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Ischian Music and Dance Festival - Pirate Party

Marquis Dio Seraceni and the illustrious bard Nina Autumndale are hosting a wild and lavish party at the Seraceni Palace in the fortress of Braiga. The Marquis has sent Seraceni ships to the southwestern side of Arx to avoid the whirlpool, and ferry guests to the island of Ischia for an evening of adventure, song, and dance.

Sing a shanty, dance, drink, and enjoy a night of total freedom. A contest will be held and prizes awarded to the best weapon dancer. All are welcome, but leave your inhibitions in Arx.

[OOC: Dance contest consists of a dex or charm + performance check, plus a dex or charm + wpn (including brawling) check. Top scores win prizes. All are welcome. The event's outside of Arx, so use cal/join 4244 to join.]


May 14, 2020, 10 p.m.

Hosted By

Dio Nina


Mabelle Kieran Merek Rowenova Gianna Rodica Dianna Thea Scylla Ophira Lucrezia Aedric Dimitri



Outside Arx - Ischia - The Seraceni Palace at Braiga

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Comments and Log

Nina got some feedback that her last party was not drunken or riotous enough, and so what should she do next... but collaborate with pirates?!

Dio was graceful enough to help set up a festival for those interested to get their music and dance numbers in order, including sea shanties and dancing! Nina is thrilled to be emcee for this event as she was for the spring garden party, but she seems more lively and less nervous really, considering she's surrounded by sailors, and the rum is flowing.

The Bard herself is is an ocean-inspired ensamble including some jewelry she got from Evaristo and needed the exact right occasion to wear. Being the sea itself is how she's getting into the piratical spirit... and clapping her hands in time to music and encouraging singalongs. The party is getting to a start but the local guests make it so that the energy levels are high as people begin to filter in. With the Whirlpool making it hard for those who really love the sea, this is a little... ocean away from ocean for those dying to get back out to the water.

It has been a long time since Mabelle dared touch ground in the Lyceum for anything but diplomatic missions. She steps into the palace, observing all that surrounds her as she does every new construction encountered. Clad in dramatic red brocade and decorated to shine, Mabelle is far from the pirate type, more like the maiden who they prey upon. She flashes a warm smile to the hosts, Nina and Dio, "Thank you for hosting, I have been looking forward to it all week!"

Kieran has arrived to the party in a ridiculous outfit. He is shirtless and barefoot, wearing only a pair of brown leather trousers and a black leather belt. Of course, he also has an eyepatch and a cloth wrapped around his red hair. Apparently this is how he imagines pirates to dress. Fortunately, his companion to the event is much more fashionable, taking most of the attention off of him. He strides up to the hosts and offers a bow, "Thank you for hosting such a lovely event. Arrr."

Merek had come because he had been interested, with his dark attire on, as well as what looks to be his monogramed like scarf which he wears, shifting that about while he finds a place.

The pirates beside the doors leading into the palace of Braiga pull them open. Dio and Ophira Seraceni descend the steps leading to the pools and fountains in the center of the arbor. Among the pirates and Seraceni courtiers, who had been drinking freely and making themselves merry, smiles fade from faces, and their gaze track the pirate lord and lady. A bead of sweat forms on some foreheads, and the merriment dies to a murmur. Anne Lucennia, the first mate of The Osprey dresed in a tricornered hat and smoking a haze cigarillo, presents both Dio and Ophira with gold chalices filled with wine.

"Welcome," says Dio, his deep voice resonating throughout the courtyard as he lifts his cup. "Prisoners are chained to the southwestern colonnade if you wish to have any food or drink tested for poison. Eat, drink and enjoy the music!" A cheer erupts from from the pirates, and the courtiers offer bows to the Marquess and Lady Ophira, all offering toasts along the lines of "May Gild favor us," "take everything," and "Tehom bless us!" Dio drinks deeply, smiling to see Nina amid those who've arrived at Braiga.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith has been hanging out with the resident pirates from The Osprey. She currently features sparkling gems in a crashing configuration of blue waves along her slender/seemingly-tanned neck. Meanwhile, Edith's pirate getup is topped off by a tricorn hat much like that which Anne currently wears, plus a skull brooch, and then a gentleman's coat (silky magenta with amber fringe). Although her fellow pirates seemingly sweat upon the Lord-and-Lady's arrival, Edith simply grins and raises up her own alcoholic beverage she already claimed within a fancy goblet from moments ago.

Not that long after Dio and Ophira's entrance comes Gianna, clad to theme with praseodymium snakes and black velvet pirate trappings. Some version of a pirate, anyway. Is velvet really something they do on the high seas? No matter. Gianna's doing it here and now. Duskstone scales wink on her snake collar as she descends. Nobody has a chalice waiting for her at the bottom, but that's probably to be expected. She's not nobility, after all, and she may be in someone's bad books of late.

Rodica has the dire misfortune of being the date for Prince Kieran 'shirtless skinny boy' Redrain. But well, such is life. She steps in slightly behind the man, with a brow arced upwards. "I was actually expecting you to put something else on before we arrived. But rest assured." There is a sharp motion as she ditches the shawl she had been wearing to deal with the weather, letting it fall to the floor before her hands swoop inwards to tug her dress sharply back into place on her body. "That I will almost certainly do something that will embaress your house even further than your attempts. And I am not even related to you." A pause, and a cant of her head to once side. "Now what in the gods name does a lady have to do to get a drink around here?"

Dressed in shades of spring green with a sunrise-colored scarf tied atop her head and draped amidst her dark-chocolate curls, Dianna - Sister Dianna Godsworn, once-Mazetti - comes dressed in a tribute to one lost in the mountains. Though her wardrobe is certainly more Rivenshari than pirate, it seems to work for the event, considering the second scarf tied round her ample bosom and baring quite a lot of skin, otherwise. Hooked to a chain around her slender waist, Dianna sports a bone-and-steel fan; but it is clearly the over-six-foot glaive of mirrorsilver-diamondplate-and-darkwood she carries that is her weapon - and partner - of choice.

She saunters comfortably to greet Nina and Dio, purring richly as her full lips curve into a delighted, charming smile. "Nina, darling - it's been /far/ too long; don't you look beautiful?" She leans in and kisses Nina's cheeks first, if the hostess will allow; then turns and smiles more deeply to Dio, setting her amber gaze aflame upon the Marquis' eyes. "And Marquis. Gods, but you're a sight... for sore eyes, aren't you? My thanks for hosting this lovely event. I'd been wondering when - and how - I might keep my promise to you." Again, she leans in for cheek-kisses of the host, a smirk lifting her right cheek as she withdraws.

Kieran looks to Rodica and smirks. "What? And ruin my outfit? Why, this is traditional and very in theme," he argues with a smile that say he knows damn well it's not. "Oh ho! You think so do you? That is quite the tall order. We might have to have a contest to see just who is the most taboo. Careful or they'll through us both out and neither of us will get to enjoy the party." He snags of glass of something or other from a tray and takes a drink without testing it. Brave or foolish. Probably foolish.

Dio bows in formal lycene style to Mabelle. "It's our pleasure to host you, My Lady. I hope the voyage to Ischia was pleasant." He smiles, and takes a drink of wine. A few pirates, already drunk pass by. "I's never had wine this good, Mate."

"And ye never will again!" replies her companion laughing. Dio, unphased, says to Mabelle, "I've asked out baker Agolino to prepare something special for you."

Dio smiles to see Dianna. "You are most welcome, Sister. If it is not too much to ask, you may consider all promises kept to the highest degree, should you grace the palace of Braiga with your glaivedance. I have no doubt Nina can provide the music that may suit it best."

Thea makes her way inside, dressed in tight pants and a fitted jacket. Her long hair is worn long and loose, her young age evident. For once. Stridding over to those she knows, she smiles,"Good evening,"giving a wave over to Rowenova and--yes. Thea even knows the pirates. Shocking no? The young Malvici goes and grabs a glass or rum in passing, making the rounds, passing Rodica as well, nudging her briefly.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith quirks a smirk for what Kieran says. As we pirates receive waves, Edith lifts her goblet of wine to Thea, and then swigs down a moderate sip before meandering along with the drunken ones.

Mabelle moves her crystalline eyes about the room in search of rum. She catches the eyes of one of the pirates, a sleezy boy who approaches her with a saunter. All eyes and smiles she murmurs softly to him and he disappears, only to return with a coveted bottle swearing its "The best rum you will ever taste". He may not get her attention for that, but he will certainly get a silver duke.

When Thea arrives, Mabelle wiggles her fingers to her but Dio's speech catches her full attention, "The voyage was very pleasant, the winds and water are calm this time of year". Holding a glass under her nose for a sniff she beams suddenly at Dio, "Special for me? You honor me, Marquis. Now I'm curious".

"Kieran, dearest sweet Prince of the north." Rodica holds up a finger in front of her for a moment, pointing to the man. She looks ready to speak again before Thea bumps her and gives a distraction. "Lady Thea, how wonderful to see you, I was worried I wasn't going to recognize you any." A soft smile that way before her eyes resettle on Kieran. "For one, you look like a wet noodle lost a fight with harlot over use of your dearly departed shirt. For two, I am in what is for all intents and purposes a very very very fancy docksider full of sailors. I am going to be drunk and fighting within two hours, assuming we don't get to much of a chill and my nipples make this dress impossible since I couldn't get something I liked in velvet."

