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Within a Nocturnal Garden: Bard's College Summer Concert 1020

A summer concert within two acts and a finale where audience and performance hall within the Bard's College was transformed and carried upon melody from Vielles, Rebec, and Song to rivers and evenings where fireflies and nocturnal creatures sought to play from sunset to sunrise. The main hall now a glow with the same low lighting of the playful fireflies over head, while the after party is held for conversation and recalling of the evenings performance written by Lord Mattheu Rivenshari, and performed by the Nightingale Gianna Delvecchio, Baroness Lucita Saik, and Lady Zoey Kennex, with sets by Sira Illuso.


Sept. 22, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Ann Jaenelle Medeia Cillian(RIP) Aconite Nadir Lucita



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

A widing set of tables hold banquet of delights from the River, surrounding a large platter of ginger cookies wind various breads, cheeses, grilled vegetables, leading around each platter are collections of berries and peaches; All set within a colorful collection of platters, each catching small hints and bursts from the soft twinkling and glowing light escaping from performance hall. Banquet tables follow around the mosaic to center of the Main Hall as if the many pieces which make up the whole are of the river with tables upon shores which audience has been transported to within opera.

A small group of musicians sit to corner offering smooth melodies providing a perfect backdrop for conversation and celebration.

With a small trail of cookie crumbs, signs that Mattheu has been pacing throughout the whole performance. Maybe a duck of his head from rear of stage, he now awaits for audience and performers.

Cillian takes A Summer Serenade: Bard's College Summer Concert 1020 from book coffer.

Nadir takes A Summer Serenade: Bard's College Summer Concert 1020 from book coffer.

Ann has been trailing along. Keeping her eye on Mattheu most likely and offering smiles to all that start to come into the hall. Inclining her head to those that she knows and even if she can't place the name there's a ready smile to her lips. Finally, she stands beside Matti when his pacing is done and places her hand on his forearm and says something quietly to him. She likely looking like a proud peacock for tonight's performance.

There is nothing better than a performance, especially one in which you do not have to do any if the planning or hosting and can just find a seat and enjoy. With her hand tucked within the crook of Cillian's arm, Jaenelle arrives with her escort. Her small collection of guards do what they do best and melt away into the shadows, ever watching but from a distance to the woman to give the pair a comfortable level of respectful privacy. "Do you know what the performance is about?" the High Lord asks her self proclaimed adopted sibling as they move through the crowd to find suitable seats. "I admit, I didn't even consider to ask, I just showed up." That's what she tends to do to things anyway, just appears.

2 Saik Guard, Micana, an efficient assistant arrive, following Lucita.

Lucita gets A Summer Serenade: Bard's College Summer Concert 1020 from book coffer.

Mattheu nods to Ann as he finally just flops into a couch. Bells singing out as his foot keeps wiggling. "All of the rehearsals, we did good" A wobble of his head some as he seeks to stand up while the doors open and awaits those of the audience to come out with their thoughts. Still glancing towards the banquet tables. "One more cookie wouldn't hurt?"

Medeia is standing along a wall, watching the interactions before joining in the social interactions.

Cillian moves in with Jaenelle, her hand in the crook of his arm his hazel eyes look around. His own guards melt away into the background and well moves along with the Archdutchess, "I do not, but then I think that is good." he smiles moving to take one of the books and hands it to her then takes another for himself. "I think I kind of like it that way, a surprise." he smiles and lets her take her seat before he sits besides his self proclaimed adopted sibling. "Have you heard Lord Mattheu play before? If not, you will enjoy I promise." he leans his head near hers and speaks in a soft thick northern accent.

Aconitehas been around, pilfered a few cookies for herself and has been slowly drifting along as she watches the event unfold. She drifts along the wall and pauses long enough to murmur a greeting to Medeia before moving along to find the perfect spot to watch from.

When Mattheu moves to take a seat on the couch Ann puts a hand in a stop motion. "You stay put. I will get a plate together." This is code for she will get the things she wants and Matti can eat the things she picks over. But she also makes sure to put a pile of ginger cookies on the plate. Its a rivenshari speciality. She does give a small nod to Jaenelle and Cillian in seeing them. Finger wave to Medeia as she stays by the wall. Aconite gets that same wave as she finally finds her seat once again next to the man of the hour. "See? Not terrible. It seems everyone is in a pleasant mood. I liked the butterflies and fireflies best." Of course she did. For reasons. Extending the plate in his direction now.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

"I used to be a fan of surprises," Jaenelle tells Cillian with a sweep of her skirts to sit before she peeks at the booklet he has handed her. "Now I find they usually involve something bad. When something bad happens it is often a surprise. When something good happens, most often they say it's fortune or simply luck. Clearly I am just jaded and old at this point and need to find more favorable surprises. I wonder if I order people to surprise me with good things it cancels it out as they wouldn't be actual surprises?" she wonders, as if actually considering it. Ann and Mattheu get waves from the woman when she sees them, and Medeia as well along with the silent invitation to one of the seats beside her and Cillian should she wish to join.

