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Southern Swords

            Rite of Southern Swords

Talen Artiglio, Sword of Lenosia and Lady Viviana Pravus, Sword of Setarco
will meet under the eyes of the gods on the Tournament grounds to compete
in the art of swordplay for the glory of their houses. All are welcome to
attend, refreshments will be served.


July 1, 2016, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Talen Viviana


Acacia Niccolo(RIP) Valencia Ailith Silas Victus Kieran Dagon Esera Nadia(RIP) Gustave Edain Brianna Isolde



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log

Niccolo arrives.
Valencia arrives.
Brianna arrives.
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Dagon arrives.
Victus arrives.
Esera accompanies Talen onto the Tournament Grounds, and then up into the seating. She is dressed in a gown of dawn blush, her hair drawn into a loose braid and worn over one shoulder. She rests one hand upon Talen's shoulder, a show of encouragement as much as of favor.
Prince Edain had choosen to ride to watch the display of southern swordsmanship today. Which is to say, he's walking the famed Sir Arugula. The might warhorse has something of a spring in his step, as if he is happy to be being lead to the tournament grounds. He equates this to mean action for him. So when Edain leans him to a hitching post near the stands and wrapps his reins there, the horse turns and glowers at his master. Nostrils flair and his expression says it all

"You! You tricked me."

Edain for his part seems to be used to this scorn and takes a small burlap sack and from it produces and apple. "Come on now, Sir Arugula, This will be a most bracing example of swordplay, I am sure. Enjoy the the spectactle."
(OOC) Kieran says: Places are available.
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It is a brisk summer evening as the crowds gather in the tournament grounds to see the show. Torches scattered throughout the arena aid the setting sun in illuminating the area where the contest is to be held as servers move among the benches, handing out wine and savoury snacks. A set of circus performers in the middle of the arena warm up the crowd, juggling torches and performing feats of simple acrobatics. Finally there comes a long drumroll and the performers scatter as a space is made ready for the combatants to enter the field.
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There's something resembling a miffed scowl on the face of redhaired Brianna as she approaches the tournament grounds, dressed in leather rather than some pretty gown. Her hands push back the fiery tresses of her loose-worn hair and she takes steps two at a time to find a place for herself to sit, joining Valencia as soon as she spots the well-appointed Princess.
Ailith takes a moment to explain something to the priest and priestess she has distributed each side of the arena, then makes her way to the judge's booth, safely out of the way of swords being swung around, but with an excellent view. Watching quietly for the moment as the pageantry begins.
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(OOC) Viviana says: How do you guys feel about Talen and I colouring our emits so they stand out?
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Silas arrives.
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Kieran accepts a goblet that Nadia hands him and speaks quietly to her in the stands. He watches the circus performers and their antics as more people file into the event.
Niccolo arrives to the tournament grounds in the company of Valencia. His arm linked with hers, his steps are unhurried. Once they enter the tournament grounds, the duke looks for a place to settle at and after locating a few familiar faces, he leads Valencia to the stands. There he stops, and offers his niece a small bow. "After you, my dear," he says in that deep voice of his. He waits for the princess to sit, before settling down next to her. "So you favor Lady Viviana then as the winner?" He muses in Valencia's direction.
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Just as the crowd begins to settle Viviana comes striding out of the gateway set into the base of the arena on the northern side. Clad entirely in smooth black leather but for the serpentine golden bracers that wrap her forearms and glint in the torchlight she moves towards the center of the grounds with a confident step her hands resting comfortably just beneath the hilts of her twin swords. The one on her left hip with an elaborate silver filigree guard, black leather sheath and duskstone pommel, the one of her right its twin but for the gold guard, white leather sheathe and ruby pommel. She steps into the center of the arena, taking a moment to bow to the crowd, and then bows once more for Esera, archduchess of the Lyceum.
Heading up into the stands with Niccolo, Valencia gathers her skirt in one hand and beckons to Brianna with the other. "Lady Brianna, so good to see you out and about," she says with a warm smile. "I'm certainly supporting Lady Viviana, I expect she'll give him a sound thrashing and I expect him to do no less in return," she tells Niccolo as they all take seats. She wiggles her fingers in greeting to the others already seated.
Silas arrives after overhearing the gossip about the impending event, curious but unsure of what exactly was going on. He doesn't join the others in the stands quite yet, opting to simply observe from where he is for the moment.
Victus 's unsmiling features are drawn in an expression of scowling thought as he enters the tourney grounds. He is walking, not riding, and unhurried at that. As usual he wears a simple outfit, plain shirt and plain bottoms, with a leather coat over it, military in style. A sword rides hip, a workmanlike soldier's weapon rather than a fancy blade. His wild mane falls about his face in a tangled mess, though his beard is trimmed at least. When he passes Sir Arugula he gives the horse a frown of dislike, and certainly doesn't come withing kicking or biting distance. Even if the horse has been giving a bag to eat from anyway.

