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Antics around the Fire (Bee)

Lady Mabelle Laurent and Princess Liara Grayson invite people to the Fire Bee to enjoy an evening of good company in a rustic setting. Guests are encouraged to bring limericks to entertain with and stories to tell. There is also the prospect of some games for those interested - details to be discovered upon arrival!


May 7, 2021, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Liara Mabelle

GM'd By



Noah Isabeau Ryhalt Dycard Veronica Malcolm Graziella Aella Aethan Thea Patrizio Raimon



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Fire Bee Cider House

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Comments and Log

6 Ivory Shields, Oubi the Owl arrive, following Graziella.

Oubi the Owl have been dismissed.

The Fire Bee is dressed for a feast. Tables are set to the side with a the variety of the foods the place offers and some gaming posts are set to the side. Musicians are playing the fiddle to match the overall ambience of the place. Suitably, Mabelle and Liara stand somewhere in the center of the room welcoming the guests, Mabelle looking like she was consumed by a forest herself with a wildly floral dress. "Welcome!", she smiles to those who arrive, "This is the first night we are opening the Fire Bee Cider House, a place for all your apple flavors and forms. Please find a seat or a log and we shall begin shortly. I recommend the pie", of course she does.

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William, a taciturn quartermaster arrives, following Aethan.

Veronica gets Grayson green apple wine from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Ryhalt gets Grayson green apple wine from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Aethan gets Grayson green apple wine from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Dycard gets Grayson green apple wine from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Noah takes Grayson green apple wine from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Isabeau gets a slice of cake squishy plushie from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Aethan gets a slice of cake squishy plushie from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Malcolm takes a slice of cake squishy plushie from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Noah strides into the area and heaves a bit of a expelled breath. The prince moves immediately to find a drink and lounge against a tree or something.

Graziella takes Grayson green apple wine from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Noah takes a slice of cake squishy plushie from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Flanked by her guards, Isabeau steps into the building. She gently gestures her entourage away and flicks the lambent pools of her cobalt blue eyes around the interior of the space. Her attention catching on Mabelle and Liara, as she offers a greeting nod and a warm smile to both, hand raising in a gentle wave as she looks around for a place to sit before immediately settling on a used barrel. Each step is accompanied by the rustle of her garnet-hued seasilk.

Isabeau has joined the an area of couch sitting, made of used barrels.

Ryhalt lingers outside a little, squinting at the sign to the place. With a shrug, he enters and smiles to find this is the place, after all. He smiles to the hosts, Mabelle and Liara. "The pie, huh?" He nods as that makes sense.

Aella takes Grayson green apple wine from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Mabelle takes Large Candied Apple from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Looking wildly out of place for the surroundings, as opposed to Mabelle's general floral-ness, Liara is instead clad in velvet in the colours of House Grayson. She lingers towards the middle of the place, to greet people as they come in (or, considering Liara's general demeanour at times, it's more like she happens to people). She lifts her glass - with some of that apple wine - to Noah and offers a light smile. "Noah! I received a most curious letter lately, and dare say you would be quite glad about it." It's all quite vague. A flutter of her gloved fingers is given to greet Isabeau and Ryhalt next. "Duchess Telmar, Duke Farshaw, welcome."

Sweeping into the Fire Bee, Dycard flashes a smile about as he admires the Cider House. Offering a bow the hostesses, his eyes flash as he rises and runs a hand through his hair. "Your Highness, my lady. The Fire Bee looks lovely, Lady Laurent, but - " he paused while squinting at the bear statue - "I think i'm going to look at this bear here," he explained to allow the two to control the flow of guests.

Veronica arrives alone, having gotten wind of the proposed party and decided it was time to sample some of the pleasures of Arx again in earnest now that she's returned. Also, apple-themed? Well, we'll see. She enters the main room and smiles to the two hostesses, moving over to introduce herself. "I don't think we have met, but I had to see what was happening with this--I am lady Veronica Keaton." She'll offer out a hand to Liara and Mabelle, whichever might take it, as her smile of greeting persists.

Malcolm arrives - as himself, humming a tune better left out of key and without lyrics. He pauses, glances down, scoops up a velveteen slice of cake - regards it - and beams, giving it a hug. "This is amazing." Then, looking around the interior of the Fire Bee, he meanders - no rhyme or reason to the direction other than how to figure out how a forest managed to get inside a cider house. "Pie. Looking bright, Lady Mabelle. Though, first, this greenery is real clever. Would do the same in Shepherd's study, if I could. Might make it less stuffy." And off - in pursuit of pie.

Malcolm has joined the a simple apple wood bar with leather stools.

Princess Graziella Pravus arrives in an outfit of casual leathers sporting a variety of stygian spider accents, her large blue eyes retain a dour lidded look that belies her big perfectly performed smile. Vacant gazes wash over party goers with an indifferent demeanor and Grazi makes her way into the room slowly, as if inclined to wander or already lost in her thoughts.

The promise of antics and drink and fire lures Countess Aella Ravenseye out of the Redrain ward and away from the backlog of paperwork she's been slogging through for some much needed entertainment. Her copper hair is left loose, tamed minimally by a few thin braids held with silver beads and raven feathers. A grin brightens her otherwise stormy countenance as she sees how /comfortable/ the surrounds are - and then Noah lounging against a tree. But first? Greetings for the hosts, a bow of her head and shoulders as she says, "High Lady Liara, Lady Mabelle, this all looks wonderful." Then a drink. She finds one easily before making her way toward the Grayson prince.

Mabelle spies Noah as he enters with an amused grin before welcoming all the Duchy, apparently, "Duchess Isabeau, Duke Farshaw, Duke Malclom, a pleasure seeing you all here", and regards the greenery, "College of agriculture has some very talented people", she mentions and moves on to greet Dycard and Veronica, "Lord Blackshore..", his comment about the bear sets her to a raging laughter and Veronica earns a smile, "A pleasure, Lady Keaton, and welcome."

As Graziella meanders in, Mabelle gazes at her in appreciation, "Lovely ensemble, Princess".

Aethan arrives as well, alone. That's note of particular surprise, nor should it be. He lacks even a proper guard. Well, one would suppose he's not exactly alone, truthfully his faithful quartermaster is there with him, slipping in behind the stiffly but perfectly poised Kennex. Although the man does find himself stopping as he looks upon all the forest like decor, his jaw flexing a bit, a calculated once over of the immediate space. He approaches Mabelle though, once the line thins to do so, "Lady Laurent," he greets with a tip of his head, "What a comfort this place is, to those who like the forest." A tightness around his eyes suggests an irony that isn't vocalized, "Congratulations, are in order."

