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Jayus Gathering at Leary House

The gardens at Leary House are open for a summer gathering of Jayus enthusiasts. Join Lord Agric in a Blessing of the Artisan while enjoying a drink and discussing the city’s cultural scene. Guests are welcome to show off their latest work or prepare a performance if they want. Send Agric an @mail or message if you’re interested so an appropriate introduction can be made on the day of the event.


May 2, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Braelynn Mattheu Ann Titania Vitalis Denica Jan Esme


Disciples of Jayus Faith of the Pantheon


Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Leary House - Garden

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Comments and Log


I wasn't sure what to expect for today's Jayus gathering. Would anyone show up? Would they be willing to share their hopes and dreams? Would anyone appreciate the strawberry cakes? Apparently, it's 'many', 'most', and 'one person enough for the whole group'.

I am thankful for the support of people here in Arx and especially grateful to Lord Mattheu Rivenshari for sharing a performance of the piece he's working on. If this is what I can expect of the community here, I will certainly hold another gathering before the year is out.

Mattheu takes Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest from leather rucksack with pouches.

Mattheu takes Vantuluimea from Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest.

The event at Leary House is a minor affair, but nonetheless one that Lord Agric has put some care into arranging. Guests are shown their way to the garden by a member of staff, where several others are posted to dispense beverages and canapes. Bottles of wine sit in containers of ice to chill while immaculate glasses glisten in the sunlight on a nearby table. All around, the garden is bursting with flowers of all colors and varieties, and the fragrance of roses and lilies fills the air.

Next to the gazebo in the center of the garden is another table with a white cloth draped over it. On it are several small canvases stretched over irregularly-shaped frames. They look a bit like tear drops or maybe seeds. Glass containers of different colored paints and clean paintbrushes rest next to them.

As people enter, Lord Agric is there to greet them with a serious expression that is at odds with his warm welcome. “Please do claim a drink and something to eat,” he tells the guests. “Find a pleasant conversation and, when you wish, do pick up a canvas seed for yourself. We will be painting our hopes and dreams today, so that Jayus may bless them into fruition.” That’s the idea, at least, though nobody is forcing anyone to take part in the art.

"What a beautiful garden you have." Braelynn's return greeting is cheerful and bright. "Thank you so much for the invite." Greetings given she heads on over to the canvas' and starts setting things up with all the enthusiastic talent of the art novice.

The echo of jingling bells fills the courtyard as the colorful clothing of the small contingent from House Rivenshari steps into the garden of the Leary House. In a mix of silk and flaxen cloth, and barefoot is Mattheu (Flounder) as he holds the hands of twin girls both of dark hair and colorful tunics. A red-headed boy follows along holding a rucksack close to his chest and wide-eyed gaze to what he sees when first entering. Mattheu looks back to the two assistants and guards with a nod where they set to the side of the garden along with a couple of Redrain guards and confessors who are oddly wearing crowns made of wild flowers. The crowns of flowers match the flowers which the girls wear as both look to Mattheu calling to him in a soft choir. "Flounder." The rest of what they have to say is quieted away, though Mattheu has enough sense to find Agric and as the three children set to dashing at full speed to the offerings of food with the Rivenshari assistants Violeta and Tregva following. "Lord Agric. The invite to allow performance is appreciated." He turns to find Ann with a smile as she was behind Silian, the red-headed boy, only to find that she's slipped beside him. "May I present Princess Ann Redrain. And I am Lord Mattheu Rivenshari. We spoke via missives earlier, it's good to put a face to a name."

Indeed Ann was behind everyone. Making sure the children were behaving as blue eyes took in the girls and the young boy. She's quiet and has a small smile though she does try to stifle a laugh when she takes note that the confessors are wearing flower crowns. Must be one of the girls doing but they are good sport and simply melt in the crowd with the Redrain guards. She finally finds her way to Mattheu's side. When she inclines her head one would also hear bells of her own match that of Mattheu's. Even if she is of the North it seems she has picked up things of the river as well as her children. She looks pleased as she listens to Mattheu. Anticipation in her features as he speaks of performance. Now her smile warms a bit more when Mattheu introduces her to their host. "You have a lovely garden here. I am excited to see what tonight entails." A northern accent to confirm she's House Redrain. "It is very nice to meet you, Lord Agric." Her words sincere.

