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Black Rose Mummers Present: Theater Fashion

The theater is many things, but always to the extreme. Come join Aurora Thornburn as she showcases costumes from past and present performances made famous by the overly talented actors of the Black Rose Mummers. All outfits displayed will be available for auction at the end of the showcase so bring your purses to purchase pieces of history.


Jan. 14, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Grazia Baz Auda Lexir Mayir Samira Lore Yuri Gianna



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Blackrose Theater - Auditorium

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Comments and Log

Aurora is not an actor, more of a jack of all trades behind the scenes type of person. She even has the title of Assistant Director of the Mummbers, having been a part of the troupe for long enough to work her way up from the simply seamstress. But in this, here she is, on the stage she hardly stands on, presenting her first love. People are invited to sit in the front few rows who wish to participate and see the clothing being auctioned off. The small woman smiles at those gathered, dipping her head towards the crowed. "While these are not the exact pieces that were shows by the actors when the play was happening, these are my feelings towards the characters and how I imagined them. Sometimes the clothing we make for the performances are a little...much, meant to be seen from a distance. If we sold those, you might not be able to walk through doors."

A notable patron of the theater, Duchess Grazia Rubino of Gemecitta arrives to take her seat at exactly the proper time for the introduction, and she looks mildly pleased as she looks over the theater group and the other notables here to look at the costumes.

Pete, a Grayhope account manager arrives, following Mayir.

Seated in the back of the front few rows, hunched into her seat, Baz listens to her sister with an intense focus, gray eyes that haven't seen nearly enough sleep arrowed in on the clothes up for auction. She doesn't speak, to likely no great surprise, only sits and watches, wearing her usual taciturn expression accompanied by a shabby plum velvet dinner jacket, oversized, and plain black linen trousers, and smelling of stale smoke.

Auda slips out of the backstage area shortly before Aurora's introduction, grinning over to the seamstress before looking out at the seating. The grin is meant to be supportive, probably! She doesn't linger long, though, because she's soon strolling out to flop into a seat near Baz. Probably just one or two over, really.

Lexir seats himself right in the front, in the areas intended for the commons, with a casual ease and brashness. His eyes are attentive, his expression curious, his smile light, genial, and affable.

"Tonight we are honoring the production Besieged, a Play in Three Acts by the Playwright Bastien. While it has been some years since this play was performed, those who witnessed the showings have never forgotten what a brilliant piece it was. I have chosen four of the characters to present, the first being Delmar. Delmar was described as being a Crownlander. Cocky, but with reasoned measure. Loves to laugh, loves a party. Likes to be liked, loves to be loved. I imagine" Aurora pauses and looks around the room, "we all know one or two of these people. The outfit consists of three pieces crafted from umbra; a doublet, pants, and a pair of boots. We shall start the bidding of this outfit first, at 25,000 silver. Who would like to open?"

Mayir is here! Is so here! He strides in from the back or the theater, the Director of Marketing for the Mummers here for the show. And the auction. The sullen Baz gets a waggle of fingers. The Auda a few steps over gets a physical side hug and smile and soft greetings as he sits next to her.

As an artist from the Lowers, Samira Culler is generally not the type to place winning bids at auction events. But she shows up to the event regardless of that fact, making an appearance to support her fellow crafter. She enters quietly, making no attempt to call attention to herself. Choosing a seat not far from Baz and Auda, she offers a casual upnod to the other women before turning attention to Aurora.

Lore arrives in her usual fashion, and on the arm of Yuri Tessere. She wears a warm smile and offers warmer greetings to friendly faces. Lexir even gets a grin and a twiddle of fingers. "I still have that towel, you know. Makes a -great- trophy." Chuckling, she pauses when a familiar face not yet seen since her return appears. "Mayir Grayhope! Come here and say hello!" There's a bright smile for him before she looks to Aurora, "25,000 silver!"

