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Festival of Death - Fashion Show

Join us for a fashion expo with gowns and other designs created in honor of The Queen of Endings. Death-inspired designs created and crafted by Nina Autumndale and Selene Whisper of the Bard's College. Admire the work of the gowns on display and enjoy a reception with music and drink thereafter! Several Gowns on display will be auctioned at this time, with proceeds from their sale going toward the Harlequins.

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July 8, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Gianna Felicia Zoey Aconite Svana Wylla Thea Cocine Jacali Vandred Hamish Sirius Esme




Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Main Hall

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Splat, a pudgy calico cat, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Wylla.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador arrive, following Svana.

A fashion show is scheduled to happen here, and to facilitate, a long trail has been marked off across the floor with hanging ribbon, so those who are here to display outfits and pose have their use of the walkway. To one side of the College's open hall is a table full of refreshments, with wine and summer fruits as well as cheeses and a slightly bolder sipping punch. To the other side, is the large display holding the gowns that Nina has specifically created to showcase, which are here to be auctioned off to benefit the Harlequins.

The silken spider shifts are similar, structurally -- fine silk gowns that are studded with jewels and are lit well with some interior candles to make sure they are dramatic in the room.

Nina, the creator of these gowns and the one who has organized the presentation of the event, is standing near the display with a glass of wine as people filter in. She is in another gown of her own design, a dramatic umbra gown that is quite different from something she would perhaps typically wear... her arms in long gloves and her head covered with a black funeral veil.

Todd, an unemployed dockworker arrives, following Cocine.

Gianna is just collecting a glass of wine and a bit of cheese to nibble on, moving to stand over by Nina to observe the people coming in. A stygian spider ring with a red spinel rests on one finger, one she wore at last year's fashion show. "Lovely," she tells Nina. She gives the bard a thoughtful look and says, with half a sigh, "You really ought to be my protegee, you know."

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar arrive, following Hamish.

Felicia's definitely here as an observer rather than participant, to judge from the black leather she sports when she prowls into the Bard's College and finds a spot with a clear view of the runway in which to settle herself.

Zoey and Thea stand at the display, looking at the gowns. Zoey has one arm linked around Thea's, and her free hand holds a glass of white wine that she occasionally sips from. "Definitely that one. I am willing to walk away with a lighter purse for that."

Someone wearing A pale, tragic yet beautiful half mask has joined the line.

Someone wearing A pale, tragic yet beautiful half maskenters quietly, Alejandro trails in though he stands out of the way so that the tragically masked, statuesque woman can glide over to the dresses on display with a long legged stride. The aeterna clad woman brushes the lily lace at her neckline while considering the three spidery gowns from the depths of her cowl.

Someone wearing A beautiful, if haunting mask has joined the line.

Someone wearing A macabre grinning skull mask has joined the line.

Svana wanders in with her carrier strapped to her chest. She does not look like she has dressed with Death in mind. She moves over toward the gowns with the eye of a tailor and takes in the beautiful work - but then Dame Felicia catches her eye and she waves happily over at the woman. "Look, that's a hero," Svana says to one of the tiny heads in the carrier.

Wylla arrives with a templar following in her wake who looks decidedly less excited about this fashion show than she plainly does. Her eyes are bright, her smile pleasant and expression dreamy. She takes it all unabashedly in, every last detail. Paper spiders? How neat. Silken spider shifts? Fantastic. Around the room she goes, ending up at the refreshments where she greets those lingering there with a languid smile of greeting. It's quite obvious she's not here to participate, however, as she wears not a lick of black nor red.

Someone wearing A pale, tragic yet beautiful half mask has joined the line.

Thea exhales at Zoey, but does admit,"I wouldn't mind that one. She points to one of the gowns, something vodka related in her free hand. She smiles a bit at her though, looking around. She's not modeling in anyway this evening. Not right now. Oh no. Drinks and clothes. Yes clothes. "The decorations are nice right? As long as no spiders come out to eat anyone.." Seeing Felicia, Thea nods her head, offering her a wave,"Dame Felicia. Hey.."

Cocine steps inside with a pause to glance around for familiar faces. She waves and smiles towards those she knows before making a beeline for the display of the trio of dresses up for auction. Her smile tugs wider at the sight of them and she makes a mental note before stepping aside to let others view them as well. Glancing around, she heads towards Svana and smiles, leaning in to offer a half-hug in deference to the babies, kissing her cheek, "Hello! How wonderful to see you out and about. Are you bidding at all?"

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Felicia can't help but burble a laugh, dipping her head respectfully Svana's way,"Hardly. Not even a Champion... but thank you for the flattery my lady." she grins briefly, a half-bow offered from her seated position in the direction of Thea and Zoey... at least mildly ruined by the jaunty little salute that follows. Perhaps in deference to all the lovely and delicate gowns, quite content to remain where she is.

There's a certain sort of haunting allure to the way the woman in flamepoint moves as she enters, a placid mask with a weeping calla lily's bloom creeping from its lips worn, glinting mirrorsilver eyes catching the light as she turns her head to point a gloved finger toward the area with refreshments. This, apparently, is to direct the much taller figure that has entered with her, the one in the grinning skull mask, to fetch something for her as she makes her way toward the line.