A more timid soul might find themselves lost like a droplet among the sea of attendees, but Nadir navigates through the crowd like a ship through water. His expression is the usual smiling mask that has become second nature to him, but on this night, it serves a second purpose of concealing the fact that the finer intricacies of the musical arts are entirely lost on him. He passes by Medeia, and though they have yet to be acquainted, he does not miss the opportunity to greet her. "A blessed evening to you, my lady."

Cillian nods his head to Janelle, "Well, yes if you order for people to surprise you then it is no longer a surprise. So it means that you must get more surprise's that are not bad, but good." he grins to the woman, "We will just have to see how many surprises the Archduchess can get that is good, yes?" he looks over nodding his head to both Ann and Mattheu, Medeia and those he knows.

Medeia gives Ann and Jaenelle a respectful nod of greeting before leaning in to give Aconite a more directed greeting. She also nods to Nadir and Cillian, but she's surprisingly quiet this evening.

Lucita slips out of the back area of the Bard's College and hands her vielle to her assistant to put it away. She has a look of satisfaction in her expression and flexes and relaxes her fingers and hands. She ambles over toward Medeia and says softly. "Some of those fingerings did not come easy. Shows I need less paperwork and more practice on the vielle instead of the hammer dulcimer."

Ann smiles when Cillian and Jaenelle get a little closer and tells them, "I do hope you enjoyed tonight's performance. Was there anything that stood out for you in particular?" She heard her niece say surprise and so she adds, "Or surprise you? I would love to hear of your opinion." A smile for Lucita when she spies her and there's quiet applause coming from the Redrain princess but does not interrupt.

Mattheu stands from his seat and slips over towards Lucita with his arms wide. "You did amazing. Baroness." Placing a hand over his heart, "I truly felt that you caught the feeling I was seeking." Offering a small bow to her as his bells echo through the hall. Stopping to catch a breath and look over towards Cillian and Jaenelle have settled with Ann nearing them first, he heads for Medeia and Aconite offering both a flourished bow. "You really should try the cookies. If you seek to complete the journey from the concert."

The Radiant Whisper returns the direct greeting and lingers for a moment as she looks for her perfect spot. Aco also smiles Ann's direction when the Princess waves and she inclines her head respectfully. And curtsey's to Mattheu's bow before finding a spot to stand in the back so she's not blocking anyone's view. Still she's close enough to speak. "I already have..." She lifts a small drawstring bag, "I've a weakness for ginger cookies."

"I am always awed by people who are able to transcend a note or cord or harmony into emotions," Jaenelle tells Ann upon her asking. "I have my own strengths in performance but singing and instruments are not something I could even attempt to fake my way through. I was taught, of course as we all are, but only dance was something I found myself passionate for." She looks towards Cillian, grinning upward slightly as she says, "I would be a fool to decline good surprises or shutting myself off from the prospects of such so I shall now keep journals of every good thing I was not expected in hopes that they far out weigh the number of assassination attempts." Jaenelle then dips her head towards Aconite, offering the woman a bright smile in greeting which then shifts towards Nadir, "I don't believe we have met. I have always had a desire to correct such, so it is nice to meet you My Lord."

Mattheu offers a renewed bow to Nadir, "I don't believe we've had the pleasure." Bells singing out from his movements, a hand to his chest. "Lord Mattheu Rivenshari." Smiling as he nods to Aconite and her plate of cookies. "See. And we'll make sure you have plenty more at our celebration too." Mattheu looks around through the crowd to spot Ann, he might have listened for her instead the echoes within the hall have caught at least two sets of bells already. Turning back to Aconite, Nadir, Medeia, Cillian, and Jaenelle with a smile and nod to all. "Please. Amelia did her best to provide a large spread for all tonight." Looking back to Jaenelle now with a swallow. "I don't have any music for assassination attempts. Only stores upon the river. Or of the winds and her journeys to paint the sky with colors of all the lands."

