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A very belated Bash

Please join us for a belated celebration at the Golden Hart to celebrate Titania Kennex and welcome her back to the city after far too long away. All are welcomed to attend to celebrate this happy occasion. There will be ample food, drink, and music. Lady Jan Kennex is the host so those with delicate dispositions are now warned.


Aug. 10, 2023, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Jan Titania


Pasquale Ian Agric Aethan Medeia Patrizio Tesha Cecilia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Hidden Courtyard

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Comments and Log

Jan has put on a dress as bright and colorful as the spring flowers that she is presently fussing with, trying to re-hang a bit of decoration from where she'd accidentally knocked it down from before managing to get it to hang if somewhat akilter and finally free to circulate to begin to greet guests as they arrive.

By the look of things Pasquale took up residence at the table by the fire some time ago. Theres evidence he has already eaten and his wine glass is almost in need of topping off. For much of the time he's been quietly watching and listening to the musicians, or watching Jan, but now that people start trickling in his gaze tends to settle on them. A hint of a smile curving his mouth as the attendees grow.

Celina, a dutiful physician's assistant, Giancarlo, a cooper and prize-fighter arrive, following Medeia.

2 Telmarine Guards, Squall arrive, following Tesha.

It's been a long time since events have taken Ian into the Golden Hart, much less the hidden garden within it, and he blinks in the light after stepping outside the door from the club itself.

Jan smiles warmly approaching Ian and gestures "Ian, thank you for coming. There's a hiding spot right behind that trellis on the other side of the fountain if you need some place to sit and catch your breath. Or I'm sure Pasquale wouldn't mind company." she looks across the hidden garden "I hope Titania likes it."

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields arrive, following Patrizio.

As whenever he goes out of the house, Agric has delicately styled his hair, applied scented lotions, and dressed himself in his darkest finery. Today, he chose the jacket with the intricate gold-threaded embroidery along the edges. "Greetings everyone," he says on arrival, offering solemn nods to all around.

The Courtyard has been decorated with spring garlands of spring greens, spring flowers and lace strung up here in splashes of bright happy colors and round tables with chairs have been set up by the light and warmth of the fire . Staff circulate around making sure party goers have plenty to drink and their fill of finger-food delectables both savory and sweet. Musicians play a pleasing tone while guests arrive and mingle.

"Better save the hiding spot for Titania," Ian remarks to Jan, as he takes note of the number of people filtering into the garden. Then he filters away from the entry, stealing over to join Pasquale. For all that he says he's not hiding, he chooses the most out of the way seat at that table, and sinks down into a suspiciously deep slouch once there.

Ian has joined the table by the fire.

Pasquale nods to Ian when the Kennex joins the table. "Its a pleasant night isnt it Ian?"

Arriving together, are Aethan and Tesha. The former has the privilege of having the latter on his arm - clearly they came as a pair. The Duke pauses just inside the entry to the courtyard, taking a look at the decor with the flowers. "This looks rather lovely." He comments to the Lady, nodding in greeting to those present.

Medeia arrives quietly and unaccompanied, looking around the courtyard to see who all has arrived ahead of her. Jan and Ian get smiling nod of greeting, but then she spots Agric. "Ah, my lord, how have you been?" Another nod is given to Pasquale and Aethan as she moves to collect a drink. "Where is the lady of the hour?"

It's almost a rule about the city proper that Pravusi princes need be fashionably late for anything that they are to show up at. With Sebastian in Setara, such duties seem to fall - and joyfully, from the unabashed smile upon his visage - to Patrizio, who arrives at the Golden Hart with the air of one who's accustomed to being in the venue, his retinue of soldiers keeping themselves better occupied closer the door. "My lords, my ladies," offers he with that smile, the press of his palm to his chest as he dips his head. And nods it in the direction of Medeia, at her question. "She hasn't gotten cold feet about appearing with such a crowd, has she? I wouldn't blame her myself, on the regular..."

