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What's that Stone?!

A few weeks ago, Thea followed a group of people with the Archduchess to a small tidal cave. Somewhere off in the waters of Lenosia. They came home with an odd stone with the Lagoma sigil on it. As well as a journal. So...What does it do? What does it all mean?! No idea! Many minds are better than one. All are more than welcome to attend. By all means....


March 28, 2021, 3 p.m.

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Thea Deva Drake Jaenelle Kiera


Eirene Evaristo Valerian Medeia Felix Vitalis Cirroch Zoey Ian Clarisse Brigida



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Medicinal Gardens

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Earl Peckworthy Flappington the VII, a blue and gold macaw arrives, following Vitalis.

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrive, following Eirene.

Looking around as people gather, Thea may be caught over by the tables. With the coffee..Flask in hand. Appearing--is that nerves? Clearing her throat, she smiles at bit and starts greeting. "Hello everyone, thank you for coming,"her southern accent showing no signs of nervousness. "Grab a drink and something to eat and we'll start shortly."

Valerian has joined the the benches on the right.

The young wyvernheart enters the room with a quick almost fevered step that comes from too little sleep or too much caffiene or something. She carris a bottle of green juice craddled in her grip. Her eyes are bright and attentive

Eirene is her usual grump self, overcoat buttoned against the cold and gloved hands shoved in pockets. She seems pleased at the turn out for Thea's announcement. She gives a chin lift greeting of hello to several people she recognizes.

Drake arrives not long after Thea. Being part of the mission that picked this rock up is his primary concern, but, perhaps by coincidence or something unrelated, he also has his arm in a sling, the sleeve of his shirt rolled up and the arm itself wrapped quite tightly with bandages. It's his right arm, and he's attempting and mostly doing all right at completing tasks with the left, for the time being. He goes for tea rather than liquor and sits slightly in the back.

Evaristo arrives right on time, wrapped up in warm layers of clothing, strolling lazily and confidently. He bows around and upnods at Thea, grinning brightly. "Hello hello. What an intriguing thing. Oh look, snacks," he says and veers off to grab some free food.

Valerian had arrived early, the young Kennex Lord having situated himself on the benches to the left in the gardens, A bag of books tucked in beneath the bench under him. While in his lap a open leatherbound book looking to be a journal of random tidbits and thoughts is laid open, beside him on the right a small inkwell sits already open and his quill is clutched in his right hand. The young man there and ready to record and explore the potential behind the newly discovered journal and odd stone.

Medeia slips into the garden in her aeterna dress that is a sign she's been on shift at the hospital. Exhaustion creeps at the edges of her expression as she finds herself some water and fruit and then a place to sit. A wave and nod, with an attempt at a smile, is given to those she recognizes as she settles.

Felix, as a more last minute invite, is just arriving, sans any companions that are back and staying warm in the shop. Bringing with him the fresh scents of the forge, and new soot marks on face and hands. His own great coat is open to the weather, his smithing leathers still on beneath, hammer belted at his waist. After a look around, he meanders off to one side, taking up a spot to stand and watch, greeting familiar faces with smile and lifted hand.

Summoned by Kiera to study the unusual find her venture made, Vitalis arrives with his aide Feisel, the two conversing quietly as the Clement lord gets his bearings.

In a single stride into the garden Cirroch is followed by his assistant and guards. Petroc is attempting to hand the heavy bear fur coat to the Marquis, who simply comes to a stop looking to hear Thea offer foods. Clasping his hands together, "Where's this mysterious stone that Lady Kiera has suggested that I put my hand upon?" /All outside voice, he's outside after all.../ Anyone next to him might be a little deaf now.

Zoey arrives a bit after the crowd gathers, moving slowly and holding her head high. She smiles and greets familiar people before going to the bench beside Valerian.

Eirene says, "Oh good. Marquis Cirroch." Having gone to speak briefly to Drake, she makes her way over to the loud gentleman. "I wanted to write back to you about the 'launching people into nets' thing but I had pressing matters. I'll give you the short version: I don't fix stupid, and this falls under that category. As for the rest of the guild, they're welcome to assist and I can see if volunteers can be found to make sure nobody lands on their head or breaks a limb tangled in the netting."

There's a look of overwhelmment on Thea's face as she looks at those gathered. "I didn't realize so many would show,"she admits. "Well---thank you for coming. Bear with me, as telling tales and such isn't really one of my specilties,"a brief smile appearing. Reaching into her satchel, the Malvici gets right to it. "So--a few weeks ago, Her Grace Jaenelle, Princess Deva, Lady Kiera, Lord Drake, and I went searching for a small tidal island...,"she starts. "Amazing what you do when you find a journal with interesting contents, yes? This journal was found by Lady Rukhnis. It contained information regarding a certain stone---" Here, Thea lays the stone on the table. A stone with the symbol of lagoma. "You can touch it if you'd like. We're not sure what it does. But nothing. And I mean nothing has happened. It's been on my person all this time. It's been touched by all of us..."

Thea drops a flat, circular stone disc engraved with a flame.

Drake responds briefly to Eriene - the topic of conversation was likely his own wounds, which are still bandaged up. He listens to Thea give the explanation about the stone. His eyes pass over it, but, he's seen it before, of course.

