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Healer's Training: Dodge

The first in a series of classes hosted by the Physician's Guild to prepare the healers of Arx, Mercys and Physicians alike, to learn how not to get hit by moving objects. Meet with some of the finest teachers of Arx and be prepared to learn.

OOC:Preference of Teach Slots will be given to the Guild and Mercy attendees but it's open to anyone who wants to teach or learn.


Nov. 22, 2020, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Eirene Azova Reigna Sophie


Ian Rowenova Sorrel Merek Kalani Michael Piccola Aethan Regal Reve


Mercy Physicians


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Medicinal Gardens

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Merek makes a way into the place to settle in and to listen.

Eirene has the gardens set up for training. There's seating benches and a small cleared away section where there is plenty of room for exercises. There are refreshments served; infused waters, teas, and 'medicinal drinks' by special request. Anxious physicians and a handful of Mercys are drawn into little clumps where they talk about what might happen. As for the hostess, Lady Eirene wears her full white robes of office over her usual leathers, belted with her blades over them because one never knows. "Right, so... we'll wait for stragglers before we begin." She turns to the gathered group and gives a wide grin. "I think we've got some of the best tutors in Arx here tonight, so I'm really damn happy."

Ian comes into the garden a little bit early, trailed by a big man in black and red armor. The man has a giant sack that, when shifted, sounds like it's full of dried beans. He also has a bigass grin on his face. Ian is not grinning, but there are flashes of amusement in his eyes and a ghost of a smile steals across his features from time to time. "Leave it there, Lieutenant Tash," he says to the guy with the giant sack of beans. "On that table. That will do."

Dressed for the occasion, which is to say dressed with the intent to learn how to fall down and not get broken while doing so, Kalani follows Merek into the garden which is already set up for training. She, also, is carrying her medical bag worn cross-body so that it doesn't fly off or spill. "Oooh, nice," she says in a low voice and nudges Merek as she passes where he's sitting. "If we have to pair up, be warned," is teased with a grin as she continues on to wave to their hostess. "This is such a fantastic idea, thank you for organizing this!"

With Sir Floppington the soulful hound and the wolf-framed/shaded Rowenova are already here, and they both bow to Eirene before standing back up to their full heights once more.

Azova doesn't have robes to go with her leathers, but she is dressed in all white armor! It's been a staple of late, and she remains nearby Eirene. For the moment, taking it all in as the other woman leads the proceedings. "And luckily, there are plenty of supplies if the training causes a few bruises." she adds, her tone petering out as she watches someone haul in a giant sack of beans.

Michael has leathers! Honestly leathers, don't look at him. He is also here but across from where those studious students are arriving. So he can stand there all knowingly and teachful-ly.

"Those are kind words," murmurs the General where she sits.

Piccola's already been here for a while, maybe 15 minutes. She sits by herself on a bench, armed as usual in her dark, greenish tones. Black cloak; green tunic; black long tunic. Leathers. And that one pauldron on her left shoulder. Oh, and her //utility belt//. So debonair and emo and brooding all by herself, sitting up straight and watching everyone else like a cat under the covers.


Comes this way Aethan, drifting with posture rigid, holding his head as if his neck was braced with iron and with his hands tucked behind his back. Back of one hand cupped by the one behind it. No hard claps or folding and an expression fixed neutral but somehow smacking of mournful while he walks among the paths. Half lidded eyes sweep to those gathering and he makes to hold place near the back of proceedings.

William, shadowing quietly, beside the duke holds a similar peace, eyes sweeping attentively but making no active sign to seek out his lord's command or attention.

Merek looks then to Kalani and nods a bit, "Of course."

Eirene motions the students into the middle of the garden clearing. "Right. So. We got some damn good people here to show you how -not- to get hit. Avoiding combat is step one in not dying. Not getting hit is step two in not dying. You can't always dictact step one, so control over your own body is the next best thing. We got..." She looks around. "Beanbags with Lord Kennex, I got some padded swords... we got some leather balls... all kinds of shit to get thrown at you or for you to avoid getting smacked by."

