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Volunteer Efforts with the Heart in Hand

The Heart in Hand goes to work with some newly freed slaves near Sanctum in the Oathlands, intending to distribute both knowledge and funds from a recent event. Even if you aren't part of the group, you're welcome to come join in.


July 22, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Giada Jophiel Razija Aella Kiera Ian


Heart In Hand


Outside Arx - Oathlands near Sanctum - Sanctum

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A section of the outskirts of the old city of Sanctum has been occupied with some recently freed slaves. Some of them having been settled elsewhere already by the fealty's funds, and still others waiting for additional assistance which has arrived in the form of a group of volunteers to provide additional medical support, other bureaucratic nonsense and skill training before the now free folk move along to other parts of the Oathlands or Compact.

In characteristic Oathlands garb, Isabeau is in the center of the tents, organizing work, offering opinions to volunteers and directing different things with her unflappable sweet smile intact.

One might think it odd to find the Archlector of Tehom so close to Sanctum, but Giada is in the medical tents without a sign of office about her. No templars, no mirrormasks, nothing to offend save a traditional Lycene plunge neckline and a little bit of skin at the hips; nothing major. With a little girl on the examination table, she smiles warmly. "Can you open your mouth for me?" she asks the child. "With a -biiiiig smile-?"

Jophiel sits at one of the many tables, helping to fill in the endless paperwork for the illiterate. Maintaining a cordial smile, he turns to the next in line, meanwhile stacking the completed paperwork in a pile.

Jophiel sits by a table, filling in paperwork.

A small contingent of Crimson Blades have arrived on horseback and each have found a place to lend a hand. One is in the medical tent aiding the surgeon. Another, presumably a chef, has arrived with a cart full of fresh food to help distribute. A few more help with some of the training or building of shelters. All in all, the Captain General has brought about twenty able bodies to help with heavy lifting but isn't shying away from it either. She has found herself a stool at a whetstone, preferring the outdoors to within a tent and is busy sharpening blades and arrows and helping with the maintenance of equipment that will probably used in the defense of the settlement as well as hunting.

Razija's in a good mood, not that it was terribly visible as an expression but more in her energy. "Remember it's tip to hilt, and the angle is important! Too much or too little you'll not have a usable knife, just a steel paper weight!"

Aella is one such volunteer, come along to offer whatever help she can. In simple attire - tunic, leggings, tall boots - and with her thick hair braided back, she is ready to dive in hands first. "Duchess," She says, approaching Isabeau with a nod of her head. "A few have mentioned skill in sailing. They may prove useful to Greenmarch's wish to build a port." She scans the area, motioning to a few. "Or, a number of other houses may benefit from their knowledge. Do you have information on holdings seeking such people?"

Kiera has stacks of books and writing implements. Books are at a variety of difficulty levels but she is mainly prepared to teach basics of reading and writing in arvani. Even something as simple as writing one's name in Arvani can be an important first step. While not being agressive about etiquette or the fath , she is more than prepared to answer questions should any show inclination toward said topics

There's a certain welcoming demeanor that a volunteer in a situation like this should have. A demeanor which Ian entirely lacks as he leans against a tree, watching the people circulate with the air of someone who is not here to help so much as he's here to watch for trouble. Probably because that's why he's here. He seems to have a passing familiarity with a handful of the Crimson Blades, and exchanges greetings with them and the occasional word or two as the day progresses.

Looking up from her work at the whetstone, Razija catches a glimpse of Ian nearby. "There you are, Lord Ian. Anything to report on yet?" She lifts the knife to test the edge a little against her leather glove. "Best to test it on a piece of fruit than your finger." She instructs to those around her, a ghost of a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

"Oh, wow. That's a big fuckin' smile!" Giada teases, causing the child to giggle. "Good job. Liiiitle bigger? Hold it... Hoooold it... Awesome!" She sits back after examining the six year old's teeth. "Your sangine humour is in great shape, Samrie. Now we're going to test your yellow bile."

Isabeau flicks through paperwork as she looks at Aella and hums in thought as she nods, "I'm supporting Greenmarch in that, and intending to expand on that goal through the whole of the Telmarch holdings, so any with shipbuilding, or building experience should have a wagon sent that way in preparation for that, or wherever else in the Compact they'd like. Some will go back with us to the capital, actually." she says, as she checks something off on her list.

Ian shrugs to Razija when she turns her attention his way. "Couple of kids stealing food off the table over there. That didn't seem worth getting in the way of." Since the kids could technically have just had the food for free. "Teaching them edges for blades, or cutlery?" Apparently there's a difference.

As Jophiel finishes another paperwork, he sets it on the ever growing pile. Stretching slightly, he decides to take a break from the paperwork. Motioning another scribe to take over his position, he looks around, before deciding to take a look into one of the medical tents.

