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Pigments and Paints - A Make and Take Lecture

Lady Medeia, after a conversation with Princess Denica, has been inspired to discuss the agricultural and alchemical origins of the pigments and paints used by artists across the Compact. Join her at the Seawatch Sanctuary classroom for a hands-on lesson, where all who participate will leave with their own paints.


June 11, 2023, 3 p.m.

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Delia Denica Mattheu Ann



Arx - Upper Boroughs - Seawatch Sanctuary - Lecture Hall and Classroom

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Glimmer, a snow white dove arrives, following Delia.

The classroom doors at Seawatch Sanctuary are open to welcome in any who wish to come and learn about pigments and paints on this chilly, late-autumn day. Within, the long tables that make up the student seating have been draped with protective fabric. Atop the fabric is n array of containers that hold various powders and goops and other alchemical looking things, with mixing tools and bowls. A basket of aprons has been placed near the entrance - all made of aeterna to ensure the guests leave with pristine outfits. Medeia is standing between the lectern and the door, ready to greet everyone who joins the lecture.

Delia placing the top of the apron over her head to help protect her navy gown from the loose pigments. She inclines her head to Medeia. "Greetings, Lady Saik," the Whisper greets the hostess, glancing around. "Looks like I'm among the first. Couldn't be helped. I've never made anything like this before and had to try it out."

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A talk about paint on a chilly autumn afternoon is something that princess Denica wouldn't miss. There's a wonderous look on her face as she arrives. Though she's dressed up in what might be a rather pretty dress, it is covered with a smock. This is no doubt done with knowledge of her desire to get really into things, and protection is often warranted for nice clothes, lest they be all covered in paint. This is doubled-up with the aeterna apron which she ties around the smock, much to the delight of her assistant who no doubt spend most of their time trying to keep her from ruining dresses. Denica's expression and stride is easily relaxed, she seems content and just happy to be here, learning something and getting a chance to experience creativity with others. On arrival, she goes up to their gracious host, Medeia and offer the woman a warm and friendly smile. "Lady Medeia, thank you for having us here. I'm excited to hear and try everything!," she says with sincerity and much enthusiasm.

Violeta Emili, tall and shadowed rivenshari, 2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman, Tregva Emili, a colorful ravashari performer arrive, following Mattheu.

When Delia arrives and addresses her, it takes Medeia a moment to register her name. "Ah, yes." Her smile returns with full warmth and invitation. "Welcome to Seawatch Sanctuary! I am so pleased to hear this will be your first time trying something like this; the sanctuary was made for learning and growth of all sorts." The lady seems genuinely pleased that Delia is taking the opportunity to be here. Denica earns a respectful bow of her head. "Princess, I knew you would not miss this. It was you who inspired the lecture, did you know? I hope this is beneficial to you."

The song of bells fill the hallways and courtyard as Mattheu finds his way from gardens to lecture hall. While there are assistants offering directions the Rivenshari lord can be heard offering some commentary about needing to follow the wind and solid rooftops over head causing confusion in his path. Finally popping into the lecture hall he looks to those around, a flourished jingling bow to Medeia and Denica with nod to Denlia. "Whisper it is good to see you. And Lady Medeia. Princess Denica." A small clasp of his hands as he looks Medeia in her welcome to the hall for the others.

Spreading her skirts, Delia greets Denica with a full curtsey, "Princess. How wonderful that you could join us today." And then there's the jingling announcing Mattheu. The Whisper turns to him and greets him with a smile, "And you as well. It is always a delight to see some familiar faces at these events."

Looking touched that she managed to inspire something, Denica grins brightly. "I have no doubt I will leave with new information and much inspiration. Thank you," she says to Medeia. Then she notices Mattheu and she waves paint-stained fingers at the Lord. "Lord Mattheu, lovely to see you again," she says to him. Delia is unfamiliar so she gives the woman a warm and friendly smile. "Lovely to meet you. Denica Thrax," she gives by way of her name. "A day with colour, is a good day," she says more at large.

Ann didn't mean to come in late but alas she did. A last minute duty calling her away to get here on time. In seeing the aprons at the entrance she picks up one and puts it over her head and ties it behind her. Giving a smile to Medeia, "Hello, Lady Medeia so good to see you." Acknowledging the others that are here before her. She totally was walking behind Mattheu and his merriment as she comes into the room truly.

