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Snowfall Competition

Come hang out on the Redrain grounds to celebrate the first of the winter snow. There will be snowmen building competitions and some good snowball fights if enough people show up in good boots. Snacks and booze provided, obviously.


Feb. 28, 2021, 3 p.m.

Hosted By



Rosalind Sunaia Cristoph Marian Keely Zyxthylum Cerelia Mikani Alis




Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Grounds

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Comments and Log

Conall, a huge, friendly sable Wolfhound with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, an impressively-large, silvery Wolfhound with bright gold eyes arrive, following Sunaia.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon, Ursa, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Marian.

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, 1 Laurent veteran guards arrive, following Cristoph.

The grounds are abuzz with excitement, because there's a chill in the air, snowflakes drifting from the skies, and enough alcohol around to keep everyone warm and lively. The hostess of the hour is dashing around between stations, scattering snow in her wake. It may not help that she's clutching a stein of something stiff that sloshes around while doing so. There's food, drink, and enough snow to cause as much of a fight as the attendees are game for. As attendees start to filter in, Deva finds somewhere to stand and greet everyone and wave them toward the refreshments.

Rosalind came early. EARLY! Because she's THAT excited! SNOWBALLS and all the things! YES PLEASE! The flash of red can be seen darting toward Deva, a large smile plastered on her freckled and scarred face. "This is probably the best idea!"her eyes searching for a drink.

Sunaia's always going to attend an event - outdoors, with drinks and food, nearly free, can accommodate dogs. So. She's here. Dressed in forest greens and charcoal greys -- flanked by her hounds -- and on her way to scoop up snow and toss it at Rosalind's right shoulder, giving her adequate warning before she throws: "ROSA!"

Cristoph's arrival is a bit subdued, shooing off his guards the minute that he makes it within the Redrain grounds. The only person that really wanders in besides him is Rupert, the poor man dragged along just about everywhere that the duke goes these days. His pace slows down just a bit as he enters, his gaze sweeping from one thing to the next until his eyes land on Deva finding a place to stand. "Princess Deva," he offers. "Very nice, snowy... outdoor event. I like it." He offers her a quick smile and then inches away so that he's not preventing other people from greeting the host.

Marian steps out into the ground, having only just made it back to the city. The warchief has a slight frost clinging to her blood red locks that are damp from a recent bath and braided to stay out of her way. She makes her way over to the hostess, giving a quick wave in greeting to let Deva know that she's there, "Princess Deva, wonderful weather for the event..." She pauses as she looks around, "I haven't had a chance to check in with Prince Darren. I don't suppose your brother is planning to attend?" She gives a proper greeting to Cristoph, Rosalind and Sunaia as she waits for her answer.

Rosalind turns toward the voice of Sunaia, the snowball simply bouncing off her shoulder. Not her face. Because Rosa HEARD her and all. "Sunny, HI! Isn't this great?!" Though she bends down, making a ball of her own. RETALIATION and throws it at her friend. Hearing Marian, she grins broaders. "Hi Princess Marian! How are you?! It's been a long time. How is home?"Rosa greets with sincere warmth and curiosity.

"I'm glad you like it! I'll give everyone a chance to settle in before we begin the fight..." Deva smiles and waves at Rosalind as the woman zooms past. Sighting Cristoph and Rupert, her smile widens a fraction and is accompanied by a polite dip of her head. "Duke Laurent, I'm glad you could make it. I'd like a few more inches of snow, but I'll take what I can get," she shrugs a shoulder and gestures vaguely toward the field. "Hope you've got your arm ready." Marian's voice is heard before she is properly seen, and the sound makes Deva jump with surprise and delight. "Princess Marian, you're back! What fantastic timing-- so good to see you again. Gods, it's been..." She decides not to go further with that for now, and just gives the Warchief a big but awkward 'I'll explain more later' smile. "Mmm, Darren has been pretty holed up the last few weeks, so I doubt it. But we can always hope, right?"

Keely slips into the Redrain Grounds, clearly feeling a little out-of-place, although she is making a concerted effort to Stand Tall and Not Fidget. Wrapped in her cloak of sunset colours, she brushes off a few stray flakes of snow from her shoulder before edging further into the event. She looks around for any familiar faces, but doesn't immediately spot any. Which leaves the quiet Grayson Princess hovering near the entrance, murmuring stern words of encouragement to herself. "Go on, Keely. Say hello. They aren't going to bite... I hope."

Zyxthylum trudges through the snow in his sturdy boots. The furs and silks conceal much of his deformed body but there is no mistaking his gait. His visible features are turned in a wide grin despite the hitch in his step. "Greetings Mistress Deva," He sweeps forward in a bow so low his hair brings a flurry of snowflakes back up with him, "I was hoping I could join in the festivities. I need a break." A short tittering giggle before he offering his gift, the liquid in the bottle sloshing in the effort.

