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Commoners Council

Words: "The voice of the people must be heeded while it is still a whisper, or it becomes a roar."

In service to the Crown, the Commoners' Council serves as the liaison between the common folk of Arx and His Majesty, King Alaric IV. When commoners have concerns or questions they wish to see addressed by those at the highest of heights, they may approach its members to act as voices and advocates on their behalf. The Council also submits counsel and recommendations aimed at bettering the lives of the common masses in and outside of the city to the Crown. They are the public face and voice of the majority of Arx's population.

Created by his Majesty King Alaric IV, the council has been charged by the Crown since its inception to act on behalf of the kingdom's commoners. In 1010 AR, outgoing members organized a new election to see who would replace them in their seats.


Name Rank Title Description
Rukhnis 1 Council
Tanith 1 Council
Nurie 1 Council
Raja 1 Council
Alaric 2 The Crown The King
Calarian 3 Alternates First Observer
Harper 4 Member
Theodoric 5 Alumni
Dacian 10 Serf
Cufre 10 Serf
Caspian 10 Serf
Aksel 10 Serf