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Fall Harvest at the Lodge

Now that fall has arrived, the Lodge of Petrichor is harvesting and extra hands are always welcome. Apples, pears, and late season berries are some of what needs to be collected. Some of the hunters will be offering roasted meat and fresh bread will be baked in the vegetable patch. Maybe someone will bring their instruments?

(Just a chill, good vibes social scene to celebrate the harvest.)


May 17, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Medeia Cassiopeia Cillian(RIP) Nazmir Ann Jan Esme Pepper


Lodge of Petrichor


Outside Arx - Lodge of Petrichor - The Orchard

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The Lodge saw a number of hands helping with this year's autumn harvest. Though the weather is still a bit warm for my tastes, I find the season to be a sentimental one. Certainly, it seemed like people enjoyed themselves, and there will be plenty of jams and pickled produce to last through the winter. I hope that's something I can say for years to come.

It’s well into autumn now and the Lodge of Petrichor is busy gathering produce and preparing for the winter. There is canning and pickling going on elsewhere, as well as the drying of meats brought in by the hunters. Here in the orchard the leaves of the fruit trees have turned various shades of red, orange, and yellow, and they flutter gently in the cool autumn breeze. The air is crisp and filled with the sweet scent of ripe fruit. The ground is covered in fallen apples, pears, and plums, and there’s the sound of rustling leaves underfoot as people move about collecting things into baskets. Ladders are set up at various points that can be easily moves for people who want to pluck fruit from the higher branches.

Near the entrance to the orchard, a table has been set up with refreshments, since invitations have gone out for a community harvest event. There are plates full of grilled meats prepared by the hunters, fresh bread from the outdoor oven, and simple vegetable dishes made from recently-extracted produce in the neighboring garden.

It’s a mellow, but friendly affair, made all the more pleasant by the few people already in attendance with an aptitude for music, plucking a lute strings and humming songs. Filshiar is not one of these, but he does welcome people as they arrive, carefully arranging a plate of venison himself, today in leather pants and a vest, with a simple cream shirt to complete an earth-toned outfit.

2 Armed Confessors, Angwyn the otter, Mordred, Abner, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Ann.

When Medeia arrives, she is dressed in her aeterna from the hospital. Dark hair braided back out of her face, minimal adornment, and sensible footwear complete the normally glamorous lady's look for the day. Her smile, warm and friendly as ever, is only betrayed by the tired creases at the corners of her eyes. But an event all about harvest? There's no way this gardener-extraordinaire would miss it. She gives Filshiar a bow of her head when he greets arrivals.

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

The Autumn air is crisp, Cassiopeia arrives wearing thicker fabrics and a very large and floppy hat. Arm linked with that of Nazmir, who dresses like it's still summer. The pair are chatting as they arrive at the orchard. There's a content smile on Cassiopeia's face and she looks excited by what she sees. "Oh this looks interesting, I've never been to something like this," Cassiopeia confesses to Nazmir. "Well, not quite like this, this is very Autumnal. It's beautiful. There's food. I think I'd like to eat," looking around her attention bounces from place to place. "Oh! Music. We can dance," she adds and as they start to narrow the distances to the host and a few familiar faces, Cassiopeia's smile brightens. A hand lifts and fingers wave at Medeia and Cillian, then she looks at their host Filshiar. "What a joyful time to celebrate, thank you for hosting us," she says graciously before she looks back towards the food tables. Her first order of business after greeting people, is quite clear.

Cillian comes walking down one of the paths in a soft talk with Louis nodding his head to the man, he has Haldir in his arms resting as the pup looks half asleep. His eyes look in front of him as they move closer, spotting Cassiopeia he nods his head in a returned greeting. He seems to answer Louis and the man falls back and to the side of the Northern lord as they continue in.

When you're from the North, autumn in the City is still technically like the summer and Nazmir is going to forgo the heavy layers until it's actually cold. Like, freeze your eyes, cold. With Cassi's arm looped in with his own, there's a flicker of his gaze about the area before he's looking back over towards her, smile tugging to his lips, "Can't say that I have, as well. I think I attended one thing held by the Lodge, many years ago, though." The mention of food has him looking over towards the refreshment table, taking the sight of it before he looks back to her, "Looks like quite a bit to choose from, actually. But we'll need to first earn our keep before you're allowed to eat. Or dance." Following along, he catches sight of Medeia and there's a smile and a wave given, before his attention drifts to Filshiar and after Cassi has addressed him, there's a quick, "Yes, what a wonderful thing for everyone to get together and do. Thank you so much for hosting this."