Zoey lifts her glass toward Dame Felicia and smiles. "Good to see you here," she says. To Thea she shakes her head. "I doubt any spiders large enough to eat a person will be in attendance today."

Nina looks proud, and flushes a little at Gianna's compliment. "I'm very flattered you'd say so! If I ever tire of my current patron..." Though it seems that working with House Pravus keeps her in materials for her creative endeavors, so so far she is quite pleased.

"Hello, everyone, and welcome! Please get refreshments, or make yourself comfortable upon the couches! I'm so very thrilled to see so many astonishing outfits here on display tonight."

Nina walks to the center of the room, where hanging ribbons are used to form a sort of line that gives a walking space to those wanting to take center stage. "For those who came in Death Inspired Fashion, I'd love to showcase your work as well as the work I've put into this event. Following the display of outfits, there will be an auction of the special gowns that I've created. All the price for the gowns will be donated to the Harlequins at the end of the event in support of the Festival of Death, and the celebrations we will be having on behalf of Death throughout the Compact!" She bows her head a little in a solemn way, but seems overall quite cheered at the turnout. "Those who wish to take a spin down the runway, please line up behind me and we will begin the fashion processional parade!" With this, Nina stands tall herself, and does a small turn on the catwalk to show off the gown she is personally wearing. "This gown was created with the aid of Selene Whisper and her apprentices, and it is thanks to her advice that I am presenting this show here for her tonight."

Svana scoffs at Felicia softly. "Not flattery! 'Tis true and honest. My children should know of the great Dame Felicia Harrow - who bought my corset because I was pregnant with them," she says with a wink. As Cocine approaches, her eyes widen and she smiles happily, giving the other woman a kiss on the cheek back. "You know I can't help myself," she murmurs quietly to Cocine. "I'm fond of violets and blues. And frankly, I should start coming to these events a little more often - the Goddess of Endings events.

Turn in line: Someone wearing A beautiful, if haunting mask

Someone wearing A pale, tragic yet beautiful half maskforces herself to step away from the dresses and back over towards the line for the modeling though the masked figure turns her head one last time to look back towards the matter at hand. As the other masked figures take their place the exceptionally tall, pale masked young woman takes a place behind the others though the cowl turns and dark eyes peer from within to take in Nina's dress and there's a quiet noise of approval.

Gianna inclines her head to Wylla when the Archlector enters, raising her wine glass in a sort of greeting. Gianna threads her way through the throng and over to one of the couches, settling onto it and leaning back into the cushion. One leg is crossed over the other. She lifts her chin to observe.

Gianna has joined the couch seating.

"I still have it, too." Felicia advises Svana,"Not, admittedly, that I often wear corsets in my daily work." she gives a brief flash of a grin, falling silent to listen to Nina and turning her attention in the direction of the runway with perhaps keener interest than might be expected from her attire.

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Someone wearing A macabre grinning skull masktips his head towards the woman in flamepoint as she points towards the refreshments. He lifts his head back up and steps away from her. He doesn't do a military march, but something along the lines of the busy-streets-shuffle as he diligently passes by to the refreshments table. Where he then avails himself of a small selection before returning to the line.

Thea looks over to Cocine and smiles at her as well, including Svana,"Messere Cocine, Messere Svana. Good evening. How are you both?" She looks over Svana, skimming her a bit. "I see you had your babies. How are they?" Taking a drink from her glass, Thea smiles,"Kaia should be having her baby soon...any day really."

Camille, the Iron Maiden, 2 Valardin Knights, Dog, a scruffy west oathlands puppy arrive, following Sirius.

Hamish arrives a little too late for any introductory chatter, flanked by a pair of Templars who are almost, but not quite, as large as he. Given his adoption of a capsule outfit in the form of his black clothes and umbra pulpet robes, Hamish grimaces at the modeling and fashion and moves to the side. Gianna gets a brief nod. "Thank you for giving Mistress Autumndale this opportunity, Nightingale Gianna. And, somewhat surprisingly, for allowing the use of your hall for Evaristo's spider petting zoo. I hope you found them all. Lady Birdkiller was ready to lay a clutch of eggs, but by the time she made it back to the shrine she no longer was, so..." He makes a face, then turns back to the runway.

"I'm bidding on one myself.. though to be quite fair, I have plans for an entirely different outfit for the ball at the end of these Festival events. I'll tell you about them soon, I'll likely be using your shop to have it sewn up," Cocine flashes a brief grin towards Svana and gives a gentle stroke to each baby's downy head, "Gods they really are adorable. Not sure I could handle twins, but you pull it off fabulously." Turning her smile towards Thea, she offers a quick bow, "Hello again, my lady! Doing well!" She nods to Svana, "You know how I feel about red..."

"Lady... Birdkiller?" Gianna echoes, eyes slightly widened. "I... that sounds like a very large sort of spider. I think all the spiders were found. Yes." She has a long sip of wine. "Miss Autumndale is quite the talent. I'm always pleased to help College members showcase their talents. It was something curiously lacking in the city before. Thank you for coming."

