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Saik Family Dinner IV

Join the Saik family for another evening of dinner and wine, dancing and music. All are welcome to bring matters of business or simply enjoy the chance to spend an evening among good company.


Jan. 5, 2021, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Medeia Lucita


Haakon Alarissa Calypso Sebastian Wash Talwyn Yuri Lustry Thea Lore Avary Duarte Caprice Norah Svana Zoey Domonico Samira Kalani Rowenova Dio Cirroch Catalana Piccola Pasquale Cecilia Orland



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Saik Tower - Music Chamber

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Comments and Log

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Avary.

Zephirine, 2 Valardin Knights, 2 Saik Guard arrive, following Talwyn.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Calypso arrive, following Alarissa.

As summer starts to wind down, the evenings are a bit more comfortable. This particular evening, the gate, front doors, and music chamber doors are opened (and well-guarded) to guests for the dinner. At the front door, weapons or outerwear may be left with Saik Tower staff, and once inside the music chamber everything is as lovely as ever. The floor has been cleared for dancing, musicians are stationed out of the way to entertain, the tables have been draped in strawberry red linens and decorated with silver candlesticks and white candles. Glass vases hold vibrant bouquets of red, white, and yellow flowers. The bar is attended by efficient servers and stocked with wines, whiskies, brandies, rums, vodkas, gins, and a selection of teas, lemonade, and fruit juices. Along one wall a buffet has been laid out with glazed ham, buttery mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and pearl onions, rolls, cheeses, fruits, nuts, chocolates, and cherry pies. Medeia? Is currently unaccounted for.

Lustry takes Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Thea takes Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Yuri takes Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Sebastian takes Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Domonico takes Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Wash gets Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Haakon has joined the a group of armchairs near a fireplace.

Guards dismissed to go mingle with the staff at the tower, Alarissa's on her own tonight. In... wool. Dapper, simple, well done... wool. In the heat of the summer. She looks terribly unamused, but none the less, the woman wears the wool and moves in to mingle with the rest of the Saik's and their guests.

Lore takes Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Lore puts Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine in Liquor Bag.

Lucita is seated at the clavichord and lightly playing a soft yet upbeat song. Light glints off the shimmering seasilk dress Lucita wears as she sways slightly with the music. A warm smile is given each guest as they arrive. "Please, make yourself at home. It is good to see each of you here!"

Caprice gets Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Alarissa has joined the a group of armchairs near a fireplace.

The whisper of silk slippers rather than the tread of heavy boots heralds Calypso's arrival. Dressed in summer silks, her full, strong figure provides a good frame for the light, almost liquid fabric of her clothing.

Wearing a mix of umbra and seasilk, the Artist of Pravus is colorless aside from the gleaming buttons and the ring on his finger. The warmth of the height of summer has never bothered Sebastian -- indeed, it has inclined the Pravosi to be far more sociable. Case in point: he's actually turned up to the Saik tower largely on time -- only a little bit late, which for him is displaying an extreme amount of effort. He's carrying a bottle of white in hand, casting about for the presence of the Baroness Regent, a gleam of delight in his gaze as he spots her at the clavichord. "Luci," he murmurs with easy warmth as he strides towards Lucita, bending to kiss her cheek. "I brought a gift," he says, murmuring something quietly as he does.

Wash arrives with Lustry. He is in his Kennex Blacks, and arrives with Lustry, an adornment on an entirely different level.

Also already present with in the Music Chamber is the new Baron-Consort of Saikland. Talwyn is seated in a chair that he has dragged over to rest near the clavichord, his legs crossed as he watches the guests of Saik make their way in with a friendly, welcoming smile upon his features.

Haakon is entrenched in a chair beside the hearth, a small cup of something strong swirled lightly in his right hand. Apart from the pass of his eyes around the room, the stern looking reaver seems content to enjoy the event and company in stillness and silence.

Yuri strode within pace of Lore Artiglio as they both entered the spacious hall, holding a private conversation before the hall opened proper to them. The lord's eye swept along the guests with a cordial smile, pacing off on the refreshment and food. A buffet of food, no else. "Oh, we are in for a treat this evening. I have always said that a Saik function you can ensure elegance and refinement."

Lustry easily sends her guards off, as well as Cian, to join the others while she gracefully makes her way into the chamber wearing her new duskweave outfit complete with Saikland glass wedges and her new jewelry. She is looking to Wash as she mentions, "You will have to tell me the rest of that story later. I must hear about what occured upon that makeshift raft your friend got stranded upon."

"I need a drink,"Thea can already be heard as she enters the music hall. Wait. She's here already. Clearing her throat, the Malvici smiles for a moment, nodding her head. "Evening,"bowing her head politely. She herself is dressed in a semi-sheer dress, ready for the whatever the night brings. Seeing the Saik and Eswyn, Thea grins a bit,"Drake said to say hello. He couldn't make it, meetings and all that."

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Welcome to the Saik Family Dinner! Please come in and relax, socialize, dance, and have a good time. Tonight’s festivities will be kicking off on time (but Medeia will be late due to a scheduling mix up IRL). Here is some helpful information:

1. There’s a new wine! Limited quantities tonight, but if you don’t get one and want one? Send a @mail to Medeia asking for one. To get it: “take 1-wine from event”

2. There are places! Feel free to join them and engage in tabletalk if the greater scene is too big for you.

Missed something? Here’s the log link:

Ambiance! Trying out Spotify this time:

Arriving with Yuri, Lore is dressed to the nines in a lovely outfit of umbra, iridescite winking from ears, throat, and hands. And a lovely pink rose tucked in amongst the waves and curls. She takes a moment to look around the room, smiling at more than one familiar face before leaning in to murmur to the Tessere lord quietly.

Avary comes in wearing a look between mild displeasure that moves more towards chilled approval as she has her cloak taken by the servants. Carrying a small box wrapped with light blue fabric and tied with a silk blue ribbon, the rather judgmental eyes are looking over the faces before she walks further in which has her walk past the clavichord, saying to Lucita "An appropriate backdrop to this tapestry being woven tonight. You play nicely, Baroness Saik."

Duarte doesn't let Alarissa be on her own for long after she's spotted by him. He quickens his steps to slide alongside the princess.

"Lucita! Talwyn!" Calypso's in a good mood tonight, smiling the open smile of someone who pre-gamed this dinner. "Congratulations on the marriage. It's so good to see you together. And to meet you." This to Talwyn, who she's already greeted like an old friend. "I hope you don't turn out to be the worthless sort of princeling." She's still smiling. "Mostly for your sake, though."

Finally, a bit late, Medeia makes her way in to the music chamber, coming from the direction of the spiral stairs. Her face is freshly scrubbed and makeup free, hair pulled back in a loose braid. Otherwise? She looks lovely. Her outfit is glimmering honeysilk in a watercolors-style green and purple that looks a bit like a field of wild violets. She stops at the bar and is handed a drink by the server before wandering in to mingle. "Hello! Sorry for my delay in being here," she says to no one in particular before going to give Lucita a hug.

Murmuring quietly to Lucita for a moment, Sebastian expresses a quiet surprise, straightening and regarding Talwyn. "Well, it seems I owe you congratulations, Baron-Consort. You're a lucky man, indeed," he says, with a genuine warmth that lingers as he glances back to Lucita. He regards Avary with an interest, and then Calypso as they greet the two, easing back out of the way.

1 Culler Boatswain, 2 Culler Midshipman arrive, following Samira.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason arrive, following Svana.

Lucita looks up to welcome Talwyn as he arrives. "Everyone, Baron Talwyn is a Voice for Saik as the proclamation announcing the betrothal cited. Our wedding was so close to time that Legate Hamish died that we just had a private small ceremony that Archscholar Sina performed. We'd show off the wedding rings but they are having a size adjustment at present and should be returned to us soon." She looks up at Talwyn as she speaks, then over toward Calypso. "Duchess! Oh, he is far from worthless. He has been keeping me from having memory difficulties and simply thrown himself into helping with the Barony. He is... oh.. I better not be bragging too much on him."

Caprice drifts in on light footsteps, alone but all the better to appreciate the musical accompaniment Lucita is providing. There are a good number of familiar faces but for the moment she's content to watch, and to study those slightly less known - a wallflower with a purpose.

Yuri leaned in along to Lore as she settled in to speak with him, eyes tracking along a mile a minute within his strides to the refreshment table where he was looking to have two glasses filled up. A glass was offered to Lore with a smile before he leaned along to answer her.

"My friend? Oh yes. My friend. They guy. He gets himself into terrible trouble." Wash admits, he was so caught up intelling the story he lost track of what he was saying. "Elegance and refinement? Why do they keep inviting me?" He leads Lustry toward the receiving line, to greet Lucita and give her his regards. He inclines his head to Talwyn respectfully. "I look forward to raising a glass in your honor Baron Saik."

Norah already has her plate in hand as she mingles. Ah, the breaches of etiquette one can get away with while pregnant! She makes her greetings to friendly faces, curtsying as gracefully as she can to the appropriate fancy hats. She makes her way over to Lucita and Talwyn. "My congratulations to the both of you. I wish the two of you all the happiness in the world," she says with genteel detachment, but her expression makes it clear that she is genuine.

As if someone, somewhere could sense that wedding rings were being mentioned, Svana comes in with a pouch in her hands. She looks around the room for familiar faces. She smells like the forge - and soap. She's tried to clean the scent off of herself but at least she's wiped her face and hands before coming to deliver wedding rings to the nobles. The Northerner looks between Talwyn and Lucita and grins widely, moving over to them both. "I've got some things for you! Sorry they weren't delivered sooner... babies, and all that."

There's a dour look to Duarte when he joins her but then a hint of a smile. "Count." She offers in greeting, reaching to grab alcohol, alaricite arm laid to rest in her lap.

Lore gives a nod to Yuri, smiling, apparently acquiesing to a request or comment made. She tucks her arm into his and takes a quick sip from her wine glass before setting it aside so they can venture forth!