Nina is happy to see Dianna, grabbing her hands and returning the kiss greeting warmly. "I'm so glad you came! You will be so wonderful at the dance competition!" Those who want rum here aren't going to have a hard time finding it. Though of course there are fancy dresses to be worn and modeled around, it's not a party that seems to stand on ceremony.

Nina looks happy to see Gianna has come all this way... but of course she couldn't miss a music festival, right? "Nightingale! Are you going to grant us a song as well today during the festival?"

Scylla all but corrals Lord Aedric through the front door, nearly stomping on the back of his boot heels just to keep in step with his shadow. Whatever frayed and weathered threads she's wearing aren't an intentional costume to fit the evening's theme; she really is just that dingy and unkempt, as though recently disembarking a years-long voyage at sea. Strands of brown hair hang limp down the sides of her face, topped -- nay, hidden -- beneath a brown leather flop hat that she pulls down ever lower to better obfuscate her roaming gaze. Everyone is so /pretty/ and /charming/. This will be interesting, indeed. When she and Aedric begin to mingle properly with the rest of the guests, Scylla steps out from behind the Blackshore lord and makes a bee-line to pay respects to the only other face she recognizes in the room. The hat is summarily plucked from her head and pressed to her chest for a brief bow. "Marquess Dio, thank you for the invitation. Good evening, Lady Ophira." Her pewter eyes perform a quick glance to her choice in attire. "And here I thought your last dress was your best. Unfortunately, I have none to speak of, so," she ends, gesturing down at her rags and shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly.

"Lies," Kieran deadpans. "I am neither dear nor sweet." After listening to her plans for the evening, he nods in agreement. "It sounds like a grand time. Though, I do object to being called a noodle. I am more of a stick or twig. Give me credit for the little bit of backbone I possess. I mean, I dared to show up with you on my arm," he grins cheekily at her, before offering advice, "Well, if the dress becomes uncomfortable, you can just do as I go without. It's quite freeing." He takes another long drink from his goblet, before handing it to Rodica since she has yet to find anything. "I think it's rum. It's strong whatever it is, so it doesn't really matter, right?"

Thea nods to Mabelle, lifting her glass to her in her direction. To Rodica, she chuckles,"Why wouldn't you recognize me? I didn't have much time to go and disguise myself any. Sorry to disappoint you, my dear." The Lycene woman lowers her voice, her voice thickly southern,"I didn't even get to change itno a gown. Rude!"taking a large drink of her rum. Her gold-flecked green eyes look about, looking about some more.

Ophira checked charm at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

In hues the color of oceanic depths, Ophira moved serpentine and serene at her brother's side causing the dangling lariat diamond to spark like the north star. A charming smile is flashed to all that have appeared, some faces she recognizes and others are entirely new to the feline perusal of attentive sights. Manicured digits curl around the gilded chalice as if accustomed to such things. There is then a whistle, a vulpine thing that Mabelle would be familiar with.

"Red suits you." Is rumbled with that eloquent Lycene lilt, a kiss is then swept playfully to the Oathlander's cheek before she makes her way towards the shirtless red haired wonder and Rodica, "Greetings! Who do we have here? " A speculative stare is given to Kieran, " How'd you injure your eye?" It was needled impishly, eyes flashing playful.

Then there was Scylla and Lord Aedric Blackshore, if there was a grin more glamorous she dared someone to mention it for dark head dipped in greeting, " Why thank you! And if I thought you'd a different hat then I was wrong." A light chuckle, " I don't think I'd want it any other way and look at showed up in your armor!" A laugh struck her then, rich and sincere, " Delightful, best keep you away from the water."

Gianna sketches a bow in Dio and Ophira's direction, while raising a glass - oh! She got a drink from somewhere, lovely. Then she turns her attention to Nina and crosses thataway with something akin to the ghost of an almost-smile. That's good, though. That's as close to smiling as Gianna gets, apparently. "Miss Autumndale, what a lovely gathering! I didn't intend on singing, no, but I'll admit to being intrigued about the dancing. With blades, is it? I hope you'll be performing? I haven't heard you yet, but I hear you're absolutely fantastic."

Kieran checked charm + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Mabelle curves her lips as she spots Ophira, "I suppose you will be dancing tonight, Lady Ophira? A debut for those of the city? And you, Dianna?", she asks the sister, "I heard so much about Glaivedancing from you and your sister, I'm avidly curious". The whistle throws her off as usual and she bubbles a laugh at Ophira. She murmurs aside to Nina, "I do hope you have composed a song that will make me blush, again".

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith agreeably regards Mabelle. "It was, indeed." says she, doing so with a Lycenesque accent from the Saikland ways. After curiously glancing at the rum bottle, Edith sips off a little wine from her own goblet before wryly smirking. "Nips happen." Though, probably not with a gentleman's coat and fluffy shirt like this.

Thea casts a grin over at Dianna,"You and your sister should just put a show on one day,"another sip following. "I think every even I've attended, it's been requested." She bows her head to Gianna, a smile there,"Whisper Gianna. How are you? I haven't seen you in quite a while."

Kieran looks in the direction of the voice greeting him, and he smiles to Ophira, before offering what manages to be a very polite and dignified bow even while being dressed as he is. "Greeting, My Lady Ophira. I am Prince Kieran of Redrain. Thank you for the invitation to your lovely home." At the question of his eye, he ahhhs for a moment, before explaining, "Well, I had heard how beautiful you are, My Lady, and I wanted to make sure that such beauty only dazed and blinded me in one of my eyes."

Lucrezia arrives already quite drunk by the way her feline stride sways as much as slinks. Some unidentified rot got in a jar she swigs from every few strides ensures it is a state she will be in the entire evening. From the heat her jacket is already unbuttoned, showing the thin shirt beneath.

"Ha ha! I guess we'll see! Most of these songs are all the old classics every good sailor knows! But I may have added a verse or two!" Nina gives Mabelle a wink and a twist of her head. Then she looks back to Gianna. "There is no pressure of course! I know that Marquis Dio will be judging the dance competition! I don't think I should complete since I'm a co-host but I do know he's prepared a wonderful prize!" She smiles brightly. "I love winning prizes but I like planning the parties too." Nina then waves happily at Lucrezia, seeming glad that she's already well into her cups.

"That was bloody horrible." Rodica notes to Kieran, before she has a goblet in her hands. There is a look at it, since people insist on giving her drinks in cups, then she shrugs and straight up downs it. A hand extended to pass it back to Kieran with a hmm. "Rum, definitely." Then her body dips forwards into a low bow, arms extended out in a flourish as she addresses Ophira. "Admiral Rodica Corvini, at your service."

Dio smiles and raises his glass to Gianna. "You are most welcome here, Gianna Whisper," he says, "and your attire lovely and most fitting."

Turning to Scylla, "Good to have you, Love," says Dio to Scylla. He laughs and shakes his head when Scylla mentions her attire. "They only thing you need tonight are ears and a drink."

"My Lord Aedric," says Dio to the Blackshore noble. "I understand you've become acquainted with Lady Ophira. I hope you will enjoy our music, hospitality and dancing."

"I wouldn't have missed this for anything, Lady Mabelle; the Marquis has been asking me to dance for him since the very day we first set eyes upon one another - at the late Marquessa Arcadia's tasting of the Everwinter. And this is why, of course, I wear something in tribute of her - though, I do adore it; her taste in clothing was magnificent... as is yours, my lady. You look lovely as ever; and I look forward to indulging your curiosities of glaivedancing, too," Dianna responds warmly to Mabelle, stepping closer to the Laurent woman.

Listening to Kieran, Thea lifts her eyebrow. "Well aren't you charmer,"amusement in her gold-flecked green eyes. When she notices Dio, Thea bows her head to him as well,"Marquis Dio, good evening." Weaving her way through the crowd, Thea spies Ladies Nina and Ophira. Greeting them both, shes asks,"I haven't seen you both in--well--it's been awhile. How are you?"

Gianna inclines her head to Thea. "It has been a while, hasn't it, Lady Thea? You're looking well." She raises her glass to the Malvici as well before having a sip of her drink. No taste-tester for her, either. Leaning in toward Nina, she admits, "I like a good prize and it's been too long since I've won one. I suppose I ought to try to change that." At Dio's words, Gianna flicks a lock of hair over her shoulder and, well, preens. A little. She likes compliments.

It was fortuitous that Ophira hadn't taken a sip from her goblet for more laughter spilled from her," It is a pleasure to host you Prince Kieran, especially looking as you do. Though, I feel as if someone should have warned me there'd be a fox about with such a cunning tongue - I'd have better prepared myself." A nod of her head, deeply given in respect for Rodica, " And I see you're the one making up for the Prince's lack of clothing with true flair, I'm happy to be at -your- service, Admiral Corvini."

At Nina's comment at the competition, " Dio is judging? Help us all. " A wink and kiss are tossed towards affectionately towards her sibling.

Scylla slaps the hat back on to her head and curls her lips into a wry smile, visible within the shadow formed by its brim. "I have other hats, but this one fits my head best," she responds seriously enough. Her head tilts to one side so that eyes can inspect the silent Lord Blackshore and his choice in attire. "It's too bad; we could have been a matching pair. Alas, armor and drunkenness don't mix." At this, she turns to share a pointed nod toward the Marquis and his mention of a drink. With that, she lopes off to find one, leaving her liege lord to fend for himself for the time being.

