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Kennex Pool Party

It's summer so of course we need a pool party. Come and party with the Kennex Family as we have drinks. Lots of drinks and swimming. Come one and all!


June 14, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

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Catalana Zoey Aethan Michael Thea Deva Sedna Cesare Roran Amelie Valerian Giorgio Lustry Scythia Gloriel Lethe Alarissa




Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Kennex Kay - Inner Courtyard

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2 Redreef Wardens arrives, following Sedna.

3 Bisland pride guards arrives, following Gloriel.

Gloriel, Master Chalk, an albino crow arrive, following Michael.

Avalanche, a fluffy mountain pup, Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Deva.

The pool looks like a fairy tale. Lights are up everywhere seeming to float on their own accord. There is a fire pit and there are chairs for people to stretch out on. Tables laden with drinks are off to one side as well as another table with food complete with a crab boil. The smells are intoxicating. Cecilia for her part looks like a water nymph in aeterna and glitter ready to receive any and all guests.

Rylan, a distracted scholar, Captain Bryon Gethrys, 2 Seliki Pikemen arrive, following Scythia.

Scythia arrives, following Giorgio.

The pool looks like a fairy tale. Lights are up everywhere seeming to float on their own accord. There is a fire pit and there are chairs for people to stretch out on. Tables laden with drinks are off to one side as well as another table with food complete with a crab boil. The smells are intoxicating. Cecilia for her part looks like a water nymph in aeterna and glitter ready to receive any and all guests. (( Repose opening))

Catalana is already is sitting by the pool with her long legs dangling in the pool. Some sort of cocktail has been made up and is resting beside her. She flicks her long golden hair over her shoulder as she looks over to Cecilia. "Do you require any help Lady Cecilia?" The offer is clearly made out of politeness as she makes no attempt to raise herself from her position.

3 Thrax Guards, Doireann, the courier, Alagan, a disgruntlled black cat arrive, following Lustry.

Lady Lily, A young silver sea otter, 2 Kennex corsairs, Ava, An exasperated Guardswoman in Kennex Livery, Lustry arrive, following Valerian.

Zoey sits in one of those chairs, overlooking the pool and holding a glass of vodka in one hand. She seems somewhat relaxed in the way she lounges, free of any hostess duties this time. "Seafood is not my favorite, but whatever is boiling in the pots smells amazing."

Darion Kennex, the young lad of nearing 8 years, is once again and having fun with a group of kids in the pool. Aethan's not pressing the boy to attend to his greetings today as it seems there's a little more informal measure about the evening than the last pool party. He's not even receiving guests for the party as the Hostess, Lady Cecilia tends to that measure. He is not far though, drink well in hand, wearing his shirt in a relaxed style, collar open and sleeves rolled up. It's still, Aethan however, which means he's poised with an attempt at perfection even with the style of comfort used. His icy blue eyes witness the approach of Roran, the Archlector of Lagoma, stepping that way almost at once, "Roran, gods, you've come back." His arm outstretches toward the Archlector to clasp it, "Where were you off to this time? Be welcomed." Then he does start to see the others streaming in and he observes, before offering Roran, "What will you drink tonight?"

2 Kennex corsairs have been dismissed.

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a reaver arrives, delivering a message to Giorgio before departing.

A pair of Bislands do arrive, dressed for a party with less of a concern for the pool portions. Michael speaks sideways towards Gloriel. "Our cousin should be around here...floating or not." Aeterna is the name of the game though, certainly so in the summer. "See. Right there. Lets go before someone tries to.." Mutter mutter mutter. The pair skirt the edge of the pool and Michael foists a glass of something upon Gloriel before they arrive. "Cousin!"

Thea makes her way to the pools, no help needed. She's pretty familiar with her surroundings you know. For reasons! Seeing the Kennexes about, she greets them all with a slight smile. "Hello. It seems a long time since you've had a pool party, hasn't it,"her face turning a slight green at the smell of whatever is cooking. Bypassing the alcohol, OH YES SHE DOES, Thea goes to have a sit on the edeg of the pool, long legs going in the water.

Thea has joined the Large Rectangular Pool.

Cecilia takes a sip of the beverage in her hand, "No ... no need for help cousin. I have this covered." She grins at the woman as she greets the guests as they come in. "Duke Bisland, good to see you! Lady Thea!"

What does Deva do at a pool party? Not go into the pool. At least not yet. She waves at the Kennex hosts and smiles in a friendly fashion, then waltzes behind Thea to finger-wiggle at the woman. "Countess, hello!" And then she finds a chair to lounge on not far behind, clearly more focused on the drinking aspect of this gathering than the pool.

Far from nymph-like, Sedna arrives in traditional Mourning Isles fashions - which is to say, severely and in all black. She does her duty as a vassal-of-a-vassal in greeting and thanking the hostess before deciding that her figure is best admired from a lounge chair. And so, she joins Lady Zoey with a confident, "Is this space occupied?"

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Catalana squints at Thea. SQUINTS. Her eyes flick over the young woman before her lips curl in a mischevious smile. "Countess. Welcome." She indicates to one of the attendants. "Whiskey for the countess, please." Looking back towards Thea, she encourages her to join her. "I think the crab boil is almost done. I mean, it's not as nice as those octopuses at the Thrax estate, but crab is a close second. Don't you think?" She sips her drink as innocently as she can as she waits for Thea's response.

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Cesare drifts into the courtyard of the Kay all dressed in red this evening, hair left flowing down his back despite the promise of swimming. The increased humidity of summer have it at its curliest, a mass of loose ringlets rather than its usual tamer waves, giving him a slightly-untamed air, although how untamed can a Whisper really be? Nobody knows. He moves to greet the evening's hostess with a bow. "Lady Cecilia, Cesare Whisper. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. You're an absolute vision of beauty."

Roran clasps Aethan's hand and takes a step forward to close the distance with a friendly hug and a rather brotherly pat on the duke's shoulder. "It's amazing how quickly time flies. I just took a walk down the road, which then went out the gates and soon enough I found myself wandering the forking roads through the Gray Forests to little hamlets and villages off the beaten path. Helping build and bless new forges, fixing a wagon wheel for that one farmer. Ah, and soon enough it became autumn which is just a great time for a drink and reflect on how pretty the leaves are falling. But there was a problem some farmers had with a blight attacking their harvest to help out. Whether it was finding myself singing or playing for a drink or meal, or finding the ninety-ninth blend of herbs to make a tea to enjoy at night, it's been busy. But I'm glad to be back here, so pleased to see so much change for the better. And so many opportunities for each of us to heal a little hurt in this world together."

Amelie slips in to the house of Kennex. She is wrapped up tight in a silk robe, her face plenty pink. She nods her head to the servants offering her a drink, but never taking one. She starts heading towards the pool, as that is someone she knows. But the mention of octopus catches the little oathlanders attention. "Are we eating octopus?"

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Arriving just a touch late or just in the knick of time depending on your outlook Valerian makes his way into the inner courtyard with Princess Lustry, The young Kennex Lord's right arm held by the Princess as he guides her into the courtyard and delivers another to the party. Valerian's cheeks holding a faint blush as he looks to the Princess telling her, "Well now you can say for sure you've been to the kay and enjoyed in the pool." The words accompanied by a small smile. With that said to Lustry the dark gaze of Valerian's moves over the area peeking about for familiar faces and those unfamiliar.

A newcomer arrives alongside Lady Scythia Seliki, a touch late to the event, the man certainly not one who is seen often within this ward, let alone this particular manor. Marquis Giorgio Proscipi is outfit in fine attire, and certainly seems to fit the part of the rich Saffron Chain domain. He pauses just inside the entryway, his eyes scanning the space where the event is taking place, as well as those already present. Fortunately for Giorgio, there is Cesare, and it is him who Giorgio takes his cue from. "Ahhh, Whisper Cesare. I did wish to thank you for your assistance in Tremorus. You were quite a help to my people..." he says before his eyes shift to Cecilia. "And you must be Lady Cecilia," he says. "I am Marquis Giorgio Proscipi."

Zoey's face brightens with a grin when she spots Michael and Gloriel, and she raises her free hand to wave them over as Sedna asks her question. "Oh, not yet! You are free to join me here if you like," she replies before calling out. "Gloriel! Goodness, how long has it been? Oh, and my dear Michael! Please, join us! What will you be drinking tonight?"

Thea glances at Catalana. She clears her throat, shaking her head already. "Oh uh--no whiskey for me, thank you. I haven't been feeling all that well recently. Tea is fine. Or you know, water,"inching toward Catalana. "And I do like crab, most days." Key word is MOST days. Hearing Amelie slip in, Thea is quick to wave her off,"It isn't Pat!" As others start to gather, the Countess begins to greet them as well. "Good evening."