When Valerian is joined on the bench by Zoey the young man startles briefly before relaxing when he recognizes the woman. A small smile offered to the woman edged with the young man's nervousness over being in a place so public and with so many unfamiliar faces arriving and already there. His voice slipping into a whisper as he leans in to greet the woman as his eyes flit from one stranger to another. And then there is the item laid bare on the table and the offer to touch it. The young Kennex Lord seeming to be torn on touching the stone or not, after a moment though he bites his lip and settles back in content to wait to go touch the stone until others have had their chance.

Zoey has joined the the benches on the right.

"... are we launching people into nets?! That sounds AMAZING fun," Evaristo blurts out, looking with interest at Cirroch. But he quiets and focuses on Thea to listen to what this is all about, and his interest is drawn immediately to the story - and the stone, when presented. He stands up almost immediately to walk over to look at it, hand hovering near it to give it a touch. "What... well, that's an odd piece of... uh. Stone. I mean, why do you think it would DO something?"

Thea checks on Drake's injuries aside, her lips thinning a moment. When she sees Eirene and Kiera, she does smile a moment. "Thank you for coming,"she murmurs. As others slip in she nods to them as well. Looking to Evaristo, she grins a bit. "I thought the same thing. It looks like the perfect stone, yes? Because that's what I really wanted to do with it. We found it in one of several caverns. Out of all these chests, that was on a shelf. Covered in cobwebs." Looking around, Thea mentions also,"We found a journal as well. Though I haven't been able to look through it."

Kiera looks with a genuine smile upon those gathered to inspect the stone. Some here by her express invitation. Others a pleasant surprise.Her gaze lingers on Vitalis and then Cirroch as he speaks. Her gaze briefly finds felix with a nod and lastly Drake on whom she lingers for alond moment "Because the journal that told of is location indicated it was a healing stone, captain"

Cirroch looks to Eirene with a smile, "You can call it stupidity. We shall call it bravery. Be happy that we're not heading up the mountains to launch them properly, and will be staying in the city." He uncrosses his arms and pats the air, "Where the land is flat, with less drop." Then listening to Thea's story, he instictively reaches out to the stone. "May I?" Evaristo cataches his attention for a moment, "Yes. It'll be a wonderful time. Whiskey, the sudden exhiliration of flight, we invited the physicians..." he points to Eirene, "She. Calls it stupid."

"Oh I /see/," says the CAptain-bard, eyes widening. His touch is more intense for a few seconds, but - nothing what so ever happens, and he steps aside to leave room for others. "Yeah, I got nothing," he admits. "Never seen anything like it before, but it IS pretty."

Felix isn't the first to move towards the offered stone. In fact, for a moment it more seems like he's looking through it,or lost in contemplative thought. Then his eyes focus once more and he seems to muse to himself for a moment, one hand tapping fingers on the hammer he wears. Only one he has reached whatever conclusion, he meanders to join the queue of those to put hands on the stone for a closer look.

Drake chimes up. "I already touched it once. Of course, if you want a volunteer-" He wasn't injured before doing this apparently, nor was he in the intial finding of the thing. But he stands up and walks toward it. "I don't think just from looking it's expected to do anything in particular--"

But then Drake looks at it again, and, for a moment, puts his left hand up, poking at the center of his head as if he has a headache. His brows knit. "Sorry." He then puts his hand on it... though not the injured one.

Eirene smirks at Cirroch's answer before she touches a gloved hand to the stone. It's a rock, judging by her nonplussed reaction. "Oh I'm sure some of the Guild will agree with you, Marquis. Just give us the date and place and I'll get you some medics on hand."

Ian comes in late, possibly because he got hung up in the hospital itself, based on the way that he's trying to shoo a nurse or medic of some kind away from himself. " -- fine, I pr -- No, look, I'm not the first person who -- I'm going out here." He brings a whiff of irritation with him as he flees into the garden. Carefully. Because of the ice.

Zoey raises a hand and waves to Ian, motioning him to join her and Valerian at the bench while she watches to see what happened as others approach the stone.

Thea is starting to get a bit disappointed about this stone. Looking over to Drake and Kiera, she murmurs,"This should have came with an instruction manual." Talking more about the adventure, Thea continues on,"Princess Deva left with a pet snake. I feel like I should mention that too. Kiera went in a pit with bones, and retrieved a book as well as a swored...We're still trying to learn quite a bit." She watches as everyone keeps touching the Lagoma skipping stone, head tilted. "We were sort of hoping that SOMEONE would know. More heads are better than---whatever we had going on...Everyone has a strength, yes?"

There on the benches to the right sitting by Zoey there is a quick look given to the growing line of people for the stone touching extravaganza, Valerian's right hand carefully setting his quill aside near the bottle of ink situated beside him. The young Kennex Lord's hand lifting moments later to draw across his shirt beneath his cloak to touch upon the outline of the necklace beneath his shirt. When he spots Ian and Zoey giving that wave his gaze is drawn quickly to Ian and he does smile a bit spotting yet another familiar face lifting his hand from that security of the necklace beneath his shirt to give a little wave to the man in greeting.

Medeia checks intellect and investigation at normal. Medeia marginally fails.

Felix checks perception and smithing at normal. Felix is successful.

"Are you sure it is a HEALING stone? I mean, Lagoma isn't only about healing - from old myths and legends, people wielded her fire as a weapon, as well," Evaristo muses, digging up some old knowledge. "I mean.. Goldenpyre," he says cheerfully. "You tried putting it in a fire?"

