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Laurent's Annual Honey Festival 1017

After skipping it for one year due to reasons, The Annual Honey Festival returns with all its might! It is sweeter, stickier and goldener. Because that is a word. Wear your finest honeysilk outfit. We will provide aprons. There will be no harm. To clothes or people. Likely. Mostly. Well no one died yet.


July 8, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Mabelle Cristoph Eiran


Dino Ilira Mattheu Ryhalt Kiera Kael Keely



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - The Apiary

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

a large wooden beehive is now unlocked.

Violeta Emili, tall and shadowed rivenshari, 2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman, Virgil - an agile wildcat kitten arrive, following Mattheu.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

The Laurent Apiary has been decorated with all the streamers, hives and flowers (well that's a lie, they are already there) without, of course, interrupting the bees and the bees will pose no problem for the guests. Trust the Laurents. Just do not try to get honey from the hives. Several food stands and drink stands have been placed along the grounds with a decorative centerpiece, created by Princess Denica Thrax catching your attention as you walk in. Honey Art!

There is also a very ominous construction right in the center of the apiary, which looks quite concerning to those who might be familiar with how things go at the Honey Festival usually and make you wish you wore armor. Well, too late now.

The Laurents themselves are standing by the entrance, greeting their guests. Mabelle is wearing the fieriest honeysilk dress paired with a furry shawl to keep her warm. She is drooping with honeystones but her headpiece is so eye catching, it actually steals your attention: A large tiara made of pure diamonds. "Welcome!", she calls out to those who walk in and smiles warmly, "Welcome to the Laurent Apiary. I bet you did not know it was here. Well, some of you must have known, but we are quite fond of our Apiary and decided this year we should celebrate with the bees. Well, they won't BEE here, but they can enjoy us from afar. See what I did there? About that", the smile on her face starts to turn a bit impish, "There is a rule to this festival. Everything that comes out of your mouth tonight must include a Bee/Honey/Hive pun. Yes. This is going to be a very punny festival. Failure to do so will result with you being fed a spoonful of honey". And she is not joking, there are people standing around carrying honey jars and spoons. "The game will be announced later! Have fun!".

Mattheu takes a scrumptious whiskey infused honeycomb from a large wooden beehive.

Ryhalt takes a scrumptious whiskey infused honeycomb from a large wooden beehive.

Dino takes a scrumptious whiskey infused honeycomb from a large wooden beehive.

Dino arrives to witness the spectacle that is the Honey Festival, his eyes roaming over the decorations as he slowly makes his way to meet the host. Behind him is a jowly puppy who he urges on with a high whistle. "Come on, then. Keep up!" He smiles to the creature, then turns that over to Mabelle. "This is lovely. Hive been looking forward to it all week," he says with a quick wink.

Ilira sweeps through the entrance just in time for Mabelle's announcement. "I shall bee on my best beehavior," she tells the Laurent brightly, sashaying past her with a sly flutter of her fingers and a sunny smile. "Though, admittedly, I might enjoy my pun-ishment." She glides down a flower-lined pathway, marveling with wide, starry eyes at the shapes and colors of the flora around her and pausing a moment at a particularly vibrant bushal to inhale the scent.

Buzzing from bees might get drowned out by the jingling of the unbeelivable amount of small bells upon Mattheu as he hops and skips in a near dance through the Laurent Manse. A full stop in front of Mabelle causes all bells to cascade in their song, then bowing with arms out for any of the little bees to wish to sit upon. (He really doesn't understand how bees work...) "Lady Ma-bee-lle How are you this fine evening?"

Ryhalt wouldn't miss a Laurent Honey Festival and is taking in the various sights of the Apiary, nodding like this confirms some suspicion of his. Seeing Mabelle, he smiles to her. "So, when is the flaming honey going to BEEgin? I'm just here to watch that."

2 Telmarine Guards, Cale, the Highhill War Hound pup, Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound leave, following Tesha.

Eiran is dressed up in some fancy green silks, looking wide-eyed and a little twitchy, diligently avoiding the wines. He does his best meeting and greeting, bowing and flipping his feathered hat and willing a bright smile. "Oh /gods/," he groans at the punnery. He knew, he'd been /warned/, but still.