Talwyn's eyes shift from one face to the next where he sits, smiling and offering a smile toward those who look his way. At the entry and greeting of Calypso, Talwyn rises to stand and offers a bow toward her before saying, "It is good to meet you at last as well!" His voice is warm and there is a laugh before he says in agreement with Calypso, "I hope that I prove not to be as well. It won't take long to find out, I'm sure!" Looking then to Sebastian, Talwyn offers an easy grin before saying, "That is very kind of you, Prince Sebastian. I have heard that you are quite the artist. I'd be interested in seeing some of your work soon, if you are willing." Talwyn handles the well wishes from Wash, Norah, and the rest with an easy grace, smiling and greeting them all warmly.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Kalani takes Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

"No, no. Brag away." Calypso flits her fingers through the air, brushing aside the very notion that Lucita shouldn't brag about her new husband. "You're newlyweds. You're allowed to make the rest of us jealous." She gives Talwyn a friendly pat on the shoulder. "I'm sure you'll live up to it." And then she spots Wash nearby. "Hey! It's the brave little tailor. Once all this war nonsense is over, I look forward to breaking out that dress you made me again. If for no other reason because people are going to talk if I try to pass that negligee off as a dress again."

Zoey is late, but not so late as to miss the announcement. She makes her way along the edge of the crowd, greeting people as she goes.

Duarte does dour. His response look to Alarissa is a winsome sort of smile. He assists in handing her a glass while he takes one for himself as well. They then exchange some banalities in whisper.

Zoey gets Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Lustry giggles fondly before she comments, "Because you are wonderful company and have a very gifted knack for story-telling Lord Wash. And many other wonderful commendments that make up quite a long list." She looks to Lucita and Talwyn, "Indeed, congratulations to you both. My your future be filled with happy adventures."

Domonico enters, attired, as always, for war but at least his armour has been polished to a shine. Saik Tower's next door neighbour sweeps his gaze around the room, noting friends, family and acquaintances before heading towards the playing Lucita to greet warmly, "Baroness...A pleasure to see you again." His eyes track to her husband and gives Talwyn a quick look over before giving the new Saik a nod, "Congratulations My Lord."

Samira ventures in alone - late to the party, but finally here nevertheless. No effort has been made to dress up, but her thick hair has been tamed into a long braid, hairpins stuck in haphazardly. She lingers near the entrance, gaze shifting across the crowd on the search for familiar faces to greet.

Yuri meandered along with Lore in tow as he quickly managed his bearings to where Lady Eswynd had been scampering off to. When he feels he had the woman at a an opportunity, he glanced to Lore for a moment before leading them across the dance floor to where Medeia was greeting guests, "Lady Medeia! Good evening, another roaring success I see. You have to start writing handy guides and missives on how to throw extravagant dinners and parties for the aspiring host in us all." A bow was offered cordially, allowing the Lady to get her bearings before they talked in earnest.

Seeing Calpso, Thea gives a wave to her Duchess cousin Genera until she hears Lucita. "Congratulations on your marriage,"Thea tells her and Talwyn with wink. "Happy to see you finally settled down." Wait--is that right word? Probably not. Seeing her brother too, she givs a wave to Domonico as well. Then move people are venturing in and Thea is just now nodding. "Gods. This is really turning into a party,"going to find a place to sit.

Thea has joined the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Arriving a few moments after zoey and several others, Kalani collects a bottle of the new strawberry red wine from the table where they're on display and, having remembered just once to plan ahead, tucks it into the satchel that she's carrying at her side. Wine, check. Satchel, check. Certainly there must be cake, and with this in mind she begins threading through the room, smiling to those that she recognizes.

"You can, with ease, Baron Talwyn," Sebastian answers the man with an easy smile, visibly pleased at the praise. "Plenty of my work graces your new wife's home. And, if the twins have their say, I'll be delivering them new ice scupltures come winter, as is our custom." He clears his throat. "I was just telling Luci that Ave and I were arguing quite spiritedly over what a suitable present for a pair of creative souls might be. I thought a song, but Ave was insistant it could never live up to the works you two are capable of." He spreads his hands as if in concession. He gives a nod towards Wash. "Lord Wash."

Norah has joined the a group of armchairs near a fireplace.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points, a grey mare with black points arrive, following Rowenova.

After congratulations offered to Lucita and Talwyn, a quiet word shared with the new Baron-Regent, Medeia turns with a warm smile to greet Yuri, holding her empty hand out to him and offering her cheeks for kisses, kissing his in return. "Yuri, so good to see you." She looks to Lore, still smiling, "Welcome to Saik Tower, I hope you enjoy yourself tonight."

Lucita gives a beaming smile of thanks to those offering congratulations. "Oh, Wash tells wonderful stories. I do adore listening to them. " She stops playing and turns toward the music score bookcase. "And he is thoughtful. See, I have in my collection a song he found and had copied out for me."

Alarissa takes a drink, but then has to put it down, so she can scratch at the neck of the classically Mourning Islander gown of wool, looking this side of miserable and hot. "Prince Sebastian." She greets the Pravus voice.

Anne, a dangerously alluring Seraceni first mate arrives, following Dio.

Zoey has joined the an elegant clavichord with a filigree mountain lion motif.

Wash says, "You flattered me enough simply by accepting my invitation Princess." Wash promises Lustry. Then he goes along to the drinks table. "Sebastian! The answer is a couch. One of those long couches with only one arm so that Lucita can put her feet up." To Lucita Wash replies with a look of confusion and a scratch of his chin. "Do you? I don't remember that.""

Late but here, Nova shows up with Sir Floppington. It looks like she has been spending time in the woods, what with all the leafy bits plus the tiny twigs amongst her wolfy furs. Also, she does not currently wear her kohl eyeliner, lip makeup, or any other cosmetic, going ~au natural~. Sir Floppers has been combed clean, though, and his paws wiped before they traveled the halls here.

Feeling more than slightly out of place, and perhaps having been overlooked in the chaos, she sets the pouch with the wedding rings down in front of Lucita and bows, moving to stand against a wall. But not before nipping a drink from a servant.

Svana gets an engraved, shining iridescite wedding band of the bard from a black pouch with a vibrant red rose on both sides.

Svana gets a pearlescent iridescite wedding band of the songstress from a black pouch with a vibrant red rose on both sides.

Svana puts an engraved, shining iridescite wedding band of the bard in a black pouch with a vibrant red rose on both sides.

Svana puts a pearlescent iridescite wedding band of the songstress in a black pouch with a vibrant red rose on both sides.

Yuri stepped forward as he took a moment to properly greet Medeia, settling two light kisses to her cheeks as he recoiled back and glanced between she and Lore, "Lady Medeia, this is Miss Lore Artiglio, a friend and business partner to my family. An elegant proprietor in her own right."

It's almost like switching out her heavy boots for light silk slippers has freed Calypso up to all but walk on air. (Alcohol may have helped.) Her steps are light as she moves her way down the receiving line. "Medeia! How is Thrax treating you? I'll admit I'm a little jealous at the match you made." Cheerful and jealous, that's Calypso tonight.

Lucita gets an engraved, shining iridescite wedding band of the bard from a black pouch with a vibrant red rose on both sides.

Lucita gets a pearlescent iridescite wedding band of the songstress from a black pouch with a vibrant red rose on both sides.

Duarte crosses one leg over the other as he sits. Alarissa Thrax continues to receive the best portion of his attention, though he does occassionally note conversation and such in the vicinity around him. For a man being glowered at by his company, he seems perfectly at home.

Lustry beams happily as Wash's promise, "I am very glad for that." She easily moves with Wash as he greets Sebastian. "Prince Sebastian, it is a pleasure to meet you. I have heard many a pleasantry from your proteges. I am Princess Lustry Thrax."

Domonico sees his sister and gives her a wave before giving the Kennex a respectful nod, both Wash and Zoey each. Lustry gets a pause, consideration and a nod. Calypso is next to meet and he gives her a military-like bow, "Duchess General."

Lucita received a pouch with the wedding rings neatly resized and quickly passes Talwyn's to him and slips her own on finger. "It did not take as long as I feared it would to get the size adjusted. Does yours fit now? This is asked of Talwyn.

Spotting Svana and, shortly thereafter, Rowenova & the unbearably cute Sir Floppington, Kalani moves toward both as a smile has formed on her face. "Svana & Nova, wonderful to see you both," even as she's saying this she's crouching slightly to greet Sir Floppington and runs one hand lightly along the top of his head and the unfairly-adorable ears.

"The problem, Wash, is getting exactly the right material for the couch to match the room it's going to go in. Far too much trouble," Sebastian replies to the Kennex lord with a wry smile. "I think they'll like the idea we came up with better. Princess Alarissa," the Pravosi greets the Thraxian princess with an easy smile at the woolen dress. "Preparing for the cooler weather already, I see?" His gaze turns to Lustry, with a tip of his head and a lift of brows. "Princess Lustry. We haven't had the pleasure, though I'm sure I can call you cousin, since I'm related to nearly everyone in the Thraxian line. Are you newly arrived in Arx, then?"

Dio enters the music chamber of Saik Tower, dressed in the naval uniform of House Seraceni. He is accompanied by Anne Lucennia, and moves through the company toward the baroness with unhurried steps. When he notices the clavichord he pauses a moment, gazing at it thoughtfully, before continuing through the chamber to greet Lucita.

"Thank you, my lady. You've truly outdone yourself, the Hall looks wonderful," Lore offers a small bow towards Medeia, smiling warmly. She glances around the hall before returning her gaze to the Lady Eswynd, "Truly an event to be proud of." She glances around the room once more before smiling up at Yuri, "You flatter me, my lord, but thank you."

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met, 2 Sanna House Guards arrive, following Cirroch.

Cirroch takes Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Zoey goes to Luctia's side to greet her, and looks up briefly to greet Domonico with a wave.

Wash says, "A reasonable point. However, I find if the material is expensive enough, they'll just remodel the room to match the chaise..." Wash has a flippant disregard, but when Alarissa arrives Wash looks her over and asks. "Are you ... in need of a new dress cousin?""

Calypso beams a smile to Domonico, and is about to say something to him when Dio comes in. Something in her smile freezes, although it doesn't actually fade. It's just a flicker, like a ripple in the water, soon gone. "Domonico. Glad you could take some time off from all work to have some play. Let's go join your sister." He can follow her or not, but she's off to join Thea now.

