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The People's Tournament - Wagon Delivery Run 1014

The Compact has the Tournament of Roses but the lowers and uppers of Arx has the People's Tournament. Entry to the People's Tournament is open only to the common born and the events held are the kind of activities that those not born with silk wrapped around them would be familiar with.

From delivering a wagon loaded down with goods around the lowers, with the fastest time and with accuracy, catching fish from the Gray River, running through the lowers as swiftly as possible and overcoming obstacles to a good bought of pugilism, the People's Tournament lends more to the tastes and familiarity of the commons of Arx.

With cash prizes for the overall winners (Combined points from all events), crowns for the individual event winners and an abundance of alcohol and a gala at the end to celebrate, it's an excellent time to be a commoner.

1st - TBD
2nd - TBD
3rd - TBD

People's Choice - TBD

OOC: These events are for commoners to participate in. Nobles are welcome to observe, cheer on even, but actual participation in the event is restricted to commoners only.


Feb. 9, 2021, 6 p.m.

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Faith of the Pantheon


Arx - Lower Boroughs - Commons Square

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