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Cathedral Art Auction Fundraiser!

Sponsored by Grayson, Velenosa, Redrain, Pravus, Valardin, Thrax, and hosted by Lord Jyri Whitehawk and Princess Sabella Grayson, this art auction will benefit the rebuilding of the Cathedral and hopefully make Sir Porter's job a little easier! Come to see what your fellow Arxians have donated, bid on some absolutely unique pieces, enjoy music provided by the Bard's College, drinks by Venturo Thayne, and treats by Candace Corvo!


Dec. 7, 2020, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Sabella Jyri


Quintin Dio Caprice Sorrel Zara Porter Niklas Damiana Wylla Cirroch Sasha Macda Donella Graziella Merek Gianna Fortescue


Grayson Valardin Pravus Velenosa Thrax Redrain


Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Whitehawk Gallery

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Comments and Log


I was unable to attend the Cathedral Auction as I had hoped to do. Sometimes trade agreements take far longer than they should, especially when summer comes and travel in and out of the Northlands is so much more hospitable.

I heard it was a glorious affair and did much toward the efforts going to the rebuilding of the Cathedral. I hoped the pieces I did helped in that regard. Even if not, it sparked a bit of fire in me to create more. Sometimes getting lost in thought, paint, and canvas can be a good way to forget the frustrations and worries of the world. I have too many of them these days.

The Gallery tonight is absolutely packed with people milling about looking at both the things that are up for auction and just the stuff that's usually in the gallery anyway. Several people are standing around by the things up for auction ready to write down bids and then transfer them to a master list at the end of the night. Princess Sabella is here, beaming at everyone that comes in and making sure to direct them to the chest to pick out a plushy, "Welcome! Please come in and take a look at what is on offer tonight! We have people standing by to take bids and remember every silver goes to the rebuilding of the Cathedral!"

Jyri is here too, standing next to Sabella and looking quite dapper. Shaved, hair braided back tightly, his expression as welcoming as he can muster and nods and greetings given to guests filtering in. His one eye roam around though, keeping an eye on things in general. "Welcome to Whitehawk Gallery," he greets everyone entering. "Hope you'll enjoy the evening. And aye, don't forget your little gift from the chest - more of them if they run out."

Lazily making his way into the Gallery just as the whole auction thing was about to begin, Quintin takes one look around, blinks and nods to himself. "Alright, let's see what's up for auction then." He murmurs to himself, glancing at the gift chest briefly when Jyri speaks. He steps over and takes an item from the chest and grins a little at it, then moves to one of the displays to peruse the available items.

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Quintin gets a cute badger plushie from a chest of gifts for gallery guests.

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Caprice gets a cute badger plushie from a chest of gifts for gallery guests.

Dio, dressed in an imperious robe of umbra, passes slowly through the gallery with Owen, the aged Seraceni scholar. The marquis's dark eyes linger on a sculpture, then a painting, and varied inspired emotions can be seen to subtly play over his features as he contemplates the art on display.

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"Lord Quintin, Marquis Dio, welcome!" Sabella greets them both with a smile, turning to take a glass of something alcoholic off the tray of a passing server. Looks like there's going to be food served here. In an art gallery! She might not have run that by Jyri first, "While I hope everyone can find something to their liking tonight I also hope everyone marvels at what talented and generous people we have here in the Compact!"

Caprice arrives in time to catch Jyri's general greeting and invitation. Souvenir acquired, pleasantly polite greetings offered to those near enough to notice, she is swift to clear away from the entrance lest she impede those arriving after - yet like most, no doubt, she's angling for a view of what's up for auction.

"Princess Damiana," Sorrel says to the Valardin woman who clings to her arm for guidance through the gallery. "Did you want a badger plushie? They're giving them out as favors. They're very cute, if you like that sort of thing." She seems curious about what's to be auctioned herself, glancing around at the items on display.

As more and more people begin to mingle about, a group of musicians with Bard's College pins set up on a small stage, and begin playing soft music - the sort one would expect in an art gallery, not overpowering conversation.

Quickly slipping into the gallery as the auction begins, Zara slips beside Damiana, offering graceful waves to those familiar in the room. "Your highness." She offers to Sorrel, next to her cousin.

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Porter arrives! He wanders into the gallery, moving through the various people that are here to bid and takes a good long look at all of the things up for auction. His eyes are just a little wide, fascinated by some of the things that he's seeing. He drifts closer to Jyri and Sabella as he moves until he's within conversation distance. They're both given a quick bow, "Everything looks amazing, this is brilliant."

Niklas hangs out near the end of the display case, looking over a statue of a dragon and nodding throughfully. That this is also near where the servers are refilling their trays of finger foods. This is probably a coincidence. Though every server that passes by gets to pay a finger food tax. Double if it involves ham or scallops. "I like this," he says after finishing off a ham and scallop crudo or something. When Niklas declares that he likes something Sam makes a weary face and heads off to get a full plate of them, but Niklas waves him off. "No, I mean I like this sculpture. It's very dragonny. Good gifts for the Valardin or Cardian spy in your life." He scratches his neck, then adds, "Or both, if you're Marquessa Quenia."

