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House Valardin Boar Hunt

House Valardin is sponsoring a boar hunt!


June 10, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Cristoph Alis Kael Zara


Kastelon Deva Katarina Cirroch(RIP) Ryhalt Jamie Adalyn Kiera Mabelle Breccan



Outside Arx - Gray Forest - Deeper in the Gray Forest

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

2 Farshaw trained guards arrives, following Ryhalt.

Avalanche, a fluffy mountain pup, Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Deva.

What better time to have a hunt than on one of the hottest and muggiest days of the summer? The air is sweltering, the sort of heat where it feels like a person is moving more through warm water than open space. Gross. The hunting contingent is gathering on the outskirts of the Gray Forest, near a particularly large section of road before they head in. Cristoph is seated upon his freckled destrier, different from the palomino that something something something has thrown him a few times. A spear is strapped to the side of his saddle and he waits for the final arrivals to turn up.

1 Clement trained guards, Alphonse, Maggie, an energetic Mistward Labrador arrive, following Adalyn.

Alis is usually quite excited to go out on a hunt! But with the muggy, oppressive air, she is forced to admit, "I'd almost rather be doing something I could wear a dress for. It's that awful outside today." Thus muttered quietly, she glances around her with narrowed eyes. "Nobody repeat that, got it?"

Is Kastelon looking forward to the hunt? His expression belies nothing about what he thinks of such a thing, though he's clearly equipped for the hunt - not just that he has his bow, of course, but that he does have his hound and that kite of his... as well as his eyepatch and his at. The neutral expression lingers as he does turn his one hazel eye to the highlord before there's a dip of his head. "I heard nothing, your grace."

Deva makes a motion as if buttoning her lips shut as she gives Alis a sly look. She has arrived with her dog, because that sounds fun. She crouches in her leathers as she murmurs a few words to the small but fluffy creature, and it kind of sounds like she's giving Avalanche a pep talk.

There are those who are plainly here to hunt boars, and then there are those who are plainly here to just enjoy a day in the... sweltering, disgusting, hot-towel-to-the-face summer air. Speaking of wearing a hot towel on one's face, the veiled Valardin herself, Katarina, is absolutely not dressed for boar-fighting, though she /is/ almost dressed to beat the heat in a breezy summer dress. Her horse, Sweet Baby, carries her without complaint. "I'd almost rather be back in the desert," she comments to Alis. "Hotter than this, but I would not feel so much of... /rivulets of sweat/. Everywhere."

Cirroch sits upon the all black mare, wearing mostly leathers with the long pleated silk skirts of Sanna colors. He takes a long slow breath in. "This would be better in the mountains, at least we'd have some snow to sit in while waiting in this heat." A nod to those waiting for the hunt to begin. "We'll be using all of the boar then? And we've explained to the spirits why we must hunt it?"

Ryhalt comes along to the boar hunt, riding his crazy gallop-only horse, but except for some nervous jigging the horse seems somewhat in control today. We'll see! He offers an excited smile to everyone as they meet up.

Cupcake, a cookie girl, 1 Laurent veteran guards, Truffle, an energetic mountain hound arrive, following Mabelle.

"Rivulets of sweat. Someone should name a traveling music troupe that." Alis confers. "And if you would care to confer with the spirits, Marquis, by all means of course. I assure you we will utilize all of the animals that are hunted." is spoken respectfully.

Amid the sweltering heat, a large man rides to the already gathered group, clad in armor bearing the markings of House Greenmarch atop a dappled white-and-grey charger. He bows respectfully from the saddle as he approaches, a double-tined boar spear slung over his back, along with a sword. "Good afternoon your Grace, your Highnesses, Lords and Ladies. A fine day for a hunt." A bead of sweat drops off his nose as he says it. "If a bit on the warm side."

The oppressive heat doesn't quite zap Adalyn Clement of her energetic enthusiasism, but she does seem to agree wholeheartedly with Alis's assessment. Still, the Clement heir has shown up with the intention to have a good time, summer weather or no. She and Breccan make their way to the meeting point together, astride their respective Duskshire mustangs. Adalyn appears to be regaling her companion with a fantastical tale of some adventure or another in between fondly chiding her feisty mount. Attention turns to the group as they approach, a wide grin offered in greeting. "Hi, everyone. This ought to be fun - except for the 'so hot I'd rather not move' bit, but we'll make it work."

