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Dayne Valardin Hall of Heroes Ceremony

The Hall of Heroes is even more-solemn than usual for this rare event, the unveiling of a new statue and plaque in the Hall's Main Hall. The Templar guards that protect the grounds are stand even-more-erect than usual, their armor spit-polished for the occasion. The main attraction of the evening is one of the alcoves where a statue stands covered in a white cloth, awaiting its unveiling. Before the statue are rows and rows of the King's Own at parade rest. Although the Hundred can never all gather at one time because some posts must be manned at all times, this is as close as they come to it. But there remains ample room for the public in front, behind, and to the sides of them.


Jan. 20, 2020, 9:30 p.m.

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Lilah Tesha Alis Lisebet Veronica Bhandn Scarlett Blacktongue Delilah Isabeau Sparte Fecundo Niklas Isidora Katarina Quenia Philippe Bianca Verity Scipio Briseis Jourdain Theophania Symonesse Petra Jaenelle


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Arx - Ward of the Compact - Hall of Heroes - Main Hall

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Delilah has joined the Quiet Alcove.

Lisebet has joined the Quiet Alcove.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

The Hall of Heroes is even more solemn and even more staid today, as the Compact gathers for the unveiling of Lord Commander Dayne Valardin's statue. The Templars stand even more at attention, directing visitors to an alcove in the Main Hall where a statue can be seen covered in a white cloth, waiting to be unveiled. Before the statue are ranks and ranks of the King's Own, each resplendent in their rubicund armor. All of the Hundred cannot gather at one time; some posts must always be kept. But this is as close as they get.

At the head of the ranks of King's Own knights, men and women in their polished rubicund armor and ceremonial silver swords, stands their First Captain. He is reviewing the warriors arrayed before him, and the crowd that is coming in behind and around them. The only nerves, perhaps, might come in how he occasionally looks back at the alcove behind him and the white sheet covering it with the Faith artisans flanking it. Standing next to him is his aide, Reedy, who holds a shield with a white dragon, the Valardin insignia, on it. Corban then raises his voice and speaks.

"Friends. Citizens. I thank you for joining us in this most solemn, yet joyous, ceremony, unveiling Lord Commander Dayne Valardin's statue and plaque here in the Hall of Heroes. Consecrated by the Faith, guarded by the Templars, this is sacred ground. Yet when we last gathered to induct Lord Commander Dayne, it was by false pretenses, as the Bringers used the occasion to lure people in to attack them in a cowardly attack. I am glad to say that there are no Bringers here today."

The Nox'alfar delegation has arrived, armed and armored as only the Nox'alfar can be. Which is to say, they are each and every one wearing spidersilk armor. Or steelsilk perhaps, made to look like spidersilk. Is it knock-off spidersilk? Who knows? Still, they're a very martial delegation and they march in - one woman in the lead, and then two by two behind, but they group up together, falling completely out of what was a tight formation, as though the Nox'alfar themselves can't stand to be that organized for very long. One of them nudges the other and murmurs, "You died that day." There's a laugh from one, a blush from another, and then a protest. "Sometimes it can't be helped. He even dueled the King all night. How often has the King killed you, Marvolio?" Another mutter, and then the woman leading them gives them a /look/ and they all fall silent as Corban begins to speak.

Tesha has arrived by herself, which is not out of the ordinary for the woman. She gives a look to the others in attendance and a dip of her head in greeting before she's moving to the side of the group to stand quietly. She stands quietly and watches her cousin with a warm smile and a proud look on her face. She does look over the Nox'alfar in attendance with curiosity, but, manners keep her from being nosy.

As reticent as she usually is to join in large social gatherings, this was an entirely different kettle of tea and Alis made absolutely sure there was nothing that could stop her from being present for this occasion. She can't help, perhaps, but to slant a look at the laughter from the Nox'alfar delegation. But, it's the veiled statue behind Corban that holds fast her attention.

