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Vassal of Crovane

Words: "Strength from the Storm"
Sigil: A dark blue background with a gray shield bearing a stormcloud and a trio of lightning bolts
Nickname: Stormarchers

For thousands of years, the Blackwood tribe has proudly held the line between the far eastern shore and the tundra, keeping the peace between the tribes of the sea and the tribes of the woods and mountains, straddling both areas. In more recent times, with the rise of the Crovane duchy, the Blackwoods have kept an uneasy truce with the Compact family, allowing a number of smaller tribes to keep to their ways without much interference from the more civilized folk. As of last year, at the urging of the tribe's shaman, the Blackwood tribe bent the knee to the Crovane to protect their friends and family from Brand's Bringer army. After the Siege of Arx, the tribal shaman rode north once more, this time uniting the remnants of tribes and families ravaged by Brand's 'recruiting' tactics and brought them together under a single banner... the Stormarch.


Name Rank Title Description
Eilonwy 1 Marquessa
Cadern 2 Voice
Ysbail 3 Noble Family
Brynja 3 Noble Family
Erika 3 Noble Family
Barbrey 3 Noble Family
Cillian(RIP) 3 Noble Family
Aedin 3 Noble Family
Aella 5 Noble Vassals
Rosalind 5 Noble Vassals
Bran 5 Noble Vassals
Triton 5 Noble Vassals
Anwen 5 Noble Vassals
Danvir 5 Noble Vassals
Jayden 5 Noble Vassals
Indio 5 Noble Vassals
Elora 5 Noble Vassals
Branwen 7 Known Commoners
Carrick 7 Known Commoners
Kaede 7 Known Commoners

Ruler: Eilonwy

Minister Category Title
Erika Loyalty None
Ysbail Population Shaman
Cillian(RIP) Warfare Sword
Cadern Income None

Land Holdings

The Storm March

Description: The once largely Abandoned controlled stretch of the coastal region where the Gray Forest ends and the old Black Wood begins, the Storm March (or the Stormarch) is a storm and lightning heavy raid that's seen Abandoned tribes from the Isles fighting Abandoned clans from the North fighting Abandoned tribes from the Gray Forest in a demesne of coastal plains, hills and woods. Now with the new Stormarch Fortress to help solidify control over the former Abandoned tribes, the vassal of Crovane and the northlands helps keep a firm hold on a volatile region.