"Thank you very much. We take great pride in this little corner of the city," Agric tells Braelynn before watching head over to the art station. There's nothing wrong with being a novice, so long as one enjoys the act of creating.

Next, he turns to Lord Mattheu and Princess Ann. "Ah! Yes, very nice to meet you, my lord, your grace. The children are certainly adorned for the occasion"” Flower crowns in a garden, after all. "You can set up anywhere," he tells the lord. "After a brief prayer, I will announce you. Until then, please enjoy yourselves."

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Titania comes walking out into the garden, her ocean blue eyes look around at the garden taking it all in. Her blond hair is pulled up onto her head off her neck in many tiny braids, she is dressed in a corset and leathers with a sword that hangs off her hip.

Mattheu watches as Sil, Ilan, and Raya take to stuffing their faces with strawberries. To follow them with a sharp and low series of whistles as he stands beside Ann and nods to Agric with a warm smile. "Oh the flowers. Yes. Raya and Ilan felt they would add to the performance. Then my friends Violeta and Tregva got some, and the Confessors." He looks over his shoulder to the usually more stern of two that will follow Princess Ann with a grin and small wave to them. Only to turn back to Ann, "Enjoy. We've been practicing the piece for a little now." He offers her a small kiss to the cheek then heads within a quick stride after the children to have a talk about not having all the strawberries.

Braelynn wriggles her fingers in a wave for the children. "Hello Princess Ann. Hello Lord Agric. Hello Lord Mattheu."

a blue and gold macaw, Renard arrive, following Vitalis.

Again, Ann is amused as she watches Sil, Ilan and Raya try to take all the strawberries until Mattheu steps in to give them a small lesson in how one is to be sharing in things like that. Feeling the kiss to her cheek and her smile warms for the lord that was to her side but he's moving now. "I will enjoy it. I know you will do wonderful." Giving a small nod at his words as she begins to make her way to where the canvas are. It looks like she will try her hand at this painting thing. Seeing Braelynn on her way over to where the little art section is she smiles and finger waves to to the lady, "Lady Brelynn, it is good to see you." Moving to find a seat where she can see the performances to from where she is perched.

Agric turns to watch the children devour the strawberries, a small smile coming to his face at their ravenous appetite. "I am sure they will. And do encourage them to make some art. Children often create surprisingly insightful pieces." He nods to them both, then lifts his hand to wave to Titania. "Welcome," he calls out to the newcomer. "I'm Agric, it's very nice to see you. We'll be starting shortly." He takes the opportunity to turn to a nearby member of the staff and whisper, a call to ensure everyone ends up with a drink in their hand.

Vitalis arrives to the garden of the Leary estate astride a gray horse with an even and quiet gait. He is a dark figure atop it, and slips down, a murmur of thanks offered to the groom who leads the horse away. Vitalis, for his part, mosies over to those gathered and bows, straightening with a smile. There are unfamiliar faces, he gives an extra nod to those, "Vitalis Clement."

Titania nods her head in Agric's direction, "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Agric. Lady Titania Kennex." she moves further in, taking a drink from one of the staff. When she speaks she has a slight hint of a isles accent. Her eyes fall on the children, then she hears a voice and turns to look, "Lord Vitalis, it is good to see you again." she smiles.

With juicy reddened fingers Raya and Ilan wave in return to Braelynn as the giggle and go to sit by their mother for a moment. Both babbling about the strawberries as their lips are wet with the red as well. Sil looks to Mattheu and hands him the rucksack with great care only to watch as Mattheu pulls out a rounded case and from that a particular red stained violin. He nods to the boy with a grin and soft words, "You remember the little I taught you Sil?" Both of them say something over the strings as rounded case makes its way back into rucksack and set aside. Standing up Mattheu nods to the boy then offers a bow towards Braelynn as he waves to Titania and Vitalis. "Lady Titania. Lord Vitalis." He steps closer to the canvases, leading Sil closer to one. "You're welcome to paint as well Sil."

Braelynn smiles at Mattheu when he bows before turning to look at Ann. "What do you think he's going to suggest?"

