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Industry and Inspiration

Gild delights in industry and commerce. The people of the Compact are invited to the Gilded Page library to share the projects or commissions they are most proud of.

Do you remember the most beautiful gown you made? The most exquisite perfume or mask? The project that took months or years to bring to fruition by the work of countless resources and many hands? Or perhaps the painting or toy that seemed of little worth, but meant the world to you?

Come by the Gilded Page and share any and all stories of interesting items or projects you had a part in! The celebration will also be an opportunity to find help for your next project, as Dominus Aureth, Closest to the Gods has authorized a significant sum of Gild's bounty to be granted to a worthy cause. All are welcome!


Feb. 13, 2021, 4 p.m.

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Apollo Decius Zyxthylum Lou Zakhar Thalamina Caprice Lore Merek Cecilia Brannen



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Gilded Page

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Comments and Log

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound arrive, following Apollo.

Clowder of ten rowdy kittens arrives, following Zakhar.

On a clear afternoon in the Gilded Page, tables have been set with glasses, white and sparkling wine, whiskey and tea. Fruits from the Ashford Orangery, chocolate from Caer Morien, and various baked goods from Lottie's accompany the drinks. Chairs and small couches of various types have been set in a circle in the center of the library, looking like they've been borrowed or donated from a number of different noble manors, each designed for comfort.

Remy stands near the entrance to the Gilded Page with a glass of whiskey in hand. He is dressed in a white clerical robe of seatouched wool, adorned with ornate brocade embroidered with symbols of the Thirteen. Beside him sits Aru, the Crownlands leopard hound, stately in his posture: his coat a lustrous auburn and white, with leopard-like spotting.

Remy and Aru greet those who arrive, the former with smiles and warm words, and the latter with a wet nose and an occasional wag of his tail.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Remy before departing.

Apollo comes in, satchel slung cross-body, and sees... oh, at least one person he recognizes. And someone in clerical robes. Must be the right place. He gives a dip of his head to those gathered, snags a whiskey, and finds a sea--oh, no. There's a dog. He sets the whiskey aside and crouches to give Aru some proper ear-scritches.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Remy before departing.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

While not exactly dressed plainly, one can see the clothing Decius was wearing were of fine cut and tailoring. He too is relaxing with drink in hand, a bright shine to his henna colored eyes as he sipped at his drink at hand.

Zyxthylum creeps into the Page at a slow pace. His eyes are a bit glazed and he speaks in monotone, "I hear this is the place to be if you are a craftsman." A painfully slow scan of the room and then a slow forming grin, "It looks amazing." The emaciated creature hunches forward over the rat doll he clutches in his knobby fingers. Or is it a doll? Under his arm he carries several rolled up sketches and besides the wretched appearance, he is clothed in quite a bit of silks. Maybe he does belong here?

The crafters meeting holds some curiosity for Lou. After all, the advertisement for the meeting was to discuss inspiration as much as industry. She walks into the room with a confident stride and a grin which spreads from cheek to cheek. She's no crafter, which most people would know. But, perhaps she has something to share to inspire others?

A tall old man with a strikingly deep scar running the center of his face steps into the shop. Though it might be the blue-gray kitten that is sitting on his shoulder that catches ones eye first. He quietly steps over to the side of the shop and stands mildly uncomfortably in the corner. Offering a nod to Zyxthylum when they show up.

Thalamina has only returned to Arx for a few days, but never one to sit idly, the Shepherd noblewoman heard that there was going to be stories and so here she is. A glass of wine plucked from a table as she passes, the gracefully swaying woman moves towards one of the empty seats to observe. While she may or may not know anyone, it doesn't seem as if she is one to be awkward alone, and smiles towards everyone she passes.

Morphius, the sad, gentle Mastiff leaves, following Decius.

Caprice arrives alone and apparently intends to stay that way, finding a place nearest the entrance to linger after collecting a glass of something so she doesn't stand out in the growing crowd. Once in a while, she glances over her shoulder or studies a shelf just a little too long.

Morphius, the sad, gentle Mastiff arrives, following Decius.

Thalamina has joined the window seating by the stacks.

Aru is thrilled to have some attention, and wags his tail joyfully when Apollo gives him scritches. "Welcome, Guildmaster," says Remy. "I cannot imagine the stories you could tell of the things you've crafted." The priest raises his whiskey to Decius, and takes a sip.

