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Porter's Vows

The Faith of the Pantheon opens its arms to embrace its newest godsworn, who shall swear before the gods this day. As a fun bonus, he will be knighted as a Godsworn Knight of Solace.


Aug. 15, 2020, 3 p.m.

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Jeffeth Aureth Porter


Sophie Berenice Brannen Corban Wash Sorrel Cecilia Aethan Ophelia Quenia Ailith Ida Rowley Cassandra Bree Emily Roran Kiera Gunther Alheri Derovai Alessia Raymesin Azova Reigna Austen Filshiar



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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Jayne, Burly Sailor, Oakshed, an aged and white haired valet arrive, following Wash.

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

Sophie steps inside quietly, remaining near the door in case she is called away. She's here, though, to support another joining the ranks of the Godsworn.

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Aureth emerges from the priest's chambers in a long sweep of white and gold, his silver-threaded golden hair bound and caught in a twist of golden combs. He walks gravely to the altar across the front of the sanctuary and scans the room with an air of gravity, his mouth mild, his eyes solemn. He waits a moment for the congregation to settle, gathering in Porter Kennex by eye.

Aethan does not actually manage to make it all the way to the pews by himself; soon enough, Berenice has fetched up to his side, slipping a hand through his arm without a word. Her gaze flits up to his flat expression, unbothered, but she simply follows along and seats herself next to him, smoothing a hand along her skirts as she settles.

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It is with solemn steps that Brannen enters the Great Cathedral. While steel-clad, he makes sure to tread as gracefully as possible, in order not to disrupt the present. He nods towards the waiting Lord Porter, perhaps in encouragement, accompanied by a faint smile. Then he takes a seat with the commoners.

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The Grandmaster of Solace trails Aureth. Dressed in full, gleaming armor and a steelsilk skirt, the man certainly does not look banged up or hurt. Jeffeth is completely put together and normal. Following Aureth to the altar, somehow his giant presence less dramatic than Aureth's entrance, the massive man goes to stand behind Aureth, bowing his head and clasping his hands in front of himself.

Sorry, Aethan. You can't get away that easily. Did he really think that he could just sit down? While Porter is mildly distracted by Bree greeting him, flashing her a smile, he /does/ notice his older brother attempting to slip in. He replies to her quietly before he's detaching himself from the location he'd been waiting in. Ducking through the people that are drifting in and finding seats, he /climbs/ over a couple of lines of the pews and loops an arm around Aethan. It's quick and brief and probably a little awkward looking, but he doesn't force it for long. Aureth is coming out and so after a quick word to his brother as well, he goes /back/ the way he came in and approaches the altar.

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A representative of the other Silver Order, Sir Corban Telmar enters the Cathedral, resplendant in his sash and silver armor. He moves to join Preston and Corban, murmuring his greetings.

Wash eventually finds a seat, thoughtlessly threading through the throng.

Sorrel slips over to where Corban and Preston (and Corban?) and Reigna are, a proud smile on her lips.

Cecilia is seated more or less by herself, her hands resting upon her lap. The young Kennex woman offers a smile to her cousin, the man of the hour.

"Faithful," Aureth says, with a rolling gesture of his hand as he opens the ceremony, "we gather here within the Grand Cathedral of the Pantheon to celebrate a new beginning. Lord Porter Kennex has petitioned to join the ranks of the Faith." His smile tugs up at one corner of his mouth, glinting in his pale gaze. "Thank you for joining us as we welcome a new godsworn to the embrace of the Church. Today is a day of joy, and of honor. Bear witness in celebration as he takes his first steps upon his new journey of faith."

Before Aethan can quite sit, he's joined by Berenice, and he looks toward her, his expression shifting just enough to notice for those who are close by enough to do so. He starts to say something, but before he can do //that//, Porter is vaulting over some pews to envelop him in a hug. He's obviously not expecting it, and he's frozen for almost the whole thing, until just at the very end he manages to bring his arms up to return it. Whatever is said quietly draws a short huff, and he nods, before resuming seating himself with Berenice. Wash's arrival has him nodding, and Cecilia, too, draws a quiet greeting as they sit.