Now Ian finally cracks a grin as Aethan follows him in. He takes a beanbag out of the, er, bag of beans. A small beanbag, like a square of fabric with some dried beans in it. He tosses it in the air, catches it, and then tosses it to Aethan. "Good, you're here."

"Nova! and Flop," Kalani waves to both and then reaches out to say hello to the wonderful Flop, ruffling his ears as she waves to Azova and then Piccola as well, goodness, so many familiar faces. A polite if somewhat wary nod of respect is angled at the various nobles who have been talked into participating in the endeavor to keep the physician-type-folks alive and drifts back to stand near Merek as Eirene speaks to the gathered crowd.

Sir Flop happily follows after Kalani after those ear rufflings, likely hoping for more pets if he can pawssibly get those.

"Well, no time like the present."

Piccola lifts herself from her bench and then goes to grab one of the padded weapons. With it, she gestures at one of the students, and then points to another part of the hospital. "Let's see what you've got." And then, she works with the student, one-on-one, starting from how to stand at ready for a blow. The basics: side-stepping, keeping balance, keeping your opponent in front of you, and so on. Nothing fancy, but useful.

And she will keep with the instruction unless interrupted.

Eirene nudges the shyer types out into the middle of the training floor. "Come on, better to get this done now than when you're on a ship that's swaying back and forth and arrows are flying. Get you feet under you on solid ground first, ship's deck second."

Eirene's eyes light up. There's an idea there. "We need a rolling platform then, to simulate a ship's deck! That would be awesome..."

"And people with ropes to pull it back and forth." Azova tacks on to Eirene's idea. Because it sounds kind of fun... if you aren't the one on the platform.

Nova pipes up, "I think Thrax might have something like that which they used during their winter festivities one year." She moves to where the bag is, curiously gesturing as if to seek permission from Ian to nab a few of those bean-filled squares.

"Okay, but what's my motivation?" Regal Sai can be heard asking as he holds his little practice sword up. "I need some notes," he remarks with a casual wave of his practice blade, as if using it to accentuate his point. Which, with a real sword, would certainly not be a good thing. Though at the talk of simulated ships and ropes to pull it back and forth, he adds, "And a bunch of assholes with buckets and buckets of water to throw in your face when you least expect it. Saltier the better."

"And water. We need buckets of water to splash people with," Kalani chimes in, walking forward to stand alongside Azova, her hands resting on her hips as she considers ways to fall down and get smacked with stuff. "And a reminder that the heavier the armor that you're wearing the harder it will be to swim, let alone swim to the surface and stay afloat once you get that far," she's a Seliki, after all, it's sort of what they do.

"Valid." Azova is just going to agree with Regal.. and then Kalani. Same idea, different levels of saltiness. On multiple levels.

The dog, the coarse language of Eirene and the preparations to hurl things at one another. Aethan's quiet observation is rich in patience and study rather than scrutiny or judgement. He remains unmoving though, something churning in his thoughts before he actually clears his throat, head lifting to speak with a projection one might expect of a high seas traveler,

"A gauntlet might serve best? Alternate lines and those learning run through - raise your awareness and hone your reflexes. Attack can come from any angle."

"We did that once, at the party where we celebrated Aethan being named admiral of Kennex's fleet." Ian remarks to Azova and Eirene, while passing double handful of bean bags to Nova. "Gods, that was a long time ago."

Merek nods a bit to Kalani, "I think you will do well."


Piccola looks over her shoulder as she starts to hear the ideas that are being suggested. "When I was learning to fight, there was an interesting activity that we went through to figure out of we were ready for the fog of war." She lowers her practice sword, and looks towards Kalani and Azova. "The cadets would be in the middle of an arena, and the veteran soldiers would ride around them on horses, throwing items at them. In the dust and the sound of hooves, the men who could not handle the stress would break in a matter of seconds." Shrug.

"Might be a good way to prepare the medics for what may happen in a pitched battle."