Zyxthylum's words bring a smile to Remy's features. "I'm not sure, but I'm glad you've come," he says. "I would love to hear of your creations if you care to share it, and I hope you might find some of what others share inspiring." When Lou and Thalamina arrive, Remy bows. "Welcome Your Highness, My Lady." His eyes track the movements of Lou for a moment, filled with excitement and anticipation for what she might share. He offer words of welcome and waves to Zakhar and Caprice, saying, "I'm glad you came. Please, get something to drink if you wish. I hope to speak a little of some of your crafts and projects in the hope of pleasing Holy Gild and inspiring each other. The Most Holy Dominus has give me permission to see fifty thousand silver coins to a worthy project, and I hope I might bestow it on one of you. Once you're comfortable, I hope you will join me in a prayer, and any who wish to speak can be heard." He smiles, and moves from the door to see if Zakhar might allow him an opportunity to pet the blue-gray kitten, seeming to be in no real hurry.

Carolina, an orphan from Bravura arrives, following Lore.

Dergus, an intimidating bodyguard leaves, following Zyxthylum.

Apollo talks utter nonsense to Aru, nothing that doesn't devolve into nigh-kiss-face yousagooddogyesyouare nonsense. But ... ahem. Stories. Oh, and there's a couple people he knows even /better/. He gives Aru one last scritch, rising, and gets his whiskey back, has a sip. He gives Lou a bow, and Caprice, a chin-up. And he turns toward Remy, gives him a smile as he takes a seat. "Brother Remy, is it?" he asks. "Good to meet you - I haven't met many in Gild's service in the city. Well - not in the Faith, I mean. Officially." He clears his throat, smiles. "I'm sure you know what I meant." And he laughs a moment.

Dergus, an intimidating bodyguard arrives, following Zyxthylum.

"I hope it is acceptable that I have come to watch?" Thalamina asks Remy upon the bow, head tilting slightly as she asks the question. "While I am not crafter, it is certainly not my intention to impeed into something that is meant to be for specific people. I was just so curious as to what others find pride in, and their achievements and I just wished to get lost for a moment in the achievements of others." This said with a slightly sheepish expression as if she might have forgotten herself and station, and have crossed into something more personal.

Lou gives a small nod in Remy's direction. "Just Lou is fine," the princess who hates to be called a princess tells the other man. But she does it with a warm smile. At least he didn't use the HATED Loucia. "May I sit anywhere?" she asks as she looks around for seating. She's an outsider, so she's not sure!

Arriving a few minutes late, but arriving, Lore steps into the Gilded Page and glances around the shop briefly before moving in deeper to find herself a drink. ANd there's recognized people! Lou, Apollo, Zakhar, her cousin Caprice... all get that open, easygoing smile and a nod. "Hello, hello! Terribly sorry I'm running late. Last minute transaction at the market. How is everyone?" She pauses to pluck up a glass of wine, looking to Remy with a smile, "I may not be able to stay the entire time, but I didn't want to miss this!"

Merek makes a way along into the Gilded Page, looking about while he nods to people, and finds a place to settle in.

Zakhar gives a little grin to Zyxthylum, turning his head to the kitten and lowering his shoulder a small bit. "Ift he likes ya, yea canna pets him. dough nae me felts ift he bites ya, eh?" A nod is given to Lore in return and a small wave like salute is given to Caprice as the old man finally finds a place to sit.

"I am Brother Remy," replies the priest to Apollo. He laughs at the dearth of clerics devoted to Gild. "I tried first to join the discipleship of Vellichor, and was found utterly unsuited to it. I'm not sure why. I've always enjoyed research: it helps me sleep." He takes a sip of whiskey, adding, "It is a pleasure to meet you, and should you ever be in need of the services of one who celebrates Gild's bounty," (i.e. haggles) "I hope you will find me."

Remy turns to Thalamina and says, "Of course, My Lady! All are welcome."

Though the priest nods to Lou, he looks slightly uncomfortable at calling the renown explorer and Grayson princess by her first name. "Of course," he says in reply, gesturing to the circle of seats. "Anywhere you like." Seemingly not content to let Lou alone just yet, he adds, "May I call you 'Pathfinder?'" He is good at compromising.

Aru bounds to Lore's side, and Remy turns at the sound of her voice. "You're not late at all. Please make yourself comfortable and find a drink if you like." He raises his glass to Merek in welcome.