Ambling in beneath the shadow of Hamish's arrival, is Sirius. In contrast, he's flanked by guards much, much larger than he, dressed in gilded suits of armor braced with cloth of Valardin teal. He himself's wearing loose linens and silk, holding against his navel a singular tome so mundane of cover it may well be a journal for recording purposes. When Hamish goes left and to the side, so does Sirius, but to the right -- to the opposite side, where he's soon seated without going through the struggle of finding familiar faces. He just looks on; another spectator of many.

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

After Wylla has smiled amiably to the soon to be former Whisper, Gianna, she tilts her head slightly to one side as she watches Nina take her turn and reveal the artisan behind the creation of her stunningly macabre gown. She brings her pale hands together for a soft round of applause, looking impressed until Zoey goes by and distracts her with a nod and smile. A bright flash of a grin is the silent reply from the Archlector. Once the Kennex lady has passed she seems to finally recall that she stopped at the refreshments table for a reason, that being a glass of wine. Once that's claimed, she opens her eyes and ears wide, watching the other guests and listening to the swirls of conversation between them.

The figure in the beautiful, if haunting mask looks decidedly out of place up there on the catwalk. Her head turns toward the other masked lady, her shoulders lifting in a non-committal sort of shrug before she turns her attentions toward the grinning skull masked individual as he returns with refreshments. She just stands there for a few long moments, staring up toward him as though to say 'well, I can't eat it -now-', heaving a sigh and turning away from the others in the line in order to sashay her way along the marked path with a subtle grace and even fainter clue as to what she's doing.
Still, the outfit is masterfully crafted. The colours are bold. The theme of rebirth, of new beginnings and future promise in stark contrast to the fellow she arrived with. Golden feathery embroidery catches the light within those whorling reds, oranges and sunny hues, making the fabric seem alive as she drifts onward, turns with the soft gingling of her chains, and makes her way off stage after striking some suitably dramatic pose.

Turn in line: Someone wearing A macabre grinning skull mask

Thea has joined the couch seating.

Svana laughs softly at Felicia and grins. "I should make you something new. I'm horrible at keeping up with commissions, but when it's for fun, I tend to excel." She quiets down to listen to Nina, but her attention is soon taken by Thea. The new mother beams and she nods down to the little ones in the carrier. "They're well. Getting fatter by the day. Good for them - they were quite small but two months ago. Ah, Lady Kaia? Lord Martino's wife? I shall have to send my congratulations." She chuckles aside to Cocine and looks down as the woman strokes her babies' hair. "You look terrific in red too. And oh? I need to hear about your shop. I'd be happy to help you..." She beams once more with pride when Cocine compliments her on her twin-rearing.

Nina stands back and watches those coming down the runway, a smile on her face as she observes the lovliness of the masks, and inspired designs. Masks! She almost considered wearing a veil over her face as part of her design theme, but her face is open to the world instead as she does have to still run things here.

Zoey has joined the couch seating.

The head of the figure in the skull mask tilts down towards the plate it holds in its hand, before his sigh comes out from behind the mask. It's passed to the other hand, then gently set aside - fingertips pushing it so that there's no threat of it tipping over before he then proceeds to follow in the steps of the masked woman before him. If only in the sense he appears to not model in any professional setting.

He steps forwards, long strides that allows the sash with it's interwoven golden keys to gently jingle, a cocky saunter that almost falters, before he seems to compose himself as he comes up to the end. He straightens, plants a hand against his heart and dips himself forwards in a polite bow - causing the chains around his wrists to softly chime as they collide and swing. It's all over after that as he straightens, reaching down to settle the hangmans noose around his neck so it drapes down his torso again. He steps back, turns, and then departs from the runway.

His shoulders visibly sag in relief as he steps down.

"Oh, she's tremendously enormous. If she'd had her clutch here you'd almost certainly have seen the egg sac. I wouldn't be too concerned." Still, Hamish glances to the corners of the room. When he sees Wylla he looks to her, notes the pristine white robes, and offers her a deep bow of his head. "Blessed Wylla?"

Thea lowers her voice to Zoey for a moment,"Messere Cocine is who is designing my masquerade outfit." Not wanting to take away from Nina and Whisper Selene's designs either. That Thea has bid on. She has also been a bit distracted at all the clothes around her. A battlefield she gets. Drinks. Still will never understand clothes design. "My brother's wife, yes,"the Malvici confirms for Svana. "I can only hope that this child gives him a run for his money...Like I'm sure he did our parents." Because Thea was completely innocent. COMPLETELY!

Turn in line: Someone wearing A pale, tragic yet beautiful half mask

Someone wearing A pale, tragic yet beautiful half mask puts A gold ring with a single Stormward pearl in A simple wardrobe bag embroidered with a skeleton key.

"Lord Martino is only lucky that Bisland women are not prone to twinning," Zoey chimes in. "And I look forward to seeing what you create for Lady Thea."