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"It is a pleasure to be in your presence again, Your Highness," replies Dio to Sabella, bowing in the courtly Lycene fashion. "Your efforts have brought wonders to auction, and for a great cause."

Damiana follows at the side of Sorrel, her glance given around the auction is simply so she can pinpoint voices and potentially places. "A badger plushie? No thank you. Actually. Yes. Yes, one will do, I know just the person who'd want one of those. What do you see that's interesting to bid on? I have a pouch of jingly silver that wants to help rebuild the Cathedral."

Wylla arrives, offering greetings to the few she knows, nodding and smiling to them she knows better.

Sir Rodrick, a Well Built Sanna Guard, Ein, an adventurous tan corgi puppy, 3 Sanna House Guards arrive, following Sasha.

2 Sanna House Guards, Sasha arrive, following Cirroch.

Jyri snorts at Niklas' commentary - an amused snort though, so he seems to don't mind. "I gotta say I am impressed with your painting - Skald kicking Duke Ivan in the Dick. Can't get much better than that, your highness. I'd bid on it myself if not for the fact I think it will sell for far more than I can bring to the table."

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After being told what was a lovely summer walk through the city, where Cirroch has been overheating some. And then getting to the gallery to be told that another small errand needed to be taking care of first. Marquis Cirroch Sanna and Marquessa Sasha Sanna have found their way to the fundraiser.

Sasha looks around with a bright smile and points to the chest of gifts, "Oh! Cirroch look! They have plushies! Think we can grab one?"

"Is there a list of contributors?" Caprice inquires aside - to nobody in particular! - while admiring the items on display.

"A drink, My Lord?" asks Owen. "Wine, Owen," replies Dio. "And share a drink with me for once. Let us spend some coin."

"Too much and you shall carry me back to the manor, My Lord," replies Owen. "Ha!" scoffs Dio. "You mean pay for a wheelbarrow."

"With the money you'd lavished at auction?" asks Owen. Dio narrows his eyes. "Good point." Overhearing Niklas and Jyri, Dio chuckles. "Exquisite work, Your Highness. The barrel of eels was a nice touch."

Niklas spreads his hands. "Fortunato Whisper advised that I paint something that might bring me joy and here we are. I was going to do two paintings, the second with Ivan falling into the barrel of eels, but I ran out of red." Niklas nods to Dio. "That's where I started, really."

"Hullo!" Quintin cheerfully greets Sabella, offering a slight bowing of his head while turning to look over one very interesting book. "Now this... this is something I can really see being a nice addition to someone's collection in the Ashford family." He chuckles, eyes still scanning the pages.

Cirroch takes a cute badger plushie from a chest of gifts for gallery guests.

"I know that every little big helps and it was so fun to see what people produced to donate," Sabella replies to Porter with a grin, then turns to greet others that have come in although no doubt losing some people in the crowd, "Marquis Cirroch! Marquessa Sasha, welcome! And Mistress Caprice no, I didn't want that to influence what people might put bids in on and there are a few I need to track down as I believe they were donated through others. But! I think several of the creators are in attendance and will no doubt be happy to identify themselves should you ask! Or if you ask I can try to look it up! Princess Sorrel, Princess Damiana, welcome! And Princess Zara I almost missed you there!"

Damiana takes a cute badger plushie from a chest of gifts for gallery guests.

Sasha takes a cute badger plushie from a chest of gifts for gallery guests.

A few people stand by the display of items up for auction, writing down bids as people come up to put them in.

"Grab a gift from the chest, go ahead!" Jyri calls encuoragingly. "Or a squirrel figurine if you prefer, but I don't got that many of those." He straightens up and looks quite content with everything. Is that.... humming? Is he making happy sounds in rhytm to the pleasant music? "I made the dragon statues and dragon eye paintings," he tells Caprice, giving her a friendly nod, even a smile. "And I think it is quite obvious Prince Niklas made the painting with Skald and Ivan."

"It's impressive, it really is," Porter says of the variety of items to be bid on. His smile is wide and he takes a quick glance around to see who else is there, then he steps back some to give Sabella space to do her hosting. When he spots Sorrel, he lifts a hand. "It's been such a long time, your highness." So long. Like a whole six maybe even EIGHT hours.

Arriving fashionably late (like the only "fashionable" thing about her,) Macda strides into the gallery, a song half-hummed under her breath. The tune is lively, fit less for a staid affair and more likely to be a hit in some tavern, still there are no lyrics (thankfully) just the peppy upbeat humming. She takes a minute to do a lap around the gallery, half watching the various items but mostly watching the people.