Kiera hms, has no intntion of actually hunting. just sitting a horse without fainting in her leathers which she has donned should the boar not respect her wishes to not engage will be the feat of the eveng

An arched brow. Kastelon's looking dubious at the protestations about the heat, but he's saying nothing, even as he's mindfully checking his arrows before going out into the woods after the flavorful beasts they intend to run down. As if the heat's not bothering him one bit.

"I heard it," Cristoph intones from his position when he hears Alis. And it's stated in just such a way that it definitely means he's going to use this information again later! When it looks like most of the people that are going to turn up have turned up, the duke makes a signal to some of those on foot to move on ahead to begin moving through the bush. Cirroch is mentioning explaining things to the spirits and he looks over at him, then turns and waves over to Deva. "Are you going on foot?" he wonders. There seems to be a decision to make there and so, he ends up getting off of his horse and taking his spear with him. "Maybe it's more fun this way."

Mabelle is fashionably late, because she's a fashionable person. Also she does not ride and there are no carriages in a boar hunt. She brought a dog though, he looks ominous. Oh and her healers kit. "Hello hello, sorry I'm late", not really, "Dont hurt animals", no, notr really. "I brought food", she brought cookies.

Being one that practically lives under the heat, Breccan doesn't seem to mind, or at least, he doesn't complain. He won't complain in front of Adalyn at the least. As he listens to her story, he is all grins upon his slightly bearded face. "Is that so? Ha! I wish I could have been there." He gives his mustang a light pat on the neck as they travel, then gives a broad grin at the sight of those gathered. Cirroch gets a lift of his hand. "Hey there, brother! I see we meet again!" He calls out heartily. "Thank you for the loaning of your armor. It's much appreciated. I hope I wear it well."

Deva seems perfectly comfortable with the too-toasty weather, despite the fact that she's in leathers. "This isn't so bad out," the northerner muses aloud with a shrug, while rummaging through her quiver to make sure her arrows are in good condition. One is plucked out and tapped lightly against a fingertip. There are familiar nods to Adalyn, Kastelon, Jamie -- honestly she's nodding a lot, like she recognizes too many people. "Yeah, I need the uh-- exercise? I need to run. Or at least walk. Maybe climb a tree or two," she grins at Cristoph and upnods in approval. "We'll make it fun! As long as you don't set any traps for us to stumble into."

Mabelle takes a posh steelsilk gown, lavishly adorned with lace and gemstones from a green hued silk tote bag.

Kastelon seems perfectly inclined, himself, to be on foot for the moment. There's an inclination of his head to those he recognizes, but he's also looking absolutely relaxed and like he's in his element that they're out in the forest. "I think the point of the thing is having delicious animals to enjoy later," he points out to Mabelle, even as he's putting the arrows away. "It is what the gods put them here for."

Cirroch clicks at his horse to move a little. Smiling broadly as Cristoph dismounts. "Perhaps I'll watch for a bit, see how you seek out the animal?" A nod is given to Breccan, "It looks good on you."

At the mention of walking, Jamie swings his legs to the side and dismounts, taking a small saddle bag and slipping it around his back like a backpack - and taking the spear in his hand. Deva gets a respectful incline of his head as she nods to him in turn. "Good afternoon, your Highness. A pleasure to see you again." The big Greenmarcher is mostly business, however, and the mention of setting out on foot has him checking straps of armor and the sling of weapons to ease movement through the forest. He looks at home, here. Not so different from the Greenwood.

"So about those traps..." Cristoph begins to say to Deva, /ominously/. "Are we sure we really got all of them? We might want to steer everyone clear of where we camped that one time." Once the initial wave of people have gone ahead to start trying to flush boar out of the forest, another signal is given for this current group to spread out and begin moving through the treeline to meet them. For now? All is quiet. Well, except for tree noises and various small animals. Also the ever-present sensation of humidity is gross and annoying.