Ann comes to the orchard holding both of her girls hands in each one of her own. Sil is trailing along behind them. In seeing the others here there's a smile for all and a nod of her head in greeting. Smiling at Filshiar, "This looks lovely. Thank you for the invite." Her small army of guards and confessors surround her but once they do truly come into the orchard they blend into the background.

Jan arrives riding for once. She pauses to tie the horse somewhere appropriate and feeds it a snack before surveying the festivities.

Esme wasn't invited, exactly. However, it's at the Lodge of a God and she's of the Faith, so here she is. And she very much is here. Esme tends to just take up space with her happiness. It bubbles from her and spreads everywhere she can manage. "Oh! Do you see the leaves? The apples?" Esme is speaking with Joy as she enters and she pauses for a moment to clap her hands and spin in a circle. "Look at all the people. Joy, this is just most wonderful. The most wonnderful." Her emerald eyes sweep the area.

Filshiar sets some plates down for people between the food and a large thing of cider with bits of apples floating in it. He turns to smile at people as they enter, seeing a lot of faces that are new to him. “Welcome, I am very glad you could make it,” he tells Medeia, Cassiopeia, and Nazmir as they approach. “I’m Filshiar Shieldborne, a hunter here at the lodge. It is really no problem, we could use the extra hands and had a bit of luck on the hunt recently, so there’s plenty to eat. Grab a basket and enjoy the orchard!” There are some of those, too, in a stack near the table. Then, he turns to Cillian and Ann. “Ah! Glad you could make it. Princess Ann, we’ll make sure we send some fresh fruit home for the kids.” To Esme, who has just entered, he waves and offers another, "Welcome!"

Medeia returns the smile and wave to Cassiopeia and Nazmir, brightening as the sight of the pair. Then there's Cillian, and Ann, and Jan, and Esme! Everyone gets a greeting. It's the last that catches the lady's attention in particular. She moves to intercept the bubbling archlector. "Esme! Dear, sweet Esme! I have been remiss, and I owe you belated congratulations on your appointment to Archlector. I cannot think of one more devoted. Or deserving. Or capable." Is her old friend still a hugger? Her arms come up, ready to return the hug, just in case.

"Oh, we can pick apples!," Cassiopeia says to Nazmir, after listening to Filshair speak about needing assistance with the harvest. The thought of which she seems to find endearing, for it brings a smile to her lips. "We are both tall, this should be easy," Cassiopeia looks pretty convinced in the matter glancing from Naz to herself, both over six feet. "We'd love to help," she tells Filshair and then looks back to Nazmir. "We can pick apples or whatever needs to be sought and then have some snacks," watching as other people arrive, Cassiopeia waves in a friendly and welcoming manner.

Cillian smiles, "Sir Filshiar, it is good to see you as always." he smiles as he moves closer, the Northern lord looks tired but he is smiling and that's what matters right? Right! He looks over to spot Jan, Ann and Medeia. "Greetings." he waves to people and heads to grab a plate of food and a drink, "There was no way I was going to bring Akkar, it would have been chaos at the Orchard."

Ann releases both Raya and Ilan's hands along with Sil as they go to play with other children present. Ann smiles when she hears the knight who is being a hunter in this environment. "Oh thank you. That is so kind of you. Perhaps I can also see if Amelia knows how to make a fruit cobbler. That lady is a wonder and often surprises me in what she can make." She does turn to greet Cassiopea and Nazmir. "Hello cousin and soon to be cousin. I am looking forward to your upcoming celebration." Her words sincere as she says them. Looking around in the orchard and taking in the fall smells. She is not heavily dressed either. It is still warm to her and no heavy coats until winter is truly here.

Is Esme a hugger? Psh. Esme is already arms open and wrapping them around Medeia the moment the woman gets within the grasp of her grabby hands. "Medeia. It is everso wonderful to see you. Thank you so much, but it is not really anything done by me. I merely serve where I am asked. Perhaps I fought it off long enough and was enough to give into it." She laughs. When Esme laughs, she does it warmly, fully and without apology. It is also how she hugs. As if she is just giving her entire being to everyone. Her auburn hair is tossed behind her shoulder and manages to fall 'just so' to be perfectly in place. "I simply must come call and see all your children. Do you have ten by now?" It is then that her eyes spy Filshiar. She lifts her hand to wave towards him and then pauses. Those eyes tattle on her thoughts and her feelings even if she doesn't want them to. Right now they slide up the man, down the man and then the bridge of her nose and the tops of her cheeks color just slightly with pink. To Medeia, she offers, "I cannot seem to recall if I have met our host. I would like to think I would recall." A look given to Medeia. /A LOOK/. "Perhaps you could introduce me?"