Lisebet arrives, gives a very startled look at everyone here, and pauses. Before she moves anywhere, something catches her sight, and she looks very relieved, as she slips to the small alcove, and settles there. A spot where she can watch and perhaps not be seen too much.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle arrives, following Quenia.

Not quite as fancy as some, Veronica enters the Hall alone, filtering in amongst solo attendees and groups clad in full leathers and arms. A glance toward the King's Own brings a gleam of pride and respect to her blue eyes and Corban himself is given the respect of a dip of the head of the Sword of Oakhaven aimed his way whilst she blends back into the still-growing crowd to watch the dedication with interest.

Bhandn came dressed up in his best as well, which by happenstance was also rubicund. The metal armor encasing him (save for his helm which is under his left arm) was obsessively scrubbed until even dust seemed afraid to get near it. He eyes the Nox'alfar delegation with a small hint of wariness to his expression, particularly when the banter of dying and killing each other comes up, but he says nothing. No words from him, as he intends to keep silent and listen as the First Captain speaks.

Scarlett has come here in a solemn soot-blacked cotton frock with her hair wrapped up in a suitably solemn cloth. She has her hands clasped in front of her and is keeping up a mournful and reverential attitude only periodically disrupted by glances to the side and occasional mutterings to her fellow residents of the rabble. She seems to be getting as near to the front as can be reasonably managed. Also: staying at least three people away from the Nox'alfar, though she steals lingering glimpses. The prayerful attitude intensifies when Corban begins to speak.

Blacktongue is in attendence in dress blacks, all solem and serious. Stark featured and straight spined his gaze sweeps the room, a twinkle of amusement comes to his eyes as some of the Nox'alfar needle eachother.

Already settled in at the alcove where a fine view might be gained over the events, Delilah watches the arrangements with particular consideration. Her vibrant summer-sky eyes travel from one procession to the next, taking in the Nox'alfar detail as surely as King's Own. Her fingertips wrap around one another, hands in thoughtful clasp while taking in everything.

Corban's eyes cannot help but slide over to the Nox'alfar delegation when they join those here at the event. But he says nothing, only inclines his head out of respect for the Twilight Court visitors.

"We gather on this holy ground, consecrated by the Faith, guarded by its Templars, to remember. And so let me invite Princess Alis Valardin to offer words on behalf of the Lord Commander's ancestral house."

It's fair to say that Duchess Isabeau Telmar likely looks lovely enough, even if she isn't wrapped in spidersilk, and stands somewhere alongside Lady Tesha, even if the two noblewomen didn't arrive in each other's company. Her attention is fixed on Corban and his announcement, perhaps pointedly so, to keep her blue-eyed gaze from drifting over toward the Nox'alfar delegation and their chuckling.

Sparte has stepped in to join the others bearing witness to this ceremony, dressed in his Iron Guard livery. He finds his place to stand, falling into that reflexive posture of a guardsman at attendance during some important event.

Fecundo stands closely with Isidora, arm around her waist and he leans and speaks softly to her.

In a move entirely out of character for him, Prince Niklas Grayson doesn't enter the Hall chatting away with some companion or stranger, but instead walks in with the silent reverence appropriate for the evening. He glances around the room before making his way over among the viewers. Though he grimacs when he sees the Nox'alfar, like someone seeing something just a touch distasteful. Settling in among strangers, he nods here and there.

Isidora loops her arm through Fecundo's to stay close to her husband in the packed room.

It might be in the spirit of sisterly competition that Princess Katarina Valardin is wearing heels as she stands next to Alis. Between the two of them, they could maybe sit on one another's shoulders and wear a great cloak to pose as a grown-up -- but all's fair in love and height. The Eurusi adoptee has one hand rested on the shoulder of Alis's armor, and though her gaze continually drifts back to the statue behind Corban, she can't help but turn and look as various faces appear. It's very obvious because her hair is such a huge mass of long, messy curls. She can't turn her head subtly.

