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Written By Silas

Oct. 24, 2016, 8:15 p.m.(12/7/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Horatio

My cousin was sent to us by his father, who pleaded with my brother to take him after suggesting he was responsible for the destruction of a homestead in Clemenstone; an incident my cousin insists he had nothing to do with. I confess I never took a particular interest in him during the times my family would visit the farm - he was always rather sullen and did not seek to speak to us - but perhaps this is a chance to change that and get to know him better. Horatio is doubtlessly intelligent and talented, but I fear his unconventional interests and hobbies have made him much maligned among his peers.

Though... how did his hair get so white? I could have sworn it was blonde last time I saw him.

Written By Esera

Oct. 24, 2016, 8:20 a.m.(12/5/1004 AR)

When I was younger -- just old enough to think I was the most beautiful and powerful girl in all of Lenosia, but still too young to realize I was neither -- I went down to the market with one of my cousins. She struck up a conversation with a silk merchant, a minor cousin of House Pravus. He was handsome beyond words. He could've sold poorspun linen to a princess -- any other princess but my cousin. The two of them got into a spat over a bolt of seasilk, and by the end my cousin was convinced House Pravus should be cast from the Lyceum and burned to the ground.

I told my mother -- I was outraged that a vassal should show my cousin so little respect. I was all but ready to go to war on her behalf. My mother laughed, and shook her head, and told me that if I fought every one of my cousins' battles for them, I'd never stop fighting. It was only a spat between a cousin of House Velenosa and a cousin of House Pravus. A minor thing, petty. Should my mother intercede, it would be transformed -- not a fight between cousins, but a fight between Houses. Not a spat, but a war.

"We make allies, Esera," she told me. "We do not make enemies. Our allies make us stronger -- our enemies only make us weaker. Which would you rather be?"

My mother knew the value of an alliance. She chose her own fights -- she allowed no one else to choose them for her.

Written By Silas

Oct. 24, 2016, 4:39 a.m.(12/5/1004 AR)

Approximately 152 redwood trees had to be slain to create all the pavilions Lady Dawn needed for the event she is co-hosting with Duchess Esera Velenosa. I could not afford the highest quality silk, I'm afraid, but they will have to make due. I tried to make them look unique.

Onward, to furnishing Lord Prospero room next. I had heard from my brother that he had put in a good word for me, so I hope he doesn't mind having to wait a day or two longer than usual; there is only so many trees I can slay in one night!

I finally ran into my cousin, Horatio, who has recently arrived in Arx at the behest of his father. He was always a rather reclusive kid, but he has some unconventional talents which could be handy in our trade if properly utilized. Can't say I'm fond of the giant snake he's brought with him, though.

I have ordered Lisette to keep an eye on him. He is less than thrilled.

Written By Morrighan

Oct. 24, 2016, 2:53 a.m.(12/5/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Kieran

This one has quite the streak of mischief in him, always impish and ever smiling. I find that quality of his is refreshing in comparison to all the seriousness that some nobles have. Except when there's amphibians strewn about the carls' area of the villa. The Prince is rather fond of his pranks, but it keeps the environment lively, to say the least. He was one of the first of the family I met after I came to the city, and he's grown to be quite a good friend. I think Sherrod would be glad for that - my getting along with his family.

Written By Morrighan

Oct. 24, 2016, 2:43 a.m.(12/5/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Freja

The Princess-Scout. I admit I haven't spent a great deal of time getting to know her, but the instances I have crossed ways, she's been amicable. She's a fierce Princess, as most Northern women tend to be, and from what I hear, she handles whiskey well. It's something to admire, which I do. Much like her brother, she speaks her mind from what I've observed, says things quite plainly without sugaring them. Yet another quality that I respect about her. One of these days I should prod at her about the ways of the Shaman - I find it terribly fascinating.

Written By Morrighan

Oct. 24, 2016, 2:38 a.m.(12/5/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Fergus

I wasn't sure in the beginning if getting along with this surly, grumpy man was possible - but as it turns out, he's not that bad. Quite frank, really, and doesn't mince words - which is something I can appreciate. (I wonder if this is where Freja gets it?) I think I'm beginning to understand the Prince a little bit, and we seem to be on good terms, now. I did make him rather exceptional garb, and he appeared quite happy with it. He's not someone I would want as an enemy, and it makes me thankful we're on the same side of things. Looks like this friendship thing is possible after all.

Written By Nadia

Oct. 23, 2016, 11:55 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Freja

It seems as though Princess Freja has certainly come into her own since her arrival so many weeks ago into the city. Not only is she a fine warrior, but she's taken steps to position herself as one of the more visible shamans for House Redrain at the time being. Hers is a refreshingly plain-spoken point of view, but one ought to be careful not to earn her ire.

Written By Niccolo

Oct. 23, 2016, 11:30 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Juliet

I recently had a chance to share a drink with Lady Juliet. She had decided to introduce herself, and I'm pleased she took such a step. She was easy to talk to, and while she seems to have a certain reputation in the south, I found her to have a depth that was a little unexpected, but certainly welcomed.

Written By Niccolo

Oct. 23, 2016, 11:27 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Dawn

I ordered a new sofa made for Dawn's study as a gift and a sign of friendship. It matches that office perfectly and I suddenly find myself realizing that I missed an opportunity to add a bit of a Southern flair to the place.

