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Laurent's Annual Honey Festival 1017 - Reschedule

Rescheduled event. After skipping it for one year due to reasons, The Annual Honey Festival returns with all its might! It is sweeter, stickier and goldener. Because that is a word. Wear your finest honeysilk outfit. We will provide aprons. There will be no harm. To clothes or people. Likely. Mostly. Well no one died yet.


July 17, 2022, 12:30 p.m.

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Insaya Patrizio Caspian Yuri Mattheu Aisha



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - The Apiary

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Comments and Log

The Laurent Apiary has been decorated with all the streamers, hives and flowers (well that's a lie, they are already there) without, of course, interrupting the bees and the bees will pose no problem for the guests. There is also a very light snow-fall, donating to a majestic look all around. Trust the Laurents. Just do not try to get honey from the hives.

Several food stands and drink stands have been placed along the grounds with a decorative centerpiece, created by Princess Denica Thrax catching your attention as you walk in. Honey Art!

There is also a very ominous construction right in the center of the apiary, which looks quite concerning to those who might be familiar with how things go at the Honey Festival usually and make you wish you wore armor. Well, too late now.

The Laurents themselves are standing by the entrance, greeting their guests. Mabelle is wearing the fieriest honeysilk dress paired with a furry shawl to keep her warm. She is drooping with honeystones but her headpiece is so eye catching, it actually steals your attention: A large tiara made of pure diamonds. "Welcome!", she calls out to those who walk in and smiles warmly, "Welcome to the Laurent Apiary. I bet you did not know it was here. Well, some of you must have known, but we are quite fond of our Apiary and decided this year we should celebrate with the bees. Well, they won't BEE here, but they can enjoy us from afar. See what I did there?", the smile on her face starts to turn a bit impish, "It is already winter alas, so we have brought some hot chocolate as well to keep you warm between activities. The game will be announced later! Have fun!".

"I feel sticky already. Am I supposed to feel sticky already?" Insaya asks aside in that on-the-nose farmgirl way of hers. Aloud, she calls back toward Lady Mabelle, "I'm sure they will BEE here in spirit, my lady!" As she the game, Insaya looks dubious, and begins rolling up her shirt-sleeves.

"I actually did not know it was here." That Patrizio Pravus is present - and bundled up, as speaks to the weather without - is without any doubts, though there's a warm smile for Mabelle, the press of his palm to his chest and a dip of his head, before he chuckles softly. "Should one be worried about the fact that the hot chocolate is liable to be laced with honey?" This doesn't, his greeting, distract from how his jade eyes do turn about the space, to drink in the sights.

Caspian l,uahged as he entered, "oh the city was abuzz with talk of the honey festival! so i thought i might fly on by and see what i could sniff out. All the honey is certainly to give quite the sting to any sweet tooth though!" he smirks, bowing and smiling to all "Lady Mabelle, as always you have outdone yourself and.. are those Honey Diamonds!?" he stared at the headpiece a moment, "do they actually taste like honey?!"

"I do not believe that's any cause of concern, your Highness. Maybe a tad sweeter than normal, but I welcome that on days like this." Yuri glanced around with a smile, eyes transfixed on that ominous structure within the center of the grounds of the apiary. His mind leapt a few times at just what that was going to play into later on, when a 'game' was mentioned. He shook his head gently, exhaling, "Ah...I can only imagine..." He uttered before looking about to grab a mug for himself of that piping hot cocoa.

Mabelle quirks her lips as Insaya, "Imagine how I feel being born and raised a Laurent. Sometimes I wonder if I hear buzzing all the time or it is all in my imagination", she waggles her eyebrows as she travels through her guests, collecting a her chocolate mug on the way, made by her girl, "Well Prince Patrizio, you get to make your own. How about that? Liberal Oathlanders", she laughs. Her eyes squint at Caspian, "Well you know, if you win the game, you might actually get to taste one", she tilts her head, making her tiara sparkle, "It is a new heirloom piece for the family, where better to celebrate it?". Yuri's concern is registered and she promises him, "No one ever died. Yet."

Mabelle has joined the A FESTIVE ENTREE STAND.

The Rivenshari bells sing out crisper in the cooler weather as Mattheu nearly skips through the Laurent Manse towards the Apiary. Barely stopping in front of the large beehive and staring up at it with a silly grin, "That looks to be a lovely sticky situation." He slips over to Mabelle for a moment with a smile, and hands her a small parcel with soft word before grabbing a passing drink and looking back Patrizio with a laugh, "Prince Patrizio! It feels nearly forever since I've seen you last." Then looking to Caspian with a jingling nod.

Caspian looks to Insaya and grins, "come now.. a little bit of sticky never bothered you. why the concern now?" he laughs merrily, moving to find a mug. "you know i once heard a story of a castle besieged and the defenders were so horrible at shooting arrows, they poured honey down on the attackers to make them slow and sticky and easier to shoot." he nods his head sagely, "true story." the jingling turns his gaze to Mattheu and he waves happily in greeting "hello lord mattheu!"