Jan offers waves to all and sundries "Yeah, that was a good call to not bring the pup, Lord cillian. Lord General Pasquale roped me into taking his steed which'd grown restless but I will have to detour on the way back to give the steed a proper workout." Sh

"We most certainly can!" That's offered with the hint of a chuckle to Cassipoeia as nazmir gives a little nod of his head, "And we are. Won't even need a step." Catching sight of Ann and hearing her comment, there's a little wave given and then a quick laugh as he nods his head, "Yes! Very much looking forward to it, myself and I'm looking forward for you to be able to see Tremorus, Cousin." The others that arrive have him looking that direction, to offer a smile and a little wave, only for him to look back to Cassi, "Well, do you want to grab yourself a drink, to bring while we pick? Or do you want to go to say Hi to people, first?"

Filshiar reaches out to give Cillian’s shoulder a friendly squeeze, noting the man’s tired expression with the flicker of a frown. Then, when Ann mentions the upcoming wedding, he brightens and turns to Cassiopea and Nazmir, saying, “Congratulations to you both.”

He walks around the table as people help themselves to some food if they want to and grabs a basket, ready to lead whoever would like to pick some apples first out among the trees. “Grab a basket if you wish. The stroll through the orchard is no nice it won’t even feel like work.” He smiles over to Jan, who he does see back there, then catches Esme’s look in his direction, to which he smiles just a bit wider as he bows his head in greeting.

"Just four," Medeia says, relaying the count of her children to Esme with a laugh. She gives the archlector another squeeze before standing beside her and scanning the gathering. The request of an introduction gets her attention immediately. "Could I? Of /course/ I could." The grin the splits across Medeia's face is lit with the brightness of some old inside joke. She takes a deep breath, and then... "Archlector Esme, our fine host this evening is Sir Filshiar of the King's Own. He is an exemplar, as he should be. Have you met the others? Surely you at least know of Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi, a darling friend of mine who has the sweetest bunny. With her is her betrothed, Prince Nazmir Redrain, who is the most fashionable man in the land. Princess Ann Redrain, who is on her way to becoming a friend - she just does not know it yet. Lord Cillian Blackwood, who has the cutest puppy. You should ask to meet the puppy sometime! And Lady Jan Kennex, cousin to Blessed Porter, who - from what I understand - shares the love of sailing but is, perhaps, a far more creative cusser." Her smile has not budged this entire time.

There is a smile for Nazmir when he speaks to Ann. "I will look forward to seeing Tremorus too. Congratulations to you both." Including Cassi in her words echoing what Fil has said. Her smile remaining when Medeia gives her introduction and she winks at the Lady for it. She does know Esme but she is not going to spoil the most marvelous introduction done. Bobbing her head towards Esme as the bells in her hair ring out. She gives a finger wave to Cillian and Jan. Hopefully she got everyone!

Cillianlooks to Filshiar nodding his head looking to Cassiopea and Nazmir, "Yes, congratulations." he looks over as he spots the kids with Ann, looking them over taking note of how big they have gotten he waves in return to Aann. He turns to take is plate and drink and move off to find a place to sit, sticking the puppy in his lap so he can't wonder off he starts to eat some of the meat and share with Haldir, he looks over at Medeia as he hears his name locking his fingers and nodding his head.

"A drink and then we should go say hello to people, but then we pick apples. We cannot leave them too long, they are liable to fall off!" Cassiopeia grins, knowing full well they've more than a few hours before that, but you never know. She seems apprehensive about the weather change. Picking a drink at random, because she isn't quite sure what to have, she hears Medeia make introductions. When she hears her name, she beams at the mention of her bunny rabbit. That seems to mean the world to her, that that was part of her introduction. Then grins at Nazmir's fashion status, there's a confirming nod. Curiosity perks at the mention of Cillian's puppy and she feels like she's getting the information she needs here. "Hello everyone," she says after, lifting her hand to wave while the other brings the drink to her lips, so she might sample what she's in store for. Ann's congratulations is caught and Cassiopeia smiles, "thank you. It's all very exciting and I am glad you will be heading out to join us. The weather is fantastic."