Kieran looks to Rodica at her criticism and notes, "You're just jealous that I don't have to wear an eyepatch around you." He then has to nod in agreement to Ophira, "Yes, I'm the one with the clever tongue, and she is the one with the stunning looks and fashion sense. It's a good balance we have." At the mention of the dance contest, he leans voer to stage whisper to Rodica, "What's all this about blade dancing? Are we going to have to blade dance? I'm going to cut a foot off, and not necessarily mine." When he receives the empty goblet, he just sighs and shakes his head, before going off to find a replacement. He gives Thea a smile and a dip of his head at her compliment, "Sometimes I have my moments. They're quite rare, though, but thank you."

"The truth is!" Nina cheerfully says, "Though I know plenty of dances, the knife dance and the glaive dance are new ones on me! I haven't the talent for weapons at all, so I am learning by watching this time!" She grins as Thea is nearby... "Hello, Lady Thea! It's so nice to see you! I know, I haven't been bouncing about as much lately... I have new duties for the House now and they're keeping me busy planning parties like this one! But if you ever know a big Lycene party is happening... well I might not ALWAYS be there, but I might be working hard on it!" Nina takes a big breath, and adds, "Aside from that, I've been learning the art of acting... it's been a fantasy of mine to be in a play since I saw the lovely productions that they put on. It's a new world for me!"

Although he'd spent the better majority of his walk from the harbor to the venue brooding over how he suspected the night to end, Aedric nonetheless mustered a presentable countenance upon stepping through the courtyard's double doors. Greetings were returned with the polite enthusiasm that would be expected of a lowly lord, his smile conveying mild sincerity. "Lady Ophira and I met just the other evening. She is as well-spoken as she is mannered. Thank you, Marquis, for extending an invitation. I apologize in advance for whatever trouble my compatriot initiates before you close shop for the evening," was said to Dio, a gauntlet gesturing toward Scylla.

"That, my dear Prince Kieran, is because I am the vision of 'meh, acceptable-ness'. Also, you were going to do that anyways even without blade dancing." Rodica's head nods as she rises from her bow. Sweet smile on her lips as she grabs a goblet from... really whoever happens to pass nearby. Unlucky them. Her attention still mostly focused on Ophira. "Horrible idea really, being at my service. I keep telling people I am a horrid waste of space, wich they keep taking as some sort of challange to prove I have some manner of redeemable qualities. I will most likely punch someone then go steal a ship by the end of the night."

"I happened to catch one of your House servants in the Traders Tavern in Arx, and with only the slightest suggestion of violence, brought him to unveil the cookies you enjoy most. The sugar cane here in Ischia is grown in volcanic soil," says Dio to Mabelle. "When you taste Agolino's cookies, you will not be disappointed."

Over hearing Ophira's comment about his ability to judge a contest, Dio narrows his eyes, but grins - and grins all the more when he notices Kieran speaking to his sister and Rodica. "You've come in perfect attire for the climate of Ishcia. Just don't wear that ring too openly in the streets outside of the fortress. Unless you're well guarded. Lots of thieves in Ischia they say."

When Thea bows, Dio returns it, and raises his glass. "I'm glad to see you looking beautiful and dangerous, Lady Thea, and wearing a coat other than my own - though I will admit, your style far surpasses my own."

A distant wiggle of fingers to Lucrezia as she stumbles her way around the crowd. Mabelle assures Nina, "Well I do not know many pirate songs so perhaps I will blush anyway". She smiles to Dianna as she approaches, "Well, I am pleased you will be dancing, a balm over the Whisper Gianna not singing", she winks to her. A sip of rum to numb her senses, Mabelle praises Dianna, "You look magnificent yourself, a lovely ensemble and thank you for your kind words".

She scans a few unfamiliar faces, Kieran and Scylla among them but her attention is magnetized back to Dio, and the promise of baked goods, "Volcanic soil, Marquis? I will no be disappointed but you are in danger I will not want to leave", she grins at him, nudging his forearm somewhat with her hand.

Nina gets Seven-Colored Dreams, a lute from Instrument carrying case.

Kieran returns with a new goblet of rum and elbows Rodica, "See? The Marquis things I am in /perfect/ attire." He eyes the ring on his hand then and nods, "Well, they can have it when they pry it off my dead fingers. Thank you, though, for the warning and for hosting us on this very warm, beautiful island." He offers another polite bow, and asks Rodica after straightening, "So is this how you feel when it snows?" He daps a bit of sweat from his brow.

Scylla is over in the corner plucking not one, but /two/ drinks from a serving plate -- one for each hand, naturally. She raises them toward Lord Aedric at the moment he gestures her direction, and then begins to saunter back over to the loose gathering. "Talking about me? Whatever it is, I'll forgive if you drink this." Her right hand extends a drink out for Aedric to take, leaving him little room but to outright decline it in front of present company. If she is wearing a smile, then it is a wicked one.

A roguish smirk, highlighting Ophira's features, " But Admiral, that is exactly the sort of talk I like to hear." A mock little shudder is given, bare dusky shoulders waggling like a feline about to pounce, " Gives me a shudder just to think about all the trouble on the seas we could get up to." Another sip from her gilded goblet, attention drifted now towards Aedric, "You may want to sniff it first." A smirk, light and teasing, "Just in case."

Thea amusedly hears Nina,"Of course. That's good though. Busy is always good. No use in being idle, yes." When Dio mentions his coat, she chuckles,"That coat searved it's purpose,"her eyes impish. "I appreciated it,"finishing her drink before going to get a refill. "Thank you and your house for hosting this. I've never been so glad to feel the sun on my skin. I've missed it." She wanders over to the woman NOT Nova, to chat with her for a moment.

Nina retrieves a rather flashy, fancy looking lute from her case, and pulls it out and starts a strum. She has a strong lively rhythm on it tonight. "Now I want you all to know that sea songs are best sung with friends! So if I sing one of my favorite silly ocean tunes, will you all favor me by singing along with the 'YO HO HO?'" She giggles. "It's quite easy! And I know that Lady Ophira wishes to favor us with a tune or two as well!"

"Perhaps at the upcoming five-year celebration of the Bard's College," Gianna tells Mabelle. "I'd hate to disappoint too much." Nina retrieves a lute, and the Nightingale eases back with her drink to blend into the crowd. She watches the others keenly, gaze going over the various cuts and styles of suit and dress, the adornments people have chosen. And, of course, she listens.

"I assure you my sweet Lady, that I hardly restrict my trouble to sea. Really it is anywhere they let me in. And if I can climb in through a window that counts as being let it." Rodica raises her brows to Ophira, but her attention quickly diverts for a moment to Kieran. Her hands wave into the air, as if to make herself bigger, voice lowering, an awe like tone eminating from her lips. "Lord Kieran, this is something we like to call /spring/. It is when you get things like flowers, and animals come out, and the cold doesn't make my nipples hard enough to cut steel armor plate. You can tell because you can actually feel your extremities, and unlike winter, cold ass snow doesn't get into your boots and make your socks wet and dreary."

"I pulled you from the sea," the mariner says sharply, accepting one of the two beverages from Scylla, "...and I'd be more than happy to return you." The sting of these venomous words was perhaps dampened by a small smile. Attention then shifts to Ophira, gaze transitioning between the siren and his glass. Without a second thought or grimace, he lifts it to his lips and drains its contents in a single swig. "Free is free, regardless of the aftertaste."

"Ahhh, I see, Princess Rodica," Kieran answers without missing a beat as he looks around the environment, appreciatively. "And...and these green things that I see everywhere? Are these...plants, by chance? I am so used to seeing them grey and brown or with prickly green needles." Might as well go along with the joke. "Well, that's the advantage of the north. It's cold enough that you can use your nipples as a weapon, so you are always armed if the need arised." Then he sees the lute appear and cheers a bit more, taking a long swig of his rum. "Oooh, dancing!"

"Telling a man who appreciates grace and beauty that you are a glaivedancer, and then withholding the performance is most Lycene, Sister Dianna," says Dio to the Third Reflection. "Tantalizing to the highest degree, with promise of a supreme moment of ecstasy." His gaze does not leave Dianna as he finishes his chalice and hands it to a nearby simpering courtier. "Rum," he says, and courtier bows and moves to retrieve it.

Dio chuckles and shakes his head to Aedric, "In this place, My Lord," he says, sweeping his hand over the star dusted sky, and the seemingly endless ocean beyond, "'trouble' is another word for freedom."

As Mabelle speaks with Dio, the courtier returns with a crystal glass of rum for the Marquis. A smile passes his lips. "You are indeed dangerous, My Lady," he murmurs softly.

Attention snared by Mabelle's wave, Lucrezia changes course abruptly enough to make anyone fool enough to follow her to close run into her. After that is sorted, she continues to her target. Either drunkenly unaware there is a conversation going on or not giving a damn, she sidles right up to Mabelle and snakes an arm over her shoulders, if she'll alow it. Not a hug, a way-too-friendly lean. Her hand holding her jar brings it to her mouth for another swig and she says, "I always see you when drunk." Not an unusual state, but passes for a greeting, maybe!

Thea has joined the arbor of trees, herbs and beautiful flowers.

Mabelle has joined the frescoed colonnade.

The priestess' lips curve with wry amusement at Dio's words, her amber eyes glittering. "Dear Marquis, do you wish for me to dance for you now? If so... we'll have to clear a space, lest I accidentally cut someone down, as I heard High Lord Victus did at my cousin's wedding reception, after I left...?"

It's better late then never, at least that's how Dimitri seems to operate. With the event well underway, he's slipping in from off to one side. There's a glance about the area, lips curved upwards into a smile and then he's simply beginning to weave his way along the outer edge of the area, taking in those that have already gathered.