Noah gives a longing look towards where the people are not, but he moves over to Liara for a moment. "You received a vague letter and it would please me?" His voice rumbles as he studies his cousin. "You got me a cat?" He just looks a bit bored, which means he might be interested. "What is this letter?"

"High Lady Liara and Lady Mabelle, thank you for the welcome. Are the two of you plotting to make us do embarrassing things for said apple deliciousness?" Ryhalt asks them with an easy smile.

Liara offers an easy smile to greet Dycard. "How do you do, my lord? Have a care, it is rather large." As if the bear statue's going to do anything. Then she reaches to shake Veronica's hand as she introduces herself, formal enough. "Princess Liara Grayson, Princess of Bastion. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Veronica, and you are very welcome. Lady Mabelle has a fascinating establishment here."

The Grayson flashes Malcolm a warm smile although does nothing to distract from the pursuit of pie, her gaze turning to Graziella, who she greets lightly, echoing Mabelle's sentiment, "As Lady Mabelle said: lovely. Welcome, your highness." A wiggle of her fingers to Aella follows. "I hope you enjoy it all, Countess. You may be quite taken with the games."

Back to Noah, "I received a somewhat vague letter, sent a very specific reply, and indicated my assent. The matter you raised with me in the study some weeks ago."

Veronica dips a curtsey in greeting to Mabelle, then her eyes light fall upon the sparkling choker as it catches the light. "Oh, my lady, that is truly a beautiful piece." And she'll curtsey again, and back away so that others might give their greetings or see the necklace. Instead, she'll find some cider and circulate towards Dycard as he examines the bear. "My lord--I believe I saw you Norwood's duel speaking with my cousin, but I don't think we had a chance to be introduced." She'll offer a hand out. "Lady Veronica Keaton."

Noah arches up one brow above his left eye. "How was it vague? Not filled with words and affirmations?" He nods his head a bit to this though. A /vague/ nod before he looks at the others around the room.

Mabelle smiles warmly to Aella upon her entry as well, "Countess. Duke Aethan", her eyes narrow at him amusedly, "I'm sensing a compliment but I'm not sure", she grins at him, "I'm pleased you made it. As for embarrasing - I do not know, Duke Ryhalt. Embarrassing is Her Highness' realm", her thumb indicates Liara as she takes the innocent role. Her fingers move to touch the glass snake on her neck, "Thank you".

Malcolm, pie in hand, salutes the Grayson's Highlord with a snappy salute of an eating utensil. Then, he is very content, as a Shepherd Duke often is - with good food and strong drink. Manners may or may not be present. After all - it's pie.

Dycard stands in an almost conspiratorially fashion beside the bear, as if plotting with the thing somehow, while watching the introductions and greetings from the fringe of the groups. At Veronica's introduction he laughed and rolled his eyes while taking her hand and bowing slightly. "You mean to say hear me making a fool of myself with our mutual cousin then?" he joked, "Lord Dycard Blackshore, at your service, my lady," he finished pleasantly while smiling.

All the introductions intended for everyone else wash over Graziella as she slinks into the party but it is the comment on her outfit from Mabelle that pulls her focus first, "Oh, Lady Mabelle, kind of you to say.. and that outfit /you/ have on-" Grazi lofts a slender hand to her collarbone with a small sound of indulgence, "Practically divine." Sumptuously she narrows her eyes when she sees the choker and adds, "Who made /that/ piece? It is stunning."

Everyone else around the Pravus gets a vacant smile until they make en effort to pull her focus or just happen to have on an especially interesting piece of jewelry or pair of shoes. "Princess Liara, thank you for the kind word Your Highness. Lovely gathering.."

Conspiring with bears. What has the nobility come to? Still Veronica returns the smile and nods to acknowledge the name, and makes a small sound of dismissal accompanied by gesture at the notion of making a fool. "Ah, an islander then--well, good to meet you here. The decor is certainly interesting." She eyes the bear. "We Keatons spend much of our time in the woods already, so why not socially as well." Her gesture takes in the various greenery and soft lights.

Aethan settles for, "A compliment." It's a short thing but then he's moving aside to find himself some of the Grayson Green apple wine to sample, ending up near Aella, to whom he gives a curt nod. "Have you tried the wine yet?" he asks, while he sniffs his freshly poured glass. The Kennex Duke was not a bright social moth, unlike some of the other faces here, rather lowkey all things considered. He does look around at all that the Cider House represents, tasting the wine with a sudden lick of his lips, "Oh, I think this would go well with pheasant." He considers Aella, "I'm Aethen, Duke Regent of House Kennex. I don't think we've met."

Mabelle reaches to the bar to collect a tall glass of apple cocktail, looking amused as Dycard deposits himself next to the bear, looking vastly shorter than the beast. "Blessed Felix has some very talented smiths in the back of his shop, they indulge my new fascination with snake jewelry", she expresses to Graziella. Her eyes falls upon Liara, "My generous Patron and High Lady Princess Liara has a few challenges for you and I have a few prizes, all related to honey, I fear, until I find a mine that produces apple diamonds", laughter escapes her lips, "But!! Games aside! There will be a special prize for someone who comes up with a funny limerick. I'm the judge though, the only authority".

Liara arcs an eyebrow at Mabelle's suggestion regarding matters embarrassing and inquires, "Have you ever known me to be embarrassed, my lady?" Then she offers Graziella an easy smile, "Thank you. I really must look at a corset of that style for myself at some stage."

A sudden grin finds the high lady's features at the mention of games and she drifts a few steps over towards the apple barrel, wondering, "Does anybody fancy a tasty apple?"

Isabeau crosses her feet gently at the ankles as her cobalt blue gaze wanders the room, the plush slice of cake settled neatly in her garnet-clad lap as she looks around, another nod given to Liara and Mabelle each when they speak their greetings. She smiles towards Aethan and Malcolm both, offering each an inclination of her head and a demure smile in greeting. When her gaze falls on Noah, however, she looks just slightly off-put, a single corner of her lips tugging down for a very brief moment.

"Aye, that's a fair bet," Aella says in response to Liara, her smile somehow getting bigger. Her attention flicks to the man Mabelle named after her, returning Aethan's nod. "Not usually a wine drinker," She notes, but lifts her glass in his direction. "With pheasant?" She takes a sip, curious at the claim, before giving another nod. "Duke Aethan Kennex, well met - and good call," She means on the pairing of wine and bird, "Countess Aella Ravenseye. Your house is responsible for the pepper vodka, aye?"

"Born and bred, as it were. Though I find the city has become more attractive the longer I pace about," Dycard replies with a grin as he jerks his head toward the side. "I am contemplating how best to secure this so I can turn it into a liquor cabinet for my cabin," he explained before piquing up at Mabelle's proclamation. "Much of a limericker? I think I may try my hand at it," he explained before gesturing toward the apple barrel to indicate his new course to go and figure out what Liara was planning.