When the staff comes by with drinks Ann takes one gladly. Giving a small nod of thanks for it. By the color in the glass its whiskey. In seeing Vitalis she offers him a smile and a wave. Titania is offered one as well. But now she's distracted when Raya and Ilan come to her. She quickly puts her glass down and points to the canvas that they can claim their own and there are quiet words exchanged as Ann explains how the girls can paint about their hopes and dreams. This should be interesting as Ann and Mattheu have heard the girls talk about this. Sil tending to be more quiet and maybe has shared more with Flounder and his new found adopted cousins. Ann finds a cloth to dab at the lips that are red knowing that soon the girls will help Mattheu in his performance. When she is done doing that she takes another look and watches as Mattheu and Sil converse. Hard to make out the conversation from where she is but she seems content at the exchange that goes on between the two. Straightening the girls as she also points out the paintbrushes and water where they can start to create. Looking to Braelynn when she asks her that question, "Which he milady? I am a little confused with the question."

"Pleasure to meet you," Agric tells Titania before she moves further into the gardens. Vitalis is next, and he nods to the lord before glancing to his horse that's led away, watching carefully those hooves that tread near the flowers and topiary. Satisfied there will be no damage, he looks back to the man and says, "Welcome. I'm so glad you could join us today. Please have a drink and take a small canvas. We are painting our hopes and dreams today." His small smile flares into a wider one, but just for a moment, before he moves to find a glass of wine for himself so that he can address those gathered.

Cato, a stealthy non-descript man arrives, following Denica.

Vitalis says in Arvani hand language, "Just so, Lord Agric," Vitalis nods at their host, moving off to select a canvas. He spends an inordinate amount of time studying the array on offer. Surely they're not THAT different from one another. That secured and tucked under his arm he finds a glass of wine and lifts it in salute to Ann, Mattheu, "Highness. Lord Rivenshari. Good afternoon," a smile shared, glass lifted. "Lady Fireviper. And," his brows lift studying Braelynn, gaze querying. He hasn't placed her. And then their host is assuming an 'addressing posture' and he turns his attention that way."

"Just so, Lord Agric," Vitalis nods at their host, moving off to select a canvas. He spends an inordinate amount of time studying the array on offer. Surely they're not THAT different from one another. That secured and tucked under his arm he finds a glass of wine and lifts it in salute to Ann, Mattheu, "Highness. Lord Rivenshari. Good afternoon," a smile shared, glass lifted. "Lady Fireviper. And," his brows lift studying Braelynn, gaze querying. He hasn't placed her. And then their host is assuming an 'addressing posture' and he turns his attention that way.

The summers are coming to its final days, but that sun is still relentless overhead. Dressed in a righteously colourful sparkling jacket, the short princess carries a black lace parasol and shields her pale skin from the rays above. There's an easy smile on her pale pink lips, bright eyes look around at everything with wonder. The rest of her retinue was no doubt dispersed elsewhere, and a single attendant leads her in, seeming the type to quickly disappear into the shadows. Denica is chatting with him, or to him, at least, he doesn't seem all that responsive. Rather he listens while he considers the gardens. "I did think it was appropriate, but I had no idea it ended up here. I maybe I did and forgot.," the man shrugs and the princess shrugs. Then she's turning her attention to the garden party that she approaches. Confident strides take her deeper into the garden, scanning the area to see who is gathered here. The little glass beads that decorate her attire are almost blinding as they catch the sun. A smile erupts as she sees Lord Agric and a hand lifts, paint-stained fingers wiggling at him. "Lord Agric, what a lovely garden you have. This looks delightful!"

Titania nods her head in a greeting to Mattheu and Ann, "Hello M'lord, your highness." she looks up and her eyes brighten, she moves in the direction of Denica, "Your highness." she grins happy to see the woman, may I? She moves to slip a arm into her friends.

Mattheu settles down to the ground to sit with the violin as he looks to Sil with a smile, "Paint that which your dreams share with you Sil. Baring that, throw some paint at the canvas and see what inspires you." He grins to the boy as he then tilts his head backwards to smile to Ann and Braeylnn now. Turning quickly to Titania with nod in return while he looks to Sil again and the boy has closed his eyes to grab at a paint at random.

