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Open Duke Hours

Open hours with the Duke of Artshall. Come ask any questions or bring forth any concerns that you'd like. Here for... awhile!


July 20, 2021, 8:30 a.m.

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Jophiel Kenjay Ripley Medeia Mabelle Amari Tyche



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Main Hall

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It's a cool autumn afternoon and the windows are left open to take advantage of the lovely weather. Cristoph is seated somewhat back in the main hall, taking the questions and commentary of one of his bannerman. The conversation is conducted in low tones and when it's done, he sweeps into a standing postion in order to clasp hands and offer a reassuring remark. When that's done, he turns his eyes to the room to see if there are any others who might wish a conversation.

Jophiel enters the main hall, having heard of Duke of Artshall was taking questions. He notices the conversation happening, and waits patiently at the side. As Cristoph turns his eyes to the room, Jophiel steps forward, hoping to have a chance to strike a conversation with the Duke.

2 Redrain Guards arrives, following Kenjay.

Jophiel catches his eye in short order and Cristoph cants his eyes to consider the man. After a moment, he lifts his hand and beckons him over. "Good day, I don't think that we've met before." He steps forward offering a quick and polite bow, "Duke Cristoph Laurent, what business might you have today?"

Returning the bow, Jophiel replies. "Good day Duke Cristoph. I am Jophiel Bisland. I heard you were taking questions. I have some of my own I hope you would be willing to enlighten me on?"

Kenjay steps quietly into the hall; clad in red and orange silks of Eurusi cut, and a few pieces of armour never designed by an Arvani smith, he cuts an unusual figure in such an Arvani environment. He has a pair of Redrain-liveried guards at his heels, who promptly find themselves places to stand along the walls. Stepping into Christoph's line of sight, he waits to be noticed before offering the Duke - and Jophiel, should he also be looing - a fluid Eurusi-style bow.

"Well met, Lord Bisland," Cristoph offers in return. "I believe that I met one of your cousins recently. Lady Gloriel Bisland? A lovely young woman. Please, ask away. House Laurent has always enjoyed a healthy relationship with yours." The sight of Kenjay is difficult to confuse with any other, and also hard to notice. He spots him from the corner of his eye and twists, turning to offer greetings that way as well. "Prince Kenjay Redrain, good to see you. Have you met Lord Jophiel Bisland?"

Turning around, Jophiel notices Kenjay. A look of confusion flashes across his face, before he hides it behind a broad smile. "Good day Prince Kenjay. As Duke Cristoph has introduced, I am Jophiel Bisland." Bowing politely to Kenjay, he turns back to Cristoph, his eyes lingering slightly longer on Kenjay's armor. "Indeed. I have heard of the great success of Artshall. As a person who aims to help those in need, I would love to hear how you managed to solve the problems of the poor within Artshall. Perhaps there are areas that I may learn from you."

"I have not," Kenjay replies; his Arvani has a tinge of Eurus at the very edges, but his smile is warm. "Please, do not allow me to distract you from your business; I had thought to come and listen, and hear the best that the Oathlands has to offer in order that the Northlands may benefit - and potentially share some of my own knowledge, should it be called for." His Arvani is stilted and formal, though he does seem fluent enough.

"You're more than welcome to participate in our conversation, I'm sure there's much the Northlands has to offer on similar subjects," Cristoph replies to Kenjay, a hand gesturing quickly between all three of them. "Artshall is a large duchy, I wish I could say that poverty is eradicated entirely, but that would be a lie. Economics is a complex issue and any change that comes needs to be done carefully and with due caution has to not turn things on its head. As such, we've engaged in various long term projects to enrich and promote the lives of our people. Lady Mabelle has ensured all orphanges have been updated, has put together a new hospital, as well as an art district. And we've build an agricultural college that caters to commoner students first. Then there's shipping, trade, contracts. Taking care of the families of soldiers after war." After that long monologue, he exhales.

Jophiel has a look of shock at Cristoph's lunch capacity. As he processes the information, he mutters "Ah...Lady Mabelle. Is this what she refers to when she talks about teaching a man how to fish." Focusing back on Cristoph, Jophiel then asks "It does sound wonderful. However, isn't such an endeavor a rather costly one?"