"It's certainly a night," Ian says to Pasquale. It's been a while since he was here last, but apparently the staff have his name on file somewhere or something, because without him ordering anything, a whiskey shows up a minute or two later. He lifts a hand to Aethan, before taking the drink. Then he looks at Pasquale, and says something else in a soft voice, a trace of a smile touching his expression as he does so.

Jan smiles warmly "Ah! Aethan! Thank you for coming! Please help yourself. Thanks to Pasquale the best on offer is available please enjoy yourself. Have you seen Titania?" Agric and Medeia are greeted with a warm smile "Lord Agric and Lady Medeia! Hello! Thank you for coming. Please enjoy yourselves."

Tesha's one eyed self looks a bit stiff spined as she looks to Aethan, but it's not due to him. It's just being in public. There is a dip of her head to his comment and a smile to him, "It is rather lovely, yes." she tells him. "I figured leaving Squall back at the tower was a good he didn't end up in anyones food or anything." the redhead states to her escort. There is a dip of her head to Patrizio when he comes in, "Your Highness." she greets him.

Agric is also looking about for Titania when he hears Medeia's familiar voice. Turning that way, he meanders over to the woman and offers a quick bow. "My lady, it's good to see you again. Things have been moving along, though slowly. How are you?" He then turns to Jan to lift a hand in greeting, before his attention falls on the Pravusi prince, echoing Tesha's, "Your Highness."

Pasquale tilts his head at something Ian says. Something that makes him look contemplative for a moment before the expression is washed away by his fussing over the task of taking a drink from his wineglass. He says a few words back, quietly enough that it will not travel far from the table, and then offers nods to all the guests he recognises as a form of sedate, silent, hello.

Titania was a little nervous about coming, she was not sure about it all but she would not leave her family and friends hanging, slipping out into the garden the Lady kennex looks around with her blue eyes taking everything and everyone in. Taking a deep breath she smiles, her hair is down this evening with small braid through it with little metal clasps and beads here and there. She is in a dress, her Starlight silk dress is done in the many hues of the sea.

Tesha checks 'recovery check' at normal. Critical Success! Tesha is spectacularly successful.

"My lord, my lady." Patrizio offers a warm smile to Tesha and Agric as they address him, even as he's getting a drink for himself, the better to have something in hand while he's beginning to mingle. He seems about to say something more, when there's the notice of the other figure arriving at the gardens, and he bows his head to Titania. "Ah, there you are, my lady," says he. "Some of us were worried you'd had second thoughts."

Medeia's gaze meets Patrizio's over the rim of her wine glass, recently acquired and containing a bold red. "You both deserve a crowd of adoring people, Your Highness. Sometimes, we must suffer the affections we earn." She sips her wine before turning her now-amused smile toward Jan. "Where else would I be?" Then, to Agric, she gives a partial curtsy in return of his bow. "I would love to hear more about your project, if you wish to share? I have been meaning to reach out and inquire. Recent days have brought me much to consider, but I cannot complain. I hope you have been well?" Then, Titania is there and given a friendly finger wave and look of encouragement.

Ian coughs out a brief laugh at something Pasquale says to him, then takes a sip of his drink.

Ian and Jan both get a smile and a nod. "I hope we didn't miss the grand entrance?" Aethan comments, moving over to converse properly. No shouting over the courtyard... yet. Give them enough liquor, though! Titania is turned towards as she makes an appearance, Aethan offering a cheer of approval at her arrival. There's a smile from the Duke, the man leaning in to whisper to Tesha.

Jan gives Medeia a grateful hostess "I should have come to you for hostessing tips but it's a lesson learned for next time." her gaze moves on and smiles warmly "Prince Patrizio! Lady Tesha! Hello and welcome! Please be welcome and enjoy yourselves." She beams then "Titania! Ah, glad you're here." Titania is given a hug and then a poke "If I had put on a dress for nothing I'd have put you over my knee." she smiles "I hope you like it. I tried for festive but not garrish."

