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Knight Games I: The Gauntlet

House Telmar Presents: The Knight Games, Event I: The Gauntlet

Come run the Gauntlet at the Telmar Tower! Test your mettle and physical prowess in full armor. If you intend to participate, send a message to Duchess Isabeau Telmar in advance of the event with your intention.

The Knight Games are a series of events beginning with the Gauntlet intended to prove physical and combative prowess, consisting of four events, with the winner of each receiving an award at the closing ball. Despite its name, it is open to all with something to prove


Aug. 26, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Isabeau Ansel

GM'd By



Corban Drake Mathis Tesha Caprice Bhandn Thea Raven Jaenelle Insaya Kiera Reese Saoirse



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - The Gauntlet

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Comments and Log

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

Isabeau smiles radiantly and contentedly next to Ansel as the events exhibitions in the field begin to taper off. The blond duchess is draped in pink velvet and cashmere, looking as warm and cozy next to a personal brazier as can be. "Welcome everyone to the first event of Telmar's Knight Games!" she calls out in her warm, contralto voice, "And to kick it off, what else could we do but the Gauntlet? A true test of endurance and determination." She sobers for a brief moment as she says, "And this particular event, I have decided to hold in honor of the late Marquis Cirroch Sanna, whose last run left an imprint on... quite a few of the jumps." She gives a slight downward curl of her lips, "I do ask that those of a mind take a moment to pay respects to him and those lost in Bastion at some point tonight, if it suits you. And that we honor those brave enough to face the odds and survived as well."

Isabeau takes a long breath as she says, "And to that effect, we will be donating to a cause of the winner of the Gauntlet's choosing, and the winner of each subsequent event's choice as well. This is, of course, in addition to the prizes given on the final evening."

Sir Corban Telmar is rather familiar with The Gauntlet, given, you know, his last name and all. And the fact that he is the sort of person who runs through things and does obstacle courses and feats of strength and so on. He makes his way in just before his cousin-in-law begins her announcements, bowing his head respectfully at the mention of the late Marquis Cirroch and those lost at Bastian.

Drake has run the Gauntlet a few times. His injuries from Bastion have mostly recovered, and he's eager to get back into shape, so he's here, with the support of his family. When the Marquis is mentioned, he lowers his head and puts a hand over his heart for a moment. It was a heroic event to have witnessed.

From where he's sat in a loungey sort of way, the Archlector of Petrichor straightens up and inclines his chin in a deep bow of the head. His resonant baritone rings out across the field: "May the Queen receive them kindly, and may their turning upon the Wheel be gentle. We give thanks for their sacrifice and laud their bravery, and the bravery who all who fought in Gloria's name, here today."

Tesha probably shouldn't be out given injury, but Cora and one of the other guards had moved one of the chairs from the great hall to the gauntlet for the redhead to settle off to the side in. She was wrapped in her furred cloak that her brother-in-law had given her to keep warm. There is a very large black mastiff and a fawn colored one that have laid down on either side of the chair she is seated in. Her rather pale face is not very joyful, and given the somber mood of the start of things that may be why. She does dip her head and close her eyes though, giving a moment of silence to Cirroch and then the others that were lost at Bastion.

Amongst the cheerful spectators today is Caprice, who seems to have a knack for loitering strategically near braziers whenever applauding and general merry-making isn't enough to keep her warm. Hot drinks assist as well, and as people gather and settle in to witness the Gauntlet, she's there too, head bowing in solemn acknowledgment over the steam rising from a cider mug.

Caprice has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Sir Bhandn is among the crowd, and his reaction to the announcements by the Duchess are mixed. On the one hand, he dips his head and offers a murmured word or two for the fallen Marquis, but his face notably stiffens at mention of Bastion. There's a flash of anger on the knight's face before it settles into a grim countenance. His head remains bowed, but his demeanor notably changes. When the moment of silence passes, he's managed to school his features, but there is a tension to his jaw that lingers all the same.

Thea shows up with Drake. A natural place to be support her husband. Even if she DOESN'T think he should be necissarily be running such in his condition. But eh. Stubborn man. Instead, Thea just gives him the side eye, followed by a smile. When Cirroch is mentioned, Thea grows a bit quiet. In respect, her lips thin.