Lustry gracefully walks along with Valerian and smiles as she responds, "I think I have been here before, it was about a year ago or more. Are you going to swim at all Valerian?" She asks with a playful smile. Her heterochromial gaze looking over those present, offering a bright smile and warm wave towards Zoey when she sees her.

While not a grand entrance, Scythia still makes an entrance, clad all in crimson and filmy gold. Those that might know her would realize that there is something more subdued than usual about her movements. But appearances must be kept, and though her features may be a little more pale than they may otherwise be, her face is a study in noble neutrality and composure. Her gaze alights on Michael, to whom she lowers her head in an incline, silently across the way should she catch his eye.

Cecilia bows her head back to Cesare. "You are too kind. Your hair is amazing." She says with a low coo. "It is my pleasure to host you this evening and meet you." Her winsome smile moves to the Marquis. "Marquis, my exquisite pleasure to meet you this evening." She says with a curtsy. "I'm glad you could attend."

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3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Catalana looks to Amelie interestedly, "Who is Pat?" She eagerly encourages the young woman to join them. "Octopus is one of my favorites. Lady Thea- I mean, countess Thea quite enjoyed eating them raw a year or so ago. It's delicious, especially as they do not die straight away and can feel them moving about in your belly." There is a glance towards Scythia and Giorgio and the faintest of polite nods are given to them. The others who've just walked in get a warmer welcome. Especially Valerian. "Cousin. I hear congratulations are in order. Is it true you plan to fill the kay full of beautiful art?"

Gloriel follows behind Michael, collecting the drink without protest as it is thrust into her hand. Obliging him, she circles around the pool until forced into the presence of the slowly growing mass. Hearing her name, she offers a polite nod to Zoey, and then proceeds to drain her vessel with haste.

Aethan steps into the brotherly hug and returns it in kind, a heavy clout of his hand on the back shoulder of the Archlector. "When you tend to let your Faith guide you, Archlector, I'm not surprised to hear how your path took you. That you would spare some time to stop by, humbles me." He gestures toward the faces that are turning up, "We've a good opportunity to start mending the hurt. I think, I would like to ask a favor of you later, once you're properly settled back in to the city. I will need a man of your constitution and one with a mind to mend hurts, to assist."

Valerian offers a small subtle nod of his head when he hears the question from Lustry over swimming, The brief movement of his head joined moments later by his voice as he tells her in a softer tone nearing a whisper. "Oh of course, I mean it is my duty as Minister of Culture to partake in such activities right? And to.. expand my horizons, Though maybe after a drink or two. Just no pepper vodka, I..just no. I still question the motives behind its creation." The young man admitting to her in the end as he gives that opinion on the Pepper Vodka that had been so popular among Kennex's for a time. Valerian's movements guide Lustry along leading her over towards Lady Cecilia to make introductions and with any luck find a drink on the way.

Amelie points at Thea. "Pat is her food she will not share." The mention of eating a raw octopus makes the Steelhart's eyes go wide, "We can eat them alive?" She looks rather perplexed for a moment. "They seem rather large for that."

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Zoey returns Lustry's smile and a flutter of her fingers, then gets up to offer Michael and Gloriel hugs once they are close enough.

Cesare waves a hand dismissively. "Not at all, Lady Cecilia. It's entirely deserved. You shine like a diamond, and the decor is exquisite. I haven't much of an appetite for boar and pork, to be quite honest with you, but the crab smells amazing. I might have to indulge." He grins widely at Giorgio. "And yes, my honor to introduce Maquis Giorgio Proscipi. I consider it a tremendous privilege to know the Marquis at the beginning of his career as leader as Tremorus. I sense great things for him in the future. He truly cares for his people, as a good leader ought."

Lethe walks into the courtyard and looks around slowly at the decor and others attending. She starts to make her way toward the pool.

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Lustry giggles softly at the mention of pepper vodka and inquires, "What other flavors are available for partaking this evening?" She easily moves along with Valerian, though the mention of eating octopus seems to make her pause for a moment and continue to smile as she mentions to Valerian, "I am going to need a drink or three myself I believe." She looks to Catalana as she responds, "Valerian did make mention of such a wonderful addition to me and I am very excited to see when it is completed."

Michael will wind an arm around Zoey's shoulders in that embrace, looking over her towards Gloriel with lifted eyebrows towards her drink disposal scheme. "We weren't quite sure we were coming until I decided that I was going out. Which meant Gloriel wasn't going to be let stay behind." He'll disengage and glance about a bit. "Its..well. Its rather crowded! Anywhere quieter? If you're able to be dragged away."

"Thank you," Sedna slides back into the lounge, combing her fingers through her hair to keep it out of her face. As Zoey calls over Michael and Gloriel, Sedna's attention drifts toward her own cousin, Scythia, and her company. She offers the Countess a coy smile of approval before leaning in to politely place her drink order with an attendant.

Gloriel is hugged.

Roran nabs an ale that he sees from a passerby servant and takes a sip of the top, enjoying it as he hears what Aethan has to say. "Oh, not a problem. I'm all for helping those who want to act on their convictions to heal and mend the hurts of the world and be the change we want to see instead of letting troubles take even deeper root as they want to be saved by others. How about you come see me in the upcoming week, I'll put a pot of tea on and get some of those Laurent treats? I guarantee we'll have a wonderful talk." He sips from the lip of the mug again, and there's something that moves in his pocket. A set of golden eyes on a black kitten peek out and protest being held in the pocket's confines, which he just scoops the kitten out and puts the furball down like it was the most normal of things. A gentle nudge with his foot is given, and the kitten starts wandering. "Why don't we welcome folks together here, hm? I bet there's someone I haven't yet met to build a new friendship."

Listen. Thea likes seafood just as much as the next person, but this current conversation isn't going well. When her glass of iced tea get to her, she is quickly taking a drink. "I've eaten a few Thraxian foods, and yes, you can,"eyeing Amelie a moment. "Pat is my octopus I caught with Neilda and a few friends." Yes. The Countess has a pet octopus. Turning her head for a much needed distraction, Thea spies Cesare,"Whisper Cesare, hello. Good to see you again. Hey Zoey..."

"It is my pleasure to attend, I assure you. Thank you for the invitation," Giorgio says to Cecilia with a polite dip into a bow. "It would seem that this event is sure to be a success, if attendance is any indication!" Looking then toward Cesare, Giorgio seems to be touched by the Whisper's words. "Thank you again, my friend. That is very kind of you to say," he says with a true smile. "I only hope that your sense is accurate." Gesturing toward Lady Scythia, Giorgio says, "Cesare, you remember Lady Scythia? She was part of the contingent who went to Tremorus to help us."

Zoey waves to Thea with renewed enthusiasm after hugging the Bislands, then blinks at Michael's question. "Certainly. If you want to speak privately we can step into the library, or my office, if you would like."

Catalana looks to Thea before returning her attention to Amelie, "Well. It's much easier with smaller octopuses. For larger ones, I find pickling their tenticles the best way to eat them. I imagine, if one had the inclination, that replacing it's tank water with vodka may start the process, quite nicely." She looks concernedly at Thea. "Are you certain you're alright? Would you like something to eat?" She looks curiously at Aethan, "Mending hurt? Who's hurt?"

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Valerian's gaze settles on Catalana hearing her mention of congratulations and hearing her question on filling the kay with art, The younger Kennex Lord stopping as he turns to face Catalana before responding. "Oh yes, Thank you cousin. And well as much as the Duke Regent will allow. I am to bring a proposal for costs and how much it will be to make such a hall for exhibiting artwork and various treasures. I already have many ideas and plans for the space..Oh it will be a vision in and of itself when I am done." The excitment showing in his tone and with that shifting of his features as he talks of the project ahead of him. As he catches himself just short of rambling he seems to realize he had forgotten something. Valerian's left hand lifting to motion between Catalana and Lustry, "Lady Catalana, Princess Lustry. Have you two met before?" The question asked he does lean in a touch to tell Lustry in a softer tone, "Yes drinks, Many people.. new people."

Cecilia laughs, "I had a bunch of crab and thought this was the best use of it. Boiled and eaten. You should see those crab legs, they are huge." She says with a warm laugh. "Countess Scythia. Pleasure to meet you." Her eyes look over Giorgio again this time with much more measure. "With an introduction like that ... I doubt there is a person in all of Avrum that wouldn't want to meet you." She says fondly.

Deva waves at Zoey as she passes with her glass in hand-- oops! "Bye!" she calls after with a laugh. Then she lifts her glass at Catalana and Aethan in turn, a familiar smile curving her lips. She finds where the snacks are first, looking around curiously without claiming anything to pile onto her plate just yet. "This is a very nice pool!" she observes, calling out to the hostess Cecilia with a flicker of enthusiasm.