"Yes, I specifically made sure that I found my gloves before leaving the house. I'm sure that I won't accidentally throw any snowballs out myself, but I hope at a least. With my great throwing arm." The Oathlander replies to Deva with a broader sweep of his smile. Then his attention shifts over somewhat, "Princess Marian it's good to see you again, it's been quite awhile. The Northlands keeping you busy?" Cristoph wonders as he keeps out of the way of passing party goers. "I'm hoping that Gwenna will turn up, I haven't seen her since I was at party for House Sanna."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant arrives, following Mikani.

Cerelia is dressed in a warm outfit as she arrives to the event. She finds a good spot to stand and look around.

"Princess Keely, right? Come on in-- there's plenty of snacks and enough whiskey to keep one comfortably warm." Deva waves the Grayson closer into the grounds with a wiggle of her fingers. As Zyxthylum offers her a bottle, she is now double-fisting with a stein in one hand and a bottle in the other. She lifts the liqueur to her nose, sniffing as best she can with it still capped. "You're more than welcome to take your break here. I think we all need a break," she muses. "Thank you, I'm eager to try-- whatever this is?" It seems her sniffing did not bring any conclusions. "I'm sure it's fantastic," she assures Cristoph, and tilts her head as she looks back toward the estate. "I didn't hear from Gwenna, but I can't begrudge anyone their schedule. Gods know I barely keep track of my own."

Biting. Where? Rosa sees Keely and waves to her, a friendly greeting on her lips. "Hello,"she greets. To her and Zyxthylum. "Oh hey! I remember you! But uh--I don't think you ever told me your name. Soo um, you're just that person I know, kinda."

Sunaia turns into the snowball that's headed her way, taking the soft impact with a soft sound of snow crunching off leather armor. "Way better throw than mine, Rosa." With a toothsome grin, broad and happy, and she responds with agreement. "Sure is good. Winter --" there," turn and spy a Grayson royal and the Ashford sweeps a bow, "Your Highness. They don't bite unprovoked."

"Things are well enough. I got delayed in my travel plans and missed having my birthday with everyone here but I suppose I can make it up with a private dinner later," Marian tells Rosalind with a smile. She pauses as Deva greets her back and advises her of Darren's most likely lack of attendence "Ahh, I see well then I shall do my best to represent the house in his stead." There's a hestitation at Cristoph's question on the state of affairs in the Northlands, "Well, matters have kept me busy and out of Arx. Luckily though with winter upon us, there should be less reasons for me to stay away." She looks hopeful at the mention of Gwenna attending but shrugs her shoulders in agreement at Deva's statement that each has their own time, "Yes, I suppose I shouldn't expect a big fanfare with my return. With the weather, I wasn't able to get a messenger here before my arrival."

Mikani enters the grounds of Redrain with her toddler son by her side holding her hand. Her man servant Damien is holding twin girls. Nakoa, the boy, looks to be giggling at the snow as he walks before Mika swoops him up in a fit of more giggles. "Hello Redrain!" She calls out as she watches the snowballs. "You said there was going to be snowmen?"

"I hear it is a favorite of women with your complexion." He says happily, he may not understand manners so well. "Oh- And the name is Kathrite. Many thanks for your hospitality." With that he shambles off to mingle, his morbid appearance in stark contract to his cheery attitude. He leans heavily on his fancy cane as he makes his rounds, particularly interested in the refreshments.

Keely smiles, self-conscious but also grateful when she's addressed. Her cheeks pinker than cold alone would cause, she steps further into the grounds, offering Deva a warm nod. "Thank you so much for having me, Your Highness." She turns then to Rosalind, another smile for her. "A pleasure to meet you, again, and we'll do it properly this time. Princess Keely Grayson," she bids with a nod of her head.

"Of course, very understandable. It's good to see you again, I hope you're able to relax and enjoy your time back in the city. But Arx has a tendency of keeping people on their feet." Cristoph nods once, edging back just a bit further and moving along the edges of the goings on to investigate this snowball throwing fest that's about to happen. Though he does slow down to consider the snowmen. For just a moment!

Marian waves to Cristoph as he edges away, turning back to Deva as she starts to organize things, "If you want, I'm happy to take one of the teams. Or just participate if you've already chosen." She looks around at those there for the competition, "Should be an interesting battle." She lightly flicks some fallen snow from her gloves.

Rosalind nods to Keely, exited. "Lady Rosa Ravenseye--er Rosalind. But Rosa or Ros is fine. Are you going to throw snowballs,"she asks. "You can help me and Sunny if you want,"she encourages with an impish grin. Looking to Marian, she gasps,"Oh! Dinner! You let me know when! My father is back in the city now, I'm sure he'd like to see you as well. I'm glad you're back though!"

