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Early Year Popinjay 1019

An archery contest with the targets placed atop a yardarm.

(Game using @check and archery skill. You won't need a bow object or armor.)


Jan. 9, 2023, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By



Zoey Jan Mattheu Caspian Cillian Ann Desma Mikani Kiera Artorius



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

2 Armed Confessors, Angwyn the otter, Mordred, Abner arrive, following Ann.

Lord Pasquale Malespero enters the Popinjay arena a little after the starting time is announced. His pace slightly hurried despite the cane evening out his limp. "It's good to see you all." he says as he approaches the center area of the arena, where everything has been set up in preparation for this game.

The popinjay apparatus turns out to be a full sized ship mast with stuffed birds placed at various heights. Attendants stand around with short bows, crossbows and arrows, to ensure that nobody has to sit it out because they brought the wrong bow to the show (or non at all).

"Is this everyone?" he asks as he takes in the surrounding faces.

Zoey smiles back at Pasquale before glancing left and right at her competitors. Her hair is carefully tucked away into her headscarf, and she has her own bow in hand. She seems more than ready.

Zoey gets Dawn's Light, an alaricite bow from exquisite leather quiver.

Jan has arrived early and claimed a seat in the front to cheer on the competitors. She has a mug of something from the beverage tent and is bundled up against winter's chill.

The song from Mattheu's bells fill the grounds as he slips between the crowd and steps to the competitors line. "I'm going to warn everyone now. Last archery contest I was in the arrows found flight in directions that were not always the target."

Zoey wields Dawn's Light, an alaricite bow.

Caspian looks at the bow in hand.. a simple wooden thing. he gives a grin and then looks to Mattheu. "yeah.. you and me both. as far as I am concerned, there is legend, fairytale, magic... and then archery"

Cillian comes walking onto the grounds his eyes looking about as he moves through the crowed to head for the fields, his own bells making their song. He slides up at the side of Mattheu and nudges him with a grin and looks up over to Caspian with a grin, "Again with the both of you." he teases speaking in his thick northern accent.

Zoey chuckles at Caspian's list and shakes her head, then regards Mattheu. "Would you perhaps be interested in lessons then? I am an experienced teacher."

"I don't recommend anyone stands behind the mast" Pasquale says "But it should be safe." He steps towards the mast. "As you can see." he gestures upwards. "There are four stuffed birds up on this mast at varying heights. The crow down at the bottom is the easiest shot and you will score 3 points if you can knock it off its perch. The seagull above it will give you 4 points if you can knock it off. The owl above that gives you 7 points. Finally the eagle up at the top grants a full 10 points if you should manage it. It is up to each of you to decide if you wish to go for the high risk, high reward eagle or if you wish to shoot crows all day. There will also be points for shots that hit the birds but fail to knock them down. Are there any questions?"

Ann steps out to the tournament grounds and offers a smile to Jan and asks her, "Hello, do you mind if I share this seat with you?" She wants front row also because she has people she knows doing this archery game and well her cheering is strong but not so strong from the back row. If the answer is yes she will settle in her seat and draw her cloak and the hood of her cloak close to her as she pulls a flask out to warm up with.

Mattheu looks to Zoey with a nod, "I'll take lessons in how to shoot these things." He looks at the bow handed to him for a moment while listening to Pasquale, a look to the mast as he quicks his head a little. "Do we get to keep the stuffies?"

Caspian raises a hand and pipes up. "just one! what if we miss badly and got a real bird? fifteen points?". he looked to Zoey "I really should take you up on that! I'd be less of a menace!"

Cillian says in Northlands shav, "chuckles at the two going on about keeping stuffies and getting real birds, he looks back at the stands and spot Ann. A smile is given to her then looks back as he is handed a bow, he pulls the string lightly to see how it feels and checks the weapon out as he gets ready."

Cillian chuckles at the two going on about keeping stuffies and getting real birds, he looks back at the stands and spot Ann. A smile is given to her then looks back as he is handed a bow, he pulls the string lightly to see how it feels and checks the weapon out as he gets ready.

