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Pints and Paintings

Princess Denica is hanging up a new painting in the Ebb and Flow. This one means a lot to her, so she's inviting folks to make sure it's straight and have some drinks and share in each other's company. It's a low-key evening, with lively Islander fare. A chance to catch up, enjoy a night out and see some new art.


June 8, 2023, 9 p.m.

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Ian Titania Medeia Jan Patrizio Mattheu




Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Ebb and Flow Inn

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Comments and Log

The fire is lit and it dances in the hearth. There's drinks on pour and folks here to enjoy them or look at art. Or both. Princess Denica is here, dressed in sea-tones and looking content to be in the company of others. There's plenty of paintings, most are old familiars, though some of recent months and years. There's a new painting on one wall. It has that new sort of presence. It's of people drinking on the beach. As folks come in, Denica is quick to say, "Welcome! I'm glad you could come and have a drink together tonight. I'm excited to just have a drink with everyone and do something together. So, please come, share some stories and have a drink. I will talk about art a bit later, but mostly I just wanted to hang a painting."

Denica drops Toasting Each Other.

Titania comes walking into the Ebb, she seems to be having a good day today. There is a smile on her lips as she moves into place looking around, she slips her short cape off revealing the black corset she has on underneath it. Her leather pants creaking slightly as she moves in, her sword hanging off her hip. Her hair is much as it was the other night done in many small corn braids that have thin strips of ribbon braided into them..All shades of blues and greens (The color of the ocean) that are pulled up onto the tp of her head in a pony tale that cascade down like a waterfall with small sea shells attacked through out her hair.

Ian turns up just about as close to exactly on time as it's possible to be without watches. Mindful of the influx of people, he moves away from the door and to the bar immediately, but once there, he lingers. He takes in the room with a quick sweep of his gaze, and then focuses on the painting Denica has unveiled.

When Medeia arrives, she looks ever-so-slightly uncomfortable being there, but she smiles and greets Denica brightly. "Princess, I am always excited to see your work... I do not feature in this one, do I?" Her gaze flicks to a different painting on the wall of the tavern with an amused smile. Then she looks at the newest painting and her eyes go wide as she observes and pieces together the details.

Jan wanders in and scans the growing crowd. Ian gets noted and her eyebrows lift just a hair and he's given an upnod before she goes to greet Titania "Impressive turnout, Denica. Not that I should be surprised. Nothing you do is ever boring." Medeia gets a wave in greeting too.

Somewhere along the way, a certain prince of Pravus was given lesson that a good Pravusi is neither late nor early, but appears exactly when they are meant to be. Which is usually late. As given example by Sebastian, it's something that is simply a rule to be abided by with but one exception - when the matter is something of the arts. Therein, it's the right of the /artist/ to be late, and... as such, Patrizio Pravus is actually reasonably on time, a smile to all and sundry when he's arriving and ensuring that his soldiers are not being in a place where they make menace of themselves, as he's arriving in the wake of others, and moving over to greet Denica directly. "Your highness," offers he, with the press of his palm to his chest and the dip of his head. "May your work be treasured for ages to come." A smile is given, as well, to Medeia and Jan as if he's possessed of a /slight/ concern he interrupted. "My ladies. I hope you're both well this evening."

Ian's flat expression doesn't really give many of his thoughts away as he studies the new painting, but he's paying a lot more attention to it than he normally does with art. His gaze lingers on specific figures who are part of the scene. The man who's laughing. The one shucking oysters. One of the two toasting women.

There's a glass in the princess's glove-covered hand, it looks like whisky. Denica takes sips between greeting, smiling as she sees Titania arrive and noticing her hair. A laugh escapes as she waves at Medeia, "Lady Medeia, lovely to see you. Not this time," she winks at the woman. Then Jan comes in and the princess flashes a smile. Ian does not go unnoticed and the princess's smile grows and she lifts her drink in his direction. The arrival of Patrizio is met with bright expression, "your Highness, it's always good to see you." Looking around Denica adds, "there's plenty to drink and some snacks too. Please help yourself, the Ebb and Flow always has some lovely Islander fare."

Medeia is snapped out her study of the painting by Patrizio's verbal greeting, which had her turning her head with a "huh?" and then a faint blush as she quickly compises herself. "Your Highness," Her warm smile grows, "Better for seeing you here, hm? You do not often come this way, how are you?" There's a look to Jan, then, a finger waggle given in return of the wave. "Lady Kennex." She spots Titania. "/Ladies/ Kennex." A nod to Ian, then, "I need a drink."