Ian chooses right now to provide "motivation" to Regal by whipping around and chucking a beanbag right at the middle of his chest. He's surprisingly fast, for a dude with a cane.

Kalani raises one hand, "Just to be clear.. The suggestions are a moving platform, a gauntlet AND a kill circle. Just making sure I'm tracking all of this properly."

For the bean bags, Nova quietly thanks Ian. She happily accepts those into her gloved hands before looking to Aethan. "Good to see you again."

"I ran a healer's gauntlet without the simulated attacks," Eirene explains to the crowd as she finds a place to the side to jot notes. Mostly about a simulated ocean experience. "But having them do it similar WHILE y'all chuck beanbags at their heads is a good idea, seeing as I have know very few of them have ever had any kind of experience outside of a hospital. I'm used to training soldiers to be medics, not the other way around. And with our Mercy friends, I wouldn't want to violate their oath of peace- so protection is the next best thing."

Turning slightly, Kalani grins at Merek, "Come on. Get out here. If there's going to be a kill circle, you need to be on the inside of it. Not the outside. Outside is unfair and ruins the balance of possible targets and people with the skill to hit the targets."

Regal checks Composure and Performance at normal. Regal fails.

As people begin to arm themselves, Sir Floppington finds himself a tree behind which he can sit and peek around it with those soulful eyes.

Regal checks composure and performance at normal. Regal is successful.

There's a bean bag flying his way. Regal seems to recognize it a moment too late, because he jerks and he at least does an admiral job of attempting to swat it away with the blunt tool. He's too late though. It thuds against the center of his chest and without missing a beat he begins to shout loudly, dropping to his back and wailing a keening shriek, "Aaugh! I'm hit! Help me, Mercies! I can't feel muh legs! I'm coming home, momma!"

Aethan checks command and leadership at daunting. Aethan is marginally successful.

Kalani checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Botch! Kalani is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

"It's not just a kill circle."

Piccola looks around, listens, and then explains quietly. "Part of the test is the noise." Beat. "A dozen horses at a gallop in an arena produces a lot of noise. It's disorienting. Make it two or three dozen with riders pelting you with rocks and other objects." Shrug. "It is a test of will and stamina, as much as it is about dexterity and awareness." It also sounds awfully cruel to do to Mercies and physicians.

But no one ever accused the General of being a genial, moderate, temperate woman.

Regal's antics draw another look, caused by Ian's throw and enough to bring a momentary quick tick at the corner of his mouth. Humor? Brief it may have been but good humor at the very least. Missives are handed to Aethan by William, looked over briefly before clean sheet is given and a small board to pen with a quill and well held by an aide. Quick strokes and then closed with a quick seal before a runner moves off at a slow jog until out of the immediate vicinity.

There is another momentary flicker, more like a grin that loses strength and returns him to mournful quiet. Back to the growing kill circle, eyes clouding with their gaze turning inward and a fractional inclination of his head comes - staring down into the depths of memory.

Merek checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Merek is successful.

Merek walks around and tries to find a place to settle in, while he nods to

Aethan checks command and leadership at daunting. Aethan is marginally successful.

Nodding to Kalani, Merek begins to weave around to dodge whatever's about, tiredly.

Merek checks command and leadership at daunting. Merek fails.

Eirene bites her lip to try not to laugh at Regal's antics. She's clearly amused by this. Her trainees start to take their places and begin to titter with nervous laughter of their own as things begin to be lobbed and swords swung at them. Eirene, on her end, shakes her head at Piccola. "Great for a soldier, not so much a training medic. We're hoping to have guards to screen them anyhow; hoping. Hope is the enemy of practicality, though, so the more ideas we can throw out for training, the better." She's jotting all this down. Her eyes glance up Aethan, noting there's a quiet touch to him. "Go ahead and throw, Duke Kennex. You'll have fun with it. See if you can smack someone upside the head," she encourages with a wicked grin.

Ian looked like he was about to say something to Regal following the hit, or maybe throw another beanbag, but the, uh, display draws him up short. "... I didn't hit you that hard. Did I?"