"Did I have show you the snake dress I had tailored last year? Perhaps I'll pull it out one of this old days, if you're inclined to snake fashions. They are truly amazing animals, to have have come so far- and without legs!" Princess Graziella's monotone lilt drifts along and her average airy speaking voice makes it hard to tell when the naive honesty ends and the sardonic humor begins. "Oh games!" She clap-claps her hands twice very delicately, "How fun!" In an aside to Liara, "Audgrim sells them in his shop, if you haven't been inside you're missing out.. the things that man can do with common leathers! I have six of his coats."

Noah mutters off to the side a bit, "What is a limerick?" There is a frown of on his features before he clears it to hear about the games that play. He eyes the pie but he mainly has drink.

Ryhalt eyes the barrel. "Oy barrel... are we going to have to bob or balance on the barrel for this apple?"

Aethan spots Isabeau, inclining his head politely to the Duchess, before he continues to speak with Aella, "Yes. The Pepper Vodka," he seems rather amused by that, if his stoic face could possibly express it anywhere other than in the glint of his eyes, "And other varities I do believe." He is close enough because standing near Aella that he politely notes to Liara, "Your Highness." His gaze flowing then to the bear where Dycard is, but on the mention of a game, he asks the Countess Ravenseye, "Not known for poetry. Drinking, certainly..." he upnods to the contest, "Are you going to partake, Countess?"

Mabelle smiles warmly to Liara, "Of course not, Your Highness, I was refering to your mischief." She confirms to Dycard then, "Aye well, five or six sentences, rhyme. Basically very bad poetry", she notes for everyone, particularly Noah. To Graziella, she notes, "I'd love to see it, they do slither quite nicely for jewels". As Liara directs everyone to the barrels, Mabelle murmurs to her girl, "Go get towels, this will be wet".

"Bad poetry. Where

Veronica gives a bit of a snort to the idea of turning the bear into a liquor cabinet, eyeing the creature speculatively. "It would certainly make an impression on a long sea voyage," she notes before taking a good pull of her cider. There's a bit of a dubious expression at the idea of limericking, but then she's been around enough soldiers to know what kind of limericks folks sometimes get up to. She'll move towards Liara and the apple barrel with a raised eyebrow to see what indignity this contest could inflict upon her.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Liara brightens at Graziella's suggestion about Audgrim. "Does he indeed? I have met him once but it did not occur to me that I might find something quite like that. I shall certainly look." She flashes Aethan a smile, an amicable, "Duke Kennex."

Hanging out over near the apple barrel now, Liara goes to click her fingers and point at Ryhalt, an effect rather spoiled by the fact that she has gloves on. She tries anyway. "Well guessed, my lord. Indeed. If anyone cares to have a go, we are going to have a little contest, to see who can extract an apple most quickly without using their hands."

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Dycard scratches his head, glancing around while waiting to see if anyone volunteers outright. Grabbing onto the lapels of his coat he lets out a sigh and grins while going to get in line, he inclined his head to Ryhalt as he rocked about on his heels. "My lord - it is a pleasure to see you again. Did you intend to go to this latest Salon meeting coming up?"

Thea takes Grayson green apple wine from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Aella laughs, glancing from Mabelle to Aethan. A limerick? "We northerners are surprisingly poetic, though our subjects may cause a blush." She tips her head, considering the contest. "Without our hands? High Lady Liara! Can we use our swords?" The countess is probably joking. Probably. "Not so sure I aught get my hair wet. You?" Aethan is given a look that could be interpreted as a challenge.

One of the servers move to sheepishly place a a pile of clean towels by the barrel.

Being a bit late, Thea is quick to apologize. "Im so sorry. I got caught up in meetings and Drake's one wound hasn't healed yet, so Ive been tending to that, and,"the Wyvernheart starts. But then hears something about catching apples. "This looks great, Mabelle,"Thea says with a brief smile.

Clasping her own hands neatly together in front of herself as she stands a little way back behind the barrel, one of the staff showing up to place a precise hourglass on to a table nearby, Liara answers Aella, "You certainly can, my lady, if you can hold your sword in your teeth. I take no responsibility for injuries incurred."

Aethan notes quietly, "Not much left to make me blush, Countess. But you could always try." That too a challenge fired back, when his arm gestures toawrd the barrel, "If you are going to get your hair wet, I can't say no." He promptly will step behind Aella to get in the line of this great apple bob. What is he doing. WHAT is he even doing.

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Ryhalt chuckles at it being a dunking game, nodding to Liara. "Can we use our feet?" He hides a grin. As Dycard addresses him, he nods, grinning. "Good to see you again, too. Salon meeting?" He hesitates, thinking. "Not too sure, I don't recall if it's a topic I'm particularly interested in or not. What will be the topic?"

Graziella pulls some knitting needles out of her bag and goes about the task of pinning her hair up as she moves to get in line.

Mabelle watches entertainedly as she watches all the Peerage about to dip their head in a barrel while she sits onthe sit, sipping her wine and letting Liara handle things, "I'm rooting for all of you to succeed in keeping my hair dry", she toasts them.

Liara upturns her hand in a gentle gesture to Ryhalt and answers, "Impressive although that may be, my lord, no feet either."

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Standing back, Liara waits for people to come forward, a careful eye kept on that sand timer too.

Noah looks at this barrel thing. He sighs and then opens his mouth to get hold of an apple. There is a bit of splash on his gray clothing, but he manages to get an apple. He pauses as he gets a message and then gives a low comment to Liara.

"Darn." Ryhalt grins at Liara and chuckles. While waiting for his turn in line he twists up his shoulder-length hair in an attempt to get it so it'll stay out of the water. Hearing Mabelle's words, he laughs. "Did you just dare us to splash you, Lady Mabelle?" When it is his turn, he tries catch the apple which evades him until he manages to sink his teeth in it and pluck it out.

Liara brought a sand timer. She's not kidding around. Mabelle stands by the bar looking mighty amused, calling toward Ryhalt, "Hospitals are still full, Duke Farshaw, I would not risk that", she winks.

When it is her turn Graziells steps up to the barrel and stares down into the water for a long time as she waits for the bobbing to subside, "Wait for it.." She holds up both hands with the poise of a dancer as she extends them out to her side before bending sharply at the waist- the kind of bending required by a leather corset. Then in one quick motion she dips her head forward and plucks an apple easily by the stem. Once completed she stands up and holds the apple aloft while smiling broadly with girlish charm. "I did it!"