Cirroch takes a plushie from the chest and looks at it, he might be trying to figure out the ability of it being thrown. Then looks at Sasha and bops her nose with it. And has a quiet word with her where he is nodding as they talk a lilte before heading over to look at the items in the auction.

Waving at Porter from where she stands with Damiana, Sorrel offers him a wide grin. Then she says to Damiana, "There's a really gorgeous painting of a dragon's eye, red with gold, and it looks quite fearsome. And there's a second one, in blue, with a more teal eye, more watchful than fierce."

Sasha giggles at his booping her nose with it and cuddles the plushie to her chest as she listens to him while moving closer to the auction. She gestures to the cabinet as she talks softly back to him.

"Archlector Wylla!" Sabella calls out as Jyri whispers something to her, "Welcome! Do you know everyone here? Isn't it wonderful how many different skills are on display!?"

"I've bid on the other dragon's eye, cousin." Zara says to Damiana. "That one is blue. Very 'judgy'. I figured there's no too many dragon paintings for our manor." She muses.

Donella says, "Does it matter? We all know who SHE is!" Donella comments as she places a few bids, discreetly."

Wylla smiles, listening to the commentary on the items being auctioned. Quintin's words catch her attention, and she's looking into the display case herself. "There are three books," she comments, and then there is a Sabella. She grins at the princess. "I know some people here," she says with a chuckle. "And it is quite wonderful. I was rather hoping to see if there was any interest for these talented folk, in joining the Discipleship. But it's not a thing to be rushed." She grins. "I take it things are going well thus far?"

Jyri looks a little like deer in headlight at that, but gives Wylla a half-sheepish grin. He looks distractedly at the Valardins - Zara is given a very polite bow of his head and even a smile, like he is very happy to see her there.

Macda zeroes in on Niklas as the subject of a certain painting is overheard. "Niiiiiiiik! I thought I recognized the brushstrokes! I want it. I *have* to have it, even!" She makes her way towards her cousins, "Sabella, you witch, you are gorgeous as ever! I could give you a black eye and you'd make it the most fashionable wound in Arx!"

Wylla smiles brightly to Jyri and nods in greeting.

Quinton places a bid, and glances over at Wylla, grinning. "Oh, but this one is full of 'horrifying' facts, which are amusing more than anything else. Oh, pardon me." He moves towards the paintings with the dragon's eyes and gives them each a look. "Well, these are certainly something."

Damiana says, "Blue? Red?" Damiana responds back to Zara and Sorrel, a question mixed with interest in her tone. "What would you call the hues the artist used for each? I think it'd be quite ironic and with a touch of wry humor for me to win a dragon's eye painting. I'll bid on one.""

Sabella grins at Macda, "Macda! I'm so happy to see you! And isn't it..." she turns to look at the picture of Duke Ivan, "well, it's a lot more toned down than what he told me he wanted to do, but I told him that there would be food there and I didn't really want anyone thinking about entrails while they were munching and bidding so! I think it turned out quite well! And yes, while I love that the six great houses have come together to sponsor this fundraiser it miiiight have also been a way to identify those who have some skill and might be lured our way!"

Nodding thoughtfully towards Sabella's explanation, and flicking a glance Niklas's way at Jyri's statement, Caprice obligingly turns back to the display to find the painting in question. Not going to take long...

"It's without a doubt the third best painting I have ever seen! The second being the painting of me and Luca riding a dragon and the first being the painting of the beautiful boots that Dame Leola had commissioned for me." Niklas offers Wylla an enthusiastic wave as she passes by. "Blessed Wylla! Look at all this beautiful stuff! The paintings, the books, the sculptures, the shrimp platter!"

"Archlector Wylla - it is an honor to meet you," Jyri says, finding his voice again, raspy as it may be. "I was overjoyed hearing there's a discipleship now. Can't join it, but don't mean I can't hang around all the talented people," he says with a grin. "Still thinking of the school of arts too. But - to be fair, that sounds more like a project for the Discipleship, now."

Sabella gives Niklas a sidelong look, "So the painting you made of me is only your fourth best effort?"

Donella passes by an item that does not have enough bids in her mind. "This box of Gloria's Flames would look stunning to enshrine those stockings we were all fighting over, don't you think?"

Dio accepts a glass of red wine from Owen, and comes to stand near Caprice, grinning to hear Sabella's thoughts on her husband's original design. "That one," Dio says to Caprice, gesturing to the painting of nobles and courtiers surrounding a fountain bearing the attributes of Gild, "was painted by Elleona of Morisco. That nobleman," continues Dio, pointing to one of the figures in the painting, "is almost certainly Duke Ryhalt Farshaw. No one else has such a waistcoat, and that is probably Lady Alessia Mazetti."