She might have revoked it for the guests but one of the Laurent staff approacheds Eiran with a spoonful of honey. Because. He has been warned. Dino and Ilira are presented with a wide smile, "Thank you for coming, I hope you enjoy the festivities", she welcomes them inside, "Lord Rivenshari, Duke Farshaw. I am well and both of you are not watching! There will be no fire, guarentee".

Mattheu has joined the flower garden with pond.

Kiera comes in with a bright smile "Everyone is so beecoming my goal by the end of the night is to come up with one that doesn't have the word bee

There is some relative ease in the manner that Marquis Keaton travels the Laurent Estate, though this is perhaps not surprising given the fact that he is a vassal House to the Duchy. Now, where he is not striding through? The Apiary. In fact, when Kael is approaching the area, his steps slow and he is looking curiously across it, taking in the decoration from afar as well as the various points of entry and exit. Just a general sweep of the area that seems more natural than not. He, alas, is not wearing armor this fine evening, unless one counts that oakhide jacket that he wears. In recognition of the event, Kael has a pocket square of honeysilk. The princess on his arm, Keely Grayson, also pays homage to the festivity, garbed in her honeysilk gown. "The amount of forethought that goes into these is rather staggering," he remarks to Keely before pausing at the entry to greet their hosts. In particular a, "Lady Mabelle," is offered forth with Kael dipping into a bow. and as soon as the punnery begins he is clearing his throat and casting a sidelong look to the princess before eyeing the attempted honey-fying of Eiran yonder.

Kiera has joined the flower garden with pond.

Keely looks up with dread as Mabelle makes her threats to the crowd, her dark eyes slowly lifting to Kael and her smaller frame tucking in nearer to his side as if he might shield her from being force-fed honey. Unsure if this is a jest, her mouth stays shut tight, to ward off incoming spoons or avoid attracting them all together. Polite dips of her head are offered to the hosts, focus drifting around curiously upon noticing at least one Laurent absent. Her attention returns to her escort after a moment, and her petite shoulders rising very slightly in silent reply and a playful touch slowly creeping into her smile, naturally-lofty eyebrows perking further to punctuate her silent point. Lifting her free hand, she subtly indicates the direction where alcohol might be obtained with a questioning tilt of her head, and then she waits.

"Wait! Wait," Eiran demands of the staff. "Let me get a biscuit or something--" He scrambles to one of the tables to find something soft and flaky, and snatches the spoon away, drizzling the honey atop it and indignantly swallowing it down. He brightens, then, waving to Keely and Mattheu. Familiar faces!

Dino smiles and walks further into the festival, eyeing some of the honey art before catching sight of Kiera and Mattheu, who both get waves in greeting. Keely, too, is offered a warm smile. With another whistle to his pup, he marches on in search for honey.

Kiera is heading towards the flower garden but pauses to give dino a smile and a wave "I hope you're first hours with your pup haven't been too ruff" she sighs at herself

Mattheu finds a drink lacing the rim with an extra dollop of honey as he smiles to Kael, then nods to Keely with a raise of his glass now practically drenched in honey, less of the whiskey that it had initially. "Marquis Kael and Princess Keely. Have you seen these lovely drinks?" A look back to Dino as Kiera speaks to him, "Dino!"

Mabelle points at the towering wooden construction, "There is a very special treasure inside the beehive up there only… well… its filled to the brim with honey. The thickest kind. And the beehive itself has stings all over it. I mean, if you get past the honey jars flying in your direction. Once you get to the top. Good luck?", she shrugs and cackles. Did she cackle? No, it was sweet laughter. Ladies do not cackle. Just like hosts do not make it a point to kill their guests. Most of the time. This is the Oathlands not the Lyceum. I mean there was that one dinner.. nevermind!

Ryhalt nods to Mabelle, looking doubtful about the guarantee that there wouldn't be fire. "UnBEElievable." He scratches his sidewhisker as he contemplates the contraption. "I think that is the buzz of horrified laundresses all across Arx I hear." He grins wryly. "So, watch for it setting fire at the top? Got it."

Keely's lips are sealed, friends. She smiles warmly toDino and Eiran, and looks like she might almost break her silence for the latter, but Mattheu saves her with his greeting. She then turns her smile up to her protege, lifting her free hand to wiggle her delicate fingers. All the while she keeps close to Kael, dark eyes flitting around now and then.

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