Apollo nods, giving a finger-wiggle wave to Lore, who is not a cat, but is nonetheless welcome to sit somewhere in his vicinity. He glances back at Caprice, gives a tip of his head in invitation, too. "Wonderful," he says, to Remy. "Well, I'm glad for this event. I think it's lovely to support acts of creation, whatever they are. And I think the stories of crafters and artists are less often told, or perhaps just less often written. I do hope we can change that." A smile follows.

Zyxthylum is headed for the refreshments, a glint in his good eye as he sees the tea. Fixing himself a cup, he waves back to Zakhar and makes some animal noises to the cats. He hums a tuneless song as he then picks his way along the table of food, selecting a few morsels delicately. By the time he makes it over to Zakhar's kitten he has pulled a flake of bread off his own piece to lure it into a quick friendship. As he slowly leans in to see if his token is accepted he tips his head to Lore. Not personally familiar, the two have competed on several of Anisha's commoner competitions.

"Pathfinder is perfectly acceptable," Lou tells Remy, and seems relieved that if he insists on calling her by a title that it's /that/ title. She identifies more with being an explorer, and spends more time out in the field usually, than she does in Arx itself. Six months away for her Brightshore trip is a prime example of that. She glance around the room to the others, nodding to Thalamina with a look of curiosity, and waving to Lore and Apollo, whom she definitely recognizes. "How does this work? Is there a line?" she asks politely, as she settles into a seat and sets her backpack in her lap, which she keeps held close to her at all times.

Remy watches Zyxthylum making cat noises with delight. After Aru has encircled Lore several times, he makes his way toward Zakhar and his feline friend. He nods in agreement with Apollo, and says, "I think you're right, Gild Master - though I have heard many speak in private of your skill." A warm smile is passed to Lou at her acquiescence, and he nods. "Allow me a quick prayer, and then we can speak if there are any who like."

When those who have arrived seem seated with drinks, perhaps some food or are otherwise comfortable, Remy stands and holds out his hands over those gathered. He closes his eyes.

"Gild and all you holy gods of the Pantheon, may it please you to hear of the industry and works of your children. May Jayus ever grant us inspiration, and may Gloria and the Sentinel keep us safe in these trying times."

Remy's eyes open, and he takes a seat in a cushioned chair, saying, "I hope all will feel welcome to share any commissions they've done, or had done, that were particularly interesting, any artifacts found in far away places, or any projects in which you take pride, and which will certainly be pleasing to Gild."

Apollo has joined the line.

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Turn in line: Apollo

Aru is given a good scritching of scruff and ears, a smile for the pup given as she moves to take up a seat near Apollo. Her glass is lifted and a smile offered to Zyxthylum before she takes a sip from her wine. Looking to Remy as he opens the event with a smile.

She glances around and offers, "I'm afraid I really can't stay long, I have a.. previous engagement... but I did want to at least stop by. As a merchant, we are rarely lauded for our works... but it is often the merchants that make larger projects possible. So I wanted to at least put in an appearance. If she likes, my cousin can tell of perhaps one of the larger projects that I engaged in on behalf of Artiglio. One that grows and thrives to this day." She winks at Caprice and drains her glass, setting it aside.

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large Kennex Laika Hound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion arrive, following Cecilia.

Thalamina has left the window seating by the stacks.

Dergus, an intimidating bodyguard leaves, following Zyxthylum.

With her wine in hand, and a comfortable chair chosen, Thalamina looks on with anticipation at those who prepare to speak. "Perhaps hearing of the larger projects others have done will also inspire others to seek their advice. I know if something is in line with some of my passion projects, I could use as much assistance as possible with seeing them grow." Somethings do take a village after all!

Dergus, an intimidating bodyguard arrives, following Zyxthylum.

Zyxthylum has joined the line.

Cecilia enters to listen to stories. She knows she's late but she is fashionable. She grins and bows her head as she gets a drink and takes a seat.

The old man sits up a little more, listening to what the others have to say, then raises his hand a little. "May Ays askus a questions? insteads oft discussion?"

Nearly as unobtrusive as her entrance, Caprice sets her glass down before slipping out again, casting a distracted frown at a corner of the split room.

Apollo bows his head for the prayer, and then when he looks up, he looks around. "I can start, to break the ice," he says. "Would folk rather hear the story of Oakhide? Or a story about a small gift?" He puts it to the room in general - but with at least one vote for Oakhide, he opens his satchel, takes out a few samples. "Mind the edges so you don't snag your skin on it - it's got a mesh in it, metal. Doesn't hurt -that- badly, but one unlucky friend managed to bleed all over my shop." He settles those on a table, and sets to talking.