Pasquale looks mildly amused. "I suppose I could arrange for the prize to be stuffed birds as opposed to coin." He looks to Caspian "Then you score nothing but get something interesting for dinner. Try not to shoot things that are not on the mast." He moves back away from the mast. Gathering his cloak tighter about him as he moves. "Shall we begin?"

Jan doesn't cheer given how such noise might be a distraction for those focusing on their aim. She takes a swig from her mug and the back of her free hand wipes a mustache of froth from her upper lip.

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at normal. Mattheu fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Caspian fails.

Zoey checks dexterity and archery at normal. Zoey is successful.

Cillian checks dexterity and archery at hard. Cillian is successful.

Ann offers a wave to Cillian when he smiles in her direction and she claims a seat in the front row. As she settles she says to Jan, "Lady Ann Crovane. You are? You did really well the other night." Then she is back to looking out at the fields to see how this archery thing will be going as she brings her flask to her lips.

Caspian looks at the mast.. then the bow. he takes and arrow and holds it up in front of himself "look... you can do this! I believe in you! the other arrows don't have anything on you! this is your time!" he drew a breath, his arrow suitably motivated and pepped..he drew the bow, aimed at the hardest target, and let fly!! the arrow twanged horribly and fell.about twenty paces down range from Caspian. he stared a moment and cleared his throat. no one had seen that right...

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, Ellis Avonmore - Steward and First Mate arrive, following Mikani.

Ann checks dexterity and archery at easy. Ann marginally fails.

Ann tucks her flask in her pocket and shrugs. It looks like this Lady of Crovane is going to join the others out in the field. Offering finger waves to all she knows as she is given a bow and she just examines it. What exactly did she get herself into? Shrugging. She's amused. She also left her cloak at her seat and the bells in her hair do their own song as she walks out to the field. "Spirits."

Cillian nods his head, he knows who is around him but his attention is now on his target, the owl. He has his archery gear on his one arm partly bare as he moves to raises the bow up, breath deeply as he pulls the string back holds it once he feels okay to let go and he lets his breath out as the arrow lets go and whistles through the air and hits its mark.

Mattheu laughs at Caspian's pep talk to his arrow and shakes his head in a soft jingling. "I remember that Rosa said that I'm to look down the shaft at the target then I let it go." With a squint and pull of the string, tongue partially stuck out side of his lip and he's whispering to the arrow. Couldn't hurt... The arrow is left loose and it flies true, right past the mast and stuffie to find itself hitting a post beyond the yardarm. Mattheu swallows hard as he watches the direction of the arrow. "Well. I didn't hit anyone at least this time."

Zoey seems to take a moment to adjust her stance, feel the breeze, calculate her shot before loosing her own arrow at the plush seagull. She lets the arrow fly, and it bumps the bird, causing it to wobble. She smiles, then turns to Mattheu.

"It sounds like you are improving then.

"It sounds like you are improving then."

Mikani checks dexterity and archery at hard. Mikani fails.

Pasquale can't help but chuckle as Caspian, not an archer, tries for the stuffed eagle sitting right at the top of the mast. "Hoping to win through sheer luck Caspian?" His reaction is more serious with the others. Mattheu's miss makes him softly say "Bad luck there." When Zoey's arrow strikes the stuffed Seagull hard enough to make it wobble but not quite hard enough to knock it off the perch he says a soft "Three points for Lady Kennex." before watching Cillian's strike do much the same thing to the stuffed owl some distance above it. "And six for Lord Cillian." To Ann he says "Great try. Try not to drop your elbow."

He nods to the servants who went off to gather arrows and then tells the others "There is mulled wine about if you want to take a moment before your next shots."

Caspian looks to Pasquale and nods emphatically!! "yes!"

"Oh! Wine! That's what we're missing Caspian!" Mattheu heads for the wine to get a large drink, "We're far to sober for these stringed weapons!"

Splinter, the golden-eyed osprey arrives, following Desma.