Kenjay inclines his head to Christoph, then nods to Jophiel. "To spend money on the training of the people is to spend money on the future income of your land," he says quietly. "If a farmer knows better how to farm, then there will be more yield from the fields; if a woodsman knows what to cut and what to leave, then your forests will provide wood for generations ahead."

"Probably," Cristoph replies on the subject of fishing, laughing quietly. As Kenjay speaks, he gives an encouraging and thankfuk nod. "Exactly. An educated population is a strong one. It does cost money, it also costs time. It's often years of work, but the gain is worthwhile. And for myself, it's my duty to the people of Artshall to work for their benefit."

Nodding his head, Jophiel turns to Kenjay. "Prince Kenjay, would you mind sharing your thoughts regarding the development of the people, and how it will help the poor within the lands?"

Toad, a flippity-floppity smoosh-face of a Keaton Hound arrives, following Ripley.

Kenjay hehs. "Arvum is not the society I am more used to, as Duke Cristoph is aware, but there is one thing I will say; there are very few poor by their own choice, and even then there is another force at play within them. It is my experience that everyone simply wishes to have a family and raise that family in peace and prosperity. What that prosperity looks like may differ widely, but always provided there is food and a roof that is not at risk of being burnt by raiders, all else pales."

Kenjay, Jophiel, and Cristoph are standing toward the front of the room, discussing the specifics of raising quality of life. "Indeed. I don't think that every person wishes to be rich beyond compare, but virtual all want a secure life knowing that there's safety and protection," the duke adds on agreeably to Kenjay's sentiments. "And what works are you considering for Bisland, Lord Jophiel?"

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a reaver, Fluffy, a wild nanny-cat, 2 Eswynd shieldbearers, Loryk, a cocky but amiable reaver, Butterpup, a Graypeak Mountain Dog arrive, following Medeia.

"Not really much plans. Just Lady Mabelle's words has really opened my thoughts regarding this. Thus far, I have been wholly focused on helping by providing money or efforts, but has that truly helped from the root." Jophiel ponders.

Kenjay, clad in scarlet and orange silks with a few pieces of armour never designed by an Arvani smith, is speaking with Cristoph and Jophiel. There are two Redrain-liveried guards against one of the hall's walls. "Money and efforts are good for the immediate; it does someone no good to spend a year learning to farm if they are hungry now," says Kenjay. "But for the longer term, and to strengthen your domain for the generations ahead, money and efforts will have little impact."

"Doing something is better than sitting around doing nothing at all," Cristoph remarks when it comes to Jophiel's prior philanthropic efforts. "As Prince Kenjay has mentioned, some situations are more immediate than others. Have you spoken with Duke Bisland about your hopes to offer more aide? I imagine that he'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts and encouraging them."

For all that Ripley would consider Laurent a friend - in as much as a house can be a friend - it seems that the jeweler has never been in Laurent and so as the impossibly shaggy haired man and his wild beard is walking in, it's with his neck craned and turning in halting circles, stopping then starting in gait as he's looking at everything. Everything. The shape of the room, the coloring of the limestone, the murals. At one point the man even stops to rap his knuckles on the stone floor before straightening and ambling forward again.

Wheels are turning, oh yes they are. Ripley's mental hamster is on a run today.

Nodding his head, Jophiel states "Indeed, perhaps I should talk to Duke Michael." He then sinks into deep thought.

Medeia's entrance is a quiet one, solitary as her entourage stayed at the gate. She scans around quickly, obvious surprise on her face as she notes the gathered group. A flawless curtsy is given, a nod given first to Kenjay in his easily recognizable attire, then to Cristoph and Ripley, and last to the unfamiliar Jophiel. When she speaks, it is to Cristoph, her Lycene-accented voice warm, pleasant, and respectful. "Pardon my intrusion, Duke Laurent. I was hoping to find Lady Mabelle in." She lifts a pouch in her hand, the contents clinks gently like stones. "I had a gift for her. However, Master Ripley's presence does save me a few steps." Then, Jophiel mentions Michael and she blinks. "Oh? Are you a Bisland? Nice to meet you, I am Lady Medeia Eswynd."

Kenjay's smile is broad; he looks over to Ripley and Medeia at their arrivals and offers a fluid Eurusi-style bow, then looks to the conversation again and makes room for others to join. "It is such a joy to be in a land where these things matter," he says, his voice quiet.

Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, 2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Taffy, a sweet and gentle Mistward Labrador, 1 Laurent veteran guards arrive, following Mabelle.

"When you do, say hello to him for me? Oh, and to Lady Sabitha, she's a cousin." Ripley's entrance serves as a distraction for Cristoph and murmurs a quick 'excuse me' to both Jophiel and Kenjay. "Master Ripley! I'm glad to see you here. I think maybe you might like some of the pieces we've acquired recently." His hand first sweeps up to the statue of a man with two heads and he explains, "Based on a real figure in history, allegedly." And then he points to the art gallery. "There's a very unique painting there done by Princess Denica Thrax." It's in the midst of this that he notices Medeia. "Lady Eswynd, good day. I'm certain Lady Mabelle will be in soon."

Looking up at Mabelle, Jophiel remarks "Nice to meet you Lady Medeia Eswynd. I am Jophiel Bisland. You know of Duke Michael?" Turning to Ripley, Jophiel bows and says "Good day Master Ripley."

Enters the main hall on her way to the kitchen only to find a lot of people there. She looks at her guards who mumble, "We told you" and quickly she flashes a smile, "Good day everyone", she turns to Cristoph who is all obsessed with the statue, "Cousin, I am so glad you are holding Duke hours, I have Bee questions".

"Two heads...." Ripley's staring at the statue when it's pointed out to him and the jeweler is focused on that to the exclusion of others, one hand rising so fingers can scratch at a bald spot in his beard. "Hmm, what?" Though who that what is directed to, is anyones guess. He's studying where the two heads meet the rest of the body.

Kenjay looks over at the two-headed statue when Cristoph gestures to it, then back to the Duke. "An interesting piece," he murmurs, then asides to Jophiel, "Everyone knows everyone among the nobility, in Arx - or that is the way that it seems, at times." And then he's turning to offer Mabelle a bow as well.

Medeia's smile softens but loses none of its warmth as she considers the group. "I shall wait a few moments then," She says with a nod of acknowledgment to Cristoph. For Kenjay and Jophiel, she asks, "Were you discussing farming? I did not mean to overhear. There is a similar problem facing my people that perhaps an exchange of thoughts could be of mutual benefit to." To Jophiel specifically, she laughs nervously before attempting to demure to Kenjay's response. "Who doesn't know Duke Bisland?" She's saved by Mabelle's entrance, her smile brightening considerably. "Oh, good! My lady, I have a gift for you. And for Master Ripley."

Cristoph is studying Ripley as Ripley studies the statue, a focus that can't last because there are other people here. He rocks on his heels, fingers laced together behind his back. "We discovered it in some ruins, ones that used to belong to some old ancestors of ours." When his cousin does arrive and in turn suggests she has a 'bee' question, there's just a small sigh.

Jophiel nods to the people in the hall. "It appears its getting late. Nice meeting all of you." He leaves the hall.

Mabelle cackles a little as Cristoph looks in dispair, goal achieved. "Master Ripley, Prince Kenjay, welcome to the Laurent mansion, Adelina be a dear and get a few refreshments out, I'm sure warm cider will be well received", she focuses next on Medeia, "Lady Eswynd, a gift? Certainly that is too generous. Thank you. To what do I deserve it?"

Kenjay inclines his head to Medeia. "Not so much farming, my lady - more the long-term efforts to aid the poor, such as education." The departing Jophiel gets nodded to. Kenjay seems entirely relaxed, as only a man who doesn't have any real stake in the conversation can be.

"Two heads runs in your family?" Is about all that makes it through his focus and then he's turning, regarding the nobles of all ranks around him even Toad is finally galumping in after having dawdled elsewhere and immediately goes for Mabelle. Nobles. Ripley then straightens and offers up a bow, poor in form but A+ in stiffness and effort. This followed up by "You know, for all that we probably outnumber you lot, most don't seem worried that commoners'll just wake up one morning and just kill you all while you sleep in." Idle thought.

"Certainly not," Medeia responds to Mabelle's statement that the gift is too generous. "I recall you mentioning a certain project, and I thought I might bring you a few pieces of coral to put toward it. And... Also a symbol of my gratitude for your help with so many of my current projects." The pouch in her hand is lifted again, then offered over. "Hm." Her gaze shifts to Kenjay. "That is very much aligned with current efforts. Such education would have benefitted my people some hundred years back before they ripped every tree, stump, and root from the ground. Now I face the challenge of helping to find trees to transplant, animal populations to relocate..." Her words trail off as a look of horror twists her expression in Ripley's direction.