"Some three years ago, maybe a little more, I was fretting about the state of tanning. Tailors, I thought, they've got these lovely prestigious materials to work with - steelsilk and fireweave - and they're lightweight, incredibly protective... and they haven't got any sort of reputation to contend, not like Shadowmeld - which is heavier besides. So I thought - together with my patron, Lord Vitalis - we'll research about one of them, about steelsilk. Find out what makes it so special, see if we can learn something that can be applied to my trade, which - at the time was strictly tanning."

He gives a turn of his head. "What we learned was that steelsilk - at least the stuff of Cardian making, which is most if not all of what you'll find at the market, exceptions are so rare as to be unimportant to the conversation - it's all made by slaves." He gives a turn of his head. "And the process by which it's made more or less requires that, though even were it not necessary, I doubt anyone invested in making stuff using slave labor would divest themselves simply because we asked nicely. The methods are strange, to those who haven't been hearing talk of - well, magic. But they require slaves, they require an ignorance of the method, if you can believe. And that's not something I can apply to my work, I care very much about respecting the freedom of those I work with, and also about a thorough understanding of what my hands make. And so - frustrated - I set out to gather together a group of people - starting from the methods of tanning I learned in Oakhaven, and adding the expertise of tailors, smiths, alchemists - we devised a method of treating hides so that it can be thinned far in excess of what is customarily possible, and then layered together with a metal mesh. It makes for a leather that's tricky to work with, but every bit as protective as Cardian snakeskin, excepting it doesn't enrich slavers, which I quite like. We later devised new methods for working it into metal armor as the straps and supports, which wasn't possible, the mesh doesn't take puncturing for the fittings and findings so well. But we did that. Managed to earn the ire of a Cardian emissary," he flares a hand, there, like to say: it can't be helped. "And now it's at market and - on some of the most celebrated martial figures in the Compact. We're very proud." A momentary smile, and he says: "The one disappointment is that we've not been able to match for price, but - we pay our labor, so I imagine that was always going to be at issue."

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound leave, following Apollo.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound arrive, following Apollo.

Various expressions pass over Remy's face as he listens, from wonder to horror to admiration. "Gods above, I had no idea steelsilk required the labor of slaves." Aru plants his head in Remy's lap, and gets some pets. "Whatever the Cardian emissary may think of it, I do not doubt Skald and Jayus are drinking Elysian toasts to you and your fellow innovators, Guildmaster," continues the priest to Apollo. "May I ask if you have a favorite piece you've worked from oakhide?"

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Alakay, a cranky northwoods snow cat arrives, following Brannen.

Apollo takes unfinished business from a black backpack with two pockets.

Apollo puts unfinished business in a black backpack with two pockets.

Apollo gives a tip of his head, and fishes in his bag. "I've got a breastplate on my bench that's amongst my favorite pieces I've ever done - textured to resemble oak-bark, it's a bit of a love letter to the material. But it's meant for someone, who should really see it before anyone else does." A smile follows. "But these - I wear these when I'm traveling, so I've got a blade when I need. Which is thankfully very rarely."

Apollo drops Oakhide bracers with a dagger sheath.

Remy's sapphire eyes widen at the sight of the well-crafted bracers complete with a sheath. "May I hold them? I've not felt oakhide before." If allowed, the priest turns the bracers in his hands, testing the flexibility of the material. He shakes his head. "These are breathtaking, Master Apollo."

Zyxthylum loses his interest in Zakhar's kittens when Apollo begins his story. The idea of working with such a material inspires him and when the bracer comes out, the glaze nearly leaves his expression entirely. He isn't confident enough to ask to put his rat claws on them so he watches and sips at his tea. Making small noises of contentment as he inspects them from his current spot.

Apollo doesn't seem to care what anyone's hands look like - he offers a nod, and then says, "Pass them around, please. The edges are properly bound on those, no risk of hurting yourself like the samples. But the samples show what it's made of to a greater degree."

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Turn in line: Lou

Zakhar takes a quick look at the leather sample that is being passed around, he doesn't seem overly interested in it other than a nod to the crafter, Apollo, over the construction. Then passes it on.