"My lord, welcome," Medeia says when Mattheu arrives. Her head dips respectfully. "Did I hear you giving Ken some trouble?" Ken being the sanctuary's steward. There's humor in her voice as she asks. Then Ann gets a smile and another bow of the head. "Princess Ann, welcome to you, as well. I believe this is also your first visit to the sanctuary? I hope you enjoy it enough to return." Some other students from the Apothecary College and elsehwere have filed in and filled the hall around the notable guests as Medeia moves to stand in a position of prominence at the front of the classroom. "Hello everyone, thank you so much for joining me today for this lecture on the origins of pigments. I am Lady Medeia Saik, professor and Voice of the Apothecary College of Tor. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Seawatch Sanctuary." She falls silent for a moment, allowing for everyone to settle. Then, clearing her throat, she begins in earnest. "The Dream is full of sources of wonder, an untold number we have yet to discover. One of the most amazing things is that we can use the natural resources - like stones, plants, and even some animal byproducts - to create /other/ things that did not exist before we imagined them and worked them into being. By the end of today's lesson, you will be leaving with such reimagined materials so that you can go even further and paint canvases, statues, or other objects... Preferably not my walls or floors."

Mattheu laughs as he tucks a hand behind his neck and looks back towards the halls, "Not on purpose Lady Medeia..." He looks overjoyed in spotting that Ann was able to make it after all and steps to over her a small spin while speaking to her quietly before looking around for a spot to sit for the lecture. Something in Medeia's words has him smiling as he looks around to see everyone else has gotten a smock.

"Not your walls and floors, but perhaps other people's walls and floors," the short Thrax princess says with a wiggle of her thick Islander eyebrows. Invite Denica to your home with great caution. Riveted by the topic, the princess is mostly quiet, save the occasional good-natured remark. Fingers weave together and she folds her hands in her lap. There's something that Medeia says that catches her attention, but then she's lost back into the explanation and finds it rather poetic. That brings a soft smile to the young woman's shell pink lips. There's a little lift at the mention of the different things to use. Such experimentation interests Denica and she has many questions, but she bites down on her lip, as Medeia may answer them soon enough. If not, she's no doubt tucking them away in the folds of her mind to return to later. Whomever has the (miss)fortune of sitting next to the princess gets the quiet comment, "Lady Snow sheds so much, so I use her hair for my paintbrushes and I like those best. Probably, because they are the only ones she doesn't steal and destroy..."

"Delia Whisper," the redhead Whisper introduces herself to Denica. Then she's curtsying again, this time to Ann, "Princess Redrain." She moves to a spot and falls silent to listen to the lecture. As Medeia takes her place at the front of the classroom, Delia stands attentively, her eyes focused on the professor. She appreciates Medeia's introduction, acknowledging her as a respected figure in the Apothecary College. Delia's curiosity is piqued by the mention of reimagined materials and the possibilities they hold. "Imagine the vibrant paintings we could create with such unique pigments. I can't wait to see what Lady Medeia has in store for us," she murmurs to those around her, chuckling lightheartedly at Medeia's jest.

There's a smile for Medeia in her welcoming Ann. "This does look a lovely space that a lot of learning can happen from." Of course this would catch her attention in being a scholar herself. Only to quiet when it seems she has gotten Matti's attention and a small laugh at quiet words exchanged as she moves with him to find a seat as it sounds like the lecture will be starting soon. Nodding her agreement with Delia's words and a warm smile given to Denica at the talk of how she makes her paintbrushes.

Medeia does chuckle softly at Matthei and Denica's jests. "There will be plenty of opportunity in the future to splatter paint around," She teases a possible future event. Then, she makes an encompassing gesture to the items dispersed among the student tables. "In front of you, each should have access to the tools and ingredients needed to create some pigments. I have spent time ahead of the lesson doing most of the prep work, but if anyone would like to learn more of the initial process, I would be happy to arrange lessons." Her gaze moves to look among the students to see if there are any immediate concerns before she explains the various bowls and mixing tools and vials. It's probably not the most interesting part of the lecture. After, she starts to speak on the ingredients. "One of the most popular colors for garments and decorations is red. Many houses use red as the primary color, or one of two primary colors, that represent them. One of the boldest red hues comes from crushed beetle carapaces! Other shades of red are frequently derived from plants - especially fungi and berries."

