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Storytellers: Combat Primer

A quick and dirty rundown on how to run combat with the new @checks and instructions. We'll be taking questions! This is open to any storytellers who might want to hang out, see things in action, etc...


May 26, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Cristoph Apostate Alessia Crawfish Lou

GM'd By



Azova Bree Harlex Kastelon Reve Reigna Zara Raimon Savio Sorrel Ryhalt Kael Zoey Sirius Aleksei Apollo Vitalis



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Estate Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Cris: HELLO EVERYONE. Welcome to our crash course into Arx combat. We're going to be using say or emit for the duration of the night so that any questions or comments can be caught in the log. I'm going to request that any joking around or idle chit chat stay on STORIES.

With us tonight we have some very lovely PCs that have volunteered to be our testers!

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound arrives, following Tesha.

Harlex waves.

Bree waves as helper!

Reigna says, "Is the combat here fatality free?"

Cristoph says, "Apostate is going to roll back any damage that they get."

Cristoph says, "Or someone on staff will!"

Lou grins.

Zara says, "Yeah this is entirely OOC.""

Reigna thumbs up! I'm happy to volunteer if you need anymore.

Cristoph says, "We've got five, so we should be good. But thank you! :)"

Azova is here to demo what happens to squishy people with not a lot of armor mitigation :D

Cristoph says, "@emit Cris: IMPORTANT DOCS: First, we have the results chart I have this open in just about every ST scene that I do. The other will be This one is pretty dense and there are some points that need to be updated, but we're going to address that as it comes in this little combat we're about to run! There is also this one that addresses risk levels: Questions?"

Cristoph says, "lol"

Kastelon is here to demonstrate and leaves it at that.

Raimon puts Pellerossa - a Saik private reserve wine in adventurer's backpack with bedroll.

Cristoph says, "Okay!"

Cris: When I begin a scene that I know will involve combat of any kind, I let the players know what is up. So for example:

<OOC> Cristoph says, "HELLO. Welcome to tonight's scene! This will be a risk 4/moderate risk event! The vast majority of your rolls will be at normal unless specified otherwise. I expect combat tonight, so there is risk of injury. Does everyone have their armor on? Any questions?

Cris: One time I didn't check or ask them to check themselves and it turned out Norwood had no armor on and I was MIGHTY SURPRISED when the game was like 'Norwood is totes bleeding to death right now'. Whoops. So make sure everyone who planned on being dressed, is in fact, actually dressed.

Cristoph says, "And then sometimes I check anyway even after I ask~"

Keso, a totally legit assistant, Peanut, an oversized mountain dog arrive, following Aleksei.

Cristoph says, "So, a question on armor: What mitigation levels are 'typical' or 'required' for lvl 4 risk on ave? 40-70? higher?/lower? -- I think that most people who are playing combat characters have some pretty robust armor? I typically don't check to see WHAT kind of armor they have on, just that they're using /something/."

Cristoph says, "Please use say or @emit for the questions, so that we can catch the in the log. :)"

Raimon asks -- Q1: At what mitigation levels should we worry someone is 'underdressed' for a medium risk? 30 mitigation? 50? When do we gently begin to comment about the wearing of 'bathrobes to battle?'

Lou says, "Also, a risk level 4 plot can be anything. Not just things with combat. Most of my plots, for instance, are exploration related. They involve going through ruins, jumping over pits, managing large chucks of debis, or maybe even falling through floor boards, or puzzling through traps."

Zara says, "A thing to keep note of is that with higher damage - mitigation starts to matter less.""

Cristoph says, "Yeah. And you'll have characters in your scene like your healer, who may not be wearing super high amounts of armor. Those characters are probably going to move to a 'safer' location in the scene."

Cristoph says, "I probably would advise against making comments about bathrobes to battle. Just say 'hey make sure you've got all your gear on', give your players a quick check to see if they look ready and move along."

Lou says, "Raimon - there are some tiers of armor that are durable, magical cloth, pyreweave and steelsilk, that could actually /be/ bathrobes. So, yeah, what Cristoph said. ^^^"

Cristoph says, "Yeah, you may have someone in clothes that don't present as typical armor in the name but when you look at it, you'll see the group's scholar is wearing steelsilk and leather. So they're probably fine."