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The theme of the week for Lou is all things Whitepeak and today is no exception. "Several years ago I dug into the history of Whitepeak at the urging of Sir Jordan Ober, who was my protege at the time. He requested we go to the city so I could help him with a personal mystery. Whitepeak was lost at the time, but some many different documents expressed what a city of wonders it was, and how magical items were created by the Metallic Order and people from /all/ over the world and put on display there as a means of debuting them to the world. Things like bridges people could walk across and get to another country within a matter of minutes, which are now destroyed, and water fountains that sang to you when the water was flowing, also now destroyed. But, not all of Whitepeak was destroyed, and I was able to find one of its wondrous, if not magical in and of itself, treasures, which I now share with you today as a source of Inspiration, rather than industry."

She rummages around in her backpack a moment. She pulls out a tiny griffon and places it in her hands. It has feathers on its wings of many different colors. But, it's not just a brass griffon. It's far more; the tiny joints in the wings and legs, the key on its back. This is no sculpture, but tiny and intricate clockwork. It looks wholly in tact. Lou takes a moment and gives the key one turn, then two, then lets it go, a large smile brimming on her lips and excitement in her eyes when she gets to share this moment with everyone.

When Lou winds the key, the little griffon stretches out as if awakening from a nap. Once placed on the ground, it turns its head this way and that, as if looking at its surroundings, and then marches in a proud little circle once. But just when it looks like that might be all it does, it stretches those metal wings, flaps them twice... and takes flight.

The little shining griffon circles the group once. Twice. A third time... then it lands, folds its wings, glances about once more, yawns, and settles back into its seated resting position before going motionless once more.

"A flying clockwork griffon," Lou explains, looking to see how the other react to it. She picks it up off the floor and holds it in her hand, allowing people some time to look it over while under her very watchful protection.

Brannen managed to quietly join the group, careful not to interrupt, and sits with the group. As the oakhide is passed around, he studies is similar to his neighbors, but he keeps to himself, careful not to disturb the exchange of stories.

Remy checks composure at normal. Remy is successful.

The old man looks at the flying griffon with little fanfare, "Whutsa er whosa the builder dat made de gears frer it? They'll bees smallers den de gears Ay use fer me puzzles, yes?

The old man looks at the flying griffon with little fanfare, "Whutsa er whosa the builder dat made de gears frer it? They'll bees smallers den de gears Ay use fer me puzzles, yes?"

Apollo checks composure at hard. Apollo is successful.

Lou's words regarding Whitepeak completely absorb Remy's attention. Nothing in the Pathfinder's posture or tone sounds like a jest or a tale to gain attention. At the mention of bridges that allow instantaneous travel, the priest glances to the others, and then back to Lou with an enthusiastic smile.

The griffon is met with like wonder from Remy, but when Lou winds the key and it takes flight, Remy nearly spills his drink. Aru, too, watches the tiny clockwork griffon as it circles the group. "By the Thirteen," says Remy under his breath. When Lou allows those nearby to take a look, Remy is there, peering over the griffon in near disbelief. "Will you return?" Remy asks Lou. "Are the ruins difficult to get to?" There is obvious excitement in his tone.

Zyxthylum checks composure at hard. Zyxthylum is successful.

Remy is overheard praising Apollo: Protecting freedom with innovation.

Apollo rises to his feet, when the thing starts to fly. He's seen it before; maybe something in his bearing suggests he has. But there's a breathless fascination with it that he would never even try to conceal. Rather than sit back down where he was, he takes a place next to where Lou was sitting - likely so when she sits, he can murmur something to her.

Remy is overheard praising Lou: Lost wonders to inspire us all!

"Interesting, I've seen a brass bird before just like that, only someone owns it themselves," Merek notes, nodding a bit. It looks like he has seen something like it before, as he doesn't seem as surprised as some people, "It's beautiful, and amazing craftsmanship."

Zyxthylum blinks. Did that little gadget just fly around the room? The brow on his little goblin face knits and he cants his head, thoroughly confused. He glances around to see if anyone else also saw that, the rat doll in his arms even gets a look. Is that a doll? Knobby finger pull at his neatly groomed beard as he tries to follow the curio, still keeping a few paces distance non the less.

Cecilia claps at the sight of the griffon. While the Oakhide gets her approval it is the clockwork that gets her praise.

Brannen watches, in awe, as the clockwork sculpture starts moving, all on its own - and then it takes to the air! His mouth stands ajar, naturally.