Veronica withdraws a bit of green ribbon from her pockets and ties her blonde hair back tightly as she eyes the barrel. She'll fold and clasp her arms behind herself to avoid any temptation of hand usage in the process of apple-grabbing, then boldly approaches the barrel with perhaps undue confidence. Splash! She dunks herself in pretty thoroughly, perhaps more than she had intended to do, but it was enough to entrap a hapless apple in her teeth with reasonable speed, which she will promptly drop into her hand as she gropes for one of the provided towels and makes way for the next contestant.

Thea looks at the barrel. There's a brief look at Noah too. Possibly picturing dunking his head in. Grinning to herself, she clasps her hand behind her back and leans forward, search for that water. Water gets up her nose of course, some in het hair. But she's successful, producing an apple in her mouth.

Isabeau checks charm at normal. Isabeau is successful.

Hisses through his teeth as he approaches the barrel, watching the success of others with a little trepidation. When it's his turn he clasps his hands behind his back and dunks his head into the water. His head thrashes about while trying to claim one with his teeth before finally deciding on using his head to push an apple to the wall to then bite into and lift from the water. Dropping it into his hand, he flashes a grin around before stepping from the line and shaking his mane of hair about.

Mabelle mumurs aside to Liara in wonderment, "People are oddlt good at this"

Aella accepts the deal with Aethan, but something seems to distract her. Is she thinking about a limerick? When she steps up to the barrel for her turn, there's a laugh on her lips - which the seafaring countess seems to forget is a bad idea when sticking your head underwater. She plunges her head in, one hand holding her hair in a bundle, and immediately inhales water through her nose. Coming up startled, and choking, she veers away from the barrel and knock right into Veronica.

Veronica had just draped her towel around her neck and unbound her hair to commence a bit with drying it when she is barreled again--into, this time, by Aella. One arm goes out reflexively to catch the other woman so she does not fall, and steady her own self as she blinks in some startlement. "Oh, my goodness, are you alright my lady--?" She still has an apple in her left hand, held out at an angle as if collision could have damaged it. Hey. She fought for that apple.

The young Duchess waits for her turn in line. And.... tries. She really does. But lacking anything to tie her hair back, the first order of business once her head is well and properly dunked is to get hair in her eyes, and then more manages to make its way into her mouth and cause her to choke on first her hair, then the water, and then Isabeau pushes herself bodily back from the barrel, with a splash, hair flinging water on anyone behind her. But ever a creature of charm, she ends up with a lissome smile on her face as soon as she can breathe, her hands smoothing her wreath of hair back in their darker golden wet state.

Aethan looks exactly the type of person to have experience with barrels, right. The Duke waits his turn in line at the bobbing for barrels and once one is free, he looked chagrined the closer he got to the barrel. Peering over toward Aella, he watches some of the others bobbing, his lips giving into a slight tangle of expression. He watches Aella with a soft snort when she plunges in. "Countess, are you okay?" when she comes up choking. When it was his turn, perhaps it's the pride of his perfectionism that makes him quite so elegant in the way he bows over at the waist, waiting until an apple floats close. It's the slowest darned bobbing of apples you'll ever see, but it was done with grace and absolutely no water splashed or even moved. Heavily controlled movements! Teeth flash and then he comes up with an apple, spitting it out into his hand and flicking it upward, to toss it in the bitten apple box near the barrel, with an 'that was too easy' crook on his lips.

Aella checks wits at normal. Aella is successful.

Liara gives a quick clap with each apple successfully extracted, then she laughs lightly at Mabelle. "Aren't they?" And then Aella has a go and Liara peers over with a bit of concern at the choking, though doesn't interfere. She instead just clears her throat gently and looks back to the next person up. Isabeau's efforts have the Grayson looking back and forth between her and the timer several times over, then a faint smile as the Telmar emerges at least not drowned in an apple barrel.

Then Liara goes to watch Aethan, and claps her hands again. "I dare say we have a clear winner. Deftly done, my lord! And Princess Graziella a close second."

Mabelle claps her hands in delight as people keep bobbing apples out of the barrel, "Well, we can be certain you have really good teeth. Duke Kennex, I'm impressed, I am", she informs him amusedly as she turns to Aella, "Are you alright? Press you palm to your nose and inhale slowly, it will clear the path". She looks a little concerned until the Countess finds her bearing. Isabeau earns a smile as well, "You look magnificent. Perhaps the next game will be easier", she offers her a towel.

"Countess Aella,"Thea asks with a blink. "You alright,"hopping back from the fiasco that displays itself. Her eyes shift to Aethan as well. "Duke Aethan. Good to see you again,"her smile a bit too innocent. But then there's Duchess Isabeau too. "This wasn't a way to secretly drown anyone, was it,"Thea asks with a lifted briw.

Ryhalt claps for everyone as its their turn and eats his apple after he gets it. He claps again for the winners, smiling.

Graziella has a perfuntory nod with a pleased intonation as she admits, "I /do/ have experience, I play this every year on my birthday... except we use liquor and light the bowl on fire." Nod.

For what it's worth, Aella isn't a sore loser. "Was just show... What not to do..." She gasps, steadying herself as Veronica protects the apple she won. A cough, and an attempt at smoothing her (soaked) hair and tunic, later, she smiles as if nothing happened. "Sorry about that! Countess Aella Ravenseye," her head dips to Veronica. "That fire sure sounds good about now."

Dycard frowns in concern, his head listing to the side as he ran both hands through his hair and regarded Aella and those helping her. Joining in the polite clapping, he nodded at Aethan with a laugh, "Breaking rocks and bobbing for apples, my lord - well done. One for the Isles, am I right?"

Isabeau flounces right on over to Mabelle, batting her long russet eyelashes at the woman before giving a flick of a wet strand of hair in her directions with a demure smile, sending a few spare water droplets splashing for the other woman.

Noah is overheard praising Liara.

Noah is overheard praising Mabelle.

Mabelle releases a hearty laughter at Graziella's comment, "What?", she widens her eyes at her and sends her girl to hand her a small parcel. Isabeau's splashing catch her off guard, "Duchess, play nice!". She travels toward Aethan then, pressing something small into his hand and murmurs something to his ear.

"Lady Veronica Keaton." The young blonde offers in return to Aella, and her introduction somehow encompasses Aethan as well since he is nearby. "I would say we have had demonstrations in both directions on the topic of apple bobbing tonight--congratulations on your victory, duke Aethan." And person she has just sort of met. "The fire does sound lovely however, shall we?"

Aethan considers Lira with a brow lift, but then he bows his head at the compliment, no doubt liking the opportunity to win at something! Perfectionists alway do. Attention flows to Aella and Thea, Thea for calling to him, "Ah, Lady Thea. It's been a while, but not too long. Pleasure to see you." He makes sure that Aella isn't dying over there, surrounded by good people, his head nodding to Dycard, "It wasn't my intention to get wet." A pause as he considers Dycard, "A win is a win." He moves over toward Dycard, a hand extended out, to greet him promptly. Mabelle earns a fast look too, "Not many get to see my teeth, take it as a special opportunity." He frees his hand from any greeting with Dycard, clapping the man's shoulder before he turns to listen to Mabelle, tilting his head aside, "That sounds dangerous."