Staff circulate around making sure party goers have plenty to drink and their fill of finger-food delectables both savory and sweet. Musicians play a pleasing tone while guests arrive and mingle.

Pasquale actually smiles when Ian laughs. It's not a particularly large smile, he doesn't really do them, but it is a smile. "It wasn't even my idea." he tells Ian. "But I appreciate it nontheless. Just like I appreciate this event taking place here and not up there" he points up towards the top of the building high overhead. "Somewhere. As lovely as I'm sure that would be."

"Crowds are all relative. I know they're part of the job, though, adoring or otherwise," Patrizio says more softly to Medeia, though there's little attempt to be hiding the words from all and sundry. Though he shakes his head to Jan when she's beaming at him. "You say that as if you thought I'd not appear, my lady. Though seeing your cousin /make/ you wear a dress is already worth it."

Agric nods to Medeia and says, "As have I, and I would love to speak more about it, though at the moment I await a reply from the Eurusi ambassador." There seems to be more he could say, but he tables it in order to meet Titania's arrival. "Ah, there she is. You look lovely today, Titania." He needs a glass of something to toast and so glances about for the nearest attendant for a glass of anything.

Ian lets his gaze track up the high wall of the Hart when Pasquale points. "It's nice up there, especially come summer," he agrees. "But a blasted pain to get there."

"Harder still to come down." Pasquale says to Ian. "Quicker though."

"Well," Ian says after a moment. "Depends on how you make the trip, I guess."

Titania looks as all the attention is put to her and everyone greets her at once, her eyes take it all in and then there is a Jan, she wraps her arms around her cousin to return the hug. "Cousin, it is beautiful, thank you." she smiles as he looks to Patrizio, "Your highness, it is as always good to see you. Thank you for coming." she smiles and then Aethan she smiles, "My Duke, I thank you for coming." she smiles and gives a small finger wave back to Medeia then her eyes look to Agric, her smile brightens seeing him, "Thank you M'lord, I am happy to see you here." she looks around, "Thank you everyone for coming."

"In the future," Medeia agrees with Jan, leaving that open-ended offer of her assistance out there. She looks from Patrizio to Agric, nodding to both. "Well," This more toward the prince, in a fond tone, "You have a sizable advantage," her eyes flick to the centurions by the door, "Should the crowds decide to be otherwise. Have you met Lord Agric?" A hand lifts to indicate the other man speaking of a Eurusi Ambassador. To him, she states, "Whenever you have the time, there is no rush from me."

Pasquale turns his head so that he might mask a cough behind a conveniently produced handkerchief before standing up and telling Ian. "I'm going to go do the rounds. I doubt I will be long though."

Patrizio briefly looks to his soldiers when Medeia indicates them, and then he muses back to her, "Is that more a hint that at times, in crowds, you need use of them to help... calm things down? I could be of a mind to have them come to your aid." He takes the chance, if briefly, to take a sip from his wineglass, before he turns his attention to Titania. "I wouldn't have missed it, knowing how much this means to you and your cousin."

Aethan pauses a moment, looking to Tesha - a bit of confusion on his part. There's a bit more whispering, before he grins over to Titania. "You look wonderful tonight, Titania. Jan has done a magnificent job of getting this arranged." A nod and smile to Jan. "Though I am expecting some interesting conversations to crop up."

Ian nods to Pasquale. He seems to have no intentions on going anywhere, slouched deep in his seat with a glass of whiskey that he's barely touching.

Agric finds his glass of wine and nods to Medeia first, "Yes, I'm sure a moment will open up tonight." Then, when she introduces him to Patrizio, he bows again. "I believe we have met briefly in the library here, long ago."

Pasquale approaches Titania first. "Congratulations on starting another year Titania."