Reigna says, "I think (and I could be wrong) the question was more, how do you gently inform the players that they might be undergeared for what you have in store for them? Do you just fudge things to adjust in the background?"

Reigna says, "Like, is it better to change your plans if people don't have better gear? And what is the best strategy when dealing with a wide spread of skills and equipment."

Zara says, "I think just letting them know about the risk level at the start should be enough. And mentioning the consequences etc etc. I wouldn't say 'oh you're ONLY wear steel. You need to do better"

Lou says, "I think in that instance you say: this plot is really dangerous and could involve large amounts of damage. Please make sure your gear is on. If not, you may take higher amounts of damage."

Reigna thumbs up.

Cristoph says, "Yes, that's why you're letting them know the risk level at the beginning and what rolls you'll be using."

Reigna says, "Informed consent, basically."

Cristoph says, "Right."

Lou says, "SOme characters can only afford the lowest quality of armor. And that's fine. If they know the risks and they're good with it, they know what might happen."

Cristoph says, "And you can explain what 'moderate risk' rating means to players if they're uncertain."

Raimon nods. And also -when- to so do. Raimon was asking: What, -*numerically*-, constitutes 'ready'? 50 mitigation? more? less? (bathrobes = red herring)

Azova says, "I usually, as a player in those situations, let people know I am squishy (and they usually guess that anyway since I'm a healer/scholar sort) - and the knightly well armored types will often try to soak the damage for us if possible too. Not to say people have to. But."

Lou says, "And Moderate risk mostly has results edged toward players. There are game mechanics in place that will help mitigate potential death, but not completely do away with it."

Cristoph says, "^ Yes, what Lou said. So I wouldn't get hung up on figuring out the exact combatstats mitigation number."

Savio says in Arakkoan, "Raimon, there's info on harm levels in the documents. So I reckon be cool with taking the amount of damage that is in the plot description, per the levels you could be damaged."

Lou says, "Savio - Arvani please :)"

Savio says, "Raimon, there's info on harm levels in the documents. So I reckon be cool with taking the amount of damage that is in the plot description, per the levels you could be damaged."

Zara says, "I imagine for most plots 50 mitigation should do okay. And for example, if someone is up a against a boss and the damage they receive is 'nuke' - mitigation won't matter all that much given only 5% damage will apply."

Zara says, "*damage prevention"

Lou says, "I'd never restrict a plot based on what sort of armor there is. Same as I would never restrict a plot based on what their stats are."

Cristoph says, "I'm going to hope to my next blurb because it talks a little about setting up the combat for 'moderate risk' and Lou and Zara can weigh in on mixing the kind of enemies, though tonight I'm going to keep it to just mooks."

Sorrel says, "The amount of mitigation between a decent set of HQ steel versus decent set of rubicund is only around 20 points."

Cris: Since our test combat will be risk 4/moderate risk, we're going to follow the guidelines set out for that in the guide.

//Combat moderately in PCs favor. No more than 3 times as many scrubs as PCs. No more than half again as many mooks as PCs, or slightly less elites than combat PCs. One boss alone is permitted.//

Tonight we have a group with four people that are largely combat capable and our healer! I'll be having them do battle against a group of mooks. That max number I can do here is seven. So we're going to go with that. It should be a little challenging because our fifth is not a traditional fighty type. Azova may fight or may choose to beat it to a safe location in the scene. However, in my personal experience (and that may very from person to person), I find moderate risk to be pretty generous to PCs.

Cristoph says, "vary*"

Lou says, "Moderate risk means that rolls start out at Normal difficulty, and they can step up to hard if the circumstances warrant it. Like, someone wants to do a particularly tricky or heroic thing."

Camille, the Iron Maiden, 2 Valardin Knights, Dog, a scruffy west Oathlands mongrel arrive, following Sirius.

Cristoph says, "Yeah, so for your mook opponents, your rolls would be at normal and follow the results under the normal column. If I had a different make up tonight and it was a couple of those and an elite? The elite would roll at hard with results under the elite/hard column."

Savio says, "Is 'normal' risk (like the default setting on an event) considered level 3 or level 4?"

Zara says, "Yeah and the combat rules are separate from the risk level rules if that makes sense? So if it is a super low risk plot with general easy rolls, it's still normal for mook opponents."