Thea has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Raven looks over the Gauntlet with open interest. Her guards are quietly confering with her, prompting her to lift her good arm and pat one of their shoulders consolingly and flashing a lopsided grin, muttering something that doesn't seem to comfort the Reavers at all. She falls silent and gives sharp look making sure they observe the moment of silence for Cirroch as she does the same.

Ansel is sat besides Isabeau, clad head-to-toe in crimson steel although he forgos his helm and gauntlets both to leave his face in clear view, and hands free for treats one might presume. An easy smile plays across his face as he takes in those gathered here. He gives a small bow of his head once Marquis Cirroch is mentioned, his smile melting away in place of a somber scowl. It is at this time he selects a strong drink for himself, taking a thoughtful sip.

Possum, 6 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Cambria.

Isabeau takes a few moments closing her eyes and clasping her hands, obviously taking a couple of moments. She moves to take Ansel's hand in her own as she flicks a look towards the Course, brightening a little, "Now! I think it might be well time to begin! Those who have an interest in proving your mettle on the Gauntlet, step forward to the starting line!"

Ansel is pulled from his ruminating by Isabeau's touch, and his smile from earlier returns. His hand curls around Isabeau's and there is a small upward quirk of his brow as his gaze moves to find those eager to step forward. "The Gauntlet may not bite, but it has many a test awaiting you."

Mathis rises and steps to the starting line without too much hesitation, glancing over the course. Nonsense trots up next to him wagging her tail like, oh yeah, we got this. And she might just do a better job than him! But he sends her back to sit with a hand gesture and a chuckle before putting his hands on his hips, still gauging his own chances against the obstacles.

Liho, a small black cat have been dismissed.

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12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington arrive, following Jaenelle.

Bhandn too does not hesitate much; he's done this before, after all. It'll be a good test of fitness at the least. He is quiet, offering Mathis a brief nod and a curious glance for the Archlector, but saying no words. The Knight of Solace waits patiently there at the start, standing erect with his shoulders squared.

Tesha's stormy gaze is curious as to who is going to be participating in the gauntlet this time. The last one had given quite a few people a run for their money. Quite literally. She doesn't get up herself as she'd be suicidal if she ran this with her side stitched closed. She does offer a soft smile to those that are going to be running it though. She gives a wave to Corban, seeing if she can catch her cousins attention.

Raven patpats the younger of her guards and flashes a grin and then follows Mathis to join her place in line while her guards join the spectators. Bhandn is noted and given a respectful dip of her head.

Drake steps up to the line when he's called in, though of course he's not going to be the only one. "I've come to regard this gauntlet like an old friend, but sometimes she's not so kind to me."

Possum have been dismissed.

6 House Mazetti Guardians have been dismissed.

"No, I won't be making the same mistake twice," Jaenelle tells her assistant as they make their way towards the gauntlet. "Though the King did not beat me by much, we were both terrible when we attempted to survive this thing. I am much better suited to watch than participate." She cant help but grin in Ibasia's direction at the memory of that huge failure from both. She takes a seat beside Thea and Caprice, smoothing out her skirts as she does, "has anyone fallen off anything yet?"

Jaenelle has joined the West Spectator Seating.

As one might expect, Sir Corban makes his way up to the starting line, apparently intending to contest the title of his old family's home obstacle course. Yet when Jaenelle moves to the stands, he points at his eyes and then points to her. He is saying hello, yes. But he is also watching you, Grand Duchess.

Giving a few minutes for those participating to stretch or order themselves, Isabeau remains sitting next to Ansel, allowing his hand to keep hers warm, though she is wrapped up in a thick, cozy cashmere shawl in pink. She raises her hand up as she clears her throat, a hush traveling through the immediate vicinity around her and spreading before she calls out, "I think we've waited long enough! I think now is quite time to... BEGIN!" she calls out, her usually soft voice cracking out quite a bit louder than usual.