Playfully, as if in warning, Patrizio's clucking his tongue at Caspian. "You're going to get yourself in trouble one day by asking to taste random things, Messere Master Champion," he chides the man, in the spirit of good fun. Though there's a grin for Mabelle at her offer of such a thing, for the hot chocolate. "That might be equally dangerous, you are aware," voices he, even as he's easing back as step, to allow others to greet their hostess while he's marvelling at the surrounds.

The bells /are/ quite the tell, and the prince of Pravus smiles to Mattheu as he inclines his head respectfully. "My lord, it has been quite some time. It feels as if our encounters've declined as the weather's slipped towards the winter months. I hope that you and yours are quite well."

Mabelle grins amusedly at Mattheu, thanking him for his gift, "This is lovely thank you", but it is something Caspian said that makes her shift her eyes, "Who told you that? I dropped honey on them to set them on fire!". Oops. Maybe she shouldnt have said that out loud. She smooths her gown and wades toward Patrizio to avoid that sticky situation, "Well you know, just dont eat too much, might interrupt with your climbing", she looks at the beehive mountain.

Yuri blinked rather slowly, turning his head off to the side to where Mabelle had seen to utter that little line about the structure. "Oh. Oh, well that is just fine, Lady Laurent. Yet. As in there is some reserved expectation that someone /could/ find themselves on the wrong end of one of those..." He gestured with his hand toward the contraption, shaking his head. He settled back into his mug of hot cocoa, his steps guiding him along to take a look at the food prepared at the differing stations and stands.

Aisha groans at all the puns she overhears, but she is smiling at them. She enters the Apiary bundled up in a fuzzy white fur coat. So warm. So -fluffeh-. Beneath, a lovely dress of pink silk, with a matching headpiece of what appear to be a band of delicate cherry blossoms (but those are silk as well, to the disappointment of any bees braving the cold). She curtsies to Mabelle. "Thank you so much for inviting us! It's beautiful...I do think the snow adds to it, somehow. Such a contrast..." Her eyes look far away and thoughtful for a moment before returning to the present. She moves toward some of that aforementioned hot chocolate, offering a smile to those she encounters on the way.

Insaya is a liberal Oathlander, standing there with her infused honeycomb, getting a sticky chin and sticky fingers. "I won't say it bothers me esppecially... until it starts getting my hair stuck in it, Handsome." And she dots at his nose with a blob of the golden stuff. "Also when it makes my papers stick together. But honey wrestling is aa thing, in some of the seedier taverns of the mountains... Not that I would know from personal experience. That would be very suspect."

"Prince Patrizio. You only need to follow where the music is, find me at a dance and many score up some of the points you need to win back for dances owed." Mattheu grins back as he slips through the crowd back to the giant beehive, "It really is something Lady Mabelle. What's this about climbing?"

Mabelle calls amusedly toward Yuri, "No adopting my recipes!", she wags her fingers and then comments, "People were slightly injured, or set on fire a time or two during a honey festival, but no one died, is what I meant to say. This game is doable. I think". A smile is cast toward Aisha, a warm one, "Lady Inverno, what a pleasure. I've not seen one from your House for long and your Uncle I think? Was the dearest thing to me. Please enjoy yourself, I pray you have fun. The honey chicken is lovely!".

"My dear Insaya, honey is good for your hair, I will send you my concuction". She points at the game toward Mattheu, "I will explain in a bit, I promise".

A warm chuckle's offered by Patrizio to Mattheu, as he's agreeing about this. "This is very true, though I would argue, my good lord, it is not to you to whom I owe dances." There's a twinkle to the prince's jade eyes as he's contemplating this, even as he offers a warm smile, and the dip of his head respectfully, to Aisha on noticing her.

Caspian looks to Patrizio with a impish smirk, "oh it has.. many many times your highness! but.. im still alvie to keep being stupid so.." he shrugged with a laugh.. though at mabelle's 'confession' he snapped his head to insaya "Did you hear wha--" the honey blob squarely caught his nose and he scrunched his face several times as he tried to get it with his tongue but failed. he began looking around for something to clean it with and chuckled "i never though of honey hair product.. but i think after this i am going to be smelling honey for days." golden-nosed, he looked to insaya "you need to show me these taverns.. er.. for science of course"

Yuri seemed to be mid-snatch of a piece of honey candied bacon, inspecting it with some mild interest before his head turned off slowly to where Mabelle called. He look delivered from the lord was one of innocent questioning, shrugging his shoulders as he muttered just loud enough for his words to be audible, "I swear, you take interest in some friendly competitor's food and she immediately sees you up to no good...cannot open any sort of venue around here without scrutiny..." The bacon was claimed and Yuri popped it into his mouth, before taking a look at the ginger pork.

Mabelle admits to Caspian, "I create many honey products in my laboratory and treat myself with them. I've dreamt of opening a shop in the back of the Bee Lounge, but I cannot find an apothecary to run it and enjoy its profits. If you find anyone, do let me know", she smiles to him, "And as for the siege, they were asking for my head, you would have done the same!". Her finger wags toward Yuri again, as if to say she is not buying it.

Mattheu laughs softly as he takes another sip of the wine found, while looking over the various honey glazed foods and trying to sort out how best to layer the plate he has. Looking over to add in a jingling nod towards Aisha before turning to Patrizio.