Ann stares at Pasquale when he tells her that. Just stares at him. "Fine, milord." She's not going to be disrespectful to their host even if he's just advising her what to do. "Don't drop my elbow." She goes looking for an arrow to put into her bow. Nope not partaking in the wine because she needs all her senses to even make an attempt out here in the field with others that at least have an inkling of what it is they are doing. "Lady z

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

"Lady Zoey, I will take lessons with you also." Ann calls out. She had heard previous conversation after all.

Cillian grins looking at Mattheu, "Oh spirits help us." he shakes his head, his bells singing a soft song and he looks to Caspian, "Oh help us all." he sighs with a grin pulling out his flask and taking a pull from it. He looks to Zoey with a smile, "So we meet again." he chuckles and hands her his flask if she should like a sip.

Mikani checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mikani marginally fails.

Desma checks dexterity and archery at hard. Desma is successful.

"You must be able to see the targets to hit them, mind you," Zoey reminds her competitors, particularly Mattheu, with a laugh. Cillian gets a respectful nod. "Indeed we do. I will try a harder target next time and see if I can catch up with you." She grins Ann's way in acknowledgement and wiggles her fingers in a friendly wave.

Desma wields Raptor's Revenge, the exquisite wings of Magnotta diamondplate bow.

Mikani takes Rhapsody's Requiem Diamond Plate Ingi Axes from Black Leather Holster Hip Bag with Crimson Accents.

Mikani wields Rhapsody's Requiem Diamond Plate Ingi Axes.

With wine in hand Mattheu waves the drink in Zoey's direction. "Define need to see them. I'm just going to keep shooting at that one at the top."

"Nice shot Lady Desma." Pasquale tells the Magnotta lady after her arrow cleanly strikes the stuffed owl. "Six points for that shot." He accepts a glass of the mulled wine he mentioned "When ready you can take your second shots."

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Mattheu fails.

Zoey checks dexterity and archery at hard. Zoey is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Caspian fails.

Cillian checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Cillian is successful.

A last minute sign up from Desma Magnotta who almost races onto the field, bow in hand, verbally signing up even as she skids to a halt, drawing and nocking an arrow before loosing it in the same motion, giving a nod as she strikes true at the owl.

Mikani enters the tournament grounds she sneaks a hug of her cousin, Caspian, before waving at Zoey, Mattheu, Cillian, Ann and Desma. "I think I will stick to my axes." Mika says with a laugh as she throws her axe and barely hits the stuffed owl.

Mikani checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mikani fails.

Kiera tries to sneak into the stands to watch

Desma checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Critical Success! Desma is spectacularly successful.

Cillian grins at Zoey, "Do try and keep up." he teases her a bit as he breaths in and looks up at the eagle, readies his shot then lets the arrow fly, he holds his breath till it hits its mark and he lets the breath out.

Desma gives Cillian a look as he teases Zoey, watching his shot before commenting briefly. "I think you are doing great Lady Zoey..." Her second arrow is drawn, then loosed, slamming into the bird and taking it off the pole.

Ann checks dexterity and archery at normal. Ann is successful.

Caspian clicks his tongue and pulls his second arrow. "the sway i see it.. if i try and win this by skill.. i loose. if i try and win this by relying on lady Rosalind's instructions..well thats a slight to her because she deserves a better student than me.. so i loose and then feel bad! so.. luck seems to be my best chance!" he laughs, draws an arrow and shoots! it flies beautifully, thunking majestically into the ground past the mast...

Mattheu's arrow at least goes up. "WOO! Wait. Where'd it go?" Only not at forwards finding itself stuck into the ground behind him as he jumps forwards when he sees where the arrow went.

Ann still doesn't know what she's doing and she aims her bow somewhere and lets it go. Seagull. Was it a seagull she just hit? "What? What did I just do? Did I really hit something?" Surprised that she actually hit something. "Wow."