"I shall do that Roran," Aethan says with a loop of his arm around the other man's shoulders to give him another side-arm bro hug, as he looks toward the flow of guests coming in, a proud look cast toward Lady Cecilia before he nods to Roran, "I'm glad to have your help. Come, I think the Marquis Giorgio was just introduced." He gestures toward Cesare, having caught some of the Whisper's words. He watches as the Duke Bisland is hustled out, a brow arched, before he moves on over toward Giorgio and group. His head tilts to Catalana, "That's a discussion for the council room." His eyes flick to Valerian, catching snippets of his conversation, before Deva's smile has him nod to her specifically in greeting.

Amelie nods as she listens to Catalana's assessment of octopus eating technique. "I should like to try all these methods." Seems once she gets focused on food it is hard to break her off the trail. She finally shakes her head as she remembers her manners. "I am Lady Amelie Steelhart." She leans over and whispers something to Thea while making sure she is tightly wrapped in the silk robe.

Lustry smiles fondly as she listens to Valerian's excitement about the soon to be new edition to the lovely Kennex Kay. She responds, "We have yes, it was some time ago but it was on a lovely cruise with Wash if I remember correctly?" She looks back to Valerian as she responds, "Indeed so. Very many new people." She looks towards the pool for a moment before looking around for the bar to see what drinks are available.

Thea sees Valerian and ever so innocently flutters her fingers. "Lord Valerian, hello,"as she too goes to answer Catalana. "I'll be fine, thank you though. Just um--a stomach bug. Nothing contagious, just you know--stress and things." Thea sees Deva too and waves to the princess with a smile, but then Amelie is whispering to her and she nearly chokes laughing. "It isn't,"she quietly murmurs to Amelie. "That's how it looks.."

Her dark, amber-flecked eyes finding Sedna for a moment, Scythia offers a tip of her head and a visual promise of words to be exchanged once the pleasantries are over, fingers moving through her dark curls for a moment before her gaze returns to Giorgio as she is introduced to Cesare and Cecelia, "Ah, it is only Lady Scythia now, but it is nice to meet you as well." Scythia answers the other woman in a well-mannered, velvety voice, an almost-smile, there and gone again, curving the very corners of her lips.

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A pair of the guests SCREAM with laughter as they race each to the pool and cannon ball into it! Splashing anyone alongside the pool!

"Countess Thea, hello!" Cesare bows his head to Thea. "I apologize that we haven't been able to set up a meeting yet with Lord Orland. Seems everyone has been quite busy lately. Soon, though." Quite a crowd of people is gathering around now; Cesare glances toward the pool sidelong, before turning back to readress the group. "Lady Scythia, of course, how have you been since returning?"

A flock of ladies-in-waiting, Coconut Custard, the Graypeak Mountain Dog arrive, following Alarissa.

"Stress and things," Deva echoes Thea, sounding curious. She smiles back and settles on the edge of the pool to stick her legs into the water to cool off. As Cesare approaches as well, she looks up and grins in a welcoming fashion with a wave of her glass. The cheer fades a little as she looks around, replaced largely by curiosity as she takes several long, deep sips of her drink.

Sedna lets out a girlish scream as she's splashed by the rowdy guests. But she doesn't move to get up or even to shield herself -- only her drink! Let this be a testament to House Redreef's priorities.

Valerian quiets down hearing Aethan mention that it is a talk meant for the council room, The younger Lord giving a small nod of his head as he looks down for a moment. When his eyes lift back up and he catches Amelie introducing herself Valerian smiles to the woman, "Good to see you Lady Amelie, Oh we have much to catch up on.." A moment later he remembers something else and is quickly looking to Aethan, "Oh did you ever find your pants? I..wonder, was there a ransom note you got too? I got one for my scarf..troubling times these, when scarfs are ransomed." His head giving a small sad shake as he frowns for just a moment. That frown fades away the sadness forgotten when he hears Lustry's answer, "Oh well that is good then, I haven't seen Wash in some time myself. Not since the art contest for the healers. Oh yes, drinks!" Valerian remembers, an apologetic smile is given around before he hears and sees Thea's greeting, His eyes focusing intently upon the woman as if expecting at any second for her to leap forth with glitter or rabbits. Slowly backing away Valerian murmurs to Lustry, "I'm gonna get us something to drink. Yes."

Amelie drops the robe revealing she had to borrow some swimwear from Thea and it is a bit more Lycene than she might usually wear. So she wastes no time jumping in to the pool as well.

Alarissa doesn't go to these things. It's been a long time since she's slipped into Kennex and anywhere near the pool. And yet, with most of the entourage dismissed off to do what entourages do, hair back but left down and in airy silk meant for heat but not dressed for swimming, she's making her way into the courtyard.

Aethan draws Roran with him toward Cesare, Giorgio, Cecilia, Scythia and company. "Good evening," his hand slides up to Cesare's shoulder to give him a welcoming pat on the shoulder, before he asks, "I overheard introductions." His eyes upon Giorgio as his arm extends outward, "I'd like to introduce myself, Marquis Giorgio, and my guest Archlector Roran, if he hasn't been already announced. At last I can meet you in person, Marquis. I do believe I have met your younger brother, a time ago, shortly after we had all resurfaced from the war." Then he turns to Valerian, for the matter of the ransomed pants, "It was a wicked trick. A companion, came out wearing them. I believe she had co-conspirators, but she never gave them up." His brow arches at the ransom note, "No, there was no note. I suspect that would've been troublesome. You've one for your scarf?"

Lustry blinks a bit as she looks to Valerian and inquires, "Someone held your scarf for ransom?" She nods at the mention of drinks once more, easily moving with the Kennex lord as she mentions, "I can accompany you. I am still unsure which I want to try after all."

Giorgio chuckles to Cecilia's words and shakes his head before saying, "Cesare is good at talking me up. Do not believe all that he says about me. I promise you that some of it will be overinflated." His eyes shift then to Alarissa as she makes her entrance and he offers a bow. "Princess Alarissa. It has been some time since we've crossed paths and much has changed. I trust that you are well?" Then to Aethan, Giorgio says, "Marquis Giorgio Proscipi. It is an honor to meet you. I must say that over in the Proscipi manor we are quite fond of the Kennexes. Lord Ian I believe has saved my brother's backside once or twice."

Catalana chuckles at Lusty's introduction. "Don't mention Lord Washburn and boats. It'll make him magically appear and then you'll be stuck all night talking about the winds and knots and other such dull things." Deva too gets a wave and a cheeky grin. "Are you here to swoon Your Highness? I hear it's all the rage." Her attention ping pongs around the space and Valerian gets a smile. "Awhile back Prince Niklas and I were discussing an ampitheater on Stormward with an altar to Jaysus. While I think it was more a plan for him to hold a billion plays, it may be a project we could pursue? Just promise me no play about Sharknoids." It's however, Alarissa who gets her attention and her lifting her legs from the water to stand. "Princess Alarissa. Welcome."

Thea nods to Deva, taking another drink. "Oh, you know. Busy. Getting things in order with Hig--,"she starts, because--SPLASH! There's water everywhere and splashes and---"Well shite,"Thea amusedly laughs.

after surfacing from her jump in to the pool. She brushes he hair back. She looks directly at Valerian. "Perhaps if lords were not shedding scarves like leaves in autumn, scarves could not be ransomed."

After surfacing from her jump in to the pool. Amelie brushes he hair back. She looks directly at Valerian. "Perhaps if lords were not shedding scarves like leaves in autumn, scarves could not be ransomed."

Catalana trying her hardest to keep a straight face, she feigns innocent at Aethan. "Co-conspirators? Stolen pants? Swooning princesses. When did your life get so dramatic cousin?"

Deva crinkles her nose in amusement at Catalana. "I think I may be swooned out. But if it's going to happen, well, I'm clearly in the right place," she laughs and waves around the pool with an upturned palm. "I am certainly game for all other manner of mischief though." She leans back on a hand, grinning at the Kennex before her attention shifts back to Thea. "Hope you weren't trying to stay dry!" There is a bow of her head and a wave as Alarissa arrives. She slides a look between Catalana and Aethan, and presses her lips together to keep herself from laughing.

Lustry comments to Catalana, "I can only hope for such wonderful luck," before she slips away from the conversation to pick which flavor of vodka she wants to sample. She laughs a bit before she comments, "Perhaps his work draws more attention than one may realize." A playful wink offered to Catalana before that gaze looks over the flavors, "Hmm which one should I try first...."

Aethan pivots as Giorgio greets Alarissa, bringing Aethan's attention quickly toward the Princess. He bows his head formally toward her, "Your Highness, what an honor to have you in the Kennex Kay once again. Just in time for the crab boil." And his eyes lock to Catalana, "And hearing about the theatrics that has become my life since stepping out of the office." He looks back at Deva, when he makes eyes with Catalana, maybe there's a wry tug of lips on his expression.

