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A Primer on Healing Herbs

An introductory course on healing herbs is being offered in the Medicinal Gardens at Saving Grace Hospital. Attendees will be able to learn about growing and using common herbs to treat a variety of ailments! Light refreshments provided.

(OOC: A teaching event! If others would like to come to offer train slots, that would be appreciated but not necessary. If you would like to come just for the RP and not to claim a train slot, that would be amazing! All are welcome.
Medeia will specifically be offering three Teaching 5 discounted train slots in the following stats, skills, and abilities: Intellect to 4, Perception to 4; Agriculture 1, Alchemy to 3, Medicine to 4, Teaching to 4; Apothecary to 5.)


April 3, 2021, 1 p.m.

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Ian Mabelle Cambria Thea Cirroch Merek




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Medicinal Gardens

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Comments and Log

The medicinal garden has been arranged for a lecture, though a comfortable one surrounded by pretty plants - and a few braziers to fend off the lingering winter chill. A cart holding drinks and snacks has been brought in, attended by Medeia's assistant Klavdiya. At the front of the carefully arranged space, the lady herself fusses over a few plants she has brought forward to talk about. As guests arrive, she straightens and smiles brightly. "Hello! Welcome to the medicinal garden of the hospital. Make yourselves comfortable, Klavdiya can get you some refreshments. We'll get started shortly."

Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, 2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Fudge, A Highhill Mastiff Puppy, 1 Laurent veteran guards arrive, following Mabelle.

Ian is here for, uh, reasons. Maybe reasons having to do with going absolutely fucking stir crazy at home. He's keeping out of the way, drinking occasionally from a flask.

Mabelle wanders a little too late into the lecture, not quite properly dressed and so she wraps her jacket around her quite tightly. That is what happens when you celebrate spring before spring. She flashes a warm smile as she sees all the plants, "Ooo this out to be interesting", Mabelle grins, maybe she'll learn something new. Finding the refreshment table she collects a glass of hot tea and situates herself properly in order to get a good view.

Cambria had not come to learn anything specifically, exactly. Mostly, the Duchess was curious and wished to overhear the lecture. Finding herself beside Mabelle, who also had the same good sense to find the hot drinks, Cambria greeted the other woman with a smile before turning to offer Medeia a quick smile and wave.

Mabelle has joined the the benches on the left.

Thea possibly thinks Ian is running away from the load of kids at the Kay. Let's be real. Seeing the Kennex, she nods her head, giving a wave to Deia and Mabelle as she enters. "I came to help if you need it,"a smile given to her cousin by marriage as well. "Duchess Cambria. How are you? It's been a--long time."

Cambria has joined the the benches on the left.

Cambria also gives Thea a smile in greeting, saying, "Lady Thea! It really has been quite a long time. I am doing quite well, I must say. And yourself?" She finds a seat at a bench to the left, near Mabelle, in fact, so that they two of them can converse as well.

Mabelle inclines her head to Ian, Thea and Medeia, "Lovely to see both of you", she bows her head and listens intently to the host while quietly chatting with Cambria.

Medeia lifts a brow when she sees Ian, offers a bow of her head, and turns to greet Mabelle. "Happy birthday, Lady Mabelle! How was your cake baking party? I have a gift for you, but I left it at home. I'll send it along later in the day. Duchess Cambria!" The Mazetti is noticed with pleasant surprise. "How lovely to see you here. And Thea, thank you." Once everyone is settled, she makes a gesture to the plants near her. "I'm going to talk about three different herbs and flowers that are easy to find or grow, and how they can help treat common maladies. Any questions before I start?"

Ian is watching the crowd well enough to nod back when people nod to him, offering no explanation for his unexplainable presence.

Thea pauses. Blinking. "Happy birthday, Lady Mabelle,"she tells the Laurent. She smiles a bit, asking,"How many cakes were burned in the kitchen?"before turning her direction to Medeia.

Mabelle grins at Thea, "Well lets see, how many guests were there? About the same quantity", she laughs and thanks both Thea and Medeia for the wishes, "Thank you. Its not actually my name day, but I wanted to get people destressed. And you really did not have to get me anything, but thank you!", she inclines her head to Medeia and then listens as the flowers are beginning to be discussed.

Cambria listens as Medeia begins, looking towards the plants in question. it's clear the Duchess does not even know what they are, other than 'plants' or 'flowers.' Her lips purse ever so slightly when Medeia opens the floor to questions, but then gives a slight shake of her head to indicate that, as yet, no, she has no questions.