Ripley's observation about all of the noble's not being worried about a surprise death is met first with upraised eyebrows and then a nod of his head, processing. "I think that's because many assume that most commoners aren't interested in testing out the durability of pitchforks against plate mail. Which isn't to say there aren't people desperate enough to try, because there are. There have been rebellions. It's why good stewardship is important, for the good of all and to lessen the amount of people that want to stab you." He looks up at the statue and then offers, "Maybe. Haven't seen anyone with two heads in person yet."

Mabelle lowers her hand upon noticing Toad, "Hello there pooch, how are you?", she strokes along his ears and then smiles to Medeia, "Oooh you've received a shipment of the corals?", she carefully opens the little pouch, "Oooo there is a black on in here, how lovely. Thank you Lady Eswynd. Now I am only missing a black pearl and I'm beginning to lose hope of finding it. I thought of removing it from this ring but I truly do not want to". Ripley's commentary upon their possible doom makes her reconsider her lack of armor, but she will likely forget about it once she looks at the corals anew.

Kenjay offers Ripley a wry smile. "If they did, I would not blame them," he says, his voice as wry as his expression. "I have lived in a land where things are much more stark, I have lived as a commoner here in Arvum albeit briefly. I am aware of the worst of it."

"Pitchforks against Goldsteel..." Ripley's hamster is going again. "I'll make sure we add that to our testing." He's oblivious to the horror he's incited and thoughts about armor needs that he's put into play for a moment and then it clicks. "Don't tell my mum I said that. It'll be no biscuits for weeks for saying that in front of a silk much less..." Hand comes out and he counts. "Four of them." And then he's offering his hand to Kenjay who is the only one he doesn't know. "Prince Kenjay. Ripley Thornburn. Did you now? Did you know there's dragons? Big huge winged... birds? Or like weird birds, but big." He scratches at the back of his neck and then peers at the bag that Mabelle has. "ooh you should see what Evaristo can do with that." He then looks at Cristoph. "Did I send you more silk? I can't remember if I sent you more silk and then I came to ask and then I got distracted by your floor and the bees everywhere."

Cristoph's steady response gives Medeia a moment to recover her composure, giving Mabelle a quick nod. "I did, yes. And I made sure a black one was included specifically." A glance to Mabelle's ring brings a pause. "I may be able to help you. Give me a week or two." She quiets, then, looking from Kenjay to Ripley and back. "I, too, have lived as a commoner," She admits softly. "Three years, homeless and sleeping on floors or in alleys. I know firsthand what my people and others have survived." Her eyes look haunted, expression darkening at the mention of dragons. "I..." She clears her throat. "As the Duke says, proper stewardship. The role of nobility is to guide the people within our holdings. To ensure their protection, their opportunity and advancement. If a people suffer? That is a sign of a poor leader."

Mabelle admits thoughtfully to both Kenjay and Ripley, "I think House Laurent", she peeks at Cristoph, "Or I at least will find it personally offending if the people of Artshall were to rise against us. Considering the defense and the means and welfare we offer them in terms of development". Mabelle swiftly changes the topic since its easily not something she thinks will happen, "Do you have any black pearls for sale?", she asks Ripley, "And Indeed Evaristo is very talented. I have a few items from him". Mabelle then smiles at Medeia, "I appreciate you taking it to heart and I doubt I will have this ring disassembled. And certainly the people of Artshall could not ask for a better leader", she raises a glass to her Duke.

Cristoph nods and replies to Ripley solemnly, "I promise to not tell your mother." There's not a shred of amusement in his tone, he states it like a very serious promise. Also, since he doesn't know who Ripley's mom is, he's probably doubly safe! "You did send me a lot of silk. I just wrote to Lady Pattern about it, and you, yesterday. She was charmed." Would she be charmed by the discussion of bloody uprisings?! As Medeia speaks, he nods in her direction. "Thank you for your perspective, Lady Eswynd. How are your people faring, by the way? I'm afraid I haven't managed to attend one of your gatherings in awhile." He shrugs his shoulders toward the end and smiles, a touch tired. "I'll be too busy not getting stabbed again to be offended by much of anything if that happened."

