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An Evening With A Songbird

Noble and commoner alike are welcome to attend An Evening With A Songbird, a concert starring Calandra Culler of Whisper House. All cirizens of Arx are encouraged to attend and enjoy a sense of unity and hope through the power of music. We must remain positive and united in the face of adversity. Donations for refugees and the families of soldiers wounded during the siege will be accepted but not required.


April 5, 2017, 9 p.m.

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Nix(RIP) Valencia Calaudrin Kieran Barric(RIP) Alistair Eleyna Joscelin Mirari Juliet(RIP) Dafne Acacia Calandra Silas Nisaa Mae Aiden Esoka Wilhem Joslyn Ailys Rymarr(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Blackrose Theater - Auditorium

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When I think of my mother, my first memories are of her voice. Low and sweet but still strong. Drifting off to her lullabies as I slept as a girl. Hearing the echoes of the songs she led the tribesman in during prayer, or before the hunt, or battle.

I'm a terrible singer. Evona inherited all my mother's graces. I took after my father. Hard as a rock and a voice like a pained ox, as my sister put it.

Yet I love music still, however bollocks I am for it. I don't understand why a song has the power to transport the heart, or to give rhythm to the march of armies, but I feel the power in me still.

I felt it as the Songbird, Calandra, sang to the populace in the city theater. Sang to lift spirits, and the remember the fallen. I felt both.

It is the songs that live in our hearts, as well as the blood and sweat and pain.

Samantha is in the entranceway in the theater proper. As the host, she is taking it as her responsibility to greet guests. It's also an initial opportunity for people to socialize, though she's sure there will be plenty of whispering and back and forth within the seats. There are circulations of wine, nothing terribly expensive, but not dismissively cheap. It's a siege after all! "Welcome, welcome." Samantha offers as people pass through the doors. "Thank you for coming. And thank you for your donations."

Jiacomo arrives, following Eleyna.

Ailys enters the event with Prince Kieran, and Prince Aiden along side with her, "Aiden, should I send my monkey home? you dont have your birds." she says then she smiles "Prince Kieran - meet my brother Aiden." she introduces the pair as they find a seat. <re>

2 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Calaudrin.

Kieran is walking alongside Ailys and eyes the monkey a bit. "As long as it doesn't run to the stage or screech." He dips his head into a bow of greeting to Aiden, "Prince Aiden. I think we may have met in passing one time. You seem familiar."

Esoka has shined up her armor for the occasion, combed out her thick black curls so they fall in a bob around her chin, and touched up her lips so they're a deep, painted shade of scarlet. But even in this non-martial atmosphere, there's a sense of readiness about her. She bows to Samantha, as she passes through the entrance and moves to mingle.

Aiden was dressed in elegant formal attire for the evening, something that would do splendid against the lean frame of a young Grayson prince. He was without bird or any leather. A smile is sent quietly to Ailys as he states, "I didn't want there to be any unexpected interruptions. Animals do as they please sometimes." He shuffles along to find a seat, pausing long enough to offer to Kieran, "People say I'm a spitting image of my brother, Ainsley. He is the more familiar face." A likely story of why he seemed familiar, "I have only been a short whlie in the city now, prior to the armies putting up siege." A faint shuffle as he makes his way down to grab a seat, beside his sister, since he relies on family to get him out of his seclusion.

Wilhem made his way into the seating area from backstage. He'd just dropped off several items of interest for the songbird herself. Deciding to stay, he stood along the back, quiet, and staying to himself for now. Dressed in a flowing shirt, and tight black pants, that left little to the imagination, he was a handsome sight.

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The entering crowds produced all the cover Acacia needed to maneuver her way through them, slinking up the divide through the commoner rows and pouring herself into a corner seat at the back. One of those glasses of wine was filched in the process of movement, casually held by loose fingers draped about the stem. There's nothing formal about her attire, a bit of the streetside mush stuck to the bottom of her leather boots when she kicks both of them up onto the armrest of the aisle in front of her and sips lightly of the vintage.

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Is this a place that Calaudrin would normally go to visit? Hmm, maybe. He's cleaned up for the affair tonight, but there's an unease to his person as he mingles through the crowd. He pinches a drink off of the passing tray of a server and looks around to find a place to sit. One that's not terribly crowded already.

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Fidelia Fidante, A Lady-in-Waiting, Nix arrive, following Juliet.

Arriving without an escort for the evening, Eleyna steps into the theater and gazes about with those icily pale eyes. Her choice of dark clothing makes the princess' pale skin appear even more so by contrast. She makes her way slowly toward the designated seats, offering passing glances to those she might recognize among the crowd, and finds a place there to settle.

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Kieran snags a glass of wine and sips it as they make their way to the noble seating. "Perhaps. My apologies if I have confused the two of you." He glances to the others that arrive behind then. "The beginnings of a good crowd."

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1 Grayson Guardsmen, Synder The Wolfhound, Valencia arrive, following Barric.

Nisaa walks into the theater, looking around with wide eyes, as if trying to make sure she is in the correct place. She seems to breathe a sigh of relief, nodding to an attendant who directs her to the seats reserved for the commoners. Gracefully, she weaves her way through people to them, settling herself down once she arrives, smiling to anyone who happens to look in the Eurusi's direction.

Aiden settles in a seat with the adjustment of his garments, settling his arms to his side and giving a slight glance to the empty seat opposite to where Ailys sits. Scuffing his feat, he looks back to Kieran, "It happens often. You need not be apologetic. I'm only sorry I am not who people expect." He glances at his sister, offers her a quick blink, before he he shakes his head and begins to people watch.

Juliet arrives on the arm of Prince Nix Thrax, and trailed by her lady in waiting, the latter taking her cloak and letting Juliet reveal her new gown, worn with a matching necklace in neodymium. her hair set up in an ornate braid that wraps against the Swwords of Tor replicas she wears in her hair, and a trail of thirteen live roses in blue and white. Guiding her gentleman companion to the noble seating, and making sure to quiet down at least a little for the concert. Giving Samantha bright smile, as they're greeted. "Dearest Marquessa. This is Prince Nix Thrax, he's been kind enough to see me safely to the theatre tonight. Prince Nix, the Marquessa Ivy Deepwood, Samantha to her friends." A brief pause. No, she will not explain that. "I'm very excited, Calandra is such a talent, I look forward to hearing her sing in a room made for it."