The first plant Medeia picks up is in a small clay pot, with short, broad yellow flowers and long, ruffled leaves. "This is the common swine's snout, or more happily in many regions, dandy lion." She passes the pot to Klavdiya to bring around to the guests so they may inspect it. "The roots, leaves, and flowers can all be used in different ways, but you want to be sure to get them before they petals turn to seed - you know, when they get all puffy and white?" There's a motion toward the plant as it passes around. "The roots can be turned into a tea, or ground up. The leaves are edible cooked or uncooked, and the flowers can be used for tea or wine! It is beneficial for clearing up skin, and easing stomach troubles."

"Isn't this a weed?" Cambria asks, her brow wrinkled as she holds the little pot up for inspection when it reaches her. "I see my gardeners pull them up." To later make those very teas or wines that Medeia had just mentioned, though Cambria had no idea. "I do recall blowing the little puff balls of these as a girl, though."

"Oh. It has a lot of uses,"Thea tells Cambria, nodding in agreement to Medeia's words. "The wine is actually not terrible." Not best but not terrible.

Mabelle inspects the roots as she looks over them, curious as she listens to Medeia.

"It is!" Medeia is grinning in response to Cambria. "Well, I don't love the 'weed' label, that's just what we call plants that grow where we don't want them, but I think that's a little disrespectful to Petrichor." Her shoulders lift in a small shrug. "Anyway! You have likely had the leaves in salads or soups." A look is given to Thea. "Not terrible?" The vintner scrunches her nose at her friend, amused.

Thea gives an innocent smile to Deia. "Well I mean, for wine...."

"Huh," Cambria intones as they speak of it being used in salads as well. "I am not much for salad," she remarks distractedly, still observing the plant, even as it is passed to another to inspect as well. "And I am not certain I have ever had dandelion /wine/," she says thoughtfully. She was an individual more likely to know and understand a wine's provenance. "I'm not so certain it is disrespectful to Petrichor," the Duchess then says thoughtfully. "It is throguh his blessing we have dominion over the land, so really, it is more like..." She hums. "Many little tests put there by him for us. Yes." It sounded right to her. "A dandelion here, a dandelion there, find the best place for it to grow, and if you pluck it, find the best use for it out of the ground. But no matter how many you dig up, they are going to grow back, so get used to it."

Medeia's head tilts as she considers Cambria's take on the weed issue. "Hm. In any case? Dandy lions are very helpful, and they grow abundantly! So, we are blessed no matter how people think of them as welcome or unwelcome." She smiles as the clay pot comes back to her. Picking up the next, another flower with bold sunset hued petals. "This is the sunbride! Or, in some regions, Mary's gold. This is one of the most important plants to us in the hospital. Do any of you know why?" It, too, is handed off to be looked at more closely.

"No," Cambria answers honestly. "I had always thought it was ornamental?" Looking at the lovely flower, it was clear Cambria was trying hard to imagine how a flower would be at all useful beyond cheering someone up with its looks or pleasant scent.

Thea tells Deia now, looking around. "It is good for infections and inflammations, swellings..."

Mabelle is totally listening and parcitipating and knowing all the answers, or most, being an apothecary herself. She's here all along.

Mabelle has left the the benches on the left.

Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, 2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Fudge, A Highhill Mastiff Puppy, 1 Laurent veteran guards leave, following Mabelle.

Medeia nods to Thea's response, but her attention shifts back to Cambria. "Actually, they're very useful when planted. They tend to keep garden pests, like rabbits, away from other plants that they would normally eat. A pretty border of sunbride can save an entire yield of vegetables." Once the pot makes its way back to her, she plucks a petal for each guest to rub between their fingers. "Feel that oily substance coming off the petal? As Thea said, it is wonderful for applying to wounds. It aids in healing the skin. The petals can also be a tea, or part of a blend, to help with other ailments."

"Amazing," Cambria intones, rubbing the petal as instructed. She then sniffs her fingers, curious. "How does one extract this oil to make it useful to apply to wounds, though? Surely you don't just rub someone down with the flowers themselves?" Beneath her breath, there is something muttered about how it sounded a bit raunchy. "And what sort of ailments would the tea be used for? Like a cold?"

Thea, being the physician that she is is already listing for her cousin,"Muscle cramps, rashes.."but pauses because this is Medeia's show. She silences herself with a drink from her flask. "You mean you wouldn't let my cousin rub you down with pretty flowers,"Thea teases.