Isabeau offers Mabelle an all too innocent smile as she ventures, "Wouldn't want you to feel left out, my Lady." She then makes her way over towards the fire with an empathetic looks given to Aella as she nears.

Patrizio ducks in from the street without, with a wary eye about for a few moments as if he's almost wondering what he's about to walk into. He is, for once, bereft of his usual accompaniment, and indeed is even dressed down for the moment in silks rather than steel, all the better to be a little more subtle as he's looking to see the lay of the land...

"Snapdragon? Oh it /is/ dangerous, you snap apples and small fruit right out of a shallow bowl of burning brandy. The trick is watching how the flames dance across the surface and timing your grab." Princess Graziella elaborates on her version of bobbing for apples that was played at her last party, adding rather assuredly, "I didn't invent it though, it is an old game." As Pat enters he gets a familiar fingerwave from the Princess from where she stands over near the games.

Dycard laughs, nodding emphatically at the explanation as he returns Aethan's handshake and inclines his head again deferentially "Do many often ask to see your teeth, my lord?". His eyes flash with delight as he turns toward Mabelle and quirks a brow curiously, "Were you going to have us wait on these limericks, Lady Laurent? I think i've got something brewing about in my head here for you."

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Mabelle narrows her eyes amusedly at Isabeau and steps toward Ryhalt to hand him a towel, just grinning at the man. Those who just entered will find several nobles quite wet on the shoulders and hair line, after bobbing some apples. Not Aethan. He's dry. Upon hearing the game description from Graziella, Mabelle laughs, "Remind me to wear armor to your parties!". Dycard gets reassurance, "You may rhyme at your leisure!"

Withdrawing from near the apple barrel, Liara heads over to find herself a drink, some of the apple wine, and offers up with a grin, "The next game will be rather less wet, which I hope will come as a relief to people, and indeed hopefully entirely bereft of means for people to injure themselves. We will get to it soon - I will give everybody a moment to recover first!"

Patrizio takes Large Candied Apple from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

"For the lack of smiles, I would think so," Aethan answers Dycard, his curiosity remaining on Dycard but he also observes something placed in his hand, a small stone, that he quickly tucks away for safe keeping. "Lord Dycard, this is your opportunity to inspire," he notes in a lowered tone, when Mabelle announces he can rhyme when he's ready too. He otherwise looks aside to Mabelle, murmuring something before he casuals a glance to see where Aella went off too, "Countess," he states, "I see you survived the plunge."

Patrizio arches a brow, but there's a very good natured smile that finds him when he's moving over to the mass of wet people and... a laugh. "After a few weeks on the waves between here and the Saffron, I think I could do without the wetness," he quips, even as he's moving to get a cider, those jade eyes dancing a mite.

Ryhalt chuckles at Mabelle and accepts the towel. "Now I'm all tempted to snap you with a towel or does that have death threats involved, too?" He's sure to ask *before* he dries off and gets the towel wet, just in case.

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Aella is Definitely Not Dying, but she may not be very interested in apples for a while. She stands near the fire and greets Isabeau as she gets close. "Duchess Isabeau, good to see you again. I'm in the best company for being far too wet. Come dry with u- me." She gives the woman a wink before turning her attention to Aethan. "Duke, I may need take lessons in patience from you. Or, I may need take you north so you can feel less..." She likely means restrained, but closes her mouth so she doesn't say anything more rude.

Mabelle eyes Ryhalt, "I will allow it. But once", she's wearing aeterna, he cannot ruin her dress. Patrizio earns a welcome, "Prince Pravus, Good evening, how nice of you to join us", her tone almost says 'after the messy part is over'. Meanwhile, she finds herself another whiskey-cider combination to enjoy while people are drying out".

"One should always wear at least a little armor." Princess Graziella quips back to Mabelle before giving her own corset a friendly knock-knock, "Contingency plans are why I find leathers so fashionable." She isn't one for a poetry and so she wanders off to find herself a cider, humming softly.. perhaps attempting to get in the poetry mindset.

Clearing his throat slightly and raising his voice slightly so that all might hear, Dycard's grin broadens as he begins his limerick. "The truth is I love to sail on boats, and to smooch gorgeous women on the throat, so I drink and I flirt, while trying to lift skirts, but lately i've just wanted to scare goats," he quipped at the moment of grace Liara had allowed them before the next contest. Waiting a beat after he finished, the sailor shrugged and waved a hand about, "That's what i've got."

Ryhalt checks dexterity and huge wpn at normal. Ryhalt is successful.

The line has been dismissed by Liara.

Mabelle checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Mabelle marginally fails.

Veronica finds a new mug of cider as she continues to dry her hair, standing near the fire to let it do some of the work for her. Eventually the towel will be passed off to a server as the limericks begin, and she simply rolls her eyes at Dycard's first offering. But at least it wasn't too risque! So she can roll her eyes while grinning.

"Because I'd miss it, my lady?" Patrizio's laughing when he moves over to greet Mabelle, even as he's still looking about the venue, without any denial of the accusation in her tone. "I see that it looks like your opening's a success." The grin lingers, even as he's stealing a sip from his drink, and there's a bob of his head towards his cousin Graziella.

Ryhalt laughs as Mabelle agrees, a glint of mischief in his eyes. Before she can rethink her stance or modify it with dire consequences, he playfully snaps his towel at her. Pretending innocence, he pulls the towel back and vigorously dries himself off.

Aethan shifts over toward where Duchess Isabeau and Countess Aella are at, so that he can confir with them, his brows both sliding up a bit at how Aella trails off the last of her sentiment. Dycard's rhyme however does have him clapping for Dycard, "A proper sailor's rhyme, that. But what is this about goats. I found one in my office. It fell over like it was dead. Did I miss a goat trend while I was away?"

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Mabelle confesses to Graziella, "I'm not too fond of leather, but I can see why you are", she winks, almost choking at Dycard's offering as she laughs. Mabelle then admits to Patrizio, "It is, certainly helps that my High Lady Patron is hosting with me", she demures but suddenly feels a tower hitting her behind, whipping even. Mabelle jumps startled with a "Yelp", alarmed, looking at Ryhalt shocked. Shocked I'm telling you. "Duke. Farshaw!" There are no words. Unless for a goat. Goats she has words for and her words for Aethan are, "I have a fainter, she's cute"

Nothing loathe, Isabeau settles down on one of the stools near the fire with a bright smile cast up at Aella, "Bad at the task, we may be, but we were remarkably the most interesting on the way up. You're looking ravishing despite damp, Countess." she reassures the other woman. and adds a compliment in her rich contralto tones. A smile aside at Aethan as she remarks, "A boring, if efficient performance, your Grace."