Jan offers to Titania "Cosimo offered condolences and well wishes that he couldn't be here but wanted to be." She smiles and watches guests filter in and get drinks before grabbing a glass from a passing tray and raising her voice with the confidence and volume of one who often speaks to crowds though perhaps not exactly this type of crowd "Hello everyone! Highness, Your Grace, Ladies and lords! Thank you for joining us today on this very rare occasion. Let this night be the argument for optimism in the face of adversity. Tonight Kennex welcomes back one of our own we thought was lost but by the grace of the gods is returned to us safely. "

"That alone is cause for rejoicing but to have another chance to get to know my loving, empathetic, yes even deadly cousin better than I had-I must apologize for lacking the words to come close to coming close to describing how blessed I feel to have Lady Titania Kennex back in our lives. Please, if you would join me in a toast. To Lady Titania Kennex, may she continue to light up where ever she goes!" She turns and lifts lowers her glass and drinks.

"It has been a good long time, my lord, though I do believe you're right in the telling of it." Patrizio smiles to Agric, looking as if he's about to say more, when Jan raises her voice to get everyone's attention. At the calling of the toast, though, he too lifts his glass. "To Lady Titania. May the gods continue to favour you." And he, too, quaffs.

Pasquale lifts his glass when Jan calls for a toast. Echoing Patrizio's toast. "To Lady Titania, May the gods continue to favor you."

Medeia's eyes widen as she adopts the look of someone absolutely scandalized by what has been said to her. "Your Highness! I have no idea what you might be implying. I have /never/ done a controversial thing in my life to draw the discontent of others!" Everyone is welcome to laugh at that claim. The lady then leans in, conspiratorial in her bearing and speaking in a stage whisper, "We shall talk about arrangements." Patrizio is given a wink before Medeia's attention goes back to Agric. Her free hand reaches to rest lightly on his forearm. "If a moment does, I would like that." She joins in the cheering of Titania, and after, she takes herself and her wine for a slow walk around to mingle and explore the garden.

Tesha is currently engaged in a lot of whispering with Aethan and the confused look is mutual! Though his next whispers make her blink at him. Some more whispering and then she is looking like she can continue without outright fainting at whatever he said to her. But she gives a soft smile to Titania and a dip of her head, "My lady." she greets her. "Thank you for hosting this, Lady Jan. Everything looks lovely." she tells her. She lift her glass, "To Lady Titania." she states cheerily.

There's a smile and a nod to Tesha, his arm still linked with hers. He raises his glass, bowing his head to Jan then Titania. "To Lady Titania." He calls out, boisterously. It's clear, the Duke in a good mood - spirits lifted.

Ian catches the sight of glasses going up and, belatedly realizing someone has called a toast for something, lifts his, too.

Agric nods and watches Medeia move off to explore the garden, lifting his glass at Jan's speech and saying, "To Lady Titania," before taking a long, soothing draw from his glass.

Titania was about to say something to Pasquale, her hand resting on his arm till Jan starts to speak and she seems to be a deer cough in lantern light, her cheeks turn pink at the words that were said. She looks to Jan, "Thank you." she says ever so softly. She looks looks over as everyone raises their glass to her, her hand slips off of Pasquales arm and they move to fold them in front of her. "Thank you all, this is as much for you as it is me. You all have stood by me since I returned and I thank you all for that." she says softly, "Now, who will I have the honor of the first dance with?" she smiles brightly.

Jan smiles brightly and flings her arms wide "Drink! Eat! dance! Please enjoy yourselves and thank you all for coming!"

Tesha looks to be one hundred percent less stiff than she was when she entered. Apparently miscommunications will do that. She gives a smile as things start to pick up and she gives a dip of her head to Ian and Pasquale, "My Lords." she greets them. Then she gives a look back to Aethan, "Were you planning on dancing or brooding?" she asks him.

The musicians shift from pleasant background tunes to more lively music suitable for dancing and slowly at first guests take to the dance floor to dance but soon enough the dance floor begins to collect people moved by the music.

Jan is overheard praising Tesha.

Jan is overheard praising Agric.

Jan is overheard praising Patrizio.

Jan is overheard praising Titania.