Esoka gets herself a drink - a cup of wine - first and foremost. That done, she heads off to find herself a place in the commoner seats. A polite nod is offered to Nisaa, as the walks past the other woman. She ends up settling not far from Acacia, as it happens.

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Mirari is here, sitting somewhere, being quiet!

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"Ladies and gentlemen," Samantha calls out, after a gentle tap-tap of her wine glass with her nail, "I will be introducing our featured singer shortly, but for now, please be aware that tonight, we are intermixing the seating. For tonight is not about being noble, nor about being commoner, but simply about being a citizen of Arvum, and a denizen of Arx. Take a few moments and enjoy the company of someone you have not met before, perhaps, or celebrate the friendships of those who you know and have attended as you take your seats."

Nix walks at Juliet's side. Sadly, she has to move at his slower pace, due to the scarred, black-clad Prince leaning on a cane. A metal tip and handle with black wood make it a fine instrument, but a required one. It helps him deal with his pretty notable limp in his right leg. He peers about with a hint of unease at the crowd before he swallows his worry and offers a bit of a bow. "Marquessa Ivy Deepwood. A pleasure." His voice is deep, with a bit of a whiskey-scratch to it, which is not all-together unpleasant.

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Barric walks in with Princess Valencia on his right arm, seemed a good night to be out for a song, his clothing much more suited for a night out and he has the hound and guard remain near the door, ore as a lookout. Still the sword, Elvesbane is at his side, only his armor being replaced with resplendent green and gray silks. "This looks quite lovely." He looks around and them looks to Valencia, "Shall we mingle then as suggested?"

Her expression on of radiant joy and sweet grace, Valencia enters the room with a smooth easy stride. Dressed in crimson southern silks that elegantly embrace sultry curves, the raven-haired little fox makes her way into the theater, her smile nearly as bright as the excited sparkle in her dark eyes. It would appear the little princess loves such events and is thrilled to attend and see so many familiar and favoured faces in the crowd. She glances up at Barric and lets him lead on through the crowd.

Samantha having made her announcement, turns her attention to Juliet, brightening when she sees the other woman. "It's been forever!" she declares, moving to kiss Juliet's cheeks if permitted, and then dipping a curtsy to Nix. "Your Highness. How fortunate you could join us before the walls were made impenetrable. But then, I am well aware of the stalwart strength of Thrax's navy."

At Samantha's words, Nisaa looks around with a small sound of delight. She laughs then, the sound like a joyous song. "Is easy for me, yes? Have not met most anyone."

Joslyn moves easily through the crowd, her familiar gown worn proudly, silken skirts flowing easily as she moves through and nods her heads towards the assembled group. She moves over towards Juliet where she spots Prince Nix, and she bows her head easily towards him. "Glad you both could make it," she offers with a smile, and a nod towards Samantha. "And a pleasure, Marquessa Deepwood," Joslyn offers with a bow of her head.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Ailys smiles to her brother and she takes his hand into her own she pats it slightly "should we save a seat for Ainsley?" she asks Aiden before she watches the place fill up, she seems to grow quiet as she looks onto the stage with expectation.

"It has. And I still need to paint you properly," Juliet notes, with a grin to Samantha, as she uses her free arm to wrap Sam in half a hug, accepting and returning the kisses to her cheeks. "Daring of you to mix the seating. I -entirely- approve." She declares. Shooting Nix a little smile, as well. "A keen tactical mind, too, as I understand it. I'm sure Arx is far better for having you, your highness." Spotting Valencia, her eyes glitter, and she - somewhat reluctantly - lets go of Samantha so she may offer a wave of greeting. "I think I will aim for saying hello to another friend and see if I can't introduce Nix to some people - and indeed, meet some myself."

Then Joslyn is there, and Juliet beams bright, quickly taking Joslyn on her other arm. "Darling Joslyn, this is Samantha - Marquessa Ivy Deepwood. She's my boss in the Department, and a good friend. Marquessa Deepwood, may I introduce Joslyn Manicelli, Handmaiden to Duchess Calista, and my sister in all but name."

Aiden is better at people watching then calling attention to himself. His eyes do track Barric with Valencia, then skips to Nisaa, then circles around to Samantha and over toward Nix, who walks with a limp. The patting of his hand calls his attention to his sister once more, a respectful heroic worshipping in his tone, "He can always have mine, if it gets too crowded and we cannot hold seats."

Nix nods to Samantha. "Indeed. I was recovering here before the...well. Before the current situation began. Somewhat trapped me here, I suppose. to seize the good parts of a situation, no?" He offers a lopsided smile to the beauty at his side, and then glances about curious, taking everything in. He nods slowly to Juliet, chuckling. Samantha might be close enough to smell a decent amount of brandy on his lkips, but he does not stumble his words. "Well, thank you, my Lady."

Barric nods to this person and that, Perhaps a drink as well is taken and another for Valencia. They wander by Juliet and the small crowd there, "Hello and good evening all." Spotting Ailys and Aiden he nods to them, "Good to see you again Cousins... Looks to be an interesting turn out here." This to pretty much any of those nearby, "And it looks wonderful Lady Samantha."

Better late than never, Lord Rymarr Lyonesse makes his appearance within the Blackrose Theather. He remains armed and armored as always, but does not make an effort to join in the public seating of the theater. Instead the knight remains lurking near the entrance, brilliant blue eyes cast over those gathered together for the scheduled show. One armored thumb lowers and hooks into his sword belt. The opposing hand lowers to casually rest atop the pommel of the alaricite blade slung high at his right side. Armor in a theater? There's a siege going on outside. Precautions are a necessity at times. Though Rymarr, ever vigilant and ready to respond to danger, seems to be willing to relax this evening. One armored shoulder rests against the solid surface of a wall while he watches on in stoic silence; though his attention seems to be ever-moving, always alert for the next potential threat. Especially with infiltrators skulking about.

Wilhem looked around, mostly quiet, talking only sparly, as he gave a polite bow of his head to those that looked his way.

Eleyna offers nods to those seated closest to her. She remains stiff in her seat, eyes directed toward the stage for a moment. At the instruction to mingle, the princess lifts a sculpted brow and rises from the seat, gazing about coolly. She folds her hands before her and briefly glances toward Valencia and Juliet, offering both nods before glancing away.

Silas arrives late with his guard retinue, intent on finding some entertainment and relaxation for a good cause. After nodding to the individuals in the audience he knows, he approaches the commoner benches and gestures for his guardsmen to sit alongside him. He is likely somewhere near Calaudrin, but near the edge so he may easily remove himself from his seat without scooting over anyone.