Valerian checks intellect and investigation at normal. Valerian is successful.

Curiosity is Medeia's driving force, and so she stands with some awkward effort to make her way forward. When it is her turn, she gently takes the stone in hand. It rests there in her palm, doing nothing. "Hm." She turns it over, inspecting it. "Symbol of Lagoma... Perhaps there is a prayer that must be said with it? Or, it only works for certain types of healing?" One fingertip traces the carving, wondering what kind of stone it is, but her shoulders lift in a small shrug before she sets it back down gently and returns to her seat.

To Cirroch's bravado, Vitalis' brows loft, a nod to Eirene where he's mapped her to be, moving forward with the throng gathered around the stone. He listens to the reactions of those declaiming it pretty or describing where it was discovered. He'll reach for it at some lull and lift it with a scrape, turned over in his hands, fingers feeling the texture, the carved symbol, lips pressed thoughtfully. His brows furrow, "Mmh. Standard sigil of Lagoma." He nods at Evaristo, "What else did the journal say about it?"

Clarisse too is late, as she had been tending to things at the Chalet, when she comes in to see others approaching to touch a stone, and looks at Eirene and looks to the stone that seems interesting, but doesn't immediately approach to touch it, she isn't sure why everyone else is touching it but there are familar faces that she offers a smile and a wave too, Cirroch, Ian, Medeia, brightening at the sight of Valerian and waves at Thea too, but what is so intriguing at the stone. Valerian doesn't seem to moving to touch the stone yet either so maybe she will keep her distance too.

Ian catches Valerian's wave and, after a pause, gives a small, awkward, slightly discomfited wave back. He's still not totally found his focus after having to (proverbially) fight off the attentions of the nurses. He nods to Clarisse, and goes to find Zoey, making his way carefully, doing his best to avoid areas where ice might have collected.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Brigida.

Cirroch takes the stone in his hands... Nothing. He shurgs then runs his fingers across it still. "Could be good for hitting someone over the head with?"

"Maybe you... have to pray. Or... put it on a wound directly, I suppose." Drake looks at the stone again.

He takes a deep breath. There's the sense that whatever Drake is about to say, he hates that he's about to say it. "I'll volunteer."

Eirene waves to Ian and Zoey. Clarisse is given a nod of greeting and Vitalis is given a murmur of hello mindful of his sight. "Fire is a good idea. Maybe Lagoma's flame, and then applied to the wound? Hot rock treatment is good for aches and pains and muscle relief..." She suggests.

Once it is Felix's turn, he takes a moment to look the stone over before he picks it up. Ungloved fingers lift so that the Lagoma sigil is face up, taking a look at either side in close inspection before he shrugs slightly. "You mentioned a journal?" as he sets it back down for the next person.

Evaristo crouches down so he can be more on eye-level with the stone, still a bit to the side so he isn't in the way. He stares at the stone intently, eyes wide. Then he looks away as if bored - and turns back QUICKLY to stare at it again, as if he's hoping to catch the stone in the act of something tricky. He narrows his eyes and leans to one side. THen the other. HE squints at it, then peers at it through his fingers. "I also volunteer!" he says and shoots to his feet. He winces, cause hasty motions still hurt. "Don't put it in a fire first though. Or maybe. I donno."

Brigida clomps her way into the Saving Grace,

Thea nods her head to Felix, watching him for a moment. "Yes--it's really old, and probably go to pieces if it's passed along, but I can share with you the contents, certianly." The latter is said to everyone..

Brigida clomps her way into the Saving Grace, complaining about the snow as she looks around the place before she finds a seat near the back, listening intently and giving Felix a brief stare too.

Thea looks over the journal. Sharing how it came to be found, which was Rukhnis, how it looks, and everything in between.

It started with a page that looked to have been torn out of a white, perhaps loosened the parchment from it's bindings and pressed between two other books that Rukhnis had hoped would prove fruitful in her search. It mentions a stone with Lagoma's sigil inlaid. That's fruitful.

After consultations with the Godsworn that tend to Vellichor's archives and their own diligent record keeping, eventually the whites that this particular page comes from are located in Lenosia's archives. It takes a few weeks, what with the Whirlpool, but eventually she is called to the archives and there she is presented with a series of white journals.

The whites record the thoughts and musing on life of one Gorret Barton. Most of it is mundane as Rukhnis finds out when she starts with the oldest. He was no stranger to love, and boy did he love. Theirs was a tight knit family littered with sailors. It's a fascinating read really, if you're into that sort of thing. It isn't until Rukhnis comes across an entry roughly around when he was twenty and had served for a few years on the same ship as his father that perhaps something clicks in. Most certainly sailors. More likely, a pirate. And the more she reads, the more she is certain that this man was indeed a pirate. He was diligent about vague about his profession but she can put two and two together. Places he has been, things that he pilfered from them and stowed away. Jewelry, weapons, trinkets, clothing. A lady in every port, noble or common, and a trinket stolen from each. It's in one of the latter journals that the torn out page clearly came from. A stone that was pilfered from a traveling group of healers in a port that they were visiting. A romantic tryst and an early departure. Pillow talk had alluded to it being an item of great use to a healer. A few more entries down there's mention of his island that he took it to.