Lucita's cheeks warm with a hint of color and she bows her head in thanks as she hears the clapping and Mattheu's complement. "It was a group effort. We all seemed to inspire each other to greater efforts, a pleasure to work with them all." She smiles at those people gathered and murmurs. "And it was so nice to see people there to share in the music with us. That really is what makes it worth while, seeing how music moves others, involves others." She listens to the advice about the cookies and takes one upon which to nibble.

Cillian looks to Ann smiling, "I must say I will have to say the wind dancers and fire fly's were my favorite." he smiles looking to Jaenelle, "Yes, I look forward to hearing about them all. The surprises, not the assignations of course." he grins at the Archduchess, "Would you care for something to nibble on?" he looks to Mattheu, "Excuse me just a moment." he gets up and moves over to Mattheu.

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There is a brighter smile for Aconite when she tells Mattheu how she does enjoy ginger cookies. The bells in her hair ringing just a little bit when she's nodding to what Mattheu is telling her. Ann is going to be Rivenshari soon and has already been dressing the part in her hair and jewelry for one. "Dance is beautiful in its own right to." Ann agrees with Jaenelle. If allowed she will squeeze her niece's hand. "I am so glad you were able to make it out tonight. You must give my fetching nephew in law my regards and that he was missed. I do hope the both of you will come to our celebration when we come back from Riva." Turning to look at Nadir when there's been a request for an introduction. Interest seen in her features even if she's not voicing for an introduction. "I am Princess Ann Redrain." Giving her name to the Lord. Only fair if its expected he tells everyone else who he is. She does move slightly to give Cillian and Mattheu their space telling everyone who could hear her. "I think Lord Rivenshari did a wonderful job writing out tonight's performance as well as the musicians that performed the pieces." Now she just goes dreamy eyed in remembering the pieces.

Aconite genuflects gracefully, enough to show respect without being in the way once the Archduchess greets her. Nadir also gains a respectful though mute greeting as she seemingly covets her cookie stash. "You'll be my undoing, Lord Mattheu." Aco laughs quietly, "But at least I'll have cookies." Lucita is welcomed with a smile as well and a quick bow before Aco steps back a bit more to allow herself some space to nibble.

Nadir grins as he returns the greetings. "My lords, my ladies, the pleasure is all mine. Lord Nadir Seraceni. The concert was lovely, was it not? Such music..." Without changing his expression, the Ischian noble turns toward Mattheu. "Oh yes, the cookies are just delightful. In truth, I fail to recall the last time I've had the honor of attending such a wonderful banquet. If you would, please also send Amelia my warmest thanks for her efforts."

"Lady Eshra once told me the best finger cookies are the stolen ones, and I have never believed in anything more, so unfortunately I can not enjoy them unless someone steals one or five and brings them to me," Jaenelle tells Ann and Mattheu regarding the cookies, and in response to Cillian's offer for something to eat. "Are you up for the task?" she challenges, brows lifting as she looks towards Cillian again. While her escort contemplates his life choices, Ann gets another nod, "I hope to make it once you return and if Noah can not accompany me I am certain I can find a new husband by then. I am uncertain if number 4 will be easier or harder to get than the ones before him." She motions towards Nadir, "what are you doing later?" It might be that easy.

Mattheu takes a large breath trying to keep from bouncing completely through walls where bells might echo louder. Swallowing as he nods to Nadir, "Well met Lord Nadir." Turning a little as Cillian is beside him, "Have you met Lord Cillian?" Mattheu smiles towards Ann as she introduces herself, eying Aconite's search to covet the plate of cookies she has. Slipping a little to the side to share with Aconite, "We'll have a plate for you. You might need to watch out for small hands seeking to steal them away.

Mattheu adds in a nod to Jaenelle, "Or you can steal them yourself as well." There's a laugh hiding in his words there as well. As Mattheu looks between those here. "You're welcome to make a game of it too."

Cillian looks up and over, "Yes, I am up to the challenge sister." yeah he called the Archduchess sister, "Ahh hello, I am Lord Cillian Blackwood." he looks over to lord Nadir. He nods his head then looks over to Jaenelle with a smirk. "Still like a plate yes?" he smiles.

Aconite smiles playfully sly, "I always hide a few, just so I'm certain I won't miss out. It's most entertaining when I have forgotten I've hidden them somewhere on my person." She grins to Mattheu while she nibbles on one of the cookies and watches Lord Nadir's introductions. Black eyes sparkle with amusement as they follow the conversation.