Someone wearing A pale, tragic yet beautiful half mask steps out onto the runway after the Grinning Skeleton has made his way down the aisle. Despite long legs, the lily and bone outfitted woman manages to draw out the walk. The backdrop of her carob skin causing the intricate aeterna and lace details to pop. The bone accents on her sash join rattle quietly with her stride and the billowing cape flutters elegantly behind her. She pauses along the way for only a few heartbeats, making it almost part of the ghostly outfit ensuring all angles can be well seen. Once at the end of the runway the tall figure steps off with a flourish to join the previous two.

Wait just a moment, Wylla heard her name. It does take a few moments to sink in that she has, and where it's come from, but when it does, she reanimates. Her quietly intense focus is wrested from the display of deathly fashions and with a lift of her brow, she turns to Hamish. A once over and she's obviously guessed his identity. Her glass of wine is lifted as preliminary sort of greeting that covers her walk over to his corner of the room. There, she softly inquires, so as to not disturb anyone else nearby, "Blessed Hamish?"

Esme enters into the fashion show and pauses. Her eyes widen as she looks over the outfits and then she offers a huge smile. It even interrupts her saunter that she saw them. Her emerald hued eyes slide over the crowd and she starts to move towards Zoey and Thea.

The line has been dismissed by Nina.

"Trying to do so with small children in tow is a challenge that I cannot fathom." Felicia advises Svana,"But please let me know if you do release something new... I've been busy of late but will endeavor to make time or at least organize one of my sisters to do so." she advises with a dip of her head Svana's way. Her attention can't stay off of the models, however, her green eyes following each in turn with undisguised delight.

Nodding to Svana, she chuckles, "I love those bold colors. And they suit me! So its a love-love relationship." Cocine takes a quick peek around to figure out where to secure herself a drink, finally claiming one and taking a swallow. Hamish gets a wave and smile, Wylla a smile and brief bow before COcine turns back to the small group, "My mother never had twins... but she did have many children. So I suppose you could say that Arcuri are prone to large families albeit in singles."

Zoey waves to Esme and motions for her to come join them on their couch.

Esme has joined the couch seating.

Gianna watches, touching two fingers to her lips. She inclines her head to a few new arrivals, including Esme, before her attention is drawn back to the skulls and bones and such. A very faint line appears between her brows.

Thea welcomes Esme with a ease. "Gods. Could you imagine if twins DID?" Though there is a brief pause. Remembering-"My cousins Duke Inigo Fidante nee Malvici and Lady Fiora are twins. So maybe---there's a chance." So you're saying there's a chance, Thea?! Yes. Yes she is! And she takes a sip of her drink, saying,"Duchess Calypso has twins, Lady Eirene has twins..All Malvici." More drinking. Thea starts to actually chuckle,"Poor Kaia."

Svana chuckles quietly, looking toward the models. "I'm thinking that after tonight, I'm just going to close my shop, actually. Go back to being a merchant." The Prodigal woman's eyes are fixed on the models now, taking in their outfits. There are equal parts jealousy, admiration, and respect all at once for the outfits that have been put together. "My mother was unlucky in having children. Of all her pregnancies, well. Just my brother and I remain. I never thought I could have children, truthfully. But Asher and I like them, we're considering keeping them," Svana jokes lightly, a grin playing along her lips. She looks to Cocine. "Are you the eldest or somewhere in the middle? Or the youngest even?"

Esme settles down with ease when she's invited over and immediately finds a feline sort of reclining on the couch. Her eyes watch the art in clothing form and then she offers, "Your family has twins?" There is a look of feigned horror at the idea. "Maybe Domonico will have a set of his own with..." Her brows lower. "The rainbow one." Then she smiles vibrantly and offers hugs to both the women. "These outfits are amazing."

Someone wearing A pale, tragic yet beautiful half mask drifts to stand by the other masked models. The tall masked woman speaks in a warm contralto to the woman in the haunting mask, "Your designs continue to delight and surprise." Aconite's long-fingered, gloved hands lift to remove her mask and she tucks it gently in the bag at her hip.

Aconite puts A pale, tragic yet beautiful half mask in A simple wardrobe bag embroidered with a skeleton key.

Nina is extremely thrilled by the sight of the costumed, masked models and the work they have put into sourcing their thematic outfits. The cold and dramatic masks all add such an air of mystery to the display. Nina finishes her glass of wine, and hands it off to a passing server before again returning to the front of the room. "I hope those of you here interested in the spider showcase gowns have had the opportunity to examine them! Each gown is adorned with real gemstones and are inspired by Death's favorite creature, the spider. In creating these gowns I did research to learn about spiders with unusual coloration... and unusual methods of hunting. I would like to tell you about each of them."

Nina walks over to the display and gestures to the gown called Sinister Spider, which is a purple gown with emerald accents. "The Peacock Spider is a type of jumping spider! Not only is it known for its brilliant colorations, but it is also known to be an excellent dancer among spider-kind. The male spiders use their dance and markings to attract a mate, much like many birds... or, really, men," she says, smiling thinly and waiting for a laugh.

"I know the Lady Zoey has already expressed her interest in this particular gown and has placed the opening bid! The bid is currently set to 55,000 in silver."

Aconite is overheard praising Jacali.

Zoey chuckles at Nina's joke, then nods her head when her name is mentioned.