Beanbags apparently have a stealth mode. Or possibly aerial camouflage? Or something equally sneaky. Kalani is in the middle of trying to talk Merek into joining the active non-lethal live-fire exercise, while also paying attention to what Piccola is saying, and possibly while equally distracted by how quite Flop is, when she gets smacked upside the head with a perfectly innocent appearing bean bag. And then.. she's sitting on the ground, blinking rather blankly for a moment, "Yeah, like.. that," and rubs at the side of her head with one hand and grins.

The screeching concludes and Regal begins to rise up again, casually waving his practice blade toward Ian as he huffs out a breath, "Not at all. I figured a little realism would bring more to the part, give the other trainees," he says with a casual wave of his practice blade in their direction, "something of what to expect. People make a big racket when they've been stabbed. 'specially if they can *see* the wound," he says with a quiet whistle between his teeth as he then begins to speak as if reciting something he's heard in the past, "'why is it sticking out? Push them back in! Augh!'" Then Regal goes quiet again, gestures toward Ian, and offers back, "Now, let's go again, yeah?"

Michael is certainly staying out of the way from flung bean bags and water buckets and fake swords. He is here to instructor not get objects lobbed at him. "Keep light upon your feet! Duck! Dip! Dodge! Dive!"

Nova walks over with one beanbag still in her hand and offers a hand down to the fallen Kalani, peering down at the woman from the wolfy frame/shade. "Gonna be okay?"

Eirene checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Eirene is marginally successful.

Eirene's writing with her right hand, and starting to randomly lob bean-bags with the other. It's like rubbing your stomach and patting your head. There's no telling where they might end up going.

Ian checks luck at normal. Ian is successful.

Rowenova checks luck at normal. Rowenova is marginally successful.

Kalani checks luck at normal. Kalani is marginally successful.

Regal checks luck at normal. Botch! Regal is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

"If it's a serious wound, they usually don't. They make a sort of... like they exhale, but it whistles." Ian is remarkably specific about this, as he paints a lovely word picture for Regal. "Sometimes they just stare, especially if there's a lot of blood. Now try to keep your center of balance, this time. If you over-balance, you have less ability to dodge subsequent hits." Something he'll illustrate by pelting Regal with a quick series of three beanbags.

Piccola checks luck at normal. Piccola marginally fails.

Piccola shrugs in response to Eirene.

"I suppose it isn't necessary." She doesn't agree. "Still -- " Shrug. " -- I know that the Marquis DiFidante could lend some cavalrymen, as could I. And the tournament grounds are hardly ever used, saved for important occasions." Beat. "Could train some of your medics to ride as well. Plenty of able riders in the City."

She then returns to what she was doing before, which was showing one cadet how to avoid sword blows while empty-handed.

Regal checks dexterity and dodge at daunting. Regal is successful.

"Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment." Aethan adds to Eirene's comment of it's lack of merit. Looking up at last and turning his gaze fully on her. Mouth opening and then looking to the group hurling beanbags there is a small shift of his jaw. As if he were to speak more.

"I." trap shutting again, another slow breath before, at last, "No. But thank you much, my lady. I thought to come and make a moment to see how it would proceed. Ian has it better in hand than I would. You're in much more capable hands I assure you." gaze falling on Ian, then looking to the paths again. "I..." swallowing and looking again to all of the antics.

"You had mentioned the riding in your letter," Eirene replies with a nod to Piccola. "I think I'll take you up on that when we switch to fighting a more land-based enemy; like the Horned Asshole or if we know there's going to be a target we need to get to and get to fast. "Of course, Duke Aethan. Thank you for coming by. And like I said, I only got Zoey drunk for medicinal purposes..." She gives him a bold wink and then watches as the lobbed beanbag flies at poor Regal. As well as the ones Ian tosses towards him.

Ian snorts. "He's just worried I'm going to put him on beanbag collection duty, like last time," Ian says of Aethan. Then he looks over at Eirene. "That reminds me." BOOM! Beanbag aimed right at the back of her head.