Insaya does not touch her strawberry-toned hair for obvious reasons. "Honey is good for whatever you have, my lady. I bet the bee-bread would make my lanolin products at the fold smell nicer. there is much to be said for sheep-grease in what it does for your skin, and fabrics, but its just not... you know, very city-sophisticated." To Caspian, Insaya smirks, and says, "Your investigative spirit is noted, Master Wild. But you ought be careful around such places-- sometimes it's adulterated with tree-syrup."

Patrizio chuckles for a moment as he's looking to Mattheu, and there's the arch of a brow, but it doesn't seem as if the prince himself actually has anything to say to the matter. His attention's shifted to Caspian as he chuckles and just shakes his head, slowly, slowly, at that smirk of his. "Then you have better luck than I, my lord, the truth being all that. I just know the way this world works, or seems to."

Though speaking of such luck, there's an interruption, a messenger at the prince's arm, and he sighs hotly, before he advances for a moment to briefly again offer a faint bow for Mabelle. "You'll have to forgive me. Urgent matter, it seems awaits me."

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields leave, following Patrizio.

Mabelle walks over to the towering wooden construction, smoothing her sparkling gown, "There is a very special treasure inside the beehive up there only… well… its filled to the brim with honey. The thickest kind. And the beehive itself has stings all over it. I mean, if you get past the honey jars flying in your direction. Once you get to the top. Good luck?", she shrugs and cackles. Did she cackle? No, it was sweet laughter. Ladies do not cackle. Just like hosts do not make it a point to kill their guests. Most of the time. This is the Oathlands not the Lyceum. I mean there was that one dinner.. nevermind!

"I have only just returned to Arx, my Lady," Aisha replies to Mabelle, and she smiles at the mention of one of her family. "Is it Donato you speak of? He was indeed very brave, and it is good to remember him. Thanks to Lady Reigna, I have my own ties to the Oathlands, and I am so glad to revisit them." A pensive look crosses her face, fleetingly; she lifts her cup of chocolate in a toast. "To our old dear ones, and to new friendships, always," she offers.
She looks amused at overhearing the conversation about wrestling in honey, and soon good humor returns to her face soon enough, smiles and interested looks offered toward Patrizio and Mattheu. "Is there to be dancing here?" Aisha asks, approaching them -- even if Patrizio must flee right then! How fortunate? she sheould inquire after the festivities, yes? For Mabelle is now announcing them!

Caspian looks o mabelle and bobs hi head. "Seems only fair if they were trying for your head. death by flaming honey after all is a sickly sweet way to go." he looks to insaya, mischief dancing in his eyes as he is about to give a witty retort when Mabelle announces her game. "Oh!? so we just.. jump on in then?!"

Mabelle murmurs aside to Aisha, "I was actually speaking of Lord Saverio, well Count Saverio, he was my patron, but perhaps you and I can meet for dinner and talk sometime soon". She eyes Caspian, "Scared?"

Caspian looks down at his clothing and begins to pulls off any bits of loose jewelry that he can, seeming to consider the shirt as well.. he looks to Mabelle and laugh, "oh im just buzzing in fear. the thrill has stung me! lets all BEE brave!"

Mattheu listens, then is left with barely a grasp upon his wine glass as there's talk of flaming jars. When Caspian just announces to jump on, he grins and downs the wine. "If you're charging up, then I'll see you there Caspian!"

Yuri looked to having some second thoughts when his eyes settled back onto that structure that Mabelle was hallmarking, shaking his head a bit at the 'beehive' covered in those stings. His eyes narrowed slightly as if to try to make out exactly what those were, looking menacing to any finger or hand that got near them. He placed his small plate of food down at an empty place setting at a table nearby, approaching pensively before his gaze followed Patrizio out, "Prince Pravus looks as if he'll be avoiding anything sweet, for the moment. Or a handful of stings--those look like sewing needles..." He remarked as an aside toward Aisha and Insaya, seeing as Mattheu and Caspian were close enough to begin.

"Take it off," Insaya calls eencouragingly to Mattheu, and points to Caspian, who is setting a good exampple to her way of thinking, and considers the feat hersef thoughtfully. "I mean, it could be worse," she saays to Yuri. "They could have rubbed the lot down with urtica -- nettles."

Mabelle encourages Insaya, "Come now, you're already covered in honey, its a really sweet prize", she grins at the woman and then encourages Yuri, Caspian and Mattheu as they reach the starting point, looking at Aisha, "Dare a game?"

Caspian looks over to mattheu and laughs, "oh good! i can cling to your leg when i start to slip and you can carry me the rest of the way!" he beams "your bells might be a bit be-honeyed though im afraid." he l;ooks over and smirks to insaya, "oh.. dont act like this is the worse you have done. Come put those honey wrestling skills to good use!"

"I would enjoy that, my Lady," Aisha replies. Then she's looking at the giant construction and the -real- reason it has been set here for the guests. Her brows lift and she takes a very, very long sip of that chocolate. "Well, it won't be the first time I've completely destroyed a dress," she muses, as she begins to shrug out of her coat. With that and any other encumbrances set aside, she rubs her gloved hands together with anticipation and approaches closer to the big spiky monstrosity.