But wait, an Island? Some re-reading and skimming forward provides that answer. An island shown to him by his father, and shown to his father by his father. It would seem pirating is a family tradition. But there's a complication. One that perhaps instills in Rukhnis a frisson of hope. From the sounds of it, it's a tidal island with an opening to the cave system hidden when the tide is in, and exposed when it's out. It gives her hope that while this journal is well over a hundred years old, maybe, just maybe, this stone might still be there in Lenosia's waters.

Kiera nods " The journal found with the stone may have belonged to the same person as it was healers notes to be sure but no mention of the stone itself. The author was a descendant of shepherd, so I deliverd by courier to duchess delilah. it do hope it arrived safe i've not heard back...the one marking the location is a separate volume

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard have been dismissed.

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome have been dismissed.

Valerian's own smile grows when he spots Clarisse's arrival, the young man unable to help but let that smile be revealed a bit even as his cheeks are dusted with a touch of color. The young man motioning her over to the bench he is seated upon with his Zoey. Soon though that focus draws away as he listens as there is talk of journals and of the possibilities of the stone, that urge to learn more bringing the young man to shift nervously upon the seat as if going through some internal struggle between the dangers of strangers and the gift of knowledge.

"Of use to a great healer. Forgive me-" Vitalis hasn't totally absorbed who all is here, "-are there any present?"

"Lord Vitalis has a good point - what if it doesn't actually heal people. What if it helps a healer to heal better," Evaristo says - he enjoys throwing out ideas, no matter how wild and crazy, and some even reasonable.

Felix glances up at the new arrival once Thea is done sharing the journal contents. An amiable smile is returned to the star, and a bow of the head in greeting before he returns to his contemplation. "If it is a healing stone, a possible logical assumption is that it is made to be ... convenient, for a physician or Mercy to apply. Perhaps one should go through the motions of treating a patient? With either healer or patient with it on their person." with a nod to Vitalis.

Drake looks at Thea, and starts taking the sling off of his arm. "With your permission, doctor, since you'll have to re-wrap this later," he says to her.

At Vitalis's question, Medeia looks up. "Lady Thea and I are both masters of medicine, Ladies Clarisse and Kiera are well trained..." But it seems there is already some work happening in that regard, so she quiets and stays sitting.

Thea looks over to Vitalis. "Well---I was there. I'm no slouch,"Thea admits. "And it hasn't done a damn thing. I do believe Eirene was just here as well, and thi--,"though she pauses. Obviously she knows her abilities well. "So you think by holding it and then trying to heal someone, it will---enhance the ability?" She contemplates this, while nodding to Drake. "Of course...,"Thea says to Drake. Nothing will make it worse..." There's a look, curious,"Think if I touch the stone, or any of the healers, while Drake does, that it would--help?"

Ian takes in the journal, hopefully by listening to someone read it because he's a painfully slow reader, and there's a lot of text there. If he has anything to say on the subject, he keeps it to himself for the time being, instead listening while the investigation into the stone continues.

Ian has joined the the benches on the right.

"Try licking on it!" Evaristo suggests randomly. Yep, crazy ideas. He gestures invitingly at Drake.

Vitalis nods at Thea, "Mmh. Mmhmm. That was my thought. Not that it heals, but aids." A smile for the Lycene Wyvern. He squints a bit at the suggestion of licking it, a grimace, "I have heard stranger things in the lore." Flared hands make helpless gesture.

"Do you often suggest licking as an investigative method?" Zoey asks of Evaristo from her place on the bench. "And do you ever try it yourself?"

Evaristo stares at Zoey. "I /suggest/ it. It's not my fault if people TRY," he says with a charming smile. "BEsides, people has been touching it all over, the tongue is just another part of the body, right?"

"It isn't a terrible suggestion," Medeia says, sighing. "Awkward, but not terrible." She offers a small smile in Evaristo's direction. "Taste is one of the senses available to us in learning and discovery."

Cirroch eyes Evaristo with a raised eyebrow. "Yes. Someone //should// lick it. Though that won't be me. Who here has the curiousity of a child? Give the stone to them."

Brigida scoffs none too quietly from her position overseeing everything, seemingly not impressed by the ideas so far.

Valeriansighs and murmurs as he hears Cirroch's words, "I..don't know if they would say its of a child..But.." A little look is given to the side as he hears something from Zoey only to promptly shut up.

Evaristo checks stamina and survival at normal. Evaristo is successful.

Drake doesn't know anything about books - this is a scholar's department. But he's willing to unwrap his wound. His arm looks... burned, and it's so stiff as to be practically immobile. It takes a while to unwrap it, and it looks as if the fingers of his hand are barely moving. There's a gash down his palm that's rotted out, bright red, and the lower part of the arm is torn, scraped, with boils and blisters still a bit bloody. He seems to be trying not to look at this.

Clarisse moves closer to Valerian to join him and Zoey, and she offers a soft kiss to the top of his forehead, before sitting down beside him and speaking quietly to him. She is splitting her attention to him, but also the talk of the journal and caves, and the rising of the tides hiding the caves, and is definitely intrigued, as the stone was held by healers, and if it this is that stone, it is of great interest to her, should it truly have healing properties, of what kind, what could it do, drawing her intense curiosity. As she listens to various suggestions and smiles at Evaristo. She then gentle squeezes Valerians hand supportively. "I wonder if holding it atop the injury and praying may have some effect? Maybe faith is everything?"

