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Subject Poster Date
Darren Redrain Jaenelle 01/08/20
Archduchess-Regent Janelle Velenosa Darren 01/07/20
Tatienne Ingrid 11/14/19
Re: Uppity Hoi Polloi Ingrid 11/13/19
Lady Ingrid Grimhall Tatienne 11/13/19
Tatienne Lachance Ingrid 11/13/19
Apology Accepted Fiora 10/20/19
Re: Fiora Malvici Rhea 10/20/19
Marquessa Rhea Acheron Fiora 10/20/19
Closed Lady Mabelle Laurent Thea 10/09/19
Thea Malvici Mabelle 10/09/19
Mabelle Thea 10/09/19
To Tikva: Challenge Accepted Bliss 08/24/19
Bliss Tikva 08/24/19
Aleksei Morgan Sophie 07/25/19
Re: Sister Sophie and Sir Bhandn Aleksei 07/15/19
Aleksei Morgan Sophie 07/12/19
Sir Bhandn Yvar Sophie 07/11/19
RE: Prince Alecstazi Thrax Shard 07/10/19
Prince Alecstazi Thrax Shard 07/10/19
Prince Ludwig's Apology Accepted Sorrel 06/10/19
Princess Zara Valardin Cahal 06/10/19
An Apology to Princess Sorrel Ludwig 06/10/19
Lord Cahal Blackram Zara 06/10/19
Terms Accepted Ahmar 06/10/19
Lord Ahmar Nightgold Corbit 06/05/19
Lord Corbit Leary Again Ahmar 06/04/19
Lord Corbit Leary Ahmar 06/04/19
Challenge Accepted Ludwig 06/01/19
Prince Ludwig Grayson Sorrel 06/01/19
Apology Accepted Bliss 05/25/19
Apology to Whisper Bliss and the Champions Guild Braden 05/24/19
Whisper Bliss Braden 05/24/19
Lord Braden Laurent Bliss 05/24/19
To Princess Sorrel Braden 05/18/19
Lord Braden Laurent Sorrel 05/18/19
Apology To Solange Whisper Orathy 05/10/19
To Lord Rysen Harlan 05/09/19
Terms of Rysen - Harlan Duel Rysen 05/08/19
Terms of Ashford - Rysen duel Harlan 05/08/19
Challenge Accepted Rysen 05/08/19
Challenge to Lord Rysen Crovane Harlan 05/08/19
Apology Accepted Arman 04/22/19
Prince Arman Velenosa Monique 04/22/19
To: Lady Monique Greenmarch Arman 04/21/19
Accepted Jaenelle 04/19/19
To Archduchess Regent Jaenelle Velenosa Darren 04/19/19
Term Amendment Accepted Kenna 04/17/19
Terms amended Silas 04/17/19
Pot Pie Challenge - To Silas Whitehawk Kenna 04/17/19
Apology accepted, and challenge accepted Silas 04/17/19
His Alleged Youthsplendorouship, Baron Silas Whitehawk Rhea 04/17/19
Baron Silas, In Charge of Latrine Duty Riagnon 04/17/19
Lord Riagnon Acheron, the worst Silas 04/17/19
Challenge: Accepted Orathy 04/01/19
To Orathy Culler Solange 04/01/19
To Countess Sabine Berenice 11/30/18
Forgiveness: Lord Karadoc Saik Duarte 11/16/18
REAL Apology: Count Duarte Amadeo Karadoc 11/16/18
Princess Berenice Velenosa Sabine 11/15/18
Response: Karadoc Saik Duarte 11/15/18
Apologies: Count Duarte Amadeo Karadoc 11/15/18
Karadoc Saik Duarte 11/13/18
Lady Kenna v. Marquis Rymarr (conceded) Rymarr 10/05/18
Apt Correction Reigna 10/02/18
Marquessa Reigna Keaton Eleyna 10/02/18
Lady Zoey Kennex Niklas 09/20/18
Marquis Rymarr Deepwood Kenna 09/15/18
Lady Kenna Whitehawk Rymarr 09/15/18
Challenge Withdrawn Monique 08/28/18
Duke Asger Crovane Monique 08/28/18
To Marquessa Rhea: Accepted! Reigna 08/20/18
Combat Trainer Vandred 08/19/18
Marquessa Reigna Keaton! Rhea 08/17/18
Accepted: Princess Katarina Valardin Octavia 08/12/18
Lady Octavia Kennex Katarina 08/12/18
Very well, Prince Niklas. Zoey 08/04/18
Lady Zoey Kennex Niklas 08/04/18
Prince Niklas Grayson Zoey 08/04/18
Very Well Victus 08/02/18
Accepted: Princess Berenice Velenosa Karadoc 08/02/18
Lord Karadoc Saik Berenice 08/02/18
High Lord Victus Thrax Alarissa 08/02/18
Laurent vs Valardin: The Epic Conclusion Cristoph 07/29/18
Sir Jordan Ober Jeffeth 07/25/18
Re: Challenge Jordan 07/25/18
Sir Jordan Ober Jeffeth 07/24/18
Challenge Accepted: Alis v. Hadrian (R-R-R-Reeeemiiiiiiixxx!) Hadrian 07/16/18
Challenge Accepted: Alis v. Hadrian Hadrian 07/16/18
Marquis Hadrian Mazetti Alis 07/16/18
Challenge acknowledged and accepted Alarissa 07/15/18
Princess-Consort Alarissa Thrax Eleyna 07/15/18
Apology Accepted Fairen 07/15/18
Marquis Fairen Leary Barric 07/15/18
Champion Chosen! Caspian 07/12/18
Luca Duarte 07/11/18
Re: Ainsley Grayson Tikva 07/11/18
Tikva Grayson Ainsley 07/11/18
Duke Cristoph Laurent Edain 07/11/18
High Lord Edain Cristoph 07/11/18