Valerian gives a quick nod as he answers Aethan, "Oh yes, I got a note and everything. It told me to await further instructions. And so I await them, I do hope my scarf is okay. I won it you see, and it's blue and I think we all know that I like blue.." As he explains Valerian's left hand lowers and fidgets with his shirt curling his fingers against the fabric to tug and twist at his shirt. Still backing away it is hard for him to not spot when Amelie sheds her robe and rushes for the water, His gaze briefly following the movement watching for her to surface with a look of concern. When she does and offers her own opinion on ransomed scarfs his cheeks darken, "I.. well..I.. um.. rum..and ebb..and.." The young man begining to stammer clearly flustered. With that flustering he looks to Lustry and offers a smaller smile before nodding, "Yes drinks, we must find good drinks." Valerian moving once more quickly slipping off in search of drinks with Lustry seeking a respite from the flustering and thoughts of how he came to lose his scarf.

Scythia takes a few moments to form her answer to Cesare, settling on a neutral, "I have seen better days." She turns her gaze to Aethan and offers an almost-smile, "Duke Kennex, how nice to meet you," Her velvety voice is even and steady as her features regard him, "I'm Lady Scythia Seliki, born of Redreef."

"Marquise Proscipi." Alarissa doesn't dip her head, but she greets him. "Indeed. There's been a loss, an elevation and your name no longer whispered through the markets." Alarissa offers a smile though. "I hope that Lagoma blesses you in your time of change, for the better." Aethan's greeting garners a near beatific smile, a hand coming to her chest in a gasp. "A crab boil you say? And here, I didn't wear the proper dress. I suppose I shall have to relegate myself to a liquid repast and let you suck the meat out of legs. I'll be sure to bring my own portion back to his Grace to enjoy."

It's Catalana though, that garners Alarissa's attention and she moves through the people toward her cousin by marriage. leaning over and balancing carefully to dispense a kiss to either cheek. "Catalana. I found myself with time and thought I should prove that I'm at least willing to go near water." There's no false arm, everything hidden by gentle drapes of airy silk. "Princess Deva." A dip of her head. Then she's sitting. Not int he water, but hikes up the skirts of her dress enough to sit and lower her legs in.

Thea lifts her glass back up to her lips, answering Deva with a grin,"You don't sit by the pool and expect to stay dry." There's a glance to Lustry as well, telling her,"When alcohol isn't making me feel sick, I like the pepper vodka. It's my favorite and I have a bottle or two." Gold-flecked green eyes follow Valerian for a single moment before she mentions to Aethan,"I think there's something wrong with your cousin. He looks jumpy."

Cesare waves and flashes the briefest grin back to Deva, before turning to favor the Duke Regent with a broader smile that lasts approximately three and a half seconds longer. "I had the pleasure of meeting Archlector Roran just yesterday, in fact. He offered some particularly thoughtful and relevant advice." A bow of the head. "A pleasure to see you again, Archlector." So much talk of lost pants and scarves, and sucking meat, and legs. None of it receives an outward reaction from Cesare, though he does sweep a low, elegant bow to Alarissa as she passes, expecting he won't receive much notice, and rightly so. And then he makes to slip toward the pool himself.

Catalana grins wider at Deva, "Lucky there are numerous princess to swoon at the Duke's feet tonight. It's only fair that the burden is shared around." Her gaze in one of pure innocence when it comes to Aethan. "I would have no clue why that would happen. Perhaps venturing from your office more often is required. Then the theatrics become more mainstream." A soft laugh is given to Lusty as she shakes her head. "Oh please no. Last time someone got Washburn talking, it ended with multiple boats made of soap floating in the pool and, as he says, an epic battle of soaps and suds was commenced." The kisses to the cheeks are returned to Alarissa. "Your company is so welcomed. Last party the high lord brought his otter. No one wishes to swim with them." She checks as an afterthought. "Would you like something to eat or drink? I believe Aethan cooked the crabs himself."

"I would be jumpy too if people were ransoming my scarves." Amelie says to Thea in reference to Valerian. Her gaze following the young Kennex and his search for drinks. "Could be any ner'do-well doing such terrible things my Lord."

"Indeed," Giorgio says in response to Alarissa, his expression growing a touch more somber at the mention of the loss. "If we are being honest, there have been many losses on the part of Tremorus given the siege. But we will emerge all the stronger for it. We are a proud people, and only more so for our sacrifice on behalf of the Compact," he says. "As far as the Markets go, I am sure that they will get along quite well without me, though I'm sure that my name is still present for a different variety of gossip."

"I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well," Deva murmurs to Thea, brows creasing with concern. "Perhaps you'll just have to make up for it at the next gathering." She's well on her way with her whiskey, having already swapped an empty glass for a full one. "That sounds a little exhausting to deal with, so many people swooning at you. What if they hurt themselves? Break a leg? Or a nail?" This is said with an amused roll of her eyes into her drink. "Archlector, hello! Deva Redrain. I don't think we've met before," and she inclines her head politely for Roran.

Aethan settles his gaze on Valerian, "Ransom on your scarf is not included in the budget, young man." There's a 'father tone' if anyone ever heard one out of Aethan Kennex, as well as the lingering side eye. Valerian can flee away if he wishes, since Aethan's attention is drawn to Scythia, for her introduction, "Well met Lady Scythia," which has him pause a little, a touch of a brow flickering upward, "Enjoying yourself?" Giogrio is nodded too of course, again, asking subtly to Scythia, "You came with the Marquis tonight?" Alarissa's response to him has him scoff, for the jest, "I am sure we can find someone highly qualified to help you with your meat issues, to save your attire from any accident splashes." To Thea he nods once, "The world is watching him now." Cesare also gets soft ah, "What good timing to have the Archlector of Lagoma here tonight?"

Thea is lifting an eyebrow at Amelie. Then remembers something. "Oh hey! That suit looks great on you,"skimming her now. "It isn't too small. Not even a little. Looking up to Deva, the Wyvernheart smiles a moment,"Thank you. I'll be fine, I promise. It'll pass just as fast as it came." Pun. There's a pun! "We'll go on a drinking binge soon as I'm better, deal? Can we bring your---slithery friend as well?" Thea looks to Roran as well, probably to all the numerous people she doesn't know. "Countess Thea Wyvernheart, nice to meet you all."

Lustry gigglesnorts at Valerian's stumbling over his words and gently ruffles his hair. She looks towards Thea as she responds, "Pepper vodka? I suppose I could try a bit. I generally like slightly sweeter liquors and not so much on the spicy. But can't hurt to be a little brave." She then leans in to whisper into Valerian's ear with a playful mirth lurking in her eyes

Cecilia sips her drink before leaning to whisper something into Giorgio's ear. She keeps her eyes on the party happy to watch the joy of the guests.

Aethan responds to Catalana, with a raised brow, shaking his head, "I'm safer in my office. Though it has been an excellent opportunity to meet everyone, anew." He watches Catalana with an impish look sealed away in his eye before he moves away from the crowd, hooks his one hand up on his mouth and SHOUTS.

Alarissa gives Cesare a dip of her head in passing to the Whisper before attention back to those in front of her. Though over her shoulder she tosses "Duke, gracious, no. It was my polite way of saying I don't care for crab. Also, I eat like a bird as his Grace states. Some seed will be just fine." She jests swirling those legs in the water. "I left Scarf at home, though I had half a mind to bring him. But Astrid didn't want him to cleave from her side." There's a deep dip of her head for Roran. "Blessed" She offers and then leans back, supporting herself on her right arm, hand planted on the ground. "This is lovely."

Scythia looks to Aethan and gives her chin a gentle tip of a nod, "Indeed, my Lord. I'm afraid I recently received some shocking news and the Marquis has been kind enough to keep me company, so I decided to trail along to pay my respects." Her words are velvety, well-mannered, polite, but there is something in their quiet enunciation impossible to distinguish as she takes her time to form a proper answer.

Amelie turns her head and faces Thea, narrowing her eyes and making a 'face'. "It is rather small. But I will admit it is easier to move about the water in." She leans back and dips under the water again for a moment.

Aethan shouts from nearby, ""Crabs are done! Get them while they're hot!""

Valerian moves with Lustry after the drink talk has concluded to a table of refreshments, With the movement of Lustry it brings Valerian to begin leaning in as she leans in close. Whatever she whispers seems to bring that blush to deepen and the young Kennex Lord rather than offering an answer just chews at his lower lip nervously as he gets a glass and pours pepper vodka into it for Lustry. The glass held out to her as he murmurs, "If its not to your liking there are a few sweeter options. Nothing else I have some honey whiskey stashed away for my tea." Whatever had been said or asked left unanswered by Valerian.

