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Weapon Blessing Ceremony

Legate Cassandra Laurent is holding a blessing ceremony for those that want to bring their weapons to be announced before Gloria. Come prepared with the story of your weapon, how it got its name. A small token will be available for those in attendance, a pouch designed by Dame Ida Ferron and crafted by Co-Guildmaster Apollo Oakwood.

Donations are not required, but would be appreciated to the Faith of the Pantheon.


Aug. 13, 2020, 6 p.m.

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Margerie Preston Apollo Lora Bree Alessia Brigid Ailith Vitalis Domonico Kastelon


Faith of the Pantheon


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Gloria

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Comments and Log


The Shrine of Gloria hosted a weapon's blessing ceremony tonight.

Hearing the stories of the weapons of those in attendance was inspiring and it was my honor to provide a path between wielder, weapon and Gloria.

I may hold another one in the future, but for the moment, I need to remember that I do have other duties. Other organizations that require my attention.

But it was still a good night.

Guy, a hunting kestrel, Balian, a Templar squire, 1 Templar Knight guards, Direhorn Jeffers, a barded Templar wargoat arrive, following Preston.

The Second, 2 Clement trained guards arrive, following Margerie.

Margerie enters silently, and

Margerie enters silently and lets an initiate direct her to a seat. She clutches a token of Gloria in her hand.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound arrive, following Apollo.

Siri, an attentive apprentice have been dismissed.

Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound have been dismissed.

2 Keaton Huntsmen have been dismissed.

Guy, a hunting kestrel, Balian, a Templar squire, 1 Templar Knight guards, Direhorn Jeffers, a barded Templar wargoat leave, following Preston.

Guy, a hunting kestrel, Balian, a Templar squire, 1 Templar Knight guards, Direhorn Jeffers, a barded Templar wargoat arrive, following Preston.

2 Clement trained guards have been dismissed.

The Second have been dismissed.

With Jeffers left outside with Balian, Preston steps into the Shrine of Gloria in his white and gold armour, with its thin line of red to mark him out. His hand steadies the hilts of his swords from swinging as he moves to the side of the Shrine, offering a warm smile towards the Templars on guard and the others gathered - his helm currently open with its cheek guards unfastened.

Apollo slips into the shrine, murmuring a word or two to his guard, Paris. Paris hangs back near the entrance, while Apollo moves to find a seat.

As the Faithful and Curious arrive, Cassandra comes out of the back area of the temple. Dressed in her robes and tabard, she takes in the evening sky from the roofless opening above and smiles slightly. It is good weather for the ceremony. As she steps forth, she heads towards the altar and makes her way upwards.

Once she's settled, she looks around and nods her head. "Good evening." she greets the crowd. "If you would want, please feel free to take a weapon care bag from the wooden chest provided." She gestures with her hand to where two of her guards are keeping watch over the trunk.

"Thank you all for coming. A weapon is one of the most personal things you may ever own. It will protect your life, it will answer you when no others may be able to. It is the one thing that is most directly in your control and will be an extension of you in every way. Tonight, we are going to offer blessings to these weapons so that those that wield them may feel the honor of Gloria within them."

With that, she moves to make a small line in front of the Shrine. "There will be a general prayer for those that do not feel comfortable with approaching. Otherwise, after three approach and speak the name of their weapon and what it means to them, I will offer blessings to each of them. If there is anything specific you wish me to add, please feel free to ask."

Lora is among those who file in, though there's the briefest of moments where she hesitates before crossing the threshold into the shrine proper, looking skyward. It's exceedingly brief though, like she has some very private, personal prayer to offer before continuing in, where one of the initiates is quick to escort her to a seat. She's just in time for Cassandra's opening address, and turns somber attention toward the altar.

Apollo has joined the a sturdy pine wooden bench.

Bree joins the many coming in armed and ready to be blessed! But the Butterfly Knight is not quite the smiling, cheerful being she normally is. There's a distracted look in her eyes, which are glassy and somewhat swollen, and a slump to her shoulders. But she's here, and she rests a hand against the hilt of her blade. Just in time, too, to hear the Legate speak. She musters a smile, bringing a fist to her chest by way of appreciation for the blessings to come, and then searches for someone with a scanning of her gaze. "Dame Brigid," she spies the woman, easily cutting a path to join her. "I'm sorry I am late," she speaks the words in a quiet murmur, glancing away from the woman to those gathered about.