Cristoph says, "Yeah so for Risk 2 - Minor Risk - Starting STs and up - Minor combat, with no more than an equal number of scrubs to PCs, or half as many mooks to PCs with at least as many combat PCs as mooks, or 1 elite if combat PCs out number the elite by at least 3 to 1. -- And on THIS one your general checks like "figuring out this crossword puzzle" is at easy."

Lou says, "Cristoph means the normal column of the Peril chart,"

Cristoph says, "Yes, thank you. I'm thinking in terms of just the combat rolls of STUFF right now."

Zara says, "So whatever the risk level of your plot, the damage for combat rolls will always follow that chart."

Lou says, "Unless you introduce an Elite or Boss. Those roll at diff hard."

Zara says, "Yup. Even in a risk 2 plot, if you introduce an elite. The rolls will be at hard."

Cristoph says, "Yeah, so the scene's risk level has one setting for checks. Those are the general checks. But for combat, the enemies are following the peril chart."

Cristoph says, "But each risk level discusses how many of those enemies and what types you can bring into the scene, keeping it in line with the scene's overall risk rating. Does that make sense?"

Savio says, "So you can still throw an elite into a low risk scene, and it does the same heavy/severe damage as usual -- just it's outnumbered by PCs per the document?"

Zara says, "Yep."

Savio says, "That is great to know, thank you"

Lou says, "Your elite would essentially be your only mob in that combat scene."

OUR TOTALLY REAL SCENE THAT PEOPLE DON'T NEED TO POSE FOR BUT CAN IN QUIPPY ONE LINERS: Harlex, Azova, Kael, Bree, and Kastelon are all LOITERING on the Laurent lawn. No one is currently around to shake their cane at them, which would be all well and good except... the pirates of Kastelon's past have returned. And they plan on dragging him back to a life of crime on the high seas. They're surrounding the group! 3 archers! 4 people approaching with terrible, rusty swords full of tetanus!

<OOC> Cristoph says, "Everyone please roll dexterity + dodge at normal."

Kastelon checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Kastelon is successful.

Bree checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Botch! Bree fails badly.

Kael checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Kael is successful.

Azova checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Azova is successful.

Harlex checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Harlex is successful.

Harlex trips Bree and gets ready to fight! Oops.

Ryhalt says, "For the 'No more than half again as many mooks as PCs' you can round up when you have an odd number as there are tonight? It doesn't say on the document how to round."

Azova is aghast! /Tetanus/!? No wonder a healer is needed here.

Kael eyes Kastelon. Pirates?!

Bree doesn't normally loiter, so in her nervousness for all of this she totally allows Harlex to trip her. "Ahh!"

Kastelon arrs as he notices the scurvy pirates (because of the lack of fruit) approaching them. Out comes the bow by the one-eyed man as he looks over to Kael. "Pirates, cousin. Keep up." And he pets his mountain parrot on his shoulder for good measure.

Zara says, "@Ryhalt Sometimes what I do if I want to round up is add a lower threat level foe to the mix."

Lou says, "You can mix scrubs and mooks. Scrubs would just roll at easy. The risk level really plays a factor in what you can do with elites and bosses though."

Cristoph says, "Okay! So in this instance, Bree has botched her roll. We go to the results/peril chart. We look at the column for normal/mook, we follow it down and match it up to the 'botch' result. The damage is 'heavy'. We'll type in 'harm bree=heavy'. As of now, the harm code doesn't emit general damage like that to the room. So after we do that, we'll say,

<OOC> Cristoph says, "All dodges successful except for Bree. She takes an arrow to the knee after Harlsex trips her. She has sustained heavy damage.""

Cristoph says, "lol You should also always make sure you're actually set as the GM for an event"

Cristoph says, "or else you will get this message when you try to harm someone: You may only harm others if GMing an event."

Azova says, "Cristoph being very thorough with the demonstration"

Cristoph says, "Thankfully you can fix that mid-scene. >.>"

Cristoph says, "When you do it YOU will see: Inflicting heavy on Bree."

Bree says, "OOC - I got the message: You feel worse."

Cristoph says, "Oh, nice! So players now get to know that the feel worse. :D"

Zara says, "And if you 'look Bree' she has moderate injuries."

Reigna says, "Feeling worse is certainly one way to put it."