Ophelia Velenosa's heels clack upon the flooring as she walks toward vacant seating where she might witness the ceremony with a good view. Smiling at a few familiar faces, the princess takes a seat and smoothes her dress as she settles in the pew.

There's a quietly murmured conversation at the altar just before Aureth begins and it has Porter nodding his head briefly. He plucks at the front of his tabard, glancing between the two men in front of him as he generally waits to do the parts he's supposed to do. Occasionally he's sort of trying to glance behind him.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle arrives, following Quenia.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle leaves, following Quenia.

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Binky, an asshole crow have been dismissed.

After a brief murmured conference at the altar, Aureth opens his arm and states, his voice pitched to carry with that old theater instinct, "To join the Faith, in service of the Church before the gods and before men, is to remove himself from the bonds of his previous fealty, his responsibilities to his House, and to no longer provide succor or shelter save as the Faith might provide succor or shelter to any other. If there is someone present to speak for House Kennex, please come forward now and be recognized."

Quenia steps in and quietly scans the room to find a place to settle, having arrived a tiny bit late. She notes those at the front of the room, those at the various sides, and considers. She makes her way toward the noble seating and slips in close to Wash if there's space available.

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Aethan takes in a breath, and then stands up after Aureth's request. He makes his way out of the pew, starting toward the front. "I speak for House Kennex," he says, "as Duke Regent of Stormward." His voice matches his face -- that is, a bit flat -- but clear enough. He looks toward his brother briefly, then back to the Legate.

Cecilia gives a quiet and welcoming nod to the members of her family and after realiazing that one of the return nods given was to Aethan, the young woman checks her posture, her attention returning to the ceremony at hand.

Wash makes room for Quenia to join them and nods in her direction.

Ailith sits up straighter as her eyes gleam and her smile broadens -- focused by the honor and awe of ceremony -- then a breath of pride, witnessing the beginning, another knight to come.

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Aureth nods gravely to Aethan. For all the joy and celebration he asks the congregation for, he greets the Duke Regent with solemnity and gravity. "Duke Regent," he says, "please step forward and take your brother by the hand." He lifts his hand, then, and drops its weight as a warm and solid benediction on Porter's armored shoulder, and says, "Will you, and House Kennex, do honor to the Faith on this day, before these witnesses, and release Porter Kennex from his oath to his House? Though the bond of home and love may never break a son from his father's house, will you give over your kin to the Faith of the Pantheon, recognizing that his responsibilities to Stormward are ended, so that he may take up the yoke of the gods?"

Ida bites her lip at Aureth's words, the gravity of the moment seeming to touch her as she looks over the trio at the altar.

Porter actually spends this time looking up at a point just over Jeffeth's head, kind of looking at the decorations on the wall just over there. It's not really clear at all from his expression what he thinks is about to happen while they wait for someone to possibly speak from House Kennex. But he does appear a tiny bit surprised when Aethan ends up standing nearby, he turns to look at him, holding that brief exchange for a few long moments on his end. His smile is small, and sympathetic, to the flat look on Aethan's face. He startles then when Aureth's hand drops onto his shoulder and focuses again. Focus!

Throughout the ceremony, Brother Rowley Keaton has stood silently near the rear of the Cathedral. His hands clasped before him comfortably, he watches as Aureth conducts the ceremony. After a moment, his eyes swivel to consider the rest in attendance.

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Aethan does what Aureth says -- a little stiffly, maybe, like someone who probably doesn't hold his brother's hand a lot, but without hesitation. He takes another breath in, letting out out just a moment or two longer than could be strictly considered usual, before he nods. "Yes," he says, "I will." The tone is a bit clipped, but perhaps that could be forgiven under the circumstances.

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Roran.

"Then accept the thanks of the Church, my lord," Aureth says. He lays his hand over his heart, and executes about half of a bow. "The Faith witnesses the release of your oath, Porter of House Kennex." His gesture is a benediction over the hands' clasp between the men, and then he steps back, moving on slow steps to turn sideways before the altar so that when Porter kneels before him, he will be in profile rather than with his back to the congregation. "We honor your family for this grace, and ask that you now kneel before the altar to take your oath."