As the group gathers, Katarina clop-clops Sweet Baby over toward Breccan and Adalyn. She pulls her horse up alongside Adalyn, to give the Clement Voice a smile -- somehow, the smile is obvious, despite the veil. "I will be hanging back, but I assure you, you will have my utmost support, Lady Adalyn. Albeit my utmost support from a reasonable and safe distance~."

Mabelle peeks at Kastelon as she pets Truffle's head, "I meant the pets", of course she did. When more people are inclined to walking, Mabelle finds a good place in the middle where she is feeling safe, perhaps not a good strategic move, "Is the back safer?", she asks Katarina, "It feels vulnerable to me", she consults the princess while rummaging her bag to find her very useful dagger.

"Lord Jamie, hello! Nice to see you again." Deva smiles at the man and waves with an arrow in hand. "On foot as well? I'll try not to shoot either of you," she jokes to the Greenmacher and then the Laurent, with a mostly joking smile. MOSTLY. "I... you know, maybe we didn't..." She's going to play up this ominous tone that Cristoph lays out. "Or is there anyone we want to see have a fun time?" There's a pause. "Not that I'd EVER want to see anyone dangle from a tree, oh no. Never."

Kastelon looks wholly blameless. "The pets aren't good eats," he counters to Mabelle as he's turning that one eye briefly to Resolute and Dart and... no, there's a shake of his head. A breath before he's moving to form up the line as they move into the forest, his bow at the ready with an arrow nocked for when they find something worth shooting at.

Kiera watches the forest carefully. she can actually track despite not indending to hunt and looks for markings as she goes

"Don't you worry, my friend. I'll drag you along and plenty adventures to come," Adalyn promises Breccan, which might sound exciting or slightly threatening depending on how he wishes to take it. Delivering a fond pat to her mustang's side, she flashes a warm grin toward Katarina as the princess approaches. "No hunting for you today, Your Highness? I'll be glad of the support all the same, and I hope it'll be sufficiently entertaining to watch." Spotting Deva among the group, she returns the other woman's nod with a wave of greeting.

Katarina looks over to Mabelle and offers her a sly grin that's conveyed well by her eyes. "If the boars have managed to marshal their forces such that they are able to surround us and strike from behind, then we will at least be remembered as heroic shields to our friends and allies~," she says through her thick Eurusi accent, altogether too coy to be deadpan. To Adalyn, she says, "Do not try to be /too/ entertaining. I would hate to explain to your father that you were injured trying to take the 'bore' out of 'boar hunting'~."

"I am thankful for that!" Breccan says to Adalyn with a grin. He reaches back behind him to slide his bow off his back, then secures it to his arm as he continues to trot along side her, and now Katarina who joins them. "My lady." He says with a tip of his head to her. "We will do our best while you watch us from afar." He says with a grin. To Cirroch, he straightens up some and grins. "I'll try to not ruin it, my friend!" He calls out, then quiets as they make their way into the woods on the hunt.

Jamie laughs, smiling his easy-going smile at Deva, "If I get shot by an arrow, your Highness, it will be /my/ fault. I like to think I've been a soldier long enough to know where not to be. I'll flush them towards you, Highness, please just remember that despite my wild mane of hair, I am /not/ a boar." Said wild mane of hair is actually pulled back into a topknot, anyway. All the same, he /does/ make sure his back plate covers his more vital regions. Just in case. Rather than join up in 'column', the big Greenmarcher moves to the side of the group, ready to flush boars towards Kastelon's bow and arrows - and Deva's as well, with his boar spear at the ready.

Kastelon checks perception and survival at normal. Kastelon marginally fails.

Jamie checks perception and survival at normal. Botch! Jamie fails completely.

Deva checks perception and survival at normal. Deva marginally fails.

Mabelle checks perception and survival at normal. Mabelle is successful.

"I see... many trees," Jamie says, adroitly surveying the forest.

Cristoph checks perception and survival at normal. Cristoph is successful.

There's something to the fact that -most- scouts have two eyes, and Kastelon has but the one. And that's not stopping him from prowling slowly forward, that bow held before him mindfully as he's considering where the others are. "I would," he points out, "advise staying behind me. Countess Wyvernheart would caution you about such things. As would the thing I shot in the south."