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Still looking around, Nisaa catches Aiden's gaze briefly, smiling and dipping her head to him in a distant greeting. If her voice, or accent, cause others to look at her a bit oddly, she seems unbothered, or perhaps simply oblivious, continuing her thrilled perusal of the theater and all those there. Though the ability to mingle has been announced, she stays seated right where she is.

"Ah, do." says Sam, grinning at Juliet. "And I've a definite mind for the portrait we talked about." Then, to Nix amicably, Please, I prefer Samantha." With that, she splits off her attention to, "Aiden! Look at you! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever." And of course, she casts a bemused look Barric's way. "'Lady' Samantha? Really, Barric? Hello, Your Highness." This to Valencia, of course and she grins impishly. "Please excuses me. Seats are filling and I need to introduce the entertainment." Rymarr is - well, she takes one look at what Rymarr is wearing and just sighs, her grin still on her lips. Oh, /you/. With that, she proceeds to the stage.

Mongoose arrives, following Joscelin.

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Valencia smiles at Juilet and offers a shy wave, cheeks flushing a little. A sweet smile is offered to Joslyn and Prince Nix as well. "Thank you for hosting this fine event, Marquessa. I am so very excited," she says briefly, not wishing to take too much of the lovely woman's time.

Kieran looks back over the seats at the gathering and nods to Samanatha as she explains the changes to seating. "I guess we can get up and mingle with commoners of we choose. Then again, I have never really required permission for that."

Aiden nods to Barric for his introduction, a question lifted with his brow sent to the Princess on his cousin's arm, though nonetheless warm. He catches Nisaa's look and gives her a finger waggle. Then he spots Silas and looks disappointed the Lord Commander goes to sit down below and should he look, Aiden will point to the empty seat beside him. Samantha's sudden attention has Aiden's chin snapping toward her, "It has been a stretch of years, yes."

Joslyn offers a smile towards Samantha, nodding her head, though the Marquessa misses her introduction in the wave of other people vying for her attention. She does wiggle her fingers in response to Valencia, giving the Princess a friendly smile. She returns her attention back to Samantha, smiling. "Well, if lady Juliet calls you friend, than the tales I hear of you must be true! Truly a pleasure."

Ailys nods to Kieran "I am good here, but if you wish, you can leave and socialize I do not mind, I am going to stay with my brother." she smiles to Kieran before she waves a little over to Barric and then her eyes look back over Aiden as she says this and she smiles "Unless you want to change seats Brother?"

"Prince Barric. Princess Valencia." Juliet sketches a small curtsey at the pair, as they arrive. "If the entertainment is about to start, perhaps we should find our seats." She quirks a brow, and, with a person on each arm, aims herself for the noble seating. But she is bringing a commoner at least!

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Staring too look a little overwhelmed but so very happy. The little princess happily loos to her beloved cousin Eleynya and beams, though the crowd seems too dense to get to her easily. To Kieran, she simply cannot help but grin, dark eyes dancing mischievous. "You and I must talk, my sweetest cousin-in-law. Will you meet with me soon?" she ask.

Valencia claims this

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Aiden shakes his head at Ailys, "It is safer to stay seated." Safer indeed, for a wallflower Grayson as he was.

Barric nods and walks with Valencia, "Good to see you as well." To those there Kiernan and to Eleynya.

"Striding to the stage, Samantha ascends the steps to stride out to front and center. She seems quite comfortable up there, but then, she's used to making speeches in Assembly, and she has no problem projecting her voice so that all can hear her. "Ladies and gentlemen!" she calls out once more. "For you new arrivals, please be aware that seating is mixed tonight; sit where you wish. Enjoy the wine being offered by the attendants. As I've mentioned, tonight we celebrate ourselves. This may seem an arrogance, but coming together here and now, to enjoy the beauty that will be offered to us, and proves that we can unite, we can remind ourselves of the strength we have not just in war, but in the sweetness and goodness of life. I urge you all to consider donation to the fund that has been set up tonight, which will go to the continued care of the refugees being housed here in the city, as well as the widows and orphans of those brave men and women who we have lost to the conflicts of the wall. But now," Samantha takes a breath, and smiles. "I can make you wait no longer, ladies and gentlemen!"

She starts to step to the side. "Ladies and gentlemen, this young woman has one of the finest voices in all of Arx, and perhaps even all of Arvum. She is living proof that genius and worth rests in all of our souls, no matter where we come from, no matter what life we have been born into. She honors us tonight with song, the Lower Burrows very own Calandra Culler of Whisper House!" Samantha gestures toward the side of the stage, slowly retreating to let attention be drawn to the singer.

Kieran shakes his head to Ailys, "Not particularly. We claimed our seats first. They can come to us." The prince chuckles a bit then gestures for everyone in the room to crowd into the noble seating. "Come, it's a better view and you can hear better too." His blue gaze focuses on Valencia and he grins broadly, "Of course, Valencia. I am always game for whatever trouble you have in mind."

Calandra arrives on stage while adorned in etheral silk, aeterna, dawnstones, silver and gems. Her long silky hair reaches to her slender waist and has been brushed to a sheen. The songbird glances over the crowd having a gentle smile that brings her dimples to bloom and reaches her dark eyes. There is a warm flush of excitement to her cheeks, suggesting she likes to preform. The whisper doesn't seem nervous, but there is a calm about her. "Thank you so much for coming." She says, lifting her gentle voice to carry. "And thank you Marquesa Samantha, being chosen for your concert is such an honor." She adds. "I have three songs planned. The first song I would like to sing is a traditional one often sung in the lower boroughs by mothers to their children. Simple and yet lovely. This is a time to remember childhood and out families. To remember the reason why we fight. " She murmurs. The girl then falls silent for a moment, catching her breath and preparing to sing.

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Nix follows along on Juliet's arm. Once again he slows them down a bit by needing his cane, but he at least tries to keep up. Once he reaches the seats he slides down beside Juliet and sighs softly, letting his cane rest between his legs.

In a staged whisper, someone spoke up, "What a beautiful outfit..." Before falling silent as she prepared to sing.

Aiden seconds Kieran's words with a punctuated nod. His gray eyes roam to Valencia and Barric, though all the announcements on the stage has him turning with an intent to focus upon the entertainment.

