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About that weapon....

An informal gathering to share some songs from the Gyre war 1007-1008 and speak about the remarkable weapons used there.


Jan. 17, 2023, 1 p.m.

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Caspian Raymesin Ian Thea Raja Kastelon Vitalis Vicente Quenia Cillian



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Hundred Cities Inn - Main Room

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Comments and Log

Scarf, the violet serpent arrives, following Raymesin.

Caspian comes striding into the hundred cities inn with a grin and taking a swig from his flask. the cloak hung loose, the chill finally leaving the air, but the coolness of spring still clung to him as he headed toward the bar. Seeing the pair though, his face broke into a massive smile and he turned. "Lady Lucita! lord ian! hello!"

Ian has joined the Dimly Lit Booth.

Not long after Caspian arrives, someone else ducks into the Hundred Cities. Raymesin boots the door closed behind him and makes his way over towards the bar. On the way he glances around, offering a nod to familiar faces.

Ian came in at some point in the recent past, ordered a glass of whiskey, and slid deep into the dimly lit booth. He's here, but in terms of socializing, that's probably the best that can be said for him, at least right now.

Lucita is seated at the bar, a stack of notes and a second stack of musical scores, some old, tattered and one with a tinge of a blood stain along one corner. "Welcome everyone. This is informal so just speak up when you wish, ask questions. I'm not good at story telling like Lord Titus and some of the others but will try, and I can share a few references as we go along. I am so glad to see you all coming to this.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

Lucita says, "What will be talking about are some exceptional weapons, the cobalt weapons, ancient, intricate weapons that can be swords, stilettos, bows. They were used during the Gyre War and without them, the balance of some of the battles may well have gone against us."

1 Culler Boatswain arrives, following Raja.

Thea quietly makes her way inside, ordering a drink as she passes. She gives a slight bow of her head before settles to listen.

Thea has joined the Dimly Lit Booth.

Caspian gives a smile as he unscrws his flask to take a sip. "Just to clarify.. you mean Weapons made BY Cobalt of the MEtallic order yes? not weapons made of actual cobalt.." he puased and then laughed, "

"Though maybe they were amde of it too!"

Lucita nods to Caspian. Made by those of the Metallic order and held in secret, in safety till they would be needed to help counter the Dark Water, the Gyre. I have several bits of information speaking of them if any would like to look them over.

Weapons. The topic has drawn Raja to the inn. She slips in, glancing around in anticipation! Spying Caspian, she perks a bit and heads over to where he sits. "Hey you." Poke. "What I miss?"

Ian nods to Thea when she joins him, then returns his attention to Lucita.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrives, following Kastelon.

It must be coincidence. Or the nice weather. Or something like that. But the door opens to let a hunting dog pad over by the fire and flump down to get warm once more.
And Kastelon closes the door before briefly peering about, and then lingering back to be unobtrusive.

Lucita is passing around copies of information about the remarkable Cobalt weapons that played an essential role in the Gyre War fought in Setarco in 1008

Ian is slouched deep in the shadows of a booth with a glass of whiskey, mostly listening for the moment, and with a withdrawn air that suggests he's not particularly inclined to be social.

Lucita says, "Lord Ian, can you remember the history of how the weapons were found?"

Vitalis ducks into the Hundred Cities Inn, having heard of a gathering discussing cobalt weapons. He lifts a hand in greeting and hails a server - it won't be long before mulled wine is off the menu and he'll take it while Arx shrugs off the last of winter.

Ian stirs when Lucita calls him out. There's a long pause, before he says: "That was before I started fighting again. I think the marin'alfar might have told Prince Victus where to find the stashes, but I'm not sure. Prince Victus or Princess Alarissa could probably tell you how they knew where to look. Different groups of people went out and brought them back shortly after the Great Sinking. This predated the Gyre war by a year or two."

Kastelon turns his head slightly, listening while Ian is speaking. No drink for him at the moment, the taciturn huntsman crossing his arms over his chest as he leans back, that single eye of his watching keenly as if it helps him remember the details.