Mabelle inclines her head to Gianna with a smile, "I look forward to hearing it. And I love your coat!", she remarks, not at all biased. When a plate of cookies arrive her way she samples one, rounding her eyes as the taste hits her tongue, "Oh goodness, these are magnificent!", she praises the baker and then lowers her voice to Dio, "Are permenant guests a threat to you?", she murmurs with entertainment, calling over to Nina on occasion "Oh Hey!", which is not what she asked for. Lucrezia approaching has her amused, "Maybe you just get drunk when you see me, I have that affect on people"

"That wasn't a sword. It was a really sharp, really shiny icicle that High Lord Victus found," Kieran assures Dianna from across the way, before taking another swig of rum. He adds to Mabelle, "Or mayhaps you just frequent places where people drink?"

Rodica's sigh is exasperated, though covered by the downing of her goblet, and a move for another one. Really she is just slowly creeping towards where the alcohol /is/ rather than where she is /now/. "I have no idea what I am going to do with you Prince Kieran."

Nina starts her lute chiming, and starts to lead the crowd in a bit of a warmup. She walks from place to place as she does, since this is such an informal setup without a particular stage and she enjoys the interactions.

"Sixty men adrift at sea -"

She sings out, with her own accompanyment playing on the lute-

"All of them drunk except for me,
'Twas I alone who faced the storm,
With nothing in-side to keep me warm.
Yo ho ho ho,
Over the raging sea we go,
Yo ho ho ho,
Wherever the fore winds blow!

"The thunder crashed the wind she roared
First mate went fallin overboard
Without the captain or his crew
Now what could a sober sailor do
But sing-"

And now if people don't understand the yo-ho-hos she'll be a little cross, kicking at a man's chair to make sure he chimes in.

"Yo ho ho ho,
Over the raging sea we go,
Yo ho ho ho,
Wherever the fore winds blow!"

"Sixty men all lost at sea,
Now they're all dead except for me,
'Twas I alone who passed the ale
Now I'm alive to tell the tale -
Yo ho ho ho,
Over the raging sea we go,
Yo ho ho ho,
Wherever the fore winds blow, hey!"

From this she collapses in giggles for a moment, and then someone graciously hands her an ale.

Scylla releases the drink into Lord Aedric's custody, but not without sharing a cold, lifeless smile with him in response. "You could try," she replies dryly in her usual husky voice, and then follows his lead by tilting the drink back and downing it all in one gulp. The edge of her sleeve is a decent enough napkin, even in the presence of nobility. After all, it is a pirate party, and pirates don't gently dab their lip corners with silk fabrics. "Well, I hear you're the 'Siren of Setarco'," she comments to Lady Ophira in an off-handed fashion, then gestures with her empty glass toward nowhere and nothing in particular. "Are you going to sing us into a snare, tonight?"

"Ahh... of course, your highness," Dianna purrs to Kieran, her eyes alight with amusement. But Nina's song captures the Lycene priestess' attention and she turns her attention there, chuckling with amusement.

"Don't worry Dianna,"Thea calls over in some sort of loud voice. "I have my stuff with me if you do." Shocked? You shouldn't be. Taking a drink, she winks at the Godsworn, amusement there. But when she hears Nina, Thea acutally laughs,"I need to catch up to -her-!"before turning to Rodica, she disagrees,"I bet you do."

Gianna tilts her head in Dianna's direction, perhaps about to say something, but then Nina is playing. Gianna downs the rest of her drink and, while she doesn't sing, she joins in on some rowdy yo ho ho-ing. And smacks her hands together to clap in time to Nina's song, encouraging others around her to do the same.

As Nina begins to strum, the pirates and Seraceni courtiers bellow, "Yo ho ho!!" Along with refrains of "Ooooh! A pirates life is a wonderful life, they never bury your bones! When it's all over a jolly sea-rover drops in before Mangata's throne!" Wild cheering breaks out, as well as a knife fight, and it might be possible that Anne stabbed the instigator and the guards dragged him away, but the scuffle is quite confusing.

"Welcome, Your Highness," says Dio when Lucrezia leans on Mabelle, drinking heavily from his rum. "I hope you find your fill of interesting spirits here tonight. We captured an Eurusi slave vessel not long ago that had some ~" when Nina begins to sing, Dio sings (drunkenly) along with her - at least the parts he knows - which is definitely not all of it, as do most of the pirates and sailors present, including Anne, who is cleaning the blood from her dagger.

Mabelle grins toward Kieran, "Well I do spend too much time in taverns, that might be it. No enough to run into you though. Lady Mabelle Laurent, a pleasure", she gowns her head, waving over to Dimitri in greeting. Relieved to hear Thea is here to make sure trouble is handled because brocade and blood. Eh. She does unleashes a hearty chuckle and Nina's song and applauds her, "Magnificent", leaning to murmur something to Dio.

After claiming a drink for himself, Dimitri is then turning back to the crowd, only to be drawn forward when he begins to hear Nina sing. There's a beaming grin on his lips as a result and when he catches Mabelle's wave, there's a lift of his hand and a smile to her. He's then beginning to make his way over in her direction, eyes drifting to the others that have gathered with her.

Dio is overheard praising Nina: Gracing Ishcia with sea shanties well performed!

Scylla is overheard praising Nina: If Scylla had any alcohol left in her cup, she would have probably risked spilling it to drunkenly throw her arms up and cheer for Nina. She's worth every wasted drop.

A tapping foot and a bounce of form was given to the lively jig, "He found you in the sea?" This to Scylla and then further upon her questioning, " Well, after Nina's gifted performance I just might! But it's hard to follow something like that." then noting Aedric's speculation does that grin grow," I'm sure you've had worse to drink."

At the arrival of Dimitri, as he joins Mabelle and Co., there is a smile and wave of acknowledgment before attentive gaze locate her brother and checking in on his person, gauging just what level of rum drunk he was, a narrowing of eyes in quick assess before going to look around for Anne to give the ever watchful woman a nod.

Nina is all too happy when the pirates all begin contributing a song of their own. That of course is the purpose of all this and not even an interruption. She cedes the floor for Ophira, giving her a nod and gesture as Nina now tends to a mug of ale that seems too large for her, really.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith lets out a hearty laugh after the song sang by Nina. Then, she lifts up her empty goblet before it is brought down in a smooth motion for a kind refill by a passing server. A nice rum this time. "Glorious!" says she.

The malice in her eyes glitters as Lucrezia studies Mabelle as if seriously considering the supposition that she is a cause of drunkeness, let alone -her- drunkeness. In the end, she is too drunk to figure it out so says, "I will test it out." If she remembers... Look there is singing, that is why Lucrezia completely ignores being Highnessed, but killing the host was -oh so tempting- for a moment there. Grinning sharp and cruel, she says to Dio, "I will, I am about to run out." Tragedy, blasphemy, an event that must not happen at a pirate party!

Kieran looks to Rodica and grins impishly, "I can think of a few things if you need suggestions." He looks to Mabelle again and offers a dip of his head as she does the same. "Prince Kieran of Redrain. It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Mabelle." He is about to say something else, but the song begins and he quiets other than throwing out Yo Hos when he hears everyone else doing it, meaning he is about half a beat off.

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Scylla shrugs her shoulders haplessly to Lady Ophira's inquiry. "Figure of speech." And when the woman departs to check on the goings on, Scylla slips away to find herself another drink.

Thea looks over at at "Edith" and tells her honestly,"So I don't know a few of these people, at I feel like if they told me, I'd forget. What the hells is in this rum?" That said, she takes another drink, a bigger drink no less.

After Nina's song and having been asked by Mabelle if permanent guests are a threat, Dio nods to a Seraceni servant, who comes to his side immediately. "Bring a bottle of the Eurusi rum for Princess Lucrezia."

"The bottle or -"

"The bottle, and have a permanent room made up in the palace for Lady Laurent, and see that she gets a key." The servant begins to open his mouth. "Now," says Dio, and the servant bows, before casting a longing look toward Nina and the singing, drinking crowd.

"Bardess Nina," calls Dio, making his way over to Nina's side. "Let us begin the dance competition, if you are willing to play for any who wish to put their art on display." There is more wild cheering from the crowd. Some pirates are chanting "Dianna! Dianna!"

Rodica gets distracted by the song, yes indeed, it even brings a smile to her lips. But her head doth tilt to Thea, brows ever raising. "Fine. I don't know what to do with him that involved being acceptable in public, or doesn't involve murder investigations." She smiles to Kieran, oh so sweetly.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith sips the goblet of rum that she has to test the taste. What /is/ in this rum?

Kieran is overheard praising Nina: Excellent song!

Gianna sits up a bit straighter, having perched herself on the edge of one of the fountains, and turns her attention Dianna's way. "Dianna!" she adds to the calls.

As Ophira was about to make her way over as Nina cleared the way, a glance to Dio and there is a pause with a cant of her head before she then returns back to where she was standing to quietly look on.

Mabelle curves her lips to Dimitri, "Your Highness, twice in one day. I do hope I live up to the expecation". She grins entertainedly at the surrounding occurances, from being accused of causing drunkness, well, self accused to the introduction of Kieran and getting a key, apparently. She laughs helplessly at Dio, "That is not what I meant!", she however straightens her expression and informs him with an intone, "I'll take it!", before turning to the center of the room to watch the dancing, cheering.