Zoey gives Cillian a playfull eyeroll after she strikes an owl and makes it wobble as well. "I have been accused of showing off before, but you --" She stops mid-thought as Desma causes an eagle to fall. "Well then! This did just get interesting, did it not?"

Mikani throws another axe and growls as it still doesn't hit the owl. "Bow.... I need a bow."

There is a gasp from the servant holding the arrows when Desma's hit knocks the eagle clean off the top of the mast. A young man, barely more than a boy, grins and pulls another stuffed bird out a nearby bag and starts scurrying up the mast with nothing but a rope wrapped about the pole to keep him up. The new eagle is placed atop the mast, he waves as if he is not fourty foot above the ground, and then scuttles down the mast with enough speed its a wonder his mothers heart hasnt given out yet.

Pasquale smiles a little. "It will be difficult to surpass that shot from Lady Desma. 10 Points to her this round. Lord Cillian's shot came a close second with 9 points and Zoey scored what would normally be a rather impressive six. Lady Ann scores a solid 3." The skewered 'corpse' of the prior stuffed eagle is handed over to Desma.

"That puts Lord Cillian in the lead so far with 15 points total. Lady Desma is in second with 13. Lady Zoey is in third with 9. Finally we have Lady Ann in fourth with 3."

Zoey checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Zoey marginally fails.

Caspian stares at desma'a eagle.. and cillians arrow.. and zoey's arrow! "by the gods! remind me never to piss you off when im within a mile of ANY of you!" he looked to matti, "dont worry.. its you and me brother!"

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Mattheu fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Caspian fails.

Ann checks dexterity and archery at hard. Ann fails.

Ezekiel the Crownlands Shepherd, 2 Sea Rover Bodyguards, Trident, a coal black destrier, Custard, the happy-go-lucky puppy arrive, following Artorius.

Cillian checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Cillian is successful.

Mikani checks dexterity and archery at easy. Mikani is successful.

Jan gives in to the urge and cups one hand beside the corner of her mouth "Show them what you've got Lady Zoey!"

Desma checks dexterity and archery at hard. Desma is successful.

Sometime in the middle of a brief coughing spell, a servant whispers something into Pasquale's ears. Pasquale nods and when he's both finished coughing and managed to subdue the hoarseness with a healthy dose of mulled wine he speaks once more. "Apologies. Lady Desma Magnotta is in first place with 16 points, not 13." His eyes go back to the shots being taken at the bird up on the wind-blown tip of the mast. "I am quite impressed."

Mattheu looks to Caspian with a silly smile in that comment. "Oh, you and I will find ourselves as Lady Zoey's students soon enough. And then we will have a time at dodging each others errant arrows." He looks back to the target where Desma's arrow still sits skewered through that plushie, a shake of his head. "The poor thing." Letting his arrow loose the bow string snaps at his finger and the bow is waved in the moment that the sting hits him leaving the arrow to be shot right into the ground in front of him. Waving his thumb for the pain, then nodding to the arrow where only its feathers are visible from the ground now, "See. That could have been some under land animal's funeral."

Caspian snapped his fingers, "ahaha! thats it mattheu! clearly, we have been shooting at the wrong targets! here, you come over here, and shoot at MY target,, and i'll go over there and shoot at yours! we shall both miss our targets, but hit the others! its genius!" he bustled toward matti to try and shoo him over to his old spot. "Why did i not think of this sooner!"

Desma takes another shot, this time at the owl again and knocks it around, frowning at herself as she considers her shot. "That could have been better..." she admits before looking over her competitors with an analytical eye.

Zoey waves to Jan briefly before taking up her third arrow. Seemingly sensing the pressure, she takes aim and looses at an eagle... Sadly her arrow whiffs right past it. She balls up one fist on her hip and looks up at the eagle like this is somehow the plushie's fault. Did it dodge her somehow?

"This does not seem to be my day for this! I must be getting rusty."