Aethan looks to Tesha with a chuckle. "I promised Titania a dance. Would you like to dance first, or shall I honor my promise first?" He asks, taking a long sip of his drink - cheeks rosy. "And I am not brooding tonight, Tesha." He rolls his eyes. "I am in fine spirits. Better still, now that there is an understanding."

Jan is overheard praising Medeia.

Medeia looks over, watching to see if someone offers Titania that dance. She even eyes each of the men present, looking from one to the next.

Pasquale is overheard praising Titania.

Pasquale is overheard praising Jan.

Tesha gives a squeeze to Aethan's arm and then motions with her head, "Go dance with your cousin." she tells him quietly. Then she gives him a soft poke, "Don't roll your eyes at me." she muses to him. "Shoo." she adds.

"Brooding is almost always preferable Lady Tesha." Pasquale tells the Lady lightly after she dips her head his way. "But today does seem like a day to celebrate being alive." he offers his arm to Titania. "Shall we?"

Ian finishes off his drink and braces on the table. He pushes himself to his feet and ducks out.

Ian has left the table by the fire.

If briefly, Patrizio's smile turns a hint impish when Medeia's looking so intently at each of those men present, before he's looking as if he's about to step forward, though he pauses, in that moment when Pasquale's already offering up his arm. Though his foot taps, in time with the music, as he's settling back anew.

Satisfied that she doesn't have to offer to be Titania's first dance, Medeia returns to her slow exploration of the garden.

Titania gives Pasquale a small dip and her hands move to place her hand on Pasquale's arm, she smiles. "I will be back to collect my other dances." she says softly as she looks her cousin and Patrizio. She moves to follow Pasquale out to the dance floor, her eyes find Jan for a moment then to Pasquale.

Jan smiles as she watches Pasquale claim the first dance with the Lady of the hour. Face alight with approval and giving her cousin a broad smile and salutes with her glass then goes to mingle finding Patrizio "Thank you for coming, Prince Patrizio. I trust you've been well since we last spoke?"

Pasquale picks a nice standard waltz type hold before drawing Titania into a measured dance around the area set aside for the purposes. He murmurs a few words to Titania as they make their turn.

Aethan commets to Tesha, nodding as Pasquale claims the first dance. "Well, that is settled." A grin to the pair as they move to the dance floor. "If you are of the mind to dance, I would be glad to do so with you, Lady Tesha." He says, finishing his drink.

"I would have to admit that I seem to be quite well. The growing warmth in the city agrees with me, more than at least some of our kin." The prince of Pravus smiles, when Jan's asking after him, but even so, there's the lift of a brow. "I would wonder, general, if you dance in the conventional form, or if you prefer it with swords. Not that the latter's appropriate for the moment, but."

Agric watches as Pasquale offers himself for the first dance, then turns to find an attendant who can refill his wine. From there, he moves aside to watch the dance as well as the others in the party.

Tesha gives a smile to Pasquale, "Most of us in the room are fairly good at brooding." she tells him before he heads off to dance with Titania. She gives a look back to Aethan though. Then Ian is ducking out and there is a soft frown, "I hope that he is alright?" she asks his brother. "And I would be happy to dance, Duke Aethan." she nods to that.

Jan laughs "I enjoy a good dance be it with swords or to good music. The dances appropriate for this time and place I am not particularly skilled in but I do enjoy dancing."

A shake of that head with the famous locks, before Patrizio offers up his arm to Jan. "I shan't say anything but the kindest things about your dancing," he offers with a chuckle. "The important thing is to enjoy it, yes?"

Titania:moves to follow along with Pasquale, she is very light on her feet and graceful as she moves with him in the walts, she listens to the soft words spoke and says some in return.

Upon finishing her wine, Medeia deposits the glass with an attendant before looking over the party with a fond smile and then slipping away and out.

Celina, a dutiful physician's assistant, Giancarlo, a cooper and prize-fighter leave, following Medeia.