Macda eyes the painting and then Niklas and says to Sabella, "Just when you think you have him pegged as Mr. Fancy Prince Artist Man something like that happens and you're all 'ohhhh yeah, he's from the Mourning Isles!' They all have that delicious little streak of bloodthirsty cruelty. Tsk. Your husband is hot, Sabella. I say this in a completely academic way because I think if I were serious you would be the one giving *me* the black eye!"

"It's good to meet you as well," Wylla says to Jyri, her smile warm as she offers her hand. "Even if one creates, you need no collective to tell you your work is valid. I hear you're a brilliant painter. It would please me to view your work some time, but I understand if the studio space is a sacred one. Some would meet inspiration on their own, and others still enjoy it amongst many. As for your school ... such a grand idea should be helped in its creation, hmm?"

Cirroch looks around for a moment trying to determine who he knows then turns to Sasha for a quiet word before finding a drink.

Donella rests a finger against her chin, austerely. "Is calling someone academically hot like telling them they are nerd-chic, or that they have a dad bod? Asking for a friend, clearly..."

"Hmm, the blue dragon. I'd say it's quite a vivid blue. Not so dark, though not so light either. The eyes are almost aquamarine or turquoise." Zara begins, struggling to think of the specific hue. "The red dragon. Possibly more flame colored. It's red with golden eyes. But there are pinks and oranges among the scales."

Macda looks back to Donella and says, "It is more that I don't want to offend my cousin by overtly ogling or objectifying her beloved husband."

Princess Graziella is a lesson in duality, her dress is a masterful execution as severe steelsilk are made soft by layers of luxurious lace. The decorative mirrorsilver pauldrons on her dress catch the light and twist the otherwise Oathlandic style into something that is surely Lycene satire. She makes her way through the room without greeting anyone, carefully looking at the paintings with her full attention and spending ample time on each.

"Not sure it's brilliance as much as me just never giving up on the work and goin' at it till it's as I want it," Jyri admits with a little grin. "But thank you. I don't mind people watchin' me work. I teach people too - just today, someone wanted to get lessons cause they thought it'd be something to fit a soldier who sees much and has a lot of responsibility. Sure does help calm your mind," he says thoughtfully, glancing at his own art there. "Anyway - the school? Might be a good time to bring that back into the light after this."

Sabella laughs, "I'm more concerned with you inflating his ego than anything else, Macda. I shall hear of nothing else all night I'm sure. Though you're more apt to win him over by ogling his painting, quite honestly! I'm rather hoping that something else goes for the highest bid tonight so that I don't have to keep looking up to speak to him he'll float so high on that for ages!"

"To be fair Duke Ivan did flay and crucify my brother, but I'd like to think that even if he hadn't done that I'd want to see him kicked in the dick anyway. Kneeling to a false king and causing a split in the Faith all seem pretty bad." Niklas shakes his head at Sabella. "The painting I did of you is beautiful, but only because it is of you. I've grown a lot as a painter since then. I would offer to paint you again, but if I, as rough and unskilled as I was then, could capture your grace and beauty in such a fantastic example of the art, were to paint you now that I am marginally more skilled, I fear that I may accidentally craft a work so sublime as to make all other painters give up the form and rouse the jealousy of the Sentinel itself! The Sentinel wishes it could paint and is a little put out that it can't. I read that in an ancient tome. So it's probably right.'

Cirroch has a quirky smile on his face as he watches Graziella eye up the Liquor Cabinet. He steps over a little closer, "I see we have similar tastes."

Jyri stares at Niklas. "Damn, that was smooth," he murmurs.

It's the artist's name that piques Caprice's interest first, Caprice's attention shifting from the less violent painting, to Dio, and back again. "He does have an eye for fashion," she offers agreeably, mouth curving in a smile, "and it seems you've one for fine art, mm? Only a connoisseur, or do you dabble as well?"

Sabella gestures to Niklas, "And that's why I married him, everyone!"

Quintin offers casual interjections as he strolls past people while looking at various works of art. "I will say that Duke Ivan's expression truly does make me think of what sort of expression that I would show the world if a god were to give me a kick in the nuggets with such force. An excellent work of art, and I hope whoever wins it will enjoy it for many years." He grins.

Donella motions with a hand loosely, to jolly Macda along, "Oh, objectify him a little, my dear. It's good for them. Builds character." She takes a sip from a water glass, and smiles a thin, sharp smile like the plane of a blade. She bows her head toward Sabella, and points out the pools sculpture to one of her attendants. "You can carry that, right? I can't have you herniating."

Damiana says, "Hmm, aquamarine or turquoise eyes, vivid blue. You'd not say that it looks like the scales are a pale frosted eggshell blue or almost white? If he's looking very judgmental, I might have a name for it." Damiana says to Sorrel who she keeps a hand on. "Well hopefully we're able to catch a few eyes and take them home, and a few other neat treasures.""