"Well, thank you. Let's do that. Of course, she can come too. I might beat you to the binge drinking tonight though," Deva murmurs in a not-so-hushed tone to Thea. She's really working on that drink a little too quickly. "Ooh, crabs. I don't know that I've had crabs before." She leans to flag for some help in acquiring something to eat, too reluctant to pull her legs out of the pool just yet.

Catalana startles easily as Aethan shouts and her drink is basically thrown all over Thea! Her hand presses to her chest and she scolds Aethan. "Are you trying to kill me?! My heart!" The gets an almost apologetic look, except she's still too cranky at Aethan's shouting.

The crab boil is indeed finished. The large pot is being moved by a pair of Kennex staff and set on the ground. Large metal tongs are used to start fishing out the individual crabs, that may or may not have once roamed free in the Kennex Kay.

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There's a pool and Cesare's going to swim. Yes he is. He settles to slip off his sandals, undo the buttons of his vest, and tugs the shirt beneath off overhead in one smooth motion. Rolling the legs of his trousers up to nearly the knee, he slides into the pool and straight under the water, swimming over to near where those gathered by the side are assembled before surfacing. "Your swimming costume is very fetching," he offers to Amelie.

With the shout, done out of ear damaging range, his vocals can reach a long ways, Aethan returns back to the company with a very non-chalant expression on his face, especially so when Catalana holds a hand to her heart. To Alarissa he hms, "There's a variety of food set out if you're not particular to crab. You see, we had an infestation not too long ago." His gaze might find Thea in all that, then he reports back to Scythia, looking understanding, "The Marquis is a true gentleman. I'm glad you have come, even on the ear of shocking news."

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"I don't blame you. Drink some for me too, please,"Thea tells Deva with a grin. Next thing Thea knows, there's an announcement of crab, and she's smelling it. Turning her green. And her lap is full is wet with whatever Catalana was drinking. She may even be flailing as she tries to hurry up, but then she KNOWS eyes are on her as Aethan is talking about where all the said crab came from. Her face tan face may turn a tinge of pink, not because she sorry, but SHITE! Thea isn't looking her best right now!

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Amelie rolls her eyes at Cesare as he surfaces near her in the pool. "And how much has Countess Thea paid you for that testimonial?" She asks him flatly.

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Giorgio lifts a brow slightly as his statements don't illicit a response, though it does not seem to surprise him overly much. At Cecilia's murmured words, Giorgio glances somewhere off to the side before saying, "Certainly. That would likely be a good thing. This party is getting quite loud." With that, Giorgio moves off in the direction of the Grape Arbor after a murmured word with Scythia.

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Catalana too looks at Thea when Aethan mentions the crabs, she however remarks loudly and directed at Thea. "Crab is still much tastier than the rabbits that invested the kay." After, Aethan gets a warning. "I'll get you back for that."

Valerian drops A fine handrolled cigar smelling of cherry and clove.

"And infestation of Kennex' or infestion of crabs?" Alarissa asks, though demur's on having anything to eat. Content to sit with legs in the water

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Steps guiding her towards Sedna in a wash of crimson silks, Scythia moves to claim the spot next to her cousin with a slow exhalation of breath.

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As Valerian hands the drink to Lustry his left hand slips into his satchel, The young lord plucking from the confines of his satchel a few cigars. One is quickly dropped into the refreshment table, Another is tossed off in the direction of the lounge chairs before Valerian is looking anywhere but where the cigars had landed. Yep, nothing to see there. Just a Valerian getting drinks.

Valerian gets A fine handrolled cigar smelling of cherry and clove from A pristine white protective satchel holding the initials VK embroidered on the front.

Valerian drops A fine handrolled cigar smelling of cherry and clove.

"She promised to make me the richest man in all the Compact," Cesare replies with utter seriousness to Amelie's question. "I should probably invest in some swimwear myself." He leans against the side of the pool, hair spreading out in the water behind him, glancing in the direction of the crabs, although since he just got /in/ the pool he's in no hurry to immediately get /out./ His eyes track around the courtyard, following Giorgio's path, following familiar faces as they converse, drink, and eat.

Sipping her drink, Sedna side eyes Scythia pretty severely as the other woman sits. And whatever is spoken, it's done so with sass for sure, but not before Sedna reaches out to give Scythia's hand a firm squeeze.

Hurring to grab a towel or something, Thea innocently avoids the gaze of Catalana. "Funny how rabbits got here. I mean, how crazy right,"she merely says. Wipe wipe. Dab dab. "I should you know, get going,"but not before looking to Amelie first. "And I told no one to tell you how great you look, thank you very much!"

Lustry perks up as she mentions, "I am fond of honey whiskey. But I would be foolish to not sample the vodkas I have heard so many wonderful things about. Do you have a favorite Valerian?"

Aethan isn't known to smile, far be it from him, but the way he's looking at Catalana the man doesn't need to smile to know he is enjoying the small victory over Catalana. He however, watches Scythia and Giorgio head off to the side to speak, while Alarissa makes for the pool. "Yes," he notes as he follows Alarissa toward the pool, nodding for Roran to join him when he's returned from the crab boil, "The Kennex Kay was overrun with them. I do believe someone thought to purchase a haul from a fisher and release them into the wild here. It didn't go as planned. We shall feast." He's dangerously close to the pool edge but he's not dressed to go in, or rather undressed. "Your Highness Deva," he bows his head, "Splendid to see you out." His gaze turns to Amelie, "Lady Amelia, I don't think we've had the opportunity to properly be introduced. How's the water?"

"Sounds similar to how we managed to somehow get a rogue octopus squelching it's way across the estate. We've lost so many fish to it." Alarissa jests with Aethan. "But whatever the reason, it seems it has been a bountiful happenstance that has provided you with an excuse to throw another pool party."

"Done," Deva promises Thea with an easy grin and a wiggle of her rapidly empty glass. There's a color to her cheeks that rivals the hue of her hair, and she seems overly pleased to be at a party now. This level of buzz seems to be just the right amount for her to be social. Or as social as she gets. "Maybe we should aget a pool too," she wonders with a tilt of her head. "Well, more than the augury pool so no one yells at me for being in that one." Alarissa's description of a crawling octopus makes her blurt out a laugh, one that has her quickly hiding her mouth behind a hand. "Duke Kennex, good to see you. Lady Cecilia has thrown one wonderful party, and I can't wait to try the crabs. Are you going to venture in?" she wonders, fingers wiggling between Aethan and the pool.

Catalana gives Aethan the squint she gave Thea earlier. Spotting the young ward of her cousin, she gestures Darion to her and after a quick murmured word with him, he scampers off to round up the other Kennex children. While the smaller children work on a distraction, a shouting splashing mass of arms and legs, the bigger children, including Darion and Cat's eldest, charge at Aethan's back, intent to get him floundering around in the water.

"Well then if you don't like the vodka we can go get the honey whiskey." Valerian assures Lustry before he turns to gather up his own glass, rather than opt for the pepper vodka Valerian selects one that had been left to soak with cherries offering it a sweeter taste. The young man pouring his glass near to the brim before setting the bottle aside, his glass quickly taken up moments later to be raised. "I like this one personally, tastes like cherries, Though I've always favored sweets."

Thea mentions to Aethan aside, her white seasilk gown clinging to her small frame. "That person sounds like a great friend, you know---all the crabs and things. Crab boil, bringing friendships closers and such,"before going to dart out. The SMEELLLLS!

Amelie waves up to Aethan as he addresses her. "Lady Amelie Steelhart. Thank you for allowing me to swim. The water is quite wonderful." She says in her monotoned oathlands accent. "I am quite the pain to the Countess Wyvernheart, and in return she hires Whispers to say nice things." She offers one of her awkward smiles to Cesare. "Well, if there is any sincerity to your words, I thank you whisper."

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Thea.

Q-bert an Albino Possum arrives, delivering a message to Valerian before departing.

Lustry pours a glass of the cherry vodka, sniffing it with a smile before taking a small sip. "Ooo, this one is delicious. I sometimes like sweet things. I also like cinnamon things and honey things." She then looks towards the pool as she asks, "And just how many of these do you need before I can convince you to swim with me?"

Valerian offers a small smile hearing Lustry ask her question, "Oh I think one or two glasses and I should be good to swim infront of others. I.. am not near as comfortable as some, and well truth be told I never brought my swim things from Stormward since I arrived in the winter." Valerian explains before he is lifting that glass and taking a very large drink from it, sipping on the cherry vodka as if it owed him silver and it was the only way he were to get paid. His gaze settling upon the pool and those within as he drinks.

Aethan checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Aethan marginally fails.

Valerian checks stamina at normal. Valerian is successful.