Ann nods towards Nadir at the mention of Amelia, "We will convey the message. She will be delighted." It is Amelia's speciality and she shares the recipe with no one. Ann has tried. Laughing a little as Ann watches the play Jaenelle does towards Nadir. "Huh, already sizing. I see. I see." Her tone is light when she speaks to her niece. Nodding as she catches the last bit of words that Matti tells Aconite about cookie stealers. He's not wrong. She moves away from the group to get her forgotten plate. Someone is hungry. When she comes back she's eating something or the other and offers the plate towards Mattheu in case he's inclined to indulge himself. Yes, those cookies are on the plate to and Jaenelle could technically steal cookies off plate right now if she wished.

"It was a group effort Lucita, and one that I'm happy which members to the college chose to help with. There was a great deal when writing these pieces." Mattheu looks over to Ann, "Ann could easily attest to the hours and months spent in pulling upon strings to find the right notes to convey changes." He places a hand to his heart for her as there's a small glance over towards Cillian for something said. A shake of his head as he smiles again, "There are many more pieces still. I just need to get them into the proper order. Find a background and how to light the hall. Without burning it the ground."

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Lucita says, "Radiant Aconite, your outfit is beautiful, I must compliment you upon it." She smiles toward Ann, a curtsy given her and Jaenelle as she wanders through the gathering. "Have you considered themed concerts in some of the shrines? Some of those are remarkable settings and are designed so sound carries, for when ceremonies occur or sermons are given, and much music relates to the various gods.""

A hearty laugh erupts from Nadir. "My lady, it would be the highest honor! But I fear you've overestimated my abilities. Though you'd be far from mistaken in assuming that my house lives up to the reputation it bears, tonight you have the misfortune of encountering perhaps the only soul in the family's history to be totally incompetent as a thief. I wouldn't be able to steal even a single cookie from any jar in all of Arvum. It'd be nothing short of catastrophic. I'm truly sorry to disappoint you." With a good-natured smile, he spreads his hands in mock apology.

"Jar?" Mattheu looks confused as he looks back to the plate on the table. "Why would cookies be in a jar?" This seems more of a mumble as he looks to the plate which Ann has handed him. Now smiling as there's plenty of fish fingers before him, granted all of the raspberries are missing... as he looks over to Ann with a grin.

After a lengthy diversion by an insistent messenger, Medeia looks around to see who she might be able to speak to. She approaches Mattheu with a smile. "This was a lovely show, my lord. I am so glad you and Princess Ann made sure I came." She gives Ann a smile, too.

Ann is chewing on something and she cannot answer Mattheu right now but the bells on the crown of her head are given a vigorous workout as she agrees with Matti. Once her mouth is cleared she says, "Many, many hours. But it is something you are passionate about and I am not surprised in it." Patting at Matti's upper arm as she continues to eat. Looking to Lucita when she makes that suggestion. Making a soft Oh sound. It isn't a bad idea only to laugh when she hears Nadir. Yes, Ann has her mouth full again and she can't give Matti a cheeky smile. But she does smile when Medeia approaches and there may be a tell tale sign of raspberries between teeth but at least she swallowed the fruit, "I am so delighted that you came tonight, Lady Medeia. I am glad you didn't think me too bossy for insisting you come out."

There is a slight shift of Jaenelle's head as she looks between the cookies and Cillian before her brows lift in another challenge before she finally nods to say she would love a plate. There is a grin towards Nadir as she then shakes her head, "Oh I didn't expect you to steal the cookies, I was wonder if you were free to get married if my husband dies. It is always good to have an understanding of the playing field. As Lucita greets her, she gets a bright smile, "beautiful as always Lucita. Your performance was wonderful as was all of them. I shouldn't admit to such. but I am partially biased with your talents." She doesn't look at all ashamed of such an admission.

Aconite had for a moment gotten lost in her cookie. But wide black eyes blink slowly a few times as she returns from her gingersnap reverie. As she returns and hears the lingering words of the Archduchess' last statement the Radian't brows loft. She nods to Jaenelle's words though, "There is a timbre of spirit that your performance holds, Baroness. Moving." The quiet Whisper smiles a bit before devouring the last of her half eaten cookie.

Ann has joined the couch seating.

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Mattheu listens to suggestion of making use of the shrines. "Oooh. I'm going to be writing for a while with those ideas. Thank you Baroness Lucita." He offers a small nod and soft word to Cillian then returning his gaze back to the others as they discuss between each other.