Raymesin fetches up at the bar, communicating with the bartender with a mere tilt of the hand; drink ordered, he turns to watch the conversation happen, and listen to what's being talked about.

Raja settles downn into a seat, of course ordering a drink as well. A hot cider! One of her favorites. She is quiet, dark eyes shifting back and forth as people talk of ancient weapons of power and stashes. She frowns, "If the royalty knows where the stashes are.. the chances of a commoner obtaining one is slim."

Lucita says, "There were a lot of quests needing to assemble various things prior to that war. I never went after the weapons but did help find a compass. that is a story for another time though. And thank you Lord Ian. These weapons were not just superior in nature but had a special ability that still can help today. They reduce the effects that demons, abyssal things can cast at people just by holding them. The effects in the Setarco War of 1008 made people commit suicide.. slitting their own throats or jumping into shark infested water, turning on their allies and trying to kil them or even eat them.. or take bites out of themselves. Holding or using one of those intricate weapons help reduce the effect till people could tolerate them."

"Might argue that even if royalty knows where it is, most would have slim shots at having such a thing." Kastelon's low voice finds the air as he speaks from where he lingers, though there's a brief nod to Raja as he's speaking up, though his gaze returns to Lucita. "What keeps such things from falling into the hands of the enemy?"

Ian \shakes his head to Raja. "As far as I've been able to tell, all the stashes have been recovered. If there are more out there, I don't think anyone knows where they are, at least right now. The weapons that were found got handed out to people who were active in the Gyre war, but I think most of them are in the back of various closets at this point. Not a lot of people remember what they do."

Caspian looks to raja and gives a grin, "bah.. we make do with our own stabby things. but i do admit.. would be something use them hmm?" he looks back to Lucita as she began to speak. he nodded his head as she spoke, then again with Kastelon. "Im sure the enemy would love to get them. both to remove our ability to use them, and to harvest any primum infused there. or.. even for his own gain as a means of insurance"

Lucita says, "If that quality of the weapons has worn off, none have spoken of it so what am saying is accurate to the best of my knowledge. As for what is keeping them from enemies... I could not say other than they were given to people who would understand and guard them."

Kastelon nods towards Caspian, as if that had been his own thought. Though he's silent again, listening, the flit of his eye this way and that as each speak in turn.

Raymesin's head tilts a little to one side. "Figure this were all goin' on while I were outta Arx," he says thoughtfully. "But yeah, it's not like the likes'a me'd be given a look in."

Lucita says, "Count Artorius carries an Intricately forged ancient steel broadsword, Princess Denica has a stiletto, Lady Caelis has a bow. I do not know who all has others of that type."

"There are also cutlasses," Ian puts in, following Lucita's words. "There are several of them in my family. I think most of the Isles houses have at least one."

Lucita says, "Now for a bit of history to accompany the tales of the weapons. Gathering the weapons was just one step. Gathering the fighters was needed. This song was used as ways to increase enrollment in the military so armies were large enough to have a chance in the Gyre war, not be overrun. This was the Lycene version though Grayson and other fealties had their own.

'To arms, to arms!' Came the rallying call.
'Protect your homes, help defend us all.'
Volunteers came from all walks of life
Craftsmen, nobles, a man and his wife
Scholars or warriors, weak or strong,
They're heroes to whom our thanks belong.

'To arms, to arms!' Came the rallying call.
'Guard your freedom, your family, your all.'
Through long days these heroes did train
Then marched trough forests, crossed a wide plain.
They climbed in and out steep, wild ravines
And struggled to ford flooded, raging streams.

'To arms, to arms!' Came the rallying call.
'Protect your homes, help defend us all.'
Others sailed forth on wide, tulmultuous seas
Working together to use the faintest breeze
Fending off those dangers as cohesive teams
Supporting each other is what unity means.

'To arms, to arms!' Came the rallying call.
'Guard your freedom, your family, your all.'
Faith sustains us through troubling days
To find heroic bravery not fearful ways
Unity binds us giving strength and hope
Like fragile fibers wound into strong rope.

