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The Blue Jay

After discovering a body outside the Purple Talon Tavern, our intrepid investigators seek to learn who he is and maybe what happened.

Follow up to Elrion's Demise


Aug. 24, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Ian Mattheu Jan Ann Mikani



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Arx - Streets of Arx

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A carved wooden bluejay hangs above the cellar door under a herbalists shop. This sign, along with a bored looking bruiser, a faint hum of voices, and the lingering smell of haze, are the only things that identify this place as being anything but a simple cellar. The bruiser squints at all of you but most especially the Cullers before opening the door with a surly, unhappy, look on his face. It doesn't take a master of empathy to know that he thinks you are trouble.

Its quite busy inside with a handful of tables turned to various gambling games crowded around by commoners. Some of them look kind of shabby. Others look reasonably well off. Everyone is gambling, drinking, smoking or all three.

The whiff of haze provoke from Ian a slight wrinkling of the nose and a resigned look; clearly, this is not a smell that he enjoys. The rest of the atmosphere seems more familiar to him, however, and his natural sense of his surroundings allows him to move through the crowd effortlessly, like the press of people isn't even there. He sizes up the room with a sweep of his gaze as the various nobles all pile into the gambling den, taking note of who is where, where the exits are, and especially who is armed.

Mattheu pokes his head into the gambling location as he slips past the bruiser with a small wave and tip of two fingers from brow, only to start yammering on from the get go. "Looks a little like the places my brothers would take me to when I was younger." A glance and small wince as a table lets out a cheer and someone looks like that might be stabbed later. "Yup. Looks similar to the place Gavier took me for me..." He trails off when noticing the stark difference between the group of them coming in and those that are in the location only to turn to the bruiser within the trailing lost thought with a charming smile to flash towards them. See, he's not trouble. Everyone else is. He's the opposite of trouble. The Rivenshari is here to help. Not at all to finish up his thought and go in search of a drink and shaman for some piercings.

Jan gives the muscle a big cheeky grin, the very picture of innocence as she breezes in. She looks around and allows a soft "Huh. This place actually looks like someplace I'd haunt in my younger days. Assuming nothing goes horribly wrong here I may even come back here to loiter another day."

The staff all seem to be carrying long knives but there aren't more weapons in here than you would expect in any lowers tavern. A bruiser or two have clubs.

Ann trails along into the blue jay. She's quiet and looking around. Taking in her surroundings. Already taking notes in her head as she takes in the people and environment. Likely right behind Matti so he can be her shield if trouble arises.

Mikani ever the chameleon, takes a cigarello from her hip holster and lights it with the help of a man that offers. She takes a few puffs and nods to the stranger before venturing further into the Blue Jay. Her dark eyes taking in the crowd. "I used to frequent places like this as well." She doesnt mention that past tense meant like a year ago. She gives a sidelong look at Jan. "You look like you are trying to find a vacation property here." She warns Jan.

Recap: The body outside the Purple Talon had been stabbed multiple times in a panicked/frenzied attack before being sat up under the statue. After he was killed he was looted of everything of value including his boots and buttons but the attacked seems to have forgotten his knife. It was the sort of knife often used by dock workers in the lowers and was made by a popular, but relatively cheap, smith. The witness Mattheu found said that she heard two men arguing at about the time of the killing/murder. The victim carried an invitation slip from the Blue Jay dated the day of his demise. He had no callouses of note on his hands and the group suspect he might have been a messenger or some similar vocation. Denica produced an excellent sketch of the victims likeness for you to bring with you today.

Ian checks perception and streetwise at normal. Ian is successful.

Jan checks dexterity and legerdemain at normal. Jan is successful.

Mikani checks perception and streetwise at normal. Mikani marginally fails.

Mattheu checks dexterity and performance at normal. Mattheu marginally fails.

Ann checks charm and streetwise at normal. Ann is successful.

Threading his way through the people with far more grace and ease of movement than anyone with a cane and a stilted gait has any right displaying, Ian makes his way to wherever a drink is to be located and bought and, after exchanging money for the alcohol, turns to regard the room in silence.