Kenjay takes Ripley's hand in his own and shakes it. "Kenjay Redrain," he replies, his smile warm. "I am aware that there are dragons, yes, though I cannot claim to have seen one. There was trade with Cardia, where I was, and many scholars and nobles spoke the language of the sky-lords." His eyebrows twitch upwards at Medeia's words, and then he nods. "If we cannot improve the lives of others, especially the lives of those who have given us their loyalty - in truth, if we cannot do that, what purpose do we serve?"

"And now you're here! At a great time of the year. Nice and cool, not quite any snow yet, not terribly hot that even the lycene-" A gesture to Medeia. "Start to complain. It's a dry heat here though, and in the lyceum it's more of a faintly nice humid heat that sometimes veers into drink the air. Was it drink the air where you were?" Ripley's mother is going have an aneurysm. Lady Pattern, black pearls, nobles living as commoners. It swirls around in his head before it comes spitting out rapids fire and forefinger pointing at those who the answer is for. "No, don't have any black pearls, but I can probably see about it." Other finger comes up and points. 'Tell Lady Pattern I'll make her a special mask." Fingerpoint. "I heard about the posing as a noble. That's not very nice. You have a perfectly fine family! Why would you have done that!"

Medeia's posture doesn't slump, but her overall demeanor has shifted and no longer holds any of her usual Lycene bluster. "Duke Hadrian Mazetti recently wrote a very kind entry in the whites about the lot of Saikland. And Eswynd Rock has the benefit of having most of the family upon it to attend to duties currently." A small gesture is made toward the pouch of coral, about to say something else when Ripley's words leave her blinking again. "I should probably make my way back to attend my children. It was... lovely to see you all."

Mabelle looks wildly confused at the turn of the conversation of the room. To Ripley she says, " I would love some black pearls or anything other that's hard to come by", her fingers seriously look like they itch. But Medeia is leaving and Mabelle shakes her head, "Already? Well thank you for coming and the lovely gift. I will make sure to buy more and make a set for next week's outfit!"

"I'll tell Lady Pattern to reach out to you personally," Cristoph replies and when Ripley begins chiding Medeia about her family life, he sighs quietly. It's a subtle thing, directed largely at the ceiling overhead. With Medeia exiting, he drops his attention to the room at large again. "Thank you for visiting, Lady Eswynd. It was good to see you again, I'll have to look up Duke Hadrien's journal." His fingers tighten behind his back and he turns to Kenjay and asks, "Do you speak many languages yourself, Prince Redrain? Between your time in Eurus and also here in the Compact?"

Mabelle murmurs somewhat audibly, "Who is Lady Pattern?"

Kenjay shakes his head with a smile in response to Ripley's question. "No. And in truth, the heat of a summer in Arx has yet to truly bother me, though this summer felt warmer than last. The winters, though. It has been a true joy to see snow again, but I cannot remember how I ever endured it before." He offeres Medeia another of those fluid Eurusi-style bows, then turns back to the conversation. "Me? I only know Arvani, Eurusi, Cardian and the language of the Rex'alfar. I fear I am no scholar."

Ripley's not the smartest tool on the workbench, and at times, oblivious. "Take care" He offers to Medeia, rocking back on his heels and turning focus to the others even as Toad rolls to his back and prompts ripley to lift a food and use the front of his shoes to scratch at the dogs belly. Who is Lady Pattern? Ripley doesn't say, just looks to Cristoph. Then to Kenjay. "You should go visit Breckendale. I want to go there again soon. You should come with me! Everyone should go. There's so many former thralls there and..." Ripley lights up. "I made a skull. It was for a beekeep actually! I couldn't get the buzz of bee wings out of my head and it's all made of amber and we put a golden honeycomb inset into it and there's a golden bee on it and her bee's were fantastic. You could walk right up to the hive and it tasted good, so good! I almost thought for one moment that it was better than laurent honey but then, nothing can really be better than laurent honey, I think I brought some back? I don't know Oh wait, no, the jar broke when I fell out of the tree. Anyways. You should go to Breckendale. All of you. See the bee's and then the smiths and then, just be careful because there's been people going missing. But it's really beautiful! But best to sleep in tree's at night."