Princess Graziella nods to Cirroch with a smile and the absent minded princess blinks a few times as if she was unsure who Cirroch were addressing, "Oh, the liquor cabinet? Yes. I thought my cousin might like it for a gift... he is always collecting new brews."

Wylla smiles at Jyri, nodding. "Indeed. A teacher can come from anywhere. And a school for arts seems a fine idea. I know the Crafters have a system of teaching and training and learning, but just as the Discipleship is not the Crafters Guild, learning about art in its many forms is not confined to any specific sect or organization." She pats the back of Jyri's hand. "Keep me informed."

Cirroch's attention is pulled away from the auction for a moment when he hears Niklas speak of kicking people in the dick. He starts to laugh, and then is trying to remember an inside voice should be used. When he's got the bellowing laugh a little under control, he turns back to Graziella. "Ah, who might that be. We also collect."

Dio glances back at Niklas, and hearing Jyri's comment, nods an assent and takes a sip of wine. To Caprice's question, Dio laughs and shakes his head. "A mere admirer, and sometimes curator, I'm afraid. Do you have any talent in the arts?"

"I will reach out and talk about it - always wanted some sort of cooperation with the Faith," Jyri says with a nod at Wylla, before he smiles and mingles onwards amongst everyone. "I'm very impressed with the tapestry of the Ordered Path. Gotta say it's hard to make it justice, but this tapestry does."

"Or.. at least, I think I've heard him mention wanting a collection.." There is a soft sort of confusion to Graziella's face and her sentences fade in and out with a listless quality, seemingly unsure judging by the expression on her face... she is able to answer all the same, "Prince Patrizio Pravus, although if you were to mention the cabinet to him and all the bottles.. I don't think it would make a very good gift anymore."

"Oh no, though there is some paler blue shading. For the most part the dragon is... royal blue!" Zara says, triumphantly, as she thinks of it. "Royal blue scales, some paler shades, and then these intense eyes. Hmm... maybe teal is a better term for the eyes. Blue-green either way." She studies the painting. "I think I'll hang the blue dragon eye in my room." She pauses. "I've also bid on a golden dragon. This one is the whole body, not just the eye. I think that would be perfect for the Vow or the Audience Hall perhaps."

Merek walks up along into the place while he adjusts the beltcape which he wears, and looks to the place.

Damiana says, "The Audience hall might be a place for it! Those coming to transact business though might instead be distracted by a very judging eye staring down at them like it knows their inner secret. Maybe the Vow would be a better spot."

"Ah, I've meet Prince Patrizio, there was an interesting conversation under a tree at the Golden Hart." Cirroch looks pleased to be able to start recognizing people with their names. "It is a lovely cabinet."

"I'm actually in awe of all of Lord Jyri's dragons," Sabella points out, stepping over to marvel at them with her hands clasped behind her back, "There are so many things I can imagine in my mind but they never quite come out right. I have a painting here tonight and I'm rather shocked anyone is bidding on it but also entirely delighted!"

Porter didn't leave, but has been quiet. A slow inspection of the various things in the room has him not talking endlessly for once. It's a miracle.

Graziella turns a considerate smile in Sabella's direction because of something she said and then pivots her gaze back to Cirroch as she explains casually, "Quite lovely." A beat and then she introduces herself with a formal edge that suggests she'd rather just stare at the artwork, "Princess Graziella Pravus." No cursy just a slightly dismissive smile as she turns back to the stare the red dragon's eye. "Marvelous use of light."

"Mmmm. In this case, I think I'll follow Sabella's cue." Macda says, winking to Donella before she heads out to make the rounds again. She passes Porter and gives him a friendly chin up. "Hey there,"

Sam approaches Niklas and shows him some paper. The Playwright grunts, annoyed, and scratches something down, then heads over to get himself a glass of brandy. "Someone should have offered a song. I'd have paid money for someone to write a song for me."

Donella says, "FOR you, Prince Niklas, or ABOUT you? I mean, are we talking troop of troubadours pracing in your wake, banging on tambourines? Or more... like, something short and memorable, like a drinking song?"

Jyri steps over to Zara and Damiana as they study the dragon art, nodding politely at them both. "Especially nice to see the Valardin appreciate the dragon art," he semi-jokes. "Lord Jyri Whitehawk," he introduces himself to Damiana, already knowing Zara.

Cirroch doesn't skip, and puts his right hand to his heart, then with as quiet as he can be, though still loud for most in the city. "We've met Princess Graziella Pravus. During the same conversation, or rather in passing, so I'm not offended that you might have forgotten me. I'm Marquis Cirroch Sanna, of Giant's Reach."

When Porter passes someone saying hello to him, he leans back from the piece he was looking at and glances around with a quick 'hmmm?' before spotting Macda. "Ah, hello!" he offers cheerfully. "Are you enjoying the auction?" he wonders, his voice upticking curiously at the end.