Calypso has joined the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Svana starts putting the booze away like a true Northerner. She clinks her glass down and waves for another servant, smiling at Kalani. "A pleasure to see you too, Lady Kalani. You're stunning as ever." She beams over at Rowenova. "Don't you have a date at mine or yours sometime too, to meet two new little girls?" She asks. While she waits for her drink refill, she crosses her arms over her chest and stomach. "I doubt I shall stay here long. Nobility and people who I once considered friends are getting far less warm to me. The great crafters of the City align to do great works, and I make perfumes."

Accepting the wring slipped his way from Lucita, Talwyn slips it easily on his own finger before nodding his head. Looking it over as it rests on his hand, he smiles toward Svana and says, "Yes! It is beautiful work, though I'd expected no less from you!" As Zoey makes her way over, Talwyn smiles warmly and says, "Lady Zoey! I am happy to see you!"

What's this, a new flower blooming at the wall? Caprice's unobtrusive wait for a turn to greet Lucita is lengthened if just a little bit, in order for the copper-haired clothier to sidle Svana's way. "You're stunning in blue," she remarks, but as she catches sight of Kalani approaching as well she withdraws again with a comfortable nod. Detouring to collect a drink, she returns to her previous task - and greets Lucita when there's a moment to squeeze in. "My Lady, it's lovely to see you." To her and Talwyn, a respectful curtsey, "Congratulations." Zoey nearby earns a flash of a smile.

Domonico nods to Calypso's suggestion, his eyes flicking to Dio as he joins, Domonico's eyes noting the uniform and there is a stiffening of his back before he joins Calypso and Thea at a table.

Domonico has joined the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Thea is pretty comfortable drinking. Because why would she not. "Bets Domonico will NOT be drinking or any such, though,"Thea grins at Calypso when she joins her. Seeing Rowenova, the Malvici waves over to her,"Hey Nova." There's a slight grin at Wash as well. "Lord Wash. How are you feeling?"

Lustry responds with an easy smile, "Maybe? I am one of Tyrus's first cousins I believe? And somewhat new, yes, within the past month or two but I have been keeping busy. Planning contest, designing outfits, learning alchemy, figuring out ways to make my dreams fabrics into a reality. I adore how much inspiration I find within this lovely city."

"Lore Artiglio, have we met before? I at least know your... cousin? Caprice," Medeia says as she greets Yuri's companion for the evening. "Thank you." Her attention is quickly grabbed by Calypso, however, and the petite woman smiles brightly. "Thrax is lovely, Duchess, they've been very welcoming, and... Jealous?" A faint blush blooms on her cheeks as she looks over at Haakon. "Hm. Well, thank you." She gives a wave to Kalani and Svana before heading toward the chairs where her husband sits.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

"And you! Congratulations, Baron Talwyn Saik," Zoey replies brightly. Spotting Caprice, she seems to get an idea and waves her closer.

"It is new. Do you like it." The smile, oh the smile, offered to both Wash and Sebastien. "His Majesty saw fit to gift me with a wardrobe full of gowns. Slippers, Tunics... jackets..." Alarissa's smile is one that's sharp, so sharp. "He is quite delighted. Utterly delighted. He wishes everyone to see how generous he is and kind." Siiiiiiiiip. "The finest of Northlands wool. the scratchiest that they have to offer and an example of friendship and treatsies between houses. Do be sure to tell his majesty that in the height of summer, I wore what he gifted." Alarissa looks like she wants to die. "Did I mention the cats as well? His Majesty gifts us.. many.... cats. And musical instruments, for the children. So generous."

Sir Floppington absolutely adores those pets, and he looks up grateful toward the Lady Kalani as Nova hugs Svana and says, "I wanna meet them soon! I am really sorry I have been a bit awol. Looks like you are doing well, though!" Then, she lets go to curiously regard Kalani, "Hey, good to see you!" And to Thea, "And you as well, Lady Malvici!"

Domonico has already got a goblet of wine in his hand as he joins Thea. "You would lose that bet sister today."

The tall dark northern Marquis known to some as Cirroch wanders into the music hall. Wearing a mix of various silks and brocade, he looks a little uncomfortable in the attire though holds himself to be one of the North Nobles. He nods to Haakon and Medeia, then Caprice, and glances to the rest. He's quieter for a moment taking in the room. Then is bellowing through it to at least one that he feels is recognizable. "Lord Haakon! Have we found any small potatoes here?!"

Calypso drapes herself over two chairs, her arm resting across the table, taking up far more room than she has any reason to be taking. She managed to pick up a drink on her way over to where she's decided to sit which is hopefully not someone's unattended drink that happened to be at hand. From her table, she flashes Medeia a nod and a thumbs up.

Yuri smiled fondly along to Medeia, then glancing to Lore as he saw more of an influx of guests running about. His eyes widened a bit, exhaling from some form of fluttered thought before he glanced to Lore properly, "Okay! Kind greetings offered--why? Am I not able to flatter you? I shall do so much and more, only for you to make me look a fool on the dance floor." He patted along at her hand, giving her a wordless sign that he was ready as he picked his head up to peer at some notables the woman had mentioned to him.

Wash greets Thea with a lift of his glass. "I am feeling better. I have a hard head." Wash confirms. "As you probably noticed.

Haakon catches Medeia's eye, notes with whom his wife is speaking and raises his cup in a mute acknowledgement of both before taking a healthy swallow. Cirroch pulls his eye with that bombastic greeting, and the reaver answers, "They grow them big in the Saiklands, Sir Rock."

Lustry winces as Alarissa explains the gifts, attempting to hide it behind a glass of rum held by her hand wearing that unique octopus inspirated bracelet/ring combination.

A natural hugger, Kalani rises and hugs first Svana and then Rowenova, in turn, and aims the same warm smile to Caprice while making a slow shake of her head before lifting one hand to wave to Medeia in return, spotting more and more people she knows with every turn even as she speaks quietly from where she is.

"True enough," Sebastian replies to Wash, wryly: "In particular if it were a couch made of steelsilk or pyreweave, for example." His musing expression might /suggest/ the Pravosi is considering such extravagance, though the glint of amusement in sky blue gaze probably clarifies otherwise. "Did he?" the Artist of Pravus' brows rise at Alarissa's words, leaning in to murmur something to the group of Alarissa, Wash and Lustry. "But, yes," he says, picking up the thread of conversation: "There is certainly plenty of inspiration to be found in Arx."

Acoustics being what they are, Caprice catches her name as she's moving back to approach Zoey and calls over to Medeia's grouping with distinct cheer, "Ah yes! Lore Artiglio's cousin, Caprice! Wonderful woman, Lore is -so- happy to have her as family..."

Svana looks at Caprice and grins widely. "You're far too complimentary, I fear. You'll never get rid of me..." She waves to Talwyn and grins. "I hope you both like them," she calls out as softly as she can. Probably not too softly. She hugs Rowenova and bows to Kalani. The drink refill is put into her hand and she swigs it back. "We'll catch up soon, Row. I should get back to The Softest now. She doesn't like when I keep her waiting." And there's a hug, and Svana hugs Kalani back - warmly. She starts out the door after that.

Lucita greets each person as they reach her. Zoey, Lore, Caprice, Duarte, Dio and each is made warmly welcome. "Thank you. I am glad you came, please get some food and drink or dance if that be your pleasure. Others will handle the music now so I can talk with people a little more easily.

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Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason leave, following Svana.

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Talwyn is overheard praising Svana: A lovely wedding band

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"May I borrow these two for just a moment?" Zoey asks Lucita before taking Caprice by one hand and Talwyn by the other.

Yuri slowly panned his head toward where Caprice had shouted, offering an amused chuckle as he cut a glance along to Lore, seeing if she would explain. Or introduce. But by matters of familiarity, reintroduce.

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"I have attended an event or two since my return, but I don't believe we've ever been formally introduced. Otherwise, I'm afraid I've been abroad for some time. The life of a merchant is ever one of travel and excitement," Lore responds to Medeia, chuckling before giving a nod and seeking out Caprice with her eyes. "Yes, Caprice is my cousin, and one I am very glad for," its said even as she offers a small wave and smile towards Caprice herself before looking back to Medeia. Having attention taken, she smiles to Yuri and nods. "Then let us walk, my lord." She turns towards Caprice at the call and grins, "And Caprice adores her cousin as well!" Chuckling, she approaches the group the includes Wash and Sebastian, offering a small bow towards the gathered nobility. "Lord Wash, I didn't expect to see you here or I would have mentioned coming. Your Highness, it has been entirely too long since I've seen you in a social setting. I'm glad to see some people can still lure you out." The latter beign aimed more specifically at Sebastian, with a teasing smile. She motions to Yuri, "Have you both met Lord Yuri Tessere? He was kind enough to offer to let me join him tonight."

Talwyn seems surprised as Zoey takes his hand and offers a nod of agreement before moving to follow Zoey where she will lead. "Of course, of course," he says with a smile as he steps across to the abacus table and moves to take a seat.

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Cirroch makes his way over to the fireplace grabbing a drink from a passing serving dish and pouring it into the goat horn that he has. Before taking a seat he puts his right hand to his heart then bows to both Alarissa and Norah, and in a booming voice that is echoing off of the walls (he is working on the inside voice,) "Marquis Cirroch Sanna, or Giant's Reach." He then nods to Haakon. Then sits down and proceeds to take what he calls a sip, (it's a gulp.)

"Absolutely," comes Caprice's response for Lore, and it is indeed a genuinely fond look arced across the crowd for her cousin before she's turning her full attention to Zoey, and Talwyn.

Dio comes to stand before Lucita, offering a bow in the manner of the Lycene court. "It is a pleasure to meet you, My Lady. I admire your clavichord," he says glancing back toward the instrument and taking the opportunity to acquire a glass of rum. "I have not seen many in the city, and enjoy its music very much, though I rarely have the pleasure these days." The Pirate Lord's eyes follow Caprice as she is taken by Zoey, and a faint smile thouches his lips. "Congratulations to you," he says, turning back to Lucita and Talwyn, raising his glass in a toast. "My sister speaks very highly of your collective talents, and I imagine this room is often filled beautiful music."