Alis has totally been there, this whole time, looking miserable no doubt because it's even more hot if you're wearing armor. "I feel like the boar are not just more used to the weather, but also our hunting tactics." she muses, watching some try to flush out the boars.

Ryhalt checks perception and survival at normal. Ryhalt marginally fails.

Cirroch sits back upon the horse and watches the others head into the woods to flush out the boar. "This is an interesting method of hunting. I'm used to sitting in wait for the boar to come to us."

Deva barks out a sudden laugh at Jamie's very succint and thorough observation, and is thus too distracted to be of any assistance either. "Not a boar. Maybe a bear? Thank you, Lord Jamie."

Mabelle nudges Kastelon for a moment, "Can you see that?", she most cleverly seperates herself from the group and leads him off the path, "Arent those foot.. paw.. steps? Do boars have paws? Tracks", she points at the ground.

Kastelon considers this when his opinion's asked by Mabelle. "Hooves, but yes." His eye narrows as he's considering them, without taking his eyes totally off the bushes, in case the others flush out prey. "They do make tracks, unless they've learned to fly." Which is the cue for him to let Dart loose, the flick of his wrist to send the kite soaring over them to keep a look out for them.

"This forest is full of trees," Cristoph concurs with Jamie as they move along through the forest. He hefts that spear, then glances down and jabs at something on the ground. A gesture is given to Deva and Jamie. "See that. I think this way," he indicates and waves off to some bushes. His path takes them a separate way from Mabelle and Kastelon, but not by too much. Then he steps forward and crashes the spear against those bushes, moving forward and following the tracks and making a lot of noise. Further down the line, as more tracks are found, the beaters proceed marching onward.

And down in the second group that hasn't advanced? They hear the noises. The sounds of ANIMALS moving in their direction, brought to them by that group ahead.

Adalyn checks perception and survival at normal. Adalyn fails.

Katarina checks perception and survival at normal. Katarina is successful.

"Thank you, your Highness, I will take that as a compliment," Jamie says, holding his position as Mabelle and Kastelon consider the tracks up ahead. When Cristoph motions them into the bushes, he follows, still flanking to the side but carefully mindful of the arcs of fire of the archers. And making sure there's a tree mostly between Deva and him. Just in case.

Breccan checks perception and survival at normal. Breccan fails.

Jamie wields Untamed, a hand-and-a-half sword of diamondplate.

Kiera checks perception and survival at normal. Kiera is successful.

Ryhalt rides along ahead, looking suspiciously eager. Boar meat probably makes good bacon?? Instead of flushing a boar, though, he ends up having a nice gallop...

Cirroch checks perception and survival at normal. Cirroch is successful.

Breccan wields a black oak longbow set with carved onyx stones.

"And full of pots." Deva not-whispers to Cristoph, giving him an exaggerated and wide-eyed look that slips away eventually into a silly smile. She continues traipsing through the forest, clearly more prepared to shoot at short-range if something were to pop up. "Right, this way," she will more seriously take his advice and wander along a careful distance behind Jamie. She does not aim at anyone or anything yet, which is probably for the best. "It's a compliment!" she does promise that much, while flipping an arrow between her fingers.

Kiera has stayed at the back with Cirroch but it's not her senses that lack. She sits up straighter and says softly "Listen"

While she can hear the rustle in the undergrowth, the sounds of animals approaching, Adalyn is rather clueless to exactly /where/ they might emerge. Still, she wears a look of eager determination, her spear held at the ready.

Mabelle takes Apis, a cupridium parrying dagger from a green hued silk tote bag.

Mabelle wields Apis, a cupridium parrying dagger.

Adalyn wields a diamondplate spear ringed with duskstones.

Katarina and Adalyn spent a few moments leaning in toward one another and whispering, as is appropriate conduct for boar hunts. When things fall silent, the Eurusi transplant trains her golden eyes on the brush, even though she said that she had planned to hang back. "Lady Adalyn," she whispers, sharply. And then she points, toward where she hears... something.