He climbs to the stands, then hails one of the servers for something to drink. Opening his coat, he takes a seat, forward leaning with his elbows against his knees, squinting at Viviana when she steps to the center.
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Gustave arrives.
Slinking towards the edge of the stands, Acacia doesn't dare to try to wedge herself in among her Betters, opting to lurk quasi-dubiously towards the far side with a casual fold of her arms and a curious study of what she can see of the center itself. But darker eyes skim over the bulk of the crowds as readily as they do the focus of the event.
"Had to get away from Thrax's damn fucking tavern," Brianna tells Valencia, claiming herself a seat and casting a glowering glance down the stands to where Victus sits. "They smell like fish." She gives a little toss of her head forward, shaking out the red tresses that crown it, before giving it a toss backwards to settle them once more. "Who's fighting, again?"
Talen is patient as Esera settles in amongst the nobility, then lowers his head somewhat, a humbled acceptance of the encouragement. With a brief collection of hushed words and a firm but measured thump of a closed fist to his leather-clad chest, Talen twists on his heel and leaves his charge to the remaining house guard.

Upon arriving at the edge of the arena, he presents himself to Ailith and her assistants. "Seraph, thank you for coming," he greets, waiting patiently to see Viviana take her due entrance. Letting appropriate majority of the crowd applaud and react, he then takes a steady breath and advances in after her, from his own side. Much like Viviana he is adorned in black leather, but unlike the noblewoman, the common born Sword is covered in gunmetal steel adornments. Bowing in kind, the formalities are shorter lived for him, his hands soon clasped behind his back.
Talen is patient as Esera settles in amongst the nobility, then lowers his head somewhat, a humbled acceptance of the encouragement. With a brief collection of hushed words and a firm but measured thump of a closed fist to his leather-clad chest, Talen twists on his heel and leaves his charge to the remaining house guard.

Upon arriving at the edge of the arena, he presents himself to Ailith and her assistants. "Seraph, thank you for coming," he greets, waiting patiently to see Viviana take her due entrance. Letting appropriate majority of the crowd applaud and react, he then takes a steady breath and advances in after her, from his own side. Much like Viviana he is adorned in black leather, but unlike the noblewoman, the common born Sword is covered in gunmetal steel adornments. Bowing in kind, the formalities are shorter lived for him, his hands soon clasped behind his back.
Nadia raises her head to survey the crowds, raising her wine goblet to Valencia and Brianna in brief greeting when she notices them not far from her seat alongside Kieran. "Your Highness, Lady Brianna," she says, before looking out onto the field. "Do you know the fighters well? How are they? Prince Kieran and I were just debating on how the battle might go."
Isolde arrives.
Gustave slips in as a wraith might amongst the shadows. Or the closest approximation given his size. He takes a moment to scout out his peers but takes a seat on the periphery of them, greatsword removed from his back and placed upon his lap so as to make sitting remotely practical. His gaze studies would be fighters and spectators both. Perhaps more the latter, he has watched such fihgts before, but the crowds and why they watch, for whom they watch may be different. Fingers steeple as he watches in relative stoic silence.
"The Sword of Lenosia and the Sword of Setarco," Niccolo provides the answer to Brianna, his eyes on the field at first. He tilts his head, to let his dark brown gaze study the woman and dips his head in greeting. "Talen and Lady Viviana," he adds the name and looks from Brianna to Valencia. "I've sparred with Talen. He is quick. That speed will serve him well. I've yet to spar with my Lady Niece, though." He pauses, turning his gaze to look for Talen. "I think it'll be a good match."
Isolde makes her way in, fashionably late, with her moderate entourage. She looks around and makes her way to join Esera and Niccolo, offering a wave and a smile here and there. "I hope I have not missed anything terribly exciting. I was kept away by unfortunate tedium."
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Ailith bows her head to Talen at his words, a smile, then she straightens, looking out over the stands, before then speaking. She does not raise her voice, but is clearly heard, pitched to carry even over the noise of the crowd or ongoing conversations.