Zoey says, "Question about harm: What, if anything, do we need to put for <damage type>? The help file only mentions the rating."

Zara says, "That's currently not in effect. So leave that out and it'll just set to default."

Cristoph says, "Yeah."

Zoey nods.

Zara says, "Generally it's for different circumstances affecting people differently. So fireweave protecting against fire injuries. So they'll need to code that."

Savio says, "If Bree were to have the bad luck to follow that up with a catastrophic botch, how do you make sure you don't accidentally kill her in what wasn't supposed to be too crazy of an event?"

Raimon wonders this also

Sirius says, "I think Bree just dies, kind of like that player at the Pieros event."

Zara says, "That's something to mention to staff. If it was a GMing error. Otherwise, yeah they just die."

Cristoph says, "Okay so"

Cristoph says, "As we're also addressing this on stories. Let me find the thing"

Cristoph says, "This is from results/peril doc: Optional Armor Damage: If someone botches, give them the option of destroying a piece of armor before damage is applied, to shift it to a simple failure damage result."

Savio says, "Would this be them junking it, or is there a code like harm? Do they pick or you pick?"

Raimon read that. Good add! (opt. armor breaking)

Zara says, "Staff handle that part Savio."

Savio says, "Gotcha"

Cristoph says, "It's currently not coded for STs to affect, so I'd have the player remove the armor for the event and then in your RFR for the scene, ask for them to adjust it."

Lou says, "I think it's actually just a level in the piece of armor. The GMing Risk levels have how many levels. And then we plot/rfr it at the end."

Cristoph says, "In this instance the doc says it's /destroyed/ so I imagine it'd have little to no armor effectiveness at that point."

Lou says, "Oh! That's the optional one with the luck roll."

Cristoph says, "No, this is someone's choice if they botch their dodge roll."

Cristoph says, "Optional Armor Damage: If someone botches, give them the option of destroying a piece of armor before damage is applied, to shift it to a simple failure damage result."

Cristoph says, "OKAY. So Lou has also pulled up where there's another clause in the Risk rating document that lets you do: ST Risk 4 also says: Characters are given the option to inflict 2*armor damage in levels on their most expensive piece of armor, or most precious item, to downshift temp wound / perm wound / death one level, if they succeed a luck roll at easy."

Raimon notes this is -after- the damage roll. So would a char be able to apply -both- armor options?

Lou says, "The Dodge roll. Which is the mooks attacking you effectively."

Lou says, "And before @harm is administered."

Zara says, "We won't apply damage until after discussing this part with the player. So if they say 'I want to damage my sword', we will adjust harm accordingly."

Cristoph says, "This is one of those things that could use some GM clarification. I'd probably just give players all their available options unlike what I just did to Bree, lol."

Lou says, "Additionally, if another player during the dodge roll rolled a critical success, they could also downgrade someone's botch in that same roll, saving them heroically."

Cristoph says, "I should have checked with Bree first before I applied that damage in case she wanted to break something. ^^"

Bree says, "I do not want to break something."

Cristoph says, "lol"

Lou says, "SORRY BREE. First the piling on, now this!"

Bree says, "That's okay!"

BUT OKAY. <OOC> Cristoph says, "Please roll dexterity + your weapon at normal and let me know who you're targeting."

Kael checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Kael is successful.

Bree checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Bree is successful.

Harlex checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Harlex is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at normal. Kastelon marginally fails.

Kael, OOC - I am targeting one of those pesky archers, GM!

Kastelon expects that, factually, with his eye and all. There's an actual sense of blah-ness to his regard when his arrow sails wide of one of the archers, since he's clearly part enough of the pirates' union that he'd not attack the rusty-implement-bearing ones.

Cristoph says, "So for attack rolls, you'll want to look at this:"

Harlex, OOC - I am targeting the ugliest pirate.

Bree says, "ooc - One of the guys coming toward us. Second ugliest pirate."

Azova checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Azova is successful.

Cristoph says, "Kastelon has a marginal fail, but as there are no negative results for that in this, he basically just misses or maybe his arrow sinks into the guy's armor and doesn't hurt him."

Zoey raises a hand. "I get a 404 error when I try that last link."

Cristoph says, "Are you subscribed to the board?"

Kastelon had the same error, factually.