"Are you saying redheads have the same taste in things?" Deva gives Zyxthylum a confused look, wide-eyed with her head tilted sloooowly to one side. "I... see." There's an open stare as the man wanders off with his cane. "Um. Anyway!" She finds a barrel to clamber up onto and raises her voice in a fashion that comes way too easily for her. She's a loud, loud woman with a good set of lungs. First, she whistles. Then it begins. "HEY EVERYONE!" Hands wave to flag for attention. "We're about to begin the what I'm going to call first annual snowfall competition and honestly, I might do this a few more times before the season ends because I love snow and fighting together." She gives a silly grin before continuing. "I have ribbons, and I'm going to divide people into teams! Lady Rosalind, Princess Marian, Duke Cristoph, and Kathrite-- you will be on the Purple team. Lady Sunaia, Princess Keely, Cerelia, and myself will be on the Green team. We'll tie them on our arms to identify ourselves. If any of you DON'T want to play, just tell me now so I can cry or bribe you accordingly."

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 8 Valardin Knights arrive, following Alis.

"GREEEEEEN," the following is shouted out by Sunaia - quite loudly, and amplified only by the fact that her hands are cupped around that yawp of hers. "You shall fear our snow-fighting tactics."

Alis might be here to throw snowballs at people. And yet, she might also be here for food and drinks and to try and find some family that isn't Valardin to annoy. For now, she starts in towards where the drinks are. That's where most of her relatives seem to gravitate from this side of the family.

Mikani leaves the children with Damien and they are building a snowman before she runs off to join the green team with Sunaia. "Purple is going down!"

Rosalind grins at Sunaia, her fingers pointing to her eyes then Sunny's icy ones. EYES ON YOU! That too is shared with Mikani with a laugh.

Rosalind, Marian, Cristoph, Kathrite, and ALIS who arrived just in time all get purple ribbons to tie around their arm. Sunaia, Keely, Cerelia, Mikani, and Deva all get green ribbons to do the same. There's a field marked off with rope and a warning sign labeled SNOWBALL WARNING: Enter At Your Own Risk. Deva leads the way in and waves the other competitors to follow.

With an impossibly wide grin, Kathrite moves towards Cristoph. Having biffed his first impression, he must be trying to change the man's mind. Trying to demonstrate his usefulness he bends to make a snowball. It is clear however after a few moments that he is not going to impress anyone with his physical prowess in a snowball fight. "They won't be able to stop us!" He exclaims through huffs. A loosely packed ball of mush falls apart in his hand before he even makes it fully upright again.

"Lovely to meet you, Lady Rosa," Keely replies politely, opting for the name first given. Her smile falters slightly at the talk of snowballs. "Oh. I- Well, I had thought I would just watch," she explains hesitantly. It doesn't do to be rude, but is snowball throwing a Proper Activity? Before she can fully decide, Deva has announced her as part of a team. She looks for a moment like she might protest, but then just grimaces and takes a deep breath, accepting her ribbon. "I guess I am throwing snow then. I apologize in advance for my poor showing as a teammate," she says with a soft chuckle.

Marian gives a nod to Rosalind, "Excellent, we'll have to meet. I haven't spoken to your father in some time and would love to catch up." She quiets as Deva steps forward to start the event. She listens carefully as Deva divides the group into their teams, grabbing the purple ribbons from the hostess so she can hand them out to her team mates, "Here you go..." She grins at Cristoph as she hands him a ribbon, "Good to have you on the same team." Rosalind is close by and gets one as well. Then she spies that Alis is here and hands her a ribbon, "Come here, you're on my team." Giving a look of apology to Deva.

Cerelia looks at her teammates when she announced to be on the green team. "I think we can win this."

There's absolutely no way for Cristoph to forget Zyxthylum, and so the duke is watching the man with a VERY intent stare as he makes the snowball. It also seems like he's looking for something on him, but isn't spotting it. However, in the midst of this, he receives his ribbon and says, "Thank you!" Then he's spotting Alis, "I didn't see you come in! I'm a little disappointed that I don't get to hit you with snowballs." Alas. "Maybe on the way home."

Rosalind looks at her teammates. All the PURPLE! "Oh This is team is great,"she declares with a nod. "Let's show the green team, yeah?"

Mikani bends and starts making her first set of snowballs. "Rosa.... you're going down!" She calls out

"I have a team?" Alis looks at the purple ribbon in her hand and shrugs, tying it around her arm. Feels like old times already; she is always ready to play follow the Marian, it seems. "Of course it's your team." And at Cristoph, she makes a face. "You mean, you can /try/ to hit me with a snowball on the way home. And I can try to stuff snow in your face." she clarifies.

"Three rounds! No dirty plays or I'll kick you out myself," Deva warns, waving a finger around with narrowed eyes of warning. "And... GO!" (First roll of Dexterity or Strength + Athletics!)

Deva checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Deva fails.

Rosalind checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Rosalind marginally fails.

Cristoph checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Cristoph is successful.

Alis checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Alis fails.

Sunaia checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Critical Success! Sunaia is spectacularly successful.

Zyxthylum checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Zyxthylum is successful.

Mikani checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mikani marginally fails.

Cerelia checks strength and athletics at normal. Cerelia fails.

Mikani checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mikani marginally fails.