"A pattern," Cristoph offers to Mabelle very vaguely with a glimmer of amusement beginning to return to his eyes. He listens entirely to the story of Breckendale, his chin lifting by degrees as it goes on. In the end, he nods. "I see. It sounds beautiful. Please be more careful in the trees, Master Ripley." To Kenjay he turns next and laughs. "Not a scholar perhaps, but certainly a linguist. I speak just the one, Arvani. Maybe someday I'll seek out more, but I simply don't have the time."

Mabelle grins at Kenjay, "I do not speak Cardian, but I speak a few other languages. On top of what you said", she preens her hair, "I'm getting good at that". To Ripley she suggests, "You know we renovated the Apiary if you are curious about it. It took some damages in the winter, but its all fixed". Cristoph's vagueness does not allow her and she squints with a smile and then lets it go.

Kenjay's wry smile returns at Cristoph's words. "When you are beaten if you do not obey the orders, whether you understand them or not, it focuses the mind," he says drily. "After I learned Eurusi, my owners taught me other languages as it suited them." He inclines his head to Ripley. "I am ever interested in meeting former Thralls, and not just as a Liberator," he replies, before smiling to Mabelle. "Lady Bahiya is a scholar as well as a diplomat," he offers. "I think she might relish a chance to remember that, if you ever seek to practice some of those tongues."

Ripley's just staring at Kenjay now. Horror on the young mans face. But doesn't for once, ask the questions that pop into his mind, trapped on the back of his tongue. Just keeps rubbing at Toads belly with his toe while the dog rolls side to side in joy.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, Barf, the Bog Dog, Clerk Kant, a mild mannered assistant arrive, following Amari.

Kenjay is standing and speaking with Mabelle and Ripley, who's got a very floppy dog at his feet. Kenjay's wry smile gentles at the sight of the horrified expression on Ripley's face. "You were introduced to a prince, and did not see the life lived by a man," he says, his voice even gentler than his expression. "It is the work of my life, now, to stop others meeting such a fate."

Mabelle gazes curiously at Kenjay, "I do not believe we ever had a proper conversation. Will you be interesting in coming over for dinner sometime? I'd love to hear your story, if you wish to share it"

"It's a good purpose." Ripley states, nodding his head. "I just go where death tells me to and make skulls... I think your works better." He scratches at the back of his neck again. "You have nice hands." He offers up. "Like, they're gorgeous. Can I sculpt them sometime?" He glances to Mabelle, then back to Kenjay.

Amari walks with a curious gait, not a full limp by any means, but favoring one leg over the other. Her oversized clerk looms alongside with an elbow out she can keep her hand on his arm for balance when she needs it. Padding after is a huge, ugly dog that smells a little off. Spying Mabelle and the two men with her, she angles that way and smiles a greeting to the trio rather than immediately interrupt their conversation.

1 Inverno Ensign, 1 Inverno Captain, Cornelius, a studious looking attendant, 4 First Legion Centurions arrive, following Tyche.

Kenjay's smile regains its wryness as he inclines his head to Mabelle. "If you wish, my lady," he replies. "Some parts of my tale I cannot share, but others, I can." And then he inclines his head to Ripley. "If you wish," he repeats. "They are hands, but then I am not an artist either." At the sound of more movement he turns; on spotting Amari, he offers her a fluid Eurusi-style bow to match the Eurusi-style silks he sports under the few pieces of armour he wears - none of which were designed by an Arvani smith - and the tinge of Eurus at the edges of his accent.

Mabelle blinks amusedly to Ripley, regarding the hands comment, but smiles nontheless. "It is an invitation, Prince Redrain, if you like it stands". Amari walking in, limping, "How are you feeling, Lady Keaton?", she welcomes her with a smile, "Your stride has improved"

Cristoph is still around taking questions and comments but he's at some point drifted off to a far corner. Perhaps it's the refund corner.

Tyche is not a Laurent, but she has been to Artshall a few times. That counts, right? Hopefully, because she slips into the main hall of the Laurent estate as if she has every right to come to a meeting where people pepper him with questions. She slips in and offers smiles to those she knows, her interest settling on the man of the hour.