Esme listens to Medeia and nods her head most solemnly to each person given to this. Her eyes falling on each of them to consider. There is a twinkle of amusement that she can't get rid of even if she is /trying/ to look stoic. "Yes, very good. Thank you so much Med..." It is there that she laughs and claps her hands again. "Oh! I just adore meeting people." Filishiar who is currently her fascination target. She offers, "Yes, he is very exemplary..." A pause as her cheeks flush pink again. It's clear she's trying to think if she should try to save herself from that or just let it go. Of course, she's thinking too long and it causes an awkward pause. "Well met."

The congratulations from Filshiar have Nazmir dipping his head in the other mans direction, a quick smile being given, "My most sincere thanks." Then, he's looking back to Ann, to flash a smile, "Thank you, Cousin. And remember, you'll owe me a dance at the party." A quick grin is given, only for introductions to be taking place and he's looking over towards Medeia, a soft laugh escaping his lips, "Well done, Lady Medeia! I'm going to hire you for all my introduction needs, going forward." He does look to Esme, to offer a smile and a little nod of his head, "Well met." Then, he looks to Cillian, bobbing his head a little, "Thank you very much." Now, looking to Cassiopeia, he's smiling, "Seems like we're going picking, first." He motions to Filshiar beginning to lead through the orchard.

Jan ambles up alongside Esme and gestures "Archlector Esme is, no lie, the ABSOLUTE best. She looks all sweet and sun shiney-but she's ALSO very smart and very learned. She'll make an excellent friend, Sir Filshiar." She confesses to Esme "He has questions sometimes and I definitely do not have the answers."

"Apples it is!," Cassiopeia is more than ready to follow into the orchard. There's a brief pause to offer smiles to those that are lingering back, also a cheerful hello of introduction to Esme. Then, if there's anything grabbable snack-wise to take for the journey, she'd opt for it. There's no reason she can't snack and pick at the same time. "I wonder if there will be tree climbing. I could climb the tree and get the apples that are up high and toss them down to you," she suggests to Naz, trying to come up with an apple plan.

Filshiar is so thankful for Medeia's introduction, since there really are several people he has yet to meet properly. "Pleasure to meet you all," he says, grabbing a few smaller baskets to hand out to Ann's children. When Jan says what she does, he ducks his head a little and says, "My curiosity sometimes get the better of me." Then, he turns to Esme, seeming not at all put off by any pauses that might be considered awkward. "Very well met, Archlector." He waves the assembled group out to the orchards and begins to give a little introduction to what's planted here and how the Lodge treats its harvest. Sauces, jams, etc. Climbing is fine, but safety is encouraged!

Ann picks up a basket as it looks like she will follow along and do some picking as others seem to be doing the same. As Cillian gives a glance to Sil, Raya and Ilan they do look taller and older. There's complaining from one and it is Ilan, "Where is Flounder? Shouldn't he be here?" Hazel eyes looking around to see if she had missed Mattheu Rivenshari. Ann murmurs to her daughter and it sounds like she's telling Ilan that tonight Mattheu was called away for important work. She hands off another basket for the girls to share as she waves Sil over to gather along with her. Oh but Fil beat her in the baskets and puts the one she had for her girls away back to where those items belong.

Introduction done, Medeia glances between Filshiar and Esme. To the knight, she says, "Sir, perhaps you might give our darling Esme a tour of the orchard? Tell her about the apples?" Then she gives Esme's hand a squeeze and wanders off to collect a basket and join in the apple picking. "Princess Ann? Join me?"

Medeia checks dexterity and agriculture at normal. Medeia is successful.

Esme takes the basket. "This is a great basket, did you make it?" She will reach out an arm to attempt to draw Jan into a hug. Everyone may end up hugged at some point. She doesn't understand personal space. However, it is always avoidable. "OH! I am very very very curious. It is a horrible thing that I must deal with. I get focused and just ask all these questions. I never seem to run out of them. If you have questions, perhaps I have answers." Medeia leaves her and Esme just stares where she goes. That wasn't part of the unspoken plan. Then an illuminating smile. "I suppose I should attempt to um... pick an apple."

Jan checks strength and athletics at normal. Jan is successful.