Insaya climbs up on a rail overlooking the course midway down, overlooking the spectacle. "Whoooo! Yeah!" she shouts, takes a gulp of her beverage, and swings around a little homemade pennant, stitched with a white winged critter on a blue field. Could be a dragon. Could be a sheep. Its hard to tell, really. The applique is not very advanced. But its the fealty colors, anyway.

Corban checked strength at difficulty 16, rolling 2 lower.

Bhandn checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Thea greets Jaenelle with a grin. "Not yet, but if you watch, my husband is up." With all his injuries. She comes out of her silence for a moment, greeting Isabeau and Ansel as well. Spying Raven, Thea wiggles her fingers at her as well.

Mathis checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Raven checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Drake checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Insaya has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Thea checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Thea checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Caprice cheers for any and all as the competitors take the field, careful not to spill hot drink on herself or those nearby. She turns a quick grin to Thea and Jaenelle, adding her own assurances for the latter, "You're just in time."

Mathis makes it across the first obstacle by the skin of his teeth. Sheer brute strength isn't his forte by far, and though none of them present know it, he's recently recovered from a lengthy and serious illness. Still, the Archlector is slightly winded when he's finished with the single bar, but he got'er done which means at least he didn't totally embarrass himself. Yet.

This is what Corban gets for trying to stare down the Archduchess, it seems, for when the shout to 'go' begins, he is falling behind. Whether it is just being out of practice, lingering pain from Bastian, or being caught off guard, his hands slip on the single bar and he stumbles, behind the pack from the jump.

Oh look, it is one of Jaenelle's favorite guards, and she leans forward to watch Corban watch her watching him watch her. Perhaps he should have been watching the track instead. "I tried this once, and it went horrible wrong. I think I fell a few times, and may have just crawled under the last last of the thing to attempt to beat Alaric and he still managed to get to the end before I did. I might have even tried to bribe one of his guards to carry me part of the way." There is a sigh for the poor luck and lack of muscles she has to complete, "I lost the bet we had, and I dont believe he has ever let me forget it." She remains in the leaned forward position, voice lifting higher for Corban's sake, "the Lord Sistermander is very disappointed!" After that delightful moment of encouragement she turns towards Caprice, "you have been well since taking a more direct leadership position for your family? Anything you may need?"

Ansel shares a few greetings, sneaking a wink towards Tesha, before his focus settles onto the gauntlet itself before taking another drink of his beverage. A reminiscent grin creeps across his face as he observes the participants. He carefully nurses his drink, almost as if he expects it to leap down his throat of its own accord.

Sir Bhandn manages the bar well enough, showing that even at his age he still has some vitality left in those old bones. He finishes the first obstacle with a grunt, moving rapidly towards the second with the focused intent of a man determined to make at least a small showing for himself. His grey eyes are focused on his objective, not even straying to the spectators to see who is in attendance today.

Drake runs in toward the single bar... it's not a super elegant pull up. Maybe he's still feeling his injuries from the fight, or maybe he just needs to grit his teeth and get into his stride. There's still a lot to go, so Drake decides to pace himself.

Oh yeah. Thea forgot she was going to join too. WHOOPS! Jaenelle wanted to see someone fall, and she very well may! Leaping for the bar, she makes it, but momentarily slips. It's been awhile! She was with child!

Raven reaches up with her one arm-yes, she is wearing a sling, no she's not looking at her worried guards. Her knuckles white-knuckled from the force of her grip which remains stead and strong as she lifts herself up, exhaling on the left inhaling on the extension like someone's been doing just this exercise since Raven's arm was rendered useless. She drops from it, neither winded nor yet flushed as she trots to follow the others, wiping her hand on her pants briefly.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Mathis checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Raven checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Isabeau murmurs aside to Jaenelle as she settles in to watch, a grin tugging at her lips, "Half the cost of running these games is going to be in replacing hurdles. Especially the high ones. So watch out for those." Amusement traces her lips as she settles her cheek into Ansel's arm, "If you were going to come out armored, you could have run against your cousin." She complains mildly, as Elaine finds her with a cup of hot non-alcoholic cider, complete with cinnamon stick.