Amari pats Clerk Kant on the arm in thanks before she takes her hand away and chooses to stand on her own. He retreats, but the dog doesn't. Barf is her big ugly shadow and doesn't care at all about invading personal space or eavesdropping, or potentially scaring people. "Better." She replies first to Mabelle before dipping her head politely to Kenjay. She doesn't even attempt a proper curtsey. "Uncle Norwood's kept after me to work it out everyday. And hello, Prince Redrain." And upon seeing all the bruising Ripley is sporting, she winces sympathetically. "It looks like you also wrestled a bear."

Cristoph is answering someone's questions about sheep husbandry. He looks politely fascinated in the sort of that makes anyone outside of the conversation realize he might secretly wish to dive out one of the windows. Mid-conversation, he spots Tyche slip in and he manages to break off his thrilling chat to slip over and murmur something quietly to her.

Mabelle inclines her head to Tyche as she enters, "Marquessa Inverno, good day", a smile is upon her lips and she turns to Amari, suggesting with very little thought, "Well if he can make people ride, certainly he can make people walk".

"They're hands. They're lovely hands! Not soft! look at the angle of the thumb from the forefinger. The way it rests when it's relaxed." Ripley points out. But then Amari points out bruising and Ripley pauses. 'Oh! That. No. I tripped over Toad in the shop and then ran into the shelves and then tools fell. Thankfully not the big hammers and all that and then Toad yelped and got in the way while I was trying to get out of the way and really, it's funny looking back at it, not so funny about the mess it made." Ripley looks sheepish.

Kenjay turns to offer Tyche one of those fluid Eurusi bows that he seems to have on tap, then returns to the conversation. "My lady," he replies to Amari, before smiling at Ripley's reaction. "They are not so remarkable to me, but then I see them every day," he replies, before wincing at the tale of mishap. "That does sound painful."

"Your highness," Tyche dips her head to Kenjay's show of Eurusi etiquette, her gaze lingering a touch longer than necessary in the greeting, clearly intrigued. Her smile spreads, and she tilts her head to the Voice of Laurent, "Lady Mabelle. Did you bake anything delicious for your duke's grilling?" And then that very duke is coming her way, and she exhales a breath, "You didn't have to join me. I simply came to indulge my voyeuristic tendencies." Whatever he whispers has her quirking a brow, her gaze scanning the crowd until she finds the most likely culprit in Ripley. She lifts a hand to waggle fingers, murmuring back something in return.

One mustn't laugh at another's hilarious slapstick misfortune. Amari tries her utmost not to, but there's a smile she can't quite suppress. "That does sound a little funny, getting hurt and making a mess aside. I hope nothing broke!" Kenjay's hands then are given a very obvious looking over as she catches up on that thread of the conversation. If she had a comment about it, she holds it though, if only to turn at Mabelle's greeting and dip her head to Tyche, "Marquessa."

Mabelle chuckles at Tyche, "Just a side of potatoes", she winks to the Marquessa, "Well if you recovered from your our last conversation, Lady Amari, you can withstand everything", she shifts her eyes playfully.

"Oh, lots of things broke. But not my skull." He's being eyeballed. And finger wriggled at. Ripley wriggles fingers back at Tyche and then stops scratching Toads belly who has ignored the other massive dog until now. Toad is off to play with Amari's dog and Ripley? Ripley's doing an about face and walking swiftly toward the exit. "IT'S BEEN FUN THANK YOU DUKE LAURENT DON'T WEAR THE PIG OUT! I HAVE TO GO."

"Oh that wasn't at all harrowing," Amari replies to Mabelle, before needing suddenly to clear her throat. It sounds remarkably like she's said 'Duchess Two-Butts' though. Nah. Couldn't have. When Ripley is departing and calling out his farewell, her eyes go wide. Say what now? It's all she can do to keep a straight face as she lifts her hand and wiggles her fingers at the departing man.

Kenjay inclines his head to the departing Ripley, then looks to Cristoph at Ripley's parting words. He blinks, twice, then pastes on the sort of blank smile a diplomat uses when trying not to offend anyone in a situation they don't understand.

When Ripley goes shouting his way out, Cristoph simply waves, "Okay!" And then to anyone watching he offers, "He's a little eccentric."

Toad, a flippity-floppity smoosh-face of a Keaton Hound leaves, following Ripley.

And then someone else sweeps Cristoph away so that he has to answer their questions about crop rotation. Of which there are many.

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