"Fine, let me try it," Evaristo says and walks over to lift the stone up if allowed, but doing so with some reverence, at least. He holds it up towards his face and studies it curiously, eyes glittering with excitement. "Lovely Lady of Change, I'm a bit hurt. Just saying. I'll be FINE, really." He sticks his tongue out and licks it.

There's a moment where nothing happens, and then he recoils, puts the stone down and bends over, spitting crazily. "Oh MY GODS!" he howls. " IT TASTES REALLY BAD!"

Thea lifts her eyebrow at the mention of..licking? "Are they really doing this?" She watches the group, murmuring to Drake,"I don't think you'll be licking it,"keeping an eye on the stone, not sure of the sanitation now. Was it ever sanitary? Thea's eyes shift over to Drake's wounds and sighs. "Prayer? All the touching? Licking?"

But when Evaristo actually LICKS it, and cries, Thea can't help but blink and ask. "What does it taste like?"

While he remains, Felix stays to one side in quiet observation. The suggestion of licking it just makes him grin. The actual doing, and reaction? Makes him laugh, unable to help himself. "That alone was worth getting out of the shop today. Sorry, Evaristo."

Evaristo is wretching a little behind his hand as he stands up, tears in his eyes. "Like... rotten seaweed and rotten fish and maybe a tinge of seasalt? Also, like rock. Dry and dusty. An unidentifiable aftertaste that is vile." He grabs a drink to wash the taste away. "Apart from making me feel ill, that did nothing," he explains. Well, he tried! He beams a smile at Felix.

"So, like bilge water," Ian offers up, as a shorter way to put what Evaristo just described.

Kiera jumps and looks at Ev as if her last nerve has snapped and she breathes in out. in can almost see her counting to ten and then "Does anyone have a normal stone the captain can lick for a comparison same

Evaristo shakes his head at Kiera. "Nah, it's fine. I've already licked a bunch of other stones. Nobody was as bad as this one."

Brigida groans softly and gives Evaristo a very unimpressed look before clucks her tongue in thought, rubbing the smooth part of her staff gently.

Drake asks to see the stone for a moment, but... he doesn't lick it.

He just puts it atop the wound. The wound does look rather bad. But no matter how long he stares at the stone, nothing seems to happen... and he's not a man of great patience. Plus... even twitching his arm hurts, but he really does seem to be trying. "Ah. Well, I'm no healer of talent, so I'll leave it to those that do." He starts to fold the bandage back around his arm, and hands the stone off to someone else.

Cirroch shakes his head a little while watching Evaristo. "You're like my children. Everything must go into their mouths... Did you enjoy the meal?" He then looks back to Thea and Drake's arm. "What if the healer holds the stone to the area that they are trying to fix?"

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Valerian checks intellect and occult at hard. Valerian fails.

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Medeia checks intellect and occult at hard. Medeia fails.

Clarisse checks intellect and occult at hard. Clarisse fails.

Thea checks intellect and occult at hard. Thea fails.

Brigida checks intellect and theology at hard. Brigida fails.

Evaristo is back to examining the stone, after Drake tries using it on his arm - that made him stare in anticipation, and then sigh a little as nothing happens. He scratches the side of his neck." It's a damn fine skipping stone. Did you try skipping it across water. maybe it makes the WATER into HEALING water." He IS thinking hard, but Cirroch is given a little grin. "I've had worse," he murmurs.

Zoey has left the the benches on the right.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs leave, following Zoey.

Kiera checks intellect and occult at hard. Kiera fails.

Felix checks intellect and theology at hard. Felix is successful.

Cirroch checks intellect and occult at hard. Cirroch is successful.

Thea takes up the idea of Vitalis and puts her hand on the stone with Drake's. But well---she isn't feeling anything.

Medeia's eyes widen at Evaristo's reaction, but she doesn't otherwise react. "Has it been taken to the shrine of Lagoma? Perhaps it only works in the hands of a Mercy or godsworn?" Honestly, she has no idea if she's being helpful or not at this point. She sits back with her hands folded over her midsection, lost in thought.

Clarisse is honestly not having a clue of how this stone could work as she sits back and watch the spectacle of those trying to use the stone. She does smile at Medeia's suggestion though, because she clueless at the current moment.

Kiera nods to Daeia "That was my thought too but brother felix has touched it" she screws up her face in thought apparently at a loss

Vitalis squints, think, there's something churning away in that head of his, if he can just put the right bits together.

"While not much of a healer, I'll give it a try." Stepping back up to Thea and Drake, Felix offers one hand out for the stone. The other to touch somewhere on Drake's arm that looks the least injured.

Evaristo's thinking seems to bear fruit. Just when Medeia speaks, he is looking around slowly, and then... he stares at Brigida and at Felix, then points at the latter. Mostly cause he is scared of Brigida. "Uh... I mean, it IS a Lagoma artifact..."

Thea looks over to Felix, nodding quietly. "This is getting ridiculous. I'm beginning to think this was meant to look pretty,"but moves to the side for the Godsworn. "Are you going to lick it too,"she asks jokingly? "Buy it a drink? Burn it the flame of Lagoma?" The latter is definitely not a joke.

The upper part of Drake's arm isn't injured... mostly. It's just the lower part, but the lower part looks very bad. Now he doesn't resist at all... apparently fighting through the pain of this has been going on for a while. If Felix had to guess, maybe he put his arm in a fire or something. But that doesn't seem quite right, either. It looks like an infection. Drake's bicep twitches a bit as he tries to make a fist, but he winces at it.