Hamish smiles to Wylla and nods, "Indeed. Now I've almost met all of the archlectors. I wonder what happens when I get all eleven. I hope it involves a prize." When the bidding starts Hamish lifts a hand. "Sixty thousand."

As the other two masked people come to return to where she stands, the still-masked woman turns toward Aconite before providing the same courtly sort of bow that the skull masked fellow did at the end of the runway. "Cheers, chickadee, hangs splendid on you, it does, does at that, so long as you are. Hauntin'. Done it proud, you did." Comes a woman's voice from behind the mask, slightly muffled by the ceramic. "Will have to do business again, we will, I'm sure our good man will set it up, sure as sure." Her head tilts, her fabrics shifting as she does so. "Said you were needin' sommit for the next ball, as well, we'll have us a sit, won't we? Aye, 'course we will." Anyone that's ever been unfortunate enough to spend time with Jacali will easily recognise her voice.

Gianna listens; she finishes her cheese chunk. The joke about men garners an amused noise from her. It's faint. Very faint. She casts a curious glance Hamish's way.

Thea nods her head sagely to Esme. "Twins. So many." With a mock look of horror, she expresses,"My brothers hope it's me that has the next set. If I ever marry." When the auction begins and the bidding begins, Thea looks up at Hamish as he outbids Zoey. She looks over at Zoey to see what she's going to do. In fact, her eyebrow starts to lift.

Zoey leans toward Thea and says something in a lower voice.

The skull faced man doesn't say anything, pausing only to pick up the plate of snacks that he had picked out for the masked woman that returns to his side. He then straightens before inclining his head towards Aconite. "I thank you personally for modeling her work at this event." He offers in his bland, clipped tone. He picks up a block of cheese and takes a small bite from the corner, pausing for a moment before he sets the small block off to an empty part of the plate.

Wylla replies to Cocine's smile in kind, not missing that, even while her attention is being pulled in different directions. Hamish, for his comment, gets a slow shake of her head as if she's already seeing in his future a great disappointment. There is no prize, only suffering. He gets a frown of sympathy, but before she can be dragged into a deep well of woe, Nina distracts her with her explanation of the first of her creations. The auction as well for that matter, is a grand distraction. Not that she bids, not yet anyway, but it's all very exciting. So much so, that she really should sit down, so settles on the couch Gianna's already claimed.

Wylla has joined the couch seating.

Esme turns her attention towards those in a mask still. Her eyes turn towards Hamish as he outbids Zoey as well. Then her lips curve and her voice drops to her seating.

"I hear sixty--" Nina is happy and excited that the bidding is picking up. "And... sixty-five, now," she points into the crowd.

Svana claims that 65,000 bid, albeit quietly for now.

Zoey raises her hand. "Seventy."

Aconite has joined the couch seating.

"Seventy-five thousand." Svana says, waving her hand.

"I'm the rebellious middle child. Never married, went Crownsworn, wandered the Compact... now here I am in Arx, opening a shop, picking up the gauntlet of being an Arcuri jeweler in Arx," Cocine offers as an amused aside to Svana, though she falls quiet when the bidding war begins, her dark gaze darting back and forth.

The Skull's gratitude is noted and Aconite inclines her head, "It was my pleasure." Next, she nods towards the masked designer, lips spread into a smile. "Thank you and yes. I'll drop in soon." She promises in a hushed tone before Aco's eyes are drawn to the auction. Eyes drifting over the displayed dress covetously but the model keeps her hands folded neatly before her. She does watch the bidding war with unhidden interest as she seats herself.

Sirius begins feeling at his wrists to appease their budding numbness once speculative numbers begin soaring the room. His nose crunches a tad, hands grow unsteady in his silent scribbling of his journal's page, but he says nothing.

"Seventy-five thousand now," Nina says, nodding, and then clapping her hands. "Is that the last offer? There are still two other gowns so you may end up with one yet!"

Zoey shakes her head. "I was only interested in the one."

Svana glances to Cocine and smiles at her. "You're not too old to get married, you know. If that was a concern." The Northerner is mildly embarrassed at that and shakes her head. "Sorry, if that was insulting. I'd normally take a God's name in vain right about now, but there's too many of the Faith here." Svana seems mostly tongue-in-cheek. She looks ready to bid again if anyone shoots their hand up or bids once more.

Hamish shakes his head slightly. Two more dresses means two more opportunities. When Gianna gives him a look he returns it with a shrug. "I do have a lady friend, and it might be nice if I dressed up for her in something seductive or sinister. I think I could do well in any of these. They'd probably have to let the back out a bit, though."

It seems that this is the final bid, and Nina nods to Svana. "Then I believe it is sold, for seventy-five thousand silver! Thank you so much." She looks at Zoey. "Is it violet that is your favorite color? Perhaps you can contact me later for a different commission some time! I plan to open a small shop soon."

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador leave, following Svana.

Esme turns her eyes towards Svana as she outbids and seems ready to bid again. Then something Hamish says has her head whipping in that direction. "Interesting." Her eyes seem to follow those that bid and speak. "Age does not determine marriage vows of honor and oath." There is a pause. "Well, being too old that is." Then she offers something to those around her.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador arrive, following Svana.