Cillian smiles looking over to Jaenelle nodding his head and moving to get her a plate including cookies, who doe snot like cookies? Just ask Akkar how good they are! He moves to bring the plate over to the Archduchess, "Here you are." he smiles and looks over at Mattheu with a smile. "I look forward to your celebration Lord Mattheu and Princess Ann." he holds his glass up sipping it.

Nadir nods his head. "Of course! It's always better to be prepared for the unthinkable, and nothing is unthinkable for the keen gaze of Lady Jaenelle's mind. My lady, you're all that I aspire to be. Thank you for your consideration." A bow, a flourish, and another quick grin as he turns and ponders Lucita's suggestion. "What a wonderful idea! Not to mention, I find that music tends to help me be closer to the gods, in prayer and in thought."

Ann is content enough to let the conversation wash over her. In hearing Cillian she gives him a nod and a smile. "It will be a good one." Yes, yes, Ann has all the confidence in the world that their (her and Matti's) will be wonderful. Nothing could go wrong at all.

Medeia eventually sidles up beside Aconite and quietly exchanges a look with the Radiant before looking around at those gathered. Her gaze settles on Nadir curiosity before landing on Jaenelle. "Archduchess, I am so glad to see you out and about."

Lucita gives Jaenelle a beguiling smile and murmurs a quiet 'thank you'. To Mattheu she also says. "Explore some of the various sectors and unique elements around the city. Some of those may speak to you as you compose and give you ideas also. I remember one time I even played a vielle in the giant skull in Southport Square. It.. echoed and had a sort of tremor, vibration to it and as the sound came out of the mouth and eye holes was quite haunting."

Aco's lips curve into a knowing smile as she locks eyes with Medeia, then seamlessly shifts her focus back to the discussion. Her features hold a lingering curiosity, a testament to her genuine interest in Lucita's account of her performance in Southport Square. "I must admit, I'm feeling a touch of envy," she confesses, her voice a gentle breeze in the conversation. With those words, the Radiant eases back into her thoughtful silence, her gaze gracefully tracing the ebb and flow of the discourse.

Jaenelle takes the plate offered by Cillian once he returns with the gathered goods, but holds the plate between them so he might be able to take as he wishes too. She has a notorious sweet tooth, so clearly she goes for the sweetest thing on the plate first. "It has been some time since I have made time to be available to enjoy myself socially," she admits to Medeia. "It can be far to easy to get lost in the day to day responsibilities without remembering that you also must tend to other areas of life as well." She takes a bite after speaking before her brows lift towards Lucita, "I am sure that made for quite the different experience in how your playing sounded."As Ann speaks about her upcoming union, it's now her turn to reach over and squeeze her aunt's hand with a soft smile of agreement.

"I." Mattheu looks to Ann, "We. Have made some exploration of the city. Master Raja held a contest of a game to seeking out a golden egg recently. It was far too much fun, we found places to share a dance, and to explore further. Of what was found there were several rooftops which gave a spectacular view of the city."

Lucita gives a final warm smile to each person present and laughs softly as she speaks to Jaenelle. "Much different from the soft drifting sounds of playing romantic music in the Fidante rose gardens or in your own Velenosa estate." She reaches for one more cookie and then turns toward the door. "I have an appointment in a few minutes so must leave so not to be late. It was quiet fun and really enjoyed getting to see everyone."

There's a smile that can't be wiped off of Ann's features when Jaenelle squeezes her hand. Her eyes go big when she hears Lucita and where she performed at. She's a little awestruck for it. There's a swallow that comes from Ann when Matti speaks of how they explored their surroundings thanks to Master Raja. Her cheeks might have pinked to. Darn. Where's the whiskey when you need it?

Ann is overheard praising Lucita.

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Cillian takes a cookie for himself as he sits down next to Jaenelle again, its been a while since he had a ginger snap and so he is taking his time eating it. There are small yummy sounds that come from him as he does.

Mattheu waves to those leaving and looks ready to flop into one of the couches, "Thank you all for coming to share in a series of pieces which have been rattling around upon ideas and within fingers to be played again and again upon strings of many." He smiles to those still within the crowd, adding "I hope to have more pieces available for your listening pleasure soon."

"Yes, thank you so much for honoring us your presence and for coming out tonight." Ann says right behind Mattheu's words. Not that she was up there that could play an instrument but she can show a united front with Mattheu as she smiles to the ones left here. She too took a moment to wave to those that had begun to make their way out. The plate she had been sharing the food almost all gone now.

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