Lora has joined the a sturdy pine wooden bench.

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No sooner has Cassandra opened, than Apollo looks... uncertain. Like he's not entirely sure he should even -be- here. He reaches up to swipe a hand over his face, leans his elbows on his knees.

3 House Mazetti Guardians, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, Rance, a confused swan that likes to headbutt, Vitalis arrive, following Alessia.

With the general call, Preston doesn't look like he is about to rush for a weapon blessing - staying back against the wall and watching the others as they ready for what will come. That warm smile stays on his lips until Cass indicates a prayer is coming. Reaching to his hip, he carefully draws the plain blade of Crusader from its scabbard. He drops into a Templar's prayer, down on one knee with his blade upright with its point touching the ground in front of him and his head bowed.

Preston wields Crusader, Blade of the Templars.

Having settled into her seat just before Cassandra's opening statement, Margerie glances around briefly. She sends the faintest smile to Apollo, but otherwise sits primly and solemnly. She has no weapon to bless, but she has her reasons for being here.

Perhaps, as she realizes that people seem ill at ease, Cassandra considers. "Perhaps I should begin. There is not a name you need for the weapon. But the spirit of it. I have blessed a quill and hairpins. I have been asked to bless a pair of fists. There is nothing that will judge what you have chosen for your weapon." she encourages gently.

Brigid has joined the line.

Entering the shrine a little belatedly, Alessia's accompanied by her cousin Vitalis, as they venture into the spacious area. Her eyes scan over the familiar faces before her attention rests on Carnifex. She alerts Vitalis she's headed that way before making her approach. "Preston." She greets warmly. "It's been a little while."

Turn in line: Brigid

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Apollo has joined the line.

There is a nod and brief glance to Bree, austere sights shimmering ghostly pale. Stepping forward is Brigid Moore with a purposeful grace, long limbs and statuesque form sleek in conformed armor.

" When my barony was laid to waist by the Thornweave threat, those loyal to me and mine went on a mission to help cleanse Acorn Hill. In turn, we also aided the Marquis and Marquessa DiFidante in cleansing Volkov Woods as well. It was on the last day, when the ritual was to take place that we came upon three Templar's kneeling in supplication. Upon closer inspection we realized they'd been slain, making their last stand at a tomb and thus consecrating the land - making it holy. It was a trap however and their bodies were posed to attract us and soon in the distance we heard Abandoned screams and tainted abyssal berserker's charging for us. I'd lost my glaive in a prior fight and praying to the Knight who'd given his life, I took up his sword."

The sleeping greatsword was slowly gripped and unsheathed to shimmer and dance before all those in attendance, it was perhaps a bit dramatic but effective as if she were reliving the battle itself, " I was able to avenge those brave fallen and protect Archlector Roran and Marquessa Lora while they went about completing the ritual. My lands and those of Volkov were cleansed by Petrichor's healing rain, washing away the stain of what had been done and bringing with it new, enchanted life."

A glance to Cassandra, " The name of this blade is Canon and it is my wish, that this sword is available whenever anyone is in need and flashes daring with righteous hope when strength fails. To honor the Templar who wielded it, to honor any and all of those who stand strong when a threat comes their way."

Lora doesn't look particularly ill at ease, though she doesn't rush to join the line. She only sits where she's settled with almost painfully straight posture, hands in her lap, though her gaze drifts once Cassandra has finished to those who are forming up. She's not at all surprised to see Brigid there, and in fact a smile begins to bloom when the Moore begins to tell her story. It fixes partway then, as the tale must absolutely be familiar, then resolves into something adjacent to pride.

Vitalis has joined the line.

Brigid wields Canon, a diamondplate two-handed sword with rubicund cross-guard and pommel.

Turn in line: Bree

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Ailith.

Bree watches as Brigid steps up, a hint of a smile at how she dramatically goes through the tale. It is one the Knight of Butterflies has heard before, and yet she still hangs on each word. Some of the distraction of earlier vanishes, her focus now on Canon as the blade is revealed, and she nods along with the request made by her fellow knight. And then it is her turn, and so she steps forward, slowly withdrawing the alaricite blade from its sheath. Celestia is held flat against the palms of her hands, offered up for anyone to see. "I spoke of this sword once before, in front of a crowd..." she glances to Preston, a spark of memory there. "It belonged to Lady Tescelina Wyrmguard, a Templar, and was left to me after she fell at the Battle of Sungreet in combat with an Anointed Master. Tescelina was an amazingly graceful warrior, and her precision with this blade was unparalleled. I took it up, to honor her, to carry on her legacy, and so I ask that it be blessed by Gloria, and be used only to defend those in need." She stops there, a small breath taken. Clearly, she's not one for big speeches!