Isabeau watches the happenings on the field, prepared to comment, "Oh, Raven took an early lead! But who knows how long that'll hold, the Gauntlet is a very fickle friend."

Bhandn checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Drake checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher. Drake rolled a critical!

Mathis makes it over the low hurdles with considerably less difficulty than the first obstacle, although...the man's well over six feet tall and seems to be mostly made of limbs, so that's not surprising in the slightest. He also doesn't really seem to be in a hurry, or maybe he is and this is just the fastest he can go. All that walking through the forest must not do much for real athleticism.

Corban checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

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Evidently bribery as a tactic hadn't occurred to Caprice yet; her gaze turns, thoughtfully, back to the group making their way through. "If it weren't so cold I might have volunteered," she confides in the Archduchess. "Honoring Jayus, you know - giving them hope that they couldn't -possibly- do as poorly as my run." On the subject of her family, she adds with a poorly suppressed smile, "Mm, headstrong and independent bunch, so it's not too taxing a role. Not unlike the Crafters Guild in that regard, though I suspect getting the Guild all together for a family dinner would be easier- oh, good show!" she sets the cider aside in order to clap for the current leader. A quieter aside to Jaenelle: "Thank you for asking. And a similar offer to you, if I may. Is there anything I might help with? The Houses have been warming more to the current projects since the initial meeting, I've noticed."

Tesha folks her hands in her lap after the failed wave at Corban. The redhead looks a bit interested in the runs going on, but can't muster the jovialness given the drained energy. She does give a look down to see how the dogs are before bringing her attention back to those who are running.

Isabeau has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Drake gets into a good pace when the next obstacle, the hurdles, are in sight. Running fast is apparently one of his better skills and he starts to pull a bit ahead, getting a burst of speed as he gets in a good leap.

"Lord Sistermander Emeritus!" calls out Corban, petulantly, as he takes over the low hurldes and at least manages to clear them easily enough. He also manages a wave for Tesha when he catches her eye, smiling at his once-injured cousin. All of this chit-chat might explain why he isn't running as well as he is used to.

Ansel has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Clearly Thea is a better jumper. She has those long legs and things. She is a gazel! She sprints foward, but is passed by---her husband. "You'll be paying for that later,"she calls out, joking.

Ansel offers a quiet chuckle in response, "And miss the opportunity to sit besides my wife and enjoy the show for once? I wouldn't dream of it. And my cousin seems to have enough distractions on his plate as is. Besides, I might have an unfair amount of practice." Eyeing Drake's advance he adds, "Although I wonder if the Count has been sneaking in some practice himself. He seems exceptionally limber as of late."

Focus seems to be helping, as Bhandn clears the hurdles with much more adeptness than the first obstacle. He gives a grunt as Drake runs by, but the knight has no words for his fellow competitors. He just wants to give a good performance for himself, apparently. At least he's keeping up with the pack instead of cracking a rib or pulling out his back.

Raven barely, BARELY makes it through the low hurdles. IT's tough to leap hurdles when you elbow yourself in the boob every time you lean forward to distribute your weight. She manages but only by pure luck and a little bit of can do attitude. Maybe she was lulled into a false since of security seeing how easily Drake breezed through it.

Isabeau's eyebrows raise at the burst of speed from Drake, eliciting a clapping of her hands, "How impressive, Count Drake!" She calls out, then remembers she is holding hot cider that is being sploshed a little. "Look, he pulled to the front, but the wall is next. That's harder!"

Bhandn checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Drake checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 50 higher. Drake rolled a critical!

Corban checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 41 higher.

Thea checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Mathis checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Raven checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Drake gets to the wall. Now that he's in the lead, he claps his hands together once, and then starts the climb. The leather gloves he's wearing help him get a good grip. He's somehow ignored that he's left his wife in the dust with all this now, as a natural competetiveness is getting the better of him. With a heave-ho, he's over the wall pretty fast. But the hardest obstacles are yet to come.