Insaya checked willpower + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 43 higher.

Mabelle claps her hands completely delighted all her guests are taing their clothes off IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER IN AN OUTDOOR EVENT. BUT THIS IS FINE

Caspian checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 28 higher.

Yuri checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 17 higher.

Mattheu checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 37 higher.

Aisha checked willpower + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Caspian pulls off his shirt, leaving nothing but a tight undershirt. He shivers in the cold, but the energy and laughter seem to keep him warm enough. The man is naught but muscle, the bronze skin criss-crossed with quite a few white scar lines. He doesn't hesitate once the signal is given to jump into the honey. While there were likely far better ways to move, he takes the brute force approach, hauling himself arm over arm up the mountain, the honey dragging at him. A cacophony of sucking sounds filled the air as he clambered up. "How did honey get THERE already..." he cleared his throat and kept moving.

"It could have been much worse; a costumed bear could have been chasing us all the while." Yuri remarked to Insaya as the fastens of his cloak were removed. It was not too cold out for his liking, but it was still a winter day and that bite was presently a reminder. Unhindered, he began taking the structure's first obstacle of crates, his eye trained on that ominous guard that was continuing to push the jars at the top with some good force. Crate climbing, first. That was the key.

Insaya is not taking anything off. Not because she hates her clothing, or because she is cold (she'd rather die than admit that), but because she needs the cloth for later. It takes very little to peer-pressure her into the climb. Dignity is not a thing they hhave back on the farm, evidently. Insaya gestures to a few likely sorts to proceed her, but as soon as they are bent over and their limbs engaged, she is using them as handy climbing equipment for the tough bits. In the Oathlands, all sports (up to and including Cornhole) are contact sports. This is fine. Yes. Cheerfully, she calls behind her to answer Caspian, "You'll be finding it for weeks. I volunteer to help with the search!" To Yuri she grins, and says, "Its early yet,"

Mattheu turns back to Aisha with a grin as he eyes the giant beehive. "There can be dancing anywhere you'd like. Perhaps even after climbing this sticky tower with a prize within." He looks back to Insaya, "My reputation of being unable to keeping my tunic on seems to have reached many." A laugh as he looks to Caspian, "And here I thought I could hold onto you!" He eyes back up the towering honey trap before him, removing his tunic to toss it directly at Violetta with a sigh, "I know you'll find a way to leave me here without my tunic. So I'm not fighting it." With a laugh and a jingling bounce he looks for where to grab and starts his way up. Hand over hand, slow and steady for each pull and then grab for where to head next follows with bells from scarves tied around his waist, and a few upon edges of his pantaloons. Stopping to look back down only to spot his assistant slowly edging away from the crowd, a shake of his head as he laughs and continues upward.

Mabelle gasps at Yuri, "Was that you in the honey festival last time!?", she stares at him but cannot help but laugh at Caspian, "Oh poor Master Wild, I feel so bad", but laughter erupts further when Insaya offers her help to find it, cupping her cheek, "Oh my these is getting frisky!". Mabelle regards Mattheu amusedly, "I'll get you a new tunic and we can all dance after if no one is injured", she promises Aisha as she watches her climb.

"Oh, um, perhaps we could give each other a hand up?" Aisha wheedles toward her fellow competitors, though just how they are to do that would be its own feat. Soon she is a pretty pink dot at the rear of the race to the top. She grunts as she struggles to pull herself up over the craggy landscape of the crates. She throws a leg up over an edge to pull herself up and an ominous noise of fibers being strained comes from her skirt. "The laundress is going to have so many choice words," she muses, laughing, as she conttinues to struggle upward Slowly but surely. Mostly slowly.

Caspian checked composure + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Mattheu checked luck + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Insaya checked perception + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 29 higher.

Yuri checked perception + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Aisha checked perception + seduction at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Yuri did manage to hear Aisha at the rear of the train of competitors, having had a few near-misses from swinging jars and the blazing trail that Insaya was making along the trail; Caspian and Mattheu hot on her heels. His hand outstretched off toward Aisha, another hand beckoning forward to encourage her through the gauntlet of swinging jars they had stopped right in the middle of. The lord's head and upper body shifted slightly to avoid another jar, catching a glance to the Laurent guard; seemingly content with his job to toss jars of honey at the competitors for as long as he was ordered to.


Caspian looks up at Insaya, a smirk playing over his face. "gods.. what did you do oil yourself up before getting on?! i thought you were joking when you spoke of the honey wrestling." he hauled himself up another few feet before laughing., "Ah i feel honey between my toes.. wait..SHIT!" the looked around for his lost boot scrambling down to tug as his stuck boot a moment finally ripping ti free and trying to get it on while dangling by an arm. Then eh back at it.. only. THE MAN IS THROWING JARS AT HIM! "Oy! careful with that or i'll catch one and throw it back at you..." his gaze flickers to insaya a moment and mischief forms in his mind. he looks over to mattheu, to the jars.. then to insaya with a wicked grin.