"Beetles!!," the princess exclaims excitedly, also loudly, all those she is little, she can really project her voice at times. Then she settles down with her excitement. Medeia receives a wink about splattering paint and then the princess is listening again. When there is talk about lessons on the prep work, Denica raises her hand to indicate her interest there. A smile creeps on her face though as they talk about red, which is no doubt, her favourite colour by the expression she displays.

"So when Lady Snow brings me bugs, she's just helping me be a better artist," Denica adds, such a helpful cat she has.

Delia's eyes widen with intrigue as Medeia shares her knowledge of pigment creation. She glances at the items spread out on the student tables, mentally preparing herself for the hands-on experience that awaits. "It's fascinating how something as simple as crushed beetle carapaces can yield such a vibrant and bold red pigment," Delia muses, her mind already envisioning the possibilities. She eagerly reaches for the bowls and mixing tools, ready to delve into the process of creating her own unique pigments.

Mattheu is left to stare at Denica in her excitement about the beetles and shares a laugh. "To be clear there is not splattering of paint today? We're to learn of where to find the pigments?"

Ann looks down at what she is wearing when Medeia mentions red. Obviously, Ann likes Red. It is even in her name! Nodding at Medeia to show she's understanding about how pigments can be made and what kind of things can give color for it. Looking to Mattheu she smiles at him, "Maybe that is the next lesson?"

Medeia gives Denica a nod, acknowledging her raised hand and expressed interest in further lessons. At Mattheu's question of spattering paints, she makes a little snap-and-point gesture to indicate he is correct - no splattering today. Additional information is provided: "In some cases, we cannot get the colors just from the primary source alone. This is where alchemical expeirmentation has provided a wealth of knowledge. Some must be mixed with acidic liquids or clarified fats, or heated to just below boiling, or boiled and condensed, or some combination thereof. Generations of trial and error have brought us to the knowledge we do have. Someone in this classroom could be the one to discover the next great color development process!" Then, she begins to lead the class through the preliminary steps of measuring out the materials in front of them into their bowls so they can create a red prigment.

Fascinated by everything, Denica listens closely and smiles wistfully at the talk about alchemy and the mixing of paints over generation. "That is so true and while people might have the same recipe, it doesn't always turn out the same. There are some colours, I fear that may never be replicated just the same, close but still. Having good quality paint, makes a huge different in the final product.," she says thoughtfully. "That is why some artists will travel the Compact, just in search of the right shade of green or blue." Carefully measuring the pigments, Denica's eyes go wide and she is fully immersed in the process of creating new colours.

Mattheu listens intently to each word that is offered by Medeia for the process of making the color red as well as others for the how. Letting out a gasp when she declares to have someone in the classroom to be the next discovered of color and shakes his head. "I doubt that it would be I." Then looking over to one of the students in the classroom with a nudge, "Might it be you? I could say I was in the classroom with a famous alchemist?"

Ann is listening to Medeia. This is very interesting to her. Very interesting. How she wish to have thought to bring a notebook with her. Well she can always talk to Medeia more in depth at another time. She now works on measuring the material and looks to see if the red is coming to bloom for her staring at her bowl now. She's still listening to the conversation as a whole. Nodding a bit at Denica as she hears what that Princess says as she looks to the short one before her blue eyes are back to looking to see what is happening in that bowl of hers. "This might take a while." She mutters.

The suggestion that one of them might be the one to discover a new process has the students from the Apothecary College murmuring excitedly among themselves. A few glance at Mattheu with excited looks, but none is quite so boastful to suggest that /they/ are the one who will do it. Medeia clarifies her point, "No one of us is ever able to claim we did entirely novel work, I think, we are all building on processes and information that has been handed down from those who came before us. Even our mistakes," She pauses, expression dampened for just a flash of a moment, "Are vital to helping produce successes. For ourselves and others." She gives Ann a reassuring smile. "Add just a pinch more of the powder, and then stir vigorously." The tip should provide the Redrain princess the result she seeks. The lesson continues, with Medeia walking the class through to the end of making red. Everyone's shade is a little different. She distributes some lovely brass compacts that she had made for the students, each with three wells to hold color. She demonstrates how to pack the color in, then instructs everyone to set them aside so the other colors can be done. Once the lesson has begun to wind down, she calls upon a few students to aid in clean up and asks if there are any further questions.

Ann is overheard praising Gwenna.