"I will bid thirty-five," Grazia offers, raising a hand to indicate her interest, her deep feminine voice like loud smoke across the theater.

Aurora turns towards the familiar sound of Lore's voice, giving her a nod as she opens. Then her attention shifts towards Grazia as the bid is raised. "35,000 to Duchess Rubino going once" she announces to those gathered.

Lexir glances back over his shoulder at Lore and flashes her a playful little smirk before redirecting his focus back to the fore. "Fifty thousand," comes his voice, calm and placid, easy smile on his lips.

Aurora squints at the unfamiliar face of Lexir. She has made clothing for both Lore and Grazia so she knows them, though she doesnt quite know his name. "50,000 to the man with the great hair. Going once!"

"55,000!" Lore calls out with a grin that she turns towards Lexir.

Yuri arrived in tow with Lore, settling in beside the woman as the event kicked off. There were some faces not easily recognized but he maintained his quiet vigil as the pair situated themselves on a joined seat. His eyes scanned along the pieces before the bidding war kicked off. A silent word was held along to Lore, right up until the moment she shouted out and turned toward Lexir with some intent.

"Going twice" Aurora calls out before Lore once more ups the bid. "55,000 to Mistress Lore." Then another bid from the audience goes higher, "we have a bid of 75,000 from someone who could not attend. Going once at 75,000."

Baz scowls at both Auda and Mayir, but more fiercely at Grazia and Lexir, her disdainful gaze taking in the finery of the two.

Just as soon as Mayir sits down, he is jumping up again. "Lore Artiglio! You so and so!" he declares, making his way over to the Lycene woman and giving her an exaggerated hug and air kisses. "It has been too long! How are you?" Yuri gets an upod. Hey.

"75,000 going twice"

Auda grins at Baz, leaning over to ruffle the playwrite's hair before settling into her seat.

At the renewed bid, Yuri's icy eyes scanned over the piece on display before canting off to where the attendant's bid had come from. He shared a private word while swiping along his stubble, before his attention was caught by Mayir's call and gestures to Lore. He nodded politely in turn, glancing back to Aurora.

"Better to lend a little mystery to the affair," Lexir muses as the bid's called out, a little look of mischievous delight settling on his features. He doesn't up it.

"Sold! The next costume for bid is Olivetta: Lycene. Wry and a bit sarcastic without being too vicious. Witty, and occasionally biting, but rarely cruel. Please turn your attention to her display case where you will find a crimson gown, slippers, and veil to complete the outfit. We will begin the bidding once more at 25,000 silver." Aurora begins to pack the first costume to ship it to it's new owner.

Laughing lightly, Lore returns the hug and air kisses to Mayir, "How are you doing? Still sleeping on a pile of silver and resources?" Stepping back, she looks to the bid, then shakes her head. She's letting it go for the 75,0000 silver bid. Someone certainly wants it!

Grazia seems inclined to let this one go, for the moment, and she remains quiet as her gaze scans the crowd. She takes in the man with the great hair for a moment, then moves in his direction, pausing to call to Aurora, "I open!"

Aurora turns towards Grazia and offers a dip of her head as she calls out the opening bid. "25,000 to Duchess Grazia, going once."

Baz's tawny hair is already mussed, and becomes comically so when Auda reaches over. "Don't do that," she mutters at the woman under her breath, adding something else in a quieter intonation as she tries in vain to smooth down her hair.

Baz mutters, somewhat louder, "Fifty thousand."

"Seventy-five," Grazia replies with an amused little smile, just a flicker of one, as if she does not generally smile very much.

"Oh. Don't you know it. Wealth, favors, what doesn't a Grayhope have, hmm?" Mayir's eyes sparkle at Lore. "How have you been doing? It has been /far/ too long since I have gotten to see you. Ravishing as ever, of course. Come to admire the Mummers fashion?"

Auda grins to Baz, but her hand drops away from the other's hair without fuss. There's the soft pop of a cork being pulled from a bottle, too, and after a sip she's offering over a bottle of cheaper red wine. "Eighty!"