"We gather here to witness Talen Artiglio, the Sword of Lenosia, face Lady Viviana Pravus, Sword of Setarco and Scion of House Pravus in combat for the honour of their families in the eyes of divine and temporal alike. Let all know that this is not a confrontation born of enmity or outraged honour but a contest to worship through the dance of steel.

She looks up then, to the sky, her voice booming in an impassioned appeal.

"Ohh Gloria, Goddess of War, two worthy combatants stand before you in the light of Mangata and seek to honour you with a contest of arms. We beseech you to turn your shining face upon this combat and find it pleasing."

This having been said, she looks back to the two combatants upon the field, formally asking.

"Do you swear to engage in honourable battle, to show quarter if quarter is asked, to engage in no treachery or deceit but to fight without hesitation and with every fibre of your being? Do you seek to face cold steel and through the contest of arms, demonstrate your worth to the divine?"

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(OOC) Silas claps.
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Dagon Thrax seems to slip from the crowd to take a seat beside Edain. "Prince Edain." He says with a small nod and a smile. "It should be quite the showing today, do you not agree?" His dark eyes take in Viviana and Talen, judging each of them in turn. "I think the Sword of Setarco may come away from this one the victor." He turns towards the Valardin prince, eyes curious. "Recovered from your fight with my cousin Victus yet? I hope so, I would like for you to witness the challenge that I have put forward. I am looking forward to it, and win or lose I know my opponent will fight with honor." He smiles pleasantly.
"I do." Viviana tells Ailith simply with a short nod. She steps back then, flicking both swords out of their sheaths and catching them by the grips, she lets them swing down before hurling them up into the air, alaracite, rubicund, ruby and duskstone glittering as they spin and arc through the air, she catches them and hurls them back up once more, making them spin even faster as the arc and come back down, she catches both and resheath's the rubicund blade as she shifts her foot back and falls into a fencer's stance, facing Talen with her Alaricite blade drawn. She offers him a small bow. "When you're ready darling."
Viviana wields Twilight's Edge.
Silas after looking mildly impressed at the speech, he tilts his head birdishly as he overhears who will be fighting and fixates his attention on the combatants once Ailith finishes. "Ironic..." He muses to himself, likely at something only he is privy to. The rest in the stands are given a cursory look, but when he finds no familiar faces, his attention returns to the impending duel.
As prayer is underway, albeit brief, Talen genuflects with the unheard creak of new leather. With one elbow resting on his bent knee, the remainder of his forearm spills to the side and his head bows out of respect for Ailith's words to the deities above. Then, as the question comes, he inhales heavily -- perhaps too much, considering the topic. It's a sigh, but born to what it's not exactly clear. "Yes," he utters in short order, prompt and true.

When the Artiglio man rises, his progress is slow and measured but he's observing every flash move Viviana displays while he drags a boot through the sand, testing it. The Pravus woman's flair buys its own captive audience entirely. In such stark contrast, this man simply grips the hilt of Mirror Blade and drags his blade free, letting the rare metal sing mutedly before he adopts a stance with a high guard, two hands wielding the narrow, reflective blade aloft. A split second later he's advancing, calling calling the start of the combat in deadly silence.
(OOC) Dagon says: What's the command to watch the combat stuff again?
Talen wields House Velenosa Mirror Blade.
(OOC) Silas says: @spectate_combat
Ailith does, perhaps less than entirely formal there, smile as the charge is accepted, bowing her head to the two combatants, then straightening again to announce more generally to all assembled. She does seemingly have no trouble filling the arena with her voice without shouting, though the booming reverence of her appeal to Gloria a moment before is perhaps absent as she states.

“This contest is to be fought until one combatant yields or finds themselves touching the ground with any part of their body above the knee, other than their arm below the elbow. Let Gloria be honoured!”