Bree wields Celestia, a double-edged incandescent longsword.

Turn in line: Apollo

Preston checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 35, rolling 72 higher. Preston rolled a critical!

Apollo steps forward after Bree, but he doesn't speak loudly enough to hear about the dagger he pulls from the sheath on his bracer. Instead he looks at it, pauses a moment, then murmurs something quiet to Cassandra. It's a question, plainly; an unsettled one at that.

Ailith smiles from the rear of the Temple as each person strides forward with their blades. At Bree's approach, her head dips and the Legate murmurs a few words.

Preston has half closed his eyes as he kneels in prayer, his lips moving in silent devotion to his goddess. As Alessia addresses him, Preston opens one eye and gives an incline of his head to the Glaivedancer "Lady Alessia. I cannot say as I have seen a glaive blessed before. It will be a...." But his attention is caust by Brigid's story, and then the emergence of Celestia. Preston's eyes scrunch closed at the mention of the fall of the Knight of Sunflowers, a sharp intake of breath as his held tilts back and a single tear forms at the edge of his eye. Preston breaks back into his warm smile as his face unbinds, and he nods approvingly before he adds in a quiet voice "With the grace of the Gods, stand your ground and channel Their light until no darkness stands against righteous intent."

Vitalis arrives with Alessia, a sort of scarf headcovering across his brow like a slipped bandana, covering one eye. He offers a prayer to the space itself, murmurs something to Alessia before she greets the Carnifex, slipping into the line with a handsome bow of pale wood and green leather. Finding himself in line behind Apollo is a surprise, though he doesn't draw attention as the man steps forward, expression tweaked curious as to what Apollo might be seeking a blessing for... he looks down when the dagger is drawn, away.

As she steps from the altar, Cassandra reaches into her own weapon's pouch she had taken from the trunk earlier to approach Brigid first. Already on the altar is a small bowl of water. She takes the mineral oil from the bag, mixing it with the water in the bowl before she dips the cleaning cloth into the bowl. Setting her fingers on Brigid's blade first, Cassandra begins.

"I beseech you, dear Gloria, to have heard the story of Canon. That you know of it's service in your name. Of the honor and glory that the Templar that held it last gave to you to his last stand. Thy servant asks that you girth her with hope and honor. To stand for those that cannot stand for themselves. That you are honored and will continue to be honored."

Her fingers grace the length of the blade with the oil and water, before she wipes it away and nods to Brigid. "Sheathe your sword, Lady Moore, and know that Canon be blessed."

Her attention turns next to Bree and Celestia as she steps to her. "I know of Lady Tescelina. For her to have left you of her weapon speaks of her high respect for you and that you would honor her memory through her blade." she says as she starts the same process that she did earlier. "Gloria, I have been brought forth Celestia by Dame Bree Harthall. It is a good and strong blade. It has served well and will continue to serve and honor you. May you keep it's blade sharp. May it honor you, and may Dame Bree honor you with her actions with Celestia. Sheathe your blade and know it to be blessed." With that, she's moving her oil and water over the blade and wiping it when she moves on to Apollo.

When he presents his blade, there's a lift of a brow at the whispered question. Amusement and understanding is suddenly in her dark eyes, before she reaches to take Apollo's shoulders in her hand. "Some of the most famous weapons in the history of Arvum did not have a name until they had made their mark. Do not fret over the name of yours, it will come when it is time." she says with a nod of her head before she moves her hands from Apollo's shoulders to the blade. "I am honored, dear Gloria, to present to you Apollo's blade. May you know of his skill and honor and know that he will find it's path and it will present it's name to him when it is ready. May it protect and stand with him. And may his actions always be in your honor is combat." The ritual of washing and wiping the blade is completed and she nods. "Sheathe your weapon, Master Oakwood and know it to be blessed."