Kiera arrives considerably late for her brothers performance and doesn't seem altogether there but gleans eno to yel "go drake" as clears the wall

The wall defeats Mathis. When you have long arms, strength-based feats using your upper body are not the easiest. You would think this man had climbed many a tree, a mountain, a rocky outcropping in his life, and you would be right, but the wall? That is /not/ of Petrichor's doing. After a few tries, he gives up and walks around it with at least twenty percent of his dignity intact.

Thea narrows her gold-flecked green eyes and bolts. At the wall. She's not the only competitive one. When she makes the wall, the Wyvernheart is barely able to make it. But she makes it...

Jaenelle waves a dismissive hand in Corban's distracted direction, "i've adopted Eleanor. You can't tell me who my sisters are!" Emeritus. Pfft. Leaning towards Isabeau as she speaks, there is a nod, "see. You've build a physical torture arena, and the maze I am constructing is more of a mental version. Perhaps we should come together and combine them." Her attention is pulled back towards Caprice though, and she can't help but laugh. "Always have been," she remarks about her family and the traits they contain. "Yes, they are. Sometimes it may take a moment to consider the projects I put forth. You lay the foundation and eventually everyone comes to terms with the reasoning and do not see it as a burden. Large payments for such can cause an initial reaction to be a bit hesitant. But I will never allow them to do it alone and though the Lyceum is fiercely independant, I believe they are stating to see that unity does not make us weak."

Tesha gives a look over things and then whispers something quietly to one of her guards before she nudges the dogs gently, "Come on boys, we're going back to the tower." she murmurs to them. Cora, her personal guard, offers a hand to the woman and helps her to get out of the seat. "I probably shouldn't have came out...but I'm tired of being stuck in the room." she mutters to her. The injured woman then moves off towards Telmar Tower for a nap.

The wall presents a bigger challenge for Sir Bhandn, but he manages it well enough. His arms and legs still work, a good sign, but he's clearly not as spry as others in the running. "Good gods," comes out of his mouth for how Drake, Corban and Raven each handle the wall, Bhandn watching them scale up ahead of him at a much faster rate. He tries to increase his pace, but to no avail. He makes it over the wall, and moves on to the next obstacle.

2 Telmarine Guards, Cale, the Highhill War Hound pup, Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound leave, following Tesha.

"Dammit," says Corban, under his breath, as he is check and mated by Jaenelle's adoption of the current Lord Commander, destroying his argument in one fell swoop. This is why he is not a political maneuver-er, it seems. Still, though, he has a smile in his eyes as he hauls himself over the wall, hand over hand, picking up a tremendous amount of ground as he hurdles the thing practically in a single bound.

Raven pauses and blinks at the wall. There's a purse of lips and a brief sizing up of the wall as if trying to figure out how she's gonna her herself over the wall without the benefit of a two handed grip. She rolls shoulders and taking a running start and runs up the wall with one bootfall, one hand clasping the wall as she wildly kicks a long leg over the wall with a girlish grunt of exertion. With a mildly surprised look she sits up and swings the other leg and drops down, looking just a touch smug.

Isabeau wonders as she watches Drake peel ahead of the group, amusement writ on her features, "I wonder if it would be more difficult if we stuck some Armsmen along the path to use sticks to try and sweep hands and feet at various points of the obstacles." she muses as she watches. Her cheek moves to comfortably settle on Ansel's shoulder. He's just as useful as a brazier, of course.

Bhandn checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 38 higher.

Corban checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

Drake checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 49 higher.

Raven checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Thea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 57 higher.

Mathis checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Ansel muses, "It certainly would make things more amusing at this point. Let's see if he's spent himself before the more difficult portions or if he's only getting started. I'd like to see him handle what's coming with such gusto." He moves to slip his arm around Isabeau, ever mindful of his armor. Calling towards the participants he adds, "Careful Count Drake, I believe your lady wife is gaining on you!"

The double bars go much better for Drake than the single bars, now that he's got his lead. He's climbing and swinging from bar to bar, and gets a good landing. But then he hears a call out from the stands, and sees indeed that Thea also had an excellent run. "Good to see you catching up!"