(OOC) Dagon says: Danke.
Talen rolls 40 to attack, Viviana rolls 48 to defend.
Talen rolled 34 damage against Viviana's 56 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 35 to attack, Talen rolls 56 to defend.
Talen rolls 29 to attack, Viviana rolls 73 to defend.
Viviana rolls 47 to attack, Talen rolls 60 to defend.
Viviana rolled 26 damage against Talen's 37 mitigation.
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Viviana immediately steps forward as Talen approaches her blade lashing out as she moves immediately onto the offensive, trying to overwhelm her opponent in a series of quick thrusts. Sparks fly as one of his slashes connects with her golden bracer and then in a few seconds she lands a blow against his own arm but it fails to penetrate. After the quick flurry of blows she backs up a few paces, shifting her stance slightly as she studies him a bit more carefully. The glowing torches casting a long shadow of her silhouette across the arena floor.`x
"I agree, Prince Edain. This... panache as you put it... I'm not certain that it would work very well while on a ship. I could be wrong." Dagon glances over at Victus and gives him a look. "Indeed she is, cousin." He watches both Viviana and Talen clash, both looking evenly matched so far. "Be assured, Prince Edain, I will not take your sister lightly. Only a fool overestimates someone with a sword in their hand. That and she is a Valardin knight. Your house trains people well."
Fergus arrives.
Edain chuckles at the mention of his sister, "Wait until you just with her. She is deceptively difficult to knock out of a saddle."
In the first instance Talen's defenses seem unbreakable, the guard he adopts allowing him to swing low and swipe aside the incoming attack with a resounding clang. Unlike the training center's policy, no sheathes cover these weapons and there is an unremarkably low chance they've purposefully dulled aged heirlooms of their respective noble houses. When his blade is cast ineffectively off of the rubicund arm brace, he manages to lean far enough out of the way in reflex that the strike landing upon him fails to navigate the dull steel rivets of his martial vest.