Ian checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Ian is successful.

Eirene checks dexterity and dodge at daunting. Eirene is marginally successful.

Reaching up a hand to Nova, Kalani nods and accepts the hand up off of the ground. "As long as there aren't any toothy sharks circling and I'm not standing on the deck of a sinking ship, I can handle falling down and going boom." She gives a brief knee flex, tips her head side to side then grins at Nova, "Okay, lets try this again. Maybe I can dodge the next one," hope springs eternal.

Aethan checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Aethan marginally fails.

"Nope," Regal announces as the first bean bag sails by him. The next is met by a casual side step to the left, then a side step to the right to avoid the next. Then he moves back center and begins to sway in place, as though he were dancing. Maybe it's a grunt, maybe it's a gasp from an onlooker, maybe it's sheer luck, but whatever it is it results in Regal's incorporating his next sway from the path of a bean bag into his dancing. Then there's another bag lobbed in his direction and he has to really lunge aside to avoid that one. By the end of it, he's breathing a little heavier, smacking his lips to bring moisture back to his mouth, and swallowing heavily before he speaks through heavy breathing, "Okay, phew, so breathing's good," he says with a few nods and deep breaths.

Without even seeming to take any effort, Nova hefts Kalani up and helps her stabilize before giving her a few pats to the back and backing up. "Aright, ready?!"

Rowenova checks dexterity and archery at hard. Critical Success! Rowenova is spectacularly successful.

Kalani checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Kalani is marginally successful.

Got Zoey drunk... Throat bobbing slightly before the joint of his thumb is drawn across his lips. He does take a bag as he starts to walk, side-arming it towards his brother at speed - though his aim is not quite true enough, whistling through the air past Ian.

There is something there that bubbles to Aethan's surface and the Duke's hands once more tuck behind his back, "Eirene - one hundred silver if you can knock the wind out of him before he starts telling tales." something cracks and the ghost of the smile lives there for the blink of an eye before he is gone with it, back into the city.

Eirene's sitting down but able to duck her head right in the nick of time before it beans her. She splatters a bit of ink here and there across her notes as she reacts, some of which lands on her nice white robes. Luckily it's aeterna so it won't stain... "IAN," she says, glaring and pointing her quill. "If you knock over my inkwell I'm going to kick you," she threatens. "And I'll tell Zoey to forget about wanting to make that baby so badly." She leans over to grab another beanbag off her table and threatens it until she decides to toss it at Merek instead to make sure he's paying attention to the lesson. Despite the promise of silver.

"Sure. Mmhmm, totally, absolutely," Kalani replies as she grins at Nova and steps back a few healthy paces and gives a thumbs-up gesture and tries to emulate Regal's leaf on the wind, sway to the side avoid the incoming projectile defense plan. The moment Nova lobs the beanbag at her she uses her medical bag to /sort of/ deflect it off to the side so it doesn't hit her square on. Tote and shield!

Merek checks dexterity and dodge at daunting. Merek fails.

William, a taciturn quartermaster leaves, following Aethan.

That half-grin. That cocky eye-roll at Aethan. Ian seems pretty damned confident that Eirene can't touch him. "Good luck convincing her now," he says to Eirene.

Eirene checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Eirene fails.

After tossing true, Kalani's medbag deflected Nova's bean bag off sideways, but there was enough force that it flies up and then back down after the arc into that original container of the bean bags. Nothing but net!

Kalani does -not- do a victory jig. There isn't any dancing around or fancy foot work. Nope. Possibly. Maybe. "Lets go again!"

Rowenova checks dexterity and archery at hard. Rowenova is marginally successful.

Nova picks up another beanbag and then quickly tosses it Kalani's way!

Kalani checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Kalani marginally fails.