"You laugh. I'm going to see it captured and then sent to Redrain. Mark my words." Alarissa states to Deva.

"It can live in the augury! We have a small pool there. It can commune with the spirits and everything," Deva leans to tell Alarissa with a gleam of mischief in her eyes and a sudden, too-wide smile.

Lustry giggles a bit, "No reason to be shy. I am sure you have nothing to be ashamed of." Her gaze looking around and offering a bright smile with a wave hello to Alarissa.

"A rogue octopus," Aethan repeats with amusement coloring his words, a touch, "It sounds that we may have had the same prankster through our gates." Aethan bobs his head, "It is a great excuse." That said, the crooking of Deva's finger to invite him into the pool have his hands lift, "I do not trust my clothes would not wander off again." Amelie is regarded, "I'm glad you're enjoying it." His eyes dart to Cesare, but then there are kids causing a splash near him, which he does try to step out of the way of their playful throng of splashing behavior, he spots Darion and tries to side step him and the other big kids lunging at him. He manages to avoid a few of them, which fly right by him and into the pool in their attempts to grab onto his shirt, balancing on the edge of the pool as a few more make him dance like a professional there on the edge of the pool. Finally, the last burst of effort from the kids, including Darion, the young Duke, and Cat, has him arm whirling and dragged in with a noise of shocked protest before the water swallows him up.

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Scythia remains engaged in a quiet conversation with Sedna, though now having procured a drink that she is nursing as she and the other Redreef exchange quiet words that seem a bit serious in nature.

Cesare checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Botch! Cesare fails completely.

Catalana promises Deva while watching the children and Aethan. "I can send you a pickling tank. I plan to send one to Lady Amelie here. I can already imagine the countesses face-" However, the interruption of Aethan flailing in the pool has Catalana in peels of laughter. Her hands clapping together in glee. "Oh Aethan. You look a little water logged there."

Amelie perks up again, "Are we talking about food again?"

Whatever Cesare was paying attention to, it was not Aethan falling in the pool. He's so distracted by whatever it is that he gets totally knocked off his feet and dragged under in the process and emerges in a sodden, coughing mess, hair plastered to his face. Cough cough. Snort, water coming out of his nose.

"Do your clothes wander off frequently, Duke?" Deva asks Aethan with a straight face, but it fizzles away as he's shoved into the pool. She laughs and leans the other way, still perched on the edge of the pool. Aside to Catalana, she wonders very seriously, "A pickling tank? Hmmm! That sounds fun. I'm sure it would find much use." Then she steeples her fingers before reaching for a fresh glass of whiskey, one that is offered to the now soaked Aethan with a wry smile.

The assurance from Lustry has Valerian near choking on his drink, the glass quickly lowered. "Oh I am not so sure about that, A life of study is far from one that lends itself to perfection of form. At least what most would consider perfection." Valerian offers up before that glass is raised again for another deeper drink of the Cherry Vodka to loosen himself up and give a bit of liquid courage.

Valerian checks stamina at hard. Valerian fails.

"I'll see it caught then, and sent. Though I'm given to understanding that they do not live long." Alarissa notes before Aethan's toppling into the pool and Alarissa's giving a shriek as she's caught by water, silk getting wet and hair as well and eyes widen in horror. "Aethan Kennex! You got me wet!"

Sedna loses her train of thought in the midst of what is surely a serious and incredibly compassionate conversation with Scythia and without trying to conceal it at all, bursts into joyous laughter at all the pool slap-stick.

Lustry giggles a bit at the response and muses to him, "I am going to have so much fun keeping you on your toes Valerian. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." She gently bumps her shoulder to his giving a confidant smile with a playful wink of her eye.

Something about the pool... the splashing, the spluttering. Scythia's a bit damp, herself, from the splash, but something happens when she looks at the water, the people in it. Her eyes widen a little as though she isn't seeing anything that is there, her face going white as a sheet. For a moment it seems as though she is going a little green, and then her eyes break away and she gulps from her drink, hard.

The glass this time when it lowers reveals a broader smile resting upon Valerian's lips, his features relaxing and softening further as he looks to Lustry hearing that warning. "Oh well I will do my best then to keep an eye on you Princess." With that said Valerian's free hand begins to tug his shirt free of his belt, "Okay we can swim now.. but we must bring the drinks closer to the water yes. And then I'll hold your drink for you and you hold mind for me.. so none is lost as we get in." Valerian's focus soon is turned to the pool seeing Aethan within and hearing Alarissa's words, The young Kennex Lord calling out to the Princess and Highlords Wife, "Now you must jump in and dunk him a dozen times for each hour your dress must now dry!"

Aethan is pretty sure he felt himself colliding with someone else or multiple people, earning a few knee kicks and elbows from those who drug him into the pool, fully clothed. As he breeches the surface of the water, the poised Duke Regent is nothing of any longer. His hand is on his side where something, someone, a limb, collided with him and upon seeing Cesare sputtering to the surface he scoffs, "Was that you I hit? Survived?" His hair is no longer swept back in a very stylish manner, rather water logged, as with the rest of him. That silk shirt clinging terribly, the leather pants weighing him down. The boots are going to be trouble later! His hand slicks up his face and pushes back the wet locks of hair, regarding Alarissa, his expression stoic, "Should I apologize?" The twinkle in his ice stare is there, mirth behind the look, though he does move over to Cesare, to check on the Whisper.

Lustry grins happily as she begins to saunter towards the water, offering her drink to Valerian. Once her hands are free she gracefully slips down into her swimwear, then taking the drinks back with a smile as she waits for him to get ready to swim as well.

"I can't swim Lord Valerian. I don't know how to" Rumor has it, that's what she was doing when she lost the arm. Trying to learn how to swim. Rumor. She looks down at the silk, then to Aethan with a roll of her eyes. "No, toss the children in is what you should do, as revenge for me!"

Catalana snickers at Alarissa and encourages more mayhem. "Perhaps he needs further punishment for wetting all these princesses?" She playfully tisks Aethan. "Such terrible manners." Looking to Valerian she remarks to Alarissa with a laugh, "Oh look. The children are getting in."

"It was me," Cesare confirms, dragging handfuls of hair back out of his face. Eventually he decides the easier path is just to go under again, and surfaces with it all slicked back, looking sleek as a seal. "I'm fine, I'm fine, my lord, a bit of inhaled water is nothing I haven't survived in the past." He gives a pointed look downward, though. "You're going to want to get those boots off before you can't anymore." With that he ducks under again, swimming around Aethan before coming up to give him a playful splash. Neither of them can get any wetter, after all.

When Lustry strips down into her swimwear Valerian holds her drink only to hand it back and his as well, His hands moving to strip free his shirt tossing it onto a nearby lounge chair before hearing Alarissa state she can't swim and so won't be able to do it he blinks, "Oh well then I'll do it for you.." The Kennex Lord offering before his eyes level on Aethan even as his hands move to quickly drop his pants. No sooner do they fall and are kicked free and Valerian is rushing to the pools edge before leaping in hap hazardly leaving a brief glimpse of streakning Kennex before the large splash that accompanies his arrival into the pool.

Roran was really enjoying that crab boil it seems, giving it maybe some extra heat. Coming back with a small bowl of things to eat as well as a freshly filled mug of ale, he's followed by a little kitten running at his heels. Sucking a bit of meat out of a claw, he spies Alarissa and smiles towards her, "I'm so happy to see you, princess Alarissa. You look very healthy and that's wonderful to see." A glance is given to a few who are swimming, but he opts to eat more crab and take a pull from his mug. The kitten decides that hems of robes are terrific for pawing and it does.

"Here, to dry off," Sedna says between laughs, producing a dry handkerchief from her person and handing it to Scythia.

The smell of food is too much for Amelie to power through for now, so she pushes herself up out of thr pool. Seeming to forget she is not as clothed as usual by the lure of crabs.

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Deva is lost in some quiet laughter, glancing around at those nearby, but she also seems to shrink a bit and withdraw into herself. Distracted, or something like that, she looks at an empty chair and drifts through some distant thought.

Scythia has left the Lounge chairs by the pool.

"As healthy as one can be, Blessed." Alarissa, drenched again by Valerian doesn't screech this time, just accepts that her carefully tended to hair is going to lose it's curl and she's going to be even more wet. But she's still not getting in. There's a glance to the kitten and faint roll of her eyes. "That one will be a mouser"

Catalana checks composure at hard. Catalana is successful.

Lustry gracefully lowers herself into the pool, making sure to not spill the drinks as she watches Valerian. She begins to slowly wade towards where Valerian is now and offering his cherry'd vodka to him. She looks up to Alarissa with an apologetic smile for Valerian's actions of soaking her before looking back to Valerian, "So... do you already have sketches for this lovely gallery you intend to build out here? Hmm?"