"Thank you Marquis Dio! Lady Ophira is going to sing for us as well, and then the dance competition will begin! I'll be playing the appropriate tunes but if any have any special requests, come see me before!" Nina makes sure the floor is clear, then gestures for Ophira to do her number. In the mean time, she's also checking to see who is going to be part of the dance. (forming a line)

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Her smile sweet and warm and oh-so-charming for the pirates who chant her name, Dianna lightly winks at them. "Dear ones. I'm quite sure there are others who wish to put their -- ..." She halts, chuckling musically as Gianna adds to the chant. "Why, thank you, my dear. I can't say when I've last spun for the fun of it; it's been quite some time. Let's hope... I haven't lost my footing, mmn?" Dianna grins again and winks at Gianna, too, then surveys the scene.

"Well, you did ask if I would make an appearance," is what Dimitri offers to Lady Mabelle, only to catch Ophira's greeting, which has him lifting a hand to wriggle fingers in her direction. Catching sight of Dio, he gives the man a nod and a smile before looking back to Mabelle, "Though it does look as if I have a fair bit of catching up to do."

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Although certainly a catchy tune and thematically appropriate, Aedric does not partake in the drunken chorus. Among the crowd, he is inclined to believe he can identify several familiar faces. Gaze settles upon Ophira as she takes center stage.

A smile is flashed to Nina and as Ophira slithers her way closer to the gifted musician, gaze flickers over every person present, " As echoed by the Bardess earlier, if you now this tune please sing along with me."

There is the tremble of plucked chords before the clear, pristine cut of voice rises with a wailing beckon.

"The winds blew foul and the seas ran high"
"Leave her Johnny, leave her"
"We shipped up green and none went by"
And it's time for us to leave her"
"Leave her, Johnny, leave her"
"Oh leave her Johnny, leave her"
"Oh the voyage is done and the winds don't blow"
"And it's time for us to leave her"
"Leave her Johnny, leave her."

"The Siren of Setarco sings a tale of a Siren who'd lost her way and found herself bound heart and soul to a sailor, beckoning him to leave the ship that had become vastly wrecked in a hurricane. It is a topic of much debate whether the siren helped her sailor ashore or led him into the watery abyss below.

The shanty ends with a tremoring echo, eerily serene was it's quality. The Lady Seraceni bows, going to recollect her wine goblet, "Now, after the mood has been made level with such a lament, as I saw far too many out there getting riled - let's turn it up a notch with some dancing!"

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Scylla walks back to stand next to Lord Aedric, another pair of glasses in either hand. She doesn't offer either of them to her companion this time, instead preferring to drink from one then the other repeatedly until both are emptied and she's contentedly buzzed. While standing beside the Blackshore, the woman leans in to whisper something under her breath, eyes narrowing in on the beautiful Seraceni peeress as she begins her song.

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Kieran is overheard praising Ophira: The Siren of Setarco is appropriately named!

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Dio is overheard praising Ophira: Her voice is the pride of Ischia.

Mabelle commences by pressing a bottle of rum to Dimitri's hand, "There, you are caught up. There's a dancing competition", she grins to him, "And singing!!", she begins to cheer Ophira, in a merry disposition that might suggest she had way too much rum. A servant hands her a key at the request of Dio, which makes her laugh, slipping the key to the center of her corset, right between... well, she only hast two hands!

Nina is overheard praising Ophira: How wonderful to grace us with a shanty!

Mabelle is overheard praising Nina: A hearty good giggle

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Mabelle is overheard praising Ophira: A touching melody.

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Lucrezia curls her lip at being called Princess, but it turns to a grin as she realizes it is attached to a summons of rum. YES! Successfully pacified by a continued source of rum, she turns her eyes towards the dance competition. She bobs her head to the various songs, though eeriely sometimes nods to a tune that isn't being sung.

Kieran offers a loud cheer and praise to both Nina when she finishes her tune and the following song by Ophira. Then as it appears the dance contest is getting underway, he grabs Rodica's hand and drags her to get in line with him. Yes, she must dance too! "Well, the invitation to the party did say that is was celebrating freedom and to let our inhibitions go, so I guess that means anything is appropriate. Though, I would prefer something that doesn't result in a murder investigation.," the prince explains to Rodica.

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"What a sad and beautifully-sung tune," Dianna praises Ophira, startled sincerely. "I can't recall that we've met; I'm Dianna - Dianna Godsworn."

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Rodica is absconded with, to the line. She manages to grab another drink on the way at least as her lips quirk into a smirk. "I should warn you then I am very much like... what are those things again?" A pause. "The insects..." Her hands come up in mock claws for a moment. "The big ass green ones." She nods softly before draining yet another goblet. "Also, you should feel very lucky in this case that shame is something that happens to other people not named Rodica."

Aedric is overheard praising Ophira: Offered a hauntingly beautiful rendition of a common sailor's rhyme.

"To begin our dance today, we have ... Edith, hm," A mysterious Dancer, Nina thinks, but she claps politely and makes way, returning to her ale to watch the show.

Dianna is overheard praising Ophira: What a lovely voice, and such a mournful tune...

Looking to the bottle of rum that Mabelle presses into his hands, Dimitri is giving a laugh, even as he shakes his head, "Well, far be it for me to refuse such a thing." Then the bottle is lifted to his lips, a rather healthy swallow taken before it's lowered back down. His gaze shifts to the impending competition and there's another laugh, "Well, not exactly my type of dancing, from what I hear."

Dimitri is overheard praising Ophira.

Dimitri is overheard praising Nina.

Rodica is overheard praising Nina.

Dio and a good number of the Seraceni pirates including Anne cheer riotously for Ophira. After another long pull of rum, Dio turns to Dimitri and says, "I'm glad you made it in time for some music and dancing, Your Highness. I suspect we shall bear witness to some interesting performances, rare outside of Ischia." When Edith begins to move to the center of the courtyard, Dio's eyes follow with interest.

Rodica is overheard praising Ophira.

Scylla is overheard praising Ophira.

Mabelle peers interestedly at the dance floor and mumbles to Dimitri, "Mine either, and seeing as Thea left, I hope no one bleeds. Its a brand new gown", she glances down at herself.

Gianna tilts her chin up and applauds when Ophira's finished, her expression pleased.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith heads out to the dance floor as she flashes a smile to Nina. Then, Edith raises her goblet of rum to the bard as well as the host and hostess of this fine evening before stomping her right foot twice. Then, she suddenly begins to do a quick jig with rhythmic taps as she dances off across the dance floor, doing so with her sparkling goblet from which not a drop is spilled and with much flare of her magenta coat tails with the amber fringe. A giddy grin constantly takes the dancing pirate lass, and as she passes by Anne, Edith tips her tricorn hat to her.

A smile is given warmly to Dianna, " Thank you! A pleasure to meet you, Dianna." A raise of goblet in greeting, " I'm Ophira Seraceni." A glance towards Gianna at her applauding hands, there is a grin given and head dipped into a respect filled nod.

Kieran nods to Rodica, "That's alright. It's a weapon dance or combat dance or something. I have no skill at combat but am a wonderful dancer, so you can contribute your talents with a blade." He snerks at her warning, "You have YET to do anything shameful in my presence. I am beginning to believe you are all talk!" He then applauds for Edith as she performs impressively as the first contender. "Yes, I do believe I am going to do terribly at this."

Turn in line: Dianna

"Marquis! I'm glad to have been able to attend and I'm so looking forward to seeing such interesting performances." That's called over to Dio as Dimitri lifts his rum in a little salute, only to then turn his attention back to Mabelle, grin dancing to his lips as he dips a little nod of his head, "Well, the red should hide the blood, Lady Mabelle. But you're right, such a delightful gown shouldn't be ruined in such a fashion."

The priestess beams warmly at Ophira, then catches sight of 'Edith' on dance floor with her jig and chuckles in amusement. Carefully, she claps her free hand against the long, darkwood shaft of her glaive, her eyes twinkling merrily. "Brava, Edith!" she calls, then saunters out to the floor, glancing here-and-there to ensure there are none within her way. She takes hold of the glaive between both hands and closes her eyes briefly, focusing inward before shifting her stance to appear very much like a bird, about to lift in flight, then begins to spin the glittering glaive before her.

Dianna checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Dianna checked charm + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

With her goblet of rum in one hand and the brim of her hat in the other, the piratey Edith lifts up from her jaunty jig with a quick rotation of her hips, which sends her into a spinning leap before she lands again on the far foot. After, she bows deeply before side skipping away from the dance floor to then join up with her fellow pirates as they all cheer for Dinna and the glaive.

Kieran is overheard praising Dianna: I have never before found swinging blades of death to be so enticing!

Mabelle snatches the bottle playfully from Dimitri and takes a swig, which is the only pirate thing anyone will get from that Lady tonight. Observing the Dance floor she cheers for Edith, raptly waiting for Dianna's performance.

Slowly, lifting from the stance, Dianna's glaive spinning wickedly in spirals before, to the side, around her sides, the priestess *LASHES* outward, striking at something unseen, then whips around and *STRIKES* again, sliding downward into a low, whipping strike. She spins again, her hair and scarves tinkling in the bright light.

Anne laughs so hard, her haze cigarillo falls in her rum glass. She cheers loudly for Edith. Standing near Dimitri, Dio shakes his head, smiling. "Gild's blood, she can dance." Noticing Gianna's approval of Ophira's song, the marquis makes his way to his sister, placing a hand on her shoulder and uttering a soft word. Then Dianna is before the crowd with her glaive, and riotous cheering, cursing, stamping and yelling fills the outer palace.

Gianna applauds for 'Edith' and her managing not to spill anything. That's impressive! And so is Dianna's glaivedance, which Gianna watches with glittering eyes.

