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Battle of Tresova 3: Finale

With dwindling numbers and a shaky line of supply, success or failure in retaking the city of Tresova hinges upon a successful assault on Bloodstone Bastion, the looming castle defended by Caius Carideo and his best troops. Succeed, and the rebellion could be cut off at it's head, fail in the first assault and there likely won't be enough Blackshore soldiers left to attempt a second. Will the banner of civilization fly once again over Tresova, or must our heroes retreat in regret?

Battle scene, involving storming a castle. Please wear armor. Checks begin at HARD and coded casualties will be taken by army units.


Aug. 14, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Outside Arx - Mourning Isles near Tresova - Tresova - Veiled Harbor

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