Rymarr's eyebrows rise with Samantha's inspecting looks. The focus on his attire and the grin that she shares results in Rymarr's eyes going wide and his making it readily apparent that he was staring back. At least until she departs and begins to make her way for the stage. At such a time, Rymarr's full attention returns to observing the gathered crowd. Blue eyes dance from one body to another, at least until the announcement for the Songbird is made. The armored knight shifts up slightly in order to push himself from the wall, though his armored thumb does not drift from where it resides hooked within his swordbelt. He inclines his chin, peers down the length of his nose, and turns his attention to watching the arrival and words of Calandra. There he remains, attentive and alert, awaiting the fabled Songbird's voice.

Ailys nods her head to Prince Kieran before she smiles and she looks from him to her brother, she grins as she looks over to the stage as things begin to start her eyes alight, and the tall woman looks attentive to it. Her eyes swooping over Barric and his princess as she waits to hear the show.

Joslyn falls silent at Juliet's side as she settles in the benches just as Calandra comes up. She beams at the performer, a wide smile offered as she takes the stage.

Barric decides a seat is needed and since there is a choice he offers it to Valencia. Softly asking where she would like to sit.

Samantha for her part, makes her way down the steps and along the aisle, not taking a seat per se, but rather settling herself at Rymarr's side. His free hand is sought out carefully, in an attempt to press her palm against his, and interlace her fingers with his gauntleted ones.

There were three ravens sat on a tree
Down-a-down, Hey! Down-a-down,
And they were black as they might be, with a down
The one of them said to his mate:

"What shall we for our breakfast take?"
With a down, derry derry derry down, down
Down in yonder green field,
Down-a-down, Hey! Down-a-down,

There lies a knight slain under his shield, with a down
Down there comes a fallow doe,
As great with young as she might go
With a down, derry derry derry, down, down

She lifted up his bloody head,
Down-a-down, Hey! Down-a-down,
And kissed his wounds that were so red, with a down
She got him up across her back

And carried him to the earthen lack
With a down derry derry derry down, down
She buried him before his prime
Down-a-down, Hey! Down-a-down,

She was dead herself, ere evening time, with a down
God send every gentlemen
Fine hawks, fine hounds and such a loved one
With a down derry derry derry down

(ooc note: traditional old English folk song. Best example of it being sung I can find.

Nisaa settles down a little as Calandra takes to the stage. She smiles up at the woman, clasping her hands together on her lap to keep still. She still occasionally glances around at the new faces, new environment, but soon lands her focus on Calandra again.

Calandra checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 64, 49 higher than the difficulty.

The little messenger that is Mae Culler slips into the theater, quiet as a mouse, and immediately steps off to the side. She pauses there for a long moment, to just watch Calandra's entrance. She's smiling, so very beautifully. And then she slips forward, to find a seat.

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Eleyna settles back into her seat, arranging herself in the chair so that she's artfully draped over it. While those who glance her way are given nods in return, the announcement of the singer and then Calandra's presence on stage limits reciprocity for the moment. She listens in sliene, her pale eyes fixed on the singer, her attention undivided for the moment.

Valencia looks a little torn, and then splits the difference, moving quickly to the nearest seat.

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Kieran listens to the song Calandra signs to the crowd and offers light applause when she finishes, before turning his attention to those he sits with.

Esoka smirks back at Acacia, drinking her wine at a quick clip. Gulp, gulp, gulp, gone! Of course, this just means she needs another one. "Still getting refills?" she asks Calaudrin, with a curve of her smile. Not that she'll demand it /right/ away. Her attention goes to the stage as Calandra begins to sing, and she quiets. Posture still as she listens to the simple, lulling dark melody of the song.

Aiden turns to whisper something to his sister Ailys, keeping a polite forward facing front. For those who may not have been introduced, he looks a mirror reflection of his brother Ainsley, with obvious variations. However, to Juliet, he offers a polite nod, adding on top of Kieran, "You may know our brother, Prince Ainsley?"

Gaius, a Thraxian Confessor, Balanar, a shadowy Confessor, Francis, the Inquisitorial Mouse arrive, following Alistair.

Juliet is happy to settle - and to enjoy the sweet sound of the Nightingale's voice - and like Kieran, she offers enthusiastic applause once the song comes to an end. Watching Calandra with an excited gleam in her eye, and leaning back to murmur to her fellows in the high seats.

Calandra is just a little breathless as her song comes to an end and her cheeks are flushed pink. She takes a few seconds, gathers herself and then smiles over the crowd, her gaze lingering for a few seconds on those she knows the best. "The second song is one that I wrote on request. I think upon hearing the words to this song that many of you will find yourself familiar." She seems just a little nervous for some reason or another.

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Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, Penelope, Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Dafne.

Ailys is overheard praising Calandra for: great song

Pop goes the gauntlet as Rymarr pulls it free and shifts it over to his free hand. He listens to the song which Calandra sings while Samantha settles in at his side. Surreptitously his leather clad hand takes Samantha's own. Peaceful and attentive.

Silas acquires himself a glass of white wine and sips at it slowly as Calandra's voice pierces through the air. He listens, contemplative and admiring. His gaze briefly skims over to Aiden, but his attention remains undivided otherwise.

Wilhem is overheard praising Calandra for: such a sweet song bird lady!

Joslyn applauds happily as Calandra finishes her first song, beaming proudly at the Nightngale.

Mae is overheard praising Calandra for: The most beautiful voice in all of Arvum!

Calandra lets her silence linger for several seconds, but then her next some comes. "Blade sharp against the skin. They stood.

Words cuffed and silenced. They stood

Cries muted and strangled. They stood.

The empty soon to fill our sons. They stood.

Blood warm seeping in a spell. They stood.

The brothers slipping.They no longer stood.

The cries of a sister. The life of the soldiers.

The life of daughters and sons. The singing and the songs.

Purchased with the blood, slipping. Slipping into silence.

We sing in their silence. The quiet red sacrifice."

Calandra checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 58, 43 higher than the difficulty.

Gaius, a Thraxian Confessor have been dismissed.

Balanar, a shadowy Confessor have been dismissed.

Francis, the Inquisitorial Mouse have been dismissed.

Francis, the Inquisitorial Mouse have been dismissed.

Joscelin sombers, listening to the song, gold eyes growing serious, weary, and a touch sad.

Dafne is a late arrival, slipping quietly in, a small figure dressed in mourning black, her black kitten in her arms. She moves toward the noble seats.

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Sad is...not what Samantha wanted for this concert. Upbeat, unifying, yes. But who is she to censure an artist? So she allows herself to be carried away by the music, leaning her head on Rymarr's armored shoulder. "I wish I was half the singer she is." She sounds admiring rather than envious.