Filshiar checks dexterity and agriculture at normal. Botch! Filshiar fails completely.

Nazmir checks dexterity and agriculture at normal. Nazmir is successful.

Esme checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Esme is successful.

Cillian looks over at Jan and the group as it seems they are going to go picking, he sits with the pup who snags a chunk of meat out of his fingers. He looks to Esme nodding his head in her direction then back over to the kids again, "Your highness, would they like to meet Haldir?" he takes a sip from his cup of cider.

"Apples!" Nazmir is echoing Cassiopeia's comment, only to then move to pickup a basket, passing one over to her before he's claiming one for himself, "Toss them down? I still remember dodge the Coconut. I'm fairly certain you'd /throw/ them down at me and expect me to catch them." There's a little tease there, only for him to then follow after Filshiar, listening to the introduction of everything and the like.

Ann checks dexterity and agriculture at normal. Critical Success! Ann is spectacularly successful.

When Ann hears her name she smiles at Medeia and moves to follow along with the lady. The children now skipping ahead of them but still staying with the group. "I do love the harvest season. Almost makes me home sick for the North."

Cassiopeia checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Cassiopeia is successful.

Jan eyes the tree like it's legit bee decades since she climbed trees and she's away her broad shoulders and muscular build make this a hazard. So she pulls herself up by a thick branch close to the trunk and then brings her legs up, able to lift her bulk with her arms before bracing her feet on a trunk. With one hand on a thick branch close to the trunk she leans out and reaches for a thinner branch, rather than picking the apples she gives the branch a good shake so that ripe apples shake loose for people down below.

It's a brief introduction. Much of what the orchard is about is right there for everyone to see and experience, which is partly what this event is about. At Medeia's suggestion, he nods and will show Esme over to a grouping of three apple trees. "Oh, I wouldn't bother you right now about it," he tells her regarding all the questions, "though it sounds like you understand what it can be like." He chuckles and glances away from her to see how everyone else is doing. Cillian with the puppy, the children with their swinging baskets, the betrothed ready to toss the delicious fruit around. It's a nice day. "He lifts an arm to pluck an apple from a branch high above him. It's really on there, though, and he has to tug it off, but when he does it shakes the whole branch violently enough to dispatch a bunch of ripe apples right down onto him, one bursting slightly against his head. "Oh..." How embarrassing.

"Then you should be well practiced this time I throw fruit at you," Cassiopeia suggests to Nazmir with a growing smile. The bucket is held in the crook of her elbow so she can manage a cookie and a drink at the same time. "I will climb to the top and just gently drop them down, I'm not trying to take you out of the game, or anything. Unless it's a competition, in which case," Cassiopeia shrugs and makes no promises!

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Filshiar: I apple-laud your great event!

"I was recently gifted a northern apple liqueur that can only be made in like weather conditions present in your colder climate," Medeia says to Ann. "It was quite fantastic. I would love to go and learn more about cold-weather gardening, sometime. For me, harvest season has always led directly into winemaking season..." She plucks a couple apples off the tree before Filshiar is attacked savagely by a tree. "Are you alright?"

Ann is overheard praising Filshiar.

Esme is overheard praising Filshiar: Way to apple-y yourself to the task at hand. It seems apple-priate for the occasion

There's a look of surprise when Filshiar gets hit with an apple. Nope not going to laugh. Medeia already asking the knight if he's alright. Trying in vain to give her attention to Medeia and what it is she's talking about. "That northern apple liqueur sounds delicious. I can see why harvest season could make you think of winemaking season. I am reminded of the different feasts one can have with the different bounties one can gather even from a place such as the orchard."

Jan is overheard praising Filshiar.

"Now, now, Cassiopeia, no bruising me before the ceremony." A smile is given and as Nazmir turns his attention to the others, he's taking note of Jan simply climbing the tree, a quick laugh escaping his lips sas he calls up, "Good job!" Then, he happens to notice Filshiar wind up with apple on his head .. rather literally and he's offering, "Ooh, everything " He's then reaching up, to snag an apple off a branch so that it can be deposited in the basket, "Oh, no. Are you okay!"

Cillian watches as the knight is attacked by the apple tree and he grins, a soft chuckle coming from him. He looks and ohs as the pup gets out of his lap and starts to run about peoples feet with small little puppy barks.