Mikani checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mikani is successful.

Keely checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Keely fails.

Marian checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Marian is successful.

"I'm definitely going to hit you with a snowball while you /try/ to stuff snow in my face after you /try/ to climb me like a tree to get at my face," Cristoph replies to Alis very cheerfully as he scoops up some snow and packs into between his hands. "I told Princess Deva that I had a good throwing arm. Lets see if I was lying." And with the snowball formed up, he hauls back and pitches forward to release. It sails neatly into the other time where it soundly heads toward someone. Anyone. Who knows!

It does appear the emaciated creature is free of leeches and even his macabre little doll. It might actually be hard to tell under the silks and fur but he -looks- a little more cleaned up. He cranes his arm back and watches Cristoph to see who he targets, sending a spray of slush in that general direction with as much gusto as he can summon. Someway, somehow, a lump of snow stays together and sails though the air towards its target!

Rosalind gets all excited and starts making her snowball. "YEEES,"she squeals out. She starts to aim at Mikani first, but in all her excitement, her snowball doesn't seem to be very firm. Nope. It breaks apart the moment she fires it at the Crovane, casting chunks instead. "Damnit,"Rosa calls out.

Marian gives Alis a look, "Okay, no targeting our duke here. He's on our team." She leans down to scoop up snow and make a perfectly round snowball, "Go after all the greens." She then looks around, trying to see who's close and then sends a ball of snow at the hostess herself, targeting poor Deva with her icy ball.

"Well I never! No Valardin plays dirty tricks!" Alis feigns absolute scandal with her expression, packing up a snowball and clearly intending to whip it right at Deva. There may be several reasons she didn't choose archery to focus on as a martial pursuit, and her aim may be one of them as she misses wiiiiiiiide. "Marian, will you walk home with me?" she asks suddenly, flashing a sweet and innocent smile at Cristoph as she's posing the question. "I can't let the good Duke get away with his perfidy."

Sunaia takes her damned time to craft - the - perfect snowball. A pair, honestly, and once they're done (one in each hand) she selects her targets -- oh, yeah, Rosalind's one. The next? Who knows -- Either way, she's howling with joy and hurling the snow at the Ravenseye. "That's for being too fast!"

Cerelia gets her first snowball ready and looks at the other team. She throws in the general direction of Cristoph but misses entirely.

Looking extremely skeptical, Keely steps into the ring, tying her ribbon around her wrist as she goes. She hesitates, watching the others for a moment, before scooping up her own handful of snow and patting it gently into shape. She can't seem to bring herself to throw it _at_ anyone in particular, so she just lobs it towards the other team, where it simply splats into the snow.

"Arghgh!" Deva spits out snow as Marian smacks her with a snowball that breaks and sprays snow in her face. Alis' snowball whizzes by her head, but mercifully doesn't hit her. "There are FOUR OTHER PEOPLE ON MY TEAM YOU GUYS!" she protests. She tries throwing a counter-strike into Purple territory, but she's so blinded that it just thumps sadly to the ground. Now her Game Face is on, and she crouches to smack together a new snowball for revenge.

Mikani laughs as the snowballs falls apart from Rosalind. THough her snowball hits the other woman .... well it hits after two of her snowballs miss. By mere inches. "There you go Rosa. I got you! Purple is going down!"

And there she goes, spitting out snowball from Sunaia.

Cristoph checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Critical Success! Cristoph is spectacularly successful.

Deva checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Deva is successful.

Rosalind checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Rosalind is successful.

Alis checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Alis is successful.

Zyxthylum checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Zyxthylum is successful.

Sunaia checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Sunaia marginally fails.

Cerelia checks strength and athletics at normal. Cerelia marginally fails.

Keely checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Keely is successful.

Marian checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Marian is successful.

Mikani checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mikani marginally fails.

Mikani checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mikani marginally fails.

Mikani checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mikani marginally fails.

Mikani tries to throw three more at Rosalind, but they all miss. Like as if the snow likes the woman and doesn't want to hit her. "Damn ass snow!"

Cerelia quickly makes another snowball and aims it again at Criatoph. She throws it and watches it just miss him.

"Family first!" Alis crows back across the divide, finding it hysterically amusing to watch Deva fall over because of the snow splat. She's packing up another snowball already though, crouched behind something or other as she prepares to fling this next snowball randomly at someone on the opposing team. It appears as though she is going to aim right for Keely to splat at. Whom she has never met. And this is how she says hello. "Hi! Nice to meet you!" is called out, with a smile up at Marian then for whatever it is she whispered.

When Karthrite aka Zyxthylum starts helping out by sending snow slush stuff in the same general direction, Cristoph looks on with a degree of confusion but also respect for his unusual teammate in this grand snow war. Then he gets back to fling his next snowball, perhaps throwing into doubt any claims he may have made in the past about not having good aim. This time he throws at Cerelia.