Mattheu sits at a far table in mid conversation with the sisters that follow him around. There's more Ravashari being exchanged as Mattheu does his best to keep the conversation within the Compact's language. A few colorful bottles are exchanged between Tregva and Violeta as they both nod towards the painting which Denica has on display. Leaving Mattheu to turn and pay more attention to the painting than the ramble from his assistants. A nod and wave to Medeia as she shows up then again to Patrizio. The Rivenshari lord is settling to the side of the table he's at in case any others wish to join.

Jan draws in a deep breath and looks ceiling-wards as she keeps being called Lady. To her face. She summons a smile and bows her head, "Prince Patrizio, Lady Medeia, good to see you both."

When Mattheu arrives, Denica catches sight of the Rivenshari Lord and she wiggles fingers in his direction. "Welcome," she tells him.

Titania smiles when she spots Ian move in and go to the bar, her eyes look to the painting as she moves to look it over. Her bottom lip it sucked in as she bites it then lets it go.."Freedom." she whispers softy to herself. But then there is a Jan greeting her and she blinks looking to her cousin. "Jan." she beams. Then there is a Medeia, "Hello Lady Medeia." she greets her, then Denica, "Your highness, it is a wonderful painting." she says softly oh and then there is a Patrizio, " Your highness, it is good to see you it has been a while." she smiles.

Ian shakes himself out of whatever reverie the painting drew him into and turns away from it and towards the bar, so he can order himself a glass of whiskey.

When there's a lull in the conversation, the short princess stands up. "Thank you for coming and helping me hang this painting," Denica says appreciatively. "I had the pleasure of spending some time with the Orazian Senitals. That is whom this painting is of. They are ex-Thralls, that have created this sense of community, teach each other and fighting together much like we saw at the Battle of Sungreet. I wanted to paint them. Lord Ian kindly helped arrange it.," the princess explains.

"I hoped to capture the look in their eyes. That was something I wanted to show. That story. A really good drink with your comrades. The look of someone who truly understand freedom.," A wistful smile forms, looking at the 'Toasting Each Other' painting. "It was a humbling experience, but also a joyful one.." Denica presses her lips as she continues.

"I want to share that, and so I'm putting it here, at least for now. I thought, that would be a good reason to come together and toast each other too. To catch-up and talk. I wanted to paint how perseverance can also be community.," the princess says lifting up her glass to those present.

"We've all been through a lot, but good always comes. I've renewed friendships and found new allies. Stories to share. So thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy your evening together." A small grows on Denica's face, looking a bit more at peace and ready to just have a drink.

"I know not that it's /always/ good to see me," Patrizio teases Denica lightly, even as he's looking about at the crowd. A grin for Medeia when she's greeting him, and he makes a soft sound. "I'd thought indeed to make my way up this way - I've been known to wander forth this way now and again, in the name of trying to build bridges. After all, I'd love equally to host others in the Feather, as we could stand to have more visitors in our ward."

Jan is favoured with a smile before he murmurs, "I hope your investigations have been serving you well, my lady." He nods, in return, to Mattheu at the wave, before he laughs softly at Titania's words. "What are you gaining freedom from, pray tell? Is there something that's been pursuing you in our mutual absence from one another?" When the jade eyes fall upon Ian, the lord is given the dip of his head respectfully.

Jan's eyebrows loft upwards when when she learns Ian helped Denica with her artistic project. She tilts her head and studies the painting with interest "It's amazing, Denica. We're spoiled to be surrounded by the evidence of your talent." She smiles towards Patrizio "Well they're never dull, your highness. Rest assured of that." she leans in then and wonders towards Titania "What you want from the bar?"

Ian blinks a couple of times, like he's startled to find the room much fuller than it was when he arrived. He's still taking stock of those present when Denica starts speaking, and adds to her words: "The likenesses are good. I've seen Willem laugh like that often enough that I can picture what it sounds like."

Medeia collects a glass of wine and moves to stand conversationally with Patrizio. After listening to Denica, she intones to the prince, "I do love the Feather. It has been too long since I have been there... I hosted a party or two there, years ago, now." She lifts a hand, conspicuously free of jewelry, to wave to Mattheu when she spots him.

Titania smiles as Jan. "A whiskey be good." she looks over spotting Mattheu and waves to him, "Hello Lord Mattheu." her eyes then fall onto Patrizio, her ocean blue eyes looking to his. "Oh, it just reminded me of a time when I was much younger." she smiles, "When thralls were given their freedom."