"Marquis Cirroch, a pleasure," Norah says with a smile. "Pardon me if I don't rise to greet you. Marquessa Norah Eswynd."

Thea sees Caprice from her perch and drink, and waves. "Messere Caprice, good evening,"giving a wave to Zoey as well. "Lady Zoey, hello."

Wash settles down to drink and eat, though he leans toward finger foods. "At any Saik event you won't find me absent." Wash informs Lore, indulging in the double negative solely to amuse himself.

There's a dip of her head to Cirroch when he greets her. "marquise, a delight."

Samira knows exactly where her priorities lie: first procuring a drink, then offering greetings. Sipping from her newly claimed wine glass, she notes Thea among the crowd and meanders that way. If she happens to catch Medeia's eye whilst navigating her way through the crowded room, she'll offer a smile. "Lady Thea, good to see you," she greets with a nod to the woman.

Whatever quiet exchange that happens between Sebastian and the Thraxians, the Pravus Prince's expression never changes for a moment, turning to regard Lore and Yuri's approach. "Mistress Lore. Yes, I've been dreadfully busy... but Luci is one of the few people who can without fail manage to pull me out into something social. During summer, at any rate," Sebastian's welcomes Lore's greeting with a quiet laugh. "I hadn't. Well met, Lord Yuri," he nods his head to the man. "Do you both know Princess Alarissa, and Princess Lustry, of Thrax?" he gestures to each in turn.

Calypso gives a low whistle at something said at her table. If Rowenova is still nearby, she'll take one foot off of chair #2 and nudge a chair out for her.

Zoey is engaged in what is clearly a serious conversation with Talwyn and Caprice, and misses Thea's greeting.

Thea smiles over to Samira, waving,"Messere Samira. One of my favorite Cullers. I see you everywhere. Or one of you anyway---How are you?" She takes a drink, nodding.

After the hug with Sv, Nova waves goodbye to her. After the hug with Kalani, Nova heads over to the chair Calypso has nudged out for her, but before the getting seatuated, Nova gives her a side hug.

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Wash greets Yuri as well. "And I am Wash Kennex. Join us for a drink Lord Yuri of... Tessere?"

Calypso salutes Nova with her glass when she joins them.

Lucita says, "Marquis Dio, a pleasure to have you here. This Clavichord was a gift from Duke Aiden to my first husband and myself." The widow of over six years murmurs. "It plays beautifully and is not prone to getting out of tune as some are. We keep a variety of instruments here should any wish to play them.""

Having settled on the arm of Haakon's chair, Medeia waves to Samira when her friend catches her eye. She looks at Cirroch and Haakon for a confused moment. "Small Potatoes?" There's some joke she missed or is forgetting, probably. She takes a sip from her glass before noticing Alarissa. "Oh! Princess Alarissa! You made it, welcome." And then she hears Dio's voice through the crowd and waves to him.

Yuri collected himself as Lore led him along to Lord Wash, a cordial nod settle in his direction with a smile, "I believe so, Lore, at a point in time. Good evening to you, Lord Wash. I hope you are well." The bow to Sebastien was formal in turn as well, keeping his head canted with a smile, "Your Highness, a pleasure to meet you. This city is so large and yet small that it is well we can find all notables gathered within a intimate setting." His icy eyes settled off to Wash with an affirmative, "Absolutely, yes, Lord Wash." Then to Sebastien, "Princess Alarissa and I are just so acquainted, only briefly. We met one another at some function. I have a wonder if it was not a Saik function, for it only could be. Lady Medeia seems to treat with and invite such an array of notable peers that I find myself blessed to be in the same room with them all."

Nova fondly waves over to Lucita before she turns back to those here at the glass table and lifts a cup after a server gives it to her. Looks like tea.

"That is very good to know, my lord. I'll hope to see you at other events hosted by Saik then," Lore responds to Wash with a smile before glancing to Yuri with a nod. Turning back towards Sebastian, she chuckles, "Aha. Do I need to provide you with incentive to see you out after summer? Perhaps some very warm yet elegant and refined? We can discuss specific materials at your leisure." Nodding to his question, Lore chuckles, "Actually, I was just about to see if Lord Yuri had met Her Highness yet and introduce them if not. Thank you for the segueway, you forever know the perfect thing to say at the perfect time."

Thea likely clinks her whiskey against Nova's---not alcoholic one? "Hey Nova! Long time no see!"

Catalana saunters in slowly with an aid handed over her outwear before a glass of wine is fetched from a roving server. Spotting Medeia and Lucita, Catalana shares a warm smile and a bow of head to the hosts before moving into the room to mingle.

Lustry offers an easy, welcoming smile to Yuri as she greets, "I not think we have, but well met Lord Yuri. What is it you are fond of drinking?" She shifts one her feet wearing those Saikland glass wedges to match that Lycene styled duskweave gown.

Duarte has offers of nods and low spoken hellos, and smiles, all very polite, for any addresses and looks his way. But he remains, more or less, by Alarissa's side. Discussing matters of no concern. Looks like Duarte is just being oily, to be honest. Obsequious. A suck up.

"Did we meet?" Alarissa frowns, as if unsure. "I meet so many people. Regardless, pleasure to meet you Lord Yuri, again." And the glass is put down and she's scratching. Again. Listening to something Duarte mumurs and nods. Hives. At the neckline.

Inside voice. Outside voice. Kalani fetches a drink for herself and navigates toward the Marquis Cirroch Sanna, of Giant's reach. "I don't believe we've met," she introduces herself as she arrives where he's sitting, extending one free hand forward along with the words, "Lady Kalani Seliki, Voice and Physician," other words but mostly that.

Calypso gestures idly with her drink, which gets progressively lower in her glass, while she chats to the people at her table.

"It is truly a magnificent gift," replies Dio to Lucita with a smile. When the baroness offers an invitation to play, the marquis chuckles. "I'm afraid all of those talents lie with my kin, but my wife played often, and in times past, the palazzo used to be filled with the most moving music." When his eyes meet those of Medeia, he returns her wave.

With Thea, Nova clinks glasses. She half grins. "Right?" Then, looks to Calypso.

Samira grins triumphantly at being proclaimed one of Thea's favorite Cullers. "Well, it's not a true party until a Culler shows up." The members of the peerage might strongly disagree with this statement. "I'm -- y'know. Some days are better than others. As life tends to go. How are you?"

Domonico is similarly drinking at the table with his family (and Rowenova) sipping from a metal goblet.

Cirroch nods to Medeia, then mimics holding a small child when she glances with her confusion about the potatoes. A broad smile on his face then turns to Norah, "Ah. It is good to meet you Marquessa Norah Eswynd. I'm sure that you have grand plans to keep Lord Haakon happily satisfied in coming battles." Turning to Alarissa, "Well met with you as well, are you related to the Eswynds as well?" Then there's a hand being stuck out towards him, which has him pulling his goat horn away from the unknown owner of the hand with a quick, "Not finished with it yet." However the hand is attached to Lady Kalani, and as she introduces herself, Cirroch is standing up. Placing his hand to his heart and bowing to Kalani. "Well met Lady Kalani Seliki. I am Marquis Cirroch Sanna, of Giant's Reach." He repeats himself just as loud as the first time. It doesn't matter to him if someone overheard him the first or twentyith time.

"Incentive, yes. During winter, there's very little that would be incentivizing enough," the artist says with a rueful chuckle to Lore. He glances sidelong, noticing Alarissa's discomfort. The polite thing to do would be to ignore it, but no: the Pravosi is enjoying this moment. He picks up the thread of conversation, glancing to Yuri: "The Lady Medeia is indeed a treat: Eswynd is lucky to have her. Count Duarte," his gaze shifts to the man with a sudden spark. "Did I hear you were looking for a kitten? I think the Princess Consort can assist you there."

Zoey nods when Caprice speaks, smiling warmly.

Alberico, the Malespero aide arrives, following Pasquale.

Yuri chuckled lightly to Alarissa, "If we did, it was perhaps at the start of the summer, your Highness. I have started to have my man, Bartolomeo, start writing down when's and where's. Because I would be remiss to have met such a new acquaintance only for me to stammer on where I met them. In this most earnest of cases, I, for the life of me, am at an impasse. But lovely to see you again, all the same. I hope you and yours are most well." He smiled with a bow, inadvertently tucking along at Lore's arm from his immediate side as he swept a gaze over to Sebastien, "Is she not? Why, her ears must be burning now, as we speak." An amused smile curled on his lips. His brow tinged upward as the speaking grew louder and he was content to drink in the greetings and passerby conversations.

Avary gives one more look about with judging eyes before she makes her way towards the exit.

1 Templar Knight guards leaves, following Avary.

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large long-haired sighthound arrive, following Cecilia.

"It's iron wools bastard cousin" Alarissa mutters.

Though, Yuri's gaze did land on the wise General Piccola entering the room, offering a wave almost immediately and a beckoning motion.

The General enters //quietly//.

The most important element of art of the party is to handle your business discreetly. To that end, from under her black hood, the green-eyed Piccola surveys the room to look for the best place to ply her trade. Thin lips press together into a line for a moment in consideration; thence, from the door, the small woman makes her way slowly towards where Domonico sits with his family. She makes no effort to hide her approach, but she also doesn't do anything to draw attention to the same. If all goes well, she makes her way to the Count, by his right arm, and leans in to murmur her greeting to him. "Have you a moment, Count?" she asks of him.

She only spares a moment to glance up and nod in Yuri's direction.

Duarte looks across and shakes his head to Sebastian. "I'm afraid you heard incorrectly. Perhaps you mean Lord Dante Fidante? He and I often are confused. I've received a number of his missives by accident."

He laughs. And then it happens. Just one incautious shift of the body. Duarte's elbows is jostled by some thing or other. His weak little noble-man, soft fingered, sensitive grip is lost on his wine goblet. Strawberry red cascades and splashes all over Alarissa's beloved wool outfit.