Bree may have just taken an arrow to side, but she breaks off the end like a true boss and draws her sword out to see the oncoming force. With a loud yell and a bright smile, she rushes at the second ugliest pirate, leaving the ugliest to Harlex. The fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder totally won't come into play here. They seem to have the same taste in pirates.

Cristoph says, "It's the stories board."

Cristoph says, "Lemme just"

Kael says, "Stories may be locked to those with the storyteller tag for those not set with it."

Zoey has access to that board when she uses the commands in game, but not when she tries to access it through the website or via any links.

Aleksei says, "Are you logged in on the website?"

Reigna says, "Are you logged in, Zoey?"

Lou says, "On the ST Risk Chart, there was a section that used to say if you failed your roll, you might take damage. HOWEVER - that's changed. Stuff only happens on a Botch, and it's a choice of several things."

For attacks, there are no effects on a failed attack roll. On any botch, players are given the choice of the following botch effects:

1.Damage their weapon (luck roll at hard, a spec means the weapon isn't damaged, a simple success is 1 level, a fail is by 2 levels, a bad failure is 3 quality levels, a complete failure is a break)
2.More potential damage on next dodge check (shift the result of any dodge to be one level worse, so a simple failure is treated as fails badly, while a fails badly is treated as fails completely)
3.Roll next dodge at one higher difficulty, so hard would become daunting, not applicable if against a daunting foe.
4.Drop their weapon- miss next attack round.

For pacing, I'd say treat #2 as the default if someone doesn't respond within a minute or so.

Lou says, "Zoey - you can find it in the Peril Chart too, at the end."

Lou says, "Peril Chart - (to link it again)"

Lou says, "Not just logged in, but logged in under the right char."

Zoey says, "Aha, now it works! It didn't work even when I was logged in for a long while."

Cristoph says, "So our fail is okay for Kastelon to pose his reaction of no damage to. Mooks can be knocked out with one successful hit. So now we're down to three enemies already. I'd been hearing things that 'marginal success' wasn't a thing anymore, I swear that it is. I've seen them in my scenes, lol. BREE HAVE YOU SEEN THEM. Those would be half-health to a mook.

So that said, there's a lot in the docs about HP and using strength to determine damage that we're just not doing anymore. It was a little unwieldy in practice."

Lou says, "Marginal Success is still a thing."

Lou says, "It's just rarer."

Cristoph says, "A lot rarer."

Cristoph says, "But there! When you least expect it."

Lou says, "I still follow the philosophy that if one happens, it's partial damage."

Cristoph says, "Yeah, same."

Lou says, "But a 2nd marginal or a successful hit kills the mook/mob"

Cristoph says, "Also same here."

Cristoph says, "Okay! So three enemies!

The remaining three pirates are still really determined to kidnap Kastelon, who looks even more stunningly like a pirate than he used to. One archer shoots at Kastelon, another aims for Kael while shouting, "THAT WAS MY FATHER", and the third swordsman barrels after the injured Bree.

<OOC> Cristoph says, "Dodges for Kastelon, Kael, Bree."

When enemy numbers go down, sometimes I decide who's getting targeted randomly or through the narrative of what was going on."

Bree checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Bree is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Kastelon is successful.

Kael checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Kael is successful.

<OOC> Cristoph says, "You all make it unscathed! Attacks again please."

Azova is obviously hiding somewhere behind Bree and Kael.

Azova checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Azova is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at normal. Kastelon is successful.

Kael checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Botch! Kael fails badly.

Cristoph says, "Hurray!"

Bree checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Bree is successful.

Harlex checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Harlex is successful.

Harlex checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Harlex is successful.

Savio says, "How do you decide if the PCs first roll to dodge or they first roll to attack? Just depends on the narrative?"

Cristoph says, "Kael has botched his attack. So at that point, we'd offer him that chart. It's kind of weird in this case, since we're at the END of combat here? But he could probably get choices like 1 or 4? Because 2 and 3 don't apply. But normally, if there was another round, he'd have the entire menu. Lou or Zara might do something else in this situation."

Cristoph says, "Narrative, for me."

Sirius says, "Wait a minute..."

Sirius says, "So if a storyteller wants to go, "Alright everyone, roll an initiative check!" This is a possibility?"