"It is one of the two, yes. And I think I will," Zoey replies to Nina with a smile.

Thea eyes Hamish a bit. She skims him up and down before giving her opinion. Not professional of course. "I think red is more certainly your color, Archlector." That said, she tries to keep the serious look on her face. The flecks of gold in her green eyes however are pretty decieving however.

Spider Gown Auction Display is now unlocked.

Nina gets Sinister Spider Shimmering Silken Shift from Spider Gown Auction Display.

"A bit," Gianna tells Hamish with a nod. "The blue one is a very pretty shade. You should try for that one." She sits up a little straighter - this is kind of amazing, because her posture's pretty awesome - when she hears the name 'Arcuri'. She tilts her chin up and glances around, searching.

Svana seems satisfied enough when she wins the gown, and once it's in her hands, she gives it to Lady Zoey after all. "Lady Zoey, please accept this as a birthday gift. I wasn't able to attend because Elanne had a screaming fit." There's a bit of amusement in her voice. "I still wanted you to have something. Thank you for being a friend to Lady Mikani, always, and to Jules and I... you know." Svana smiles somewhat sadly, giving the Lady the gown.

Nina makes the exchange, removing the gown and giving it to the winner. And then... there is the DELIGHTFUL twist that in the end, it was a gift! She applauds! "Ah!" Her face lights up. "Well congratulations! It will looks so perfect on you!"

Chuckling and shaking her head at Svana, Cocine seems entirely too amused, "I have nothing -against- marriage... I just haven't met anyone worth the effort yet!" She sips from her glass and offers some applause when Svana goes to collect the purple spider dress. Then again when its gifted to Zoey.

Felicia is overheard praising Svana.

Zoey stands up when Svana comes by and hands her the gown. "Oh, Svana!" Her eyes go from wide to slightly misty, then she reaches out to hug the other woman. "Thank you so much!"

Zoey is overheard praising Svana.

Zoey gets a solitary ametrine set in bronze from a mysterious oyster shell.

"The next gown up for sale is this one based upon the Sapphire Spider. I was SO delighted to learn that such a creature exists. The blue color is the color of the Bard's College as well and I would say, personally, blue is my favorite color too." Nina folds her hands, and steps to the next gown in line, showing it off. "The Sapphire Spider is a type of tarantula. It's big, soft and fuzzy, and as you can see shows off its colors brightly! An interesting fact about this creature is that the female of the species lives much longer than the male. Lucky she! She gets her pick of boys."

"The spider is quite soft to touch, so it seems... but do be careful as they ARE venomous! However, this dress, I promise, will not bite."

"It seems our high bid right now goes to Archlector Hamish, for Fifty-five thousand."

"The pleasure is mine," Svana reassures Zoey, hugging her tightly - as tightly as she can with two owlish little ones staring at Zoey. She kisses Zoey's cheek fondly and gives her a squeeze on the shoulder. "Birthdays are something to be treasured. And I hope you shall treasure this, and wear it the next time there's a big party." She grins and takes something from Zoey discretely, looking down at it with it a murmured, pleased 'thank you' before she slips back to Cocine. She whispers something impishly to the other woman.

Thea shakes her head a bit, telling Nina with a sure nod,"It seems blue is Archlector's color instead.."

Aconite leans in a bit, legs crossing as she does and she smiles at the result o the first auction before looking back towards the second beautiful dress.

As arachnids become abounding, Sirius' quick to rise up in a stiff frighten from his seat. The journal in the loose hold of his left hand slips right past his fingers, stumbling to the floor and slapping unto itself close, its quill half-way slipped out from its pages. He leans down, fetches it quick before a venomous squatter comes upon it defilade, and stumbles further away from the hairy, eight-legged brigade into a much different couch from his own.

Leaning in to catch the whisper, a smile spreads into a delighted grin across Cocine's face before she lets out a rich round of laughter and returns a whispered response. "Besides, my sisters would -kill- me if I didn't help carry on the Arcuri line." She sips from her glass with a highly amused smile before looking towards the sapphire dress, "I'll admit, I -was- tempted by that one. Its quite pretty."

Sirius has joined the couch seating.

Zoey eventually does let go, and places gentle kisses on the heads of each of Svana's babies. "I certainly shall."

"I couldn't have shown up in red," drawls Blessed Hamish Farmer. "Korka would have killed me." He nods to Nina, then returns to Thea, "Of course someone may yet take it from me."

Nina nods to Thea, as Thea concedes that Hamish has placed the higher bid. "Well, if the final bid shall be fifty-five thousand, then the gown is sold, but I will wait for any other challenges!" She claps her gloves hands together once. "I am sure whichever lady friend you choose will admire the gift, unless of course you do mean to wear it yourself. In which case I could also fashion you some matching stockings, I think."

Esme glances up as a messenger is delivered. Her brows furrow a bit and she looks towards Joy, "What am I supposed to..." Then she flips the message over and writes something back. Then her eyes slide towards Hamish for a lingering moment. Then she turns back to watch Zoey receive her gown.