Rosalind is laughing, clearly enjoying herself as she starts gathering more snow. Sunaia is next, Rosa PROMISED! "You're next Sunny,"the Raveneyes calls out with an unfiltered laugh. Ready. Aim. FIRE! This ball is better formed than the last. When Mikani throws her balls, Rosa is quick to duck, winking at her. "Hey now!"

Deva's target is Marian this time, revenge intended. She's grinning all the while though, because it's competitive funtimes and who doesn't love playing in the snow? "Let's go, Green! C'mon, pick it up!" It's a good thing she's not a coach.

The second snowball has an existential crisis halfway where it was going and falls terribly, terriblt short. Poor snowball. Sunaia frowns at it, shaking her fist at nothing at all.

Keely eyes the other team, taking a breath. Okay, she has to try to hit _someone_. So she aims at Rosalind, then immediately winces. "Sorry!" she calls out genuinely as she lets it fly, looking sincerely shocked when it hits. Then she's hit by Alis which snaps her out of it and leaves her sputtering just slightly. "Oh, well. Ah, hello!" she calls back, as she brushes the snow from her cloak.

Zyxthylum seems to actually be pretty good in a snowball fight. Maybe it just takes enthusiasm, something he currently has in spades. He hobbles and crouches, collecting up more loosely packed snow, again he whips the weightless weapon after using Cristoph to aim. It seems like he is just adding insult to injury however, his own little puff of snow striking Cerelia after she is struck full on in an almost comical fashion.

Marian gives a wicked chuckle as her snowball goes true and hits Deva in the face. She yells to the hostess, "Sorry...well not sorry." She winks at Alis for targeting the same person, "Hmm, yes, we should spread out more." She then divides her attention to Sunaia who threw so well last round. She laughs deeply as Alis shouts 'family first' and then starts to aim...but wait, she just got hit by a snowball, "Now you're throwing at me?" Her other target forgotten, she throws the snowball at Deva.

"It's okay,"Rosa calls out to Keely with a grin. "Nice shot!" Snowballs are flung and she's simply enojoying the fun and snow. As she should.

Alis checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Botch! Alis fails completely.

Rosalind checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Botch! Rosalind fails completely.

Deva checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Deva fails.

Cerelia checks strength and athletics at normal. Cerelia is successful.

Keely checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Keely is successful.

Zyxthylum checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Botch! Zyxthylum fails completely.

Cristoph checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Cristoph marginally fails.

Sunaia checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Sunaia is successful.

Mikani checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mikani is successful.

Mikani checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mikani is successful.

Mikani checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mikani marginally fails.

Marian checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Marian marginally fails.

The referee, who is off to the side watching very stoically, points out: "The teams are tied, Princess." Deva wipes snow out of her hair and starts laughing. "You're kidding me! Gods, well, guess we've got to go into a tiebreaker..."

Oh how quickly ones fate can turn. Flashing a mouth full of copper colored teeth, Kathrite forms the mega-ball. This one is going to make a mess when it hits, and so he prepares the delivery system. The added weigh causes his feeble arms to wobble but he presses on, determined to finish strong and make Cristoph his new friend. Instead his grin slowly melts off his face as he his missile strikes his 'new friend' in the back of the head.

Keely picks up another handful of snow, packing it a bit more carefully this time as she examines the other team. She's actually having _fun_, now that she knows Rosa has no hard feelings. Well, since Alis got her last time, she figures that makes her a fair target. Not that she'll ever hit he- And then it connects, and Keely is again left standing looking stunned. Two out of three? How did she ever! She laughs and waves a hand to Alis. "Hello again!"

Cerelia takes the hits well. Her height does make her a good target. She can't help but laugh as she gets another snowball ready. She aims at Cristoph once more, and she finally manages a hit.

Fate decrees that Alis get her revenge before she's even been targeted by Laurent for the inevitable snowball that she will get hit with on the way home. But she's going to pay for that advance revenge. She's going to wind up real good to throw a last snowball at someone. Except she over compensates as she is prone to do, leaning for too forward, and *scrabble scrabble scrabble - ahhhhhhhhhhh!* she goes flying flat onto her face. And her snowball goes flying right at the back of Cristoph's knees. Because she's short. She's also not even sorry. Even when Keely's snowball splats her in the face when she looks up. "Hi!..." *thud*

Rosalind is so fast into making her snowball and laughing. Snow is dripping from her face. Connal? That giant dog? He's running around the throngs of people, jumping up and down excitedly at all the falling flakes. Rosa finds herself aiming a random snowball. Having no idea where it lands. NONE. WHERE IT FLIES, SHE DOESN'T EVEN SEE.

Cristoph is about to throw the GREATEST snowball of all time, the BEST, MOST AMAZING THROW. And then suddenly he's being hit? From all directions? From his own team? Instead he throws very lamely and has to turn around with a confused expression and ask, "But why?"

Mikani thinking that the snow won't hit Rosa she gets up a snowball and throws it at Christoph. Thwap! It hits the man. She laughs loudly.