"Boring is never good," agrees Patrizio with a warm chuckle, though there's the collecting for his own part of something stronger than wine for the evening, some whiskey chosen for the moment as he draws breath and lets it free. "It's been far too long since the last major event at the Feather, perhaps Sebastian's and my diamond dalliance the winter before last," he offers softly to Medeia. Though that's also when he's turning his eyes to the painting, contemplating it for some moments. Though Titania's words draw a more serious expression from the prince. "I think in the span of the world, it's not been as long as any of us feel."

"Long enough for some things to begin to change," Ian comments to Patrizio. His drink having been delivered to him, he takes a seat at the bar and takes a sip from his glass.

Mattheu makes more room at the table and kicks our a chair for Medeia with a nod to her non-jewelry jangle of a wave in return. Taking a long pull upon a red wine as he studies the painting in place.

Jan flashes a grin to Patrizio then slips towards the bar procure a bottle of whiskey and some glasses which she brings to a table. She pours Titania a glass and offers it to her then pours herself a glass and drinks deep.

"It is time for something new, then," Medeia suggests to Patrizio. "It was not too long ago we discussed having an event together... I remind you now, we should." She gives him a wide smile and wink before bowing her head to him. Then she moves to sit in the seat offered by Mattheu. "My lord, good evening. What do you think of the painting?"

"Whiskey is always good," Denica glances over at Titania in agreement. Lifting her glass up and taking a sip, setting back down in her chair. The princess leans back in it, looking relaxed now that her formal bit is over. Her attention drifts to the painting and then to the people gathered, and the complimentary picture of it, brings a smile to her face. Glancing over at Patrizio at the mention of the Feather as he talks with Medeia, she grins. "That's a lovely idea. I only go to the Pravus Ward when invited," she says somewhat suspiciously but also good-natured. Taking another sip of her drink she smiles at Ian, his comment and Jan's bring a sincere smile that shows in her eyes. To the Kennex collective, she says, "Thank you for letting me document part of Stormward's history. I found a great deal of inspiration in it and met amazing people."

Titania takes her glass after its poured and she holds it up when Ian speaks his comment and she downs her whiskey. "Its had been long enough your highness and what matters in the matter is that things continue to change for the better." she looks to Denica smiling to the princess.

Mattheu studies the painting within a sip of his wine, glass being pulled away and set to the table as Medeia takes the seat offered. "It's one that is left with some question. Though those upon the deck and from edge of battle are following their choice towards what will become a new life to them." He leans forwards a little more as he studies where the oyster shells lay within painting and with where the men and woman sit for where fire is. "At the surface the realm of life is happy to be alive. Though choice and what has been taken in the day. Within the moment... They are receiving a meal that was not expected."

"I think that we /should/ find something pleasing to host then, indeed. I've been remiss, and gods know that I'm not as much a social butterfly as I should be." Patrizio laughs warmly, toasting Medeia with the lift of his glass for a moment before he's taking a sip... and there's that turn of a smile to Denica. "Your highness," he says softly, and despite the expression more seriously. "I would like to see the day where none of us feel a need per se to be /invited/ to another's ward. We best learn each other's ways when we seek out each other - as someone said to me most recently in a missive, learning about each other is a beautiful act of diplomacy."

Jan says, "Let you? Seriously?" She looks to Ian and wonders in what probably should have been a whisper "There's no one else we're asking someone else to immortalize our historic moments is there?"

Titania pokes Jan in the side as she pours herself another glass of whiskey, she moves over to the bar and moves to sit on top of it letting her legs dangle free as she has her glass of whiskey she sips from watching everyone in the room.

Removing one glove, a paint-stained hand picks up a split oyster from her plate. It's a quick sort of bite. Like taking a shot. Listening to the different bits of information, she doesn't respond to Mattheu's comment to either confirm or deny. Rather just curious to hear people's reactions. Then she alternates with some liquor, having poured some vodka to go with the oyster. Catching Patrizio's comment on Wards, the princess grins. Denica might bring some things onto herself. Still, she lifts her drink in the broader direction. "It's good to get people to gather in different areas. There's often parts of the city, that we don't frequent and can be reminded of how lovely it is. Sometimes, I like to go somewhere I haven't been in years or somewhere I haven't been-- just to have that feeling of experiencing it all over. New perspective. It's delightful."

Ian gives Jan a quizzical look. "What?"

"I am holding you to this," Medeia says to Patrizio before leaning in to exchange words with Mattheu. Her head shakes gently. "I think I have made peace with it... " She can be heard saying, but the rest is lost to the bar noise. Shortly after, the lady is draining her drink and standing, moving to press an affectionate hand to Denica's arm. "You are a master, as always. Thank you for sharing your vision with us." And then she's slipping out of the bar.