Getting a little distracted by Porter's gaze, trying to look up and over his head at what Porter is looking at Jeffeth is eventually brought back down to a vey grave, solemn and serious look at the Captain. Jeffeth adjusts on his feet and lowers his head to watch Porter kneel before Aureth.

This is really the wrong time to laugh at all in /any/ capacity, which means that Porter wants to. Especially as he looks down at Aethan holding his hand. His lip twitches. It's a nervous reaction. But he's a big enough of a grown up that the weight of the moment weighs on him and he does /not/ do that. It's a first for him. After Aureth speaks but before he lets go of Aethan's hand however, he gives it an extra tight squeeze in thanks. Then he's releasing his older brother, nodding to him once before swallows the lump in his throat back. He tracks the Legate's movements and adjusts as well, then kneels in front of him.

Aethan nods once at Aureth's words, though he catches the tail end of Porter's almost-laugh, and there's a //tiny// softening of his face, almost of amusement. Maybe. Or maybe not, it's hard to tell. Probably, though. He lets go of the hand after the squeeze and steps back, letting Porter continue with the ceremony.

Once Aethan has been freed, Aureth turns his attention wholly to Porter. As he kneels before the altar, he intones: "Porter, who would be priest of the Faith . . . Do you swear, before Gild, to leave behind no wealth in your passing, save to the Faith itself? To support none as a spouse or child might, but only through works of charity? For Limerance, do you freely devote yourself to the gods and put these oaths tonight before all others? For the Sentinel, do you promise to always seek the truth in the grace of the gods?"

Ailith lowers to rest upon the kneeler in the pew, fingers resting upon the string of prayer beads dangling from her grip. Her head bows in reverence, solemn for the seriousness of the ceremony. Practices born of years in faith, she sets to pray. Quietly, she glides her fingertips to the first bead, preparing to follow along with the Legate and Porter -- the Triad of Concepts.

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Following suit with Ailith, Cassandra lowers as well, her head bowing as she reaches to the small bracelet she wears as well, moving her fingers towards the beads she knows well as she prepares her own prayer and blessing as the Triad of Arts and Sciences to place along with Aureth and Porter.

What exactly do you do with your hands once you're down here? Porter settles for having them folded in front of, fingers linked together to avoid unnecessary moving around as he looks up and catches each word that Aureth says. He nods to each point, seeming in agreement. Well, /definitely/ in agreement. Then he takes in a breath, "Yes, I do promise to honor Gild, Limerance and the Sentinel."

Bree was holding it together in the back, really she was. But when she watches Porter kneel, the weight of his dedication, the events of the past weeks, all of it comes together and makes the Solace Knight break. Porter makes his vows, and the tears stream, but her smile remains. Tears of happiness, apparently, and thankfully rather silent ones. No blubbering sobs or anything! Just a Knight of Solace proud to see another joining the ranks. She dips her head, a small prayer of her own given along with the other faithful.

Emily has been riveted on the display at the front and the moment vows are begun she bows her head and she slides her fingers together, weaving them as she bows her head over her hands to speak softly, soft utterances so that she does not bother those around her but Gild is most definitely references in her words. Blue eyes flit upwards though, watching Porter in his moment and there is a slow spread of her smile despite the ache from sitting, her legs flexing and stretching out to accomodate.

Slipping in quietly, Roran steps over the threshold into the Cathedral with his obsidian gaze focused cast forward and slightly canted upward. A gentle breath is let out as he comes to settle beside Sophie, his right hand folded over the left as he settles closest to the door. A brief narrowing of his eyes, slight creases making themselves present at the corner's of his eyes as he looks about the assembled crowd.

"For Gloria," Aureth goes on with a sight, encouraging nod to Porter, his gaze leveled upon the younger man's features, "do you swear to act with honor in all your dealings as a priest of the Pantheon? For Jayus, do you promise to seek the inspiration of the gods and let them color your life? For Vellichor, will you, above all else, swear to protect and take up the burden of keeping safe knowledge, tending to the Great Archive and its contents?"