Marian is laughing now as the chaos of the battlefield leaves her in stitches. Alis, Rosalind, it's completely falling apart. She shouts, "Duke Cristophe...we need to rally." She slips on a patch of ice and almost falls over. She tries to throw a snowball at Deva but her aim is off and just harmlessly falls by the wayside.

Sunaia's last well-packed snowball makes it toward the intended Redrain target. Foop. Strike and gone. She leaps in place for joy and crows.

The referee points at Zyxthylum and whistles, motioning him out of the rope. "No hitting teammates!" he insists gruffly as the man's snowball hits Cristoph in the back of the head. He looks increasingly aghast as Alis splats and hits the Duke too, and Rosalind knocks some whiskey over. "PARTY FOUL! Princess, Lady, you're out," he instructs them too. There goes Team Purple.

"Just returning fire!" Deva laughs brightly at Marian, doing her best to hop out of the way. Or not. Her own snowball fails to make contact with anyone, but she'll probably just blame being SO DISTRACTED by the kerfluffle on Team Purple. "Ouch!" she winces, leaning away from them in horror, but unable to look away either.

Zyxthylum shrinks and slinks out of the fight with his head hanging low. Absently he fishes in his medical pouch for his escape, a decorative decanter with three red x's across the label.

Honestly, the look on the ref's face was totally worth it. That's Alis story as she wipes snow off of her face and she's sticking to it. "It was an /accident/." she insists to Cristoph. Totally an accident. But on the plus side she will pour warm drinks for herself as well as the Duke and Princess Marian to make up for her terrible display.

Zyxthylum gets Garden's Nectar - A potent mix of mood altering substances from A water-proofed medical pouch.

Marian checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Marian is successful.

Cristoph checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Cristoph is successful.

Deva checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Deva marginally fails.

Cerelia checks strength and athletics at normal. Cerelia is successful.

Keely checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Keely fails.

gets up slowly. Smelling of whiskey and dripping snow. "Sorry,"she calls out. But is she REALLY? "Go Purple,"Rosa calls out in all her loud and northern encouragment.

Sunaia checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Sunaia fails.

Mikani checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Critical Success! Mikani is spectacularly successful.

"Yes, we need rally!" Cristoph watches various teammates are disqualified. Something in this earns a deep round of laughter from the man and he just shakes his head. He stoops to grab some more snow and prepares to throw again! He shoots, he... definitely hits someone. And Marian doesn't hit him!

Cerelia decides to aim at Marian this time. She smiles once she succeeds at her throw.

Mikani gets the last of her courage together as she sees people leaving the field. "Green .... green .... green ...." She tries to get the field to chant before she throws her snowball at Sunaia and hits her ..... smack in the face.

Deva is on the receiving end of Cristoph's snowball this time. Her hair is soaked at this point. "Mmf," she mumbles, her own snowball whizzing past his head in a return shot but just baaaarely missing. "Nice one," she calls out, offering the remnants of Team Purple a thumbs-up.

Conall, a huge, friendly sable Wolfhound with bright platinum eyes have been dismissed.

Ylva, an impressively-large, silvery Wolfhound with bright gold eyes have been dismissed.

Feeling emboldened by her small success, Keely scoops up a much larger handful of snow, packing it poorly into a roughly spherical shape. She flings it at the person who seems to be the target of so many others -- Christoph. But it barely even makes it past her own side before it falls into the snow on the ground. "That was... less good," she admits, but she's laughing rather than embarrassed this time.

That snowball Mikani threw hits Sunaia square in the face, perfectly so, and she forgot what she was doing - saying - or posing before that snowball walloped her. "Mffft." Because mouthful of snow.

The Referee seems about ready to call another tie, until he sees Mikani's beautiful shot fly through the air and head straight for Sunaia. "That's a beaut'," he admires in as much of a admiring fashion as he can muster, which is not a lot but he's trying, okay? "Well played, ladies and gentlemen, but this one just inches out to Team Green."

Alis passes one drink to Cristoph, and one drink to Marian after they have completed their snowball throws and possibly wiped snow on themselves depending on who threw at them. "I should have dragged Fia with me. He's a much better aim." she comments amusedly. "But Marian, you are surely a sight for sore eyes. You've been good, I hope?" And as the referee calls the game, her smile quirks upward. "Congratulations Team Green!"

Rosalind is too busy cheering on her remaining teammates and laughing, now with a drink in hand. But when she hears the outcome, she cheers out anyway,"That was a great shot, Mikani! Good job, green!" Rosa isn't upset at all!

With the snowball fight drawn to a conclusion, Cristoph calls out, "Good fight!" before drifting over to Alis. There's apparently a drink on offer, so he accepts it. There's an amused remark drawled out for the High Lord before he runs his hands through his damp, snow crusted hair. "I don't know. I think your aim was really rather good."