Jan shakes her head and waves a hand, "Nothing, never mind me." she refills her glass She fingerwaves towards Medeia."

"I'm not going anywhere - I wouldn't dream of suggesting I might even slip away to Setara this winter, what with my cousin already there to tend to his son." Patrizio's smile lingers when Media's teasing him, though his jade gaze shifts to Jan when she's waving off... something.

Denica brightens at Medeia's parting and she gives the woman a warm smile, "it's so lovely to see you as always. Thank you for coming," she says to her friend.

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Ian narrows his eyes slightly, but lets Jan wave him off without asking further questions. With the subject mostly revolving around parties, he doesn't seem to have a whole lot to add, but at least he looks like he's listening. Mostly. His gaze sometimes trails over to the painting.

Titania checks charm and performance at easy. Titania is successful.

Taking a sip of her whiskey she looks over at Patrizio, "another winter in Arx? You are owed like a decade down south at some time. I would be counting days, your cousins will have to pay up eventually," she grins at him. "Maelstrom is colder in the winter, so I am not really doing myself any better or worse," Denica says with a small shrug. "I am actually looking forward to the snow.," she admits. Then she looks over at Ian, "I will endeavour to find the right place, but I think this is a good one for now," she says of the painting. To Jan she pauses, "you are hosting a masquerade, I hear. That sounds fun. I do love a chance to cause a bit of trouble, and no better place than at a masked party. I got punched in the face at one," she recalls of masquerades.

"The nature of things, I fear. I didn't even request with my cousin or the Marquessa the idea of drawing straws this time - both are busy with more important things." Patrizio shudders slightly at Denica's mention of snow, but there's that chuckle that slips from him easily at the situation. "And I've my important things here within the city. I can clearly entertain myself if need be... and I will have my time in the south when I should desire." There's the lift of a brow, though, at mention of a Masquerade...

Jan wanders over and settles at the bar nearby Ian, leaning over to mutter to him while she watches and listens to the others. Then Denica asks her about hosting the Masquarade and her eyes widen "Dancing dingleberries, He's TELLING people?!" Her eyes remain wide round and her complexion looses a bit of color. If one were to look up in dictionary it'd be: Fucked (verb) - state of supreme disadvantage' right next to it would be Jan's face in this very moment.

Ian nods once to Denica. "This is a good place. It will be seen by people who need to see it." He eyes Jan after she sits down beside him, and adds to her: "The point of a party is usually for people to know you're having it. Otherwise, nobody shows up."

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While she sits on the bar watching everyone as she sips her drink, her ocean blue eyes looking over everyone. She starts to humm, its soft at first but then it grows into her singing to the room her eyes closing as she does so. "There's a goddess pure and bright, with grace she does abide. Mangata, the goddess, of life, air, and water fair,Her gentle touch upon the world, brings blessings everywhere. Oh Mangata, goddess divine, with your ethereal glow, Your presence brings serenity, like a gentle breeze's flow. From the depths of the ocean to the skies up above, We sing this song of reverence, for your eternal love." she humms and then continues, "She dances on the ocean waves, with moonlight as her guide, Her silken robes trail softly, as she moves with gentle stride. Her laughter echoes through the air, a melody so sweet, Bringing harmony and peace, where discord used to meet. Oh Mangata, goddess divine, with your ethereal glow, Your presence brings serenity, like a gentle breeze's flow. From the depths of the ocean to the skies up above, We sing this song of reverence, for your eternal love."

A little smirk forms on Denica's lips at Ian's words. Eyes sparkle, then she looks over at Jan and laughs. "Oh my Lady, these things get out quickly. You are now a hostess, and with it comes great responsibility," she winks at her. There's an appreciative smile at the Patrizio's outlook on things, and she lifts her glass to him. "It will be interesting winter, no doubt. You will find many ways to enjoy it, I've no doubt." Then Denica pauses on the topic of winter, "I love the very first snowfall. When you step out and everything is covered white. It sparkles. It a whole other world, in a way. Everything feels extra quiet and it glistens." Taking a sip and enjoying another raw oyster, Denica's attention drifts as she hears singing and turns to see the source. Going quiet she listens to Titania, the song that forms and she takes a few quiet sips to consider the woman's words letting them play with the melody over a few times in her head. A thoughtful expression forming.

Ian listens politely to Titania as she sings, but that's all it looks like -- politeness. He doesn't show any particular sense of connection with the music or the words.