Alistair checked wits + propaganda against difficulty 15, resulting in 37, 22 higher than the difficulty.

The Inquisitor Alistair and some of his minions arrive at the singing event, their hoods pulled back slightly. The Prodigal man stares at Calandra glancing away for a moment as his eyes sweep the group, the song brining the spirits low just a bit. Softly the man makes a gesture, and for those who are paying attention to him and his group theymight catch one of his Confessors, the one with the slit-throat scar, slipping off into the crowd and then a cheer sounds out. "Three cheers for Pietro and Vincere! Their sacrifice seeing a thousand less shavs at our gates! Huzzah!"

This will obviously wait till the end of her song because Alistair's player is a dum dum and didn't realize the song might not be over.

Aiden can be seen jolting his face toward Alistair at the three cheers call for a name he obviously recognizes by that quick look.

Another round of applause is offered from Juliet as the song ends - and at the call for a cheer, she does raise her voice in tribute to the fallen Ignisieri brothers.

Dafne draws a sudden deep breath at the Confessor's cheer. The little duchess' gaze goes to the dark fur of her cat for a moment. "Huzzah," she echoes, but softly, like a prayer.

Kieran looks to the man calling for cheering and he waves the man off. Even the Master of Revels to the Crown finds it a bit gauche.

Mae focuses on Calandra as she sings, and then gives a respectful applause, once she's finished.

Valencia applauds readily to the performance, her expression soft and gentle and so very taken with such a lovely performance.

Joscelin is overheard praising Calandra for: A master at her craft: ensnaring the hearts and minds of a willing audience.

Calandra's song comes to an end and her dark lashes have just a touch of a glisten. She looks in the direction of Alistair's confessor, giving a nod in agreement with his words. She then sucks in a soft breath, her cheeks more pale than pink. "And my next song is old words of praise often sang in the North."

Barric is overheard praising Calandra for: A very inspiring performance and lovely to listen to.

Acacia releases another whistle at the end of Calandra's song, remarkably sharp and appreciative given the actual content of the lyrics. With one hand consumed by that fresher glass of wine, the second is clapped lightly against Joscelin's side in substitute.

Ailys nods her head as she is asked something, "hes she is truly a Master of her craft." she agrees.

Acacia is overheard praising Calandra for: Stunning and mesmerizing! None can compare!

"Sure, but can she handle a sword?" Rymarr asks of Samantha with a sideward glance. He shrugs once, though in an abbreviated fashion in order to prevent from disrupting the head that comes to rest against his steel. He then quietly mutters aside to Samantha with a tilt of his head and a murmured word, his eyes fixed on Calandra, though the faint phantom of a smile at the corner's of his mouth likely indicate some sort of joke.

Joscelin shifts in Acacia's lap, violet silk flaring out around her legs as her ankles tuck and cross. Her attention is back on Calandra, her arm wrapped around Acacia's shoulders as she listens.

Wilhem stood quiet, watching as notes faded. A shiver ran up his spine at the beauty.

Silas raises one brow at the shout from the confessor, but doesn't seem concerned or in disagreement with what was said. He finishes his wine and sets the glass aside to applaud the conclusion of the song.

"If she was so inclined, I'm sure!" Joslyn offers in Rymarr's direction, a small tilt of her lips indicating some sort of unspoken joke that seems to amuze Joslyn a touch. Eyes casting back towards the performer, she smiles towards her."

Calandra sings once more, lifting her voice to carry."O universal mother, who dost keep
From everlasting thy foundations deep,
Eldest of things, Great Earth, I sing of thee!
All shapes that have their dwelling in the sea,
All things that fly, or on the ground divine
Live, move, and there are nourished-these are thine;
These from thy wealth thou dost sustain; from thee
Fair babes are born, and fruits on every tree
Hang ripe and large, revered Divinity."

"I imagine my conversations about my wife would be interesting for far longer than a half dozen conversations." Calaudrin replies easily enough to Acacia. "Mostly because they'd be fabricated completely from my imagination. So it would be a new story every time!" And just in case anyone is confused: "Because I am /not/ married." At Mae's long explanation of his 'wife', he sighs before tipping his head back. Then it's time for the next song, so he'll just stay like that for awhile.

Calandra checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 64, 49 higher than the difficulty.

The Inquisitor is no master of twisting the will and thoughts of the crowd, that much is clear, but for some reason or another he wanted a cheer to go out for the focus of Calandra's most recent song, the fallen Igniseri brothers. No other calls for cheers are given to those who have fallen for the Compact, the man's attempt at Propaganda having finished. He should probably stick to staring at people and poking demons with steel. He watches the song bird intently, his intense gaze focused on her as she sings.

Juliet is overheard praising Calandra for: Deserving of her moniker, the Nightingale of the Lower Burroughs brings beauty to all our lives.

Samantha had been relaxed, resting against Rymarr until the Inquisitors make their way in. Something Rymarr says makes her chuckle lowly, but when one of Alistair's men shouts in the middle of the concert, her spine stiffens and her lips purse in disapproval. "I'll be right back." Samantha murmurs to Rymarr, regretfully slipping her hand out of his and making her way quietly to Alistair. Schooling her face to neutrality, she murmurs to him while watching Calandra.

Esoka joins in the cheering when Calandra's second song ends, and a call goes up for a remembrance for two of the fallen. Her own addition to that cheer is an undulating cry, starting high-pitched and then growing lower in her throat as it trails off. It has a ceremonial sound to it, and has faded by the time Calandra is ready to sing her third. Her head tilts at this one, curls brushing her cheeks, a faint smile coming to her lips.

Valencia smiles to Barric as another song concludes, leaning over and whisper quietly in his ear and nodding gently.

Calandra sings through this chorus three times over, lifting her voice and turning the tempo just a a little more cheerful during hte second go through and slowing it down once again during the last. It comes to an end, leaving the songbird breathless and pink-cheeked once again.

Nisaa listens closely to the third song sung by Calandra. This one seems to wipe the sadness that had begun to take hold upon her features, a brighter, more hopeful tune. Nisaa smiles and when the song ends, she applauds and has to bite her lip to refrain from making a more loud and raucous show of appreciation.

Mirari has left the Commoner Seating.

Opia, a fat unblinking cat have been dismissed.