"This Olivetta sounds like a good time," Samira remarks aloud, the words accompanied by a wry grin. She slumps down further in her chair, feet propped up on the seat in front of hers. There's no attempt to throw out a bid of her own, but she appears to follow the bidding with interest.

Auda mutters, "It's better. Hardly a ..."

A little while after Auda's bid is placed, Lexir speaks up. "Ninety thousand," he leisurely calls out from the front, lifting his hand.

Baz glares hard at Grazia, and mutters something under her breath that sounds like 'Tuckin' milk' but probably isn't that. The surly playwright doesn't bid higher, but she does look on with something approaching -approval- when Auda does.

Aurora looks slightly confused by Baz's sudden bid, and as she is about to ask her sister about it Grazia once more bids and she motions to the Duchess, "75,000 is the highest bid. Going once!" That stops when Auda speaks and she grins slightly, "80,000. 90,000 to the great haired man again."

Yuri leaned forward as his head tracked to the now bidding display case to peruse the finery, eyes canting between all of the bids that go out; briefly settled on Lexir as he let his lips curl into an amused smile and then back to eye all those that had placed bids.

"One hundred thousand," counters Grazia patiently, arching one perfectly manicured brow.

"One-hundred-ten!" Who knows if Auda has the cash, or if she's just pushing the bids up? It's hard to tell when she's grinning and clearly pleased with herself.

"One hundred twenty five," Lexir quips back in casual riposte.

Gianna swooshes in, a flutter of umbra accompanying her. Better late than never? Her low-heeled shoes tap quietly on the floorboards as she looks for a place to sit.

Yuri closed his eyes lightly with a gentle flutter of lashes, shaking his head. He leaned forward to watch the bidding war.

"Yes, though I rather hope to walk off with one of the costumes," Lore's grin grows towards Mayir. "We have -got- to sit down very soon and have ourselves a nice long talk. I have some stories to tell, some questions to ask... and perhaps a favor as well."

Grazia shakes her head just slightly. "One fifty," she declares, pursing her lips slightly.

"150,000 going once for the Lycene inspired costume of Olivetta" Aurora announces as the bids continue.

"One..." Lexir pauses here, perhaps for dramatic effect. "Sixty," he concludes.

Gianna inclines her head to Mayir, Lore, and Auda and sweeps her pleated skirts under her to take a seat near Baz. She murmurs something quietly to the playwright.

"One seventy-five," the duchess says mildly.

"Long talks are my favorite kind!" declares Mayir with a bright smile to Lore, touching her hand. "Especially ones with stories, questions, and favors. Let us speak soon, hmm?"

"One ninety," Lexir retorts.

Auda looks quite pleased with everything, and seems content to drop out of the bidding war. She even slouches more into her seat.

"Very soon, my dear," Lore leans in and presses a kiss to Mayir's cheek, then straightens with a smile.

Yuri laughed heavily at the upticked price, shaking his head incredulously, "..gods." His eyes flicked between Lexir and Grazia.

Baz offers something to Gianna under her breath, pairing it with a rough shake of her mussed head.

Aurora gives a look between Lexir and Grazia as they go back and forth, brow arching in further amusement. "For those playing at home, the bid is at 190,000 now." She has one of the stage hands move towards Lexir to ask what his name is so he could report it back to Aurora.

"Two hundred," Grazia decides after a moment, looking pensively to Lexir as he bids once more.

Gianna leans over, elbows on her knees and chin cupped in her hands as she glances between Grazia and Lexir, eyebrows lightly arched.

"Lexir," the eponymous man murmurs to said-stage hand, declining a surname unless its absolutely insisted. Like Grazia, there's a moment of consideration when the sixth digit increments. "Two hundred and twenty two."

"I will hold you to that," Mayir says warmly to Lore, returning the kiss to her cheek before he takes his leave. He then makes his way over towards Grazia and takes a seat down next to her, murmuring into the duchess's ear.