Dimitri is suddenly sans a bottle and there's a little laugh given towards Mabelle before his gaze shifts back over towards Dio, "Such a delight to witness. I'm glad I at least made it for this showing. I'll have to take note of the style, for the next time that it comes around."

Dio checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Turn in line: Kieran

Aedric checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Gilded goblet is handed over to Aedric before getting back in line, " Don't you dare spoil it, Blackshore." A smirk is given, " I'll know." And then her attention is on Dianna, a whistle sounding her praise! At Dio's hand to her shoulder, head cants to catch his words all the while eyes were captivated on all the skill she's witnessed both from Edith and now the priestess.

Nina was quite interested to watch Gianna's famous glaive dance, and she's not disappointed. She has to put the full ale down before she claps her hands. "I'm so glad we did this! The display of dancing is really marvelous!" She looks at Kieran next, curious to see what he will do as she gestures for him to begin.

Kieran checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Making her way to Anne, Edith offers to take her cup with a grin and gives her the one without the cigarillo inside. It is the goblet from which not a drop had been dropped during the dance, all full of the best of the rums here. "Thank you." says she with a grin for all the applause and the praise given.

Kieran checked charm + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Gradually, the godsworn-glaivedancers feet slow, her bronzed body glistening with a sheen of perspiration before she *STRIKES* the floor suddenly with the blade-end of her glaive. Dianna's amber eyes glitter like flares of sunlight, as she takes on a sudden, dangerous look - and lifts her lips in a warm and pleased smile. "My thanks, truly, for this opportunity, Marquis Dio," Dianna sincerely extends her voice, dipping into an elegant and graceful bow before stepping from the floor to stand beside him, then murmurs her thanks to others and nods her head graciously.

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Mabelle takes a steel and burnished gold hairpin of enticing beauty from a green hued silk tote bag.

Aedric manages to clap twice before Ophira pushes her drink into his hands and wanders off toward the growing line of contestants. "Impressive footwork," he mutters to Scylla, this a reference to Dianna's performance. "I don't believe I've ever seen a glaive used in combat. This was educational."

Kieran scratches his chin in thought as he steps up to the dance floor for his performance. He looks to Nina then and as she starts to play a song, he easily moves into the steps of a solo dance. It's quite good! His hips sway and footwork is superb. It almost makes people want to join him out there! But then he adds the combat part of the dance, and that easily convinces anyone NOT to join him out there, lest they take a fist to the face. The best that can said for his punches is that at least he didn't accidentally hit any of the audience members. As the song ends, he flourishes a flamboyant bow to the audience, "Thank you!" Then straightens and gets off the stage.

Turn in line: Rodica

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith says, "Excellent form, Your Highness."

Nina is quite enthralled at least by the first part of Keiran's dance, though his combat moves do need some work. But she completely understands. She'd fail at that part, too. She keeps the music up as the next dancer steps into place.

Rodica checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Rodica checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Mabelle murmurs a bit tipsy to Dimitri, "This doesnt seem too hard! I should try that", she rummages her bag for some hairpins.

Aedric checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Dio gazes at Dianna as she performs her glaivedance with undisguised awe. For a moment, there is only the woman and the weapon. When Dianna bows, Dio returns the bow with Lycene grace. "You honor us with your talents and arts, Sister Dianna." The screaming, and jumping and shouts more "more!" filling the courtyard seem to give the impression that the Third Reflection's dance was something very well appreciated by the Seraceni. All then turn to watch Kieran, with lots of laughing and cheering. "Well done, Your Highness!" calls Dio, before calling for more rum.

Lowering his voice a bit, Dimitri is murmuring to Mabelle, "Oooh, daring. I like that. I'll wish you luck and look forward to seeing your dance then." Looking back to the dancers, there's a cheer given as they complete their routines.

Now with her hands free Ophira is able to clap and holler all she likes! Thanks, Aedric!

Merek wields Starsong, An Alaricite Sword.

"Must've been interpretive," the mariner mutters, uncertain how to evaluate the youthful prince's emotional display.

Scylla claps along to the music off-beat, her face glazing over in part due to the amount of alcohol she's consumed in a short period of time. The glasses she finished are on the ground beside her feet, a dangerous location for such items around drunken foot-tapping and swaying. "The jigs we perform on the Black Tide are not nearly as interesting. We should give the crew swords and see how it goes."

"But that wasn't even a weapon." Lucrezia complains loudly around the bottle of the rum the servant had fetched for her.

Leaning slightly to comment to Dio, she winks aside at one of the pirates and beams at Kieran and Rodica as they join in their dancing. "Brava, brava!! Well done, your highness! Well done, my lady!"

Dianna is overheard praising Kieran: Such footwork! I'm sure he must be a wondrous dance partner, though I shan't like to come in the way of his /fists/, whilst dancing.

"Mangata's perfect breasts, remind me to never get in a barfight with you on my side Kieran." Rodica notes, before she is stepping forwards. Giving a nod to one of the pirates and a motion to one of the pirates nearby. She grabs from them a bottle, eyeing it once before tilting her head back and guzzling the thing right there. Tossing the empty to the side before she nods once, steel like in determination.

Then she draws forth her axe and stops paying attention to her posture. Immediately her shoulders slump some, and she begins to sway and nearly stagger, either a life at sea, or an equal life of having a very one sided war against her liver. But as far as she may tilt, she never loses her balance, always righting, sometimes violently at the very last moment, but never going over. The sway of waves, and the roll of swells writ large even as she drop her axe from her hand. Only to catch it on the flat on her foot and kick it back up.

After all, she needs a partner, and so her weapon does as one. Juggling it without ever really grasping it, swinging herself wider and wider like a reverse of the whirlpool in the harbor for the duration of the song. Only at the end allowing herself to fall onto her back, catching her axe by the shaft as she goes, and laying silently on the ground. Before finally.

"Prince Kieran, I feel that I have exhausted myself and someone put this wall here. Be a dear and help me steady."

Turn in line: Merek

Ophira is overheard praising Dianna.

Ophira is overheard praising Kieran.

Ophira is overheard praising Rodica.

Ophira is overheard praising Rowenova.

Nina seems happy at Rodica's dance - she's not the most skilled at the dancing part but what matters especially at a driking party is your energy! Very drinky energy! Nina gets to the bottom of her mug, and slams it down, before returning to playing and gesturing Merek on next!

Merek checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Kieran snags a goblet of rum once his dance is down and drinks it heartily. The heat of the island probably getting to his Northern constitution. He dips his head again to those thanking him, before focusing on Rodica. His copper brows lift at her performance and he cheers to her, "Good job, Lady Rodica!" As she finishes dancing, he offers her another glass of rum. "You are a better dancer than you let on. Now that I know you're secret, I shall be pulling you into dances whenever we happen upon one another at a tavern." At her request for a wall, the tall, lanky Prince straightens his posture to be the best leaning post he can be.

Gianna watches Rodica's dance with interest. Did she just invent a new drunken style of fighting? Maybe. She gets some applause, too, at least before Gianna is handed another drink by a passing pirate. She eyes them. They eye her back. She has a long swig from the cup and does not fall over gasping.

Mabelle claps her hands politely at all the last performance, Rodica's, even the strange one by Kieran. The claps are not polite because its flase, just because Mabelle is not noisy in disposition. The rum however makes her release a "YO HO HO" anyway toward the contestants

Dianna is overheard praising Dio: A splendid host in a gorgeous home on the loveliest island I have ever set foot upon.

Kieran is overheard praising Dio.

Merek does have experience with dancing, and with weapons, though not as masterful as some at the moment. The man takes a moment to take off his tunic, while he keeps the scarf on, his body marred with small white scars that do little but add to his lanky figure. The Knight begins to draw his alaricite blade, which shimmers like a starlit field, pointing that to the side. With that...
The man begins to spiral into a twirl, while he lashes his blade into a flamboyant style, his weapon switching hand to hand, while he shifts his second blade, spinning both of them with his wrists, then he maneuvers back, to the side, and forward, while he maneuvers up into a flourish while he reverses the hands on the weapon to slide both of them into their sheaths with a *click*.

Nina is overheard praising Dio: Thank you for hosting such a fabulous party in such a great location!

Aedric checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Dio laughs with sincere enjoyment to see Mabelle in the spirit of Ischia. He cheers loudly for Rodica's performance with the other pirates, sloshing the rum in glass.

Rodica indeed, uses Kieran as a leaning post as soon as she is up. Also to note, she is already motioning for another bottle. Giving a small nod to the party in general. "Kieran, you were going to make me dance in bars anyways. All of your family and familiar vassals are wise enough to avoid you. I on the other hand, am a dumbass."

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith says, "Admiral: that axe drop then kick up was quite impressive."

Turn in line: Ophira

Anne, slinging an arm over Edith's shoulder, nods and calls to Rodica. "Aye, Love - ain't seen a move like that before."

Mabelle turns utterly red as Dio laughs at her getting all excited, flashing him a smile anyway as she finds a column to hide behind.

Ophira checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Ophira checked charm + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Ophira breaks away for a moment to speak quietly to Anne, the enchanting First Mate then procures a slender gleaming scimitar. A smile alights on the Seraceni's face and gives a brief kiss to the woman's cheek before dashing away to the center of the floor.