Rymarr offers a stoic nod back to Samantha when she murmurs before she withdraws. Joslyn's comment is received with a blank stare, his expression it's usual mask of neutral indifference. Then his eyebrows scrunch a little lower. That's when it becomes stern and his squinted eyes consider Joslyn for a long moment. Finally Rymarr's attention drifts back to consider Samantha, though only for a brief time before he again turns his attention to the gathered crowd. He rocks onto his armored heels for a moment before he blows out a sigh of air and begins to fit his gauntlet back onto his gloved hand.

Barric claps as the performance goes on listening to it all and enjoying the performance quite a bit.

"I did." Samantha says replies softly. "And it's a beautiful song, but a concert is not a place for young men to shout like hooligans. Unless the song being sung calls for it. Pietro was my friend; I am happy to see him so honored." Turning to the stage, she applauds enthusiastically, calling out, "Encore! Encore!"

Alistair speaks quietly to the Lady Deepwood, and offers a quiet applause as the call for an encore goes out.

Aiden stands with Ailys as the performance does seem to be at an end, only the calls for encore have him pause. He looks toward Ailys then calls forward an attendant who was collecting donations. He will sign his name to a promisary note, untangling his hand long enough from his sister to do so.

"Encore!" Samantha calls out again, looking askance at Alistair as she continues to applaud. "You must be confused, Inquisitor. The Siege is already upon us. I'm not sure what you mean as to where I stand. I stand where I always have; with the Crown, my Duke, and my vassals."

Ailys has left the Noble Seating.

Calandra smiles beamingly over to the audience, her gaze coming to linger on Samantha for a moment. "I have another. " She murmurs. "A classic. Feel free to sing along.

"In a neat little land they called Compact.
Apprentice to trade I was bound.
And many an hour sweet happiness
Have I spent in that neat little land.

As sad misfortune came over me.
Which caused me to stray from the land.
Far away from me friends and relations
Betrayed by the black velvet band.

Her eyes they shown like diamonds.
I thought her the queen of the land
And her hair, it hung over her shoulder
Tied up with a black velvet band.

I took a stroll down Thrax Row
Meaning not long for to stay.
When who should I meet but this pretty fair maid.
come a-traipsing along the highway.

She was both fair and handsome.
Her neck, it was just like a swan
And her hair, it hung over her shoulder
Tied up with a black velvet band

Her eyes they shown like diamonds
I thought her the queen of the land
And her hair, it hung over her shoulder
Tied up with a black velvet band

I took a stroll with this pretty fair maid
And a gentleman passing us by
Well, I knew she meant the doing of him
By the look in her roguish black eye."

Kieran waves to the departing Ailys and Aiden, before turning his focus back to those gathered near him and Calandra's singing.

Aiden has left the Noble Seating.

Wilhem smiled as Calandra called for thosoe to sing along, and joined his voice in. Untrained, but naturally soothing, he added a rich tenor to her dulcet tones.

Samantha sings along as encouraged, ideally thus encouraging others to sing along as well. Let the roof be raised by the sound of Arx's voices united! However, she drops out of one chorus to murmur to Alistair once more.

Ailys smiles to Calandra's singing and she escorts her brother, or he escorts her, out of the area before anyone runs them over. She pauses to murmer something to Barric before she continues on

Rymarr checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 13, 2 lower than the difficulty.

Juliet checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 24, 9 higher than the difficulty.

Calandra checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 67, 52 higher than the difficulty.

Rymarr does in fact attempt to sing along. It's pretty terrible. Like someone's throw two cats into a burlap sack, given a good shake, and proceeded to toss it into a fire.

Silas checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 17, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Nisaa checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 44, 29 higher than the difficulty.

Eleyna checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 9, 6 lower than the difficulty.

Mae checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 9, 6 lower than the difficulty.

Joslyn checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 16, 1 higher than the difficulty.

Acacia checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 24, 9 higher than the difficulty.

Nix checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 21, 6 higher than the difficulty.

Valencia checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 15, 0 higher than the difficulty.

2 Grayson Guardsmen, Max, an emperor tamarin leave, following Ailys.

Esoka checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 7, 8 lower than the difficulty.

Samantha checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 23, 8 higher than the difficulty.

Dafne checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 15, 0 higher than the difficulty.

Kieran checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 26, 11 higher than the difficulty.

Juliet grins to Joslyn, and burst into a little laughter at Nix's whisper - and then she's merrily singing along, full-throated with a pleasant alto and layering her voice against Calandra's, contrasting here and there. She learned to sing -from- the Nightingale, after all.

Calaudrin checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 16, 1 higher than the difficulty.

Joscelin checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 15, 0 higher than the difficulty.

Barric checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 12, 3 lower than the difficulty.

Silas doesn't really remember the words to this song, but he does an adequate job murmuring and slurring the parts unknown to him and making him sound like he knows. Beyond that, it turns out he doesn't have a -terrible- singing voice, though it is very clearly untrained.

Nix tries to sing along. His voice is deep with a bit of a scratch to a Thraxian Tom Waits. It is not alltogether unpleasant.

"Oh! I know this one!" Mae says, aloud. And then Mae Culler doth start to sing along. Loudly, at that. Only... Well. It must be all the musical talent went to /other/ Cullers. Because it is not a lovely voice, that belts out those words. She does pause, to say, "Oh, did you know this one is about-..." And she stops, and clears her throat. And goes back to singing. Badly. "Her eeeeyes they shooown like diaaaamonds!"

Kieran has no idea how to sign really, but he has enough charm to fake it. He tries for a deep bass, common in the singing of the North. However, he doesn't quite have the voice for that. Still it's at least funny to hear.

Aiden looks back at the singing and ducks his head as he slips out with his sister.

Nisaa tries to sing along, though she is a beat or so behind, not knowing the words and not speaking the language as well as others. She smiles as she does so though, clapping her hands almost silently to the rhythm.

Dafne sings along, but very quietly, only just mouthing the words.

Esoka sings along. Loudly. She does most things loudly. What she can't do, is carry a tune in a bucket. She belts off-key, the volume only serving to crack the notes further. She seems to be enjoying the gusto she's putting into it, if nothing else.

1 Grayson Guardsmen leaves, following Aiden.

Calandra leads the song, lifting her voice to carry and trying to help guide the others along. Her dark eyes are bright, her voice is lovely and her words are infused with a kind of passion that suggests she really does adore music and performing.

Barric sings, but more so it is the words, He doesn't know them so is trying to compensate a tiny bit even if he has a decent voice one can tell.