Michael checked command + teaching at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

After swaying around the last few bean bags thrown in his direction, Regal's attention shifts back around to the practice blade in his hand. He gives a nod or two before depositing it with the others of its kind. He brushes his worn hands together with a satisfied sigh, "Welp, I think that went well enough, I definitely feel like had I spent some time with you lot a couple years back, I'd still have my third toe on my right foot," he says with a snorted chuckle. Then onward Regal Sai goes, hooking one thumb into his belt and the other moving to begin fiddling at the peacebond on his trusty knife tucked at his side.

Still holding her medical bag like some sort of impromptu shield, Kalani tries to use it again to deflect the next incoming bean bag and misjudges the trajectory, raising the bag just high enough for the bean bag to hit her midsection. Amidship! She makes a quiet, "Ooof!" of sound and does that knee-flex bounce to her toes again. "Go again?"

*** Eirene has called for an opposing check with Ian. ***
Eirene checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Eirene is successful.
Ian checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Ian is successful.
*** Eirene is the winner. ***

Eirene has to ask Regal. "How did you lose your third toe," she says, furrowing her brow in confusion. "Did something drop hard on your foot?" While she asks, she tries to hit Ian as Aethan requested. A beanbag is lobbed in his direction, preferably while his attention is elsewhere with the training.

Some of the liveliness has gone out of Ian with Aethan's departure, and it might be this reduction in little brother mischief energy that has distracted him to the point where he only notices the beanbag sailing at his head a little bit too late. (It was coming from behind him, so the fact that he noticed it at all is saying something.) He deflects it from hitting his face with his forearm, but that's still a hit, and Eirene is still owed money.

A few more points, and Piccola is done with her impromptu lessons.

She steps away and slides the practice sword she was using back where it belongs. "I think that's enough for today," she tells the student quietly, before turning her attention briefly to Eirene. "Thank you for the invitation, Lady Riven. I think your students are on their way, and I've another task to attend to tonight."

She nods her head respectfully, and in farewell.

"Well, if by drop something hard on my foot, you mean got in a fight while travelin' with some sellswords out near the Telmarch a couple years back and some prankster we thought was dead took it off with a pick? Then yes, something heavy done got dropped on my foot," Regal laughs across a shoulder in the direction of Eirene and the question asked by her.

Rowenova is overheard praising Tarik: Whatta man whatta man whatta mighty good man!

Azova has been diligently making notes this whooooole time, who got trained by whom. What beanbags hit who where - for future reference, you know these minute details are so important. So when she finally looks up she might just need a moment to focus and figure out what's going on and why people are talking about missing toes.

Eirene salutes Piccola smartly. "As always, your skills and knowledge are appreciated, General Piccola. Thank you." She smirks as she does tag Ian. "Ha. Aethan may actually smile at that," she says, smirking. She then winces at Regal's story and shakes her head. "Technically, a sword fell on your foot then," the medic says. "At least it's a toe, and not one of the stabilizing ones."

*** Rowenova has called for an opposing check with Kalani. ***
Rowenova checks dexterity and archery at easy. Rowenova is spectacularly successful.
Kalani checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Kalani is successful.
*** Rowenova is the winner. ***

Standing by the bag, Nova just keep getting beanbags and throwing them at the physician who is trying to learn how to dodge!

Ilyse, a potentially reformed troublemaker arrives, following Reve.

"A pick, a sword, they're the same thing, right?" Regal questions with a bit of laughter before he makes his departure finally.

Keeping her eyes on Nova, Kalani tries to stay both flexible and light on her feet and avoids the next incoming bean bag, and even though it's a REALLY CLOSE CALL she uses her medical bag to again deflect it and grins. "I'm going to have this thing armored, and use it as a shield."

"He might," Ian admits to Eirene, picking up another beanbag from the sack standing on the table next to him. "At least make sure he pays you, so he's not smiling too much."

Azova watches Rowenova throw beanbags at Kalani like it's going out of style. "Did we decide if we're doing the whole pulley system platform thing to simulate a ship next time?" The question is directed in general of course, but mostly at Eirene. She was taking notes, see. Must have missed that answer somewhere earlier. "Maybe without the water buckets though."