Mathis almost makes it through the double bars, but his hand slips at the last moment and he lands - on his feet thankfully - with a thump. There's a moment where he considers if he should possibly leave the obstacle course to the actual athletes, and in the end it seems he's decided that's probably a good idea, making his way to the side of the course and moving back to settle in with the spectators. "I should have let my dog run the course instead," he offers to nobody in particular. There's a faint wheeze in his breath, and he whacks himself on the chest as he sits down.

It's likely Thea is. With great flexibility, she manages the double bars quite effortlessly before landing on her feet. Trying not to lose momentum, Thea chuckles. Like it was said---Competitive.

Raven again gets brief purse of lips and sizes up the doublebars. Two bars, one hand. She chews her bottom lip then hops forward and grabs one bar and gracelessly and with a lot of grunting and flailing kicks of her legs she one-handed shuffles halfway down one bar, then swings and grabs the other and finishes it in the same leg-flailing fashion so no one can say she didn't use both bars. Raven's not paying much mind of her competition-the gauntlet itself seems to be the competetion she's seeking to conquer.

Coming off of the wall and onto the double bars, Bhandn seems fairly pleased with how his body manages them. His grip is sure, his movements precise, and he shimmies his way along the double bars like a monkey. He's breathing more heavily now, a sign of exertion, but he knows there's still more to come, and so with a resolute cast to his features, Bhandn makes his way to the dreaded v-logs with the air of a man ready to do battle.

Thea checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Bhandn checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Raven checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Corban checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Drake checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher. Drake rolled a critical!

Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Reese arrives at the gathering while adorned in her ivory and pink. She moves with the easy grace of a well trained warrior. A quick study is given of the area as she tries to take in the setting.

Raven essays the v-log. Whatever these are, they are consquered by Raven. She's got a bit of a healthy flush to her cheeks and her breath's a bit more robust than usual but she looks like she's enjoying herself.

Drake rushes to the V-logs and, racing at a good pace, just holds it steady so he can maintain his lead. The competition is still fierce and anything can happen, but this is an obstacle where it's better for him to just mind his own pace.

Isabeau clutches at Ansel's forearm with one armor, armor notwithstanding as she watches this obstacle, enthusing, "Oh, it gets so much harder here!" She looks as Raven clears it, "It's so so much harder here! I wonder if anyone's strength will fail them at the high hurdles."

Bhandn too manages the v-logs without too much trouble. He falters just a bit at the endurance aspect of it, showing obvious signs of exertion, but it's just as clear that he's becoming distracted by Drake's performance, as there's a visible shake of the head given for it.

Reese smiles over to Drake as she runs the v logs. "Oh...yay, Lord Drake." She cheers. She goes to find a place to sit.

There are V-logs. V-LOGS! Thea sets off, taking the the logs a bit carefully. Obviously someone is now behind from her husband.

Bhandn checked dexterity at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Thea checked dexterity at difficulty 25, rolling 11 higher.

Drake checked dexterity at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher. Drake rolled a critical!

Raven checked dexterity at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Corban checked dexterity at difficulty 25, rolling 7 higher.

Drake heads in to the high hurdles, getting a good leap as he keeps running down the line. This seem to be going fairly well for him, but the cheering from the stands is what really keeps his morale up.

Ansel gives his wife a gentle squeeze, "I'm just surprised we haven't seen anyone take a proper tumble yet. And Count Drake really isn't losing any steam at all. I might have to ask him to coach some of the Armsmen through this." He chuckles softly to himself as he watches the pack.

Thea takes off at the high hurdles, long legs easily clearing them. She lacks the speed as Drake and Raven however. Thea grits her teeth, pushing herself. Because she knows what's next..The rope.

And here at the high hurdles is where Bhandn meets his match. There's a loud squawk or something that comes from him as he fails to clear one and goes down, rolling onto the winter ground. He stops for several seconds, giving the others plenty of time to pass him, before getting to his feet and trying again.

Like the time with the low hurdles Raven just BARELY manages, gaze intent and awkward inbetween between hurdles to compensate for the odd distribution of weight but graceless as it is she manages. Breathlessly she glances over at Drake, "How in all that's easy does he make it look so blasted easy?!"