"Lord Agric." Braelynn says to Ann. "I thought he was going to give a speech before we began." She smiles after she says that, taking up a paintbrush, and starting to splotch her canvas with various greens. She smiles when Vitalis gives her a querying look, answering his unasked question. "Lady Braelynn Deepwood."

Agric watches as a glass of red wine is poured for him, gently encouraging the house staff to fill it up a bit more than usual. That's when Denica comes over and he says, "Hello, your grace! So glad you could make. I'm about to speak to everyone, please come." Swiping his glass, he takes a sip and finds a small serving fork nearby. He taps this against the side of the glass to get the crowd's attention.

"Hello again, everyone. Also, thank you again for coming. This is the first event I have held here since my recent arrival from Leaholdt and I am so glad to see all of you. We have a performance led by Lord Mattheu Rivenshari today, which will begin in a moment, then we will open the event to sharing those hopes and dreams we are painting." Hold for applause. "But first, join me in a blessings of the artisan, a prayer to Jayus."

He pauses for a moment, then begins, speaking slowly so that those who want to repeat after him may follow along.

"Bless the creators, O Prince of Stories,
For through their gifts they make the world
more beautiful;
Through their labors they open their hearts
Around them;
Through their insight they capture the truth
Of their world;
Through their hope and your vision
They remind us of what is holy.
Bless all who create in your name, O Jayus,
Pour your spirit into them
That their hearts may sing, their eyes see
And their hands create in your image."

Whatever Ann was going to say to Braelynn she quiets when Agric begins his speech and introduction. Looking proud when he speaks of Mattheu. When the prayer starts she holds her girls hands and there's a look to Sil to make sure he's following along as she murmurs the words softly. Keeping her head lowered in a respectful manner.

Vitalis inclines his head to Braelynn and lifts his glass. He bows his head when the prayer begins, hands folded before him around the barrel of his wineglass. He echoes the words in Agric's wake, the rolling rhotic music of his southern accent bright and dark as he speaks. When the prayer is concluded, he lifts his glass, "To Jayus. And our host." He gestures the glass to Agric, then to the canvases and paint, before he sips and looks around for Mattheu.

The smile on Denica's lips brightens and she greets Titania, linking her arm with her friends as she takes a look around. "This is lovely, a good combination of nature's art and that which we create," she murmurs thoughtfully. There's a smile offered to the others she recognizes, Ann and Matrheu and then Vitalis. Putting her greetings on pause, she turns to hear Agric speak and her attention rests there for the duration of it. As the prayer is said, Denica repeats the words during the pause that breaks up the sentences. Cato has wandered off and returned with a drink for the princess, himself and Titania too if she needs one. As Vitalis lifts his glass in a toast, the young Thrax does the same in response echoing that sentiment.

Braelynn bows her head during the prayers.

Mattheu steps to front of the performance area as pointed out by Lord Agric. He holds onto a violin of dark cherry stain, keeping it close to his chest as he nods to all, then steps back into a sweeping jingling bow. "I have a piece which I've been working on. It's far from being finished. And would like to share what I have with you. If you'll indulge me." There's a look over to the children as they are in the process of putting down their paints. Raya and Ilan have a mouthful of cheese and are laughing as they catch Flounder's stare, fingers covered in blues and pink paints now. There's a space without words as he looks back to Agric and smiles, then stepping back into a sudden darkening space as Sil runs past with a dark umbra scarf fluttering behind him to obscure Mattheu and set the stage.

As the cloth covers over and around the performance area the dim song of soft jingling bells fill the garden, as if cresting waves upon a hidden creek are to find rocks and a light breeze in early morning. Raya, Ilan, and Sil spin upon performance space, each has a bell the size of a walnut upon woven rope and flaxen cloth wrapped around their ankles leading to barefeet. Raya and Ilan, twin girls of nine years of age both with long dark hair and summer wild flowers woven into their hair within braids, and the boy, Sil with short firey red mussed hair of eleven pull upon colorful ropes to drag a small makeshift stage behind them. All three appear to still be nibbling upon cheese and strawberries as they pull at the stage with fingers covered in colorful paints and softly giggling between themselves in a soft dialect that sounds a mix of Northern and Ravashari.