As Kalani continues to deflect with the shield, Nova keeps getting bean bags and firing them off her direction. When it seems safe to do so, Sir Flop goes and picks up bean bags and brings them back, dropping them down to keep the artillery going! What a good boy! Or a bad one, if you are the one dodging! "Sounds good to me!" says Nova to Azova!

*** Rowenova has called for an opposing check with Kalani. ***
Rowenova checks dexterity and archery at easy. Rowenova is successful.
Kalani checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Critical Success! Kalani is inhumanly successful in a way that defies expectations.
*** Kalani is the winner. ***

Eirene grins as Kalani and Nova continue their 'game'. She nods as Regal leaves and she looks up at Michael and Ian. "I hope you two are having fun too. I appreciate the time you're taking to help our healers. I know we're expecting a lot of them, but the fight ahead seems to be a pain in the ass waiting to happen if we don't prepare them" Azova's question is met with a considering humm of thought. "We could try that, make another practice day of it. Healer's... Sea Legs."

"It couldn't hurt. Trying to patch someone up on a ship is more difficult than people thing. It'd be nice to gain them some mock experience. It might give us an early indication of who has sea sickness too. So we're prepared." With remedies. And buckets. Azova winces a little at the thought. "Note - make more ginger candy in case a lot of people are sea sick."

"We could always use the 'Tiga," Kalani calls out, offering the use of one of the Seliki caravel's for the training effort. Offers this while still keeping her eyes almost exclusively on Nova so that she dodges the next one and makes it actually look like a skilled mover, not just blind luck. Learning!

There is no particular indication that this Halfshav (that would be Reve) belongs here at all. To make himself stick out further is the fact that he happens to be carrying with him three packages, wrapped in cloth, and held in a manner that suggests a great deal of care is placed in their well being. As soon as he makes his way into the gardens he is peering about in search of something or a particular someone. Ah-hah! "Ew, sea sick," he grumbles, heading Azova's way.

Ian nods once to Eirene. "I'm glad to be here." His voice is flat and inflection-free once again. "All of this is important. I don't think the Eurusi are going to treat doctors as noncombatants."

Sir Floppington gives a look to Reve, a bit suspicious, but he does not stop picking up the bean bags since that is his duty at this time. Like how Nova rarely stops serving whiskey to Halfshavs as needed, or something. At this particular time, though, she is launching the bags at Kalani and blinks twice about that fancy dance that the physician just stepped through. "Nice!"

*** Rowenova has called for an opposing check with Kalani. ***
Rowenova checks dexterity and archery at easy. Rowenova is successful.
Kalani checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Kalani is marginally successful.
*** Rowenova is the winner. ***

"I rather expect you're right, Lord Ian. They may well target us specifically, in fact. They hardly sound like honorable combatants." Azova agrees, looking up at the sound of a familiar grumble. "Reve! Did you come to help people learn how to dodge?" It doesn't sound like she thinks though. She does, however, hop up from her chair to give him a kiss on the cheek in greeting. All perfectly proper, thank you.

Aiming a grin at Nova as she uses the back of her hand to swipe at her forehead, "Right?" said in a rather shocked tone of voice, shocked and pleased, to be fair. She pays for it, of course, by getting smacked right on the forearm before she can lower it. "Hah, kept it out of my face," she shakes her arm though to dispel the sensation.

Eirene claps for Kalani's beautiful, graceful dodge-spin. Made with all the grace in the wold. "I'm afraid you're right," she agrees with Ian and Azova. "Having all our eggs in one basket is also dangerous, which is why I want to station healers on the other ships so we don't have all of them on the hospital vessel." She scowls to herself as she sets aside her writing. "That's a nice offe, Kalani. Why don't we schedule that some time in the future then. A repeat of the medic's obstacle course but while we're pushed out a little to sea to get the feel for the ship." She nods to Reve and peers at the packages being carried so careful-like.

Eirene smacks herself in the forehead. "Swimming lessons. We should host swimming lessons..." THAT gets written down.