Vitalis watches as folk debate the likelihood of laying hands on such a weapon, and further, those who are known to possess one. "It would be worth trying to find out if there are more stores." He stills to listen to Lucita's song, captured by her voice and he is still a moment longer at its conclusion, blinking a bit. "Still stirs ring, Baroness. I recall it making its way through the hundred cities."

Raymesin blinks. "Oh, so that's what that were about? I figured it were silks busy gettin' the rest of us killed in yet another scrap over who got another bit'a land ter crow over, like usual."

"It wouldn't be a bad project for the Scholars and the Explorers," Ian agrees with Vitalis, sinking back into a slouch so that the shadows in the booth where he sits mostly hide his expression.

Caspian taps his chin a moment, looking to ian. "I wonder if it might be worth making a list of those who still have it. should the need to contend with that magic form again, knowing who could be called upon to act directly would be good..though any on that list would be instantly be a target." he smiles then, listening to the song.

Raja smiles at Caspian, "This is true." She says to him. But she falls quiet, still curious about all these weapons and works. Raja glances to Ray's comment and smirks.

A sigh, and a shake of Kastelon's head. "It's probably unwise to discuss in an open venue," speaks he, "of who might have the items in question. Remember the Whisper House. Or of keeping a list that might be found." The serious expression lingers on the huntsman's features after having pronounced such.

Vicente enters the inn, Raymesin's words drawing his gaze but nothing more as he moves on to find a seat. His attention is then divided among the others conversing about making a list of historical weapon owners. The whole thing feels like he walked in on some nefarious meeting but this was the Hundred Inn. He gestures for the bartender to bring him his usual without using any words and is promptly served. The lord thanks his server, removing his focus on the group for a moment before returning to it with a sip of his drink.

Given that this is the Hundred Cities Inn, it could still be a nefarious meeting. This is the Lyceum, after all. "Would be nice ter get my mitts on one'a them," he admits. "I mean, I know it ain't gonna 'appen, but a man can dream."

Raja laughs. "I feel you, Raymesin." She ponders a moment, "For me, it's the guarding against abyssal powers that I find quite valuable. Those fiends out there are clever and it's terrifying to see their power, even inside this city."

Kastelon might be heard to make a sound where he lingers, the lift of a thick brow when Raymesin speaks. And then that expression calms again as his eye turns back towards Lucita and Ian.

Caspian pauses, then looks to ian and Lucita, "Have you heard of other such weapons? or even items in general strictly designed to thwart an abyssal's power?"

"There was a list," Ian puts in after a moment. "A long time ago. Regla Navegant was in charge of handing the weapons out, and she kept a list of who got them." His mouth compresses slightly. "... But I'm not even sure Lady Regla is still alive. Things in Escuma are still too chaotic for me to start trying to figure out if anyone knows what happened to her after Turo went into rebellion. And the list would be out of date, at this point. A lot of the weapons have been passed around."

Lucita nods to the comments made and simply says. "Good points. Well worth considering. And I would like to have one myself, but they are rare and scattered amid all the Great Houses." She shuffles papers and then says. "Once the armies were gathered and trained, there were days of setting up thousands of people along the beaches and in the city of Setarco. They were restless and nervous, of course, so bards created or led songs to help ease some of the tension while awaiting battle. This is one that was sung in rounds during the time soldiers or sailors gather around a campfire during the nights before and between battles:

We are soldiers one and all
Marching to our cap'n's call.
When a soldier's day does end
We drink our whiskey, rum, or gin.

Way back in Arx before we left
They hired for us a no-good chef.
When inedible meals came to an end
We just dined on whiskey, rum or gin.

Armor stinks with reeking sweat
And no place here for a bath yet.
So make sure you stay down-wind
'N drink lots of whiskey, rum, or gin.


We're sailors one and all,
Each man ready for a brawl.
When a sailor's day does end
We drink our whiskey, rum, or gin.

We're the calvary one and all.
In our saddles we sit tall.
When the calvary's day does end
We drink our whiskey, rum, or gin.." I only did a couple of verses here. They would vary as men created their own and crafted them to fit their units.

Vitalis passes coin to the server who brings him a mug and moves to Caspian's elbow, pausing as the man addresses Lucita and Ian.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy have been dismissed.