There is a look of confusion and almost of dismay when nothing happens from Valerian, the young man shifting in his seat once more only to murmur softly to Clarisse. "I wonder what it does..or if it does anything. I mean it must do something right?" The young man musing quickly before he falls silent once more to watch as one after another try their hand with the stone. The young man offers up albeit in a softer tone, "Brother Felix?" There is a blink and the hint of recognition in his tone before he is looking to Felix. His eyes widening slightly as he spots the necklace on the godsworn only to murmur to Clarrise rather excitedly as his right hand moves to clutch at his shirt.

Valerian mutters, "It's ... ... ..."

"Your arm is infected." Felix states with certainty. "Under the bandages, a significant cut. I can't /see/ it, and I don't have the training to understand all of it. But I know where every cut and bruise are on him."

Brigida looks to Evaristo before she gives him a very slight nod. She leans forward, intently staring now at the developments happening, eyes narrowing slightly at Felix's words.

"The thing is - he just touched it," Evaristo says, glancing at Kiera. "He didn't try anything - ah, there we go," he says and gestures at Felix as he speaks, perking up. "It's working?!"

"Ah. I see." Drake removes the bandage from his palm again, and shows the gash that Felix described. Palm up, it's quite obvious. "Maybe, not so much of use for me. But if someone had an injury that wasn't obvious. Internal bleeding. Would be good to see that too."

Medeia stares at Felix as he does... something... with Drake's arm. The arm she cleaned and stitched and salved and bandaged. "Brother Felix," she seeks his attention, wanting to test this. "Describe the stitching."

Vitalis listens, attention sharpening when Brother Felix steps forward, and he's gathered that Drake has painful burns on his hand and arm. His mouth drops open, "That's incredible. You've no real training and you *know* that?" He shakes his head, "We should let Mother Sophie know."

Clarisse tilts her head and nods to Valerian in agreement at his whisper smiling at him, then bites her lip at the thought, though she nods back to Felix as his comment makes her eyes widen in thought as she listens, "Felix seems to have the right of it. That is quite a handy and useful stone, if it helps identify internal injuries, they are definitely hard to identify sometimes." She does seem a bit excited at the discovery of such a treasure. She does look at Valerian interested in his necklace now too.

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Felix, listening to him. She looks at the stone, to Felix. Then back to Drake. "How--do you know that?"

Cirroch watches with interest. A small nod to both Thea and Medeia, "Please explain. What do you see?"

"Just the wound, I'm afraid - where and a sense of how severe. Maybe someone who hasn't yet removed their bandages, but recently treated by someone here?" Felix offers to Medeia, before he shrugs. "Aye. But it's like when you do something so often, you know when something isn't right. And you know how bad without seeing it. I could put it in smithing terms, if that would help." with amusement in his voice.

There is a small nod given by Valerian hearing the words from Clarisse, as further mention is made of the stone and its purpose that quill is quickly taken up once more and the young Kennex Lord begins to write allowing others to dictate as he makes little notes over the stone from the fact that One should not lick it to the potential benefits and the purpose behind it. The young man glancing up to Felix as he listens intently to the words from teh godsworn.

Ian listens as the investigation plays out, slipping a flask from an internal pocket of his coat while he does so. He takes a sip of the contents, maybe just to be having something to do.

Kiera hms "the stone granted him some kind of sight, I'm guessing. perhaps it did more with one trained in its use, though something to aid diagnosis is in itself useful indeed. thank you Brother Felix

Sunrise, lilac breasted roller arrives, delivering a message to Valerian before departing.

"Oh, try me!" Evaristo says and steps up, excitement dancing in his gaze. "I mean, you don't know what wounds I have, hush, nobody tell him."

"So like another sense,"Thea. "Or as Kiera said,"nodding in her direction. Thea sets her forgotten mug down, still a bit curious. "And no--regular person can use it,"she deciphers. "It should--probably go to the Mercies or perhaps Sister Sophie. They would have a far better use of it. I'll write to the Archduchess to see what she would like done."

At Evaristo's piping, Vitalis grins, "I predict lingering nausea from something recently ingested."

Hearing Keira there is another little note given before he is looking to the young woman, Valerian's lips shifting to offer a small nervous smile to her before he is looking to Thea. "It may do well to search the archives as well, there may be something to be gleaned from what is written there on the matter or of similar...items." Moments later when a messenger arrives for him departing so swiftly in a flutter after he message is dropped the young man reaches out taking up the message and tucking it away.

Drake lets one of the medics re-wrap the thing that was wrapped with a fresh bandage... it's better than him trying to do it to himself after all. With that done, he's going to put his arm back in the sling where it was resting. "Nothing much more to be done for me now. But at least we know, he says with a half smile."

Offering a hand towards Medeia, "If I may?" before Felix would lay it upon her shoulder for a moment before he blinks. Rather than announce anything, he leans in to whisper to her before he straightens up. "Probably sick from licking the stone." with a grin, before the smith reaches out to touch Evaristo. "Burns, not bad, but similar to fiction burns. Light to moderate across the back of your shoulder, the side of your stomach. And a cut on your arm." with the same certainty as he had given about Drake.

Brigida seems to be mentally taking notes on everything. "This... has the potential to save so many lives. This must be protected."