The hand situation is out of the way, though occasionally, he's still tightening them together. He's looking up at Aureth, because eye contact seems very important right now. He nods along to each of the points, taking in a deep breath. "Yes, I swear to Gloria to act honorably, promise to seek inspiration with Jayus and swear to protect the safe keeping of knowledge." Porter gets through all the points, takes a breath, goes over them mentally and then nods once more, convinced he got it right.

Once Aethan's part is done, he steps back, turning to return to his seat in the pews next to Berenice. When he does, he lets out another breath, leaning back and fixing his eyes up front, any softening of that expression slipping back into the flat mask of before.

When Aureth speaks of the oaths of her triad, Cassandra tightens the grip on her beads, a small smile appearing her her features as she recites a small prayer to the triad in her own words. "May the Arts and Sciences watch and protect you and may you serve them honorably." she offers from her perch in the quiet alcove. Not enough to interrupt things. But Porter can use a little extra boost.

Kiera has slipped in at some point, regrettably a bit late to see Porter take his vows, so stays in standing in the back, hands folded before her, smiling softly as both Porter's nervousness and earnestness come through

Somewhere in the back and standing on top of some sort of thing to elevate him is Gunther. Gunthere wears a Solace tabbard and basic squire's gear. Nothing too gancy but it beats his threadbare typical state. His hair is slicked down in the city's worst comb-over. He wears the biggest and warmest smile. Happy for Porter.

Ailith echoes in a mouthed unison of their combined prayers, two Legates born of the oathlands. Her fingers glide across the next three beads, then onto the next to represent the upcoming triad.

Aureth's hands open broad and wide in their sweep as he invokes the next oath. There's always _something_ to do with your hands, whether or not it is the correct thing for the circumstances. "As Petrichor grants dominion," he booms out the holy tenets, "do you, Porter, swear to uphold his ideals and enforce the tradition of Sanctuary for those granted it?" Though his gestures are wide, his focus is steady on the kneeling man before him, and does not flick elsewhere. "For Mangata, do you pledge yourself to the waters, your ministry knowing no bounds of land? And for Lagoma, do you promise to always hold yourself open to change and to new possibility?"

A faint frown crosses Alheri's face as she moves inside, listening to tenets and oaths and promises. Her eyes lift, to study the roof, and her lips press together, quietly making her way a little deeper. Not interrupting, of course.

Florian arrives, following Derovai.

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Noting when Alheri enters, Emily's wandering gaze settles on her and a quick hand lifts to welcome the other woman. She waves at Alheri, trying to grab her attention before dropping her hand, trying to make sure she has enough room for the other Deepwood.

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While he doesn't look /away/ from Aureth, there is the sense that Porter knows Aethan has departed back to the pews. There's the faintest turn of his head, tracking him from the very corner of his eye without getting wholly distracted. "Yes. I swear to uphold the ideals of Petrichor, pledge myself to Mangata, and promise to hold myself open to change and new possibility for Lagoma." This is getting just a little easier with each set of oaths, right when there's about to be just one last grouping of them.

Derovai slips into the Cathedral very, very, very late for the ceremony. He makes his way immediately across to a seat with a hand to his mouth and a silent cough. Nothing to see here.

"As the First Choice fought for the ability to choose," Aureth says, his voice lifting with emphasis, "do you choose this /freely/, without reservation, to serve the Pantheon now, and will you make the choice again, each day, until your time of passing? As the Queen of Endings shelters souls in the realms beyond, do you promise to Death that you will shelter souls in the lands of the Compact, from birth until death? And in the name of the Dreamer, do you swear to serve the creations of Aion and to preserve the Dream eternal?"

"I choose this path freely and without reservation," Porter begins, keeping his voice loud enough to be audible. "And I will continue to make it until the time of my passing. I promise to shelter souls in the lands of the Compact, from birth until death. I swear to serve the creations of Aion and to preserve the Dream eternal." When he gets to the end, he takes a quick breath and bows his head for a second before lifting it again to re-focus on Aureth.

"And," Aureth booms out, "for Tehom, the Reflection, do you vow today to channel your passions, rather than being ruled by them?"

"...yes." Porter says that part a little slowly. But then he recovers, clears his throat and says a bit more firmly, "Yes. I vow today to channel my passions and not be ruled by them. For Tehom."