Gianna swans in, though she's not wearing a new outfit so her swanning isn't as elaborate as it might have been otherwise. She pauses to examine various items.

"I'm a Disciple of Jayus," as that should say all! But Caprice elaborates, "My favored medium is cloth, but I've been broadening my focus recently. Anything that tells a story is worth exploring, and if I can help with the sharing..." Her smile returns, fleeting but genuine for Dio. "If it's not too private a collection you've curated, I'd like to invite myself to see it sometime."

"I am!" Macda replies with a bit of good cheer, "I had my eye on that picture of Skald kicking Duke Ivan in the jubblies, but the price is getting too rich for me. I'm a Princess of simple tastes after all." She flashes a bit of black-as-shadow leather glove and a big grin to Porter. "How about you? See anything you like enough to put money on?"

Graziella turns back to stare at Cirroch and her brow come down into an expression of mild concern as she considers his words and then offers an empty apology by way of, "Yes, forgive me. I recall now..." Her dour tone continues without missing a beat, "So nice to see you again." Empty words uttered without any real effort.

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"I couldn't agree more," replies Dio to Caprice. "And it would be my pleasure to host you in the Seraceni Manor to see the collection." Owen speaks a brief word in Dio's ear. "I'm afraid I must take my leave," says Dio to Caprice, smiling warmly. The marquis quickly drinks the rest of his wine, and passes off the glass to a passing servant. He and Owen approach the auctioneers, and pass a few words. Turning to leave, Dio smiles to see Graziella, and bows in greeting. "You are dressed to kill, Your Highness. I am on my way out, but allow me to wish you good luck on your bids."

"Oh, I've heard plenty of songs about me. Not all of which were written _by_ me, too! No, I'd like to hire someone to write a song about someone who could use a nice song written about them, like Scholar Oswyn and Mistress Aurora Thornburn." Niklas's eyes widen. "Or! Or I could have a song written about a social foe! It's been a while since I had a good public spat with Duchess Grazia. I did write a song about her once, but then the person who paid me to write the song begged me to throw it away and never let anyone read it."

Damiana turns as she hears a voice near her she doesn't recognize, and looks in Jyri's general direction. "Your accent is hard to place. Pleased to meet you though, lord Jyri Whitehawk. I'm Damiana, and this is a cousin of mine, Princess Zara and at my side is princess Sorrel. We were just remarking how beautiful the eyes were, windows to the soul and all. What do you see when you look at them?"

"Ah, yes. That's a fine piece," Porter drawls with amusement evident in his tone as he looks from the painting back to Macda again. "I can see where it would get very pricey." As for himself, he gives a quick shake of his head. "I'm afraid not. The Cathedral is going to get a lot of my time and energy over the next... well, awhile." There's a rueful smile for, "Anyway. Sir Porter Kennex of the Knights of Solace. I don't believe that we've met before?"

Fortescue walks in to the busy Gallery and puts one hand at his back and another across his middle and offers a collective bow to the room to any looking towards him. When he stands back up, he starts a slow walk around to look at the various samples of art with a slow, easy walk.

Owen, a meticulous Seraceni scholar leaves, following Dio.

Gianna inclines her head to Fortescue when he arrives, not being all that far from the entrance herself. Spying Caprice, she tips her chin up in a sort of greeting and mouths something to the other woman.

"Mistress Gianna, welcome!" Sabella greets the Nightingale when she arrives with a beaming smile, "We have some crowns up for auction! And hello, I'm not sure we've met yet I'm Princess Sabella Grayson," that's to Fortescue as she gestures to the people standing about waiting to take bids, "Just let me know if you need any help with anything!"

"Kennex? Oh, you must be related to Nik-nik then! Congratulations! A pleasure to meet you Sir Porter of the Knights of Solace. I'm Princess Macda Grayson, big fan of your work. The Knights and cathedral thing I mean. Good god, buddy!"

Caprice dips in a curtsey for the departing Marquis, half turned to observe his path out of the gallery. In doing so, she notices Gianna and pairs a responsive nod with a flashing smile, mouth moving in silent words for the Nightingale.

That amusement tugs on Porter's mouth a bit more, the corner of his tugging up as he glances in the direction of Niklas. He can't help it. The smile breaks wide and he turns back to Macda. "Yes, I'm one of Nik-nik's cousins. There's quite a few of us." He bows his head once to her, "Thank you. We try our best."

The compliment about her fashion gets a passing wave of acknowledgement from Graziella but ultimately the Princess excuses herself and finds a quiet place to sit and follow the auction, occasionally people watching between making bids with one of her handmaidens running the numbers to and fro across the room for her.

Niklas calls out, "Nik-Nik isn't a thing! I am not on board with this!"

"Oh, I think we all half half-a-thousand cousins in this city." Macda says with a shake of her blonde head, "You can't swing a fist without chipping the tooth of someone's second cousin or your own." At Niklas' call out, she calls back, "Sure thing Nik-nik!"