Angeline have been dismissed.

Lucita says, "And to give you an idea of what the war was like... there is this song. This lengthy song of the Setarco portion of the War against the Pirate King in 1008 took a very long time to compose, not completed till June 1011. There are too many people who were there to mention all by name so focus lay primarily on those of the Lycene that I knew the best at the time and tried to capture the feel of the events. I served there as one of the bards.

T'Was at Setarco in May, ten thousand eight
The Archduchess Eleyna had not long to wait
For her Lyceum flowers to take root ashore
There to thrive or die in the Garden of War.

There gathered allies, brave Compact troops
Of military, faithful, and volunteer groups.
Leavin' behind their homes, shops and farms
They'd vowed to protect from enemy swarms.

Tent cities sprung up along the Setarco beach
In orderly profusion far as sight could reach
Brave people all waiting for what was in store
If they would live or die in the Garden of War.

The colorful bright banners flew high and proud
O'er the raptors, cats, n' cads formin' a crowd
With fox, hydra, 'n roses, beacons, 'n flames
Commoners and nobles, there were so many names.

From up on the wall came news dreadful to hear.
Prince Niccolo's saying 'The pirates sail near.'
Compact fleets sailed forth as horizions grew dark
With vast numbers of pirates, relentless, stark.

To beating drums and the bards martial refrain
And the faithful prayers against freedom's bane
They sailed t' meet fire, arrows and deadly swords
Ramming of ships, sharks and the oncoming hoards.

Over the tossin' waves, thru the billowing smoke
Our navy sailed on till the pirate line broke
Hours of battle, pirate ships sunk by the score
But was a costly victory in that Garden of War.

Prince Antonio, Count Artorius and Baron Saik
Headed back to port, sunk ships in their wake.
Bloodied, battered, mourning and very tired
Their courage and resolve left many inspired.

The fierce enemy's hand was yet to be stayed
Attacks hit the bards and faith who had prayed.
Princess Serafine lept into the dreadful fray
Beside Leta and Lord Theron, keepin' enemy away.

Lord Ian's Thrax Elite and the Valorious Few
Hired by Prince Talen knew what they had to do
Protect tired people or whose skills were poor
Letting their flowers bloom in the Garden of War.

Volunteers and healers had compassion displayed
To the wounded warriors who in cots were laid
Waldemai fixed armor, smiths honed dull blades
Squires ran errands, served as leadership aides.

Yet our leaders were sure that 'Tis not over yet!'
So quick plans were made and the battleline set.
'WE WILL STAND' troops chanted at a rousing speech
Through Setarco's walls, we'll prevent a breach!

Scouts, Lady Cadenza and Lord Apollis eased out
To find enemy locations and give a warning shout.
Listening for orders Lady Alessia and Lord Dario
Stood ready beside Lords Luis, Dante and Ignacio.

While the ground troops stood, watched and waited
Our fleets set sail as more pirates were located.
We were out numbered on both the land and at sea
But the Compact stood steadfast and did not flee.

Prince Victus directed the Compact's naval Force
Prince Talen helped set the land battle's course.
Amid bards inspiring songs, and a Godsworn prayer
Clashing swords, screams and groans filled the air.

Thousands fought, and thousands fell with a roar
Bitter victory was won thru death, pain and gore.
The fallen became part of legends, song and lore
Their heroic blood was shed in the Garden of War."

Ian falls silent as Lucita starts singing, and re-devotes himself to his drink.

Vitalis bows his head at Lucita's rendition of the war in song. He lifts his mug in salute to the fallen.

Vicente looks over to Ian, raising his glass in a far-away greeting as the music starts. He too then returns to the music.

Kastelon strokes his beard as he listens, rivetted for the moment, before bowing his head in the wake of it.

Thea listens quietly, silent as the song is sung.

Ian gives Vicente a distant sort of nod, or what's probably a nod, and probably directed at Vicente, just generally going off of the timing of the gesture. His normally understated mannerisms are even more muted, today, and the darkness of the booth that he's occupying doesn't help.