"Then," Aureth says with a solemn nod, "now would be the time that ordinarily I would bid you rise, Brother Porter, and be embraced as a godsworn brother ... yet it seems that you are not long for that title alone." He steps to the side, leaving Porter on his knees before the altar, and moves behind it as he says, "Stand forth, Grandmaster."

Ida makes an 'oh' sound and turns her regard from Aureth and the kneeling Porter before settling her gaze on the Grandmaster.

Grandmaster stands forth.

Jeffeth takes a step forward and gives a wan smile to Aureth. "Thank you, Father."

"As a Knight of Solace you are asked to provide a shield and shelter to those who are unable to defend themselves. You are asked to protect travelers, you are asked to protect pilgrims, you are asked to protect the sick and the healers who treat them. You are asked to be a holy guardian of the tenets of Gild. You are to uphold sanctuary, and hospitality."

"A knight of the roads, and a knight of the seas. You will see to it that civilization is built up by the Faithful finding safe passage under your watchful eye. You will commit yourself to protecting /any/ traveler who seeks succor in the name of Gild."

"Do you swear to do these things and act faithfully as a Godsworn Knight of Solace?"

Grandmaster stands forth.

Jeffeth takes a step forward and gives a wan smile to Aureth. "Thank you, Father."

"As a Knight of Solace you are asked to provide a shield and shelter to those who are unable to defend themselves. You are asked to protect travelers, you are asked to protect pilgrims, you are asked to protect the sick and the Mercies who treat them. You are asked to be a holy guardian of the tenets of Gild. You are to uphold sanctuary, and hospitality."

"A knight of the roads, and a knight of the seas. You will see to it that civilization is built up by the Faithful finding safe passage under your watchful eye. You will commit yourself to protecting /any/ traveler who seeks succor in the name of Gild."

"Do you swear to do these things and act faithfully as a Godsworn Knight of Solace?"

When the Grandmaster, that's Jeffeth, definitely Jeffeth, stands forward, Porter is switching attention over from Aureth to him. He follows along with the flow of the words, nodding in aggreement at the appropriate places. By now he's far enough along in vows and this one is the one he's the most prepared for, the most comfortable with. He bows his head quickly and then lifts it again to say clearly, "I swear to uphold these tenets and act faithfully as a Godsworn Knight of Solace."

Something is going on because Porter starts to laugh quietly to himself before he claps his hand over his mouth.

A whoop of approval comes from the commoner benches when Porter takes his knighthood vows, and if anyone looks, Bree points at Brannen.

Excusing herself quietly, Alessia's smile is blissful as she heads for the exit, her fingers idly playing with her necklace.

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There's applause coming from the commoner benches a moment after the whoop, and it's definitely Raymesin's hands moving.

Jeffeth murmurs something over to Aureth, looking somewhat distracted for a moment. Before he gives a little bit of an affirming nod to Aureth, then shakes his head with a confident glance. He has it now.

Jeffeth looks back to Porter, slightly apologetic as the man laughs. "Okay, well, great." The Grandmaster rumbles with a small smile. He places his hand on Porter's shoulder.

"As a Godsworn Knight of Solace," His hand raises up over Porter's head and settles on his opposite shoulder. He doesn't really have a sword and doing this with a giant hammer would be intense, so he's just using his hand. "I knight you, Sir Porter." His hand comes off of Porter's shoulder and ends the knighting by giving his nose a little boop.

"Please rise, a Godsworn Knight of Solace." Finally Jeffeth turns to the congregation. "Please welcome, Sir Porter Kennex, our newest Godsworn Knight of Solace." His hand goes up to give Porter one final shoulder squeeze. With affection.

Polite applause comes from the Quiet Alcove as Cassandra welcomes the new member of the Godsworn and Knights of Solace. She also believes that means he buys the rounds for the Knights of Solace at the tavern of their choice, but she's not sharing that information.

Brannen seems in thought, but a faint smile is seen on his face.

Ida now adds her applause and a cheer. "Congratulations, Sir Porter Kennex!"