Esme is standing next to the man, not staring. Esme is not staring at him. This is a lie. She nods her head. "Of course, we can talk whenever you might be free. I am everso curious what you are curious about." She lifts her hand and easily frees one sole apple down. Her eyes on Filshiar as he is picking his apple. Then there is a raining of apples on him, around her, and Esme just blinks for a moment. Then she laughs fully again, but it's full of happiness not teasing. "Oh! That is delightful way to do things. I simply must try it to conserve effort." She reaches up to shake the tree and have it rain it down on her too. See? It's how one is suppose to do it.

Jan shifts to another part of the tree and starts shaking another branch, well two branches. The one she grips and the one she stands on.

"You need all your fingers to steal that feather from a Cassowary," she tells Nazmir with a very serious face. Then she happens on the perfect red apple and it grows just in reach. It's bigger than the others nearby and it looks especially good. Cassiopeia reaches an arm over head and she plucks it from the tree and puts it gently into her bucket. There's a sense of accomplishment and she misses much else in that moment. Still, once it is done, she looks about to see how everyone else has made out. Attention drifting from her bucket to the rain of apples that Filshair gets caught under. There's an empathetic look before she smiles to see the puppy barking about. "Apple liqueur does sound good. I like apple pastries. What other things do people like to eat with apples?"

Filshiar sets his basket down and rubs the back of his head. At first, he really is embarrassed, but Esme’s laughter is infectious and he ends up laughing as well. He lifts his arm to everyone asking if he is ok and says, “I’m fine, I’m fine. I meant to do that!” He definitely did not, but now the apples are on the ground and ready to be scooped up.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman, 2 Blackwood trained guards, Haldir, a Rottweiler leave, following Cillian.

Medeia continues to be good at apple picking and making everyone feel important, except quietly in the background.

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a reaver, Fluffy, a wild nanny-cat, 5 Eswynd shieldbearers, Loryk, a cocky but amiable reaver, Butterpup, a Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Medeia.

Jan drops out of the tree she's in with a soft grunt and makes her way towards Filshiar and offers him a clean hanky wordlessly "Quite the turnout, Sir Filshiar."

Salt - A Sassy Warhorse, 2 House Crovane Guards arrive, following Pepper.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman, 2 Blackwood trained guards, Haldir, a Rottweiler, Pepper arrive, following Cillian.

Ann has been helping her children pick up their own apples. Pointing out where apples have fallen. She answers Cassiopeia, "There's apple cake, apple sauce but I to like apple pastries."

"Cassi, I need my fingers and everyone elses for such a thing. I'm amazing with animals .. except when they have to do with Proscipi. Need I remind you about Solaris." If Nazmir is at all concerned about it, though, it doesn't show, as he's got a grin on his lips. Another apple is plucked from the tree and he's looking at it, only to then deposit it into his basket. The mention of apple liquer has him giving a nod of his head, "Apple liquer is delicious, actually. I can't remember who made a batch, but there was a run of it some time ago." The latter part of the question has him considering with a soft 'hmm' before he's offering, "Well, baked goods is about all I can think off." He's then pointing to Ann, to nod his head, "Like what she said."

Esme drops down easily to start filling her basket with the apples. If Filishiar does not bend with her, she'll give a pull on his pant legs. "What made you want to have this event?" Her eyes swing over the others to see how they are doing. Then swing up at Jan on the branch and then to the others again. "Are you going to make brandy with it?"

Haldir is just playing chaos with people, he is ducking between peoples legs as Cillian watches him shaking his head. He tears at the meat on his plate chewing another bit licking his fingers and taking a long sip from his cup. He leans back watching, the pup moves to snag a apple from one of the children and growls playfuly. He smirks shaking his head, "Haldir." he calls to the pup, but he seems to be having to much fun.

Pepper having heard there was an event decided to come out and socialize with people. Dressed simply and her long hair pulled into a bun she wanders into the orchard following the sounds of the voices. Stopping faintly at the edge of the trees taking stock of whom is there a moment before moving closer to those that had gathered.

"I once had a whole apple baked with some soft buttery pastry around it. That was exciting.," Cassiopeia says of apple things smiling over at Ann. "I think I'd like to try this apple liqueur, I will try to find a bottle of it.," she makes this vow. "I once had a liquor made from turnips," she doesn't say much more than that and leaves the outcome mysterious. "Perhaps I could put out an advertisement, and see if anyone still has some," she says of the liqueur, seeming still curious about this.