Medeia makes a gentle motion toward Thea as she answers, confirming her response to Cambria. "Mouth sores, also. But! Mortar and pestle to grind for poultices and salves, boiling for teas and tinctures."

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met, 2 Sanna House Guards, Bear arrive, following Cirroch.

"I see," Cambria replies to Medeia with a nod of understanding. To Thea, her blue eyes dart towards the Malvici woman, and then furtively back towards the sunbride. "A lady does not say what she does or does not do..." She pauses only briefly. "Or what she does or does not have her Consort do." There were /other/ people in attendance, after all! And so what if the three of them were native Lycene women who very much would say those things. This was a mature, adult conversation about medicinal herbs. And so Cambria decided to settle the matter with, "I would most certainly have my Consort, who is something of physician himself you may be surprised to know, rub me down with flowers if it was necessary for health." She nodded, pleased with herself. /That/ was the glory of being Lycene: to talk out of both sides of your mouth.

Cirroch has joined the the benches on the left.

Striding through the doors without much of a coat on, just a tunic, usual leathers and this silk thing that he's been roaming about in. Cirroch stops as he gets into the medical garden, his hands clap together "Hello!" Then he hears the tail end of Cambria's statement and is left mildly speechless. "Huh. For health then."

Thea listens to Medeia. It's Cambria's answers that causes her to amusedly grin. "And you'll smell great all the time. Before and after--,"'nodding to Cirroch as he enters. "Lord Cirroch. Hello,"the Malvici greets with ease.

"He is, I learned about that the other night. I was most impressed by his dedication to learning. Not many men are even in the /room/ when their children are born, to have delivered them?" Medeia is clearly focusing on the Very Mature Adults part of Cambria's words. "However, in the field? In a... pinch? One /could/ resort to rubbing another down with flowers. For health." Her attention slides to Cirroch, a welcoming smile in place. "Marquis Cirroch, welcome. We were just discussing the benefits of sunbride flowers. I'm not sure what they call them in the northlands - you may know them as Mary's Gold." There is one last plant to get through today, which she picks up and holds ready.

"Ah, Marquis Cirroch, I am glad you could join us." Cambria pats the bench beside her. "Lady Medeia is leading a discussion on medicinal herbs. Fascinating stuff," she says, genuinely pleased with what she had learned so far. To Thea, the Duchess nods with agreement. "I do love to smell good." As if there was someone that didn't! When Medeia brings forth the third and final plant, Cambria promptly refocuses her attention.

Cirroch addresses those present before taking the suggested seat. "Lady Thea, it is good to see you again. I hope you were able to figure out your experiments from the other night." A nod to Medeia, "Lady Medeia, please don't let me interrupt your lecture, I apologize for being late. And yes, I know of sunbride flowers. Mary's Gold was one of my mother's favorites."

He turns to Cambria as he takes the offered seat, "Duchess Cambria, smelling nice is a good desire. Again, apologies for my late arrival."

Thea chuckles a little at Cirroch. "Not quite, but thank you. Never too late." As Deia pulls out the next plant, she looks over with head cocked, trying to see what it is.

"Late is better than never, no?" Medeia gives Cirroch a reassuring smile as she holds out the plant to Klavdiya to pass around. "This is sage. There are several varieties, but they're mostly all just called sage. Though be careful, some can have... Unintended consequences." Her expression flickers with mischief before sobering. "We might commonly think of it for use in cooking - and it is delicious that way! It aids in digestion, which is why it is often added to rich meats. But it is also good on winter squashes, with cream sauces, and other dishes."

"No need to apologize," Cambria says to Cirroch. "Oh, sage, how interesting!" All the plants Cambria had been somewhat familiar with, just not in any way medicinal. "What could the humble sage possibly do?" The Duchess asks, a bit wary after having seen that expression cross Medeia's face.

Cirroch has a flicker of a smirk and attempting to hold his tongue as the sage is passed around, failing a bit and blurting out. "Oh. I know this one!" The marquis looks amused in that he knows something about what is being discussed. Then as if reciting as if told the phrase many times over, "The plant is good for heartburn, or when an advisor keeps needling about the same topic over and over." A little nod as he looks to smell the sage that is to be passed about. "Our Shaman will burn the stuff whenever we're to be receiving in the great halls at the stronghold too."

Thea knows her plants, for reasons of her own. "Deia, this reminds me. I neee to talk to you later,"before her focus falls on Cirroch. Curious, Thea lifts a single perfectly arched brow. "Why?"