"I have master Malavaunt of the Boroughs to thank for that, there is nothing but fine work in some of the artisans of Arx," he asserts, looking to his arm swiftly to regard the damage before he deftly side-steps and circles his opponent.
Ailith quietens now, which is definitely a stark contrast, watching the two combatants intently as she folds her hands in front of herself, then unfolds them to rest upon the front of the judge's box as she pays rapt attention to the contest.
Viviana rolls 65 to attack, Talen rolls 54 to defend.
Viviana rolled 73 damage against Talen's 37 mitigation.
Talen rolls 16 to attack, Viviana rolls 86 to defend.
A moment of consideration, and then Dagon nods, chuckling. "A smaller target while on horseback is harder to hit, meanwhile the two of us would be larger targets, easier for her to hit. Ah, yes, if there ever is a tournament and I am paired against her, I will have to pray to Gloria beforehand." He winces when he watches Viviana deliver a vicious strike against Talen. "Well, that one's going to hurt a while."
As the fighters come together, all sparking blades and wary circling, Valencia sits her wine glass aside for a moment to call out in support of the fighters. "Lady Viviana, show them what you're made of!" Clearly she supports one just a tad more than the other. Nepotism. Taking up her glass again, she leans in to murmur something or another to Niccolo up in the stands.
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Viviana narrows her eyes slightly in focus. "Impressive work." She agrees, slowly circling Talen. Then she sweeps in again, feet moving almost as fast as her blade as it flashes and flickers through the air, fire from the torches glinting off the alaracite as she and Talen exchange blows. She seems to be fighting recklessly however, the gap in her armor just around her naval constantly being poorly protected, although if it's true recklessness or a trap is impossible to say. She feints high and then ducks, her slash almost impossible to follow but the spray of red that flies from the tip of her blade at the conclusion of the strike cannot be missed, nor the gash along the front of Talen's armor. She rolls back to her feet out of the way of a counter attack, blood dripping from the tip of her sword.
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Kieran downs his glass and hands his to a servant as well; though, he doesn't ask for another. "She is indeed," replying to Nadia's comment about Viviana. "It appears she may win this one."
Leather, as stark and rich as the obsidian fabric Talen wears is, cannot withstand the fetching hunger of an alaricite rapier. When crimson spatters free of the enemy blade, the source quickly becomes clear when rivulets run down the torso of the Sword of Lenosia. A low, careful his of air is inhaled through mouth and nose and the muscles in the man's jawline shift and tense as he controls the innate reaction to such a deep, stinging wound. The swell and deflation of his chest comes once, twice, thrice and then he dashes, zig-zagging along to throw in a variable element of uncertainty to when and where he's going to strike. Eyes narrow suddenly upon the woman's chest, his words curious, even as they're short due to his physical exertion, "Shadowmeld, my lady? Curious."
Talen rolls 26 to attack, Viviana rolls 50 to defend.
Viviana rolls 44 to attack, Talen rolls 38 to defend.
Viviana rolled 64 damage against Talen's 37 mitigation.
Silas frowns slightly as Talen is wounded, and said wound inevitably begins to take it's toll. It doesn't seem to be the result he was wishing for.
Blood drips from the tip of Viviana's blade as she circles Talen, breathing heavily. "Nothing but the best for House Pravus." She claims watching him closely a strand of her dark hair sticking to her forehead. "Perhaps you sh-" She starts to say before immediately launching into another attack mid-sentence. Her blade flashes and her feet kick up dirt as she lunges and slashes and cuts, feints blending in with true strikes in a blur of gleaming alarcite. One of her slashes misses and hits one of the torches, the razor sharp blade slicing straight through the wood and sending sparks flying as burning embers fall all around the two combatants even as her blade finds it's mark again and another slice is opened up along Talen's shoulder, blood falling in a spray to land among the smouldering embers.
"Oh," Valencia exclaims, likely more out of surprise than fright considering her distance from the danger as the embers begin to fall around the fighters. "Things are heating up down there," she quips mildly, gesturing to a server for a topping off of her drink.
Talen brings a hand to the next wound, opened up so seamlessly across his leather and flesh both. There's no hiss this time, but when his hand comes away streaked in red from his shoulder and he raises the hand to let Viviana see her accomplishment. "You'd almost think it was worth something, the speed at which you're withdrawing it. I'll let the bank know," he jests, dryly, before running his sword along the floor in a noisy scrape. When he brings it high, it flicks sand in a small arc, spraying Viviana with a dusting of the grit.
Talen rolls 32 to attack, Viviana rolls 50 to defend.
As Talen flicks dirt into Viviana's eyes she staggers quickly backwards, free hand coming up to clear her sight as the woman forgoes attacking, twisting out of the way of Talen's slice before she brings her guard back up, frowning at him. "I thought we had an agreement about me and dirt on my face." She claims.
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"We never signed anything, but we can do so in blood afterward, if it pleases you..." Talen drawls, unapologetic. When he pitches forward so soon after she'd wiped her arm across her face, there's a sudden unsheathing of his second blade, the steel, silver fox-themed weaponry brought in only to operate as a parrying tool, keeping Daybreak's Edge busy as he triggers his offensive thrust with Mirror Blade. Dual-wielding seems cumbersome and second-nature, but the style Talen adopts has definitely shifted to a more aggressive tint.
Fergus arrives.
Viviana rolls 60 to attack, Talen rolls 61 to defend.
Viviana rolled 47 damage against Talen's 37 mitigation.
Talen rolls 44 to attack, Viviana rolls 59 to defend.
Talen rolled 29 damage against Viviana's 56 mitigation.
"Your blood I assume?" Viviana asks wryly, the faint glisten of sweat on her skin as she circles him. She watches warily as he draws the second blade but keeps her own sheathed and steps into the attack, although she's taken on a more guarded style herself, seeming willing to run Talen down now he's bleeding. She sidesteps a thrust and her blade skips along his forearm, drawing yet more blood in a shallow cut even as a riposte fails to punch through the leather covering her shoulder and she steps back away. "You could yield you know, before you run entirely out of blood."
The inky fabric absorbs his strike, as glancing as it might be, rendering it ineffective. When Talen next squares off, his stare across the gap is silent for a moment before he breaks it, to speak, "I certainly could, my lady," he allows, leaving it at that. Sure, he's yet to even land a blow on the much flightier woman, his speed certainly subpar to Viviana's own.
Talen rolls 46 to attack, Viviana rolls 54 to defend.
Talen rolled 26 damage against Viviana's 56 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 42 to attack, Talen rolls 24 to defend.
Viviana rolled 111 damage against Talen's 37 mitigation.
Silas turns and quietly makes his way out of the tourney grounds.
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Ailith straightens now, looking rather alarmed at that impact, then raising her voice to call out. “Talen Artiglio, do you yield?! There is no shame in acknowledging your opponent's victory after bravely facing so many blows. You have honoured Gloria today with your contest.”
"Nobody could call you cowardly." Viviana grants the man before falling back into her combat stance, but her praise does not make her let up on her attack. When the bleeding man approaches she turns into the strike, willingly taking the weakened blow against the armor on her bracers as she drives her blade straight through his thigh, the bloody tip emerging out the other side before she pulls it free in another spray of red and backs up several steps quickly to watch him warily.
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Kieran rises then and stretches a bit, seeming to agree with Brianna's assessment of the match. "Take care, Your Grace. A pleasure as always." As he makes his way out, he eyes the horse hitched to the post. He looks over his shoulder at Edain, bfore shaking his head and deciding that that particular prank should probably wait for a better day.
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The raw bite of an alaricite blade rips right through Talen, the better seats around the arena no doubt providing occupants with the right to claim they saw the very flesh separate cleanly beneath the dark leather that wraps the Sword of Lenosia's leg. When his appendage shakes, fighting the truth of his injury, he soon collapses to one knee, the other leg still fighting to lift him.