Turn in line: Vitalis

There's a curious tilt of the head toward Brigid's weapon, likely noting the Grandmaster's reaction. "Death to the Traitor's get." She turns to Preston, a blissful smile appearing on her lips. "I thought we were on first name basis at this stage. Since my twin is now part of your family." She says, looping an arm through his casually. "No, I came to observe. My glaive's already been blessed... by the Thirteenth. A long time ago." Yes she just said that. "But I gifted my dear cousin a halberd. So maybe..." She watches Vitalis, her smile brightening.

Alessia gets handsome weapons care cloth pouch from a large wooden trunk.

Brigid takes handsome weapons care cloth pouch from a large wooden trunk.

Bree's eyes follow Cassandra as she steps to Brigid's blade, and then to her own. She smiles at the words spoken of Tescelina, a small nod given in agreement, and then she watches as the words of blessing are given, the blade anointed by one of Gloria's own. She is told to sheath the weapon, and she does... eventually. But first she spares a moment to look it over, to study the glory of the oil on the blade. She closes her eyes, a small silent prayer given to Gloria, and then the alaricite disappears into the sheath once more. She steps back, having missed most of Apollo's blessing as she was lost in her own. She turns to find a space to sit to watch the remainder of the blessings, turning inward for reflection.

Brigid checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 57 higher. Brigid rolled a critical!

Cassandra checked mana + theology at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Whatever assurance that provided, Apollo seems as uncertain when he has that eye-charm pommel blade back in his hands as when he gave it over. He pauses, gives her a bow of his head, and puts the weapon back in its sheath; as he winds his way back to a seat, he rubs a cheek against his shoulder, pausing just as he sees Vitalis and Alessia there, hears her talk abuut the halberd Vitalis has.

Out of the corner of her eye, Cassandra sees someone she did not expect and she pauses. "I carry on me tonight a weapon. I was saving it's blessing for a later time. But since her wielder is present? Mother Ailith, would you care to join us?" she asks her friend, hands folded in front of her hopefully.

There is a smile that loosely tugs at her lips but that austerity holds despite the awed fascination, Canon once more easing into scabbard with a winking out of that crimson brilliance. A nod of her head, sending dark tendrils framing as she goes to take a step back, easing to settle alongside Bree with not so much as a word or an outward expression. It's as if the Moore was trying to keep herself contained, not bursting into a giddy creature. But really, who expects that from Brigid anyway?

Ailith has slightly leaned forward with lowered head across the pew to murmur an exchange with Dame Bree. Her eyes gently regard the Knight of Solace and settles a soft, encouraging squeeze to Bree's shoulder before the Legate slides out from her seat. "Mother Cassandra, it is as you will." A bow and she approaches the altar to stand before her friend. Her smile splits, calmly and warmly greeting, then she kneels in respect to the Goddess as her fingers rub over the prayer beads and she quietly says her opening benediction to Gloria. There, on knee, she waits on the guidance by her fellow Legate. "I approach with an open heart and mind to offer up a sword so its path may provide both sword and shield to those in need. We have blessed the blade at my side and now this one, Path, that you hold awaits its new beginning. One forged by the paths our choices make, a path of honor and oaths."

Vitalis clears his throat and moves forward as Apollo moves off, elegant bow balanced across his palms. He looks at Cassandra, "Thank you for hosting this." He bows his head, holds the weapon up, "This weapon saved a life I hold dear. I hope to save many more with it. Mostly, I'm here to offer thanks." He bows his head, one-eyed study sent over the weapon.

Bree gets handsome weapons care cloth pouch from a large wooden trunk.

"In a Shrine, I tend to be more formal at events, Lady Alessia. The Gods are serious and deserve to know how serious we are in our entreaties to them. Each kindness they deliver, so they must allow another unkindness to be done - it is a balance that I am glad it is not my place to bear." Preston answers to Alessia before he slowly stands from his prayer, Crusader slid back into its scabbard with a small whispered prayer "Mm. It seems there are people who of late think the Thirteenth some kind of substitute to all others. He is the God of doubt and darkness, and salvation from the same. One should be careful looking into those mirrors, Lady Alessia. Sometimes things look back." Preston gives in soft answer before he smiles and claps politely for each who steps forward.

Preston is overheard praising Bree.

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Preston is overheard praising Ailith.

Preston is overheard praising Vitalis.

After a little silent prayer of her own, Margerie slips from the bench and out of the shrine.

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Apollo's eyes turn on the conversation between Preston and Alessia after watching Vitalis at the front with his bow. He doesn't comment, but ducks his head, eyes his blade in its sheathe - looks back up at Vitalis and the halberd.