Jan looks up from picking up apples and double takes, "Lady Pepper!" She straitens up and dusts one of the apples off on her shirt and offers it "Apple?"

Filshiar takes the offered handkerchief and wipes a bit of apple off him before handing it back. "Thank you," he says, watching the puppy for a moment before he ducks down to pick up apples with Esme. Nazmir's comment on being good with animals pricks his ears and he looks to the man for a moment. "Oh," he says to Esme's question. "Well, I heard that more hands were needed here and thought people might enjoy getting out of the city for a change. It's nice here, don't you think?" He drops a couple apples in the basket.

Ann now has her basket to hip as she crouches to reach for the apples that have fallen and even makes to get some on the lower branches. Looking back to Cassiopeia, "If you find some apple liquor we should have a tasting party or something of that nature." Amused by that. When Pepper comes near she's given a wave by Ann. Ann's children are enthralled with Cillian's puppy now. "Mama Mama look!" Laughing as she watches her three play with the puppy their baskets forgotten. Ann moves to put whatever apples got picked from them into her one basket. Children do get distracted and so she moves their baskets to the side in case they decide to return to it later.

Esme finally notices the puppy. There is a brief moment that it's her sole focus and one looking at her can tell she's debating pouncing the puppy to snuggle it. Then a shake of her head before she looks back towards Filshiar. "I believe everywhere is nice. There is beauty in everything." She smiles sweetly at him. "I confess one of my favorite places to be is on the back of a horse. I was a knight before I took my vows of Faith. I still am a knight at heart."

Pepper smiles at Jan and takes the apple offered. "Thank you Lady Jan," she responds and looks over the fruit appraisingly. That warm smile lingers as she gives those present in turn a smile with a nod of her head. "Hello everyone," she greets. "How are you today Lady Jan," she asks turning back to Jan.

Cillian looks up when Peppers name is called, his looks in her direction and smiles. His eyes go back as the children chase the puppy with te apple it its mouth all growling and shaking his head.

Nazmir is simply listening to the comment of the apple baked with pastry, but when there's the mention of the turnip liquor, he doesn't bother to hide the wrinkle of his nose, "That sounds absolutely horrible. I'm not sure I'd even try something that was a turnip liquor." Another little wrinkle of his nose, "Nope. Not even a second thought would make me taste that." Another apple is picked and he's depositing it intot he basket, looknig over towards Ann and Cassiopeia, "I'll have to check my cabinets and see if I have any still around. I might very well still have a bottle."

Jan winces "Just Jan, please." She draws in a deep breath and grins "I'm good. Crisp air, good company, ripe fruit, what's better?"

Nazmir is overheard praising Filshiar: Apple-solutely would pick apples again for the Lodge!

Jan has joined the beneath the honeycrisp apple tree.

Filshiar baskets a few more apples while Esme is watching the puppy. He sees Pepper come in and flashes her a quick smile. "Hello there! Glad you could join us," he says, looking then to the rest of the group once more, pleased to see people enjoying themselves. Back to Esme, his brows lift slightly. "Were you? I would love to hear more about that. Perhaps on horseback sometime."

As those gathered continue to pick fruit and enjoy the nice weather, the musicians nearby switch to a new song led by a pair of lyres. "Oh, this is a good one," Filshiar says.

Cassiopeia looks over at Ann, "if I come about some, I will send word," she says warmly and offers a smile. Then to Nazmir, she shows her bucket full of apples. "I think we've had a good run at this, perhaps we ought ought to bring them back?," Cassiopeia is mindful of the time and her duties. "Perhaps we ought to make it back to the city, we've an appointment not much later, I believe but this has been a great way to celebrate the Autumn. I've learnt about the harvest and it was a delightful time." Looking over to Filshair, Cassiopeia offers a warm and appreciative smile. "This was a lovely event, I apple-solutely loved it," she says with wild amusement. Then to everyone else she waves cheerfully as she offers to escort the prince back to the city.

Flopio, a soft grey rabbit with huge floppy ears and wild hair, Councilor Aresea, a perspicacious and persnickety Quartheen woman, Goldio, a baby golden long-haired northern bunny with half-lopped ears leave, following Cassiopeia.

Looking to his basket and then to Cassiopeia's, Nazmir snorts a little, "I see you were stealing apples from mine, to fill yours." There's a little shake of his head and then he's looking towards Filshiar, to offer up, "Apple-solutely agree with the Marquessa. It was grand, even to the core. I look forward to the next time." A smile and wave is given to everyone else before he's moving off to deposit the basket and slip out.