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Graziella has a mug of cider in hand now and she takes birdish sips from it as she follows the flow of conversation around the room in her absent minded way, eventually returning the nod to Patrizio but otherwise Wallflowering.

Offering a slight bow, Dycard flashes a grin about and goes to claim a glass of cider, swirl the drink about and take a sniff before beginning to idly sip at it waiting for the next event. "I've had an interest in the goats, if only because fainting sounds adorable," he explained as he rejoined Aethan and those around him near the fire. "I feel like Pirate would terrorize the poor thing though."

After a moment spent getting herself a drink and taking a general bit of a pause, Liara returns towards the space with the horseshoes, though situates herself well clear of the post they're to be thrown at.

After smiling lightly as she looks around, Liara then speaks up, "We are going to proceed to some horseshoes soon. Take your time about your drinks and so on, but if you fancy coming for a practice before we get started, now is the time."

Aethan side glances at Isabeau when she smiles at him and offers him that retort, "Efficiency outweighs theatrics. I suppose if you wanted that, there is the Blackrose Theatre. I wonder if they've put on any arrangements of late." He decides to take a seat upon one of the stools, perching with loafers settling on the bottom run of the stool. The matter of goats has him shaking his head, but perhaps too he catches the towel whipping going on. Back to Dycard, "You're not responsible for the goat in my office, then." More like a determination it wasn't Dycard. "Pirates are known to terrorize..." he states flatly.

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Ryhalt chuckles at Mabelle, setting his towel aside. "Just wait, I got the greatest limerick for this. You'll love it." One hospital visit for Duke Farshaw coming up...

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"As do you, Duchess," Aella says without a hint of insincerity to Isabeau, returning the compliment. "Wait, is it limerick time? Is that what's happening?" She looks over to Dycard, appreciating his offering.

"I believe you can belt them out at any moment that you feel inspired to do so, Countess Aella," Aethan provides, as if curious to see if Aella will at that point, give over to rhyming verse.

Mabelle indicates the horseshoe, "Well this one is less wet and damaging though I would recommend standing BEHIND the tosser. Unless he is so bad, he tosses backwards. As for the limericks!", she announces, "Any time. Meanwhile Lord Blackshore is winning by default with a limerick about lifting skirts, you cannot let that stand, can you?!"

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"I think it's safe to say that I can't outdo a limerick about lifting skirts, nor would I dare try." There's a warm laugh from Patrizio as he's shifting to actually take a good try at the tossing horseshoes, and getting a few practice shots in before there's to be something that's on the line. And he has the benefit at least of not being wet.. but also seeing what he's really up against.

Mabelle meanwhile belts out,

"There once was a Duke named Ryhalt,
Who's name rhymed with nothing at all,
He played his cards quite risky,
Not anticipating the fall.
Yet he wasnt aware she was lurking,
Waiting for the moment to strike,
And so he ended up all wounded,
With his head on a pike".

Mabelle bats her eyelashes all innocent at Ryhalt.

"Of course we can't leave a limerick about lifting skirts win by default!" Ryhalt declares with a rogue grin. Hearing Mabelle's limerick about him, he stares at her. "Well, there are *always* those pesky hidden traps." Not to be detturred from his fun, he grins at Mabelle while reciting his limerick.

"I hit Lady Mabelle with a towel.
Oh did she give me such a scowl!
But, I am here eating an apple,
Innocent as if I were in a chapel.
As promised, not a wet hair on her head,
But, will that save me from a hosptial bed?"

He is definitely asking for it.

Raimon is seated by the fire. By turns he stares into the flames, which flickeringly reflect in his pupils. Like a rock in the surf-line, like an island of coral, is the Introvert in this ocean of revelry. He's quiet, as always. Conversation flows around him, as if warded off by invisible winds. Limericks? Hm. That's a challenge. Brow furrowed, he scratches out his own contribution to the hallowed annals of _Thraxian Death Poetry_. ((ooc: How Freakin' -Metal- does -that- phrase sound?!?)) Those seated nearby, or anyone who's in the market for a real mood-killer, might be able to read what he's written so far:

Thea has been writing off something for Rocco to send off. Always working it seems. Realizing limericks are happening, she snorts. "Everyone knows it's the after care Lord Dycard, that is also just as important."

Veronica looks thoughtful for a long time as if trying to conjure up an old memory, voicing silently to herself. She is distracted for a moment by Ryhalt's addition, and she'll shake her head a bit. Then, she'll finally gain her confidence enough to meet Mabelle's eyes and add to the poetic fray:

"There once was a hunter from Keaton
Whose prey proved impossibly fleetin'
The deer fled so swift before he could shift
While the rabbits the garden had eaten
but no hound is so easily beaten
He studied his craft through and through
Until his arrows flew true
The meat by victory did sweeten."

And a rueful shrug. It's a traditional kid's rhyme.

Patrizio takes another sip of his cider, and the smile ligers behind the glass as he's listening to the rhymes being bandied about. Though his tongue's still held, even as he does seem to chuckle at one or two of them.

Mabelle gasps at Ryhalt as he responds to her, mouthing to him, "No", in response to his limerick, hands clapped for Veronica, "Oh a bunny! How cute!".

Propping her hip in a gentle lean against a nearby table, Liara listens to the limericks with a broad smile, and she speaks up, "I would greatly appreciate if Duke Farshaw could be kept intact until after we are complete here." A light, appreciative clap of her hands follows for Veronica.

Dycard snorts in laughter at the exchange before Ryhalt and Mabelle. Cerulean eyes flash with mirth as he finishes his drink and begins to refill it with his flask while nodding agreeably at Thea, "Of course, of course - I don't think I could think of anything funny to rhyme with 'cuddle' though, or at least I can't at the moment."

Aethan moves his foot to give a loafer nudge to Raimon who has been absorbed in writing, "You should recite it." There's an encouraging nod to the Thrax Prince, "Or if you shouldn't like to, I can on your behalf." Empowering the Prince to get up there and speak his poem. "It will pay homage to those who didn't come home," is what he says quietly.

Aella's gray eyes sparkle as she waits a quiet enough moment to share her limerick. "Aye, then, cover your ears if you're not northern. Or a sailor." She winks before reciting:
There once was a man from Stormheart,
who got hit in the ass with a dart.
He tumbled off his keg,
got caught on a peg,
and now when he sits, his knees are two feet apart.