What was revealed to be one blade is split into two, a nod towards the musicians and a deep thrumming tempo is kicked up that has Ophira's form moving in a serpentine sway, curvature a highlighted feature of hips and torso work as there is a slow wind down and up in rhythmic movements. The dress with it's flowing sleeves and the skirts for their airy flutter of deep hues sways as then the blades are introduced in an artistic twirl between slender fingers, the whirl and hiss of them cutting through air intensifying as feet noticed to be bear skim lightly as the Siren moves in a slither across the floor, twirling. Up goes one blade, catching it in time with her swirling placement. Up goes the second, catching that as well with a deft collection.

The beat then starts to increase, before you know it she is a swaying storm as blades are twisted and thrown, caught and moved all in line with the accentuated undulation of enticing curves and gliding silks.

As the tune comes to a finish both blades are in the air aimed towards the wielder, taking her time does she do a lazy flip forward and turns just in time to catch them. With a grin, does her body do one final bend and it is this time in a bow towards all, "Now I need a drink."

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith slings one arm around Anne, too, doing so at waist level and giving her a bit of a squeeze before relaxing that hold but leaving her hand at her far side. "This is quite the party before our voyage to be. I get to be the Cook's Mate, yeah?" Will these Lycene people trust her enough to have access to the FOOD?

Kieran is overheard praising Ophira: Stirring performance!

Nina is quite interested in the next dance. As now Ophira has proved her voice, will her dance with a weapon be as powerful? Nina keeps her fingers on the lute as the dance progresses, tapping her foot and getting the crowd a bit involved when the beat picks up. She's really enthralled by this particular dance, and gives a bit of applause thereafter. Then she looks at Dio next, knowing he is going to demonstrate and has a bit of a special song picked out. "You're going to grace our dance as well - so far this is a strong competition!"

Turn in line: Gianna

Mabelle gasps helplessly at Ophira's performance and she mumbles to Dimitri, "If I need to die, I want it to be like that"

Kieran chuckles and nods to Rodica, "Alas! You have discovered my secret, so now you too shall hide away where I cannot terrorize you." He quiets then as Ophira takes the stage, widening his eyes at her performance. "Oh my...I believe we have been bested..." Well, they were already bested much earlier, but this one seals the deal. Taking a sip of rum, he looks to Rodica, "Well, when this contest is over, do you think you have the energy to dance with me normally rather than as a show? Or are you completely exhausted already." He then leans in to whisper to her with a chuckle.

Gianna watches Ophira's performance, head tilting slightly to the left. Her gaze is calculating as she watches, though there's there faintest hint of an upward tilt of the corners of her mouth.

Rodica is watching the performances now, seemingly quite pleased with them. Doubly so since she has another bottle. Her hand raises, pointing to Anne with a finger. "That is because I bloody dropped it and just managed to recover well." But then there is a tilt of her head to Ophira. "And that is why I say I can't compete Lord Kieran, you have so many better options. Also, was that supposed to hurt?"

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 65 higher.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith says, "Wow, Lady Ophira! Split blades and forward flips!"

Gianna checked charm + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Dianna is overheard praising Ophira: Light and stars, the woman sings AND dances with her blade. I shall hope, always, to have her on the same side as me!

Scylla observes Lady Ophira with keen interest, watching every twirl and blade toss with sharp focus. When the dance is over, claps abound, and then the woman nudges Aedric's arm with her bony elbow. "Her drink," she rasps in a low voice, and then folds both arms over her chest, a smirk forming upon her lips.

Aedric checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

"Gods and monsters, Dio. I shall have to practice more often; your sister is a wonder to behold!" Dianna murmurs, applauding for Ophira.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith tells Merek, "Nice sword, and sheathing action."

Dio applauds for Merek at his dance. "That is a most impressive weapon," he tells the knight when he's finished. And then Anne hands Ophira the scimitar. Dio raises an eyebrow - but his expression quickly changes when he watches his sister's performance. "She knows it too.." he says softly to Anne. "Aye, but she performs it better," replies the first mate. Dio laughs, and cheers along with every woman and man of Ishcia present when Ophira finishes her performance. Glancing towards Dianna, he smiles with deep pride. "She is."

Gianna steps to the fore, chin tilted up, brows arched. Then she turns her back to the audience, striking a pose, her foot tapping in time with Nina's music. With a flourish, she raises her arms and pulls the praseodymium-hilted hairpins from her hair, sending the glossy dark waves tumbling down. Then it's a spin and strike, and the Nightingale dances. She has a flair for the dramatic, and for performance. Every spin sends her coat's tail swirling, sets the duskstone scales on her necklace glittering. Her hair is a banner as she moves, and her step is light. Hips sway to sure, steady beat, time kept perfectly as any musician might. Her strikes are sure, the hairpins whistling through the air. She's also watched every performance carefully, sizing them up, and now she incorporates her favourite bits - the ones she's capable of, anyway, Gianna doesn't really do flips, that is not a thing for her - and makes them her own. This may not be singing, but it makes her smile a sly smile anyway.

Gianna wields scaled praseodymium hairpins.

Turn in line: Mabelle

"Hindered by inebriation," Aedric said, reflecting upon Rodica's performance. "I imagine I would say the same of our sailors; hearts are in the right place, but not so much their livers." Both she and Merek had been offered a round of sincere-sounding applause. Ophira's drink was surrendered promptly upon her return. "As skilled with the blade as you are rhyme," he offered in response to the siren's display.

Ophira is overheard praising Gianna.

Aedric checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Mabelle checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 95 higher. Mabelle rolled a critical!

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith says, "Loved that pose and how you make your coat and your hair flare, and taking the best of all as part of your performance, Nightengale!"

Mabelle checked charm + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Ophira is overheard praising Merek.

Ophira is overheard praising Dio.

Expecting to serve as the comic relief, Mabelle steps to the center of the room with her hairpins which suspiciously look like her. As a noble being trained in the art of dancing for many years, her moves are precise and elegant but the kiss of the Lyceum upon the woman is apparent as her moves are more brazen than you'd expect an Oathlander, including hip movements (cover the eyes of the children!) as she sways across the room. There are hairpins there, yes. She pushed them into her hair in swift touch about a moment after she started dancing, so her hands will be free to move in joint grace with her body. When the solo act is complete, she offers a curtsy and a little smile before stepping back to find a column to stand by.

Merek is overheard praising Ophira.

Mabelle wields a steel and burnished gold hairpin of enticing beauty.

Dianna is overheard praising Gianna: Extraordinary dancer! Again, quite impressive with such small weapons!

Merek nods a bit thankfully, then he watches Ophira while he begins to applaud a bit, then backs up to watch Gianna, and nods, looking content to applause.

There is dead silence save for the music and the dance of the Nightingale of the Bard's College. From the lowest pirate to the Marquis himself, all the Ischians are spellbound. At the conclusion of Gianna's performance however, a huge roar again fills the courtyard. All are aware that they have witnessed something that they will never witness again. And then Mabelle steps before the assembly.

Merek is overheard praising Gianna.

Merek is overheard praising Rodica.

Dianna is overheard praising Mabelle: Weapons or not, Lady Mabelle can move! So lovely, truly!

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith says, "Wow. Did someone say you were Laurent or Lycene? That was amazing!"

Merek is overheard praising Dianna.

Nina is happy to watch the dances from Gianna and Mabelle as they are women of pretty famous reputations. She ends up very impressed with Mabelle's performance - honestly if you didn't tell Mabelle hadn't done a blade dance before she would never have known considering how well she seems to take to the musical style.

It seems as if she was the last performer, so then Nina claps her hands loudly. "This was all so wonderful! Please continue to drink and make merry while we decide the winners! But I think everyone who danced has won in the spirit of the night!"

"She does make people drunk." Says Lucrezia, who is already drunk and in the process of getting even more drunk, about Mabelle.

Kieran is overheard praising Mabelle: By the Spirits!

"My dear Lord." Rodica notes, catching Aedric's words with a raise of her brows and the quirk of her lips into a smirk, head nodding softly. "I have never been hindered by my inebriation, only distressingly sober a few times."

The line has been dismissed by Nina.

Kieran is overheard praising Gianna.

Gianna blinks a few times as Mabelle dances. That was --- this was not expected. Her eyes narrow, and she can feel the prize slipping through her grasp as Mabelle goes. Metaphorically. She applauds at the end, though. Even if her eyes are maybe ever so slightly narrowed.

With her drink recovered, a grin is flashed towards Aedric, "Glad to see you approve of something." All the other performances are take into account, there is just pure wonderment at all the stunning bits of flair put in that makes each movement unique to the person who commands it. A smile is seen, sincere and warm on her lips that may be wine or it may just be the comfort of home. Who knows?

It is then that she goes to find a spot to settle herself down in which to watch, a shapely leg coming to cross over it's pair as her bare anklet sparkling foot bounces to the various tunes.

Merek is overheard praising Kieran.

Ophira is overheard praising Mabelle.

Nina is overheard praising Dianna.

Nina is overheard praising Kieran.

Nina is overheard praising Rodica.

Nina is overheard praising Merek.

Nina is overheard praising Gianna.

Ophira is overheard praising Nina.

Kieran cheers the last two performers in the contest, offering applause and cheers to them both. "My! This was definitely worth the trip." He wipes more sweat from his brow, "And the heat. Maybe." He downs the rest of his goblet and goes to find another, moving so he is no longer Rodica's leaning post! Unless she tries to move with him, while still leaning.

Gianna is overheard praising Mabelle.

Gianna is overheard praising Ophira.

Gianna is overheard praising Nina.

Gianna is overheard praising Dio.