"Should I not touch it?" Cambria blurts, confused. "But that doesn't make sense, we /eat/ the stuff." It seemed to perturb her that she did not know, and it seemed as though she should know. Hello, Lyceum. Poison. Anybody, anybody?

Medeia laughs softly seeing Cambria's concern. "Certain varieties act similarly to haze, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if some folk blended them." Then there's a nod for Cirroch. "Mhm, there are traditions that involve the burning of dried sage, meant to purify a space or appease spirits. While that is not a tradition of my birth family or my house, I do sometimes add sage around our central fire - I like the smell more than whale oil." After giving Thea a curious look, she reassures Cambria, "Touching is just fine! This is a very normal variety. It could be brewed into a tea with lemon. It is excellent at balancing the humors and ridding one of sniffles."

"Oh, /ohh/," Cambria intones, finally getting it." She laughs at herself, and after having looked over the plant long enough, passes it to the next person. "Now, this is a tea I am familiar with, and do enjoy during these colder months. I also really do enjoy nettle tea. Perhaps next time, that could feature in one of your lectures?"

Cirroch nods a little to Medeia, turning to face Thea with the answer, "As Lady Medeia has noted. It is to clear the space, in case we have an ancestor hanging about that wishes to make a treaty or discussion go in another direction. Sage will clear them away, giving us the room to breathe within." turning back to Medeia, "We do the same in the Giant Hall at the manor. Sage will be added to it at least twice a day."

"I'd be happy to talk about nettles! Next time." Medeia gives Cambria a grateful smile. "I do hope to do more of these, though the next is likely going to be put off until after the little ones come. And by then, my garden at the Sanctuary should be ready for hosting some lessons." Motioning back to the sage, she notes, "I can't say if it /actually/ clears away spirits, but I do know that people who have had sage burned around them regularly generally experience fewer maladies of the head and chest." As the pot finds its way back, she adds one more note, "The tea, left to cool and used as a rinse on the hair can aid in ridding one of the louse that sometimes cause horrible head itching."

"Interesting," Cambria replies, in such a way as to suggest she has never encountered this horrid sounding malady...and hoped to never do so, either. "Well, whenever the next one can be held, I certainly plan to attend. But," she holds up a forestalling hand. "I well understand that there will be some necessary time for yourself and your growing family." Cambria was by no means an impatient woman. Except when she wasn't.

Cirroch looks back to the lesson from a quiet word with Cambria. Completely paying attention... "Ah, when are the little ones to be causing a ruckus within your house?"

"Lady Medeia," Cambria says in a low voice with a nod of her head towards the pregnant Eswynd lady.

Merek walks along and into the place, or was the man always about listening, he settles about to listen to the primer.

Medeia sets the sage aside, hands coming to rest on her midsection. "Hm. Twins tend to come early, so perhaps just another few weeks. Certainly not more than another two months, though." She looks between the guests, giving Merek a nod as he enters. "Any questions /not/ about my babies?" Her smile is warm, however, she is simply ensuring that any curiosity that lingers about the dandy lions, sunbride, and sage have been answered.

Cirroch nods to Cambria with an 'Ah,' and a small grin, turning towards Medeia "Do you have any suggestions for which keeps best in gardens within the city?"

Well there goes the question about naming one of the babies Thea. KIDDING! There's a nod at Merek as he enters however, before she shakes her head at Medeia. "All is well here."

Cambria shakes her head in the negative, though she does appear curious to hear the answer to Cirroch's question.

"Well, the dandy lions you can find anywhere you look that has grass as spring settles in. There is little need to cultivate them." Medeia glances back at the sunbride and sage. "The other two are both excellent for our current region. Some sages fare better in the southern regions, though. And there is mountain sage, as you know, that can withstand the winters."

Cambria pushes to her feet, politely excusing herself to those sitting around her and the burly northern Marquis. "I must thank you again for this delightful lecture, lady Medeia," Cambria says. "I have truly enjoyed myself, and I have grown, even if only somewhat, in knowledge. But as we are coming to a close, I really must be off..." She turns to look to Cirroch and Thea. "It was lovely to spend time in your company. In fact," she brightens. "I have only just now realized I am surrounded by extended family and friends. I really must make it a point to do this more often."

Thea tells Cambria with sincerity. A rare tone--usually. "Was good to see you."

Medeia gives what passes for a curtsy as Cambria begins to make her way out. "You're welcome, Duchess Cambria. It was my pleasure, truly. I'll be sure to inform you when I hold another." With another look around for any further questions, the lady gives a short, final nod. "Thank you all for joining me today. I hope that you all have found it useful."

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