Oh...It could have just gotten in a spot, but Duarte's little scrambles to recover what has already been lost makes sure red wine gets /all/ /over/ it. It will simply no longer be wearable. Ever. Poor Alarissa.

Kalani laughs, both slightly startled and very amused, "I'm not one of the servers," she helpfully clarifies as Cirroch stands up and re-introduces himself to herself and the general hearing vicinity. Once the introductions are more or less accomplished she also spots the general and waves her free hand to Piccola as well.

Catalana hearing Alarissa's dulcet tones, moves to join her friend. "Good evening. What's this about kittens? " She totally plots with an innocent smile. "Wash's caravel could use a cat. I am certain I saw a rat aboard the other day."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

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Wash stands up when Catalana enters and pours a glass for her and comes over to offer it to her. "We have a ratter. " Wash assures her. "But rats are an important part of any ship, they hide in the places people can't go. If they start coming out, then you're taking on water. Simple as that."

Norah can't help but laugh at Cirroch's words. "Marquis, keeping Haakon happy and satisfied is most certainly not /my/ job."

Perhaps it is a moment of pity, or just taking calculated advantage: Sebastian touches the arm of one of the servers, makes a quiet request. A moment later, he takes the glass of reddish liquid and offers it to Alarissa -- after a customary Lycene sip. "This may help with your discomfort, your Highness." Duarte's correction earns a brilliant, genuine laugh from the prince. "Ah! Yes. I did, indeed, mean Duarte Fidante. Thank you for the correction." The unfortunate accident is viewed with a lift of brows and a subtle cough.

Lucita leaves her seat at the clavichord and starts to mingle with the others. "Kittens? I'm not sure how Neilda's cat, Ringo, would take to more kittens here."

"Ah," Medeia nods to Cirroch's gestured explanation. No. No small potatoes. My niece and nephew are likely upstairs, though." She hears Sebastian say her name and tips her head to catch the rest, her smile growing. "Thank you, your highness! They are." She winks, then scans the room before turning back to her conversation at the fireplace.

"Always training. Always something that needs to be done,"Thea admits. Shaking her head, there's a slight smirk at that as she tilts her head at Samira's tone. "We'll have to catch up one day, yes? Over a bottle or two?" Thea doesn't turn away booze, always a reason to drink. Spying Catalana, she gives a greeting to the Kennex. "Lady Catalana. It's been--well, awhile. I hope you're well."

Domonico smiles at something Thea says before he nods to Piccola as she approaches and murmurs to him. "Of course. Join us here General Piccola?"

Lustry moves to go and refill her glass of rum as she comments, "They do tend to make wonderful mousers. I could use one." She then moves to join Wash and Sebastian at the long table.

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Thea also gives a quick wave and smile to Piccola. "General, good evening."

Wine. Wine cascading and soaking into wool. Alarissa looks up at Duarte, smiling sweetly. "Oh dear. Such a shame, positively ruined. Whatever shall I do?" Alarissa doesn't leap up and yell like Sebastian might have in the past seen her do. She takes that glass of wine from Sebastian and in one swift guzzle, drinks the glass. There's a faint cough and she's rising, careful to hold the dress just so, so that nothing spills further. "Lucita, my darling, my dear. I am so sorry, it seems there's been an accident and I should go and change and.... burn.... this.... thing.... terribly sorry, lovely time." There's a shake of her head to whatever Haakon said. "No, his heart remains where it is. Accidents... happen."

Lore can't help a small snort of laughter at Sebastian's 'faux pas', reaching out to catch a glass from a passing tray and taking a swallow. The 'accident' with the wine has Lore smiling to herself and glancing towards DUarte before Yuri catches her attention and has her nodding, "Of course, my lord. Lead the way."

Piccola gives a smile to all at the table.

"Would that I could, my Lord. I meant only to ask if you've time tomorrow to discuss a matter of strategy." She explains. "Naval tactics and blockades are not my strength, but I would surmise they may be yours. It would take but an hour, no more." Beat. "If this is amenable, I will at your manor before supper, but not to share it. As for tonight, I've much business to attend to, I must confess, and I do not wish to stain an enjoyable night with talk of war." The General then looks to Thea, smiles briefly, and tells her: "It's good to see you, Lady Malvici."

Then, she asks: "Are congratulations in order?"

Duarte is absolutely horrified and covers his mouth with both hands. He jumps back a bit and reaches out, then back. "Oh, your highness! I am SO sorry!"

Calypso is taking up two chairs, with her arm draped along the table, taking up far more space than is warranted. She drains the last of her drink and greets Piccola with a high spirited smile. "General. You're the one who wants to learn how to shout at people so they wind up needing a change of pants?"

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Cirroch smiles to Kalani, "Apologies for the confusion. The last dinner I attended had several small potatoes throwing cake at the guests." The Marquis has a hint of a laugh escape him, then he is nodding slightly to Norah. "I only figured as the Marquessa and he is seeking battle, that you would be the one giving him his orders."

Pasquale also enters quietly and spends the first moment or two contemplating the crowd before heading over towards Lucita's position. "A good turnout"

To Calypso, Piccola says quietly: "I'm more the sort that gets soldiers to defecate themselves with quiet, well-placed words, Duchess."

Haakon meets Alarissa's eye with a faint smile and dip of his head. The reaver's cup is raised to Duarte in salute, before he drinks.

Cecilia heard there was a party, a dinner and a wedding all in one. Of course she had to attend. Her dress of duskweave floated against the floor as she entered. Spotting people she knew she grins and smiles at them before joining her cousin at the clavichord.

"I know what you mean. There's no such thing as too much training these days, is there?" Samira sends a knowing look in Thea's direction, pausing to take a looong sip of wine. The woman's words earn a nod of eager acceptance. "We should. I'll never turn down a drink or three or five. And I need to hear if you've attempted any further daring animal rescues lately." The corners of her lips twitch, the hint of a teasing smile appearing. Her eyes travel toward the newly arrived General, a nod of greeting offered followed by a curious glance to Thea at the mention of potential congratulations.

Catalana scoffs softly at Wash. "It's still disgusting to be eating dinner and seeing a rat crawl across the deck." She shudders at the thought of it before taking another drink. Lady Thea's clothes get a reluctant look before Catalana greets her. "Lady Thea. Always a pleasure."

Briefly distracted by the issue of where another drink might be located, Calypso says absently to Piccola: "If your soldiers already need the brown pants, I'm not sure what I could teach you." She steers a servant with a tray of drinks closer with a pointed look and a 'come here' beckon of one finger.

Lucita looks toward Alarissa in dismay, eyes widening. "My friend! I'm so sorry that happened here. If it would not offend you, the contents of my closet upstairs, something dry and comfortable to wear is available if you should wish!"

"Lady Catalana, it's been some time," Sebastian doesn't watch Alarissa's departure for more than a moment, with the faintest of suppressed smiles, before he greets Wash's wife. That he gives Duarte's shoulder a brief clap might be coincidence, and certainly not any kind of approval. "I much prefer dogs," the prince says casually to Lustry. "At least they can be trained. And they bear the grabby hands of children much more tolerably."

Dio makes his way toward Sebastian and Duarte, stopping briefly beside Piccola. "Long time no see, My Lady." Overhearing her comments about soldiers and defecation, he laughs softly and says, "Good to see you as always." Noticing Cecilia pass by the clavichord, a genuine smile touches his features and he bows his head, before passing on to stand near the Pravosi nobles.

Yuri nodded lightly along to Lore with a smile, waiting his turn to quickly grasp another glass of his own as he placed his empty on the departing tray. It was a close call. He bowed cordially to Sebastien and both Wash as they had become involved in their conversations, looking to see if his approach to Piccola would be welcomed. He peered along at the guests Piccola had approached before smiling to her fondly, "Cousin, so good to see you. I--" There was a pause at Piccola's well placed quip, chuckling gently, "She is not lying whatsoever, Duchess." He bowed his head lightly to Calypo as he glanced to Piccola fondly, shifting on his right wheer Lore stood, "General, this is a good friend of mine and the Marquis', Miss Lore Artiglio; Lore, my cousin, General Piccola Tessere."

Thea looks over to Piccola, shaking her head. "None yet,"though she nods to Lucita and Talwyn. Baroness and Baron Saik are married now." DEFLECTION! "And no, bo animal rescues, just people mishaos these days,"Thea tells Samira with a grin.

"Scurry. They only crawl when the ratter has been doing his job well." Wash amends. "Terriers are better against rats than cats honestly. Cats keep them honest, a good dog will kill them. Has to be a small dog though and you can't let the sailors feed it, otherwise it won't hunt rats."

"Small potatoes throwing cake at the guests?" Kalani makes a question of the combined string of words, clearly amused at this phrasing. Cirroch's phrasing, that is, which she's just repeated.

Domonico hmms and shakes his head at Piccola and Calypso's joked words, "I would advise against such actions. I find soiled soldiers are less mobile and are rather distracted. As for strategy General Piccola? I am more thsn happy to discuss naval warfare matters wherever."

Duarte frowns as Alarissa is departing. He is terribly upset.

The count turns and offers the brightest of smiles to Dio. A bow, "Lord Dio! I thought you were lost to sea, did you know? I have been very heartened for a while that you are in fact very much not dead - and I thought you should know that." He retrieves another glass of red wine and holds it in similar grip to the one that has already failed him once tonight.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

"Yes. They are my children. Four of them on their feet, with one that I have yet to meet." Cirroch goes on to speak of the children the fill the Sanna house. Taking one of /his/ sips from the goat horn.

Blue Caps arrives, following Orland.

Catalana rolls her eyes at Wash, but still smiles. "As you say dearest." Her attention then falls to Sebastian. "It has been and entirely my own fault Your Highness. Matters in the isles have been... intense." She gives the briefest shrugs. No need to elaborate. "How have you been? I hear you have been married. Congratulations."

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"Very well," says Piccola to Thea before she departs.

She turns her attention after, and only briefly, to Calypso. "I'm sure that you could teach much. Recruits seem to pick up very slowly. I have to leave it to the veterans to show them the ropes." Beat. "I suppose we can talk on it later." And then, to Domonico. "Thank you for the acceptance, Count Magnotta. I shall arrive tomorrow without delay." She straightens to acknowledge Dio's words with a brief smile before Yuri is there with Lore, who she looks up at. "Cousin," she begins. "You and the Marquis seem to keep remarkably lovely company," she adds clinically, as if pointing out the obvious for the sake of being funny or ironic.