As Porter is announced a Knight she lifts her hands and claps. Emily looks cheerily up at the Lord who gave his vows to Gild. There is a heartiness to the act as she lifts her voice. "Sir Porter Kennex!" She beams towards the altar.

Ailith releases a whistle heard in the farmsteads -- it rings bright and true causing her own guards to salute their new brother, the Knight of Solace, Sir Porter. She rises to bump elbows with Cassandra, merrily now clapping.

Sorrel is overheard praising Porter: Sir Porter Kennex, Godsworn Knight of Solace!

"Congratulations," Aureth says. He gives Porter a wink. It is very subtle and not at all dorky.

Aethan doesn't applaud, but he does nod, and while he's not //exactly// smiling, there is maybe some sort of vague expression on his face that might be at least some sort of pride, even if it's coupled with some other things that could possibly be imagined.

Aureth is overheard praising Porter: Welcome to the family.

Azova cheers from her place in the pews, clapping along with the others who offer their congratulations. "Well done, Sir Porter Kennex!"

Reigna gets to her feet and applauds with the others, "Congratulations, Sir Porter Kennex!"

Preston is overheard praising Aureth.

Wash applauds. "Still a Brothers Kennex though!" He calls back at the noise.

Preston is overheard praising Porter.

Brannen is overheard praising Porter.

"Sir Porter Kennex!" Bree cheers from the back, no longer placing the blame on her brother for the rowdiness.

Cecilia is overheard praising Porter.

Cassandra is overheard praising Porter.

Emily is overheard praising Porter.

Reigna is overheard praising Porter: To take vows is an inspiring act, to do so in this moment is beyond mere bravery.

Bree is overheard praising Porter.

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Austen applauds loudly from his place at the pews. He's still wearing his gauntlets so it's probably quite loud.

Ophelia dabs at her eyes with her handkerchief and is moved by such a display of devotion and faith. When people begin to clap, she does the same without storing her soft golden cloth and keeps it in hand. A smile is shared with Porter and she exhales a breath while clapping.

Sophie is overheard praising Porter.

Ophelia is overheard praising Porter.

Sophie is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Ceclia claps albeit a bit softly. "Well done Cousin, well done indeed."

Sophie is overheard praising Aureth.

Reigna is overheard praising Aureth: A wonderful ceremony, inspired as ever.

Quenia rises from her seat and applauds Porter when she does, offering the former lord now Knight a warm, approving smile. "Many congratulations," she offers audibly.

Ailith steps from the alcove to approach the altar, likely in the company of another Legate. She waits to see when Porter is receiving.

Corban is overheard praising Porter.

Raymesin is overheard praising Porter.

Kiera nods having waiting patiently for a clear signal that congratulations were warranted and once this given, she claps heartily.

Please, not the hammer. Porter is very thankful that Jeffeth uses his hand and /not/ the giant hammer.

There's some noises already starting to happen and he glances over to the different pews, a smile slowly starting to shift onto his face despite his best efforts to remain serious. Efforts that were already thwarted when he began /laughing/ just before. And they're further undermined when the Grandmaster boops his nose. He laughs and dips his head, standing to his feet. A hand goes back to pat Jeffeth's on his shoulder. "Thank you, Grandmaster. Thank you, Father Aureth," he relays to both of them. The amount of people sending congratulations his way is a little much and he looks slightly overwhelmed. Though he /does/ hear Wash shouting over there and his eyes go to him, there's a short laugh and then a much louder one for it.

Cassandra walks along with Ailith. At these things, the Sword and Shield tend to travel together unless needed seperately.

Roran is overheard praising Porter.

Roran is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Emily is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Emily is overheard praising Aureth.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands, Anouk Ardennes, Anais Ardennes, Triage, The white dove of Mercy, 2 Valardin Knights, 1 Templar Knight guards leave, following Sophie.

Derovai is overheard praising Porter: =Congratulations! Excellent job on mostly holding that laughter.

Kiera is overheard praising Aureth: A beautiful ceremony

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Kiera is overheard praising Aureth: A well-deserved honor for pne who will uphold his duty

Austen is overheard praising Aureth.

Filshiar is overheard praising Porter.

Austen is overheard praising Porter.