"Two twenty-five," Grazia replies, pausing for a moment to listen to something that Mayir says to her, nodding slightly.

Baz looks grudgingly to Lexir and Grazia and mutters, "At least they're getting close to what my sister's work is worth."

Lexir clutches his chest at the further escalation, feigning mortal injury. Then, abruptly straight-face and more calm, "Two thirty."

Samira folds her arms over her chest, brows lifting as the bids climb higher and higher. After a while she vacates her seat and moves to settle into one closer to Baz and Gianna, leaning in to murmur a quiet remark.

"You know it isnt worth that much" Aurora informs both Grazia and Lexir as the bid continues to increase, giving Baz another look, "it isnt." Which might be the oddest thing for someone who is selling something to say about her own work. "230,000 going once!"

Auda takes another sip from her bottle of wine before offering it out to Baz, Gianna and Samira. "It's a piece of history, Aurora! Plus, your work is gorgeous."

"Yes, it's worth more," Baz retorts back to Aurora. "Everyone knows you're the fucking best, Roar. Deal with it. Someone bid three hundred thousand and be done with it already."

"I have been a patron of this organization for a long time, and it is not about the cost of the goods, but the quality of the artwork and the importance of supporting artists," Grazia says firmly to Aurora in a rather stern sort of way. "Two fifty." She looks to Lexir and his fantastic hair to see if he will overbid her.

"Is it worth that much?" Lexir wonders of Baz, his tone laced with good-humor. "Very well. Three hundred. Thousand." There's a pause, for effect. "And one."

Gianna's lips curve up into a ghost of a smile and she reaches out to accept the bottle from Auda, taking a sip before passing it on. "Thank you."

Baz gives a snort that was -almost- laughter, at Lexir's response.

There is an awkward moment where Aurora is now just staring at Lexir. In silence while standing on the stage, just staring. "Fine. 300,000 going once."

"Don't forget the one!" Lexir quips.

Gianna purses her lips together to emit a low whistle.

There's a moment wherein Grazia seems to be having an internal debate as to whether or not she should bid again. "I suppose," she concedes, glancing to Mayir for a moment. "That I might have enough red dresses."

"Don't forget the 'and one'," Baz points echoes Lexir to Aurora with a dry humor. "That was the fucking gauntlet thrown. If the next bid isn't three hundred and fifty thousand and two, it will be pathetic."

Mayir spies Gianna then, making his way over here and air kissing her to say hello. But at the statement from Grazia, he just laughs. "You can never have enough red dresses," laughs the Grayhope.

"Well, Mayir Grayhope suggests I do not have enough red dresses. Per they playwright's suggestion, three hundred fifty thousand and two," Grazia says.

Gianna's lips shift in the faintest upward quirks at the corners in one of her slight smiles to Mayir. "Mayir. It's been too long, hasn't it? I hope you've been well."

Yuri let loose a low whistle at the ending bid, if it was to be the ending bid, of course.

Lexir lets out a long-suffering sigh. "I would posit you can can," he quips. "Playwright, do you have any suggestion for a higher bid?"

"And one, going..." Aurora is about to declare Lexir the winner of this but then Grazia needs more red in her life and Aurora needs to sit down, which is not very actory of her to sit on stage. 350,002 to Duchess Grazia."

Baz eyes Lexir and then rolls her shoulders in a shrug. "I'd let it go. Prove you have more sense than money."

"Going twice"

When the bottle of wine makes its way to her, Samira gladly takes a sip before passing it on with a grateful tip of her head toward Auda. Her murmured remarks fall quiet as she turns attention back upon the auction. "Quite a bid. Deserves to be with as much work as must've gone into creating such an outfit."

"There's still three more outfits, good sir! You'll have a chance to beat Duchess Rubino." Auda beams to Lexir, raising the wine to both the prince and the duchess.