Lucita sets aside her music instrument and reaches for a drink. "If anyone would like to share stories of that time, please speak up. That is really all I wanted to share at the moment, to pass on to others.

Raymesin looks over towards Ian during the song, and at the end of it his head bows, his gloved hand lifting to touch the skull pin at his throat. "Queen hold 'em all," he murmurs, voice soft.

"Champion Wild, I've taken on an endeavor for the Pathfinder, but if you were keen to coordinate the Explorers in any forays that come, I can recruit among the Scholarship." He addresses the group at large, "A sponsor or sponsors would be helpful in defeating any costs or diversion of resources."

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Caspian gives a ssad smile, offering a small round of applause. "Well sung Baroness Lucita. Well sung, and well said. as hard as it is to think of, its important to remember these sacrifices.. so that we dont become apathetic to the true cost of things." He looks over to Vitalis and nods his head with a smile. "I would be absolutely delighted to do so yes!"

Another low grunt from Kastelon as he's hearing Vitalis speaking of the Explorers and their use perhaps, as if such is germane to his interests, and he looks about considerately. "I would be game for a foray," he speaks up lowly.

Spring has brought the Marquessa out of her hiding hole, particularly after her recent trip to the Everwinter. Quenia seems in much happier spirits than the last couple of weeks, for those who might have caught her after her journey home. Today she's made her way to the Hundred Cities Inn but pauses in surprise as she sees so many people about. Chances are, she hasn't looked at the social calendar in a bit when staying so close to the hearth fires of home. She briefly goes to the bar to order hot chocolate, because while it is spring, some colder air still prevails, then waits to see what is going on before deciding where to settle.

Vicente appreciated the gesture but kept to his seat. Looking over to the man addressing them. He takes another sip of his drink, watching everyone with interest.

"I can't speak for House Kennex," Ian comments to Vitalis (or maybe Caspian). "But Aethan and Zoey both know how important those weapons could be. They'd probably release funds to help if a genuine attempt to find another stash were pitched to them."

Raja had fallen silent during the songs. She sips from her drink. An elbow is nudged into Caspian's side. "I may not be an Explorer, but I would love to help should you need my assistance."

"Need a knifeman along, well, I'd be interested," says Raymesin. "I ain't an Explorer either, but that just means I gotta find a way ter make a livin'."

Lucita nods to Caspian after taking a drink. "Yes. High cost. My first husband was killed in the second Setarco naval battle." She keeps that brief and then murmurs. "I'd be willing to try to find and retrieve more if any additional cache sites were discovered."

Vicente has joined the Bar.

Lucita smiles a welcome to Quenia as she arrives.

Caspian gives Raja a smile and a nod, and then another smile and nod to Raymesin "you both should consider joining! there is no reason not to given both of your skill sets!" he grins then and looks to Ian and lucita, "This seems like exactly the type of thing the Society exists for. i think its a damned good idea to look for more!"

Raja sighs. "I am part of too may groups already. But I will think about it." She says to Caspian. "Only enough time for so much in a day!"

Raymesin eyes Caspian with a flicker of amusement. "If I'm goin' somewhere, it's usually 'cause someone paid me," he says. "I ain't got the leisure ter wander off 'cause I feel like it. Don't mind 'elpin' out every now an' again, but I got a busy life a'ready."

"Ill help in any way I can,"Thea finally says from her spot, a slight smile appearing.

Dodger, a black-and-tan terrier, 2 Blackwood trained guards arrive, following Cillian.

Kastelon turns his attention briefly towards Thea. The faintest hint of a smile beneath his beard. "Preferably from the side of me," he offers, before that suggestion of a smile's gone again.

Ian sinks back into a withdrawn silence, nursing that same glass of whiskey. His eyes move, following the people who speak around the room, so he's clearly listening, at least.

Thea simply snorts at Kastelon. "Right. Safety first." Safety for who these days is yet to be determined.