Jan picks a game with quick rounds, and quickly wins small amounts and her winnings to buy rounds for the table before having a brief conversation with with the dealer and then slips away and ambles over towards Ian and ordering a drink for herself. "So our dearly departed is apparently Elrion and it sounds like your theory was right on the money, cousin. He won big just yesterday."

Finally, there is a table to be secured. Ann settles in it. Smiling at whoever takes orders around here and she's ordering herself a whiskey. But she has also made sure she has a good line of view in seeing where the bruisers are. Maybe it is them she will speak with soon. But for now she's just a Princess looking around to see how the other half lives. Or something like that.

"Don't suppose the dealer knows if he had family?" Ian asks Jan. "Anyone who might be missing him?"

Mattheu takes to a small spin of a dance, making his own space of a dance floor where one doesn't exist. Bells singing out as he lets out a laugh to the few that come up to him asking for a spin about to have a chance to lean head to his chest and babble at him about the Ravashari and his tribe of the Rivenshari. It's four dances in and he's spotting the trend of who is seeking a dance, but no real information is moving. Offering a deep and flourished bow to the few that have taken to his makeshift dance floor, then standing up with smile. "I should find a drink. Would anyone care to join me for some libations?"

Mikani goes to the bar and murmurs something to the tender there. They give her a glass of ale. She smiles at the man before she takes one last look around the Blue Jay before joining Jan and Ian. She claps for Mattheu after his dance and takes a sip of ale. She makes a face and sets the pint down. "Did anyone mention who might have been at the table with him? Or did Elrion brag about it?" She asks wondering how many knew he had a heavy purse.

Ann rises from her seat as she sees some who look familiar to her. But it is Matti that she approaches and murmurs something to him and then she is making her way to a bruiser. Likely to ask him a question or two about the victim.

Jan shakes her head at Ian, "He didn't even know his Surname so I reckon not but I bet some of his mates around here might know. Trouble is the person who's responsible might be here and so there's two ways to go about this. One, be quiet like, keep playing, asking around here and there and see if we can find his mates and get some information. OR we can ask loudly, see if anyone pipes up which may cause the guilty party to flee or follow us. If we're just trying to get this man to his family the second way is probably the way to go. We can deal with any riff raff who don't like us asking."

She looks Mikani "I was just pondering my approach."

Ann mutters, "In ... assessment I think these bruisers look ... they know more ... they are letting on. ... ... to deal ... those that ... ... peace quickly and ... Watch ... back?"

Ian rolls his shoulders to Jan. "You know where I stand on this. The guy's dead. Nothing's going to change that. I'd rather try to make a difference for someone who's alive, and in this case, that means whoever might be waiting for him to come home."

Batted eyes, and bite of lip while Mattheu continues to flirt in return to those surrounding him from their shared dances. The Rivenshari leans up against the bar with a grin to bartender. "Do you happen to have a mug of which I might share with you a lovely little liqueur that I think once you try it you'll be seeking to have more of it within your establishment?" He pulls from a rucksack to his side a small bottle containing a darkened nearly burnt golden hue. Removing the cap to allow bartender a chance to give the drink a whiff before it might be poured. The sweetness of fig and pear rising off of the bouchet mead within, as he turns a little to nod to Ann with a new smile. Soft swallow, then to turn back to bartender. "What do you say? Shall we strike up a deal?"

The barkeeper frowns when Mattheu presents him with a bottle of liquor from out of a bag, his eyes going over to a statuesque woman in question, before he reluctantly nods and gives Mattheu a few glasses. "Can't say I've ever had anyone bring their own drinks before." Something about the way he says that suggests that its normally a bashing offense.

Jan nods to Ian "Alright." She purses her lips and scans the room considering her next move while Ann, Mattheu and Mikani work their angles. She drinks and watches the room very closely meanwhile.

Mattheu checks charm and performance at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Ann checks charm and manipulation at normal. Ann is successful.

Ian checks command and intimidation at normal. Ian is successful.

Mikani checks charm and investigation at normal. Mikani is successful.