Thea glances to Brigida, nodding her head. "It does, yes. That was the hope. And that is still the hope, which is why it should be stored in the proper hands. It makes sense to be given to a godsworn. A physician perhaps,"sending off her letter with Rocco. "I'll await word from the Archduchess."

Vitalis listens as Felix describes yet more wounds with preternatural awareness. He hesitates, expression fraught. "What does the stone let you see in me?"

Evaristo points at Felix, amazement writ all over his face. "That is entirely correct." He pulls his sleeve up to show the tiny cut/scratch on his arm. "The healers haven't even seen this, cause it's nothing to show. I just managed to scratch my arm when making some jewelry."

Kiera nods "It's fate is up to archduchess Jaenelle as to the terms of our agreement but the mercies make mercies make sense to me

Cirroch watches in amusement as Brother Felix wanders from person to person, listing off their wounds as if he can see them. Then muttering to himself, though, /let's be honest, it's cirroch.../ thus to the whole room. "Imagine what a trained healer that is also godsworn could do with this."

At Felix's request, Medeia nods to allow the man to rest his hand on her shoulder. Her eyes widen when he whispers in her ear. "I... already was, so many limbs," she says softly, in awe. Once he is moving on to Evaristo, she stands and begins to make her way hastily - or, well, as hastily as she can - to the exit. "Get that thing to Mother Sophie, /now/." Her voice is insistent, urgent, and then she's off into the hospital and beyond.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington arrive, following Jaenelle.

Felix offers the stone back to Thea, once he's with Evaristo. "Thank you for inviting me today." though the smith sounds almost melancholic. "And I'm glad we could at least get something from it. Perhaps a Mercy will be able to uncover more of what it can do. I'll write up my other observations and send them on." a pause, when Vitalis asks, and touches the man for a moment before giving the stone up. The reply is likewise whispered to the man.

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a pirate, Fluffy, the wary wildcat, 2 Eswynd shieldbearers, Loryk, a cocky but amiable reaver leave, following Medeia.

Clarisse can't help but be excited by this find, hoping that it had come a day earlier to help treat a patient but then that is probably the hope of every healer here. "I would hope it could help so many, but there is only one, stone, while it could help so many, a great many will have to rely on our observations and inquiries to help those who would not be blessed enough to have access to the stone." She looks sad at it being spirited away, clearly with mixed feelings about it.

Jaenelle might be late, having only been freed to come to the end of the meeting regarding her stone, but she is here even if everything else has already happened. Like licking, apparently. She offers a smile and dip of her head, eyes find Thea and focusing on her. "So we have been successful?"

Ian shakes his head to Clarisse. "Stuff like that doesn't exist so people can get to where they depend on it. I don't think that's supposed to be the point." He takes another sip from his flask.

Thea gathers the stone back from Felix, a brief smile appearing. "Thank you Brother Felix, for your help. I hope you enjoyed your stent as a physician." There's a curious look at Medeia as she flees, eyebrow lifted. "Well I'm glad we were able to clear up--what it can do, but it's safe to say that it can't be used by just anyone." Making her oddly feel better. "Thank you everyone, for joining us. To figure it out.."

When Jaenelle makes her way in, Thea nods her head,"We have been, yes. Just waiting to see what you wanted to do with it." She smiles briefly at Jaenelle. "I already made my suggestions, but it's entirely up to you."

Brigida stands up with a huff of effort before she clomps over to Thea and holds a hand out for the stone after Felix handed it to Thea. "May I?"

Drake is letting Thea re-wrap his arm. "I need to speak I think to a Godsworn privately about these wounds," he adds. "But there's no terrible rush."

Kiera looks to Felix for long moment "Perhaps I shall come by the shop at a later time to discuss them"

"Well well, what an EXCITING revelation," Evaristo says and is leaning up against a bench, looking chuffed to bits about this adventure. He drinks some more - there's still a lingering icky taste there. He bows deeply to Jaenelle as she steps in, looking rather awed, then he sidles up to Thea to murmur to her.

Thea checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Thea fails.

Thea looks to Brigida, nodding her head,"Of course,"and hands the stone to her. Then starts looking over both Evaristo and Drake. Habits you know.

When the archduchess to Velenosa arrives Valerian tenses briefly, Wide eyes resting on the well known woman before he is raising up like a marionette that had its strings just jerked. The young man in his haste to rise and follow what he had been reading on etiquette and propriety accidentally knocking over that ink well that had been situated beside him only to unwittingly sit down and have color rise over his cheeks when he feels the little glass bottle beneath him. "I think..I made a mistake." Embarrasment showing as his cheeks darken several shades and he quickly fumbles with his cloak in search of he offending glass bottle now deprived of ink.

Felix gives Kiera a nod. "I'll no doubt be available as needed. Or just send a messenger and I'll meander to meet you." Jaenelle gets a smile and a bow of greeting, before Felix starts to make his way out.

Ian doesn't react to the inkpot being knocked over fast enough to actually catch it, but he does get out of the way before he can get splashed with ink, so that's good. It does temporarily distract him from Jaenelle's entrance.

Cirroch glances over as Jaenelle enters with her guards, a little nod is given to the archduchess princess. "I don't believe that they need a lesson on boats today. Though that one." He points to Evaristo, "Likes to lick things. Be wary of him."