"Lord Jyri." Zara greets the man warmly, prepared to introduce her cousin, though she does so herself. "Interesting question. I do wonder. I appreciate the different impressions I get from both dragons, just from the eye." She says with a thoughtful look. "I can't imagine the work it must have taken."

"Got it, Nik-nik!" Porter calls across the room as he rocks on his heels. He tries to suppress his smile from growing broader but only manages to chuckle quietly to himself. "I suppose that's true enough. The Graysons probably have about a zillion cousins in the city." The number just keeps increasing.

"Oh, Porter is here - I blame my lack of two eyes. Sir Porter, looks like you'll get a big chunk of silver for the rebuilding! So many generous people, both donating and bidding. Aye, it's real heartwarming to see," Jyri says and raises a hand to wave o Porter over there. He turns back to Damiana, grinning and nodding. "I'm acquainted with Princess Sorrel and Princess Zara from before. As for the eyes..." He looks at his own work. "I see the wisdom and pride of ancient beings. I see great danger, but also... hope, somehow. Wonder. The realisation that we are just tiny specks of dust that will fade away while they live on and on and on - and yet we have entangled ourselves with them over the millenia, and our fates are intertwined." He blinks with his one eye. "Though really, I just like painting dragons."

Niklas narrows his eyes at Porter and Macda, then turns to one of the attendants and asks, "How high is the bid on the brick?"

Sabella steps back and sips at her drink, watching the back and forth between everyone and laughing at Niklas' response to being needled.

Macda throws her head back and laughs in sheer, bubbly delight at Porter's cooperation with her antics. She flicks tears of laughter from her eyes, though when she catches that look from Niklas, she erupts into giggles once more. "Oooooh boy I think he's mad!"

Graziella slips out of the auction as quietly as she arrived but she leaves behind one of her handmaidens to keep an eye on her bids.

Porter didn't make it to the advanced age of twenty-eight by having zero self-preservation skills. When he hears Niklas asking about the brick, he whistles innocently and side steps so that he's not exactly where he used to be. Not that it does much to begin with, it's not like he can hide behind anyone effectively. So when he stands on the other side of Macda it's REALLY ineffective. "I can see that! Thank you for hosting this, Lord Jyri!" he calls back over to the man.

6 Ivory Shields, Oubi the Owl leave, following Graziella.

Donella motions. "Come on. Its for a GOOD cause. Dig deep! We're not here to get deals."

Damiana says, "Well, there's at least two here right now. Maybe you'll have inspiration from Jayus to capture what you see with paint so others might be able to learn more about the world around them and themselves as they peer at art and bravely try to interpret what they see. You know, there's a lot to be said for art in how it helps us remember things we might otherwise forget.""

Jyri rubs at the bridge of his nose. "And I thought pets would be the trouble," he murmurs with tired humor. "Hey! No throwin' of bricks in here, I know what you're thinking.. Nik-nik."

"It is for a good cause and every silver counts!" Sabella nods to Donella and raises her voice to the rest of the room, "Just two more minutes left!"

Considering he has nearly a foot and a half on her, Macda starts laughing again when the Knight of Solace seeks to place her between himself and Niklas, "Aim high Nik-nik!"

Fortescue wanders over to begin to look over one of the paintings, keeping his arm behind his back as he looks it over and slightly leans over. He gets out a little slip of paper from a satchel at his side and starts to scratch on it with a tiny writing charcoal and slips it one of the people organizing bids.

"Fortescue!" There is no sense in Cirroch trying to keep his inside voice anymore. He speaks at his normal booming volume as he spots another that he recognizes.

Wylla is overheard praising Sabella.

Jyri gives a serious thoughtful nod to Damiana to what she is saying. "Certainly it is my hope that what people see in my art is somehow helpful."

Wylla is overheard praising Jyri.

Zara is overheard praising Sabella.

Zara is overheard praising Jyri.

Jyri is overheard praising Sabella.

Gianna inclines her head to Sabella, noting, "There are quite a few... interesting pieces. Oh dear." She's looking at the unicorn painting. It is CLEARLY a unicorn. CLEARLY. "I'm sure someone worked very hard on that," she says after a moment. She pauses, mouths 'Nik-nik?' and glances from Sabella to Niklas and back.

Macda is overheard praising Jyri.

Cirroch is overheard praising Sabella: a lovely fundraiser

Niklas is overheard praising Jyri.

Macda is overheard praising Sabella.

Macda is overheard praising Niklas.

Sabella beams at Gianna, "I did! It took me days! I used so many colors!"

Porter is overheard praising Jyri.

Porter is overheard praising Sabella.

"So many colours," Gianna echoes, eyes widening for a moment.

Donella says, "So. So many. All of them.""