Aethan's eyes go to where Ian departed, then back to Tesha. "I hope so as well." He says, earnestly. "I am sure he will come talk to me if he is in need." The man motions to the dancefloor, before heading that way with Tesha. "Let's dance, then. And I apologize for any injured toes."

Jan has joined the dance floor.

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Pasquale has joined the dance floor.

Jan laughs and accepts Patrizio's arm, following him to the dance floor "That is a very generous offer thank you." she turns to face him and follows him very carefully while she tries to avoid stepping on his toes.

Titania has joined the dance floor.

Patrizio has joined the dance floor.

Staff continue to circle and clear plates and glasses and offer fresh delectables and drinks to those guests not currently dancing. So. Much food. It is readily apparent Jan and her outsized idea of healthy portions was behind the catering choices here.

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large Kennex Laika Hound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion arrive, following Cecilia.

A laugh slides from Patrizio when Jan's taking up his arm, drawing her forth into the open space for the dancing. He turns, elegant and graceful, to settle a hand at the small of Jan's back, his other taking up hers, before he's guiding to the rhythm - not that it's much akin to swordplay, but most noticeably, there's a similar ease to moving upon the sands for him as it seems to be picking up the rhythm of the music.

Pasquale finishes his waltz - perhaps a little sooner than ideal - and takes a step back from Titania so that he might give her a formal half bow. "Thank you for the dance my Lady." He goes to reclaim his drink, finishes it off, and then notes to Aethan. "When it is convenient Duke Aethan. I would very much like to talk business with you." He inclines his head in a sort of thank you but doesn't wait for a reply before heading out of the party.

Tesha gives a smile to Aethan, "I don't think you're going to step on my toes too badly. I've not danced in awhile, so I will apologize if I mangle your feet." she tells him with a chuckle. With the one eye its probably not surprising that she's afraid of depth perception!

Jan gives a relieved chortle "Thank gods you're a good lead, I've been worried I'd have this shindig for Titania and then spoil it by breaking someone's toe." she grins at Patrizio. She laughs as she overhears Tesha "Oh I'm in good company apparently."

Titania smiles as she gives a small dip herself, "Thank you." she says softly, she moves off the dance floor to watch the others dance, she moves to stand near Agric. "My Lord." she says softly looking to him.

"Tosh." Patrizio's laughing lowly when Jan's belittling her abilities, though he does glance over towards Tesha and Aethan for some moments, keeping gauge of where they are while he's guiding Jan about on the floor. "Those I /truly/ worry about on my toes, I only dance with on those dress occasions where armour's appropriate. And I'm not in metal tonight."

Aethan does nod to Pasquale, offering a smile. "Of course." Then his eyes go back to Tesha, and the dance. He's not terrible at it - though it is clear courtly dance is not one of his mainstays. Still, he is clearly enjoying himself.

Pasquale has left the dance floor.

Tesha is overheard praising Jan.

Tesha is overheard praising Titania.

Jan says, "I am honored by your faith, highness." she follows his lead "You make it look so easy." she concludes the dance and curtsies "Thank you for the dance and your confidence, Highness."

"My pleasure. Thank you for the gift of your joining me, and your hosting tonight." Patrizio's palm finds his chest as he offers the dip of his head in return to Jan, as the dance concludes and he gently conducts her to the edge of the floor, as is appropriate, even as those jade eyes turn to the other pairs.

Tesha seems like she's trying to make sure she doesn't step on Aethan's toes, but she's enjoying the dance. There is a soft smile to Jan, "Yeah, apparently we'll have to dance more." she chuckles to her.

Titania looks to Patrizio, "Gas my cousin warn you out, your highness?" she watches him with a softy smile, she has gotten herself a glass of wine as she sips it watching him from behind the rim of the glass.

Cecilia glides into the hidden garden. Its fashionably late right? She grabs a drink and watches the dancers. Cecilia casually enjoys the atmosphere.