Once the stage is into place each spins and steps backwards into the shadows. The twins start to hum a low and long soft melody as the Sil sits down at edge of the platform beginning to tap upon the wooden planks to create the noise of a heartbeat starting to find itself in this space. The girls spin to create a soft jingling of their bells. Holding their hands over heads to create shadows against a sail propped up behind them as if waters were to rise and build in waves. Their humming fills the space of garden in a soft thrumming as a low build from strings upon violin carry from off 'stage'.

Violeta and Tregva slip out to set candles and light them as Mattheu Rivenshari steps into middle of their glow. Starting off standing nearly quiet, his bells singing out softly. A bow is drawn slowly across strings of violin as a low and soft melody of life upon the rivers plays out. Candles flicker as children slip away from 'stage', leaving all focus upon the haunting soft melody of the past played by Mattheu. A darkness befalls the crowd as the children run through the garden with similar umbra silken scarves trailing and flying within the wind behind them. A single note is held upon in the moment. Exploding within dance of bells and color where the stage is filled with the colorfully dressed children, and assistants with Rivenshari guards; Having set their pikes aside and traded for crowns of flowers, while the sisters Tregva and Violeta spin and leap onto the stage, filling it with a dazzling display of color and bells.

With his eyes closed, Mattheu takes to strumming strings upon violin and beating out a drum of sorts, turning the soft sad melody into a dance as the performers bounce and play around him in their own cascade of bells singing out and echoing throughout. Mattheu holds to his crouch as he continues to play, turning more to a drumming upon body of violin while the party of dance behind and around him all scatter away from 'stage' in their own spins. The twins picked up by another, Raya with Tregva, Ilan with Violeta as both are lifted into spirited spins their brother Sil sets to a jumping spin where bell upon his ankle sings out, all seeking to hide in small 'shadow' away from their storyteller.

As the 'stage' is clear Mattheu leaps upwards where bells upon his clothing and in his hair all sing out within that soft cascade from start. Holding himself in near perch upon one leg with another bent before him, as if there's an invisible post he rests upon. A bow of his head, and solid stomp to the ground with perched foot as he slips back into a flourished bow to audience.

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Once the performance is done and there is nothing but quietness it is Ann that breaks the silence. She has stood up and is applauding for the performance. Maybe she is bias. Maybe not. Because as she is applauding there are tears that she lets flow down her features. She had no idea that Mattheu and the children were doing this. This is a surprise to her to. She blows kisses to all the performers alike. They are her family and friends after all. Looking pleased at the emotion that was summoned. Trying to remember how to breath as she looks outwards to the performers and no one else. Her attention solely on Mattheu and his performers.

Denica is overheard praising Mattheu: Incredible performance!

Jan slips in and slinks into the crowd just in time for Mattheu's performance.

Titania stands with her arm in Dencias when the prayer is said she bows her head, then there is a performance! She stands watching, listening. Her head tilts to the side, her ocean blue eyes watching, there is almost a yearning that comes to her face. She had taken a drink, but places it down when her gloved hand comes up to pat gently at the dampness under her eyes. When its over she lets go of her friends arm for a moment and claps her hands together when the performance is over.

Agric slowly sips from his drink throughout the performance, once he steps away from his prayer. He is enamored by the display, surprised at the dedication that everyone clearly has to it. Mattheu, the children, and everyone who joined the lord. When it finishes, he joins in the applause and turns to the others in the crowd, reading their expressions of joy as a response to their shared prayer. Slipping closer to the performers, he calls out to them, "That was amazing! Thank you so much for deciding to share."

As the performance begins, Denica's attention drifts to the stage and she goes quiet and still. Her expressions react to the art as it unfolds, the music and the imagery wash over her and she lights up and appreciates it deeply. There's a subtle drum of fingers on her free hand against the side of her hip, her smile growing as she watches the children set the stage. The music is chilling, she can feel the goosebumps as they form on her arms though hidden under the sparkle of her rainbow jacket. There's a stillness to her, letting her senses fill with all she experiences, the wonder in her eyes for everything she sees. The young woman breathes in, lavishing in the scent of the full blooms of an end-of-summer garden. Time stands still as she watches and when it comes to an end, she is delighted fully. The short and dainty woman can be loud when she wants, which is all of the time, and she whistles with excitement for the Ravashari family. "Incredible! Well done! Bravo!!," she calls out across the way. "That was indeed a memorable piece, thank you for sharing it with us today."