Acacia steals a sideways glance at Calaudrin, but she rather cheerfully participates with the rest of the crowds with an idle sway from side to side within the cushions. A very far cry from Calandra, she at least manages most of the lyrics right. That roguish grin tears at her lips at every free chance otherwise, interrupted only at the end when she drains the last of her wine in one go.

Samantha lifts her voice to sing along, her voice a lovely alto lacking in any real fancy. And when the song seems to echo off the walls, she offers one last round of enthusiastic applause, and well, if she wasn't already standing? She would totally be. Standing Ovation, motherf-ckers, do you speak it?

Calandra finishes the song with a last lingering note and a look of joy in her dark gaze. After a few seconds, she dips into a graceful curtsy. "Thank you so much for coming. I am honored and once again thank you Marquesa Samantha. Please if you are so inclined, feel free to donate to the Marquesa's war effort. Her endeavors have been amazing and will continue to be so."

Alistair is overheard praising Calandra for: True songbird.

Silas is overheard praising Calandra for: Bravo!

Valencia happily and politely applauds the performance again as the performance comes to at conclusion.

Kieran is overheard praising Calandra for: She may be a Whisper but her voice is as clear and beautiful as songbirds.

Mae tries to carefully tuck her half-drank glass of wine between her forearm and her body, so she can stand up, and clap! Only it mostly results in wine sloshing about and spilling on her, and the floor. "Oh..."

Joscelin moves to stand as well, applauding.

Calandra is overheard praising Samantha for: Wonderful efforts in hosting and raising resources for the war.

Esoka stood up to sing! Because she needed room to belt at that volume. She remains standing for the ovation, clapping enthusiastically. She does not, at least, try and do this to any particular harmony. So no musical taste is harmed by her applause.

Silas stands to join the standing ovation, while also ordering the rest of his guard retinue to do the same.

Mirari pushes herself up from her seat so she can clap for Calandra. Her eyes bright, smile warm. Once the clappying is done, she reaches out to touch Joscelin's shoulder and smile that woman's way.

Joscelin turns her head at the touch to her shoulder, eyes bright as she looks to Mirari.

Calandra smiles gently, curtsying one last time before she makes her way from the stage. She heads over to Juliet and Joslyn first, trying to hug the Southern beauties one after another. A warm smile is given to Samantha.

Rymarr is overheard praising Calandra for: A delightful Songbird. Women want to be like her and men want to be her.

Joslyn wraps her arms warmly around Calandra, a tight grip as if she doesn't want to let her go for a few moments, before releasing her, smiling proudly. "You sang beautifully," she says to Calandra softly.

Rymarr is overheard praising Samantha for: There are always those who will seek to bring a glimmer of light and hope into a dark place or time.

Max, an emperor tamarin arrives, delivering a message to Kieran before departing.

Acacia checked perception against difficulty 15, resulting in 46, 31 higher than the difficulty.

Calaudrin moves to his feet once the song has concluded and gives a standing ovation as well, clapping and giving a two fingered whistle. Nice and loud.

Samantha excuses herself from Alistair with a faint, "Just a moment, Inquisitor." and heads to the stage, beaming at Calandra. "Thank you so much, Whisper Calandra. I thank you, and all of Arx thanks you for uniting us in song." She turns then to the crowd. "Thank you all for attending! May you all return to your homes filled with hope and the strength of a united city. There will be more events to celebrate our unity." No doubt to maintain morale during the siege. "And once more, should you care to, a donation to our causes tonight, the refugees within our walls and the orphans and spouses of those who have fallen to defend us. Good evening to you all!"

Silas is overheard praising Samantha for: A great hostess, as always!

Rymarr's terrible singing comes to an end. Brand is likely on his way back north as a result, running in fear. If Lord Rymarr Lyonesse recognized any failings in his own ability to sing and generally making merry, he doesn't seem to show any outward knowledge of it. Instead he settles in to watch and listen, though as the singing comes to a close, Rymarr calls out as his armored fist begins to beat against the center of his black and green accented breastplate. While he calls out his own cheers and praises. Though he dies down, allowing the Marquessa whom takes the stage to speak without too much in way of disruption - from himself, anyhow.

Acacia applauds heartily, her own claps drowned easily within the standing ovation from the others. The shatter of glass at Mae's feet has her briefly darting a look in her cousin's direction and provoking that small grin to arise once more. Subtly, she adjusts her standing position, boots sweeping stray pieces of glass beneath the chairs to conceal the evidence.

Calandra wraps her arms around Joslyn, returning her embrace with all this warm affection and trying to kiss her cheek. She then peeks over to Acacia and Mae, having a warm happy smile for her family.

"It is for a very good cause. I think the Hart would be happy to support this, " Valencia decides. "It is so good so many are rising to raise morale and support for those in need. We cannot have enough, yes?"

Joslyn tilts her head as Calandra moves to kiss her cheek so that she catches her lips instead, holding her close for a few moments more before finally letting her go.

Wilhem clapped and cheered, and grinned as it was all donoe with. He snuck behind Calandra, and gave a quick kiss to her cheek, whispering quietly, "Simply amazing." Before he was giving them their room.

Alistair seems unpeturbed that Samantha steps away from their conversation, the Prodigal man sweeps his gaze around and focuses on Calandra for a moment, inclining his head to her in appreciation.

Juliet rises from her seat, accepting a glass of wine and taking a sip, raising it in salute to Samantha and to Calandra when she comes over. Grinning bright when Joslyn and Calandra embrace. "You two are so very pretty together."

Silas looks mournfully down at the spilled wine at Mae's feet. "Well, it was good while it lasted." He adds applause to Samantha's announcement, as well, before leading his men away from the commoner seats. He does turn to address his friends who were his company for the evening with a bright smile. "Have a great rest of the evening, everyone."

Juliet is overheard praising Samantha for: A wonderful concert arranged by a wonderful hostess.

Kieran offers a smile and a nod to Calandra, "Very good show. You should do this more often." His attention moves then to the woman spilling her wine and he chuckles to himself. "Seems someone has had a bit too much."

Nix rises on Juliet's arm. The man leans on his cane as he moves with her, letting her lead the way. "Short but sweet," the Prince offers idly in response to the performance.

Valencia is overheard praising Samantha for: A wonderful fundraising event and a most gracious hostess. So very inspired by it all.