Remy nods in agreement with Merek, and seems intrigued by the idea of a brass bird of similar make. Zakhar's question is likely the one that passes through the priest's mind.

Apollo takes Oakhide bracers with a dagger sheath.

"A mage of the Metallic Order, Brass made it. You may have seen him wandering around the city at some point in these last few years. He is the only one that I know, outside of his apprentice, that can make clockwork items," Lou notes to Zakhar after she catches and deciphers his question.

Lou looks to Remy next, and when he asks if she'll return to Whitepeak her face turns to dismay for a moment. "I advise against any trips to Whitepeak at the moment. It is presently under attack against forces we have no means of handling at the moment; the Metallic Traitor himself. But that is a discussion for another time." And likely another place.
Merek draws Lou's attention and she tilts her head in his direction. "I also know someone with a clockwork bird, for I helped them make it when searching for a way to find the dwarves, but also another story for another time. Brass helped too, by making notes to the person who made it with each way they tried to put it together. My help was mostly making sideways comments because I'm an explorer, not a crafter. But, I can help interpret riddles and notes, which is where I helped."

She looks back to Remy, saying. "Mostly, I just wanted to let folk know that they can aspire to find inspiration anywhere, even in small, long thought lost trinkets." This she says with a nod to Apollo's earlier work with the Oakhide and trying to find a better way than what the Cardian's do with steelsilk.

Turn in line: Zyxthylum

Zyxthylum gets a dark ampule of hungry leeches from A water-proofed medical pouch.

Zyxthylum is a bit intimidated. He brought all kinds of sketches to show off but after that, he decides to go with his heart. Clearing his throat twice, he begins, "Well, where to start- hrm-" Hook-like fingers delve into his medical pouch. "I didn't have much access to the Mercies growing up. I learned what someone called Shamanism medicine." A skinny forearm wipes sweat from his brow.

"You see once upon a time we had a lot more of a.. symbiotic relationship with nature. We used to work with what we had." He produces a tiny frosted ampule of dark liquid. As he presents it to the light, small amorphous shapes squirm about inside.

"Leeches can tend to some wounds better then a person." He brings the crystal to his good eye, "They eat blood you see? The bad stuff, they can clean out sensitive wounds and help restore good flowing blood." He nods and sets the vial down.

"I guess where I am going with this is, I find my inspiration in nature. Things we might have forgotten. I want to find more natural solutions." An awkward clear of the throat, "Which is why I came down here, but-" He glances to the Oakhide and clockwork griffin, "Now I'm just happy to share a stage with those-" He makes a low bow and saunters off to show off his leeches to any prying eyes.

Zyxthylum drops a dark ampule of hungry leeches.

*** Apollo has called for an opposing check with Lou. ***
Apollo checks dexterity and legerdemain at easy. Apollo is successful.
Lou checks perception and investigation at easy. Lou is spectacularly successful.
*** Lou is the winner. ***

Brannen checks perception and investigation at normal. Brannen is marginally successful.

Remy checks perception and investigation at normal. Remy marginally fails.

Cecilia checks perception and investigation at normal. Cecilia is successful.

Zyxthylum checks perception and investigation at normal. Zyxthylum marginally fails.

Zakhar checks perception and investigation at normal. Zakhar marginally fails.

Once everyone has finished having a look at her flying clockwork griffon, Lou works to tuck it away into her backpack where it can stay safe and sound. She sets the backpack next to her with a hand carefully laid protectively on top of it. She then starts to watch the presentation by Zyxthylum, giving him a big, encouraging smile and a double thumbs up as he pulls out his very artfully drawn sketches of leeches. She gives him every bit the same amount of attention as she gave Apollo and his presentation, after all, today's inventions will be tomorrow's exploratory discoveries! "Finding inspiration in nature is always admirable," she tells him.

Thalamina checks perception and investigation at normal. Thalamina is successful.

Remy looks pleasantly surprised at seeing Zyxthylum pull out the frosted ampule, nor does he seem the least bit bothered by the mention of shamanic medicine. He nods in agreement with Lou. "Petrichor's creations are very inspiring to me too," says Remy. He laughs when Zyxthylum speaks of sharing a stage, and shakes his head. "I'm glad you've shared. Many of those I serve could make use of leeches to help restore their health. I will have to visit you the next time I've got a wound - though I'll not lie: I'm a little scared." Grinning at Zyxthylum, he takes another drink of his whiskey, as he will certainly do before having leeches applied to any wounds he may get.