Marian looks as their team is removed from the field. She motions to Cristoph, "It's all up to us." She then gets this intense look, showing off the fierceness as an epic battle cry comes from her lips that is meant to distract all of her enemy and throws her last snowball at Deva. Despite her well-meaning efforts it is not enough to stave off the volley of snowballs that Cristoph and her receive. Being the good sport, Marian does the dramatic groan, moves her hands to where the snowballs hit and then falls down in a fake death into the snow. She looks at her sister, "Alis..." Then ruins it by laughing.

Zyxthylum is on the edge of his seat as the round wraps up. He dips and winces every time a snowball is returned, starting to cheer- but it is too soon. Mikani's aim is true, so true that it breaks the standstill. He takes a long swig of his medicine and a glazed over look replaces the deep frown. A messenger murmurs something about 'construction' to him and he slips out quietly.

"Wow, that was one hell of a shot," Deva calls out to Mikani with a laugh. "Great job everyone," she is quick to clasp her Green teammates on the shoulder and offer sportsmanlike handshakes for those on Purple. "That was great fun. Marian, remind me not to sit across from you at dinner in the event you decide you need to throw things at me," she adds lightly. "Drink up, everyone! And don't forget to build snowpeople to your liking. Funniest one will get-- umm, bragging rights and more alcohol, probably."

"That was way too fun. Way too fun." She shakes off most of the snow, sputtering and sneezing, then Sunaia just wipes her face against a dry corner of her tunic-hem. "Pfft. Going to be well-watered for today. Now, need to be well-whiskeyed."

Marian gets up once she's done laughing and then goes to join her sister, "Ahh yes, I'm well enough." She motions to herself, "Still here in one piece." She then gets off the ground and nods at the mention of drinks, "I'll have a drink...need to warm up since some snow went down the back of my neck." She salutes Mikani for the well placed shot, "Well done." She then bows to Deva, overhearing her remark about dinner and thrown objects, "I promise to contain my aggression to the snowbanks and leave it outside the dinner table to keep the peace."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant leaves, following Mikani.

Cerelia looks to her team. "Good job! I should be going, but that was fun."

"Oh, we won?" Keely says with a surprised laugh, clasping her hands together. "That was fun!" She's clearly feeling more comfortable now as she shakes her cloak free of snow and steps out of the ring, rubbing her hands together against the chill. "A drink would be well-earned, I think," she concurs, as she heads over to grab herself something.

Conall, a huge, friendly sable Wolfhound with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, an impressively-large, silvery Wolfhound with bright gold eyes leave, following Sunaia.

Marian is overheard praising Deva: Great snowball battle!

"Hope you had fun-- thanks for being a good sport. That arm is damn good when you get a good eye on them," Deva tells Keely, giving the Grayson a radiant grin as she too takes a moment to get the snow off her clothes.

Alis narrows her eyes a little at Cristoph. That sounds complimentary, but since the snowball hit the back of his knees she's certain that was a short joke in disguise. So, she sniffs a little and looks over at Marian who has fallen into a heap at the ground. "I'm going to take that as a 'you've been in a lot of trouble.'" she drawls. And, plops down in the snow beside her.

Rosalind grins at Keely. "Worth it, right,"taking a bing drink. That said, she just takes a seat. In the snow. And chills. "We need to have more of these,"Rosa concludes.

"Thank you, Your Highness," Keely replies to Deva with a smile that's both proud and self-conscious. "I had forgotten how fun it was to engage in something so silly." To Alis, she adds: "We've said hello now, but I don't think we've been introduced, so I'm Princess Keely Grayson."

Marian looks over at her sister and admits to her, "Things have not been calm in the North..." She rolls her shoulders with a sigh, "But winter tends to limit the activity so at least I can get a break." She gives a nod to her, "And your lands, are things well?" She glances over at Cristoph to see if he's joining them. Then salutes Rosalind as she suggests they do this more, "Yes, I think more practice might improve my chances in the next battle." She pauses as Keely introduces herself, "Your highness, my apologies for my poor manners, Princess Marian Redrain, Warchief for the Northlands."

Cristoph is there! Drinking. And possibly making short jokes at Alis' expense. Or maybe they're compliments, who can say? He brings the warm drink to his lips and takes a quick sip while surveying the people that are now leaving the snowball throwing grounds entirely. He finds something else to look at when Marian asks if things in the Oathlands are going well. Instead, he offers a polite smile to Keely when she lands near them. "My manners are lacking as well. Duke Cristoph Laurent of Artshall, your highness."

Looking at Marian, Rosa remembers something. "Oh! I talked to Gwenna about something and she suggested I talk to you to you too! When you're ready and you know, back to being all home comfy." Rosa flops down in the snow, drink in hand and starts flapping her arms and legs, making a---Rosa figure. She'll be a snowy mess by the time she gets home.

Alis attempts to look something other than ridiculous from her spot in the snow. But, shortly gives up and instead offers a polite and friendly smile. "I'm Princess Alis Valardin. It's a pleasure to meet you." Marian's talk of the North not being calm is met with a wry expression. "Nor have the Oathlands been quiet. I doubt anyone's lands have been quiet of late." She looks prepared to say more, but just presses her lips together tightly for a moment and has some of her drink instead. "We'll have to get together and speak of it all soon. Today is for snowballs and being ridiculous."