Princess Graziella, who does not fancy herself a bold bard, does stand up and lift her mud with a clearing of her throat before she begins,

"There once.. there once were some pirates from Setarco,
and no one alive- could take their cargo?
On waves they sailed, against odds and hail.
Monsters and men were nothing of parallel,

In the end a storm sank their caravel." The Princess wrinkles her nose playfully at the end and then asides to Patrizio if he's close, softly, "Was that too dark?"

Veronica gives Aella a bit of a scandalized glance after her limerick, but she probably knows a few similar of her own that she isn't sharing.

"Maybe a little, but those of us who know you know that it's hardly that dark." Patrizio's grinning briefly to his cousin, though Aella's verse gets the arch of a brew and a smirk... though truthfully, his attention's far more for the moment on Aethan, barely catching sound of the words spoken to Raimon... and the jade eyes watch to see what's about to happen.

Mabelle raises her drink with a grin for the group around the fire, "There you go, see? Its not that hard! Well done!"

Aella has joined the line.

Raimon's face grows utterly emotionless at Aethan's mention of 'those who didn't make it back.' Those who know Raimon well will realize that this indicates an overwhelming tide of emotions have been released within him. Raimon struggles against the roar and the pounding of repressed grief. Raw emotion tears at his heart. And all of this is invisible. ((See, this is why you don't bring Introverts to parties . . . ;))

Ryhalt chuckles at Liara, grinning happily. "And after, I hope!" He laughs and claps his appreciation of the other limericks, too.

Aethan checks command and leadership at normal. Aethan is successful.

Graziella checks charm and performance at normal. Graziella is successful.

Aethan stands up from the stool he was sitting at, despite catching snippets of the poetry, he finds himself standing behind Raimon and putting his hand on the other's shoulder, murmuring something into his ear.

Speaking up somewhat, Liara announces, "Next up, a horseshoe toss, for those who take a fancy. Three throws each, and whoever gets the most around the post wins - we'll break ties individually if we must. Step up when you are ready!"

Liara has called for a check of dexterity and legerdemain at normal.
TIE: Ryhalt is successful. Graziella is successful.
TIE: Patrizio is successful. Thea is successful.
Veronica marginally fails.
Aella fails.
Dycard fails.

Ryhalt steps up to the line with his horseshoes when it's his turn, face growing somewhat serious as he focuses. He throws his in quick succession, coming fairly close to the target each time. He nods with satisfaction and goes back to the side to clap on the efforts of the others.

Dycard grimaces and scratches his head at the mention of horseshoes. When it's his turn he takes a moment to test the weight of one in his hand before taking his throws to awful result: the first falls far too short, the second too long as he tries to correct himself, and the third catches a bad bounce and skips about end over end as it cartwheels wide. "Well, so much for representing the Isles, eh?" he quipped as his grin flashed about in mock embarrassment.

Once the limericking is done, Veronica takes her place in the horse-shoeing line. She'll take careful aim with the shoe and make a toss, gentle, underhanded and...the shoe rotates in flight and deflects off the pole. She'll give a snap of her fingers and a general purpose grin before heading back to her drink to make way for the next contestant. An aside to Dycard: "The Isles aren't noted for their love of horses anyway."

Aella shakes her hair out, having dried some from standing around the fire. A drink, surely there's whiskey or cider to be found? She finds a cup and a stronger libation to suit her, looking up as Liara calls for the horseshoe throwing. "Why not? Embarrassed myself once already, no pride left to wound." The words are spoken regardless of if anyone is listening, and once she's able, she makes her throws. Missing. Every. Single. One. "The problem is, the ground's too steady. I can toss a knife at one of my crew just fine at sea." Her eyes flick from Dycard to Veronica. "Aye."

Graziella picks up a horseshoe in two hands and frowns, "This thing is heavy-" She protest but she shuffles forward and gives it a two handed toss that looks like it all luck but makes a lot more sense when she gets a ringer and hails out, "I know those juggling lessons would pay off!"

"I'm not sure I've ever played,"Thea admits. Reaching for a horseshoe, she calculates what to do. Watching the others first, Thea mimicks them first before tossing. Adding her own spin to it. Watching it fall where intended, she smiles a git. Looking to Aella, she chuckles. "These definitely don't feel anything like a dagger or anything."

Raimon steels himself. You can tell, because his face goes from blank - cold stony to frosty - iron blank. Subtle, are the distinction, it's true. You'd have to know him pretty well. Veritably propelled forth by the unstoppable force of Aethan's character, Raimon suddenly finds himself standing. *blink* How did -that- happen? Raimon will interrogate his Feet later. -What- were they -thinking-? Raimon next finds himself speaking. In public. *what?!?!* He's not speaking loudly but those near the fire might hear him: "'No man is an Island,' they say . . . as they stand at the end of the quay . . . with their view from the pier . . . it's not easy to hear . . . Because -- I'm two oceans away!" Raimon clutches the sheet of paper with the -better- poem still written on it. What in the world's come over him? Speaking in public?

Resting a hand to her hip as she watches, Liara doesn't pass any sort of comment, just smiling the whole while, although she does suggest to Aella, "An abundance of cider may produce a similar effect if so desired, Countess."

Then once people are generally done with the first run of tossing, she says, "It would seem that we have a tie. Duke Farshaw, Princess Graziella, if you would be so good as to go for another round?"

Liara has called for a check of dexterity and legerdemain at normal.
Graziella is successful.
Ryhalt marginally fails.

Aella lifts her cup to Liara, seeming to agree.

Mabelle watches with curiousity as the horseshoe tossing continue and still listening in to the limericks that come from time to time. Smiling quietly to Raimon as he recites her poem, which seems to strike a cord. As the game draws into a tie between Graziella and Ryhalt, she looks quite impressed. "I'm still processing my ideas about the limericks", she moves to consult quietly with Liara.

Graziella nods readily and steps forward to grab another horseshoe and give it hearty two-handed /underhanded/ granny toss and she lets out a small grunt of effort when she releases the horseshoe. "Did I win?" It clinches and there is a tinny ring as the horseshow clanks home, the Princess turns around and looks out at everyone with confused pride, "I've never played flying horsefeet before."

"Of course." Ryhalt smiles to Liara and gestures to Graziella, allowing her to go first. He isn't so good this time, but horseshoes are hardly aerodynamic objects. He chuckles at Graziella. "Despite that you have good technique."

Dycard snorts in laughter again, clapping uproariously for Graziella and her effective if unorthodox toss, "Well done, Your Highness! Masterfully done, I wager," he professed while trying to compose himself before his attention turned toward Raimon curiously and his head listed to the side.

Veronica applauds as victory is determined, in err, "horsefeets." Still, a contest fairly won, and she'll cheer it. Her empty mug is swapped for a full one of some other kind of cider as she seats herself on an empty barrel to await the outcome of the limerick contest, eyes reflecting the firelight.