Sugar! Aw, honey, honey, Insaya is a candy girl, and people throw things at Insaya all the time. ALL THE TIME. She is an Inquisitor of Arx, afterall. Has the badge and everything. And her job, chiefly is giving suspect people the stink-eye and not getting hit by whatever the missile happens to be. She crabs sideways into someone else's lane, and *biff* knocks the jar. "AN' I can do it with my shirt on, thank ye verra much! Ye throw like my ol' nan!" she grouses. Sometimes the accent comes out to play. But what accent, and from where? Whom?! "Don't ye even think it, Wild, or I'll break out the satchel of many things!"

Mabelle is all glamarous and pretty, standing FAR FAR AWAY FROM THERE, DRINKING CHOCOLATE, laughing at Caspian for having honey in his toes. "Good going Lord Tessere, if the Jar wont get you, Insaya might", she laughs.

"Oh, thank you, so much," Aisha puffs to Yuri, accepting his hand up. She offers him a brilliant smile with her thanks, though very soon the attention of both of them must return to what lies above. That same sunny smile is offered to the Laurent guard. "Hello there, Sir Guard! Has anyone told you that you look -so- very handsome while you are, um, on the high ground? I would so love to join you--" Her attempt to charm the loyal guardsman is broken by an indignant screech as he hucks a jar just specially for her! She fends it off with a forearm but one can hear the -bonk- as it hits, and then the clatter of glass as it breaks and spurts honey everywhere, including on her. She looks as if she's biting bak some of those choice words the washerwoman woill have later, as she keeps on climbing with rather less goodwill for the guard in her eyes!

Mattheu barely is barely missed by the first swinging pot of honey, and it might have been that he was busy watching his assistant take off with his tunic and cloak that he was already ducked down when it swung past him. Looking back up to now watch another jar come swinging towards him he has a moment of tilting his head in an awkward, 'what...the...' and that one barely misses him too. Perhaps if Mattheu had listened to the layers of the climb he would have been more prepared for what was to come. He calls back up to the guard, "Missed me!" following in a laugh as this apparently only makes the guard focus in trying to throw them with more precision now. "Ack! Wait!" Mattheu continues to laugh as he tries to cling closely to the tower and still find where he can climb to next.

Mabelle winces helplessly as she notices the jar hit Aisha and she covers her face, murmuring to her girl, "We might need to have to send people new outfits". Her eyes trail Mattheu in concern.

Mattheu checked luck at difficulty 35, rolling 22 lower.

Caspian checked luck at difficulty 35, rolling 19 lower.

Aisha checked luck at difficulty 35, rolling 15 lower.

Insaya checked luck at difficulty 35, rolling 23 lower.

Yuri checked luck at difficulty 35, rolling 27 lower.

Yuri was less than cordial and more familial with the nod he offered to Aisha, offering her support before he allowed the woman to work whatever plan was beginning to take root upon the guard. Bu, oh, it did not work whatsoever. There was a look of incredulous horror as that lone guard reared back and sent the jar flying in Aisha's way. Mabelle was sent an accusatory glance, pointing off at that guard; conveniently his face obscured by the helm on his head, "Who let him man a post?! Check your guardsman, Lady Laurent!" He was torn between keeping sure footing, but more so not wanting to be the next target of the guard as he bounded past the swinging jars. His hand immediately hit a pin, sending him into a lightly cursing fit.

Mabelle shakes her fist, "He's just doing his job! Dont yell at me in my house!!!", but her serious expression is helplessly turned into a fit of laughter she's not even trying to hide.

Mattheu looks up at the guard as Aisha attempts to convince the man to put the jars down, shaking his head as the guard does put the jars down. Just at him! "Stop helping him!" Mattheu calls out in a laugh as he now looks at the edges of the beehive and slaps at what he believes to be a solid spot to grab. ... At first he's silent as he pulls his hand back from the pinned location staring at the many, oh, so many pins that he's spotting now. "OW! What the... What type of trap is this!? Lady Mabelle! You know how you were asking what keelhauling was? This is WORSE!" a shake of his hand to try and get some feeling back, then slowly trying to find where he can grab, honey pots still flying at him. One hits him in the back, grazing along exposed skin and leaving a trail of the sticky honey to dribble down. The rest of his climb becomes a series of loud what most likely is swearing in Ravashari as he grabs at pins, sucks on his finger, then repeat.

Caspian grabbed a glob of honey tossed it up at Insaya with a laugh "Oh you and your pouc---OUCH!" he looked at his hand. "That honey Hurt!" he looked at his hand then the honey then his hand, clearly bewildered until he remembered What lady Mabelle had said about 'stings'. shook his hand and began to nimbly scamper ahead, testing each hand hold before putting weight on ti. it seemed to be working, the man making remarkable progress, even gaining on the nimble insaya! his face breaks into a smile as he gets closer. "Careful when i pass you insaya or you'll end up with honey all in that hair!" he laughed.. then forgot himself and placed a hand down to hard. the pain caused him to jerk back.. which of course through off his balance. he slid down the side of the mountain for a bit a small wave of honey forming beneath him before he caught himself. so much for his progress.. and much worse for any below him as the small wave of honey continued its way down.

Mabelle calls up to Mattheu and Caspian, "This is an educating experience! So you will never be tempted to steal honey from a hive!!!", but she is down there, giggling. As long as she does not have to suffer through her own designated games.