"It probably won't be possible to get people to hospital ships during the fight," Ian remarks to Eirene. "Usually when Kennex engages in a multi-ship battle, we keep doctors aboard every ship. The people who really need medical attention won't survive to get offloaded."

After seeing Kalani deflect the beanbag with her forearm, Nova lets out a hearty laugh of Northern volume! "That was the best maneuver you've done yet!" Then, she seems to be slowing down, helping Sir Flop to gather up bean bags, reloading the bigger bag from whence they came. "Definitely improved!"

Rowenova is overheard praising Lucita: Best Patron!

Eirene points at Ian. "Exactly why our plan is to have healers on each ship of the fleet, to suppliment their own onboard physicians; I know most dedicated naval vessels have a ship's doctor already on the crew. The hospital vessel is for more recovery after a battle, for those who need a more in depth level of care once the fighting's over. It's not like we can bring anyone back to the Grace or Solace while the fleet is out at sea."

"The sailors in the water, though, if they can swim for it, and make it to the hospital ship, that's one way it can work. But also keeping the hospital ship back from the main fight, it'll allow us to evacuate the most severely wounded once they're stable enough to move," Kalani points out as she starts gathering up the bean bags as well. "Sometimes it isn't just a matter of how the hospital ship will be able to be made the best use of as much as it is a .." she takes a thoughtful breath, pauses, then carries on with, "it's hope, Lord Ian. Knowing that there's healers literally standing at the ready? It weighs in the balance."

Kalani is overheard praising Rowenova: The BEST bean bag combat training partner ever! Deftly dodging may actually become a real thing.

After helping Kalani and Flop pick up the bean bags and return them from whence they came, Nova gives a wave of a gloved hand to her. "That was fun!" says the wolfy scout before she and the soulful hound flee the scene!

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound leaves, following Rowenova.

"Helping people to dodge? No," answers Reve, without an ounce of shame about that very fact. "I am a terrible teacher." That, too, is something that he is shameless about. "I came by to walk with you home when you are ready." That being said, it does not look as though he is any particular hurry to actually steal the mercy away. Instead he is mouthing a single word, somewhat discreetly (or not discreetly at all) toward Eirene after he's returned her nod of greeting. "I also suggest shark dodging," he adds helpfully to her comment of swimming lessons.

Ian raises his eyebrows to Eirene. "I'd believe that for Thrax ships, maybe Velenosa or Pravus ships. But the other houses don't have the same kind of experience. Someone might have to tell them they need to have a doctor on board."

"Yes, having us close by is better than having us all the way back in Arvum. Or having no central place to gather the wounded who will need the most treatment. That's really no way to triage." A subject on which Azova is well known to be passionate about. She'll just let Eirene go over the details of how their plan fixes Ian's suggested problem though, and without interruption, because she is smiling with amusement at Reve. "Of course. A terrible teacher, but an excellent escort to walk me home. Which is very much appreciated, and should be soon by the looks of it." It's her turn now to raise a brow at the carefully wrapped packages he carries. "Shark dodging is a specialty, I'd say."

"I told the Templars what our plans are. Whether or not they fucking listen to me, I don't know," Eirene replies with some irritation. A lot of irritation. "And so far, despite the fact that we've made it known I'm coordinating the healer's efforts, no-fucking-one has reached out to me to assist them with coordinating their fleet's medical needs. Maybe I need to make another damn annoucement... One that's more to the point." She looks at Azova and asks, "Has anyone approached you with questions about what we're doing?"

Azova gives her head a quick shake. "Nope. Of course not. I do love it when you get really blunt though. So my vote is for another announcement."

"The real problem isn't sharks," Kalani points out as she picks up the last of the bean bags to add them to the pile. "The weight of the armor is what will kill most fighters who fall off deck, for what ever reason. Ever try to peel yourself out of plate armor, on your own, in a hurry? Now try it while trying to swim," her voice is quiet. "That's why I'm wearing this, not the other armor that I have. I can at least peel this off and kick for the surface and I'm a damned good swimmer."

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