Quenia makes her way into the Hall of Heroes. She's a tad late, but only a tad. Hold ups at the bank and other sundry things. But, she makes it! And that's better than not making it. She watches inquisitively, taking in everything about her as she makes her way further into the room. She startles a moment when she notices the contingent of Nox'alfar also gathered, and does her certain best not to stare at the elves. Corban is there, and so that is where she fixes her attention, offering him a warm smile in greeting whether or not her friend sees her doing so.

Count Philippe Blanchard arrives with little fanfare, though is accompanied by Verity Locke, a woman who seems to take on the duties of his social director. The old count is not armored nor armed, wearing modest garments notable only for their fine tailoring. It is not the character of Oathlands men to be ostentatious. He makes note of the Nox'alfar, but regards them with neither fear nor hate. A fact, nothing more. As a minor noble from a vassal house twice removed from Valardin, he is granted a mildly better than average seat. He eases down, wincing as his back twinges yet again, and maintains a dignified silence.

After a quick squeeze of Katarina's hand, Alis steps up to the front with the click of her armored boots across the floor. First, she murmurs a quiet word of thanks to Corban before turning to face the crowd with a solemn expression.

"It's hard to know what to say about Dayne that hasn't already been said. The Greatest Knight. Lord Commander of the King's Own. A Hero for the Compact. He has been all of those things, but also family. Both to the members of the King's Own, and to the home of his birth. He was someone all of the children looked up to; the kind of Knight that legends are borne of, and whose adventures and stories are used as both inspiration and warning of the dangers a Knight faces. But it was not just his martial skill that an Oathlander knew to admire and emulate. But also his honor, and chivalry, which never broke. He gave up his title of Prince to do his duty to the Compact, and he gave up his life to save that of our King. For that he will forever hold this place of honor in this Hall and in the hearts of the Compact for generations to come. We of House Valardin will also honor him as family, and only hope that we follow his example no matter what trials will be faced. Thank you, all of you, for being here to honor him."

A bow is given towards those gathered, and then a deeper one for the King's Own and Templars that are there to guard the proceedings.

Dressed in all the official regalia of her office, Bianca Wyrmguard makes sure she is in attendance on this day. The hood of her cloak pulled back, her hands clasped in front of her, the Legate of Creation stands at the very front of the gathered ranks of Arx's denizens; hands clasped in front of her, expression cast in a quiet, serene solemnity, she turns the hooded stare of her silver gaze on Corban as his voice cuts through the din of the Hall as clear and concise as a knife through butter. Introverted though she is by nature, Bianca nonetheless makes sure to be in attendance here on behalf of both the Faith -- and that enduring sentiment towards her family. So she remains wrapped in that pensive, ethereal silence -- simply offering a small, approving sort of smile as the ceremonies begin in earnest.

For a social director, Verity Locke is not dressed very impressively. Then again, neither Chevalle nor House Blanchard are particularly known for their fashion. Her demur linen dress matches Philippe's similarly muted dress.

Verity keeps at Philippe's side, helping direct him through the crowd when needed. She offers a sympathetic look as he sits, but otherwise keeps her attention on the ceremony. She begins to raise her hand, but manages to resist waving at Bianca because she has at least a half-measure of social graces.

Arriving at the same time as Delilah, when the Duchess moves to the alcove Scipio Whisper instead drifts to stand nearby the others arriving to the Hall. He crosses his arms over his chest as he listens to the proceedings with interest, and then like the rest his attention is stolen for a time by the arrival of the Nox'alfar. His eyes glance them over, offering a friendly smile toward the contingent of soldiers that rib each other, and then a bow of his head respectfully toward Lilah.

Also arriving and attending alone, Briseis Morgan -- whether by virtue of her small frame or smaller presence -- ghosts somewhere into the back, humbled to give the familiar nobles in attendance their rightful opportunity to see. Her Inquisitor coat is left behind for this occasion, and she dresses simply, darkly, here for her fealty and ready to offer her presence and respect. The noise among the Nox'alfar earns a glance from her, and within her folded hands, she presses her fingertips pensively into her opposite knuckles.