Nisaa stands at her seat, applauding Calandra as the show ends, then simply clasps her delicate hands together, smiling and watching everyone mingle and talk, congratulating the singer and the hostess. "A wonderful evening. Thank you for sharing your talents with us."

Mirari reaches over to pluck the wine glass from Mae's arm. She glances down at it, and then back up to Mae. She says mildly, "Mae, dear, you know that stuff spills /out/ when you tip these this way right?" She demonstrates by tipping the glass forward-- and potentially spilling out the rest of the wine.

Calandra has a gentle smile for Samantha that reaches her dark eyes and brings her dimples to bloom. "And thank you, Marquesa." She says with all this sincere warmth. She then nuzzles her cheek back into Wilhem's kiss. "And thank you for making my stockings and slippers and just in time." She says to the tailor, a girl like Calandra has to keep seamstresses happy. Her gaze comes to linger on Alistair for a seconds and she has a gentle and almost somber smile for the Inquisitor. Finally she smiles warmly to Juliet and even to Nix is on his arm. "Thank you Lady Juliet. And you are so lovely this evening, but you always are." She doesn't know Nix, but she seems polite toward him. "A pleasure to meet you." She says, maybe not fully sure she is a prince yet. Calandra beams to Kieran. "Thank you, your highness."

Valencia is overheard praising Calandra for: Bravo! A most lovey performance.

Esoka approaches Calandra as the performance wraps, though she hangs back as the woman gets embraces from her friends and kin. "Your songs were beautiful, Whisper. I needed a night like this, I think. The Marquessa has the right of it. A good many people in the city did."

"It's still good," Mae pouts, a touch defensively, as she looks aside to Silas. Then she looks up to Acacia, and smiles sweetly. "Need to talk to you, my love," she tells her cousin, in a quiet voice. And then her glass goes missing. Her eyes go wide as she's stolen from. Who steals from Mae?! Eyes fix upon Mirari, and she continues to stare with wide-eyed wonder as Mirari just... spills more wine? "You're going to spill!" she blurts.

Joslyn stands from her seat to move to Calandra's side, looping a hand around her waist and holding her close. "Oh! Master Wilhem! I did forget to pick up my clothes, didn't I?" she smiles towards him. "I'll need to get those soon."

Silas has left the Commoner Seating.

Joscelin Arterius is listening to Acacia as the Culler woman speaks quietly to her. After a while, the jeweler looks up to Acacia as the woman kisses her cheek, the Guildmaster smiling. She nods to her, saying with a smile, "Yes. You are right." She moves to embrace her friend.

"You spilled." Mirari informs Mae, holding the wine glass back out to the little messenger. Her lips curled upward in a half smile.

"It was my pleasure, Calandra." This offered to the songstress once Sam is down the steps. "I hope to hear more of your beautiful voice in the future." Perhaps even sooner rather than later. With that, there's a smile offered as she begins to pass through the crowd murmuring thankyous, but the biggest is offered to Rymarr before she addresses Alistair once more. "My lord, if you'll forgive me, the topic you broached is best left for another time. I'll send you a message within the day?"

Calandra smiles happily over to Nisaa. "I look forward to seeing you dance at a future performance." She murmurs. She then peeks to Esoka, smiling toward her as well. "Thank you. I cannot fight, but I was glad to help in my own way."

Juliet step closer to Calandra, and, once she's brought Nix to the songbird's presence, lets go of him with an apologetic smile - if only so she can wrap an arm around the performer from the other side to Joslyn, leaning in to kiss Calandra on the lips, nuzzling their noses together. "You were magnificent, love." Looking to Sam with a smile, and a nod of agreement. Then, glancing to Nisaa at Calandra's comment. "You dance?" She asks, even as she's reaching out to draw in the Thraxian Prince again.

Now standing, Calaudrin collects his cloak and whatever else might be laying around that belongs to him. "Lovely evening, thank you. Get to your homes safely." He tells all in his immediate vicinity. Giving the little group a half bow, he'll beginning making good on his own escape to a bed (not warmed by an imaginary baking wife, sadly). Before he's completely gone, he leans forward towards Acacia and /then/ departs.

Mae reaches back out to grab her wine glass back, and whatever wine is left in it. She huffs. "This is very special wine. The Lord Commander gave it to me as a reward for my good work," she informs Mirari. Then she steps forward, and slips out an arm, to draw the slightly taller beauty in for a half-hug. "Hi, dear," she finally says, with a warm smile. Her attention pulls from Mirari, to Calaudrin. "Good night, Calaudrin!" she says, so sweetly.

Kieran looks to Nisaa as Juliet and Calandra address her. "Oh, another performer? We are getting quite the collection. You would think I would take advantage of this and hold an event or festival or something taking advantage of this."

Nix smiles softly when Juliet steps away to greet Calandra like that. He then blinks as she draws him back in, glancing between the two. "Amazing performance, yes," he offers in that deep voice of his. "Quite excellent.."

Esoka offers Calandra a bow. "You honor those who fight, and the sacrifice of those who've fallen. That is no small thing. The siege is vast and we all have our parts to play." That said, she straightnes up and prepares to depart, herself.

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Jiacomo have been dismissed.

Acacia imparted quiet words towards Calaudrin, a genuine grin presented throughout until she turned to willingly accept Joscelin's embrace. "Always good seeing you, love," she relays, the binding of her arms squeezing affectionately, before releasing her. "I'll always accept messages, even if they're full of angry scribbles or whimsical flowers. You need anything-- you know I'm here." Her hand shoots up to send a wave towards her sister within that throng of people surrounding her. She'd been halfway through the absent tugging upon her leathers when Calaudrin leaned in, freezing her briefly in place when she turned her head to regard him with an effortless laugh afterward. She turned to track after his departure, swiftly losing sight of him with a shake of her head. "Blessed be," she murmurs, amused, as she winks towards Silas and looks back at Mae, "You and I should talk tomorrow or so, if you're free, love."

The crow begins to move and mingle again, and the little fox begins to step back. She eyes the crowd, smiling at the little conversations and comments, her dark eyes finally falling on her cousin. She smiles to Barric and gracefully rises to make her way to her, turning a smile Joslyn, Juliet and Calandra's way as she goes.

Rymarr passes a faint nod of his head toward Samantha at her murmured thank you. Though as the gathering begins to be on the verge of winding down entirely, Rymarr finally begins to back away. Approaching the entrance of the theater, Rymarr passes out into the wintry cold beyond as he draws his heavy wolf fur cloak around himself in order to wait out his own true departure to return home.

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