"Unless one intends for it to be private, my lord." Patrizio grins to Ian when he speaks of private parties, if perhaps it helps to distract from Jan's looking award at the matter of what's been up for discussion. He does, if briefly, fall silent at Titania's lovely song, that wistful smile finding his features... and then a breath passes from him in its wake.

"Winter is what it is. Of the Abyss, but I can appreciate how some around our city love it." The prince of Pravus briefly lifts his glass to Denica at her tease, though he's not speaking further to the matter of snow.

Jan looks to Ian and hisses, "I wasn't prepared to discuss the damned thing. I thought co hosting just meant I'd stand awkwardly by his side." She looks to Denica and reiterates "Fuuuuuck." And drains her glass. It is hard to imagine this woman had the same upbringing Catalana did. She falls silent and listens as Titania sings offering a smile and an encouraging thumbs up.

Titania breaths deeply looking to Ian whom she is near, she reaches out to simply touch his shoulder. She slips off the Bar with a smile heading for Jan, "Its going to be fun!" she takes her cousins hand and moves to spin her as if they were in a dance and she giggles. She was basically raised by Catalana, "I need to find a talented tailor to have something made."

"You still have to tell people, unless it's to be a party of one," Ian points out to Patrizio. "Just fewer people."

"I'm not sure that both the cold and the hot could come from the Abyss, your highness," Denica challenges Patrizio on the weather. A smile light on her lips, she takes a sip of her drink looking back at a startled Jan. Another laugh escapes her lips and the princess is shaking her head, "I am sorry to break it to you, Lady Jan, but you are the face of the operation as a co-host. People look to you. A co-lead in their eyes," she grins. "I'm afraid standing awkwardly at someone's side is reserved for blind dates and queueing in line at the bank." Maybe Denica is teasing a little.

Jan's hand is taken away from her glass "No, wait, the glass is empty! I was gonna fill it..." she follows her cousin's lead "I am so fucked. How did the broody queef-muncher talk me into this?!"

"A party of one simply has a very exclusive guest list," offers back Patrizio to Ian with a playful smile, though he hides that grin behind his glass as he's taking a sip. But... "I disagree, your highness, with the assertion of fire being 'of the Abyss'. For the warmth is what brings all things life, and causes the things to grow, and... I cannot imagine such would be of the Abyss, in the end of things."

The only thing Denica can do not to respond to Jan's question is to reach for the bottle and pour herself a drink. To which, she drinks. She keeps herself from saying something, it's obvious, but it's probably for the best.

Titania laughs as she leads her cousin around and spins her again, she leans in to whisper to her as they move about the small area near the table. The womans eyes twinkle with mirth as she whispers softly in the other womans ear.

Ian watches Titania lead Jan off, before draining his glass and turning to have it filled again.

Jan eyes Titania as she spins, she might not remember the lessons on hosting from her traditionalist mother but she remembers to lock her gaze when she spins "Oh we are *So not* discussing that!" her tone exasperated and then she stops mid spin "Unless it gets me out of dress shopping. Will it?"

Taking a sip from her glass, the princess watching Titania pull Jan aside and she looks over at Ian and Patrizio. Denica has no comment on party invitations, this is a matter she decides to remain firmly out of. Rather Denica looks collectively at everyone and smiles. "It sounds like no matter what, there's some adventure in our midst." That is said of snow and fire and dress shopping.

Jan is overheard praising Denica.

"As there should be adventure always." Patrizio chuckles as he's agreeing with Denica, though there's the turn of those jade eyes, watching Titania and Jan as they're clearly in conference on something, and he turns his attention back to Ian. "I don't take it that you are of a mind to be dress shopping, my lord," offers he, though any seriousness would perhaps strain credulity.

Ian takes a sip of his drink. "You'd be right," he confirms for Patrizio. His flat voice comes off as equally serious. "I'll leave that to literally anyone else."

Titania chuckles shaking her head, "No, you are not getting out of that! besides I have a idea for you and it does not have to be a dress." she smiles as she dances hwer cousin back to her empty glass.

Jan grabs her glass "To adventure! Thank you for sharing yet another stunning work with us. There is not a one of your works that hasn't made the world more interesting." She grins. She looks to Titania "But there's still going to be shopping? Oh, right. I remember promising." The moment she recalls a promise much of the resistance fades.

An amused expression on the young woman's features, Denica leans back in her chair, all sparkling with her princess-wear. The sight of everyone warms her and she looks content and relaxed, eye-lids half closed as she watches silently. The toast is met with an easy response, "adventures all around!" Then Denica knocks back the rest of her whiskey.

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