"But I don't have any sense," Lexir informs Baz, sounding -- or feigning -- bemusement. "Three hundred and fifty five and three," he calls out.

"Far too long!" Mayir declares to Gianna. "How goes your naval things?" he asks, curious. "You brought that nice fellow with you last time you came by."

"He does have fantastic hair, though, you have to admit," Grazia notes dryly as Lexir once again outbids her, and she nods to him politely.

Yuri blinkd rather wildly; he thought it was truly over, "Oh, we've started again?" He turned along to glance at Lore for confirmation.

"Highest bid is currently 355,003" Aurora says as she looks back to Grazia. When she nods towards Lexir she calls out "sold!" before anyone else speaks.

Chuckling, Lore shakes her head at Yuri and murmurs something to him.

Yuri clapped along for the final bid, nodding along to Lexir as he quieted for the next arrangement to be announced.

"Shall I pay now, and will you give me leave to retrieve funds?" Lexir calls out to Aurora, sounding absolutely delighted. "I don't make a habit of carrying so many liquid assets on me, I'm afraid. Product of habit." A hand runs through said hair, perhaps a touch self-consciously.

Gianna winces at the mention of naval things. She shakes her head a little. "Boats are awful, as always." Does she look a bit queasy for a second there? "I'm afraid I can't recall who I had with me... when was it?" she asks Mayir.

"Feel free to pay after, I dont expect you to run away. I have been known to break kneecaps" Aurora tells Lexir in the most cheerful voice for such actions. "Our next outfit for auction is Idana: Crownsworn. Daring, brash, and reckless. The first into a fight, the last one out. Always on hand when their friend gets into a scuffle. Please look over the outfit of a gown, boots, and a cloak to match. 25,000 to start."

"30,000 to start!" Lore calls out from her seat, lifting a hand towards Aurora with a smile.

"Well, back down in low numbers, I suppose. Fifty," Grazia says with a little sigh, shaking her head slightly.

"60,000," Lore loosk towards Grazia and lifts a shrug, "I'm a merchant, my lady. If I can get a better deal, I will."

"Maybe I should've bid on that one," Lexir muses to himself, upon hearing Aurora's description. As he makes his way out, he flashes her a smile from afar, whilst his wayward course towards the exit brings him near Baz. "Well-played, playwright," he notes casually to her in passing.

Aurora dips her head towards Lexir's leaving, turing back after to Grazia and Lore. "Highest is 60,000, going once."

"Seventy-five," Auda calls from the group of commoners.

Grazia turns her whiskey-hued gaze to Lore for a moment. "I mostly wanted the red one," she admits, then glances to Aurora once more. "Ninety."

Samira snorts quietly, although the arrival of a familiar urchin steals her attention. Accepting the missive handed to her, she scans its contents and then rises from her seat. A murmur of farewell is sent toward those seated nearby before she turns and strides toward the exit.

Baz glowers up at Lexir, and mutters something about uncomplimentary about Princes as he's making his exit. She shoves at her hair roughly and then searches her pockets for a rolled up smoke, muttering to those nearby.

"100,000 please," Lore chimes back in, smiling towards Grazia. "I can understand. I wanted the ivory one."

Some minutes later, Lexir returns. Instead of resuming his previous seat at the very front, he makes his way on over to Lore and plops himself adjacent to her and Yuri. "That was expensive," he candidly admits.

"Oh. I don't know. That priest. Or was it a Knight of Solace?" Mayir can't remember. He purses his lips. "Anyway. Boats. Off sailing soon. Should be fun if I don't die."

"100,000 going once!"

"One-ten!" Auda waves to Aurora with a big grin.

"125,000, Mistress Thornburn," Lore returns the bid with a grin.

Gianna presses her lips together and murmurs, "I'll be avoiding boats for... a long while, I think." She winces and shifts in her seat. "I'm not sure I know any priests. Or Knights of Solace? Jeffeth?" She pauses again. "...Porter? We haven't talked in ages and ages."