"Signora Artiglio," Piccola then says to Lore, inclining her head respectfully.

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Lore follows Yuri across the way to greet his cousin, sipping at her glass as they slip through the crowds. Once arrived, she bows before the gathered nobility and turns a smile towards Piccola, "My lady, its a pleasure to meet you. If I'm not mistaken, we should be trying to meet sometime soon to discuss logistics?" Pausing, she adds, "And if you want that defecation to include a few whimpers, do let me know. I have a few choice phrases that seem to work extremely well. Softly spoken strong words are a particular favorite of mine."

Orland takes Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Sebastian turns briefly to bid Lore and Yuri a parting smile, allowing him to mark the Seraceni's approach. "Marquis Dio," he greets the man with an easy, genuine warmth. He is without a glass of his own to hand, an usual sight at a party like this. "I'd offer to introduce you to everyone, but I'm absolutely certain you know everyone, and everyone knows you, no?" His gaze shifts back to Catalana, sympathy in his regard. "So I've heard. We both have issues in our backyards -- so to speak," his laugh is faint, fleeting. "Indeed. My wife had meant to come -- she knows how highly I regard the Baroness, but felt unwell this morning."

Orland puts Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine in Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Calypso gets Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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Dio laughs warmly to Duarte. "Not yet, My Lord," he replies. "Thank you, though I suspect few share your sentiments." He takes a sip of rum. "I am in your debt for the display of art in Crossroads. I had met Messere Caprice at an art auction of all places, but I was unaware of her own talent till you generously put it on display. Dropped a good bit of silver in the Crossroads as well, and had an excellent time."

Cecilia leaves the clavichord and moves to the tables by the dance floor.

Yuri shrugged lightly with a smile, "I seem to have my name followed upon the Marquis' heels at every turn, so it only shall be proper that lovely company seeks the Marquis, and, by proxy, me in the end. But Miss Artiglio was one I was happy to unmask at our function. No one touched the mint, dear cousin, I endeavored it so. We had the construction moved to a different part of the court so as to not disturb your collection." He offered a succinct nod before leaving the floor for Lore and Piccola to speak for a few beats.

Caprice lingers a bit longer at the abacus table, studying the workmanship while conversations ebb and flow about her. Though the movement is fluid, even carefree, it's probably not by accident that the woman is moving away from that table and directly towards Samira.

"Congratulations are in order, then, for the first four and the one that you haven't met as of yet," Kalani replies, sounding delighted by this news. "When is your wife due?" is wondered, sipping from her own glass after she asks this question.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Sebastian gives a tiny, /pleased/ looking smile at the mention of Caprice's work.

Calypso gives Piccola a casual salute possibly by way of agreement that yes, they'll talk later. And oh! Here's the servant with the tray of alcohol. She plucks a glass from the tray with careless fingers.

Orland walks in with a satchel on his side that moves and he keeps a little bit of an eye on, but otherwise he seems to need a moment to soak in the atmosphere.

"Oh! Yes. I was warmed by your kind words for the piece." Duarte lays praise upon Dio. "I do believe any household leader worth their wits should view it and do as you did. Such a work from such a brilliant person deserves the highest of praises and recognition." He sips! "And who would be fond of your death? You are clearly perfectly serviceable as an alive person."

Wash returns to the table and refills his wineglass and some nibbles. "Good morning Cecilia. Do you have a drink?"

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By the fireplace, Medeia slips off the arm of the chair she is resting on and looks around, waiting for a quieter moment to have a servant ring a bell for attention. Once she (mostly) has the attention of those gathered, she clears her throat and smiles as brighly as she can muster, her makeup-free face showing all her emotions - happiness, gratitude, pride, and a hint of exhaustion. "Friends, family. Family." She lifts her glass to the crowd. "Tonight's dinner in Saik Tower is full of firsts. Tonight we celebrate the marriage of Lucita and Talwyn, and welcome Baron Talwyn Saik to the family. Luc, I am genuinely happy for the both of you, and I look forward to seeing how his influence shapes Saikland for the future." There's a pause while she gives times for cheers and applause. Then she continues, "This is also the first Saik dinner at which I am no longer a Saik, but an Eswynd. It is, admittedly, a bittersweet moment. But I am proud of the alliance between these houses and look forward to both having continued growth and strength." Looks over the crowd again, the gratitude shining through. "And for some of you? This is your first Saik dinner. Welcome. Thank you for being here. I appreciate all of you."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dio before departing.

Domonico nods to Piccola, "Indeed. I look forward to it. You will have to stop me if you think I start going into too much detail."

Cecilia shakes her head at Wash. "No I don't have a drink. I would love a vodka." Her eyes move to Lustry and Zoey and grins at them.

Haakon rumbles, "Hear," in level acclaim for Medeia's speech to the notables assembled. He drinks to the sentiment, draining the last of his cup.

Piccola pauses to give Lore a once-over.

But she doesn't continue. With Medeia giving a speech, she ceases hers and gives attention.

The General waits, watches, and listens.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

After bidding farewell to the departing Thea, Samira seems content to linger where she stands, her focus going to seeing how quickly she can drain her wine glass (or so it appears). She listens to Medeia's words, holding her wine glass aloft after in silent toast. The movement of an approaching figure captures her eye, her posture easing when she notes Caprice's familiar face. She greets the other woman with a few murmured words, reaching out her free hand to give the other woman's hand a quick squeeze.

Catalana politely claps after Medeia's speech before returning to her conversation with Sebastian. "Yes. I imagine you are feeling the strain yourself? I am still hopeful there'll be some sort of quick and clever negotiations and all will be saved, but alas. I am likely an optimist."

Wash slips a bottle from his satchel and fills a wine glass with vodka. Shhhh.

Dio laughs even harder. "To Prince Sebastian and the Archduchess, perhaps," he replies smiling. "And I completely agree with regard to the painting." When Medeia speaks, Dio raises his glass and shouts, "Hear, hear!" He takes another long drink of rum, and, noticing Orland arrive, waves him over.

Calypso lifts her glass to acknowledge Medeia's speech, although she just got it, so she doesn't drain it. Then she chuckles to Piccola. "You're going to have to stop him. Either that, or bring snacks so you can stick it out for the long haul."

Cirroch smiles to Kalani, and starts to count on his fingers. He gets to four and then pauses as if he is double checking on some invisible sheet hanging over his head. "Yes. Four months, ish." He turns to Medeia making her speech about family, echoing her statemenst about happy families, "And may all produce many tiny feet to keep them distracted at all hours!"

Orland was lingering there, decisions to make about where he should go, who he should try to speak to. The rise of Hear Hear gives him a lot more time to consider. His eyes wandering over a mass of unknown faces that look far prettier than his own. Thankfully, he's not left to hang too long before a well timed wave catches his eye and he moves easily from the graces of the door toward him. He offers a polite bow, "Marquis Dio, you saved me from awkwardly striding up to strangers and saying hello. My thanks," he says in a look of appreciation, "How are you this evening?"

Finally, Sebastian snags himself a glass off a passing servant's tray, purely so that he can lift it in appreciation of Medeia's words, adding: "Congratulations to the bride and groom," a nod towards Lucita and Talwyn, then to Medeia, too: "Both of them." He takes the barest of sips, before he gives a faint smile to Catalana. "The Skal'dajans don't negotiate." He says that as a statement of fact, and an edge of hardness in his voice. "And nor should we, with them." It's followed by a /tsk/. "Now, Marquis Dio. I very much enjoy you alive. Who else is so willing to hear my outrageous thoughts and temper them with wisdom?" He might be exaggering. He might not.

Piccola turns her attention to Calypso, smiling for a brief moment.

"Unfortunately, I like to listen. If a man wishes to tell me all he knows while I share nothing in silence, such is the way of the world." She gestures to herself. "I provide but a little direction and company, but I get in return a wealth of knowledge. That's a good deal to me." She turns her attention back to Lore after. "If you can assist with logistics, Signora Artiglio, I tell you that there will be no shortage of suitors for your services. But if you would allow me the first opportunity to deploy you, perhaps we should sit -- " She gestures to Yuri. " -- with my cousin and Marquis."

"Our House is, after all, primarily known for trade."

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Duarte has no small measure of admiration for Medeia as she speaks. The finish of her toast is met with a raise of his glass. Only then does he turn his attention back away. "And me in the moment, my lord," to Dio. The count then sees Orland and smiles. "Ah! The lad has arrived!" Duarte flicks a corner of Orland's super dapper tricorn hat.

Lucita says, "We'll host a party later." She says this in a soft tone and then looks aside, enjoying the flow of conversations around her. She approaches Alarissa and exchanges a few low spoken comments with her as the woman leaves."

Catalana naturally prompts Sebastian. "Why not? Not all that live in Eurus are slavers, nor do all endorse the practice. Why do you feel that any sort of negotiations or talks are useless or unnecessary?"

Caprice's progress towards Samira is slowed for Medeia, attention turned to her words and wineglass raised in toast to them - and to the gathering at large. Making it to the Culler's side, the hand squeeze is returned and a few low words are offered in exchange, while the clothier's gaze roams across the natural clusters that have formed for conversation.

Lifting the glass she's holding to toast the most welcome words that Medeia shares with the room, "Hear Hear and congratulations," Kalani calls, raising her voice with those of many others in the room. She even aims a grin at Cirroch, "That's marvelous. She's past the first couple of uncomfortable months," sounding pleased with this assessment.

Orland minds the flick of the tricorn hat, with an easy eye given to any non-fatherly fatherly figure. Adjusting it he bobs his head to Duarte as well, "Count Duarte, it is good to see you here as well, my lord." Mind the little movement in a side sash like satchel. "What is the news of the evening, other than the obvious-" he gestures back to Medeia's annoucement, looking between the pair and hearing Sebastian referring to Dio.