Once Alis's speech is complete, Corban retakes his position at the head of the ranks, before the statue.

"I have been holding events, telling of Lord Commander Dayne's life and deeds. Only one story remains to be told. That of his death, the sacrifice that restored the Compact's honor.

"The King went out on a private hunt, guarded by Lord Commander Dayne and a detachment of the King's Own. On the hunt, they came across the Nox'alfar King and his retinue performing a ritual sacrifice meant to hold back the Dark. Misunderstanding the nature of the ritual, not knowing that those participants were willing volunteers all, the King ordered an attack. The King's Own fought brave and true, but none could strike down one of the Nox'alfar. One by one, they were slew, until only Lord Commander Dayne remained. And although he was able to strike some blows, he soon realized that the Compact had made a grave mistake and committed a great breach of honor by interrupting the ritual.

"It was then that Dayne realized that the only way the Compact's honor could be restored was through an honor duel. But not one to first blood, as we do with Champions. No, this one must be to the death.

"It spoke greatly to the Lord Commander's honor that the Nox'alfar King, Calithex Ael'Noctis, agreed to duel on his own behalf. And the two great warriors fought, with some present saying that it seemed like the two dueled throughout the night, going for hours, matching blow for blow, moving so fast that some claim that it was too fast for the eye to see.

"And yet. And yet Dayne made a small slip, a tiny mistake, giving just an inch. That is all that the King Calithex required, and the Lord Commander was slain. But in his death, the King Alaric would live and the Compact's honor was restored. He prevented war. He died for all of us. And he made possible the treaties we enjoy today through our Queen and through the Twilight Court. Lord Commander Dayne is the greatest man Arvum has ever known. May all who come here and gaze upon his statue remember what he gave for us and the goodness we lost in his passing."

Under other circumstances, Jourdain Wyrmguard might have been present in his capacity as a Templar as one standing vigil over the ceremony. As matters stand, however, he is here in attendance on the Legate of Creation. Silent and watchful, he stands behind and slightly to the left of Bianca, looking well-matched to his cousin's ethereal coloring, with his white-haired head left bare in deference to the solemnity of the occasion. His obvious pose of guard interrupts only when his head turns slightly to listen to Corban speak.

Veronica turns her attention to Alis, listening quietly to her words and when the Princess finishes her statement she receives a silent nod of respect from the Keaton. Her eyes study the statue as the speakers change, though her attention quickly drifts from it to Corban as he weaves his tale, an empathetic grimness settling into her expression.

Delilah follows the cadences of the story like an artist admires the craft of a master, the finer details of Alis and Corban's telling woven into a captivating rhythm that holds her still, near silent. The weight of her luminous eyes sweeps sidelong for a moment, gauging the response. A trace of a smile widens further, catching hold and keeping. The soft murmur to Scipio is not something bound to interrupt the proceedings, short as it is, offering the Whisper an approving nod.

Not too far behind Philippe and Verity -- though not quite fored up with the pair -- is Theophania Desmarais, up-and-coming merchant and, as of recently, Philippe's new Minister of Coin. She's taken the time to dress herself rather more impressively than usual, too; rather than the unassuming peasant's dress she typically wears, she's wearing a *very* new seasilk gown with matching heeled boots.

She seems a little steadier than she has been at other large outings, as she makes her way in, a little more confident... but then, all she has to do at the moment is listen and nod along.

Alis gives Veronica a fleeting smile when she moves back to her prior spot, and keeps her head held high (well, as high as it can be for her height), despite the mix of pride and sorrow that she doesn't bother to mask as the story of Dayne's death is told. Some things just do not become easier with time.

Tesha notices Isabeau and there's a dip of her head to the woman. Then her eyes find Philippe and other familar faces that she knows and offers a nod of greeting to them, but she doesn't speak given the speeches and things going on.