Vitalis checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Vitalis is successful.

Vitalis puts fingers to his lips and whistles his approval, clapping loud for the Rivenshari and their glad and haunting display. He sniffs and grins, eyes bright. He fades off of clapping and exhales a gusty breath that puffs out his cheeks. "There's no response to that other than to sit and paint." And thus, Lord Vitalis finds a stand, some paints, a brush and a lovely corner of the garden to lose himself for a bit in rendering his hopes and dreams to canvas.

Mattheu nods in return to all, looking back to the children with a smile and little wave, "Come take your bow. This applause is for you too." As Sil holds at an arm and awkwardly nods his head to the crowd, Raya offers a deep flourished bow to all and Ilan takes to hiding behind Mattheu and giving a small wave to her mother then hiding her face into the tails of Mattheu's cloak. Within a laugh Mattheu looks to Ilan and nods only to then let out a deep held breath of his own and sweep his leg back to give a proper bow to all. In the flourished bow he exposes Ilan to where he can sit her on his knee now with a smile and helping her wave. Once back upon his feet he looks to Agric, "Thank you for the offer of space. It is still within some work." A small tap to each of the children's shoulders, "Go enjoy yourselves with painting."

a blue and gold macaw, Renard leave, following Vitalis.

Jan lingers on the periphery and watches the observant showcase their craft.

Titania looks over and grins, "Cousin." she smiles and waves Jan over to join her and Denica. "I think I want to paint, but I never tried before."

Jan looks up and summons a grin for Titania and offers a fingerwave.

Mattheu slips the violin away with a soft word over it as he then heads to where Sil stares at a canvas multiple colors now spread over the cloth as his hands are covered in the same colors. "Very good Sil." A look to the twins as Raya sets to be very carefully setting an outline of images, her sister has taken a step back from the canvas and is throwing the pots of paint at the canvas as she laughs. Some of the paint sprays onto Raya and Mattheu as he's left to try and hide a laugh.

Agric looks to the Rivenshari children as well and smiles to them. "Such a good job," he encourages, before his rises again to nod Mattheu's way. "Well, this is what I hoped the event could be for some, a chance to workshop and receive feedback. Yours was very positive, and I would love to hear about your inspiration sometime." He nods to the crowd and then makes his way toward where others are getting into the paints and small canvas seeds. Hearing Titania, he says, "Let this be your first time, then. I'm sure it will turn great."

Jan ambles over and nods "You got this, Titania. Just go try it out, have fun."

It takes Ann a few minutes to gather her composure. Enjoying the bows that Mattheu and the children do. Fingerwaving at Ilan when she tries to hide behind Matti only to be exposed to the crowd. Once the performers are done and go off the 'stage' there are kisses to cheeks for Sil, Raya and Ilan before they are released to work on their paintings. Eyes shining for Mattheu as she exchanges quiet words for him. Once the children get settled and understand about what it is they are do Ann gives a small laugh for Ilan and how enthusastic she is for her painting. Inclining her head to Agric when she hears his words for Mattheu. She then wanders at her own canvas and stares at it. Waiting for inspiration to hit. She does finger wave to Jan and Denica finally seeing them.

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

Titania looks to Jan and moves to grab her hand, "Come sit with me cousin." she heads for a canvas and the pain. "Hopes and dreams hmm."

Jan gives Titania a one-armed hug, "Sure, if you like, but shouldn't you be mingling with folk you don't know? Folk with artistic talent?"

Mattheu nods in a soft jingling towards Agric, "I would be happy to speak with you upon my inspiration." The small pull towards Ann leaves him with a laugh and gentle 'eep' they share soft words as he looses sight of the children in that moment. To look over to Denica with a nod within small bow, "Thank you Princess Denica. It means alot to me that all of you here have warm welcome for it." He looks to the children again now with a warm and genuine smile. "They've been practicing for some time now. I was playing upon the strings and they asked to be a part of it."

Titania looks to Jan, "I could say the same for you." she smiles grabbing two drinks and moving to where they can sit and paint.