Aella gives Isabeau a nod, and makes her way over toward Ian. "Lord Kennex. You know a thing or two about ships and being at sea. Want to help me Sort through those who claim experience?"

Time passes and Giada steps back to help her young charge off the table. "Alright, Mummy's right there, so go have a seat. Thank you for being so brave." When she's gone, the Physician turns to the other attending healers. "The last one had no sign of disease. She was a bit underweight, but in good condition. That family's signed off," she reports, making marks in a book. "Give me a minute before the next one. I need to trot over to the top." Records set aside, she starts to make her way through the little camp to the central tents and others.

Kiera looks to those Jphiel is assisting with a smile "If you want to learn to write o read anything I can hep. Whatever your interested in. Lots of books, quills and ink. She lays out some books with lots of illustrations even some folktales for the kids. As well as primers on flora, fauna and medicine that adults might take interest. She does take a moment to give introduction to Jophiel "Lady kiera wyvernheart

Time passes and Giada steps back to help her young charge off the table. "Alright, Mummy's right there, so go have a seat. Thank you for being so brave." When she's gone, the Physician turns to the other attending healers. "The last one had no sign of disease. She was a bit underweight, but in good condition. That family's signed off," she reports, making marks in a book. "Give me a minute before the next one." Giada steps outside the tent, lighting up a cigarillo that smells of clove. Olive green eyes close with a sigh and a roll of her neck and shoulders.

Isabeau's attention gets drawn by another volunteer getting a little flustered with a language barrier and steps over, beginning to translate for one of the people who seems to be speaking in Oathlands shav. She marks something down and directs the person to a tent where more people other than her can translate. Her sweet, seraphic smile still apparent as she pauses in her meandering about the tents, moving to near Giada, "Archlector. Thank you again for coming to share your expertise. It means a great deal to the Hearts to have such support." she says, her warm contralto voice sincere as she glances around at the bustle of activity. Her eyes linger on the city proper for a long... long moment, something sad in her expression before it clears back into sunny sweetness and smiles.

"Something of both. This is a kinfe for cleaning either fish or venison," Razija holds up the blade. "Though I am certain it will cut any kind of throat if you put your mind to it." She nods over at a nearby table of various and assorted blades. "Next one will be a skinning knife. The gut hook's a little tricky to get just right sometimes. Theres a trick to it!" As Aella comes over to talk about boats she passes the knife over to one of the onlookers and gives them a chance at the whetstone, getting up to stretch and joining Aella and Ian. She offers a tip of her hat to Aella. "I'm Razija Lyonesse. Friend of Lord Kennex?"

As looks by the medical tents, he notices Giada standing outside. As he walks forward, he introduces himself. "Good day my Lady. I am Jophiel Bisland. Nice to make your acquaintance." Noticing what she is wearing, he continues "I assume you are one of the physicians present to help?"

"Countess Aella Ravenseye," Aella introduces herself to Razija. She hesitates on claiming friendship with Ian. "We're acquainted, aye." She looks toward the other Crimson Blades. "You're with them?"

as she ends up greeting jophiel's departing back, she seems prepared to carry on offering to help the replacement scribe with the paperwork. she seems quite surprised to see a messenger from wyvernheart and momentarily excuses herself

Ian excuses himself when Aella calls out to him. Detaching himself from the tree he was leaning against, he makes his way closer to where she is. He has to be careful, walking over the uneven ground, and this is clear in the way that the watches his own footsteps. "Have a look at their knots. Eurusi sailors are going to have different names for things, but the knots they can make will be the same."

After giving her thanks to Giada and offering Jophiel a warm smile, Isabeau drifts along towards Ian and Razija, offering a dip of her head in greeting as she says, "Thank you all for coming," she offers in her sweet, warm voice, then her gaze flicks to Razija, "I don't know that we've met. I'm Duchess Isabeau Telmar."

When hailed by Isabeau, Giada opens her eyes and smiles in response. "This is honestly one of my preferred gigs, Duchess Telmar," she admits to the other woman. "My pleasure." She exhales the smoke upwards and into the breeze to spare any pink lungs lingering about. That's about when Josphiel arrives, and the Lycene flashs an easy, raffish smile. "Well met, Lord Bisland," she says. "I'm no lady, however. If you must, 'Blessed' will work or perhaps just 'Physician' considering the local sentiments. Giada Morello."

She gives the Countess a crisp nod. "Well met, Countess Ravenseye. And you're correct. I'm the Captain General of the Crimson Blades, yes. These are some fresh recruits from the area. Thought I might put them to work here. A few extra hands never hurt. Weather's getting cold. Hope they know what they're getting themselves into with a winter here. Can be tough if you're not familiar with snow. Too late to plant much - I think. I'm not much of a farmer. Don't trust me." With the approach of the Duchess Razija turns and when she's greeted, at least she has enough common sense to bow back, touching the brim of her hat. "Salutations! My apologies. We have not. I'm Razija Lyonesse, Captain General of the Crimson Blades. It's a pleasure to meet you, Duchess. This is your project isn't it?"