Jerome, a bodyguard have been dismissed.

2 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

When Alis re-takes her place, Katarina leans over and touches her sister's arm, murmuring something to the other Valardin royal as discreetly as she can. This is actually incredibly discreetly.

When Corban finishes his tale, he falls silent, allowing the moment to hang in the air for a solid minute, a memory of the fallen Lord Commander. But he spares a glance for the Nox'alfar delegation, and then speaks again.

"I now invite a representative of the Twilight Court to come forward and speak," he says, finally. "It speaks greatly to the Lord Commander's honor that they would join us for this ceremony." Seeing as he tried to kill their King and all.

Scarlett slides a hand into the front of her apron to reach for a hankerchief as Corban begins to speak. A cunning observer might see a piece of onion in the fabric which Scarlet scores heavily with her thumbnail. But that would be rather untrusting. She raises the cloth to her eyes, and lets out an 'oh!' at key points. And certainly enough, she has begun weeping before Dayne's demise is even told - though, of course, it is a story with a known ending.

"Just as we spoke about, eh?" Verity says to Theophania, leaning over and keeping quiet so as not to intrude.

5 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Symonesse.

Blacktongue is listening to the speakers each in turn, the tale of a good death is a sacred thing. At the Nox'alfar's invitation to speak though, Blacktongue becomes more focused. The ceremony had his attention before but now it seems to have his interest.

Quenia listens attentively to Alis and Corban both. She takes in the tale of Dayne's death with an air of solemnity, and then when Corban calls attention to the Nox'alfar, curious eyes once more go over to the delegation. This time she takes more than few passing seconds to look them over.

Philippe sits stoically. The tragedy of Dayne will be a story long in the telling -- a lesson in the high price of honor, and why it is so dear to their way of life. Naturally, the Twilight Court would also acknowledge this moment, as sad as it has been. Perhaps this will finally suture the last of the wound closed.

Niklas listens as the story is told, rather than merely relayed, by Corban. He withholds his nods, just watching as the man shares the tale of the hero. Though toward the end the Playwright's eyebrows pull together slightly, betraying mild surprise at something Corban says. A glance toward one of the other heroes in the room, then he shakes his head and looks back to the speakers.

Fecundo stays close to Isidora and listens attentively to those that speak, but anything his voices seems to be only for her ears.

When Corban calls on the representative from the Twilight Court to step forward, there is a pair of grey eyes from Sir Bhandn watching that representative closely. He hardly seems to blink, Bhandn, but there is a faint shifting of his posture as he adjusts the helm from one arm to the other. There's a somewhat solemn cast to his features, one that he adopted as the duel was described, and he takes a deep breath which he begins to hold.

The tall woman in command of the Nox'alfar contingent steps forward solemnly, leaving the rest at the back of the room. They are speaking quietly amongst themselves but go silent as she stands before the assembled crowd. "For a moment I will speak for the Nox'alfar. We thought humanity had forgotten their vows to the Twilight Court. That the treaty was meaningless. When the King's Own attacked, we thought that humanity had fallen to the Abyss and wanted to see the world destroyed in another Reckoning. Lord Commander Dayne's actions proved that was not true. With his life, and his death, he understood honor and restored the honor of the Compact. It is in large part because of him that we are not currently at war."

Then she pauses, and stands more stiffly, this unknown woman with eyes full of deep sorrows. "Now I speak on behalf of Dame Leona Thrax when I say he was a great man. A great knight. And a great mentor. As a result of his actions, not only was the Compact and its honor defended, but even more defenders were given to the city and to humanity. His efforts will continue to ripple for all times, no matter how many times he is or is not reborn anew, to seek his future and journey once more. His name will be remembered for all time."

Lilah steps down to return to her delegation in the back, gracefully splitting the crowd as she does. Though she gives Bhandn a nod as she passes him.