For a reason Aedric cannot quite explain, Mabelle's performance awakens a previously unknown and incredibly visceral response from deep within his primordial lizard-brain. He claps enthusiastically and very nearly releases a celebratory cheer. Fortunately, he successfully contains this urge -- instead making a mental note to commend the Oathlander via private missive.

As Mabelle begins to dance, Dio smiles and raises his glass. As her dance proceeds, he beings to lose himself in watching her performance. The servant who'd given her a key, drops the liquor he'd been bringing to Lucrezia, and Anne says to Dio, "I've not seen a human or animal move with such grace, m'lord."

"Aye," replies Dio, and seems like he can think of nothing else to say.

Mabelle grows fifty shades of crimson. She was trying to be funny. Funny. A weapon dance, really? Where is that column dammit?

Merek is overheard praising Nina.

Aedric is overheard praising Mabelle: Quite possibly the most nimble and skilled dancer I have witnessed perform in my lifetime.

Scylla eyes Aedric with a small measure of puzzlement detectable in her expression, but says nothing about it out loud. Not now, anyway.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith has to agree with Anne and Dio about Mabelle to whom Edith flashes a grin and a nod.

Kieran listens to the winners of the contest and offers his praise once again, before hearing some music starting to play again. Deciding to continue his dancing mood, he looks about and spies Scylla. His bare feet take him over to her and offers his hand, "Goodwoman. I did not see you in the contest. Would you like to dance now, and honor me as your partner?" He sets his goblet of rum aside to free his hands and waits for her reply.

Scylla checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Rodica checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Nina confers with Dio for a moment, nodding to him, and then looking back on the floor. There seems to be a small hushed conversation as they decide which dances they liked the most.

Then she steps out again, and clears her throat... and plays a little -notice me- strum on the lute for attention too. "Marquis Dio and I have conferred and discussed our favorite dances of the night! Now keep in mind that, while skill with the blade is important, we rated both weapon skill and overall dance and performance grace in this competition to determine who had the best dance!"

"So as a Bard I do feel happy to witness such performances on display, and at the end of the day, what moved us the most was how people moved well in time to the music. So, first of all, our runner-up dancer... maybe not surprisingly, will be Gianna Whisper from the Bard's College!"

Kieran is overheard praising Gianna.

When the Nightingale is announced as a winner, Dio comes to stand beside Gianna. Holding a geometric necklace of gold and shark's teeth for all to see, the marquis offers it to her. "They say you are a legendary performer, Gianna Whisper, and you have added to your legend tonight to the benefit of all Ischia and our guests. Congratulations."

Gianna rises to her feet when her name is announced - up onto the edge of the fountain she's been perched on - and bows to the crowd at large with a flourish. "My thanks. Thank you for welcoming me to your celebration."

Rodica is left without a leaning post, wich means she is almost back on the floor by the time she notices Kieran is leaving. You know. To go pick up another woman. Who is not Rodica. Abandoned. Her eyes blink a few times, but then she snorts, and with a shake of her head and a small smile her attention shifts back over to Dio.

Gianna collects the shark's tooth necklace with her brows arched in curiosity. She removes her snake collar and puts on the new necklace, tucking the praseodymium item into a coat pocket. "How does it look?"

Aedric repeats his applause. "I intended no disrespect, my lady," the sailor offered to Rodica, finally acknowledging her comments regarding her acquired tolerance. "I've no inclination to find myself on the receiving end of that axe. Your performance was enthralling."

With a sincere smile and another cheer of "Brava, Whisper!" Dianna beams at the runner-up of the performance. "So incredibly beautiful!"

Mabelle claps enthusiastically to Gianna as that narrow eyes made her fear for her life, "Encore! Encore!". Also, encore of rum please.

"Stunning," says Dio to Gianna, smiling to the necklace grace the form of such a talented performer.

There is a good holler and clapping from Ophira, perched atop a table and then collects her goblet which is raised in praise towards Gianna, "Stunning!"

Scylla blanches at the invitation, glancing down at the extended hand as though she's never seen one before. It likely takes her a solid five seconds to register that the pretty man has asked her a question, and another two to realize the question is about dancing -- a thing she cannot ever recall doing seriously, nor with a partner, nor without being at /least/ five drinks deep. Thankfully, she is spared any further awkwardness when Marquis Dio's voice rises above the din of the crowd to announce the winner. She turns her attention to the commotion, claps and cheers appropriately when Gianna is named, and then turns back to Kieran. "Your toes are going to regret it, but..." A shrug of assent follows, then his hand is taken and she's allowed to be led wherever the man chooses.

"Thank you for your amazing dance! Though I do think everyone brave enough to dance and sing is a winner, the Marquis will now announce our first place dancer!" Nina says, with great cheer.

Rodica keeps her eyes on Dio, clapping at the announcements nodding her head in affirmation of well, the fact that people certainly deserved the gifts they had earned. But her smile is sly, and amused, eyebrows raising as she speaks to Aedric. "My dear Lord, there is no need to flatter me. If I was truly enrapturing I would be up there earning gifts. It is more a matter of luck that I didn't injure myself or others."

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith says, "Lovely, Nightengale!"

"We thank all who danced tonight," says Dio, "and are appreciative of each performance. Our first prize is presented to Lady Mabelle Laurent." The marquis moves to stand beside the lady of Artshall. Holding a silver ring tension set with a brilliant Ischian ruby high in the air for all to see, he then offers it to her. "You have graced Ishcia with a performance that none will forget. Congratulations."

Kieran is overheard praising Mabelle.

Merek seems to be thoughtful about all of the dancing and many things, though he keeps to himself while he pulls the tunic back on, as well as the scarf, while he watches people, he seems not that talkative.

Lucrezia hollers and claps with her bottle, splashing some all over, as the winners of the dance are announced.

Mabelle sets her eyes on Ophira as she expects her to win and then stares at Dio, round eyed and still blushed and murmurs to him, "This is a mistake", buried under a smile she flashes the others. She collects the set hesistantly and gasps, "This is beauitful though, thank you", and then adds a mutter under her breath, "Are you sure?"

Nina certainly doesn't seem to think it's a mistake. She applauds. "Mabelle, you always have such lovely things! I'm sorry it's simply just another drop in a well to you, but it does look nice on you!" She grins at Dio, happy he was able to source the ruby that he wanted as there was a bit of discussion about it.

A whistle is chortled for Mabelle,"An Oathlandic vixen if I ever saw one!" Came playfully, hiding her grin behind a big sip from her goblet, she goes back to merely taking in the moment for all.

"Congratulations, Lady Mabelle. It will be as beautiful on you as all of your other stunning pieces," Dianna warmly smiles. "Brava, brava!"

Oh, that is lovely. Gianna applauds along with the others, noting, "It even matches her dress."

Kieran takes the startled woman's hand when she offers it and whispers quietly to her as they quickly make their way to the dance floor. He chuckles at what she replies with and says, "That's alright. We'll manage." As their quiet discussion ends, he starts to move a bit to the beat of the music being played in the background of the prize announcements. AS the next name is called, he cheers loudly, praising Mabelle's skill even if she wasn't hoping to win. Then he focuses back on the woman in front of him. "This music might work for a waltz, which is rather easy to do. I'll step slowly and you watch my feet." He then performs the steps of the waltz slow enough that she can try to commit them to memory, before speeding them up gradually, until he is moving to the dance. At that point, his right hand takes her left, and he grabs her waist to begin leading her through the dance.

Mabelle dismisses Nina's apology, "It is most beautiful and I still believe undeserved, thank you!", she shrinks a little with the praises but offers a shy curtsy, "Thank you, thank all of you", she slips on the ring to join the abundance of others on her hands.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith sets her empty goblet on a passing tray then claps aloud. "Of course he is sure. We are all sure!" says she in an exaggerated Lycene accent like that of the Saikland Greens.

"Undeserved my ass Mabelle." Rodica chimes in with a snort. "The only way you were getting beat is if Keiran's trousers fell off."

"We're sure," says Dio, as the drunken pirates and courtiers roar their approval along with many of the guests.

Anne nods in agreement with Edith, and then says, "Do you wish to dance?" She removes her hat with a sweeping bow, and offers her hand to Edith.

Scylla checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Kieran checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Someone wearing a copper nameplate - Edith turns to Anne and removes her own hat with a flourish as she mirrors Anne, and gives a bow in return before standing up with fluid motion. Then, Edith tosses aside her hat unto one of the tables bearing the empty goblets. If a fellow pirate tries to take said hat, she can threaten them with her stiletto for it later. Without a thing in her hands, Edith takes the offered hand with a grin and heads out to dance with Anne. "Why, certainly!"

Aedric knowing full well that the woman had limited courtly experience -- especially in regards to dancing.

Now that free wheeling dancing has begun, Nina gets herself a rum. "The competition is over," she says with a smile. "And this is the part where maybe... I can get in a dance or two, though I suppose I won't be graded as I can barely use a knife."

Scylla follows the prince's guidance through the makeshift waltz he's putting together for her poor, uncultured self. She looks down and watches his feet, then mimics with some measure of grace. It surprises her as much as anyone else, truly. "Oh, that's not so hard," she rasps to herself, mostly, and then smiles wryly. Her attempt to keep her gaze from wandering to Lord Aedric fails, and she peeks in his direction to glean what reaction he might be sporting for her now. "You said this is called...a waltz?" she confirms with the man, then nearly trips over her own feet. /Nearly/, but doesn't. Phew.

Mabelle collects a cookie from the special volcanic soil tray of cookies, "So is Kieran dropping his pants now?", she observes as others begin dancing around

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