Cillian looks to Mattheu and Caspian. "Come now, you guys got this." he chuckles at them both then looks to Ann and Zoey, "Oh very interesting, come lets show them hmm?" the two have had a bit of a completive nature when it came to the bow, "Caspian already knows how it feels to be at the mercy of a bow from me." he looks to Caspian and grins and then takes a breath in and aims high again and lets the arrow lose and grins as it hits its mark.

Ann was distracted in listening to Matti when he mentions land animal's funeral. Yes. That would explain that when her arrow was shot off it went every which way but any of the targets that are out on display and she's heard saying, "Watch out!" She would be mortified if her arrow hit someone's behind. Her eyes wide and then she closes them. "I can't look." Saying that in general.

Caspian looks to Cilian and smirks, "oh you dont even TRY to hide how much you enjoyed shooting me!" he broke into a rich laughter, a smile spread wide on his face then!

As the final shot soars up in search of feathered prey, Pasquale drops his gaze towards his retainer Louis. He says a few soft words to the man and then Louis announces. "At the end of the third round we have Lady Zoey with 9 points, Lord Cillian with 24, Lady Ann with 3 and Lady Desma with an impressive 22. When you are ready take your final shot.". Whilst Louis talks Pasquale indulges in another cough or two. His eyes never leave the pole and its stuffed avian targets though. Eyes keen as any those of the keenest archer.

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at easy. Mattheu marginally fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Caspian fails.

Jan winces and hides behind her pouring it strait down her gullet. Gulp-glug-BEEEEELCH!

Zoey checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Botch! Zoey fails completely.

Ann checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Ann fails.

Mattheu seems to believe that Caspian is onto something as he switches spots with the champion, then takes up a shot and grazes the wing of the lowest target sending the arrow to fly past the target and hit the ground a few feet past. "HA! I was shooting at the wrong target!"

Cillian checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Botch! Cillian fails completely.

Desma checks dexterity and archery at hard. Botch! Desma fails completely.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant have been dismissed.

Ellis Avonmore - Steward and First Mate have been dismissed.

Caspian looks over to pasquale with a mock expression of pain, "What?! you dont even announce my mighty score! im a dark horse in the race to be sure, but never count me -- ooops" he wasnt really paying attention and accidently let his arrow fly. it flew in a looong ark... plinked against the mast.. the fell out and dropped to the ground...

Zoey takes up her fourth and final arrow, aiming one last time for an eagle. She looses her arrow and it sails toward the plushie, her aim true, when suddenly...

There is a sound, a muffled thunk of an arrow embedding itself in the body of a black crow that made the ill-fated choice to cross through the archery range on today of all days. It makes a quiet death squawk as it falls from the sky and tumbles right into Jan's drink, splashing whatever contents of it remain as it falls.

"Why am I here? What am I doing?" Ann is heard saying as she lets her last arrow fly. It flew alright. Over the mast and hit none of the targets landing in the frozen ground somewhere. "This is why I do not do these kind of things Master Wilde!" Remembering the other night's conversation the two had. At least no one was injured at this time.

After seeing the rest of the shots made, Desma takes a breath and lines up her shout, sighting down the arrow at her target. There is a chirping cry from overhead as an osprey flies over, and suddenly she wavers, her arrow flying off wide as she staggers to one knee, seemingly completely disorientated

Cillian let himself get distracted with all the talking and joking around, he raised his arm up and thought he was ready to let it go. he lets the shot go, its flying its.....Where did it go? he looks up and squeaks as the arrow went up and came back down at him, he jumps to the side as the arrow lands in the ground and he looks down at it as if it was a multi headed beast that tried to surprise attack him!

Jan says, "Blasted pendulous bollocks!" there's a flail as Jan chucks her mug away and falls backward off the bench, disappearing in a flailing kick of booted feet "Turdmuncher!!"

Kiera hms "Is there some kind of curse involving crows that would explain this round?

Zoey checks composure at normal. Zoey is successful.

Zoey winces slightly at the way the crow falls and Jan's reaction. She does a little 'I'm sorry' wave to her cousin and says, "Good to hear you are as eloquent as ever."