Vitalis stills when Felix touches him, listens and his face screws up a bit, but he murmurs thanks. He straightens when Jaenelle arrives, recognizing her voice, "Archduchess," he bows deep. "Finding it was success enough. We've just learned a property it has in the hands of Godsworn and it's... astonishing. Held, it will let a Godsworn Brother or Sister know the wounds of the person they touch." He pauses, lips pressed in wry twist, "Though that I have an 'issue with my eyes, causing blindness' was no great insight. If I heard it correctly, it detected festering in a wound," a gesture at where he last heard Drake, "An unseen wound," gesture at Evaristo. "Remarkable."

Clarisse looks sad but then smiles as she looks to Valerian, curious about what he has shared with her, not so much worried about the stone anymore. She had also risen with a graceful curtsey for the Archduchess out of deep respect for her. Before she is turning to help make sure that all the little bits of glass from the ink vial are safely cleaned up, if still leaving a stain in its wake. She is trying to clean up as much as she can, though she may not be able to keep it from staining the bench. The worry over the stone forgotten about in th emoment and smiles as its abilities are shared with the Princess.

Brigida hmms as she holds the stone and rubs her thumb over it while thinking and pats Thea, "Thank you Lady Thea. This is quite remarkable."

Kiera nods " I would indeed deem it a success archduchess. per our agreement, you get to decide it's fate though it would appear a godsworn would make best use of it

Evaristo checks composure at hard. Evaristo fails.

Drake looks at Jaenelle with a nod, but he's not acting star-struck. Maybe he can be forgiven for being a little more dour than usual, considering his arm is in a sling. "If I'm done being prodded, I think I'll go back home and rest this off some more." He gives a bit of a bow. "Thank you all for an interesting time. Couldn't ask for more."

Evaristo stares at Cirroch, and then his shoulders start to shake, very hard - he's laughing, the sort of laugh you have when you have problems breathing. "I mean..." he manages to breathe out, "I do like..." He doesn't finish that sentence, turning away to wipe tears from his eyes. "I should PROBABLY... uh.. leave now."

Ian produces a dark colored handkerchief to help soak up some of the spilled ink, but Evaristo's comment is enough to get him to stop, look up, and give a quick snort.

"I wonder what it would do in someone who was once Godsworn, if the Soul remembers such a past life" Jaenelle wonders as she looks towards the stone before her attention shifts towards Brigida when she approaches to see the stone closer. "Though not all Mercies are Godsworn, so perhaps giving the stone directly to the Mercies would be a missed chance for it to be used by the Compact. It might be better suited elsewhere." Evaristo is given a dip of her head as she notes him first, "you are well?" she wonders, looking at his face before her attention is pulled towards Valerian, wide eyed as he sits on an ink well. "My Lord, I dont believe I have ever seen someone with your brand of art before. Will you need to then sit on a piece of paper to transfer the ink design from your bottom to the sheet to create your art, and if so, I am fastinated." She tries to smooth his embarrassment with her smile. There is a laugh for Cirroch when he speaks of boats, "I am glad there is no need for boat lessons, for I dont think the stone would be a very good floatation device. It might sink." Vitalis is reaches out towards lightly, and even as her hand touches him arm her voice follows to show who it is, "I am grateful for the minds of the city who have come together to rediscover the use of this stone, thought lost for quite some time. I wish to see this stone make a difference, even if not all wounds or injuries are beneath its capabilities."

Valerian checks composure at normal. Valerian is successful.

Thea murmurs to Drake, nodding her head,"I'll be there soon. And we'll--see about having a Godsworn looking at that. Auntie already wrote that letter, so there's that too." There's a lift of a brow at Evaristo as well, curious. As people start to depart, Thea starts to nod her head, a smile on her lips for. For only a momemnt. "Thank you for coming."

Valerian checks composure at hard. Valerian is marginally successful.

Clarisse is overheard praising Alarissa.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy leaves, following Kiera.

"Oh me, head up, feet down, still licking stones," Evaristo replies to the high lady. He is sidling away though, still in the throes of hysterical laughter. Not that he cares THAT much, but well - he also is actually not at all well, and needs to go sit down inside and get tended to. He bows, and excuses himself with a strained voice.

Clarisse checks composure at hard. Clarisse is successful.

Thankfully for Valerian if he hears the little joke between Cirroch and Evaristo it doesn't show, the young Kennex lord busy with trying to use his cloak as its what is close and handy to help blot up the ink he had spilled, Those cheeks of his darkening further as that warm blush spreads out and down along his neck. The young Kennex Lord offering up to the woman, "I um..I have never tried art, But I could.. Though admitedly my use of ink is likely best kept to journals.." The young man offering up a nervous smile to the Archduchess before he adds, "I wrote you not long ago.. I am Val..Er.. Lord Valerian Kennex." His head dipping respectfully to the Velenosa archduchess before he offers a thankful look to both Ian and Clarisse.

Clarisse can't help but giggle just a little as she has enjoyed the little jokes that help lighten situations that the Archduchess seems to offer often, in good spirit, and gives a wink to her, mouthing, "Thank You." to her, but otherwise not making a big deal over the spilled ink. She also offers the smile and nod of her head in appreciation for Ian helping too. "Thank you, Lord Kennex."

Ian looks up when Jaenelle comes over to admire Valerian's handiwork. He nods to her, then folds his handkerchief up and looks at it like he's not really sure what to do with it now.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, Midnight Sea, an Ostrian gelding leave, following Evaristo.

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