Bree lifts a hand briefly to touch Ailith's as the woman squeezes, but it is only brief, because she steps up to have her own blessing take place. Bree turns to murmur something to Brigid, quiet and respectful in the moment, but is otherwise a silent audience member.

Domonico takes handsome weapons care cloth pouch from a large wooden trunk.

There's particular, keen raptness in the way Lora watches the ceremony transpire. Despite her lack of participation, she is avid, the consummate audience, following each as they go to have their blades presented, lips moving in what might be brief, silent prayer as each one is blessed. Such prayers each end in a faint smile, like the memory of an expression that does not quite do away with her very seriousness.

A faint smile appears on Alessia's lips when Vitalis blesses the blow. A keen eye may interpret it as relief? That doesn't seem right...

She turns to Preston with a raised brow. "Well, sir." She says with a grin. "It's not a substitute, but a reality of the matter. I know for a fact that in the past, my ancestors blessed my glaive in His name. What the effect was? I couldn't say. But I refuse to blind myself to the truth." She doesn't remove her arm from his, her smile remaining in place. "But I understand your concern. Would I bless my weapon in the name of the god of doubt, /now/? Likely not."

With Ailith's approach first, Cassandra moves to her as she kneels down. She takes Path from her side to present to Ailith so that she may draw it. Once that is done, the Legate follows the same motion she has with the others, oil and water upon the blade as she speaks. "Blessed Gloria, I bring before you Path and its holder, Mother Ailith. Know that Path is to forge ahead and bring about the change that Arvum could use. May her use of Path bring you honor. May her actions be sure and her intentions true." Wiping away the oil and water, she gives Ailith's hand a quick squeeze after passing on the blade. "Sheathe your weapon and be blessed."

And then she moves Vitalis. "Saving a friend is one of the most noble uses of a weapon." she says with a nod of her head. She presses the oil and water to the Riser of the bow. "Blessed Gloria, this bow is the tried and true weapon of Lord Vitalis Clement. May his aim with it be true. May his use of it honor you in all that you do." she offers before she wipes the wood and smiles. "Place your weapon and know it to be blessed." Cassandra says. With noone else in line, she steps away from the others and moves to return to her spot.

There is a look to Vitalis and then the halberd, offering a smile and a nod of accepting acknowledgement of such a weapon. A cant of head from Brigid, there is a nod of head and her sister of Solace's hand is given a squeeze.

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Brigid is overheard praising Vitalis.

Brigid is overheard praising Cassandra.

Apollo is overheard praising Cassandra.

Brigid is overheard praising Apollo.

Domonico has joined the line.

Bree stands from her place at the benches, a few more quiet words shared with Brigid, and then with a bow to Cassandra, Ailith, and Preston, the Butterfly Knight turns to leave.

Cassandra checked mana + theology at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Brigid checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Ailith carefully accepts the blade, her palms up to rest the metal upon, and she bows her head as would a knight receiving a blessing. "As Gloria and Limerance are linked, so may the honor and fidelity of our words and actions forge our Path, Mother Cassandra." She whispers briefly with the Legate before she rises and carefully pivots to return to her seat. In passing, her smile grows upon notice of a Guildmaster and to him, she approaches.

Apollo, sitting a little heavy as if he were wearing his uncertainties, looks up when Ailith approaches. Whatever she says, he shakes his head - glances down to the bracer he's wearing that has a sheath. He lifts it, pulls the blade from it by half to show her, murmurs something in return.

Domonico enters in what seems to be a bit of a rush, almost breaking out from his stride into a jog, before stopping, taking a moment and making sure his armour is adjusted before striding forward, helm under one arm, hand on the pommel of his xiphos Warspite.

Cassandra was just about to start to wind things down when Domonico arrives. Smirking slightly, she pauses. "I believe you are just in time, Lord Domonico. Did you have a weapon you wish to be blessed? Please present it and tell us of it?"

Ailith finds a nearby seat in order to admire the beauty presented by Apollo. Her words lower in tone as to not disrupt the blessings.

Vitalis takes a diamondplate bow with an earthen green leather grip from a hydra-tooled black leather satchel.

Vitalis moves off from the Altar, thanks murmured to Cassandra, off to prayers of his own.