Pasquale tells Caspian "It was interesting to see you try to win the day on nothing but luck for certain Caspian." He looks back to Ann. "And yet you came fourth Ann." He opens his mouth to say something just in time to be interrupted by Jan falling off the bench. His intended words vanishing behind a soft little laugh. It's only a heartbeat or three before he stops that though and goes right back to doing his proper job. "Nobody scored that round." he pauses to sip his wine. "That makes Lord Cillian the winner through consistently managing some of the most challenging shots. He wins with 24 points. Lady Desma comes in a close second thanks to an incredibly true shot against the hardest target. She comes second with 22 points. In third we have Lady Zoey with 9 points overall. In fourth is Lady Ann with a respectable 3. Finally we have Lady Mikani Crovane with 2. Caspian, since he so desires to be announced, comes last with zero."

"Here." Pasquale tels Cillian. "Your prize for winning the archery."

A few moments later another pouch is handed over by Pasquale. "And your prize for winning the tournament as a whole."

Desma is still on one knee, her gaze seemingly elsewhere as she grips the earth with one hand, swaying slightly as her lips move but no sound comes out.

Caspian stares in wonder as not one, but TWO birds are shot from the sky! "thats.. AMAZING!! WELL DONE!! WELL DONE!!!" he bursts into applause! "bravo! bravo! Well done ALL! Lady Ann look! you did marvelous!! you bested me and lord mattheu! Dont ever say you have no talent for these things!" he continued to clap, laughing, "Lady Zoe, lord Cillian.. that was truly amazing! you proved a lie of the old phrase 'better to be lucky than good!' And lady Desma! that shot.. that SHOT was the stuff of legends!"

Caspian looks to pasquale, and offers a sweeping bow, "Thank you my lord for hosting! another Marvelous event! And thank you for allowing my utterly Skilless self to participate!"

There's a bit of a cheeky grin towards Pasquale when he informs Ann that she got 4th. But she does applause for Cillian and his win. "Way to go Hunter!" She laughs at Caspian and what he says towards her and shakes her head for it. Looking concerned she begins to make here way to Desma but doesn't invade her space but a hand is offered to the other, "Do you need a healer?"

Jan pushes herself to her feet with a flail and a grunt "You're lucky I like you and that I am keen to avoid the wrong side of Lord Ian, Lady Zoey. Welcome to come have a seat and tell me how you've been."

Jan is overheard praising Pasquale.

Cillian puts the bow to his chest and bows to Pasquale, "Thank you Lord Pasquale." he stands back up taking the prize, he is very surprised that he has one, his hazel eyes look over to Ann and Mattheu for a long moment then his eyes move to Caspain, "That you Caspian." he chuckles and breaths deeply looking to Zoey, "Good shooting as always." he looks to Ann as she calls him Hunter and he grins wide.

Desma doesn't seem to see Pasquale's hand, her eyes open but rolled back somewhat, lids fluttering. "Ngh..." is the only sound from her.

Mattheu jumps out of the way instinctively as Cillian is staring up at the sky, "Nope. Been through that before!" A look to Pasquale as the scores are called out and he drops the bow to start clapping loudly with bells jingling in the applause. "That was an amazing shot Lady Desma!" And a nod to Caspian in response to Ann, "It was several amazing shots that you made. Far better than I was making." The look is shared with Cillian for a moment as he smiles widely then looks around, "There's more of the wine left too!"

Artorius makes his way into the tourney grounds, better late then never, he finds a place to seat himself where he can observe the various competetors, spotting a member of his house.

"You are too kind, Lord Cillian. And congratulations," Zoey replies to the Blackwood lord. "I fear I would have little, if anything to teach you."

The Kennex lady grabs a goblet of wine for herself on the way to the benches to see Jan. "Oh, come now! It is not as though I did that on purpose."

Caspian frowns slightly at the sight of desma still in hey knees and moves over towards her and the others. "it's everything alright? did someone get hurt?"

Zoey has left the Field.

Zoey has joined the General Seating.