Mirror Blade spikes the ground, spearing into the sand as he uses it to prop himself up while the other steel sword swings high, as if ready to deflect what would have been a potentially lethal follow-through. There's tortured pain in his face, his head remaining stubbornly high despite his wound. Then, with a glance toward Ailith he nods the unspoken agreement to yield. In further show, he tosses his steel blade to the ground, continuing to use the ancestral House Velenosa weapon as his pillar of strength, remain knelt in front of Viviana.

How Talen remains conscious with such a smattering of injuries is beyond many, but he looks up to the victor and grants a deep bow of his head out of respect. "I concede, Lady Viviana Pravus, the Sword of Setarco has bested me this day. Let Gloria-- ngh," he grunts shifting to raise his voice and pained for it, "let Gloria sing her name tonight."
Also Sir Arugula would eat him.
Talen is overheard praising Viviana for: Let Gloria sing her name tonight, for she has bested me, Talen Artiglio, the Sword of Lenosia.
Edain claps his hands and offers a good hearty Huzzah for the fighters.
Viviana moves quickly over to help Talen once he yields, sheathing her blade. "Seraph, we could use some bandages over here!"
Talen says, "And some fucking wine, if you would."
Edain is overheard praising Viviana for: For showing skill of arm and grace in victory as she Honored Gloria
Edain is overheard praising Talen for: For showing skill, tenacity, and honor even if defeat while honoring Gloria
Kieran arrives.
Brianna is overheard praising Talen for: Fighting at a disadvantage and showing himself well in spite of it.
Valencia is overheard praising Talen for: An honorable fighter, gracious even in defeat.
Acacia is overheard praising Viviana for: Lady Viviana's skill was demonstrated with an impressive flourish, and she certainly looks good doing it.
(OOC) Kieran says: Alright, how do I turn this off?
(OOC) Kieran says: Oh, combat ended and it turned itself off. Nevermind.
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Ailith speaks again, letting her voice boom across the arena.

"Let all know that Lady Viviana Pravus, the Sword of Setarco, has triumphed! Let none say that her opponent, Talen Artiglio, Sword of Lenosia, fought with anything other than unflinching bravery in the face of Alacarite slicing through skin and flesh, lasting through grave injuries to offer his congratulations to a worthy adversary!"

Then she steps down out of the judge's booth, before walking briskly to the combatents, a bow given to Valencia, a gesture made to the attending brief off to the side. "Master Artiglio, do you have your own physician in attendance? It will be important to stop the bleeding as soon as possible." This is in a very different level of volume to the earlier pronouncements.
Nadia is overheard praising Talen for: He fought valiantly, and accepted his defeat with grace.
Valencia is overheard praising Viviana for: She understands how to play to a crowd, southern charm at its finest and bloodiest.
Dagon is overheard condemning Viviana for: Perhaps don't wear such armor and fight as an equal in a rite that is about honor.
Ailith is overheard praising Viviana for: She fought with consummate skill and was magnanimous in victory, honouring Gloria with her prowess.
Ailith is overheard praising Talen for: He fought bravely in the face of grave injuries and honoured Gloria even in defeat.
Dagon is overheard condemning Talen for: Trying to blind your opponent with sand in a Rite to Gloria is a bit much.
As Ailith moves to help take care of Talen, Viviana turns to bow to the crowd as she's declared the victor. Then turns back to Talen, moving to crouch next to him. "You might've had me if I hadn't opened your ribs so early in the fight." She claims.
As the fight draws to an end it isn't long before the performers come back out into the arena, juggling and performing acrobatics to entertain those still busy with their social circles even as the servers move quickly to refill any wine glass at risk of emptying.
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