Ian takes a casual sip of his drink and turns towards the bartender, his expression flat, eyes intense. "Usually best to let the ravashari have their way," he says, in an Isles accent thicker and more pronounced than usual; as much as it sounds like he doesn't tone his accent down for Arx, apparently he does, because this is something that some nobles might actually struggle to understand. "They don't mean anything by it, and it's fewer problems letting them do as they will." The implication here, hanging in the air, that one of the problems best avoided is Ian himself. He proves this a moment later when a casual swat of his cane at someone who is creeping up behind Mattheu leads to one would-be pickpocket with stinging shins rethinking his life choices and going in search of a less painful hunting ground.

The bruiser/bouncer Ann picks proves to be fairly amenable to conversation, although he does shift enough that he can continue watching the crowd as he talks. "I know Elrion, yeah." He tells her. "He's been coming in here for years. Got quite a habit if yeh know what I mean?" his head swivels as he watches Mattheu sharing drinks around for a moment. "No idea where he gets the money. He's lost a fortune this last year."

Mikani's target is a bit more distant than the one Ann picked. He gives her a wary, but polite nod, and only relaxes when he realises she's interested in something he can actually say. "Elrion? He had a lucky night yesterday. Normally I'd be surprised he's not here again today, losing it all, but I suppose he's still sore about me and Ern throwing him and Roki out."

The drink which Mattheu hands out in healthy pours is a harmonious fusion weaving together allure of bochet mead with the delicate nuances of figs and pears. The mead's deep amber hue hints at the complexity that lies within. An intricate dance of aromas, with the robust caramelized notes gracefully intermingling with the sweet, earthy scent of ripe figs. A dryer mead than many might be preparred for, as Mattheu eyes the bartender in their comment of bringing a drink *into* the establishment. He offers a small wink in return, "How else am I to get you to see if the drink will sell and make you more coin in one night for what it is? It's as if you seek to hold daylight hours." His scoff at that idea is one followed to allow the rumors of the Rivenshari to rise another step. Offering a nod to the bartender now as others take in for the free drink, and the heavy pours. "Mattheu Rivenshari. If you'd like I have many more of these and a few casks avaiable. We can talk price after your patrons start asking for more."

The bartender takes a moment to taste the mead after Mattheu's prompting. "Too fancy for us." A fact backed up by the way most of the patrons simply knocked the drink back in a single gulp before going right back to their gambling.

There's a lean in the bouncer from Ann as if she could hear his words better. The crowd starting to get loud in here or she's simply trying to get all the facts she is hearing from the man. There were other names listed and Ann remembers that. "Oh yes, what a pesky habit." Giggling softly and makes a scoffing noise, "Men." She is playing her part. Twirling with her hair as she looks charmingly at the bouncer, "Roki? Friend or family member? Were they fighting?"

Mikani nods to the man she is talking to. "Why did you and Ern throw him and Roki out? Were they being disruptive? Is Roki here today?" Mikani asks. Not in succession she does allow the man to answer before she asks the next question. She puffs her cigarillo as she listens to the Bruizer. Standing to his side to allow the bruizernto do his job.

Ian checks charm and empathy at normal. Ian is marginally successful.

Jan nurses her drink and watches Ian with amusement, "Sharp eye, cousin." She shakes her head gently a bit as she watches Mattheu's drink gets attention. She nudges gently an indicates Mikani "Oh, seems like Mikani may have found something." She reaches over to grab a chair and pulls it over and then steps up into it and holds out the drawing of Elrion "Hello! Hi! So our friend Elrion here gave us something to hold onto but did not come to collect it. I am looking for Master Elrion or his next of kin to give them since he did not come to collect it and I am not a fucking bank! Would anyone care to tell me where I can find Elrion's kin?"

Mattheu checks charm and performance at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Ann checks charm and manipulation at normal. Ann is successful.

Mikani checks charm and investigation at normal. Mikani is successful.

Jan checks charm and investigation at normal. Jan marginally fails.

Ian downs the remains of his drink, then takes the dark clouds of his presence away from the bar over to the table Jan was playing at, previously. He doesn't even bother to take a seat. "Look, I'm not going to waste anyone's time sugar coating this. Elrion's dead. My cousin and I found his body, and that puts the responsibility on us to figure out if there's anyone out there wondering what happened to him. Any of you know if he had family? Anyone who might be missing him?"