"I think we could all use a little more silly in our lives. If we don't blow off steam every so often we'll lose all our hair or something," Deva tells Keely, cracking a smile. As introductions are made and conversations ensue, she drifts off to the side to look around and make sure things are going well. The cheerful facade cracks a little as she then focuses pretty squarely and solely on finishing what's left of her drink.

"So lovely to meet you all," Keely says, nodding around to Marian, Christoph and Alis in turn as they introduce themselves. "Oh dear, I would hate to lose my hair! So thank you for having me today," she says with a grin to Deva. As the conversation unfolds, she looks to each as they talk about their lands, but just listens idly for the moment, sipping her drink.

Marian gives a nod to Rosalind as she mentions that they have some business, "Of course, let us meet over drinks tomorrow night and discuss..." She gives a shake of her head, "I just got here and heard about the event so I haven't had a chance to catch up with Prince Darren or Princess Gwenna." She pauses as Alis admits that nothing has been calm, "I see..." She then calls over a servant to bring hot drinks, taking one for herself to warm up, "Clearly a conversation when one if not nearly this sober." She then lightens her mood, nodding as snowballs and fun is on the agenda instead, "And since all serious business is for another day, we will stick to nonsense."

"I don't think that anyone is going to go bald today, at least not at this party," Cristoph remarks in good humor. He takes a longer drink from his mug and then looks down. Some surprise seems to cross his expression, it's empty! What a strange development. Having discovered this, he begins drifting over to where there are more of said drinks. Either to replace what he had or to give back his mug. One or the other!

"How long were you away, again?" Alis wonders of Marian, clearly trying to place just how much she needs to catch her former sister in law up on. "Speaking of nonsense, I am sorely disappointed that Kenjay didn't make it here today. Throwing snowballs at long lost Uncles is a bucket list event if I ever heard one. I'll have to plan to ambush him the next time he's by the manor." she decides, looking up at Deva then with a conspiratorial glance. "I know you could help me with that." she singsongs. "Just bring a bottle back over, Duke Laurent!!! And, are you new to Arx, Princess Keely? You will find there are many many many way too many social events."

Marian admits to her sister, "It's been over a year since I went back to Northlands." She gives a deep sigh, "But time passed so quickly." She takes a sip of her drink and looks over at Keely with interest, grateful for the subject change.

Rosalind listens to Alis curiously. "Are you related to Marian too? I think she's related to everyone most of the time,"rolling away from the Rosa figure. The redhead looks to Keely, a smile for the other princess. Then she looks to Deva. ANOTHER princess. "And you too. You're related to everyone too."

"Relatively new," Keely admits, looking down into her drink. "Although I've already been to so many events, so I think I perhaps know what you mean. I keep hoping it will get easier with each one I go to," she says with a sheepish laugh. "I was a little unsure about coming to this one, I'll admit, but I am glad now that I did!"

Deva starts to open her mouth to tell Marian something, but slowly closes it and instead buries herself in her drink. A wordless shrug follows for Cristoph in a 'we'll see' fashion. Determining conversation is perhaps not in her cards at the moment, she abruptly turns to go build a snowman that she splatters with brightly colored paint with a flick of several paintbrushes. Abstract art or something.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Keely before departing.

"In several ways, actually. All of them by marriage. But I am wed to her cousin Fiachra. We were sisters in law at one point. But, we will always be sisters in spirit." Alis explains as simply as possible, finally attempting to push herself up off of the ground. "Alas, I see that messenger of there looking like he will burst if I don't allow him to deliver what is no doubt a very important message about something that someone direly needs. Which, they probably do not actually need. However, this was /fabulous/ Deva. Thank you for hosting!"

Marian nods as Alis explains to Rosalind their relation, "Yes, sisters of the heart no matter our houses are no longer the same." She spies a guard trying to get her attention and looks to Alis, "It looks like I'm not the only one that's going to be busy shortly." She waves her sister off and finishes her drink and then gets up to see to house business. Deva, Cristoph, Rosalind and others are given waves on her way out.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon, Ursa, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Marian.

Keely is overheard praising Deva: You may have convinced me to love the snow!

Keely is overheard praising Redrain.

At the compliments and goodbyes, Deva offers waves after Alis and Marian. She looks mildly deflated about something, but there's nothing more drinks and absurd snowmen can't handle. The finishing touch on her creation is a giant apple lodged right in the middle of the snowman's face. The staff buzz about for her to make sure all are as plied with drinks and food as they'd like to be.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 8 Valardin Knights leave, following Alis.

Rosalind waves to Marian and Alis both. "Was good to see you both,"genuine warmth in her voice. "Family is family, no matter how,"she says with a smile. Rosa climbs to her feet and starts on that snowman.

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