"As well as can be expected, My Lord," replies Dio to Orland, smiling. When Sebastian speaks, a strange look passes over Dio's features. He leans in to utter a quiet word to the prince, but there is a light of gratitude in the marquis's eyes. Duarte's words bring the mirth back to Dio's face. "Aye, the lad has arrived. "Superb taste in hats, my protege."

Medeia takes the empty glass from Haakon's hand and heads toward the bar to get it refilled. On her way back, she stops to greet, "Count Duarte, Lord Orland, Marquis Dio, Prince Sebastian, Lady Catalana..." She looks around, smiling at all of them, "I'm so very glad to see all of you here. Did I hear something about keeping the marquis here alive? Consider me on the case. Also, what is this about terrible ideas?" She looks to Sebastian then, curious. "Just a moment, let me get this to my husband, then tell me all about the worst idea you have." She winks before delivering the drink to Haakon and making her way back.

Domonico smiles at Piccola's words before inclining his head in thanks, "Excellent. Fear not I won't just talk and talk. I prefer discorse when it comes to such matters anyway..." He pauses as he sees something across the room that momentarily distracts him. He clears his throat and has a sip of wine. "Would the War Room be available for this Duchess General?" he asks Calypso

Turning towards Medeia when she makes her speech, Lore is smiling broadly by the end, lifting her glass in raised toast before taking a drink. Turning aside to Piccola, she inclines her head, "I run a thriving merchant business and have seen to the growth and settlement of no less than two bustling trade cities within the past five years, as well as the inclusion of a deep docks at one of those cities to assist in fabrication of caravels for farther travel. But the reason the Marquis reached out was because I am also a cartographer of no small note. So I have a familiarity with maps and star charts, as well as their creation. And you are correct in that my services are often in demand, but Tessere has laid claim to me in the immediate future to assist with your projects. I will, of course, be delighted to meet with you all to discuss them."

"Of course." Calypso makes a permissive gesture Domonico's way. "That's why I repurposed that glorfied broom closet into an office, so the war room would be free for talking about war." She takes a sip of her drink. "You two aren't going to run off now, are you?"

"Ahh, Marquis, but the taste wasn't originally mine," Orland corrects to Dio's sentiment, "The Count here," to Duarte, "Has remedied my attire that may be required on the immediate horizon to Pieros, so, he borrowed me this fine affair, hat included. Though the compliment is appreciated." He bobs his head again, twisting to Medeia as she comes to greet, bowing his head to her as well, "Lady Medeia, pleased to see you again."

Wash sits and listens, nibbling on finger foods only enough to help the wine settle.

"Oh! Well as his patron, I demand you teach him not to remain as alive as you do for as long as you have." Duarte requests of Dio. A slap to Orland's shoulder. A squeeze. "He is even beginning to speak like one of us. He is not lycene, you know? Born here in Arx."

"Oh! Well as his patron, I demand you teach him to remain as alive as you do for as long as you have." Duarte requests of Dio. A slap to Orland's shoulder. A squeeze. "He is even beginning to speak like one of us. He is not lycene, you know? Born here in Arx."

Cirroch continues to smile, "Tell me of you Lady Kalani. What is your passion? Or are your titles of Voice and Physician what you desire?"

Dio bows to Medeia. "Your invitation was irresistible, My Lady, as is your company." He chuckles warmly at her remark about keeping him alive. "That is likely all the protection I need, given your influence." The marquis nods to Duarte. "Aye, Lord Orland was very forthright with me when he introduced himself. I admire your decision, My Lord, and I am lucky to work with him."

Whatever Lore says gives Piccola pause.

It is a brief pause, but a pause nonetheless. "I see." Her lips press again into a thin line. "I am sure that the House will have use for those skills, certainly." And then, to Lore and Yuri, she dismisses herself. "Would you give me a moment?" That she can turn her attention to Domonico and Calypso. "I would rather remain here tonight, Duchess. As I said, talk of war can wait until later." An incline of her head. "But if you also would not mind -- " She gestures to where Cirroch and Kalani are. " -- I must confer with a compatriot." One of those two, no doubt.

The General's reputation of being a busy woman is well-earned, apparently.

Domonico shakes his head to Calypso, "Not right now no. My head still hurts from my spar with Baroness Ember."

A messenger arrives and delivers a note to Zoey's aide, and then that aide whispers in Zoey's ear. After a nod, she quietly excuses herself and departs.

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Calypso gives Domonico a fond pat on the shoulder. "And your pride a little bit, I'd wager. Well, I'll take any excuse to get you to spend a little more time here before we all go off to war." She waves to Piccola.

How could one miss someone bearing a hat such as that. "You've taken Lord Orland under your wing, Marquis? What an excellent choice," Sebastian clearly approves of such, with a tip of his glass as if to salute it. Dio's quiet word is met with a sidelong regard and a brief, murmured answer, the Pravosi's gaze bright. "The worst idea? Oh, Lady Medeia. Where do I start?" he laughs, but that fades at Catalana's words. For a moment, he regards her with a steady look, but the Pravus prince does answer, eventually. "Those we have -- and will in future -- fight have no ability to make their own decisions. They have no free will with which to negotiate. Even these Masters of theirs are bound in their own way, by tradition and magic as well. To change a single man's mind is possible -- Lady Monique proved that. But to upheave an entire nation from their beliefs and traditions, reinforced by writs and bonds? I daresay even Skald would struggle with such a challenge."

Yuri smiled fondly toward Medeia as the gracious speech was met with sensational applause, to which he joined as best he could with wine glass in hand. Icy blues set on Piccola, looking startled, "Oh, me as well? If you truly think so, cous." He took a moment to look and listen to Lore as she spoke, nodding in earnest. At Piccola's insistence, he offered a smile and nod, "Of course, cousin. At your leisure." His gaze lingered upon the General a spot longer than necessary before Yuri casually stepped out from the side table as he made to meander and speak softly with his companion, Lore.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Orland bears a bold grin for the slap on his shoulder, however strained it seems on his face. He slides his eyes toward the note that he wasn't born a Lycene, just someone of Arx. "Like a copper given a new shine," Orland replies, deadpan. He seems to straighten up with Dio's words as well, the two of them giving him an ego at this rate. The hat gets him noticed. GAWD he should've left it at home. But he turns with a more astute bow, hat coming off his head in a flourish of feathers, for Sebastian's arrival, "Your Highness." There's a side eye to Duarte, like, am I doing this right!? Then he plops the hat back on his head.

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Once back, Medeia grins at Orland, Duarte, and Dio's exchange. "Did Orland also tell you that you snatched him right out of my hands?" She gives Dio a teasing look before resting her hand on his upper arm. "My invitations, company, and influence shall keep coming."

Duarte shares some private gossip with Dio, Sebastian and Orland that involves pointing to various locations on his person and then twirling his hips side to side a moment. He laughs!

Kalani tips her head subtly to the side at Cirroch's question, "That is a rather intriguing question," her tone conveying that she is intrigued by the question itself. "I'm a daughter of Seliki," as though that was something in the nature of answer. She sips from the glass she's holding, emptying it at this point and shares a nod again with Piccola as the General is moving through the room.

Catalana looks to Sebastian. "As you say your highness but if you chose to not negotiate. To only force their hand, are you not just as bad? To force the way they live forever more?"

"Only when he first told me of those he'd spoken to before me, and I accused him of speaking with me only as a last resort," replies Medeia in response to her words regarding Orland. "He is very talented, as Count Duarte recognized. Forgive for basking in my good luck." The touch of the lady of Eswynd Rock brings a warm smile to Dio's face. "I am very grateful for them, My Lady."

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Orland has kept that grin up for a while now, but the float of conversation is losing him, clearly trying to pay attention to the gangle of older guys talking around him before he hangs onto Medeia's saving him, "I do believe, should the Marquis feel he has taught me all he can, would release me in due time to your care. I don't believe you've seen the last of me either, Lady Medeia. Has there been any fun new gossip of late? Fashion trends, perhaps?" He's being wry.

Cirroch tilts his head a little to the side, then has a moment of partial realization or familiarity of the name. "Ah!" He then takes a sip from his horn and looks to her empty glass, "Are you seeking more wine Lady Kalani? And, the Marquessa would be amiss with me if I didn't speak with you about trade between our lands."

Samira seems to be in the midst of a quiet exchange with Caprice. She lifts her wine glass to eye it appraisingly, examining how much of its contents remains. Apparently her findings are satisfactory for rather than seeking a refill, she remains where she is while she offers her companion a faint smile, dark eyes scanning the gathering.

More adroitly, the General is heading towards Kalani.

Along the way, Piccola seems to warm up. She puts on a little smile, and it seems to hold. There is a weariness on her face, even if her eyes still seem alight. "My friend," she calls out from afar on approach. "Lady Seliki." Her frown is tinged with humor. "It seems like forever since we have met." Her attention turns after to Cirroch. "I hope I am not disturbing, but, if I am, my friend, I promise it is not so I may intercept an offer to trade."

"I am General Piccola of House Tessere," she tells the Marquis of Giant's Reach.

"Perhaps, my Lady, your very valid concerns can earn a meeting on this matter of importance that transcends the solmenity a gathering such as this can grant it?" Is a suggestion to Catalana, from Duarte, who is jealous that she is syphoning the Voice of Pravus' attention away from him.

The praise is going to give Orland has him pawing at his neck piece, was it ruffles there? Maybe, maybe ruffles. Whatever it is that Medeia leans in to say, he nods his head imemediately for it, "Yes, I am in desperate need." Orland considers the others with a little note, "I do believe they're trying to grow my head to fit into this hat."

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There's a lift of Sebastian's hand: Duarte's quietly murmured story is certainly entertaining, but all his focus has shifted to Catalana. His voice drps a little, so as not to disturb too many enjoying their evening, and perhaps to make the response a little more personal: "If you can't recognize the difference in the fact that we are not invading their land, their continent, trying to force our beliefs on them, then I don't believe you're asking the question in good faith, my lady," the Pravus' voice is easy as he responds to Catalana. "If you think Pravus' first response has been to go to war, that is a misnomer I must correct. The many tribes, clans and cities we have freed from their slavery would also dispute such. But," his hands spread. "If you feel there is a diplomatic option, even after Sungreet, farbeit for me to stop such a venture on your part, my lady. I sincerely wish you all the luck in such an endeavor."