Jan turns and looks at him "What the fuck?! Don't you think his family should find that out before anyone else?!" She siighs and leaves it be with a mildly exasperated sigh.

Ian gives Jan a weary look. "Long as they find out, I don't much care how it happens. Anything's got to be better than waiting for someone who's never coming back."

The bouncer Ann has been talking to looks back to her when she asks about the money. "Boy was a messenger back when he came in here. Not exactly rich, you know? But then he started coming in, every once in a while, with these big hauls. Like tens of thousands of silver. Lost every silver, every time, but the lad was convinced he'd win it all back next time. You know how it goes."

The bruiser Mikani has been talking to tells her "We threw them out before it could get to fighting. Roki was just making a real fuss because he'd lost a weeks wages and knew his missus would kick him out for real this time. Said that Elrion had been cheating. We don't let folks cheat here."

Jan's questioning results in people looking at each other and mostly just shrugging. "Wasn't he a messenger?" the second says "I heard he got fired." "Huh". Not exactly what she wanted.

Ian's bluntness on the other hand gains rather more a reaction. Shock flickers over faces. "Elrion? Dead? But he owed me 500 silver." "Wasn't he an orphan?" "Didnt he have something to do with Cerise?" "Yeah I heard he worked for her." Not quite the act of friends but at least theres an answer.

Several gamblers start watching Mattheu as he works his way around distracting people and the tall woman the bouncer looked at earlier approaches him. "I think you've been here long enough Messere."

The barman looked at earlier.

"Well you don't need to be rude about it." Mattheu looks at the bottle to finish off the drink himself in a quick throat of what's left. Only to turn as someone is hopping away with a sore shin. Shaking his head with a jingling of bells the bottle is slipped back to his rucksack. Making a few rounds in flirt and slip of dance only to bump head first into the woman and to look up a little to her with a silly grin, and slip to play off as drunk. "Well, you're a lovely tall tree aren't ya. We could easily setup a hammock and have a little slip under sail and I might have bruises to wake up to. So. Is that an offer to carry me off to yours?"

Jan frowns gently, "We are leaving shortly. Leave the the Eccentric Mr. Jingles alone." her tone firm along with her look and there's the weight of warning even as she steps off the chair, even off the chair she's formidably tall. She sighs "Well, I suppose we trust word will find his people. Now what? Are we done here?"

"Where can I find Cerise?" Ian asks, with a quick glance in Mattheu's direction. He's clearly preparing to leave as well, with the silks' collective welcome wearing off, but not before getting an idea of where to go next.

"Wouldn't know" The patron tells Ian "But you'll find her if you ask around."

When things seem to be going sour Ann quickly blows a kiss at the bouncer who spoke to her. "Thank you darling, Please have a good day." She will leave with the rest of the group as soon as they are ready. Their work here done.

Jan says, "Ask around WHERE?"

"I'd rather not lose sight of them," Ian says to Jan, nodding towards Mattheu and Ann. "Which means it's time for me to go, too. I'm hoping Raja'll recognize Cerise's name."

Jan sighs "Fair point. For a minute forgot where we were." she follows Ian out chasing after Ann and Mattheu.

After Mattheu propositions the patroness, you are all competently steered out of the Blue Jay by the formerly polite bruisers. They stay polite admittedly, unless someone starts something. Its late enough that you wont get much else done tonight, but tomorrow is a fresh day for investigating.

Mikani looks at the bruiser. "Is Roki here? Or know where I can find him?"

"He's not here tonight." The bruiser tells Mikani.

Mikani gives the bruiser some silver for his trouble.

Mikani is overheard praising Akamos: Ser Akamos, has a great ring.

Ann is overheard praising Pasquale.

Ann is overheard praising Ian.

Mikani is overheard praising Ian.

Ann is overheard praising Jan.

Mikani is overheard praising Jan.

Mikani is overheard praising Mattheu.

Ann is overheard praising Mikani.

Jan is overheard praising Mattheu.

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