Lisebet quietly converses with her table mate, in between listening to all the speakers. Quiet and delicate, the purely decorative duchess lives up to her billing.

As quietly and inconspicuously as is elvenly possible, Symonesse slips into the hall with her retinue of guards. As Dayne's story is relayed by Corban, the Queen listens respectfully with her hnads clasped before her. Her golden eyes drift to the Nox'alfar representative and she, barely, restrains herself from giving a little wave. Not the time for social pleasantries, Symonesse! So, she keeps her hands down and her smile as faint as possible.

Isabeau's blonde brows fret briefly, but otherwise the Oathlands Duchess appears to be contentedly composed, possibly even proud to play audience to such glowing words for a truly heroic Valardin. She shares a slice of her smile with Alis across the way after her cousin speaks, but she loses some of the shine in her expression when one of the Nox'alfar shares her series of sentiments. Again, the former princess finds some momentary vexation, but this, too, is soon remedied by a little sigh and some murmured words shared with the Voice of House Telmar by her side.

Theophania finds herself slightly less startled by Verity than she usually is; she favors her with a small, content smile after a moment. "Just so," she says, brightly. "It feels a little strange, truths told -- but..."

She cuts herself off there for now, going back to listening. It's a glimpse into an entirely different world, in some ways.

Corban takes a moment after Lilah speaks, composing himself. But now is time for the big reveal reveal.

"The King's Own gratefully appreciates all who helped make this day possible. From High Lady Jaenelle, who organized the auction that raised so many funds for the statue to be commissioned and this event to be organized; to the King, who gave freely of his time and treasure to ensure we had the resources we needed; and Sir Austen, Princess Ophelia, Dame Imi, and Lady Teagan who helped me gather the Lord Commander's story so it might be told and shared. We are also grateful to the disciples of Jayus, the holy artisans who created this statue and engraved its words. But I suppose it is time to allow the work to be shown."


As one, the ranks of King's Own at their parade rest come ram-rod straight, rows and rows of the bravest knights known in the Compact staring straight ahead.

A nod, then, from the First Captain and the sheet is dramatically pulled away, revealing the statue and plaque for the first time to the public.

Corban is overheard praising King's own.

Sparte is overheard praising King's own.

Tesha is overheard praising King's own: 10

Tesha is overheard praising Corban.

Isidora is overheard praising King's own.

Quenia is overheard praising King's own: For ensuring that Lord Commander Dayne Valardin is properly honored in the Hall of Heroes; thank you for all of your good work!

Symonesse is overheard praising King's own.

Alis is overheard praising King's own.

Symonesse is overheard praising Corban.

Niklas is overheard praising King's own.

Veronica is overheard praising King's own.

Lisebet is overheard praising Corban.

Fecundo is overheard praising King's own.

Quenia is overheard praising Corban: For working so diligently to honor Dayne Valardin!

Bianca is overheard praising King's own.

Sparte cannot help but straighten to attention when the King's Own do. An order like that, it is just reflex. He forces himself to relax his shoulders and transition back into a more passive posture. He allows himself a quiet fist to his chest in salute towards the statue, before once more being at ease.

Isabeau is overheard praising King's own: Gods bless Sir Dayne and the King's Own.

Delilah is overheard praising Corban.

2 Rivenshari Clansman, Lila, the stoic apprentice arrive, following Petra.

Lilah gives a nod to the Nox'alfar with her, who suddenly all fall into formation like they've practiced this, and as one, the Nox'alfar mimic the attention of the Silver Swords, and as the sheet comes off, as one they put fist to heart in the salute of the King's Own to their fallen commander. They hold it for precisely as long as they can - which is not long, of course, and then are overheard praising each other for how well they 'did the thing with the thing and the other thing.' Their leader du noir keeps her fist over her heart for longer than that, blue eyes taking in the statue as she does, and then she too lets her hand fall. Though unlike her compatriots, she stays silent.