There are a few moments where Patrizio is throwing - there's a sense of his having gotten a good grasp now of what he's doing, as he's letting the curve of metal fly from his hand, and there's a mindful chuckle from him as he's weighing how he's doing. "I wish we'd solve more things this way, rather than more violent means," he muses. "Or maybe not, since we saw what I do with a dagger when drunk..."

The young Duchess waits a time for the horseshoe contest to taper off before she stands from her stool, clears her throat and enunciates in her rich contralto voice and a winsome smile on her bow-shaped lips,

"There was a young Lady whose nose
Resembled the thorn of a rose;
So she had it made sharper,
Then became a harper,
Playing several nice tunes with her blows."

The blond smiles a little, gives a shrug and settles back down in her seat, smoothing a hand over her skirt.

Aethan was standing behind Raimon as the man got up the nerve to speak before the audience, but it wasn't the poem which was written, but he doesn't push the man any further. Instead, he pats him on the shoulder, "Well done Raimon." A squeeze to his shoulder.

Raimon sits back down -immediately- the -instant- Aethan's hand is not on his back pushing him.

Head tilting a little as she watches the horseshoes go, Liara breaks into a grin once it is done. "Well done, your highness." She's in no place to pass commentary on technique, and so doesn't. Hearing Patrizio, she replies, "I dare say I would prefer not to be hit by a horseshoe either, your highness!" She doesn't seem to notice the exchange between Aethan and Raimon, attention taken by Isabeau, for whom she offers some brief, gentle applause afterwards.

Mabelle laughs helplessly at the mention of 'Horsefeet' and shakes her head, "Well won, well earned! That was beautiful execution. Prizes go out to the winners, Graziella and Ryhalt and then Mabelle turns to praise Raimon and laugh at Isabeau's limerick, "Oh goodness. Alright here goes."

"Winners of the Limerick contest are: Third place: Prince Raimon, Second: Duchess Isabeau, First: Lady Veronica. I cannot help it, she rhymed about bunnies".

Ryhalt chuckles at the results of the limerick contest and claps for the winners, nodding his approval.

Veronica jerks up, startled as she is announced the limcerick winner. This, she was not expecting, and there are several startled blinks before she clears her throat and bows from her seated place. "Thank you my lady, I am glad I was able to please." Note to self: use bunnies for bribery in future.

"I'd rather be hit by a horseshoe than my prose, I fear, your grace," Patrizio says with a chuckle to Liara, with a slow, sad shake of his head. "It's the kind of thing that might be more of a suffering for whomever's subjected to my thoughts on such things." There's a faint mischievous twinkle to his eye, even before he's lifting his drink to his lips for another sip.

Graziella looks over her prize with a bit of pride as she says thank you and then tucks it away in her armbag for safe keeping as the winners of the limerick contest are announced.

Dycard resumes a fresh batch of clapping for the limerick winners, nodding emphatically in Raimon's direction before offer more polite praise to second and first place.

As prizes go out to all the winners, Mabelle finally settles herself upon the bar, soothing. "Well if it is your prowess in prose, horseshoe tossing or getting your hair wet, the compact is filled with talent", she laughs. "I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and are welcome to remain and enjoy the food. Thank you for coming to the opening of the Fire Bee. Please, stay, mingle. And a round of applause to our lovely High Lady Host Liara".

Mabelle has joined the a simple apple wood bar with leather stools.

Liara offers some brisk applause after Mabelle announces the three winners of the limerick contest, namely, Veronica, Isabeau and Raimon, and a cheery, "Congratulations! Well done." She laughs on hearing Patrizio. "Your highness, I would invite you to test that by firstly speaking to yourself and thereafter setting about yourself in a most vigorous manner with a horseshoe, and writing down how each feels. I dare say the horseshoe will be worse."

Aella finishes her drink and nods with a smile toward each of the winners before she makes her way out quietly.

Runa the clever, seafaring raven, Havard, a battle-scarred gentle giant, Bryndis, another redheaded northern Prodigal leave, following Aella.

Ryhalt smiles warmly the the hostesses now that most of the mayhem is over. "Thank you for hosting, this was an enjoyable diversion."

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Mabelle expresses to Liara and Patrizio, "That sounds like therapy"

Thea echoes everyone's previous responses. A sincere smile appearing. "This was nice, yes. Thank you for hosting. This is a beautiful place, and I'm pretty certain I'll be drinking quite a bit." There's no shame either as she says any of this..

"I'd not know from therapy, not needing such," states Patrizio, with a note of fun to his words, even as he's shifting so that he can get himself another cider. "After all, so long as my hair's undamaged and I have that to be proud of, I need not worry about my prowess with either horseshoes or poetry." And this has him looking between Mabelle and Liara, with not a sense of his being worried about the impression he gives.

Isabeau gives a little stretch as she stands, patting down hair that is now mostly dry, "Thank you, this was good fun!" she offers to Liara and Mabelle with a warm, demure smile, "But I've actually another engagement to rush off to. Thank you for the prize!"

Veronica raises her mug in a toast to the hostesses and then drains it, hopping off her barrel seat. "Thank you kindly for the gathering, high lady Liara and lady Mabelle, and your praise. I hope to visit again in the future." She too will join those slipping out into the evening, a cheery little smile touching her features.

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Mabelle eyes Patrizio, "So the truth is, someone told you about the apple bobbing and you avoided it on purpose by being fashionably late?", she regards his hair, waving to those who are departing.

"It is splendid hair, your highness," Liara assures Patrizio. With the effort the Grayson has put in to her own hair (by somebody else, almost certainly), she's probably being serious about it too. She smiles at Isabeau. "A pleasure to see you again, my lady." A flutter of a wave is offered to Veronica as the Keaton heads out.

Ryhalt helps himself to the pie and 'disappears' into the woods before they find out if he will get his head on a pike tonight!

Graziella, who is distracted as she looks into her bag with a coveteous zeal as she lords over her new prize, simultaneously while keeping it out of side, sweetly though she does aside to Patrizio with the utmost sincerity and no lack of familial fondness, "You hair looks pefect." Her eyes though, linger on the prize inside her bag, the compliment is a reflex. An honest one though.

Dycard offers his goodbyes to those that remain, bowing his way out as he made his way toward the door with a final glance at Mabelle's bear.

Pirate, a calico kitten, Bosun Orrick, a looming Blackshore mariner leave, following Dycard.

Aethan has spent the rest of his night sitting around the fire, quietly but there. A proud look on his face when Raimon wins third.

6 Ivory Shields leaves, following Graziella.

Liara gets Large Candied Apple from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Aethan gets Large Candied Apple from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

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William, a taciturn quartermaster leaves, following Aethan.

Mabelle takes DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

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