Scythia pushes up with one hand, smoothing down her crimson skirts with the other. There is something distant and closed off in the carefully composed set of her features as she dips her head towards Aethan, then the other hosts with polite gravity and begins making her way out.

It isn't every day that a naked Valerian streaks through and dive bombs her cousin. But, having Wash as a husband and Porter as a cousin, she's almost use to the constant sheninigans and nudity of the Kennex male. Not even an eyelash is batted as her cousin jumps on the other. More a reluctant sigh as she checks with the attendant. "Who bet that it would be Valerian naked? No one?"

Aethan does consider Alarissa's suggestion, looking harshly at one guilty face and then another, to the point that they are squealing and trying to escape his immediate area. He doesn't yet pursue the children, side glancing toward Cesare, nodding to see the Whisper come out of that unscathed. "Aye," he states about the boots, moving toward the side of the pool to get to a ledge where he can accommodate such a task, before he's splashed and swam around. As he splashes back, Valerian comes flying over head, turning his face away from the splash that the Lamb's arrival creates in the pool. A scoffing sound is made as the water logged Kennex tries to climb out, shaking his head at the antics, popping up on the ledge as he works his boot off. It's a struggle, just the one already wants to stick to. Wiggling his foot out of one, he replicates the motion of the second, putting the now heavy with water leather to the side. "William!" He shouts, as if he cannot trust his boots won't walk away and William secures them! At that point, he lifts his hand at Scythia, as she departs. It's a silent gesture, but one given nevertheless.

Sedna uses the opportunity provided by Scythia to politely take her leave as well. She's careful of the pool's edge, though! No falling in for her.

Sedna has left the Lounge chairs by the pool.

2 Redreef Wardens leaves, following Sedna.

Valerian surfaces not far from Aethan, The younger Kennex's arms opening before moving quickly together infront of him sending out a wave directed soley at Aethan. With his task done and the Duke Regent seeking refuge at the edge of the pool once more climbing out Valerian reaches out to take the drink from Lustry. An apologetic smile is offered to Alarissa, "Sorry if I got you Princess, I was trying to avenge your dress and hair." The younger lord tells the Princess with a sincere tone before he is looking to Lustry, "Oh no not yet, I haven't even properly looked at the space just yet. But I have a ton of ideas I have written done in my office, well I call it my office. Really it's just the section of the library I stick to.. And keep locked."

"No wonder he's losing clothing," Cesare says as a gleefully nude Valerian makes a very dramatic entrance into the pool, then leans over to say something for the Duke's ears only. And then he becomes a victim of Valerian's wave as well, seeing as he's standing right next to Aethan, but at least this time he sees it coming and has a moment to prepare so it doesn't end up in his lungs. "Is that where all the erotic literature is kept?" he asks Valerian, with total innocence. "The locked section?"

Catalana glances between Valerian and Cesare "Is that where it's coming from?!" She mutters amusedly. "I thought it was Wash sneaking it into the library."

Rylan, a distracted scholar, Captain Bryon Gethrys, 2 Seliki Pikemen leave, following Scythia.

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There's a glimmer of amusement in Deva's eyes as she looks between Valerian and Cesare. "Is -that- why people spend so much time in libraries?" she jests with a lifted brow. "Is this what your library is known for? I'm suddenly so bored with all our historical texts." With a click of her tongue at Catalana, she shakes her head in mild amusement while also finally sliding into the pool properly. There's still a whiskey in her hand though. Naturally. She clings along the edge where her feet can still scrape the bottom, so she doesn't have to swim outright.

Valerian checks composure at hard. Valerian fails.

*** Aethan has called for an opposing check with Valerian. ***
Aethan checks strength and brawl at easy. Aethan is successful.
Valerian checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Valerian marginally fails.
*** Aethan is the winner. ***

Lustry smiles as sghe inquires, "Perhaps then you can show me it sometime? I am curious what you keep locked up after all." She looks even more curious as she inquires of Valerian, "Is it where you keep such literature? Surely you will share hmmm?"

'Be sure to smuggle out what we do not have a copy of in the Thrax library Lustry!" Alarissa calls out, opting to remove herself from the pool before she starts to get more wet.

Valerian drops Iced Blue Bespoke Striped Silk Shirt.

Amelie gets Iced Blue Bespoke Striped Silk Shirt.

Cecilia takes Kennex Silk Luxury Spa Robe from a leather satchel with removable strap and various pockets.

Valerian drops a pair of flared pants.

Amelie gets a pair of flared pants.

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Boots off kid. That was all he was doing. The additional eddie there that Valerian had cast his way, is tolerated, for the moment since he had to shed off the clothes. His own shirt gets worked out of, and set aside in a lump of wet silk. As Valerian presumes that Aethan is out of the water and harmless, clearly he hasn't anticipated the counter attack! Aethan slips quietly into the water while Valerian is countering conversation of books and libraries and drinking... before he attacks! He full out means to dunk Valerian with arms wrapping around him and doing a good old solar plexus attack that will roll Valerian down into the water with a suddeness and a strength that will cause him to be fully submerged!

"You have to know what you're looking for," Cesare says with great wisdom and surety. "There's a very interesting title which is disguised as a treatise on the mating habits of certain Thraxian mollusks, for example. I can confirm there is in fact what one might call 'mating,' but it is not between mollusks." He waves a hand, very serious, not a hint of a smile on his face, and steps to the side to avoid being taken down by Valerian's unintentional re-entry into the pool. "But to say more wouldn't be proper at all."

The question from Cesare on if he keeps erotica in the special collection has Valerian blinking, Those dark expressive eyes of his going wide in surprise as his cheeks burn with a fierce blush that stretches down to his neck. "Oh my, no.. not at all. Well I.. There is one but it is more a collectors item signed by the author. And I am not sure if it is erotica or foodrotica. hard to tell truth be told." The young man answering honestly. When he hears Deva's comment he blushes deeper and his eyes lower, the comment from Lustry and question over sharing bringing a nod. "I would never deny the joys of a book and its stories to.." Whatever else was going to be said is lost as Valerian is taken by Aethan and drawn beneath the surface, The smaller younger lord flailing in his cousins grasp sending vodka every which way from his glass as he tries in vain to hold at least the drink above the waters surface.

"I didn't think I'd be so close to another battle so soon!" Deva observes as Aethan and Valerian get to it in the pool. She grins in a cheeky fashion, head tilted to one side. And yet, she clutches that drink and drapes an arm along the edge of the pool in a most casual and confident fashion that the trouble will stay -over there.- "Of course you wouldn't! I wouldn't accuse you of anything of the sort. I like all sorts of books far more than I actually let on. It clashes with my reputation."

Catalana slips her feet from the water as the boys continue to tossle. "I admit, I like those books. Especialyl when Wash is away for longer periods. Who doesn't love damsels in destress and steamy secret lovers. The idea of it all in life just sounds so...messy."

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Aethan lets Valerian up, after a moment of thorough dunking, before he sweeps back toward the edge of the pool, the victor. He settles close to Deva and Cesare, musing to Valerian, "That should learn you." The conversation of lewd books comes to his ears then, picking up the pieces, "Is that what people fill their time with?" Eyes over at Valerian, arched brow.

Cecilia leaves the arbor after the Marquis leaves. She lifts her skirts to sit by the pool and drop her feet in.

Cesare shrugs, a grin flashing across his face. "I've heard it can be very lucrative business, for those who have the talent for such titillating writing," he replies to Aethan's query, and with a nod toward Catalana, "Everyone needs to assuage a little loneliness now and again, or imagine a different life. But you're right, my lady, it's much messier in reality. It rarely all works out so nicely in the end as it does in books. That's part of why people like them, though."

Roran glances to the little kitten that's wanting to rip the hems. "Ah, yes. -Her-." the last bit said with a narrowing of his brow as if just seeing her for the first time. "She enjoys snuggles except when she doesn't, and then she enjoys letting you know she has claws. She found me on my way from the Gray Forests on my way back home. I was surprised though at the white one that I found laying on my favourite chair. Cats!" That name is said with a grin before he takes another drink to watch the aquatic endeavours. Setting the bowl of crab down, he hikes his robes up a little before he scoots his shoes off and joins to sit along the edge. Toes wiggling in the water, he just gives an "Ahhh." sound.

"Messy but not always so bad," Deva tells Catalana, her smile a sly and mischievous one. "Sometimes worth it. But-- as the Whisper said, rarely ends so well," she bobs her head in agreement to Cesare. "Still, sometimes one must enjoy life in the moment. You never know if the opportunity will be there tomorrow." To Aethan, she gestures toward Valerian, "Remind me not to anger you while in the water."