Correcting himself, Jophiel says "Ah, then Good Day Blessed." As he glances at the medical tents, he asks "Are there many injured present?"

With a nod to both Ian and Razija, Aella turns her eyes to Isabeau as she approaches before looking back to Ian. "Aye, the names can be taught and learned fair enough. And..." She considers Razija a moment. "I don't know a thing about planting. I hope no one needs me to."

Isabeau dips her head in a slight nod towards Razija, a sweet smile still remaining on her lips, "Oh, I wouldn't say that. I'm just the organizer. The Hearts are a very passionate group, and I'm just here to support the cause." she answers, modestly, "But Lyonese, my Lady? That would make us distant cousins of some sort. But still, a pleasure to meet you." She glances around, receiving a bit of paper from an approaching secretay, beginning to scan it, writing something, passing it back, "We wouldn't have anyone to help here if it weren't for Alis," A mark of familiarity perhaps, to refer to a High Lady by her name, but they are cousins, "and her party rescuing them from the shav tribes."

Giada's shoulder dips into a little shrug as she considers Jophiel's question. "Considering that they were enslaved by the Abandoned, they're in decent condition. Doesn't pay to have your slaves dying left and right. Quite a few malnourished children, a few recovering from punishment it looks like." She exhales slowly, clove smoke drifting away. "I suspect that most of them are more traumatized than visibly wounded at this particular point in time."

"In the meantime, looking at how well they tie the knots will give you a sense of their experience as sailors," Ian elaborates to Aella.

"The same really," Razija comments to Aella with a little smile. "It might, I have quite a few family members scattered across the Oathlands. And even some in Grayson. The High Lady saved them from Shav? I don't think that I've heard the tale. Out in the wilderness doing drills you don't get to hear much news. May I ask what happened? Sounds interesting."

Nodding his head, he asks Giada "What happens to the children who have lost their parents? Where do they go next?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Giada before departing.

Isabeau checks intellect and economics at easy. Isabeau is successful.

That question makes Giada wince apologetically. "That's a bit beyond my paygrade, sorry. If I had to guess, however, those who have no family will be placed into groups with the people that they know. I think different holdings will be taking the freed ones in... Sorry. I'm here overseeing the Physicians' inventory and treating the patients when they come through." Eventually, the priestess drops the cigarillo and grinds it out with the heel of her boot.

Nodding his head thoughtfully, he states "Perhaps I will have to ask Duchess Isabeau about this. Thank you for your time."

Aella checks command and sailing at normal. Aella marginally fails.

Aella nods to Ian, making her way back toward the group that she had gathered. She finds some rope and begins checking their knotwork. After a short while she heads back toward Ian and Isabeau. "Well. They uh. They know some knots." She frowns deeply. "They'll need more training. Or I'll need a better translator." She happens to catch the conversation on orphans. "I'd take some into the Ravenseye estate. The families of the staff of the state in Arx all stay. They'd adopt the children in. I could probably take one or two as a ward. They'd have a fairly normal childhood there."

Giada nods at Jophiel and dips back inside the medical tent. "Right. Let's see the next one." In comes an old crone whose Arvani is rather broken. "Crap." Giada looks up and asks one of the other physicians, "Can you find me a translator, please?"

Jophiel returns to the paperwork he has left behind.

Ian checks perception and sailing at normal. Ian is successful.

When Aella comes back to him with a neutral answer, Ian follows her over to where she's been testing the possible sailors. He takes more interest in the knots than he had previously (otherwise known as 'literally any interest at all') and starts asking more incisive questions. A couple of people withdraw from the general group of supposedly skilled sailors under this scrutiny.

Giada checks intellect and medicine at normal. Giada is successful.

Razija checks command and leadership at normal. Razija is successful.

Razija looks around, and smelling what the chef has been cooking she smacks her gloved hands together and rubs them a few times. "I smell food! Who's hungry? I could eat a whole yak."

Jophiel checks wits at normal. Jophiel marginally fails.

Isabeau continues going around, making notes of transportation, grouping people, arranging for further medical care, housing, and so on as she goes, all while minding the group's budget. When she does get moments of break from the bureaucratic and budgetary concerns, she serves as a translator for anyone who is speaking only Oathlands shav.

With Ian's assistance, Aella feels more confident in the group that's been whittled down. "Thanks, Lord Kennex." She is able to return to Isabeau with a list of those who would be able to assist with the Greenmarch or other Telmar vassal port projects.

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