Cillian has left the Field.

Jan says, "No, I suppose not, but how impressive would it have been if you HAD?" a broad grin forms across her lips while one hand pats the bench beside her "How have you been, Zoey?"

Pasquale turns his gaze onto Desma for a long moment before going over and placing a hand on her shoulder. "Do you need anything Desma?"

Kiera smiles broadly, smiling "congratulations Lord Cillian" but she barely gets her word of genuine congratulations out of her mouth before noticing that desma is in genuine distress and rises from where she has been watching, taking steps forward

With a heathy amount of mulled wine Mattheu makes his way towards the benches and offers a flourished bow to Jan and Lady Zoey, surprisingly in the many failed shots his balance is true and while arms swing out in the bow the drink is not spilled. "Lady Zoey, a pleasure to see you again." then turning to Jan as he takes a sip of the wine. "Lord Mattheu Rivenshari. And you are?"

Ann is not far from Desma and had her had outstretched towards the woman and then Ann drops to her knees and says, "Lady Desma?" Looking around to see if there is a healer about. Her skills are rusty at best. Frowning as she looks to the lady that does not look well. A quick smile for Matti she did catch his words. Looking over at Pasquale and then she goes back up to a standing position. She simply waits.

Cillian looks over at Caspian as he is moving over to Desma, he blinks looking to the champion. "Is everything ok?" he looks concerned moving to put his winnings away on him. He looks to Desma and heads in her direction, "Don't crowed her if something is wrong."

Jan looks up and studies Mattheu "You're the one that won the Melee match the other day, right? Congratulations Lord Mattheu, well fought. Lady Jan Kennex, General of the Kennex Cosairs. "

Desma checks mana and animal ken at daunting. Desma fails.

Artorius notes a change in Desma, and he makes his way closer. His expression grows more thoughtful in the process. "She's alright, just support her head." He says, and then he looks up, and around the air for a moment.

Kiera crosses the distance to the field, kneeling down "Were you struck by an arrow, Lady Desma?"

Ann calls out to Mattheu, "Don't step on my cloak!" because she was sitting next to Jan at first. Ann has been keeping her space and had put her bow away before she came over.

Pasquale looks to Artorius and nods before gesturing across to Alberico. "Watch her please Alberico." he gestures to everyone else. "Let us retire to the beverages tent for a little while."

Caspian looks over to artorious, recognition flashing over his face. "As you say Count Artorious." he moves to kneel down in the dirt, resting Desma's head in his lap unless someone did it first. "Is this some kind of seizure?"

"Ah. A general." Mattheu nods to Jan with a small smile, "I did win the Melee match, barely. Or it felt far too close to me." He looks over his shoulder to Ann as he's called to and with a grin shouts back. Only to turn back to Jan. "It's a pleasure to meet you Lady Jan."

Mattheu shouts from nearby, "What? This cloak? The one right next to my boot?"

Desma seems to register Pasquale's hand on her shoulder, twitching before she makes a genuinely pained noise and her head jolts. Her eyes, unfocused and glazed before, suddenly snap into focus and she blinks rapidly. "Fuck...I'm alright... I'm alright..." She says, glaring around and then at the sky... where anyone watching might see an osprey soaring over. "Fuck..."

Jan looks up and over at Desma with a small frown, "Is there no healer present? That seems...troubling." She bows her head to Mattheu "You are welcome to join us if you'd like Lord Matheu. I recognize Lord Ian's teaching anywhere. Or am I mistaken?"

Pasquale tells Desma. "Come in out of the cold Desma. You look as if you could use a drink." when Jan asks that about healers he says "My man Alberico is a healer. There is no need to worry." His tone that of a leader reassuring soldiers. "Everything is just fine."

Cillian nods his head a hand moves to Caspian's shoulder, "I'll be over here." he turns to look to Ann a hand moves out to her to take it. He heads back in the direction of Jan and Mattheu. "You causing trouble over here." he smirks at he Rivenshari lord as he moves in his direction.