There's a sincere nod when Medeia mentions learning from mistakes, "Well said, Lady Medeia. Very well said. Mistakes are opportunities for growth," Denica agrees. "In art, sometimes mistakes are what will create a masterpiece. If we don't make mistakes, we aren't going to make advancements either. The best art happens when you are free to experiment and it doesn't have to be right. Life too," she says gently and with appreciation. The princess is mixing, getting a bit of red splatter across the front of her aeterna apron. Ever enthusiastic about such things, she finds herself wanting to get her fingers into everything. Receiving the brass compact, she starts to pack the colour the way that Medeia has instructed, looking rather proud of herself by the end of it.

Delia follows along as Medeia guuides them through the final steps of creating their red pigments. She carefully adds a pinch more of the powder, ensuring she achieves her desired hue. When Medeia distributes the brass compacts, Delia's eyes light up with delight. She delicately packs her newly created pigment into the wells, appreciating the beauty of the compact and the symbolic significance of carrying her own artistic creations with her. "This is lovely; I thank you Lady Medeia, both for the lessons and the compact to store the paint. I shall be able to bring it with me to the gardens for painting. I confess, I'm not a skilled painter but I find I have a renewed interest in it." She picks up the compact and studies it.

Ann looks grateful when Medeia points out to add more powder to get the color red she wants. A stirring she goes! Looking delighted when the hue finally comes together in the way she had been hoping. When the compacts are passed out she carefully stores the colors she made in them. Pleased with herself that she made something artistic. Looking to Delia, "I confess I feel like the art I attempt to make is that of stick figures and the like. But now, I know more about color and how they have come about."

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Medeia smiles, with some sadness creeping around the edges of her expression, at Denica and nods. "Exactly." Then she's turning with a brighter, happier smile to Delia. "Well, you are in luck! Princess Denica is quite the accomplished artist. I would recommend speaking with her about how to improve."

Delia chuckles to Ann. "Mine are no better .. yet!" She remains and chats with the other students for a little bit before she leaves the paint mixing lesson with a newfound enthusiasm, her mind buzzing with ideas and her heart brimming with artistic inspiration. She carries her brass compact filled with her carefully crafted red pigment, ready to explore the world with a colorful perspective.

"This was delightful Lady Medeia, I've fully enjoyed every moment," she says with sincerity. "I am going to go home and experiment with...many things," she says. At the mention of learning more about art, she gives a nod and seems happy to entertain this with anyone. Holding her compact, she looks invigorated. "I've had a painting in my mind, I will use this red for it.," she says and her thoughts have already left towards that project.

There is a hand raised in good bye for Delia when she looks to be leaving from Ann. She rises from the seat where she had been doing her mixing and the like. Holding her compact carefully so she does not spill anything outwards from it. Telling Denica, "I hope to see this painting you will make with this red pigment." She will then move to where the soiled aprons are to go as she carefully takes it off of her as the lesson has ended.

Mattheu smiles to something shared softly between him and Ann as he looks back to the teacher and with the colors they can make from the many different items. "Blues would be fun to know too." He states softly while looking at the paint box gifted for the lecture.

"Come spring, there will be some... Messier... Lessons. And not-lessons..." Medeia grins at that, saying farewell to those who have to leave. "I am so glad that you all found this to be such an interesting and inspiring lesson. It feels wonderful to have the sanctuary serving its purpose once again." THen she looks at Mattheu, wondering, "Do you have time after to see the gardens? THey are not as beautiful as in spring or summer, but I would be glad to show you before the winter smothers them in snow."

Mattheu nods to the others as they set to leave, "As an enthusiast of gardening, I would love to take a tour of what you have Lady Medeia."

There is a smile on Ann's features as she hears Medeia's invitation for a garden tour. Her smile widening when Mattheu accepts. "If you do not mind a tag along I would love to see them too. I find my best thinking is when I take a walk in the Redrain gardens."

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"I'm afraid that I must paint, now," the princess says like she's about to have an art emergency. Clearly Denica is inspired and things must be done! With that, she offers a parting smile to everyone and one especially for their host. "Lovely to see you and thank you Lady Medeia, let's catch up soon." Then she's off, chasing colours.

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Medeia smiles at Ann and bows her head affirmatively. "Absolutely, Your Highness, I would love to show you around, as well." She gives Denica a promise to be in touch before making sure students and her steward have the clean up to the event in hand. Then, she gestures to the door. "Shall we?"

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