Porter is overheard praising Aureth.

Austen is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Porter is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Ailith smiles broadly as she steps into view, bowing before the three. "A beautiful service as always, Legate Aureth. And that was a lovely touch with the knight oath, Grandmaster." To Porter, pride and joy brightens her smile as she offers both hands to the newly minted knight. "Brother Porter, welcome to the Faith. It is joyous to see another join our Faith Militant and take up the responsibilities and honor by your oaths. Thank you." And she murmurs low, an added few words for the man alone.

"Welp," Ida says while standing and clapping her hands together one last time. "I've a shop full of working that won't get done without me to see to. A glorious ceremony! And a bright future, no doubt." She nods politely to those along the bench she shared for the ceremony and then makes her way out into the world.

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Filshiar adds his own applause to the noise in the Cathedral as Porter swears himself to the Solace, standing as he claps and then clasping a fist over his heart.

Kiera is overheard praising Jeffeth: a touch of levity for a joyous and celebratory moment

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Cassandra waits for her turn and when Ailith is done, she steps up. "It was an honor to see you take your oaths. I have no doubt that you will stand faithfully through all of them." As she speaks, she takes out a small bag to pass to Porter with a few words for the newly minted knight.

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Wash skips the receiving like. "Drinks at the Kay later Sir Porter!" Wash promises.

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Quenia quietly slips out after the ceremony is over.

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Porter is hooking his thumbs into his belt but then Cassandra is handing him something. He takes the bag, listens to what she whispers and outright laughs, ducking his head. "Thank you, I appreciate it." But also it seems that Ailith is saying something to him too, so with a very distracted sort of attention he's shifting from one to the other quickly.

Derovai pushes up from the pew, and makes his way down to where people are congratulating the new knight. "I'm fairly certain we have never so much as seen each other, although there was that very forgettable year." He gives Porter a firm nod. "Congratulations." And then he's off toward the cathedral's exit.

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Rowley is overheard praising Porter.

Porter squints at Derovai and nods. "That happens to me more than I care to admit."

Bree surprisingly doesn't rush up to Porter to congratulate him, because he's surrounded already! Besides, she's still sporting some wounds that make rushing probably unwise, so she remains back, watching and smiling and waiting.

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There is another pat-pat-pat to Porter's shoulder. "Welcome, Brother." Jeffeth rumbles with a warm smile before his smile clips into something more thoughtful and possibly confused before he gives a little shake of his head, squeezing Porter's shoulder once more. "Brother." He reiterates, and headsback through the cathedral to where Bree is, raising his hand to settle on her shoulder.

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Brannen goes to Porter, lowers his head, and salutes. Then, after a bit of hesitation, he kneels down. "I am glad you made this decision today, Brother Porter. You now have brothers and sisters in arms as well as in faith you can rely on." He stands up. "I consider you very lucky. And I consider myself lucky to count you among our ranks."

When the ceremony ends, Aethan murmurs something quietly to Berenice, before he stands, starting toward Porter. He stops a little ways back, letting those before him say their piece as he waits for his turn.

When Jeffeth moves to join her at the back of the Cathedral, Bree shifts to lift her hand and cover his at her shoulder. She gives it a squeeze, and murmurs, "I saw the boop. You couldn't resist, could you?" There's a friendly grin at her lips, and she tilts her head to look up at him. "I'm really happy he's joined us. Fully." Another little squeeze. And then more is spoken, this quietly shared between the pair.

Ailith half pivots to locate Bree and motions the knight ahead. "Dame, if you could, we can exchange places." She grins and steps aside to linger briefly with Cassandra, out from the receiving line. She remarks to her fellow Legate, Cassy,

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Cassandra moves to step out of the line so that others can speak with Porter as well, the Legate offering a small smile to Ailith before she responds to her.

Bree was content to stay back, and when Ailith turns to her she blinks, "Oh no, Mother Ailith. I'll wait until everyone has had their chance. Thank you. Trust me, Sir Porter will not get out of here without my personal congratulations, but I can be patient." And she stands with the Grandmaster, quietly talking there.