Artorius's attention turns back to Desma, looking to her eyes to search her expression, he just offers her a nod. "There, you're alright now Lady Desma, a refreshing drink would probably help." He smiles now in a comfortable expression, the friendly expression turned to others nearby, Pasquale and Caspian most apparently.

Kiera hms "I have some medical training, I;m trying to asses what happened, however" she follows to the benches as pasquale seems to the matter in hand

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Ann takes Cillian's hand. As they approach the trio on the bench? Yes thats right Ann is sticking her tongue out at one Lord Mattheu as she bends to grab the cloak next to his boot and she drapes it about her. Searching her pocket for her flask. Oh good its still there.

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Caspian helps desma sit up and offers a smile. "You sure you alright? you looked a bit out of it for a moment." he looked to Artorius and then back to Desma. "Maybe a Drink? water? or something to eat?" he smiled then, "By the by.. its good to see you again Count Artorius"

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Desma waves off those hands offering her support, eyes flitting between Pasquale and Artorius before giving her Count a nod. "I'm good. Just... " She looks to where her shot landed far from the target and curses inventively before she stands, wavering a second and glaring at the sky. Those close to her might just hear her mutter something along the lines of "Made me miss my shot ." To Caspian and Pasquale, "A drink? Yes... Strong please "

Pasquale gestures for one of the servants to bring over strong drinks before guiding Desma to join the others in the stands. "I enjoyed watching you all shooting." he tells the group. "This whole tournament seemed rather successful. Should I do it again?"

Jan says, "You don't often hear of people deciding NOT to repeat successful social events proper argument against it is there, my lord?"

From the stands Mattheu raises his glass. "Yes, it should be repeated!"

"Pasquale, I think in general everyone had a good time." Ann's words are sincere for her friend when she says that.

"I need a chance to redeem myself, so I look forward to the next," Zoey declares in Pasquale's direction, her goblet raised.

Cillian raises his flask, "I say yes, maybe next time I will be better with the sword." he looks to Mattheu and winks and sips his flask.

Desma grabs the drink and downs it heavily before overhearing Zoey's comment, "I think that I might need to do the same too... I'm annoyed I missed to sword though. Who won that?"

Pasquale simply tells Jan. "A lot of things are only entertaining the first time." he nods to Zoey. "I don't think anyone embarassed themselves. Popinjay is about tactics as much as anything else. Do you go for the hardest shots in the hope that getting lucky just once will be enough or do you attempt for something you know you can hit every time." his eyes go to Desma. "Lord Mattheu won the melee."

Caspian looked to pasquale and nodded, standing up and offering a hand to desma.. only for it to be swatted away. This made him smile and he chuckled softly. "Yes! Again! these are fantastic and great fun!" he followed the group over to the benches and made to find a mug of cider

"Good to see you agian as well, Caspian." Answers Artorious with the same friendly little smile on his features, a bit of a grin forms for a moment before he nods. "Well maybe the black fox is a good next stop, though I have some things to attend at home, you had a good showing." He says to Desma, stepping closer with a smile to her before he makes his way toward the exit once more just like that.

Caspian looks to Cillian and laughs, "yes well.. im right there with you! this next time.. maybe i'll come away with more than a bruised chin to show for it" spying Jan he gives a bright smile. "Lady Jan! its good to see you again! didnt want to try your luck with the bow?"

"It is good to see you as well Artorius." Pasquale tells the Count. "It has been some time since we last shared a drink." Someone comes around with a tray loaded with mulled wine for the group. "One day Lord Cillian I'd like to challenge you to a game of archery myself." he nods towards Desma. "You too my Lady."

Jan is overheard praising Pasquale.

Cillian looks to Pasquale nodding his head, "I would be honored to par take in the challenge my lord." he smiles and looks to Caspian then back to those at the benches.

Ezekiel the Crownlands Shepherd, 2 Sea Rover Bodyguards, Trident, a coal black destrier, Custard, the happy-go-lucky puppy leave, following Artorius.

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