The babies look quite thrilled to have some kisses. Well, one of them does. Elanne, the little redhead, looks positively grumpy. Whatever Svana and Cocine are whispering about makes the Northerner grow red in the face and she smiles, her eyes darting around for a loooong few seconds before she responds quietly.

Hamish tilts his head toward Esme and gestures to the dresses, but says nothing.

Nina watches Hamish carefully, but since no one appears to be jumping up to bid further, she looks at him, and Esme, and then back to him. "I believe then sir you are the winner. Lucky to you as the proceeds go back to you, but I do appreciate it and I hope the Harlequins do as well!"

Esme gives a slight shake of her head. "The red is wonderful, but I fear you would do better with it than I would." She smiles one of her brightest smiles towards Hamish. Then her eyes slide over towards Nina.

Nina gets Sapphire Spider Spectacular Silken Shift from Spider Gown Auction Display.

Thea glances over at Esme. Then back to Hamish. Then back to Nina. She's not sure if she's supposed to be clapping or not, but you know--she'll drink to that. "Red is a great color--"clearing her throat. She smiles over at the babies and Zoey. Then Svana. Bracing herself for what her House will sound like.

Hamish laughs "I think it will just be me. If I tried to share it with Evaristo, Rorik and Raymesin I do believe there would be problems rather quickly." So many ladies swooning, for instance.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar leave, following Hamish.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar arrive, following Hamish.

Svana hears something that catches her attention and she looks over at Hamish. The vision of Raymesin in a gown makes her blink a few times but she tries to hone back in on Cocine.

Felicia must be having something of the same mental vision, given the way that the Harrow's reverie is broken by a sudden splutter of amusement quickly silenced.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Svana before departing.

"It's okay," assures Hamish as he takes his prize, "we'd be wearing it at the same time."

Nina passes off her next gown happily, making the exchange for silver (which, she will formally return a bit later in a different care package, but the dress itself is the real prize now.)

"Let us move on to the final gown in this collection. Though personally, I like the more unusual spiders, the black widow is a lady who needs no introduction! Her bite is known to be among the most deadly of all spiders, and if you should meet her and upset her, you may be returning to the wheel yourself not ere long." Nina says this so cheerfully however that it really seems it is not about death at all. "This of course famously applies to her lover, though a crafty man can escape if he has enough time and space to get away and is not too sluggish from accepting the lady's favor! Good luck to him."

"The gown is studded with rubies for speical drama to those ladies who love the color red. This gown pattern will bring a lovely frame to your shape and I will supply alterations to make sure it fits just so."

"The opening bid is from Cocine for Forty-five thousand."

Hamish is overheard praising Nina.

Hamish is overheard praising Harlequins.

Aconite is overheard praising Nina.

Aconite is overheard praising Nina.

Aconite is overheard praising Jacali.

Aconite is overheard praising Jacali.

Aconite is overheard praising Svana.

Nina is overheard praising Svana: A generous donation!

Nina is overheard praising Hamish: Thank you for helping host this event!

Zoey is overheard praising Nina.

Felicia is overheard praising Harlequins.

Svana is overheard praising Harlequins.

Svana is overheard praising Nina.

Felicia is overheard praising Nina.

Svana is overheard praising Selene.

Thea is overheard praising Nina.

Thea is overheard praising Selene.

Esme is overheard praising Nina.

Aconite is overheard praising Harlequins.

Aconite is overheard praising Harlequins.

Aconite continues to watch the auction though the last dress makes the tall woman lean back and smiles to herself before standing, moving to excuse herself quietly. Alejandro isn't far behind.

Aconite has left the couch seating.

Alejandro, a gravely sober Torean in Fidante Livery leaves, following Aconite.

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Camille, the Iron Maiden have been dismissed.

2 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

Dog, a scruffy west oathlands puppy have been dismissed.

Zoey returns to her seat to watch the remainder of the auction, a bright smile on her face.

Straightening up from her whispering with Svana, Cocine turns slightly, offering a warm smile and a lift of her glass towards another before looking back to Nina with a shrug and grin, "I happen to love red, and the golden pedipalps are very well done!"

Sirius has joined the couch seating.

"Oy. Grab the cheese, treacle, plenty to be had." The woman in the mask asides to the skulled man, jerking her head in a nod toward the food that the man had collected previous to them getting in line to show off their outfits. "Let's get gone 'fore our welcome's worn, let's." She says before 'hustling' off toward the exit.

Svana leans over and kisses Cocine's cheek gently. "Do excuse me, love, I've got to go see a man about dinner right now actually. He doesn't eat all day. We shall see you soon." She gives the other woman's hand a squeeze and then slinks off into the evening.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador leave, following Svana.

The skull masked man looks towards the pile of cheese that he has left piled up on the plate, before he then opens his small side satchel and tips the cheese into a small pouch. The plate is gently set aside before he proceeds after the woman in the mask. "Of course, Boss."

"I'm so very glad! The rubies will look stunning on you. If yours is the high bid, then we will close the bidding for the gowns!" Nina claps her hands. "I appreciate again the Harlequins and Bard's College and their contributions to this effort! I hope that Death and her works have been honored today and that everyone has enjoyed their time here today! The refreshments as well are available until the end of the night!"