"Well he is very devoted to his work," Aisha says, even if it's a grumbling tone. She climbs higher, and balks as she sees pins now, all over the place! "With the sweetness, there is a sting," she muses. "So many contrasts to...reflect...on..." Then she gets too busy climbing and just trying to survive to be very philosophical anymore. There are lots of sharp, high-pitched 'ow!'s as her pretty kid gloves prove that they are definitely NOT impervious to pricks. Lots of squeaking, as she tries to cling to the few places on the walls that are not studded with stingers. She gets bonked on the hip with a jar, and looks down to see that her entire left side is glistening with sticky honey. Her lips press in a tight line from which a growling "MMMMM!!!!" comes out. One senses that this is the prelude to some very un-noble-like word rather than feedback about honey.

"Ow, ow, OW, ow-ow, f...ustian! Ow!" Insaya clings to her place but every time she moves a hand she jerks it back. She sucks the latest pricking on the meat of her palm, and starts trying to claw into the hive, to take away it's spikey coating. Destructive much? Again: Inquisitor. "He's got my gran's aim, too!" she wails, as a jar leaves a Laurent-branded bruise on her posterior. "You have to pass me first, Champ. Not that I mind the view. Just the losing part." She calls back toward Mabelle, "It doesn't appear to have worked on the Laurents!" Her hand dips iinto her satchel, searching as she climbs for dear life.

Insaya gets a set of ominous medical tools from leather satchel with a comfortable strap.

Mabelle gasps as she eyes Insaya, "We are not stealing! We work in unity!!!", she proclaims and wags her finger, but still laughing as she makes them all suffer, poor Aisha.

Insaya checked perception + investigation at difficulty 40, rolling 117 higher. Insaya rolled a critical!

Caspian checked dexterity + investigation at difficulty 40, rolling 17 higher.

Aisha checked perception + investigation at difficulty 40, rolling 10 higher.

Yuri checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 40, rolling 4 lower.

Insaya gets a set of forceps with filed teeth from leather satchel with a comfortable strap.

Mattheu checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 40, rolling 0 higher.

Caspian manages to get to the near top of the hive, covered in honey and sticky. he looks at the small pool of honey and blinks. "its.. in there?" he shoves a hand in.. and slowly waves it around. he comes up empty. he looks around at the others. "Well.. nothing ventured.." he cups his hand round his eyes and then thrusts his head into the honey to try and scout for the prize. this of course is a horrible idea and absolutely does NOT work. but he does come up, head covered in honey and groaning "dont.. dont do that.. bad idea.. bad idea.."

Aisha makes the top. She is huffing. She is puffing. She is MAD. Or at least, determined. She -may- have stepped on Yuri on the way up at some point. She reaches the rim of the pool of honey, and looks for a spot that isn't lined with pins. There is no such place, so then it becomes a matter of deciding just which part of her she's going to sacrifice to getting 'stung'. She grits her teeth and pulls a glove off with her teeth, the now-holey leather muffling her muttering as she shoves -both arms into the honey and just starts smooshing her hands around on the bottom, looking for that diamond.

Aisha says, "I did a lot with my teeth in that pose"

Mattheu looks at the large glob of honey spilling out from the opening and nods softly as if making piece with himself, or the winds, or bells. Whatever it is that he says, he then looks back down to Mabelle. "Inside the honey..." Laughing at Caspian as he starts to search with his hands, "I know of a few people that are going to be upset that they weren't here." In that he takes a deep breath and dives in head first to be left with his legs kicking to stay upon the top of the beehive while he attempts to swim inside of the honey pot at the top. Coming up with a gasp for air and sticky, muted jingling from bells now covered in the slick sticky deliciousness. Finally wiping away at his face only to grin and lick his fingers. Not a care in the world about if another jar is thrown at him. Holding his hand out to Aisha, "Care for some?"

Mabelle claps her hands, "Come on! Find that prize!!!!", easy for her to say.

Yuri was preoccupied sharing that stare-down with the Laurent guard, having finally made it past the trial of swinging pots. But the mad dash to the prize within that 'hive' was crowded enough to where he would not be able to manage his way forward. Though, one still could try. But before he could get a change, he was being stomped on, and slightly shoved out of the way by Aisha in a turn of events that caught him by surprise. He grimaced with a look of shock, finding himself at the back of the competition train; not bothering to delve his hands into the hive. The chill of the air was already beginning to gnaw at his hands, seeking to tuck them into the warmth of his doublet to get the feeling of his digits back.

Insaya effectively denudes a part of the hive with her tools, which go back into the bag. And she proceeds to scramble up after, bleeding far less than expected. She swings, swashbuckler-style, and hand over hands her way toward the hole. She stops. Watches Caspian try for the prize and shakes her head. "You look like a bear that got stuck, Wild." Tut, tut. Looks like Wild. With the weakness she has made with the tools already, Insaya finds the place the sculptor/architect/bug-brained engineer and probable spy made last and thinnest. The most underneath part that can be reached, actually. She counts, and kicks through it with a satisfying crunch. Honey streams down as she withdraws her boot, and puts her hand beneath the flowspout she has made. And then her hand abruptly closes around something. She holds it aloft, "Lose this?"