Cirroch talks quietly with Kiera, then nods as she quiets. He turns a little to allow his ears room to be pointed in the direction of the woods. Holding the reins to his horse tighter as he grips at the sides with his feet. "Is that?" He looks over as Katarina points in the same direction.

Kiera hms "East? and west? Surrounded is usually not good in most cases

No sooner has Katarina pointed in one direction, than her head turns in the other direction. And then her finger slowly moves in /that/ direction as well. "...that way as well," she whispers, sheepishly.

Cirroch tucks his feet in tighter to his mount, ducking his body closer to the mare. A light stroke along her mane. Then sitting back up and holding his hand high into the air. Maybe someone will look back?

In the tree line directly in front of the hunters, the sound of rustling intensifies. As does the various grunts and oinks associated with boars. On the eastern edge of that line, four animals explode into the clearing where they wait. And on the western side, three more burst into view. They're all /agitated/ and rush forward, prepared to knock anyone out of the way that attempts to stop their evacuation of the area.

(ooc: If you're in the clearing where the boars show up, PICK ONE: dexterity + dodge at normal or dexterity + your weapon at normal. If you're in the first group, you may catch up and roll dexterity + your weapon at normal)

Katarina checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Katarina is successful.

Jamie checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Botch! Jamie fails badly.

Adalyn checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Adalyn is successful.

Deva checks dexterity and archery at normal. Deva is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at normal. Kastelon is successful.

Mabelle checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Mabelle fails.

Ryhalt checks dexterity and huge wpn at normal. Ryhalt is successful.

Breccan checks dexterity and archery at normal. Botch! Breccan fails badly.

Cirroch checks dexterity and huge wpn at normal. Cirroch is successful.

Breccan checks dexterity and archery at normal. Breccan is successful.

Cristoph checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Cristoph marginally fails.

As Adalyn straightens up in her saddle, she returns to a previous thread of conversation with Katarina. "I think my father would be wholly unsurprised if you brought such tidings. I'm sure he wouldn't blame the bearer of such news, though." Her amused grin lingers only a moment before she's leaning forward, eyes squinting toward the tree line as she attempts to follow Katarina's gestures. "Where? Breccan, do you see-? Oh!" The abrupt surge of movement causes the words to cut off abruptly, the noblewoman aiming her spear at the nearest animal.

Kiera checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Kiera marginally fails.

Katarina's eyes widen as the boars begin to come into view -- "Yes, well, Lady Adalyn, this was lovely, we shall chat again soon--" She turns Sweet Baby the horse around and lashes the reins to get a good gallop going. A good gallop in the 'not boar' direction.

As he trots alongside Adalyn, Breccan pulls his bow and slips an arrow in. As he draws back to fire, his mustang gives a visible jolt and rears up, causing his arrow to soar up and over widely to the side. "Woah! Calm, calm." He says as he tries to soothe his horse with soft pats. His cheeks flush brightly in embarrassment. "I've never shot before on horseback!" He calls out. "This will be a challenge."

A loud squeal is heard but do not mistake it as one coming from a boar, its coming from Mabelle when she hears all the oinking and starts running, slowly, to hide behind Kastelon. Despite them being behind her and likely didnt see her at all, "I think there are boars here". Maybe they will think she's kin. Truffle, by the by, is a little agitated, slowly pulling at his leash and trying to drag her the other way.

The sound of the animals coming through the brush has Kastelon's bow coming up almost immediately out of instinct. Better, indeed, to loose an arrow into the brush and hit nothing than to be run over by some stampeding meat, and he's letting the string twang as the arrow goes soaring at the rushing beasts. "What gave you the idea?" Asks he, as he's hearing Mabelle's comment.

Cirroch tucks his feet tighter to the horse as the boars come barraging out of the woods. Pulling tighter upon her reins, then back to steady her as the small hairy animals rush out. In nearly a single motion, Fatal Foxglove is unsheathed and swung in a large arc to slice at a pig below him. He then slides off of the horse continuing the motion seeking the next charging meal of bacon and ribs to meet his axe, calling out to the rest in the woods, "Found the piggies!"