Jan wanders over to stand besides Titania, watching her cousin with a fond smile before Cecilia's arrival catches her attention prompting a smile and wave "Cecilia! You made it!"

"Hardly, my lady." Patrizio grins back to Titania when she teases him as such, the lift of his brows at the nature of the barb, though there's a furtive glance to Jan to see if she's perhaps the one who's worn out.

With the dance ending, Aethan smiles to Tesha, leading the lady off the dancefloor. "I think we do, yes. If only to make sure I don't tread on your feet." A wink. He looks to the others as they are enjoying the party. "Quite the turn out."

Agric finishes his glass of wine and sets it off to one side, trying to catch Titania's gaze to offer her a quick farewell. On the way out, he tells Jan, "Wonderful party. I'm sorry I must depart so quickly." And then he does, leaving the rest to their revelry.

Titania smiles as she goes to say something to Agric but he slips out, she sighs and then looks to where Ian had been sitting and he is gone as well. She looks to Jan then Cecilia! "Hello Cousin!" she then looks back to the Prince, "Would you care to dance, your highness." she says softly, she is going to get all her dances dang it!

Tesha gives a dip of her head to Aethan when he leads her off the dance floor, "I think we both survived that." she states to him with a soft smile. "You've got more family arriving." she nods to Cecilia in greeting as she sees her come in and hears the others greeting her.

If Patrizio /is/ gassed, it shows not. The prince smiles as he takes another sip from his wineglass, before handing it to a server, and offering up his arm to Titania. "It would be my honour if you are so willing to trip the light fantastic, my lady," says he with warmth.

Jan smiles warmly and watches Titania make good use of the dance floor giving Aethan a happy thumbs up and then lifting a drink and wiggling at Cecilia in invitation.

Titania moves to step up taking the princes arm lightly, she looks to Aethan. "Cousin, you are next." she tells him, but now her attention is back on the prince.

As before, Patrizio's hand finds the small of Titania's back easily, his other hand claiming hers, before he sweeps her mindfully into the dance, to the beat set down by the musicians nearby. "By the time this evening is over, one can imagine that you'll be danced out," he teases the lady in his arms, even as there's the glance over to the others nearby, keeping an eye on who might be coming out to the floor, that he might need maneuver his partner about.

The other Kennexes are greeted upon arrival, the Duke in good spirits. At the mention from Tesha, he gives a slight bow to her as he chuckles. "You were a perfect dance partner." He assures. As Titania mentions him, he nods. "Of course." He calls back to her.

The hidden courtyard's walls do well for containing the cheerful music as the musicians keep up Arvum's favorites and the dance floor is alive with happy dancers, some admittedly better than others.

Jan takes the opportunity to begin to enjoy the food being passed around, washing it down with something served in a tankard. the good thing about planning the party? the menu is always something you like!

Titania smiles as she stes in and starts to dance with the prince, she is light and graceful, her dressed flowing about her. "I do not think, your highness there can be such a thing as danced out. " he words are soft and with a warm smile.

"I wouldn't know whether such a thing exists or no, but I hold out for the possibility," Patrizio teases Titania, as he moves, the gentle nudge to have her spin beneath her own hand, before he catches up with her again - a chance, indeed, for that gorgeous gown to swirl about her as he does so. "It's been a good while since I've been present at a ball with enough dancing to risk it."

Tesha gives a smile to Titania and Aethan as she talks on him being next, "I doubt Titania is going to step on your toes." she grins to Aethan.

Aethan nudges Tesha with a smirk. "Agreed. And you did not either." The man jests. "It is a good night, though. A wonderful celebration. I am very proud of Jan's skills and efforts in all of this."

Jan smiles towards Tesha "I am relieved I am not the only stealth stomper here tonight, though the company that joins me in that category did surprise me."

Titania smiles as she moves along, when she is give the nudge to spin, she does so. Her dress swirls around her, then when she is looking to the prince again she smiles, "I use to dance a lot, I found as of late it is something I enjoy and wish to do as often as I can." she says softly.

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