An array of servants with towels, water bowls and soap appear in the apiary while the contestants begin to wind down from the search. There is a fire pit lit and some blankets at ready for when they descend and get all cleaned. Mabelle claps her hands, cheering, "You have all done exceptionally well and none will walk out empty handed if only because you have been good sport and I might have overdone it this time", she laughs, clapping particularly for Insaya, "Well done inquisitor!! Keep it! It is your prize!". She smiles at them all and they are awarded small parcels, "Eat, drink, dance, enjoy yourselves!"

Is she even touching the bottom? Aisha has a pretty fearsome game face while she is searching, but when Mattheu comes up for air, covered in honey, she glances over at him and his offered hand, and loses it. Her head bobs forward with a peal of laughter coming out around her glove. She looks this way and that, and spits her glove at the Laurent guard, ptooey! "You've got honey on you in just a few spots," she says drily, as she leans over and licks some off of his fingers. All the while, her hands are still busy in that pool. She can multi-task.

Mabelle is overheard praising Insaya: So relentless!

Aisha is overheard praising Insaya.

Aisha is overheard praising Mabelle.

Mabelle is overheard praising Aisha: Such Good sport.

Aisha is overheard praising Yuri.

Mabelle is overheard praising Mattheu: Sticky hands!

Mabelle is overheard praising Caspian: Sticky feet!

Aisha is overheard praising Mattheu.

Mabelle is overheard praising Yuri: Sticky fingers!

Insaya is overheard praising Mabelle: I'm so sticky right now. Best party ever!

Insaya is overheard praising Aisha: Dogged in her pursuit of bling. Definitely watch her.

Caspian is overheard praising Mabelle: Wonderful inventive and sweetly devilish!

Aisha is overheard praising Caspian.

Caspian is overheard praising Insaya.

Caspian is overheard praising Aisha.

Caspian is overheard praising Yuri.

Caspian is overheard praising Mattheu.

Insaya is overheard praising Mattheu: Very nice. I mean, very suspicious. Ahem.

Insaya is overheard praising Yuri: YAS, get that honey! Get it!

Mattheu is overheard praising Caspian.

Mattheu is overheard praising Aisha.

Mattheu is overheard praising Insaya.

Mattheu is overheard praising Yuri.

To say the lord had been mildly unscathed was simply untrue. Yuri, having seen Insaya utterly mince away that hive and claim that parcel within, saw fit to be the first to attend to the state of himself. His hands were already sticking, pricked, and slightly numb on top of it all from the cold. That guard was sent a rather cautionary glance, as if he was committing his stance to memory before he hoisted himself from the structure and settled down where the servants were beginning to settle out the towels and water bowls. Yuri grabbed a towel first, attending to the state of his hands as he claimed a bowl for himself and moved along near the fire pit.

Caspian looks to Insaya and laughs, "Ahh! well done! leave it to you to be the clever one!" he turnsd and slides down the length of the honeycomb, already soaked completely in honey. he looks to Mabelle and throws his arms wide, his face breaking to a grin. "Lady Mabelle! let me congratulate you on such a marvelous event! Come here!!" he moves toward mabelle, dripping in honey with clear sticky intent

Insaya puts a set of forceps with filed teeth in leather satchel with a comfortable strap.

Insaya puts a set of ominous medical tools in leather satchel with a comfortable strap.

Insaya puts a scrumptious whiskey infused honeycomb in leather satchel with a comfortable strap.

Mabelle eyes Caspian and slides away from him, "Get away from me Wild or I will use my Frost Spreader for the first time, this is honeysilk!!!", she exclaims and ushers a guard with a bowl of water to chase him instead.

Mattheu slides down the towering beehive trying his best not to get stuck on the way down. To land upon his feet in a sloshy wet honey covered running down from his chest and hair to over his pantaloons and leaving him only to wipe away at his face and stare at his guards as they start to laugh. Some Ravashari shouting back and forth, followed with more laughter he looks to Caspian. "Yes, that is the right idea. Lady Mabelle, come here."

*** Caspian has called for an opposing check with Mabelle. ***
Caspian checks dexterity and manipulation at easy. Caspian is successful.
Mabelle checks dexterity and manipulation at easy. Mabelle is successful.
*** Mabelle is the winner. ***

Mabelle slips away and tries to avoid Caspian, she jumps over stairs and eyes Mattheu now, "No hugs! Oathlanders do not believe in physical contact before the wedding", she then weild a hot chocolate cup and holds it in front of Caspian, "I will spill it, You know I will!".

Mabelle takes a scrumptious whiskey infused honeycomb from a large wooden beehive.

*** Mattheu has called for an opposing check with Mabelle. ***
Mattheu checks charm and athletics at easy. Mattheu is successful.
Mabelle checks dexterity and manipulation at easy. Mabelle is successful.
*** Mattheu is the winner. ***

Insaya rappels her way down, using a length of rope from her satchel. Of course. Glistening with honey, and pin-pricks, she leaps onto the Laurent guard who was throwing the jars on the way down, wacking him a few times with his own flailing hands, and her purse. "You're just lucky I'm OFF-DUTY!" the puny Inquisitor says. "You don't throw jars at people's heads! You open them and spill them over people. What's wrong with you!"