"Ablooh! Aboohoohooo!" Scarlett carries on, although the induced tears seem to be at least *accenting* an authentic emotion, however vestigal. She pauses in her eye-dabbing water works to admire the approaching queen, blinking and sniffling briefly. And when comes the unveiling, she calls out, "Hurrah!!"

Blacktongue is overheard praising King's own.

Katarina is overheard praising Corban.

Lisebet is overheard praising King's own.

Blacktongue is overheard praising Corban: A well spent Death is a sacred thing and Honoring such is well done.

Scarlett is overheard praising King's own: Oh, what a tragic story - but what a beautiful statue!!

Philippe is overheard praising King's own: Gods bless Sir Dayne and the King's Own. Highest honors upon them all.

Theophania is overheard praising King's own.

Katarina is overheard praising King's own.

Veronica adds her own applause and sounds of appreciation to those being offered around her. "Very well done," she enthuses, though not loudly, then offers the statue itself her silent, reverent regard as she studies it with the words of Corban still in her ears.

Briseis is overheard praising King's own.

Philippe continues holding a stoic silence. When the statue is properly unveiled, the old count lowers his head in a respectful nod, murmurs a prayer in honor of the fallen, and takes a moment to reflect on the events that led them to this place. Perhaps good may yet come of it.

When the statue is unveiled, Katarina applauds excitedly. She bounces on her heels just a bit, and in her fast-paced, joyful clapping, she keeps looking over at Alis, like she's making sure Alis is clapping just as hard as she is. Never mind that Alis is wearing armor and it'd sound like metal clanging on metal.

Quenia straightens a little but when Corban pulls off the covering to reveal Dayne's statue. She takes in everything about the statue, and also the pomp and ceremony of the Silver Swords. Once more her eyes turn to the Nox'alfar as they mimic the swords and both brows raise as they do so. She then offers her own version of praise to those who worked on the event before quietly taking her leave.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider arrive, following Jaenelle.

Petra slips quietly into the room, her arm in a sling from her recent injuries at the Lodge. She hovers in the background, near the entrance, silent and solemn as she observes the goings-on. Even her bells seem almost reverently silent, her movements as subtle and precise as possible to keep them from jingling too much.

Blacktongue is standing not quite at military attention but somber, straight, and serious as he looks at the statue and nods.

As the cheers die down, Corban bows his head, acknowledging them with a faint smile. "On behalf of the Lord Commander, I thank each and every one of you for being here today. Do not simply remark on this statue. Remember the story of the Lord Commander. Tell it to others. And, most importantly, live the Lord Commander's values in your life. It is the greatest way we can remember his sacrifice."

It is perhaps fitting that the moon is bright for the Nox'alfar as Corban gives his last command.


Alis can't help her smile at seeing the striking image of Dayne's statue in its resplendance. "May we always try to live up to your example." she murmurs. While clapping, of course. Because Katarina is right there and would no doubt clang her metal hands together herself if not!

As the statue is unveiled, Symonesse claps loudly, a smile stealing onto her face. She stares at the statue, head tilting a little bit as she continues to clap.

To her credit, Bianca remains a face of steadfast gravity and grace as the ceremony continues. Her head dipped in respect, her hands clasped together in front of her, she listens with a sense of uncanny reverence as Corban relates the final leg of Dayne's tale -- as the Nox'alfar's representative contributes her own words. It's only when the statue of Dayne is revealed that those silver eyes lift, and when she takes it in, and reads the words on the plaque, her lips tighten slightly.

As cheers fills the Hall, Bianca looks away to wipe away something from the corner of her eye before she contributes her own applause, earnest and emphatic in a way wholly moved.

Isidora claps with the rest.

Jaenelle may have been here the entire time in the back, honoring the man her sister thought the world of.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle leaves, following Quenia.

Fecundo applauds alongside his wife as the ceremony comes to an end.

Blacktongue was totally standing near Jaenelle, having arrived with that contingent.

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