Yuri glanced along to Lexir with an amused smile, nodding his head, "I would say. Though, I hope you value such history and artistry. It shall be most lovely, I imagine."

"I suppose I should just get a bespoke gown at some point," Grazia murmurs, half to herself, seemingly content to let Lore win this one. She turns to Lexir. "You have exceptional taste, my lord."

"125,000 to Mistress Lore, going once"

Some quiet whispers are exchanged between himself and Lore before Yuri and Grazia both comment, and he graciously nods to the latter whilst flashing the former a cocksure smile. "I do and will," he assures Yuri.

"Going twice!"

Auda falls silent, waving to Samira as the Culler makes to leave.

Looking towards Grazia, Lore chuckles and offers, "More often than not I go with bespoke clothing, but Mistress Aurora has been one of my favorite tailors for -years-. I simply could not let this opportunity pass!"

"And sold to Mistress Lore for 125,000 silver" Aurora tells the woman with the winning bid. "And our last offering for the evening is another male character. Xander: Islander. Quiet, thoughtful. Unexpectedly intelligent. He's used to people underestimating his mind and is sullenly resigned to it. Please look over the outfit. Opening once more starts at 25,000 silver."

"All the more congratulations to you, your Highness." Yuri glanced to Lexir with a smile before the announcement had lord Tessere smiling boldly as he clapped along for Lore's win. He glanced off to the next piece, canting his head as he regarded the piece in the display.

"50,000 on the Xander outfit," Lore lifts a hand and flashes a grin.

"Seventy-five," Grazia offers with a thoughtful nod, then glances to Lore. "She does extraordinary work. It is worth having her pieces in your wardrobe."

"It sounds like poor Xander has a bit of pride and a need of recognition in him, too," Lexir muses, his attention back onto Aurora and her description of the character. "Poor fellow."

"Opening is met and doubled by Mistress Lore, standing at 50,000" Aurora begins before motioning towards Grazia, "75,000 to the Duchess, going once."

Auda looks thoughtfully to the stage, studying the outfit. "One hundred!"

Gianna murmurs, "The pants -are- exquisite." She's not moving to bid, though. Her eyes half-close as she regards the stage.

"One hundred thousand," Lore retors, giving a nod towards Grazia. "I still have the very first outfit she ever trailored for me some five years back."

"One-ten," Lore ups her bid since Auda made the same one.

"Someone just bid two hundred thousand and be done with it," Baz grumbles, and her glower turns on her sister as if this was all Aurora's fault, even as she strikes up her cigarette and the smell of smoke begins to fill the air around the playwright.

Strangely enough the glower from Baz has no affect on Aurora. Older sisters and all that. She just smiles at her from her position sitting on the stage. "110,000 to Mistress Lore once more. Going once!"

"Going twice"

Lexir makes an attempt to pet Frost as the bidding proceeds. This likely does not go well.

Lexir checks charm and animal ken at hard. Lexir marginally fails.

It does not go well at all. Frost growls, then hisses as the hand draws near. Then the claws lash out at said hand before the large cat fluffs up and readies to fight for... anything, really.

"Sold, to Mistress Lore" Aurora announces as the last outfit for sale is auctioned. "Thank you all for coming, I still have two more outfits that I did not finish in time for this with the last two characters of Sully and Fienne. Most likely those will go in my shop once completed" she looks towards Lexir, "for most likely a bit of a price difference. Again, thank you for coming to this, and I do appreciate your appreciation."

Aurora takes Delmar's Display Case.

Mayir is overheard praising Aurora.

Yuri clapped rather succinctly at the winnings, giving a light bow up toward Aurora, "Fantastic pieces, one and all."

Lexir is overheard praising Aurora.

Yuri is overheard praising Aurora.

Grazia is overheard praising Aurora.

Lexir gets Olivetta's Display Case.

Auda is overheard praising Aurora: She's fantastic! A true Mummer!

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