Apollo, in that moment of applause and distraction, double thumbs ups and all, sneaks fingers into the backpack, palms one tiny mechanical bird; spirited away, it is. It's weird; it doesn't look like he's even... really paying attention to what he's doing; no, he's smiling, shaking his head. "Excellent," he says, and smiles. "All sorts of innovation are important, even the ones that aren't so pretty."

In a room full of people. For shame.

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Apollo checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Apollo marginally fails.

Merek nods a bit to Lou with a smile at the words about the brass bird, then he watches while listening.

Turn in line: Brannen

Brannen wields Flicker, a diamondplate estoc.

Remy is overheard praising Zyxthylum: Sharing the ways Petrichor's nature brings healing and inspiration.

Zyxthylum is oblivious, trying to show off his disgusting black and brown segmented worms to anyone that doesn't avoid eye contact fast enough. He wear a grin that grows so large it puts a strain on his scar tissue. As his time comes to a close he returns to his seat with the stuffed rat and cup of tea.

Thalamina leans forward when the leeches are presented, peering into the container that holds them. "Isnt it amazing what nature provides us, and how we are able to get alone with it if we know just where to look and how to apply it?" Because really, the noblewoman spends more time outside than she does in, and finds these things amazing.

There is a clinking sound as Brannen removes a sheath from his belt. "If you allow, Brother Remy, I could briefly display Flicker, an estoc forged by Brother Felix." Brannen smiles faintly. He pulls the weapon out of its protective sheath and gently places both, Flicker and its resting place onto his armored lap.

"Brother Felix announced that he was raising money for a good cause, helping the Lower Boroughs. I did not need a sword, but I learnt that nobody had yet placed a bid. So I asked a friend if he would donate to his cause." Brannen takes the blade and carefully raises the blade into the air where the shining edge reflects the light, true to its name. Softly, he continues: "I did not expect nobody would bid on such a formidable blade. I treasure it not only for its craftmanship, but also for what it represents." He carefully balances the blade on both palms and offers it to the person sitting next to him, so anyone interested could take another look.

Brannen drops Flicker, a diamondplate estoc.

Zyxthylum gets a dark ampule of hungry leeches.

No sooner does Lou finish speaking to Zyxthylum than she's putting her hands back down and laying one protectively over her backpack again. It's just scant moments after Apollo's theft, and she knows as soon as her hand is on top of her backpack something is off. She's trained herself to know where the griffon is at any given moment, and so as she's looking around the room she sees the moment Apollo is palming the thing in his pocket. Were she any other person, she might have screamed and yelled. But, Lou can be pragmatic and she understands the draw of a clockwork device, especially her griffon. That's why she's so damned protective of it. So she calmly tells him, her voice slightly elevated for others to hear, "Master Apollo, while I appreciate the you wanted a close up look of my griffon, I would kindly ask that you return it to me. I may be able to offer you an introduction to Brass's apprentice, if you are interested in clockwork devices and if they are willing to speak to you." And while she appears calm, there's a distinct chilly edge to her voice and the stormy look in her blue gray eyes is anything but calm. She holds her hand out expectantly.

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large Kennex Laika Hound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion leave, following Cecilia.

*** Apollo has called for an opposing check with Lou. ***
Apollo checks charm and manipulation at easy. Apollo is successful.
Lou checks perception and empathy at easy. Lou is successful.
*** Apollo is the winner. ***

"By all means, Sir Brannen," replies Remy to the Knight of Solace. He gazes with admiration on the estoc. "Flicker," murmurs Remy. "It is an exquisite weapon." Then Lou is speaking to Apollo. The priest's eyes flash to the Guildmaster in disbelief, but the seriousness of the Pathfinder's voice is not missed. Remy, who was about to ask Brannen if he could hold the weapon, just stands with his hands outstretched towards the knight, while he waits to hear what Apollo may have to say.

Apollo, without any delay whatsoever, lifts the bird in offering. "Apologies, Pathfinder," he says, with a blink that is likely about her chilly tone. "It fell when you moved your hand - I didn't want to distract." It may in fact be a wholeass lie; but it's borne out by the care with which he holds the thing, the sure yet delicate way he puts it back in her hand. "It's very precious, isn't it. I would certainly love to meet Brass or his apprentice - but I'm not sure I could ever equal that work."