Berenice offers Aethan a hint of a smile after he murmurs to her, and she rises alongside of him, drifting gracefully in step with him as he approaches the front of the room where Porter is receiving his congratulations.

Rowley does not approach any closer to the hub of activity as the ceremony concludes, but neither does he leave with the rest. Rather, he seems content to stand at the rear wall of the cathedral and watch with his hands still clasped before him, a faint smile on his features.

When Ailith also passes something over to him, Porter looks it over quickly before slipping it into one of his pockets. "Thank you, Mother Ailith. It's much appreciated," he says quickly. He's trying to get through each person with an equal amount of attention! But it would be a lie to say he's not drowning just a tiny bit at this point. When Brannen goes down in front of him briefly, he tilts his head and then helps him to his feet and pulls him in for a hug. Whether he wants it or not. He can now exchange stories of 'impromptu hugs you never wanted' with Aethan. Whom he is now casually looking for after he lets poor Brannen go.

Brannen acts surprised, but he replies the hug. First hesitant, but then surprisingly gently.

Filshiar exits the pews with more "Excuse me" and "Pardon me" pleasantries, to avoid treading on anyone with metal. He hangs at the back of the press of people offering their congratulation, for the moment. Ending up near Rowley, as things go. "The ceremony was most lovely, was it not? It is always an honor to see such vows taken."

Ceclia slowly rises from the pew, making her way off to the side. A hand goes to tuck a strand of hair back behind her ear, before her hands move to folds behind her back. She will wait her turn, allowing the others to offer their personal congratulations first.

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Raymesin, meanwhile, just watches the Porter-bound people with a faint smile. He stays where he is in the pew, a quiet presence in black.

After the congratulation, the brief hug and a weak smile, Brannen moves over to the side where he approaches Ailith, addressing her formally and quietly.
"Mother Ailith? This may be a bad occasion to request this, but would you have time? That was a wonderful ceremony, but I would hate to cut it short for you."

There's //almost// a laugh from Aethan when Brannen gets a surprise hug treatment, as well. Possibly in solidarity. When it's over, though, he steps toward toward Porter. "Congratulations." Again, the tone is a little clipped, and it's not a //lot// of words, but then he doesn't really ever say a lot anyway, does he? "I'm proud of you."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassandra before departing.

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Ailith chuckles at Cassandra's side as her eyes slight and she swiftly alters a pout into a smile when hearing Brannen approach. "Sir Brannen," she proudly greets, "it was a lovely ceremony. Legate Cassandra and I were discussing the post celebrations our knights have had -- including her own. You are welcome to join us." And she carefully steps over to the aisle to speak quietly with Brannen, softly smiling with a serene somber ness.

Jeffeth brings up his face to wipe some stray tears away, clearly touched by the ceremony. He gives a nod over to Porter, and reaches up to squeeze Bree's shoulder once more before starting to shuffle out to make his way out of the cathedral.

Since Porter has already surprise-hugged Aethan once and surprise-held his hand another time today, he goes for a firm handshake with the man instead, rather than test his nerves again. "Thank you," he says to his brother with sincerity. Actually, all that other stuff was a lie. He pulls him in for a hug again. But it's a half hug! Where he pats his back. "That means more to me than you can imagine. Will you meet me for dinner this week?" he asks, searching his face for confirmation. As Jeffeth is departing, he catches that little nod, glances that way and lifts his hand in a wave to his departure.

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Berenice lingers a brief distance behind Aethan, giving him his space and minor privacy for this moment of congratulations with his brother. But she does offer Porter an entirely polite smile and "Congratulations, Brother Porter" from where she stands.

When Jeffeth turns to make his exit, Bree watches him go. There's a flicker of emotion as she stares after him, but then she finally leaves the back area to move up to greet the newest Godsworn, and the newest full Knight of Solace.

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This time, Aethan is prepared. Probably. At least enough that he doesn't freeze up. He actually returns it, mostly. There's a pat on the back in return, anyway. He nods at the request, replying, "Of course. Let me know when you have time." He says something lower then, too, just loud enough for the other man to hear.

Raymesin rises to his feet, and gives Porter a wave and a thumbs-up sign across the heads of the crowd. And with that done, he too heads for the doorway.

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