Quenia gives everyone something of a bewildered look as they start talking about exploration and expeditions. She wanders over to the table by the window, steamy cup of hot chocolate in hand, and settles down within her seat. "It seems people are quite excited today," she comments mostly to herself, but loud enough for others to hear her. She pulls a small notebook out of the folds of her cloak, after setting that next to her, and then works to jot some notes of her own down for something or another.

Lucita says, "Cousin Quenia, I was telling them about the Cobalt weapons and their use in the Setarco war. There seems to be some interest in possibly finding another cache of them undiscovered since 1007 or 1008."

Cillian slips into the Inn staying in the back, his back leans against a wall and arms cross over h is chest. His hazel eyes bouncing around the room from face to face. When Lucita speaks his eyes fall onto her, he remains silent for the moment.

"Ah. Right." Quenia replies in response to Lucita's explanation. "I believe I was still grieving the death of my brothers after the Silence War and figuring out how to run a house still, during all of the Gyre War hubbub," she furrows her brow into a look of consternation. "Although if there are more to be found, I trust in the people of Arvum to do so. It just takes patience and perseverance, I'm finding, to find that which you need." There's a brief pause before she adds, "Although, I pity anyone who finds they must travel through the Everwinter to find such things. It's much, much too cold up there." She gives a visible shiver, in a manner that suggests this southern Lycene woman is still recovering from such a trip.

Raja listens to folk talking around her. Mid-sip, she seems to think of something. She moves closer to Raymesin, crouching low to speak quietly to him. Her gaze shifts to Quenia, her nose crinkling. "Everwinter. Sounds.. cold.. Makes me wonder if it is still winter there even in the summer."

Thea starts to lift her drink to her lips. "I've been to the Everwinter. You need layers. And even more layers on top of those. But it's nice." She shifts her eyes, amused,"Not an ideal vacation however."

"I'd be disappointed if it were not winter in summer with that name." Though it's delivered seriously, it is likely as close to an overt joke as Kastelon gets, as that hazel eye briefly looks to Raja, and then Thea.

Raymesin listens to Raja and gives her the slightest nod, then looks to the conversation again. "Thanks, but th'Everwinter don't sound like a friendly an' welcomin' place," he says drily.

Quenia gives Thea the oddest look ever when she says the place is nice. "Everything is frozen. Everything. Even you," she complains. "Even if there's a fire. Your toes /hurt/." She probably, sensibly, did not complain too much about the cold when she was out. Probably. "But for those exploring to find something of use, I do wish them luck, and that they get to blessedly stay in warmer climates!" she says that bit a little bit too cheerfully, before taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

Ian shifts his gaze from following the conversation to staring into his glass, frowning at it. Now it's hard to tell if he's paying attention at all.

Cillian listens as people mention the Everwinter, still he does not say anything but he does move to find himself a drink. Once in hand he brings it to his lips and takes a sip. He smirks to himself as people complain about the cold temperature's.

Caspian gives a smile to Raymesin, "oh come on! you cant let a name or some chill in the air keep you from exploring! just because a place is named 'Fiery Plains of Death and Despair' doesnt mean its not hospitable and a lovely summer home vacation!"

Lucita continues to listen to the various conversations going on around her. She takes a final drink from her glass and then says. "I hope you will excuse me, but I will soon need to return to my twins." She glances over to the bartender. "Please put their drinks and food on my tab for those who are here."

Kastelon makes a soft sound as he pushes off from the wall. The grunt draws the attention of the hound by the fire, who gets up, and follows his master back out into the early spring air.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound leaves, following Kastelon.

Raja smirks at Raymesin, "Even with that cloak of yours?" She settles back in her seat near Caspian. She eyes him and pokes him. "At least that place sounds cozy."

Quenia glances over at Caspian and gives him quite a dubious look. 'This is why you are an explorer and I mostly, sensibly, stay home," she says with a bit of amusement. "There's plenty enough ruins in my back yard," her lands, she means her lands, "for me to explore if I get a hankering," her eyes twinkle with a bit of amusement.

Cillian speaks up as he looks between those gathered. "The cold is not so bad, if you know how to protect yourself from it." he speaks with his thick Northern accent amusement in his eyes as he looks to Caspian then back around to the others as he brings the cup to his lips again.

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