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PRP: Rogelivitti Vineyards Vandalized!

It seems there's trouble at the Rogelivitti Vineyards again, once more potentially threatening the production of Leonisan Red wines. This time a section of the vineyard has caught fire, destroying some of the anticipated crops for the growing season. The vinters are beside themselves and are asking for help in finding the culprit, as they are almost certain it was a case of arson. House Velenosa has asked investigators to look into the matter and report back to them with details!

OOC: This plot is good for social or investigative characters. It is low risk and chances of combat are very, very small. Please @mail Quenia with your interest.


June 3, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Grady Agric Auda Cosimo



Outside Arx - Lyceum near Granato - Woodlands and Villages

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