Aisha clambers back down to the ground, taking almost as long to get there as she had to climb. She can blame her now-sticky hands, maybe. She alternates between trying to shake it off and lick it off in turns. But when she sees some of her fellow guests attempting to 'thank' their wonderful hostess, she narrows her eyes and stalks close, wiggling sticky fingers in silent menace.

Caspian lunges and misses in his attempt to grab the slippery Mabelle. The sticky champion lumbered after her, squelching with each step. "Oh a friendly hug is surely allowed! after all this is the second time you have covered me in food, i think we can afford a hug." he shuffles after her as she wields the mug, "hmm.. you know that might actually feel good about now.." he was more waddling now, a tall sticky penguin, legs sticking together from the honey. still he followed after her, trying to share the 'sweet' hug.

Mattheu watches Mabelle duck and run away from Caspian, and in a quick yet very sticky leap he manages to find his way past her guards with a wink and smile as she is now threatening the champion with a hot chocolate he steps up behind her. Bells sing out in a sticky mess, though their chimes are still there only muted a little as he looks to Caspian over Mabelle's shoulder with a grin. Leaning to tap her shoulder with a glob of honey, "Lady Mabelle. I will accept it if you have my brother keelhaul me. As this is worth it completely."

Insaya is overheard praising Caspian: Dirty boy.

Mabelle wails out loud when the two sticky men, Mattheu and Caspian reach out to hug her, laying ruin to her dress. She wails, eyeing Yuri, "Save me!", she begs, but to no avail. She deserved it. The servants are going to have so much work. She looks down at herself, pouting, "I've made my bed". She eyes Aisha then and Insaya, "Are you two alright?"

Yuri shook free his hands after he had spent enough time ensuring most of that rich honey had been pulled away, wrapping his hands then in one of those towels he had placed just closed enough to the pit to warm it. He glanced off toward Caspian's efforts, shaking his head slowly as the pleas from Mabelle went unanswered. He was already en route to pick up more food, trailing the warm towel with him.

"I do not think I have ever been so roughly treated at an Oathlands function," Aisha says. "I loved it." She reaches up and tries to give Mabelle a sticky boop on the nose, though such is the extent of her attempt at revenge. She smilingly leaves the rough-housing to the others, and goes to clean up. Soon at least her skin is clean, and she finds so many little stinging pinpricks in the process! But the real reason for her walking gingerly is simply to try to -not- get anyone else sticky. "Thank you again for your help during the climb," she calls to Yuri, as she reclaims her chocolate, and takes a dainty bite of honeycomb. Her eyes widen as she taste the whiskey it's been infused with.

"Its beautiful, how pollen and bee spit can bring people together," Insaya says, finally letting the guard get away from her tiny fists of ginger fury. "Just fine, my lady!" Insaya allows herself to be furnished with the means of getting unsticky, and says, "I've just thought up a low grade form of enhanced interrogation, but I'm fine!"

Mabelle shakes her head amusedly, "Well I am very pleased you all had such a great time", she stands there, arms stretched as if she's afraid to touch herself. Really a nose boop from Aisha would have done so little damage at this point. "Are you well, Lord Tessere?", she asks Yuri, concerned. Quickly she knows the rest are fine, they are a menace!.

Caspian gives a smile as he pulls back after giving Lady Mabelle a sitcky hug. "now then.. i think i will need more than towels to see to this mess.. maybe a pool or something.." he looks around hopelessly

Mabelle apologizes to Caspian, "Our pool is frozen but there is a tub in the conservatory off the garden, you earned it".

Mattheu smirks to Mabelle, "This has helped make up for missing my nephews and nieces, thank you Lady Mabelle." He looks over to Aisha, "This has been a good amount of fun. And I might need to seek out one of those towels." He looks at the honey as it simply pools around his boots and feet, offering a shrug. "I've walked through the city in similar circumstances before. At least the expanse is beyond the trees here." Nodding to Caspian, "There's a creek in front of the expanse."

Yuri glanced over toward Aisha with a polite nod, "Oh, you are very welcome. Thank you for that shoulder check, Lady Inverno!" He chuckled lightly, popping a piece of ginger pork in his mouth and chewed lightly before he glanced back to where Mabelle was approaching, "Oh, I'm quite fine, Lady Laurent. That whole contraption..." He motioned over to the behemoth they had all just endured, "Is dangerous."

Mabelle smiles easily to Mattheu, "I told your brother they can stay in Artshall if he likes, perhaps they will teach you about bees". Amused, she notes to Yuri, "Oh it will be destroyed, I promise".

"With fire." Yuri nodded affirmatively, motioning with his free hand to the contraption and the fire pit before him.

Aisha blinks, honeycomb halfway to her mouth but slowly lowering again. "Shoulder...check...oh, did I?" Her cheeks flush with a fleeting moment of guilt. "It's all such a blur. I must have been more competitive than I thought. I do hope it will be alright." She gives a soft laugh as she looks to the contraption again. "I think that was the whole point," she asides to him, nodding approvingly at his suggestion of how to dispose of it.

As the people continue mingling, the food and drinks turn sticky people into dancey people as they indulge in their company throughout the day.

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