Esme is late, but perhaps that's the Torean in her still wanting to make an entrance. The Archlector of Limerance saunters like a feline as she is led to the gardens. As they come into view, Esme's face instantly lights up. Everything about her illuminates with happiness. The emerald of her eyes move over every item, every person, and every plant that has been placed. Both her hands reach out for Joy's as the attendant walks with her. "Oh! Is it not the most delightful thing that has ever delighted?" A happy laugh leaving her lips as if she just cannot stop the spill of happy bubbles from coming forth.

Jan draws in a deep breath "Not my thing, happy to keep you company though."

There's a delightful expression on Denica's face as she listens to Mattheu talk about the performance and the children's role, she looks at them specifically. There's a warmth in her expression that isn't all that common, but she seems rather moved by their presence. "Well, it was very impacting, I feel quite moved." Then after exchanging words with Mattheu, the young princess offers a little curtsey and grins. "This has been a delight. I'm afraid I am just popping in, I've some business to attend to. Thank you all, I always feel refreshed and energized around such creative energy." Fingers waive, stained with paint, she quietly dips out, but not before stopping to smell the roses. Literally.

Denica is overheard praising Agric: A delightful host!

Cato, a stealthy non-descript man leaves, following Denica.

Esme is overheard praising Denica: For being gorgeous, but also for the most intoxicating perfume to ever have drift by a person.

Titania checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Titania fails.

Titania looks to Jan and tilts her head she is not getting what she wants at the moment from the paints on the canvas and whispers to her cousin in a soft tone.

"Then we will arrange a time to do so," Agric tells Mattheu before leaving him to his art with the children and Ann. He peeks at the princess's canvas, eager to see what she eventually comes up with, then takes one of his own. He waves to Denica on her way out, then notices Esme as she enters. "Hello there, I'm Agric Leary. I'm afraid you just missed the prayer and performance, but there is still art to be made and drinks to be enjoyed. We are painting our hopes and dreams on these seed canvases."

Jan says, "What are you going to paint, cousin?" She grins at Titania "What are your hopes and dreams?"

Mattheu pulls Ann to his side as a small paint war between sisters erupts. Most of the paint manages to find someone's canvas while a large glob of purple and pink finds Mattheu's face in a streak right across his nose and cheeks. Ilan and Raya both stop as they wait to see what Flounder will do. He starts laughing and picks a canvas to plant his face to. "There. I've made something." As he laughs he looks to the girls who are both suddenly very busy at their own paints.

Esme watches Denica walk past her and smiles a bit more. "Oh, did you smell her perfume? It was delightful. I think she is the only one that could carry that off. What was it? Cherries?" Esme laughs again as she speaks to Joy. "Now all I want is dessert." There is an over-exaggerated pout that leaves the next second as she laughs. The emerald of her eyes slide towards Agric as he speaks towards her in welcome. She moves easily towards the man and if he does not move, she will .... hug him. Full on hug attack. "Oh! Lord Agric, it is most delightful to meet you. Eons ago, one of my best friends was a Leary." Her lips curve upwards to that. "That is neither here nor there. The gardens are amazing. As well, it is wonderful to give back towards Jayus." It seems like she's always smiling. "I'm Es--Archlector Esme. Sorry. I keep forgetting I should say that first part." Others will be greeted. There may be more hug attempts. The world has been warned.

Esme is overheard praising Agric: Wonderful gardens. Wonderful party. Wonderful everything

Ann smiles at Agric but she's better at books and investigations and is out of her element a little shrug seen from her. She can appreciate art. Only to be pulled to the side by Mattheu. She is watching her twins carefully to see what is they are up to. When they start to fling paint she uses Matti as a shield. You have seen the size of this man right? He's a tank. But she's laughing behind him because she sees where the paint has landed and now her shield is moving to place his face in a canvas to make his art. Telling him, "It's beautiful, my darling man." Teasing him lightly. She is not unscathed as there is paint on her arms where she was not as well shielded. But she's not mad at it. A finger wave for Esme upon spying her.

Titania smiles, "The ocean, the breeze." she says to Jan, "The feel of the warm sun on my face, to feel the rocking of the waves under me." she closes her eyes then opens them and looks to the Canvas and starts to try and paint again.

Jan ahhhs and smiles "Sounds lovely. Don't forget to add some greens to your blues, the sea has many shades."

Titania checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Titania fails.

