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Vassal of Valardin

Words: "The horizon is ours."
Sigil: A white sail on a vast blue sea.
Nicknames: Seafarers, Spices.

Westrock Reach is the furthest flung duchy in Arvum settled on an island in the Eventide Reach. The Farshaw family has ruled for approximately only four generations, making them very young as noble houses go. At the end of the Crownbreaker Wars, High Lord Antfortas Valardin came into conflict with the then Duke of Westrock. It's unclear if the conflict was related to the end of the Crownbreaker Wars and Westrock having been taken by House Tyde during that time, or some other conflict. The Duke of Westrock, his name long forgotten, killed High Lord Antfortas, causing Princess Gloriessa Valardin to become the Princess of Sanctum, and avenge her father.

That Duke's line was wiped out in the Storming of Westrock that followed. And House Farshaw, a cadet branch of Westrock, was elevated to the holding. They have been ruling ever since. In the present for the Westrock Reach duchy, they are primarily a merchant and trade family. Providing access to many fruits and spices that are difficult to grow on the mainlands-- pommegranates, sugar, pineapples, coffee bean. In fact, recently, they have started an initiative to bring Westrock Coffee to all of Arvum. They claim that it goes excellently with Laurant honey when used to sweeten the rich, bitter brew.

Despite the fact that they are an island duchy they do not have a particularly large navy. In fact, though they do have enough forces to protect themselves, their army is relatively small compared to the other duchies. And their "navy" is entirely composed of merchantships-- and it's a small fleet at that. Rumor has it they've been placed underneath an Oath, sworn to Limerance, not to build a militant navy by House Valardin. As they have no navy of their own they have an agreement in place with Telmar that the Telmarch Navy will come to their aid when they need a naval force.

Instead, as a duchy, they serve as a vast network of trade and merchant patronage.


Name Rank Title Description
Ryhalt 1 Duke Duke of Westrock Reach
Clover(RIP) 2 Voice Duchess Consort of Westrock Reach & Deputy Warden of the West & Voice of Farshaw
Lisebet 3 Noble family Duchess-Consort of Ashford Keep
Elsbetta 3 Noble family Lady of Farshaw & Minister of Morale
Alban 3 Noble Family Lord of Farshaw & General of Westrock Reach
Ciaran 3 Noble Family Lord of Farshaw
Ronja 4 House Servant
Thorley 5 Noble Vassal Baron of Sandreef Point
Orvyn 5 Noble Vassal Marquis of Harthall
Kent 5 Noble Vassal Lord of Harthall
Liliana 5 Noble Vassal Lady of Harthall
Ouida 5 Noble Vassal Lady of Harthall
Emmelline 5 Noble Vassal Lady of Harthall
Violet 5 Noble Vassal Baroness-Consort of Sandreef Point
Dierdre 7 Commoner
Aviana 7 Commoner
Hali 7 Commoner
Jack 10 Retired/Hoped for Return House Servant
Islin 10 Retired/Hoped for Return Noble Vassal
Becka 10 Retired/Hoped for Return
Josiah 10 Retired/Hoped for Return Lord of Harthall
Adelphie 10 Retired/Hoped for Return Noble Vassal
Alise 10 Retired/Hoped for Return Noble Family
Lynthelia 10 Retired/Hoped for Return Lady Louvet
Sarra 10 Retired/Hoped for Return

Ruler: Ryhalt

Minister Category Title
Alban Warfare General of Westrock Reach
Elsbetta Loyalty Minister of Morale
Clover(RIP) Income Minister of Finance

Land Holdings

Westrock Reach

Description: Lightsend Keep, the last Lighthouse on the Westrock Reach. The keep is settled on the furthest settled island west of Arvum. It's stood until the end of the Crownbreaker Wars, when it was stormed by Valardin forces and half demolished. From the ruins the new Lightsend Keep has been build. Vast farms and plantations are found upon Westrock Reach, producing spices, fruits, and other goods that are difficult to grow on the mainland.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.