Catalana glances between Deva and Cesare. "Unfortunately, I don't think you have met my husband, Lord Washburn." She gestures to Alarissa, "He was once Prince Washburn Grayson and was Princess Alarissa will confirm he was a wild child growing up. I met him when I visited Bastion and he seemed to be hung from the rafters like a common criminal. I met him at dinner that evening and for him, it was love at first sight." She smiles after at Deva, "It was just like one of those stories. Wildly romantic nights. Wooing. Steamy glances and stolen moments. He knew he would marry me one day and even snuck onto the boat returning me to Stormward. I was only sixteen, but I knew I would have his love for a lifetime. To take a lover now, well. It'd be like kicking a puppy. Wash I think is my one true love."

Valerian breaths deeply and with relief when Aethan lets him back up and releases him, The musing from the Duke Regent bringing a small smile to Valerian's lips. "Oh yes, it does. Next time I need to aim better on my first jump." The younger Kennex offers in retort. When Aethan's eyes fall on him and he asks the question of if such books were what filled peoples time Valerian's head shakes. "Oh no, Mine is filled with study and art and now my new dutiess as Minister of Culture. I only have the one collectors piece, And truth be told I thought it originally written by a gourmand and to be about food. Though I did have some doubts."

Aethan checks composure at hard. Critical Success! Aethan is spectacularly successful.

"He was terrible growing up." Alarissa confirms, safe from getting wet, starting to slowly dry out. "he was my favourite cousin."

Lustry grins at the response from Valerian and muses, "Perhaps you can help me find some erotica then? My bookshelf is ever so tremendously lacking of intriguing books to read after all." Her free hand moving to attempt to tickle on Valerian's side.

Aethan resumes the inscrutable expression of his face as the dialogue of naughty romance books and the various false realities that builds up for people roam about the pool. He finds himself gesturing toward a house staff member with a tray of drinks and snatches two of the vodkas for himself. Commentary about the erotica is not forthcoming, nor is there any remarks made for the true love proclamation that Catalana makes. He drinks though, finishing off one vodka in a quick shot and takes the second one slower. "I wait for the right time to retaliate..." he notes half heartedly to Deva, before he murmurs, "If you'll excuse me. I think I'll go dry off and eat some of that crab." He polishes off another vodka, and hoists himself from the water.

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"I've seen him in passing, my lady, and heard the tale, though I've yet to be properly introduced," Cesare says to Catalana with a smile. "At one of Lady Medeia's functions, I think. Yours certainly is a tale for the ages. Perhaps you should write a book! It'd be a best-seller." He takes a vodka of his own from the tray that's summoned over, but doesn't drink quite as quickly as the Duke, setting it on the side of the pool instead and levering himself out to sit with just his feet in the water. Dripping everywhere.

Roran is impressed with the duke's composure and while he doesn't set his mug down, he does give a cheer from the poolside before that cheer is drowned with a drink. The kitten? Is given a little nudge to go explore and off she goes.

The question from Lustry has Valerian biting his lower lip before he gives a nod, "Well I mean I can try, though I only really know of the two series. The baron and his breadcrumb and the baroness and her pie." The man admitting to her before he is motioning to Catalana and Cesare, "Sounds though like they might know of a few others once we get you the bakery set." A little glance is given to the pair and as he looks to them he doesn't see Lustry reaching for his side to try and tickle him. And ticklish he is, Valerian laughing as his body twists and turns in the water. Hearing Aethan talk of retaliation Valerian calls out after his cousin, "I'll use lady lily though for my revenge."

"I mean, love is entirely different than just--" Deva catches herself and slides an awkward look upward while her face turns a little red. "That is a beautiful thing, Lady Catalana. I am glad you have had that in your life. That is very cute. And lucky. I really don't know what that would be-- ah." She snaps her mouth shut again, shoulders rising as she struggles with putting any of her thoughts to words. As Aethan withdraws, she squints up at the sky and puffs her cheeks. That is the face of a woman who thinks she has babbled too much. "Apologies," she states awkwardly, and starts to haul up and out of the pool too to wring her hair out and slip away.

Catalana glances at Deva and Aethan before turning to Alarissa and murmuring "Did I just land my foot in my mouth?" She scrunches her nose at Lustry and Valerian. "I believe that was more a mockery than an erotic novel. I believe a duel was held over it even." She finally turns to Cesare "My apologies good whisper. Lady Catalana Kennex, as you may of guessed."

Alarissa says, "Most assuredly. But I know that you are very good at extricating it from your mouth." Alarissa assures Catalana."

Lustry grins as she sees just how ticklish Valerian is and curiously inquires, "And just who is lady lily? Hmm? Also... I am sure you could assist me with acquiring some copies of these books you speak of. Yes?"

"No apology necessary, my lady," Cesare replies with a gracious incline of his head, leaning over the pool to twist his hair into a long rope and wringing the majority of the excess water out. "Cesare Whisper, although I'm sure you overheard my introduction as well." On just how different love is from just, well - as Deva said, Cesare probably has some insight. But he doesn't share at the moment.

Valerian looks to Deva as she moves to leave, The younger man calling after the firebrand. "Oh there is a painting with you in it on the Thrax Art Institutes Art Barge stop by and give it a peek sometime." The man grinning as he mentions the piece before turning his focus back to Lustry, "Oh of course I can help, yes. Happy to help another with finding books and things or lessons on art. And well Lady Lily is my companion, she is around here somewhere.." Valerian looks around only to finally spot Lady Lily creeping up on a plate of forgotten crab, The small silvery sea otter quickly pouncing the crab on the plate before she rushes for the pool with her treasure.

Aethan takes up a seat in one of the wicker chairs safely out of water range of the pool and dragging it around the fire pit. After he's putting on a robe that William brings him so that he can slip out of his pants. The robe is ankle length and tied around his waist. New drink in hand, he settles before the fire pit, the orange light bouncing off the luxry spa robe. William brings over a plate of crab and other fixings, like the cajun dirty rice.

Lustry beams happily as Valerian agrees to help her with her search for books, "Also, if you see any interesting books, please let me know. I would like to get anything interesting really. And..." She trails off as she sees the silvery sea otter, "Awwww what an adorable little creature. Now I want one but I am unsure if they would get along with Squirt. And I am worried about my cat... well... it isn't exactly my cat but it chose me and... Alagan can be vicious. No matter what I do he just won't be happy."

"Me?" There are several long, bleary blinks at Valerian. Clearly this is the strangest thing Deva has heard all day. Or in a very long time. "I don't know why anyone would paint me, first of all, let alone put it there? Who did that?" Confusion is plastered all over her face, but the inebriation could be contributing to that. "I'm gonna go look. Thanks for letting me know." Does... she mean now? She might mean -right now.- There is a struggle to get her shoes back on as she perches on one of the lounge chairs, clearly with a need to make a brisk escape but not enough to scramble off barefoot.

Catalana sheepishly apologizes to Deva, "I am sorry if I offended. I did not mean too. I know my story is quite rare. And if it helps, I am well and truly disliked by the traditionalists. Love matches are considered a terrible thing by many. Plus. Nearly none of the older generations of Grayson speak to Wash or I." She gives her new friend a hopeful look. Aethan's crumpled up silks get a look. Unfortunately, William sees and scoops them up before Cat can cause any further mischief with her cousins pants.

Valerian smiles looking to Lustry, "Oh there I can be of plenty more help, I know of all manner of interesting books and even a few folios. Depending on your interest and the subject matter." Valerian's left hand reaches out moments later to try and return the favor of being tickled to Lustry, his fingers seeking out her side even as he looks to Deva hearing her words of confusion. "Yes, you. At least she looked like you. And well I did, Hope you don't mind. It'll make more sense when you see it I'm sure." Valerian tells her with a reassuring tone as if he had no doubts that once she saw the piece she would know how she made it to be painted.

Roran says "Love matches terrible? Who'd think that? It's a rare thing to find true love and not infatuation, a love that burns slowly yet surely, embers that won't blow out with the lightest breeze of foul weather. And if it works for you all, maybe count the blessings because it might be a little easier to tackle big problems for others in your house." over his drink towards Catalana.

"No, no, I think I did the offending?" Deva glances uncertainly between Catalana and Aethan. "It's fine. It's nice. It's something to admire. I wish everyone were so lucky. I mean, I've been married but I--" And then she slides a hand over her eyes, face scrunched as if willing away something. "If happiness is available to you it would be silly not to claim it," she decides delicately, chin lifting a bit. "Life is so unkind most of the time that I'd never begrudge anyone their glimmer of peace. Even if I envy it." Catalana gets a reassuring nod as she finishes lacing her shoes. "I'm sure it will. Assuming I can find any sense," she tells Valerian with a strained laugh. "Thank you for hosting," she tells the Kennex crew as she rises, still a bit drenched and uncomfortable but what else does one do?!

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