Domonico takes a breath and draws the leaf shaped xiphos, two feet of shining alaricite and presents it, hilt first to Cassandra, "This blade is Warspite, a new blade, forged from ingots that came from old melted down weapons. It is new, less than a year forged and has already been tested true in battle. I... do not enjoy war, even though I am adept at it, and believe that it should be ended quickly and with no more deaths than is needed. This weapon, when drawn, should never be in anger, but resolution to end the conflict as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrives, following Kastelon.

Lora checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Cassandra moves and turns the weapon so that Domonico can hold it by the handle. She smiles slightly as she starts to use the oil and water. "Blessed Gloria, we welcome Warspite and Lord Domonico. A weapon that has found new life from weapons that were discarded, in the very definition of your glory. We ask that you bless this weapon as long as it is honored and used in your name and not in vainglory." she offers as she washes the blade and then wipes it. "Sheathe your blade and know it to be blessed."

With that, Cassandra steps back and returns to her dais. "Thank you for your weapons. Thank you for your stories. I hope that Gloria touches upon each of you today. And know that those that were not comfortable to approach today, I will be available." she offers to the others. "Thank you for coming out." With that, she lowers her head to offer a last prayer to Gloria for all.

Ailith is overheard praising Cassandra.

"The past can tell us their truths, and those can often be important guides to our own. But we can never surrender ourselves simply to the past and our traditions, we must always use them to inform us in the choices we must make. Not forgo that choice entirely." Preston answers Alessia, his voice once again soft, his focus remaining on those stepping forward. A little brow raising occurs at Dominoco's story but he claps the same and bows to cassandra.

Preston is overheard praising Domonico.

Well. She's been a rapt audience, anyway. At some point here Lora's attention drifts, skimming over people. Everyone, really. Knights, initiates, Legates, no one exempt from it, but she doesn't dwell. The color slowly drains out of her face though, and just about the time that Cassandra begins the final prayer, she gets up and heads for the exit.

Preston is overheard praising Cassandra.

Lora has left the a sturdy pine wooden bench.

Wendy the little brown wren leaves, following Lora.

Kastelon arrives just in time to bow his head for the prayer too.

Kastelon is overheard praising Cassandra.

Vitalis is overheard praising Cassandra: My thanks for leading the Blessing.

Kastelon is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon.

Domonico is overheard praising Cassandra.

Apollo sits at a bench, yet, exchanging a few moody but amiable words with Legate Ailith.

A distance in gaze, contemplating something internal before attention is snagged by Domonico. A nod of head as she listens before a glance is shot towards the arrival of Kastelon where he is met merely with an acknowledging blink of eyes. "Thank you for your blessings, Legate Cassandra. May Gloria test us and find us ready whenever it comes time to act." Slowly Brigid eases into a stand, settling Canon across her back.

Cassandra prays.

" Her eye sees all! And Her arm strikes true!
Evil shall find no sanctuary here.
For evil is unjust. Unrighteous. Dishonorable.
When I throw my warlike shield before me,
scatter and be destroyed!
For my path has been set ablaze
and is guided by the tenets of chivalry,
My strength is tempered by honor,
and my resolve is reinforced.

None of us are born strong or powerful into this world.
But even so,
she beckons the broken and the weak to her side.
Devote yourself to her! Learn from her! Be inspired!
To be strong is a choice,
and to turn that strength to the defense of the weak
and the innocent is what she demands!
Protect your brother! Protect your companion!
Protect he who cannot do so himself!
You need not love the sword, but if the sword loves you,
then this is the path of chivalry.
This is the path of Devotion!
It is in honor, In your conduct, Not the outcome.

These honorable fighters have come here
to show us the essence of honor;
to show us their honorable conduct, not the result.
Today we honor the Goddess of Honor.
Today, we honor Gloria."

Preston takes handsome weapons care cloth pouch from a large wooden trunk.

"I suppose you're right, sir. Perhaps if I acquire a new weapon in the future I'll have it blessed in Gloria's name." Alessia says with a smile, before her eyes shift to Cassandra, with full attentiveness.

Finishing her prayer, Cassandra brings the ceremony to a close. "Again, take a pouch if you want one. And thank you again, for coming out. I hope to eventually make this a habit."

Domonico steps back and nods seriously, sheathing Warspite in a smooth motion before he takes a deep breath and listens to the prayer, stock still in his sculpted armour, his gaze lowered.

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