising Asralyn: Golden Buckle Tourney Rider

Medeia is overheard praising Macda: Golden Buckle Tourney Rider

Medeia is overheard praising Rowenova: Golden Buckle Tourney Rider

Medeia is overheard praising Hamish: Golden Buckle Tourney Rider

Medeia is overheard praising Neilda: Golden Buckle Tourney Rider

Medeia is overheard praising Valencia: Golden Buckle Tourney Co-Host and Venue Supplier

Medeia is overheard praising Apollo: Golden Buckle Tourney Sponsor

Medeia is overheard praising Harlan: Golden Buckle Tourney Co-Host and Bull Supplier

Medeia is overheard praising Eirene: Golden Buckle Tourney Medic General

Medeia is overheard praising Talwyn: Bull Bard

Valerius is overheard praising Medeia.

Rowynna is overheard praising Michael.

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Calla applauds the winner of the Tourney, before heading over to Medeia for a quick hug is she can manage, "You did amazing. I can't wait to start planning my party with you." Then she turns back to Rowynna and nods, "Sure, lets head out then."

Hamish makes his way back to his seat into which he slumps. "That was a lot of fun," he lies to no one in particular, then gulps down his drink.

Rowynna is overheard praising Medeia.

When Michael is announced as the winner, Orrin is rising from his seat, glass of wine lifted high as he gives a booming cheer, "I always knew you were good for something, Lord Michael!" There's a grin on the Count's lips, though and it's quickly followed by, "Congratulations!"

Eirene says, "Bravo Michael. Way to fucking ride!" She claps as the lord is led to the center stage and presented the trimuphant buckle. Her children stand up on chairs to see better and clap, waving their plush bulls in excitement. "And Dom, damn fine job you did too."

Iseulet stands with Talwyn and claps for Michael too. "What a fun competition." And then she calls out to Michael, "Congratulations Lord Bisland!"

Eirene is overheard praising Domonico: A damn good bull rider as well!

"Good work, sir, an impressive ride." Drake claps his hands at the prize, and then tips his hat, even if it didn't secure him the win. With that, he also finishes his beer.

Drake is overheard praising Michael.

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Aedric is overheard praising Michael.

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Thea looks to Medeia, a smile on her face,"This was---you did fantastic,"looking over to Michael. "Congratulations on winning. I guess this means you're not--so bad on the saddle." Thea looks at all the faces of people, glad they enjoyed themselves.

Aedric has left the raised seating.

Neilda gives Michael a /look/. "Nineteen seconds," she says. "That's... got to be a record!" She's teasing him, duh.

Eirene is overheard praising Medeia: Coordinating a bull-riding competition!

Drake has left the bar.

Michael gets /snagged/ by Medeia and he'll look over at her on their way to the stage. He'll smile to the Lady Medeia Saik before accepting the belt buckle with TWO hands....because this thing is huge! He'll pantomime as if he were about to fall over from carrying it before lofting it high so that others can see it. Then to try and attach it to leather and wear the thing as he is leaving the stage! "Thank you, thank you. I don't know how I did it. Thank you!"

Domonico applauds Michael's victory, no hint of bitterness for only placing second. He rolls his shoulders again and proceeds to don his cuirass again, covering himself up with that and his cloak.

Valerius is overheard praising Orrin.

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