Ferrio, the ferocious ferret with fabulous fur leaves, following Nazmir.

Pepper laughs. "Right, Jan." She corrects herself. She gives Cillian a wave with her free hand. "I'm glad I did'nt make it to late, I am excited about the idea of having some fresh fruit to cook with."

Esme's eyes brighten to the thought of going on a ride. "We will have to make a bet on who is the better rider." She comes to her feet and gathers the basket. She will reach out for Filshiar's arm. "Will you introduce me to the the person that just arrived? I don't believe I know her." She means Pepper.

Jan ahhhs "You cook? I thought you were a scholar?" She offers Pepper a basket, "Here's a bunch of fruit. IF you need more than that I'll get to shaking."

Filshiar rises and says, "We will have to do that." There's a wide, warm smile on his face, even with his hair still streaked a bit with overripe apple. "Come, I only just met her the other day." He walks over to the others and says, "Lady Pepper, this is Archlector Esme. I also did not realize you were a cook."

Around them, some of the other lodge members begin to pick up the song that's playing and sing:

"Mountains reign majestic, their diamond summits gleam pale.
The wind sings with the wolves, dear pilgrim listen.
Their bones rest deep in the world, the sky scrapes on their crowns.
Petrichor's strength lays in them, dear pilgrim listen."

Cilliansmiles at Pepper, he looks over just in time to watch the puppy go rolling as he shook his head and lost his balance. He chuckles shaking his head, but then he falls silent as people start to sing. He breaths deeply and closes his eyes as he listens to it.

Ann looking pleased when her basket looks nearly full. Only to stop when she hears the singing and takes a moment to take that in. She's listening. Does this mean she's a pilgrim now. When the children come near she gives then a soft hush so they may listen to the song too.

"I am a mother, you learn a thing or two, besides which scholar doesn't dabble a bit in different skills from time to time." she laughs. "It's more a hobby than anything else." Her ears tilt to the song that was being sung. "Hello Archlector Esme, It's a pleasure to meet you."

Esme wraps her robes around her hand and reaches up. She tries to wipe the apple from Filshiar's hair as he moves to greet his guests. Then she smiles an illuminating smile toward Pepper. "That is a most interesting name." Her smile is sincere. It shows in her emerald eyes as she listens to the song and concentrates on Pepper. "You have very lovely eyes."

Jan watches the exchange between Pepper and Esme, sipping her flask and falling silent though her gaze shifts towards Filshiar and tilts her head curiously, watching him play host.

Cillianputs his plate down when he does Haldir dives into to eat, he does not stop him. He pulls his knees up to rest his head on while he listens to the song, eyes closed.

Now it is Ann's turn to return back to the city. Her basket is full and she calls her children to her. But first they stop over to Filshiar, "Thank you for hosting this event. We rather enjoyed ourselves. I hope to see you again." Her smile is warm for her friend. Smiling at Esme, "it was good to see you also." Then she turns to head back for home.

Filshiar is nowhere near as good at introductions as Medeia is, but it works in a pinch. The music softly continues in the background, a little ballad to Petrichor, who watches over this place, and he allows Esme to wipe away some of the apples. Something about being here makes him feel a bit more connected to people, and his usual guard is down just a bit. "Well, it's a good hobby to have. Speaking of food, there's a spread of fresh vegetables and roasted meats back there if you're interested. Halide there seems to like it. You may also be able to ply a recipe or two from those around here. People seem very involved in preserving for winter now."

Filshiar adds, "Always good to see you, Ann. Let's catch each other up on things soon."

2 Armed Confessors, Angwyn the otter, Mordred, Abner, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Ann.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman have been dismissed.

2 Blackwood trained guards have been dismissed.

Haldir, a Rottweiler have been dismissed.

Jan has left the beneath the honeycrisp apple tree.

Cillian breaths deeply looking over at the pup, "Oh pup, look at you." he shakes his head. He looks over as Pepper mixs and meets people, this seems to make him happy.

Pepper smiles. "Thank you," she returns to Esme. "My parents must have liked the herb, I'm not much better, I embraced it, Honey and Hazel are my two daughter's names." She continues her warm smile and laughs about Haldir and other likeing the food. "I would love to grab some!"

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