Gianna raises her hands and begins to applaud. "Well done!" she calls out, her voice carrying easily in the College's main hall.

Nina gets Seductive Spider Sexy Silken Shift from Spider Gown Auction Display.

Sirius joins the chorus of applauds and cheers, albeit with a much more mollified version of his own on the latter. A small, decrepit mewl of a 'yay' is then added there in the end, for good measure.

Esme slides to her feet. "Glorious fashions and events." She lowers her head towards Hamish and then is sauntering for the door.

Like Gianna, Archlector Wylla of Jayus also sets down her glass and adds to the applause, if softly. She has a soft, fuzzy at the edges look of quiet admiration on her face. She approves.

Cocine is overheard praising Harlequins.

Felicia joins in the applause, adding a sharp whistle of appreciation for those who walked and the dresses auctioned off, rising to her feet and prowling out again.

Felicia has left the couch seating.

1 Iron Guardsmen, Axelle, a personal valet, Bonehilda, the prettiest-colored spider leave, following Felicia.

Zoey joins in the applause. "Well done, Miss Autumndale."

Hamish offers applause as well before calling out, "Thank you, mistress. An excellent job and a great showing for our Queen." That said he makes his way toward the exit.

Moving to collect her dress from Nina, Cocine passes along a pouch to her and whispers a few words before offering a warm smile and stepping back. Her dark eyes moving about the room until she locates someone, moving in their direction. Wending through crowds and bodies, she pauses before Gianna and offers a quick smile, "Hello. I don't believe we've met, but its a pleasure nonetheless. Cocine Arcuri, proprietor of the Gilded Garden."

Thea rises to her feet after she's done applauding. Because it's a thing she can do now! "This was great event, Messere Nina." To Hamish, Thea tells him with a wink and a grin. "I do hope that Korka keeps her hands to herself. Or well--doesn't in this situation I guess. I'm certain you will look stunning in either dress." That said, Thea starts to step toward the door.

Nina smiles at Thea. "Thank you! Since you were taken by the sapphire gown, contact me later and maybe I can do a commissioned dress for you. I hate seeing sad faces. But all this will go to the cause of the Harlequins!"

Gianna rises from her seat at Cocine's approach. "Mistress Cocine? Well met. I'm Gianna Delvecchio, Nightingale of the Bard's College. Your mother was a... friend of mine." A very faint hint of a smile. "I liked her very much. What does the Gilded Garden make and where is it located? I shall have to visit."

"Ah. Thank you, Messere." Thea smiles at Nina,"It was. I will certainly come to you for my next gown. It truly was exquisite. You do wonderful work."

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Joy, the advisor of roses leaves, following Esme.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar leave, following Hamish.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Nina is overheard praising Cocine: Thank you for a generous donation to the fashion event!

Zoey approaches Nina now that the event is drawing to a close. "Do you also make matching footwear, by chance? I would love a pair of slippers to go with this."

Nina smiles at Zoey, and presses her hands together. "Yes! I can make that happen for you. I'll make shoes in the same color so that it's sure to match, and we can add some gold to them as well if you like?"

"I'm glad to know my mother was so well thought of, Nightingale," Cocine responds with a smile and a dip of her head towards Gianna. She finishes off her drink and sets the glass aside before turning back to her. "The Gilded Garden can be found at the end of the Golden Path, somewhat south of the Golden Hart and near to the Bank of Arx. And it would be a jewelry store."

"I had hoped," Gianna tells Cocine with a little nod. "I'll be sure to visit. No finer filigree than Arcuri." A little glance around, and she turns back to Wylla and Sirius to nod. "I believe I shall head back into my office. Good evening to you all, and thank you for coming."

"Oh, yes, that would be wonderful!" The rest of what Zoey says to Nina is in a lower voice, but no less excited.

Her smile tugging wider at the saying from GIanna, Cocine tilts her head towards Gianna and chuckles, then steps away to let her pass. She offers a smile towards the quartet remaining and offers, "I should get back to the Garden, I still have a few commissions to finish. THank you very much for this, it was great fun!"

Whatever conversation's held in companionable silence between Wylla and Sirius breaks out into the room when he declares most dramatically; "Would like the curs to do such a thing, and there's plenty of those, Blessed Wylla; there's plenty," he says, wagging of an index finger that brooks no such thing as doubt on his stance. Next, he turns, watching Cocine's approach. From his distance, altogether beyond conversational, he reacts amicably; "Ah, you were correct. She is indeed a jeweler," Sirius tells the Archlector, then dips his head for Gianna. "Be well, Nightingale."

Wylla rises and returns Gianna's nod of farewell. While perhaps a 'good evening' was meant to follow that, Sirius needs to be regarded with a look of vague consternation. It passes quickly at least, and with no comment. "That's why you should always endeavor to bring more beauty into this world, wherever you can. Someone has to hold the door against the press of curs trying to ruin everything." A hint of a smile presents itself, but it's more for Cocine. "I did overhear what you said to Gianna. Forgive my big ears."

Another inclination of her head and Gianna retreats through the double doors to her office once more. She sneaks a bit more cheese and some grapes on the way, even.

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