Remy is overheard praising Brannen: A work of art and a weapon to inspire knights to great deeds and dread in enemies.

Similarly speechless, Brannen sits, hands outstetched, smile frozen. There is a very pointed pause as the knight is watching what is happening.

Zyxthylum is oblivious, although he is questioning the silence in the room as he nurses the cup of tea. His knobby fingers fuss with the fur on his stuffed rat and he fixes the little outfit. Awkwardly, he glances several times to Brannen, as if unsure of the situation unfolding.

"Brass is likely busy with something, but his apprentice is much more approachable," Lou informs Apollo, aware there are also now eyes on them. She takes a moment to carefully look over the griffon, making sure it is not damaged then stows it back away in her backpack. This time it is closed more tightly, almost pointedly, and placed in her lap rather than beside her, where both hands are now on it protectively. She looks to Brannen and gives him an apologetic look. "Master Felix does exquisite work, not just with metals but also with designs. My armor was designed by him," she motions to her armor made out of exotic leathers. She does not look like she's going to make any additional trouble for Apollo. "I highly recommend him as a crafter. In fact, I will be telling him a few adventuring stories as part of the Scholars' efforts to capture history through artwork and craftsmanship."

"I hope you plan to tell those stories in public," says Remy to Lou, smiling and relaxing a bit at her reaction. "May I?" the priest asks Brannen, referring to the estoc.

"Certainly!" Brannen nods and offers the estoc to Remy, smile unfrozen and again exhibiting the affection Brannen felt when introducing Flicker to her audience.

"The project with the guild?" Apollo asks Lou. As if nothing happened. Well, no - not as if /nothing/ happened; there's a certain sympathy apparent in his features for the protectiveness. Doesn't everyone have something terribly prized? Less distracted, now, he turns back toward Brannen, Remy - gives a chin-up toward the blade. "Oh, yes, I saw that when he had it on display. I didn't get time to ask after what it was for. So busy. But Felix is truly excellent. As is Ida."

Brannen takes Flicker, a diamondplate estoc.

Remy handles the estoc carefully, but is clearly not familiar with weapons. Holding the grip, Remy is careful to keep the blade and point far from Aru. "Excellent, indeed," he says in response to Apollo, and with care, hands the weapon back to Brannen.

"Thank you, Sir Brannen, and to everyone who shared. If anyone else would like to speak of a project or commission, be welcome; otherwise, I hope you will enjoy some spirits or tea, and enjoy the library as long as you like." Aru barks once. "Ah, that's right! The Most Holy Dominus Aureth, Closest to the Gods, has authorized me to help with the funding of any projects that might be pleasing to the Faith. If you or anyone you know should need financial assistance, please let me know." Remy drinks the remainder of his whiskey, and with a bow to Brannen, moves to get a second glass.

"Thank you all for sharing" Thalamina says to those who spoke. "It is certainly inspiring to withness all achievements, of those who have crafted something for you to what occurs naturally. And thank you for letting me watch" Mina informs Remy with a polite dip of her head when he begins to close up the gathering.

Lou inclines her head to Remy, "Thank you for holding this event. Its always a pleasure to celebrate the crafters." She glances aside at Apollo's question. "I believe that's the same project, yes." She then rises to her feet, carrying her bag in front of her, and heads for the door now that the event is over.

Apollo dips his head at Lou's departure, then clears his throat. "I've more than adequate funding for my current projects, Brother Remy - but if no-one here has any particular use in mind, I have a suggestion. There's a place established - I think this year, perhaps late last year - called Rabble Arts. It provides a place for residents of the Lowers to create and learn the arts, provides materials, all that. Run by a member of the Crafters Guild, Master Artist Samira Culler. I think she could do something truly impressive in the community with those funds."

Willen leaves, following Lou.

"It's been a sincere pleasure," replies to Remy to Thalamina and Lou. He returns the noblewoman's bow with one of his own. Nodding to Apollo, Remy says, "Rabble Arts? I will find it. That sounds like a truly worthy cause. Thank you, Guildmaster Apollo." The priest smiles, before adding, "Thank you all very much for coming, celebrating our crafts, and offering inspiration. May Gild's blessings go with you."

"Thank you very much for hosting this event, Brother Remy." Brannen replies with a polite smile. "It is important to find time to share the beauty Arx's citizens provide us with. It is good to see you back in the city."

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