Kiera hms "I've never seen him do quitr this well. must be the lack of sleep"

Isabeau's hand raises to her mouth at the squawk, stifling a sound of amusement that she really shouldn't let loose, right? But the noise was suitably loud and funny enough to get the small blond to hide her face in Ansel's arm for a moment before her attention goes back to the action.

Bhandn checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Thea checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 15 lower.

Raven checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Raven checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 5 lower.

Corban checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Raven checked dexterity at difficulty 25, rolling 9 lower.

Drake checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Drake races to the end of the obstacle course, and finally only the dreaded Rope remains. He gets a grip. He starts to attempt the climb.... But... he had so much speed earlier that on this final obstacle, he falters. He gets about halfway up, then falls with a tumble, hitting his back on the ground. He laughs a bit, but he's not too disheartened considering that he made it there fast. The rope seems especially slippery today even with his gloves on.

Thea runs. RUNS--Because the ROPE. Giving it all she has, she jumps up, gripping it tightly. And doesn't seem to get anywhere. It's like she's limp, because she doesn't seem to be moving far. "Fucking rope,"she mutters.

Kiera sighs "someone has cursed that rope i'm certain of this"

Raven tries. She really does. She manages to get maybe a meter off the ground, wiggling and kicking as she tries to figure out how to do this one handed-hopefully this challenge has her opposite side of the spectators because there is some SALTY language coming from her. At one point she looses grip with her one hand and falls with "Ahhh-OOOF!"as she lands with a resounding thud.

Mathis is, truthfully, fairly glad he didn't try to climb the rope, although he gets a kick out of watching the much more gifted competitors give it the old college try, and applauds for each successive attempt and failure with gusto. Watching people fail is more fun than watching them succeed sometimes, honestly.

Bhandn is not immune to the rope either. He manages it slowly, still a bit aggravated over his fall on the hurdles just moments ago. It's almost a success, but then he's suddenly slipping down and a cuss escapes his lips at that. He stops the fall, then slowly starts to regain the lost ground. With a little bit of language himself for just what he thinks of the rope.

Collective oofs and groans follow the whiffs and attempts and falls from the rope, and Isabeau is not immune to it, grimacing when her friends slide and tumble. After a moment, her hands settle the cider aside and raise to applaud the competitors with obvious appreciation. She turns her blue eyes to Ansel and murmurs softly, "Will you announce the winner, my Lord?" she asks, offering him a sweet, seraphic smile.

Reedy, a King's Own aide have been dismissed.

Reese is still perched on a bench and she was watching the competition with interest in her blue eyes. When Isabeau speaks of a winner, her attentin is drawn that way.

Ansel remains surprisingly stoic through the squak at the high hurdles. It isn't until they reach the rope that he seems comfortable enough to remark, with a bit of a grin on his face, "For a moment there I thought Drake might just sail up the rope as if he thought it were a ladder. A valiant showing none the less." He places his own drink aside as well to applaud for the group. With a smile for Isabeau he rises to his feet, and lifts his voice to be clearly heard. "Impressive effort all around. Quite possibly the least accident-prone run of the Gauntlet I have seen in some time myself. But as with any competition there can only one who comes out ahead of the rest. Having made quite the spirited display of tonights challenge, I present Count Drake Wyvernheart the winner of the Gauntlet." He makes an easy gesture towards Drake before clapping his hands together once more.

Jaenelle has left the West Spectator Seating.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington leave, following Jaenelle.

Caprice is overheard praising Drake: Impressive run of the Gauntlet! Congratulations!

3 House Velenosa Guards, Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

Ansel is overheard praising Drake.

Isabeau is overheard praising Drake: The Winner of the Gauntlet!

Raven can't applaud the Count's victory but she can and does bow deeply to the winner, "Well done, My lord. Well and clearly won."

Thea is breathless, but she applauds for Drake nonetheless. "You better not have popped any stitches,"she calls out with a grin. It had to be said@

Kiera is overheard praising Isabeau.

Drake gets to his feet, and takes a bow for the crowd. He likes to bow deep enough for the back benches to see him do it. "Thank you! I do admit, that rope at the end is still the real winner, but... I'll accept this with gratitude. And thank you to the Countess for running alongside me... my motivation." He offers a hand to Thea. "... I think the stitches are still intact."