Niklas sniffs and looks off into the middle distance. "I'm putting all of you into a play and the play will be called The Awful People Who Were Eaten By Crocodiles."

"All of the colours," Gianna confirms, glancing at Donella.

Wylla admires the unicorn painting. "Oh my," she breathes. "It's so bright."

Niklas frowns, then corrects himself, "The Awful People Who Were Eaten by Crocodiles, a Comedy."

"Well as long as it's a *comedy*," Macda says, winking to Niklas. She elbows Porter in the side playfully, "You ever been eaten by a crocodile, Sir Porter?"

Somehow Porter gets a drink in all of this and it's used to further accentuate his air of innocence in the great Nik-nik debacle of 1014. But then he's being elbowed! Which catches him somewhere in the ribcage. "Oof," he says and almost spills the drink on himself. "Not yet! But there's still a lot of time left in this year. Have /you/ ever been eaten by a crocodile?"

Donella says, "Anyone can be eaten by a crocadile. It takes talent to be eaten by something more exotic. Orphans, for example. Or deer.""

"I was once eaten by a sharkenoid," says Niklas helpfully. "I still have the scars, but Sabella gets annoyed when I show them off because of 'decency' and 'propriety'."

"Once. Very unPrincessly of me." Macda intones, "But I got better."

"Oh, orphans are quite often feral," Gianna says quite solemnly. "They'd carve someone up easy."

Donella picks her teeth with a fingernail, with a wink. She is herself an orphan.

"Oh." Zara's eyes widen as they linger on the unicorn for longer. "I didn't know you painted, your highness." She says to Sabella, with intrigue in her eyes. Maintaining a placid demeanor nonetheless.

"A group of orphans once cheered for Dame Harthall to beat me up," Porter tells the anyone in the immediate vicinity. "And then she did." It's a true story. He looks down to Macda, considering her. "You healed up well for someone that was eaten by a crocodile." A crooked smile and then he asks, "Is that why you're so small?"

Gianna lets a shoulder rise and fall casually. She's never been vocal about her own past. She turns to examine another painting, this one of the Cathedral.

1 Templar Knight guards leaves, following Wylla.

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Wylla.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Cirroch takes small figurine of a squirrel with an acorn from a chest of gifts for gallery guests.

Jyri gets a single charred brick with gold writing from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Jyri gets a chic cupridium plated aeterna hourglass corset from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Jyri gets a sparkling ruby and mirrorsilver heart tiara of Limerance from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Jyri gets a hand-carved wooden sculpture of the majestic terrace pools from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Jyri gets Skald Kicking Duke Ivan In The Dick, a painting from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

As the auction is called Sabella moves over to help tally some of the bids, looking extremely pleased, "I've only just done some rough figures, but it looks like we've managed to raise over a million silver for the rebuilding efforts! So I hope you have a shopping list at the ready, Sir Porter!" she calls out with a big smile.

Sir Rodrick, a Well Built Sanna Guard, Ein, an adventurous tan corgi puppy, 3 Sanna House Guards leave, following Sasha.

2 Sanna House Guards, Sasha leave, following Cirroch.

Jyri gets Aurumadin, a very large statue of a gold dragon from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Jyri gets The Judging Eye, a painting of a dragon eye from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leaves, following Niklas.

Jyri gets Protector of Arx, a very large statue of a gold dragon from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Donella is overheard praising Jyri: You magnificent trade-magnate.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Sir Rodrick, a Well Built Sanna Guard, Ein, an adventurous tan corgi puppy, 3 Sanna House Guards arrive, following Sasha.

2 Sanna House Guards, Sasha arrive, following Cirroch.

Sabella is overheard praising Jyri: A great cohost!

Donella is overheard praising Sabella: Crush me with your auctioneering, you delicate diva!

Jyri gets ---Tapestry of the Forest--- from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Gianna is overheard praising Sabella.

Gianna is overheard praising Jyri.

Jyri gets a small cherry wood liquor cabinet from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Sabella is overheard praising Grayson: A creative and generous house!

Jyri gets a small display case for jewelry, perfumes, and cosmetics from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Sabella is overheard praising Redrain: A creative and generous house!

Sabella is overheard praising Velenosa: A creative and generous house!

Fortescue clears his throat and steps forward to collect the painting he'd bid on earlier, tugging down his sleeves.

Damiana is overheard praising Sabella: The inspiration for Gild's generosity to flow.

Sabella is overheard praising Pravus: A creative and generous house!

Sabella is overheard praising Valardin: A creative and generous house!

Sabella is overheard praising Thrax: A creative and generous house!

Donella is overheard praising Niklas: I will treasure this brick. I am already treasuring it, as I contemplate all the duty I can do unto others with it.

Damiana is overheard praising Jyri.

Donella makes a little 'muahahahahaha' as she picks up her loot. The brick is hopped up and down in her palm, to test its heft. That! That there is one happy matron.

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