Kiera is knocked clean off her horse as a boar rams against it. She strikes the ground, hands splayed before to break her fall "As expected they do not understand I am not actually hunting

Cristoph has the spear! And when they catch up to the boars crashing into the clearing, he makes a very game attempt at throwing his spear at one of them and misses. The head of the spear ends up getting stuck into one of the trees. That's unfortunate! The duke heads over and attempts to retrieve it. This is going to take awhile. Meanwhile, the sounds of chaos begin to fill the forest as wounded animals cry out and weapons sing. One boar essentially side swipes Kiera, knocking into her before sprinting out of the clearing. The rest are soundly rounded up by the hunters in the clearing.

And they're off! Deva said she wanted to run, after all. Hearing the chaos, she starts to jog back and notch an arrow like a woman on the move. "Hope we're hungry!" she laughs, crimson ponytail whipping behind her. Eventually she skids to a stop so she can aim properly and fire at one of the noisy creatures.

Jamie Greenmarch is a boar speedbump as the terrible sound of a thick skull meeting plate mail can be heard resounding through the clearing. The big man's spear goes flying into the bushes as he's run over, the boar charging into the clearing with the others. Jamie, trampled but still kicking, levers himself up in the bushes, his long hair now truly a wild mane, and pulls his sword from its sheath. Better to at least be armed. He gives a moment to glance around for his spear - and then decides it's better to join in rather than wonder where on Arvum his spear is. There are other spears, after all.

Ryhalt and his horse charge over to the area with the boars. He helps keeps the boars at bay while making jabs at them with his spear.

"Stay safe, Princess Katarina," Adalyn calls as the action begins and the Valardin takes off. Ada's horse seems to decide this is a wise plan of action and, tossing his head proudly, he abruptly makes a dash for the forest in an attempted escape, ignoring his rider's corrections and protests. Who knows how long the poor Clement will be carried before manages to get the spirited mount to listen?

Mabelle sidesteps, somehow, towards Kiera, "Are you hurt?", she looks over the Wyvernheart, trying to pull her aside to check on her while the commotion is still going.

1 Clement trained guards, Alphonse, Maggie, an energetic Mistward Labrador leave, following Adalyn.

Kiera lifts herself, shaking her head "I'm sure they'll be bruises come morning but I've had substantial practice falling off houses. She moves someone slowly attempt to grasp the startled beasts reigns and lead it on foot away from danger

Kastelon glances over as he's helping to round up the ones that've been caught, the concern for a moment towards Kiera at having been run over, but he can see that Mabelle's there and therefore she's in good hands. And tends to the huntsman business.

Just the one boar manages to escape the clearing, the rest meet a swift end very quickly and mercifully. After the last beast has been put down, hunters begin to move through, collecting the carcasses and taking them to be dressed before they're brought back for the feast later on. Meanwhile, Cristoph has finally managed to his spear out from tree. A very troubling experience. "I'd have been better throwing pots!" he calls over to Deva.

Cirroch blocks a boar from attempting to ram him then kneels down to the one that he felled, placing a heavy hand over its eyes while whispering to it.

From a safe and respectful distance, sitting astride Sweet Baby, Katarina applauds the valiant hunters.

Cirroch is overheard praising Cristoph.

Mabelle is overheard praising Cristoph: We have dinner!

Kiera is overheard praising Cristoph.

Kiera is overheard praising Katarina.

"Didn't see anything," Deva promises the Greenmarcher and anyone who might be dusting themselves off. "I would actually really like to see that!" She stares wide-eyed at Cristoph like he's got the best idea ever. Uh oh.

Cirroch puts Cuirass of black leather curved plates in Sanna Northern Exotic Leather Armor.

Cirroch puts black cloth and leather pants with legging in Sanna Northern Exotic Leather Armor.

Kiera is overheard praising Jamie.

Kiera is overheard praising Alis.

Cirroch is overheard praising Breccan.

Kastelon is overheard praising Cristoph.

Kiera is overheard praising Mabelle.

Breccan is overheard praising Cirroch: Thank you for the armor!

Ryhalt rides on home, looking happy at the prospect of boar at the feast!

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Dart, a Kite of the Cloudspine leave, following Kastelon.

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