Written By Rook

Oct. 23, 2016, 11:11 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Master Quiet's new armour has been put to commission. It shall look so very splendid and serve well, I think, in the years to come. What wonderful news, then, that he's agreed to become a full time member of my personal retinue.

I now have an official champion. Let's hope it never comes anywhere near to needing be exercised as a service.

Written By Freja

Oct. 23, 2016, 11:08 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

This has been a week of happenstances that I have either orchestrated myself or stumbled into.

First, the Shaman 'meet and greet' (I am stealing the term from Princess Natalia). It was just as I had expected to unfold. Some people came to see the show, while others came to challenge, and a choice few came to learn. All left learning though, which I was adamant in making clear, that Shamanism is not some Shav religion where we write runes in blood upon the altars or some other such nonsense. Where they get the image of 'pagan savage orgies' I will never understand. Have they never tried to stand stark naked in a Northern blizzard before? There are some things even bottles of whiskey can't cure, that cold being one of them. The two to pose the most questions were Duchess Nadia and Princess Donella, the latter being the more thought out curious of the two. Her questions were posed to deliver insight on both parts rather than challenge. A fine woman, though one that requires caution.

Then there was Princess Natalia...and I have now Southern Social Warfare at it's finest. I somehow got swept into not only attending a 'fashion meet and greet', but speaking at it as well. Luckily, I know enough of our wares in the North that I think I was able to sell them on the practicality of wearing furs...the approaching colder season was a blessing of time on my part.

I think Lady Calista was scandalized by the thought of having to cover up. Well, Fergus did say I would shake things up a bit.

I think I made a friend. This..Lady Calypso of the South. If she weren't shorter than I with darker hair and lighter eyes, I would almost call her twin.

Written By Valkieri

Oct. 23, 2016, 11:04 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Vincere


I suppose we are all week to temptations that make us feel younger than we are.

But Vincere makes me feel very, very young sometimes.

*released black journal as stipulated by the will of the deceased*

Written By Cara

Oct. 23, 2016, 11:01 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

My dear family must think I am a ghost -- I have been cloistered with my books and histories this week and have barely emerged to take tea, much less be properly social.

I shall have to put in a better effort soon, lest they worry too much and send a rescue party to drag me into something frivolous and lighthearted.

Written By Valkieri

Oct. 23, 2016, 11 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Gods, it felt good to have a sword in my hand again, particularly outside of humiliating myself at a tournament. Just -- going blade to blade with Pietro like we used to do as boys.

He's still faster than me, damn it all.

*released black journal as stipulated by the will of the deceased*

Written By Isolde

Oct. 23, 2016, 10:58 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Aldwin

THe Archscholar is, unsurprisingly, fascinating to talk to. I just... I have such reservations about his openness. Perhaps I am too paranoid these days. I want to trust him, I really do. But when the darkness comes, can we afford to be unbiased? We shall see. I clearly need to speak more with him.

Written By Fergus

Oct. 23, 2016, 10:56 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Frenemy? Is that a word? I think Morrighan has decided to be my Frenemy. I am not one hundred percent certain that she actually likes me, but she sends me a lot of messengers, talking about random things. I can't say that it bothers me, she's a pretty good woman for teh Redrain house.

Written By Freja

Oct. 23, 2016, 10:55 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Donella

Darren speaks well of her but she seems more than capable of speaking well for herself at any turn. She is the Voice of Thrax, after all. She attended my Shaman seminar and was keen to ask questions that came across as curiosity rather than inquisition, for which I am thankful. She keeps interesting company, I must say, and while I find her witty insights appealing, I am not about to let down my guard. Not a woman of masks, but a woman of veils; there is something there that gets a faint silhouette, forever hinted at but not yet revealed.

Written By Freja

Oct. 23, 2016, 10:51 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Calypso

I met this Lady of War at a chance passing by through the training center. It came to be that we were both invited to Princess Natalia's I was happy to have someone to sit beside that shares my same fashion of war, or lack thereof.

She has a quick mind and it makes me wonder if her blades are just as quick. The Lady looks like she could be my Southern counterpart, and I will be surprised if we become anything but fast friends.

Written By Rook

Oct. 23, 2016, 10:14 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

The companionship and hospitality of the Radiant, her Whispers and the guild's gorgeous house knows no bounds. I continue to take residence within the crown district as a guest amongst them.

Our dearest Selene is so very busy of late but the Softest Whisper and Champion Bliss is about to take care of all business that needs seeing to as a mutter of urgency.

Even so, it's pleasing to know I can lift some of the burdens of my associates here within these fine walls. They're such a remarkably talented and varied bunch.

Written By Nadia

Oct. 23, 2016, 10:10 p.m.(12/4/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Cordelia

It isn't often that I cross paths with such a woman like Lady Cordelia Grimhall. She's interesting, really. Invigorated by youth, and a sharp mind full of idealistic fantasies not yet besmirched with the harsh bitters of truth. Courageous, but perhaps possessed with a temperament better befitting one born of the North than the Isles. Regardless, I hope to become better acquainted with her in the coming days.

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