"More wine would not be unwelcome," Kalani replies, her head doing that subtle tilt again, "color me intrigued. And most certainly, we are open to establishing avenues of trade and further strengthening the bonds of friendship between neighbors." And as Piccola arrives she steps forward and hugs the general, "It's lovely to see you again. You're looking lovely and, as always, the very model of a woman with a mission in mind."

"As I told him when he told me that you would be his patron, you are an excellent match and I do not begrudge him the opportunity." Medeia says warmly and genuinely to Dio. "Count Duarte is clever and cunning and I am happy to be a friend to both Amadeo and Seraceni." She laughs easily at Orland's comment on the hat. "Mm, well, the alternative is to get the hat tailored properly." His response to her quieter words draws a nod. "We can begin whenever you wish." Sebastian's response to Catalana, however, has her looking aside curiously.

Catalana softly assures Sebastian. "There is always a diplomatic response. Especially so after Sungreet." She however apologetically smiles to Duarte and moves away a little so they can enjoy their evening.

Calypso downs her drink and rises in a sinuous motion. She stretches casually and pats Rowenova on the shoulder. "We'll have another dance one of these days." She seems to be on her way out, as well.

There's a conspiratorial element to the way Caprice is glancing around, herself, though whatever quiet conversation she's offering Samira appears to be coming towards an end. And nobody yet has been singled out by glance or gesture to suggest there's a target for...whatever the artisan is up to.

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Nova gives a squeeze to the back of Calypso's hand, "That, we will." says she!

Duarte dips a nod of gratitude toward Catalana. He then beams and lays a hand on Medeia's shoulder for just a moment. He laps up the praise but says, "...well, I don't know about clever..." he chuckles and drinks more of his wine.

Piccola takes Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

"I'm glad I was honest," Orland says with a bit of a laugh, "Imagine if I wasn't. How awkward this would be right now." He gives a little laugh, and would probably fill that following space with a drink if he had it, but then he fills it with a humble bow, "No one was last resorts. I hadn't reached the bottom of my picking. If I could split my person in two, to learn from you both, I would. I am most gracious that either of you, would invest in me, like Count Duarte has."

Dio, overhearing Duarte's words to Catalana grins. He seems happy as he listens to Medeia speak with Orland, and finishes his rum, before acquiring more rum, and making his way towards the fireplace. Standing before Norah and Haakon, the marquis says, "It is good to see you again, Marquessa, and you, My Lord. How does your family fare with its final preparations?"

Rowenova gets Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Dio gets Summer Sunset - a Saikland semi-dry strawberry red wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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Norah looks up at Dio from her seat. "We are strong and prepared, my lord. We have one of the finest naval minds in the Compact, after all," she says, inclining her head toward Haakon.

Cirroch nods to Piccola, "It is a pleasure to meet you General Piccola of House Tessere." He places his hand to his heart and bows to her, "Marquis Cirroch Sanna, of Giant's Reach." This time as he introduces himself it is not as loud or echoey as before. However most of this will be shattered as he then shouts across the hall at what he sees to be the nearest server for more wine for Lady Kalani, and they might bring whiskey as well as his horn is empty. He turns back to both Piccola and Kalani, "I appreciate the willingness to allow for trade discussion to occur, though also believe that friends should be allowed to talk at these things." He looks to Kalani, "If you wish to speak with the General, I am a patient man."

Medeia checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 10 higher.

Medeia checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 30 higher.

There's a graceful nod of Sebastian's head towards Catalana: even if he disagrees with her sentiment, there's still a respectful nod for the Kennex's words. "Then you have my best wishes, my lady." He takes a sip from his glass, small indeed, before he catches up with the conversation at hand. Which seems to involve hats. He regards Orland's curiously. "Are you and Lady Medeia starting a new fashion trend, Lord Orland?"

Duarte looks approvingly upon Orland with a soft smile. His eyes lift to Sebastian and he cants his head. "It's a shame, her highness your wife quite missed out on a wonderful protege." He nods slightly to Dio as that man moves away.

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"Well met, Lord Marquis."

Piccola's attention lingers on Cirroch a moment. "You know, one of the first contacts I made in Arx was with the Lady Tila of your House." Beat. "I have not seen her in many moons, but -- " Shrug. " -- perhaps fate has brought us together tonight." She then turns her attention to Kalani. "My friend, I think it is time to bring the League together again," the General tells the Lady Seliki quietly, as if the two women know exactly what she means by that. "I plan to do so within a month." (OOC: Next two weeks? Maybe.) "House Tessere will host if I cannot get the Princess Valencia to do so. I think Marquis Gaspar wants to show off our House's hospitality regardless; it would be an excellent opportunity to do so."

Her attention shifts back to Cirroch, to whom she says: "You are welcome to attend this event, Lord Marquis."

Wash stands up, tugs his clothing into place and then goes to Catalana's side again, sans drink. There is a pause and a hitch to his step as if he is summoning his courage. He forges ahead and offers CAtalana his hand. "My Lady, would you give me the honor of a dance?"

Orland bobs to Dio as he moves away, "I hope to speak more later, Marquis Dio." He looks after Dio like he misses the man's company. Then in a moment he turns back when Sebastian and Duarte are talking of him and the hat. Gods the hat. He gives it a little flick at the brim, "I'm the least qualified for starting fashion trends, your Highness, though if one were to put this on a beautiful and highly influential head, it might catch. I'm afraid Bravura is really where it started, with my lord here, Count Duarte, causing all sorts of buzz about it. In Bravura, they try to make everything a functional piece of art, when it's not to be admired on a wall." He gives a nod of his chin to Duarte.

Medeia watches as Dio approaches Haakon and Norah, before leaning in to ask Duarte something quietly. "I'm not really a hat person, but I'm sure I could get the city excited about such a thing..."

Catalana pauses for a moment, but Wash's request has a fond smile upon her lips. "Of course My Lord. It would be my pleasure." She excuses herself from the all group to make room to dance with Wash.

Duarte nods to Medeia near instantly and gives his authorization. "Please do get the city excited about Bravuran tricorns."

Gladly accepting the new glass of wine that is delivered along with more whiskey to go into Cirroch's empty horn, "Thank you," is murmured in appreciation to the server as a smile again blooms on her face. "I believe that the best trade exists between friends, and houses that find mutual accord in both friendship and trade make for ideal partners." She tips her head toward Piccola as the general speaks and her answering nod is firm, "I will most certainly be in attendance, then. Is there anything that I can do to assist, please name it. If Marquis Gaspar needs a hand to help write out invitations, by all means, I'd be happy to lend hand, ink and parchment to the endeavor."

"I'm afraid that's possibly partly my fault. I've kept her busy since the Archduchess left for Setarco," Sebastian tells Duarte with a wry smile. "That, and," he lowers his voice to add something to those nearby, a smile touching his lips, lingering as he turns his gaze back to Orland. "I'd always admired that about Bravura. I haven't had a chance to visit in some time, sadly."

"It is hard to deduce otherwise, My Lady," replies Dio to Norah. "Lord Haakon and I had a pleasant conversation about what we hope to take home from the Skal'dajans. Gods willing, it will be so." He pauses a moment, taking a sip of his rum. "I appreciate your willingness in allowing Lady Medeia to sail with us to the Isle of Markets. My cousin spoke very highly of her talents, but after having had the privilege to work with her, my experience confirms all my cousin said and more."

After the Malvicis have departed, Nova took some time with her glass of tea before getting up. Sir Floppington is asleep under the table, so she steps in a quiet way toward Lucita and gives her a bit of a smile before she leans to whisper something her way.

Duarte oh's! But then lends his ear to attend to Sebastian's whisper. Then he laughs and shakes his head. "That would be /entirely/ your fault, my lord."

Wash's smile is broad and beaming, He offers Catalana his arm and for the first time this evening demonstrates a little elegance and refinement, waltzing a conservative circle.

Orland's eyebrows pop up at the secreted news shared, "Oooh. Then that is such a greater investment, Your Highness." He looks toward Duarte, then Medeia, bobbing his head, "Is there anyone I should meet? I haven't spread my wings out of the Pravus ward of late, that is, I've only met the Marquis and Marquessa Sanna briefly. Who, are the ones meriting an introduction?"

Leading the way back towards where others have congregated, Lore approaches the grouping of Duarte, Sebastian, Medeia, and Orland. Approaching the nobles, she pauses, smiling up towards Orland, "Lord Amadeo, you look simply rakish and handsome in that hat. I feel like I need to purchase one myself." She offers a nods towards Sebastian and adds, "Your Highness, I am pleased to say that some of my maps may soon be gaining more of an audience. I'm helping the Society of Explorers in their efforts to get the various lands and Houses of Arvum mapped out as boundaries and roadways have changed."

Catalana easily falls in line with Wash's movements. A dance she's done a million times with him. She chuckles softly at something he whispered and agrees on a whisper.

Cirroch quirks a smile to Piccola, "What is this league General Piccola?" He nods to the server with a smile and procceds to put the whiskey bottle upside down into the horn filling it to the brim. Then hands the bottle back to the server who is shaking their head. He looks to the whiskey and mutters a bit about the color of the drink then takes a mountain size sip from the horn. Wiping his mouth a little with his free hand, and turning to Kalani. "Yes, friendships do offer better trade argeements. We shall have you and a guest of your choice over for tea and cakes sometime."

Norah looks up at Dio curiously. "Tell me more of this Isle of Markets. I'm curious to learn more of this."

Medeia smiles at whatever Sebastian said, but narrows her eyes to Duarte's response to her inquiry. Orland asking about who he should meet snaps her out fo her skepticism. "Orland, have you met Lady Kalani Seiliki, General Piccola Tessere, or Lord Yuri Tessere? They are all wonderful in very different ways."

"Meet any and all of them," Duarte says absently as he gazes in the direction of Caprice Artiglio. /The/ Caprice Artiglio. He idly passes off his glass to the boy and departs present company to drift toward the master artist.

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