Caprice is overheard praising Isabeau.

Caprice is overheard praising Ansel.

Kiera is overheard praising Bhandn.

Drake is overheard praising Isabeau: The Gauntlet always makes for the most solid training!

Kiera is overheard praising Corban.

Drake is overheard praising Ansel.

Kiera is overheard praising Raven.

Kiera is overheard praising Ansel.

Kiera is overheard praising Mathis.

Mathis is overheard praising Isabeau: A well-run Gauntlet and a fine display of athleticism!

Saoirse is disastrously late. She enters as people are cheering the ending and without really much of an idea about what's happening, Saoirse blindly starts clapping at *everyone*. You're here? APPLAUSE. You glanced her way? WELL DONE, YOU.

Saoirse is overheard praising Caprice: Oh, you!

"You made it look easy," Bhandn has to say to the Count. He's a bit out of breath himself. There's a bow given to Drake and Thea, but with the results awarded and the competition over, it looks like Bhandn will be taking his leave. But not before he gives a long distance bow towards Isabeau and Ansel in the stands.

Mathis is overheard praising Drake: I believe the Count was wounded but he still trounced me (and everyone else!) at the Gauntlet!

Kiera is overheard praising Reese.

Kiera is overheard praising Caprice.

Kiera is overheard praising Tesha.

Thea takes Drake's hand and smiles a moment. "Motivation or fear,"she asks, nudging him. When Bhandn bows, she dips her head to him as well. "You ran well as well. I'm afraid Drake just---I don't even know what he did today,"though there's pride in her eyes for him.

As the winner is declared, the Archlector of Petrichor rises from his seat and gives a hearty round of applause and a piercing whistle of admiration for the display of athletic prowess. Apparently he's recovered from his own attempt. Anyway, everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves and they're all in good spirits, and Mathis's pride isn't hurt too much. "You all clearly showed me there's simply another class of people down here in the city. I'm going to have to get back to training if I'm going to keep up with any of you."

Caprice lingers long enough to finish her drink but alas, with the competition concluded, it appears she's run out of time! A last round of applause and some vocal compliments for the hosts, and she's heading off.

Caprice has left the West Spectator Seating.

Coda, the canine war college dropout leaves, following Caprice.

Kiera smiles to her brother "Being a father apparently agrees with you"

Isabeau clasps her hands together, beaming radiantly at the participants, the spectators. She's practically glowing. She dips her head to Bhandn as she calls out, "Don't forget, there will be the Equestrian course very soon! Then the melee and joust - those will need sign ups in advance." She reminds everyone around, even as she looks to Ansel, teasing, "One of these days, you'll have to show me that you can still handle the Gauntlet."

Raven chortles softly and shakes her head, "I will be happy to cheer from the stands, no doubt we will see Count Drake and his countess also lead the pack in that competition as well."

Ansel reclaims his seat besides Isabeau, "The Equestrian course I rather look forward to seeing. Something I won't have any designs in participating in however." Taking hold of Isabeau's hand again he adds, "I'll be sure to wait for the memory of Count Drake's run to fade before I do that." Followed by a hearty chuckle.

Thea smiles over at Kiera, telling her,"It does, doesn't it." Looking up to Isabeau, she promises,"I'll be--trying that as well, though I'm not as good a rider as well--" She's not even going to say it. To Ansel, Thea ask,"You're going to participate?"

"I wish you luck on that endeavor," Drake says, giving Ansel a nod. "This was a good event as it was. I suppose it had been a while since I did a run, so I'm glad that I still made it. Now ... I should probably head home and make sure that nothing ripped." He looks at Thea. "But she'll be good to check all that."

Ansel gives a light wave of his hand in response to Thea, "In the Equestrian event? Surely not. While I have been known to ride a horse or two in my day somehow I imagine my experience won't translate well. Especially without the motivation of avoiding being properly skewered." He offers a brief grin between Thea and Drake, "And if he /did/ tear something, just remember I had nothing to do with it."

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