Agric stops a few steps away from Esme, one hand cradling his glass of wine. "Yes, I did smell it. It matched the garden's floral notes," he says, somewhat drily yet still pleasant enough. "There should be small cakes that the kitchen put together," he says, turning to look for the dessert trays and where they are, which is also when Esme goes in for a hug. "Oh!" The lord tenses, looking like a cat that's been caught off guard. "Archlector, yes, a pleasure." He takes a drink when she lets go, then stares into his empty glass.

Jan checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Jan is successful.

Esme beams to that. "OH! There /IS/ cake?" Esme looks like Agric just said there were millions of gems just for her with that knowledge. She reaches out to pat his arm. "This is most lovely. Most lovely indeed. I am sure to find a snack while you see to your party. Thank you so much for having me here. I shall ponder my hopes and dreams. I shall also check back to see yours." She smiles again before she's moving for food until she sees a real snack. "Mattheu!" A happy little bounce and she's moving over towards the man, Ann, and the children.

Jan grabs some paint, rolls up her sleeves and starts helping Titania, adding some texture, layering colors, and even dabbing some white here and there to look like seafoam riding waves.

Mattheu turns in the call from Esme, a large grin upon his lips "Esme! Have you seen the potato sack? It was last. Well. You." He laughs as he closes the gap between them and offers her a hug before she has chance to seek out to tackle him.

Titania tongue comes out to the side as she starts to pain, her blue eyes on the canvas. She nods her head to Jan, "Yes, yes." she says softly. She picks her drink up sips from it and then puts it down. She grins as Jan helps her, "What do you think?" its a painting of a sunset **As the sun begins its descent towards the horizon, the sky starts to fill with warm shades of orange and pink. The clouds, which were once white and fluffy, now take on a beautiful rosy hue. The ocean's waves gently roll towards the shore, reflecting the colors of the sunset in their shimmering surfaces.**

Ann steps aside so that Mattheu and Esme could embrace. She did see what happened between Agric and Esme and is amused. Giving another small shrug too Agric if the lord looks her way. When a server comes by she picks up another glass having forgotten where she laid her last glass at. Finally, drinking, yes likely whiskey.

Jan says, "Looks fantastic, Cousin, downright dreamy." she watches Esme hug Agric and looks amused "You know the host at all?"

Esme sweeps herself into Mattheu's hug. When Esme hugs it's a HUG. She goes full squeeze, full body, and share the joy. Aggressive happiness. "OH! I have not seen it. You simply /must/ show me. Am I a potato sack? That is most lovely. It is a wonderful idea and one I am not deserving of. For how could an honor like that ever be one for a simple soul as myself." She will free up an arm to try to swing Ann into the hug as well. "If I were a jealous woman, Ann, your beauty would strike my heart cold. It would refuse to beat even once because I could not sustain the glorious attributes that you have just by existing."

Agric inhales deeply and smooths out his clothing where it was a little rumpled from the hug, meeting Ann's eyes briefly and flushing at her shrug. He lets his gaze drift until it finds a member of the staff, to whom he lifts his glass. After recovering enough from the hug, he wanders over to the painters and ends up by Jan and Titania. "I love it. Never grew up by the sea myself, but I can see the appeal."

Jan looks up and bows her head, "Thank you! I take it you're the host? Archlector or...? Forgive me, I arrived late."

Jan is overheard praising Agric.

Of course now Ann is just grinning outright as she is included in this affection by Esme with Mattheu. Keeping her glass above her head as she just got this glass. So its a one arm hug at best that is given in return. She's flushing at Esme, "You always have the nicest things to say every time I see you. You my dear always make things brighter by your presence."

Titania smiles, "Lord Agric, this is my cousin Lady Jan Kennex." she smiles, "Jan, Lord Agric." she looks to the painting. "You did good cousin." she grins.

Esme is overheard praising Mattheu: Really because he's the best snack in the room. I'll try not to bite too much.

Titania is overheard praising Agric.

Agric shakes his head to Jan and says, "I am just a disciple. It's fine, I'm just glad to see so many new faces." He looks again to the painting and then moves on to see the rest, marveling at many of the hopes and dreams the people gathered here express on this fine summer day.

Jan says, "Nice to meet you, Lord Agric. Lovely affair you've hosted. Kind of you to open your home for this."

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