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Words: "Aid, Comfort and Save"
Sigil: Comforting hands holding a flame.

((See 'help mercy of lagoma'))
Mercies of Lagoma, as the great healers of Arvum, are found in all places of healing. While not every healer is a Mercy of Lagoma by any means, it is said that every Mercy of Lagoma is a healer. This, in turn, finds the Mercies of Lagoma working hand-in-hand with the Silver Order of the Knights of Solace, the ancient militant disciples of Gild who guard our places of healing and succor. Most unlearned commoners would never expect that the Sanctuary of Silver would ever cause conflict, since how could such a noble ideal do so? It is the universally held belief that it is among the gravest offenses to the gods to shed blood in any place of healing or worship, which is an offense only comparable to breaking the sanctuary of guest right in a home once given, or shedding the blood of kin. But that unthinkable offense has been a constant problem to the Mercies of Lagoma for a simple reason- the frequency for which they grant it and expect it to be followed by warring parties in conflict.


Name Rank Title Description
Sophie 1 Mother Mercy
Azova 2 Voice of Mercy
Iovita 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Rey 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Roran 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Victoria 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Estelle 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Corrala 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Viveka 3 Mercy of Lagoma New Initiate Liason
Isidora 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Haptenna 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Kalila 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Poppy 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Ilandra 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Clover(RIP) 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Ailys 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Richard 3 Mercy of Lagoma
Carmen 4 Mercy of Lagoma (Non-Arx Chapter)
Odile 4 Mercy of Lagoma (Non-Arx Chapter)
Rafael 4 Mercy of Lagoma (Non-Arx Chapter)
Rose 5 Novitiate of Mercy
Amantha 5 Novitiate of Mercy
Ingrid 5 Novitiate of Mercy
Sierra 5 Novitiate of Mercy
Bhandn 6 Knight of Solace
Porter 6 Knight of Solace
Emma 8 Former Mercy
Selah 10 Gone