Lou says, "I'd just have then drop their weapon I think, if it was at the end of the combat."

Cristoph says, "Yeah, there is a piece about that in the GMing guidelines."

Lou says, "It is Sirius. There's a recommendation for smaller groups to do round based combat. Though, honestly, group combat is just easier to keep track of."

Lou says, "Or, I'd make them do a perception check to see if they spot the enemies."

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound leaves, following Tesha.

Lou says, "And, if not, the enemies get surprise on them and they'd have to roll dodge."

Sirius says, "That's bringing back some horrible flashbacks of intellect devourers."

Cristoph says, "^ Yeah. I think I did an initiative based one once and I had a very difficult time. Which might have been a hang up for me personally."

Cristoph says, "I've also had perception checks for if they get the drop on them."

Lou says, "THe problem with initiative is you have to keep track of who goes where each round. And also wait on the player to make their rolls. Where in group stuff, if needed, we can @check vs for them."

Sirius says, "Totally. If you have no system to keep tally for you, I'd try to simplify it and stick strictly to narrative, using the numbers to more or less hash out results in a not so terse spectrum."

Savio says, "Is there an initiative check thing coded or would it just be everyone rolling wits+something?"

Lou says, "I also try to personalize the combat for them a bit, so they each have something unique to fight against or for."

Sirius says, "I think wits + survival is a good candidate."

Cristoph says, "from guidelines: Whether a staffer uses round based combat (everyone going at the same time), or turn based combat (each person taking a turn, and then resolving it), is their discretion. The normal guideline I'd use is turn based for 3 or less PCs, rounds for 4 or more. For turn based, @check/contest here/wits at normal, and it will list in order for initiative. For round based, no need to check initiative"

Lou says, "But, that's part of the storytelling narritive."

Sirius says, "So, question."

Sirius says, "What triggers character death, after you take damage? Why not go unconscious?"

Cristoph says, "That's it for @checking tonight. THANK YOU BREE HARLEX WITH YOUR NAME SPELLED RIGHT KAEL AZOVA KASTELON. Also Kastelon escapes being taken away by pirates but he has to explain the mess on the lawn. But we can keep on with questions!"

Raimon Q2: Suppose someone takes a bad hit. Is survival check the same as in PvP -- Stamina,Willpower + Survival at X (X=HP below after the attack) -- And is that Stamina + Will, or the -highest of- Stamina,Will?

Bree says, "Welcome!"

Kael salutes.

Lou says, "There's a coded survival check that will either trigger unconsciousness or character dath."

Harlex says in Sylv'alfar, "I'm just happy I tripped Bree."

Lou says, "death"

Cristoph says, "So characters take a bunch of damage and it will trigger different survival rolls. Depending on the amount of damage you take, plus the roll the system gives- Lou did it better. :D"

Sirius says, "Raimon, I think you get the same check that you'd get against players, because it's not tied to the combat. It's tied to the uh, your HP going down."

Harlex is just happy to be here, guys.

Cristoph says, "Sorry for mangling your name, lol."

Sirius says, "Wait so, you not dying a horrible death is associated entirely on the survival skill?"

Sirius says, ":sweats."

Lou says, "No. It's a best of situation."

Sirius says, "So, it's survival and something else?"

Kael says, "Survival and willpower is how it used to be."

Harlex says, "Harlsex is my new name. already put in the request"

Cristoph says, "And stamina too?"

Bree says, "appropriate"

Cristoph says, "Kael. :D"

Lou says, "Stamina also plays a part"

Kastelon blames the mess on the lawn on his mountain parrot.

Sirius says, "I guess the more stamina you have the more you can soak, the higher the threshold, but what triggers the "You've died." Dark Souls message instead of "You're unconscious," not-Dark Souls message?"

Aleksei says, "They're both triggered by taking damage and they're separate rolls. You go unconscious if you fail your consciousness roll. You die if you fail your death roll"

Cristoph says, "Right. Having those skills/stats will help. And soaking some damage with armor. I'm honestly not sure on the exact threshold numerically that a character has to fall below and then fail to die."

Aleksei says, "Death starts rolling at more damage than consciousness does"

Raimon Q3: Suppose there is a generic hazard. Perhaps environmental. Player A fails a check. Player B attempts to intercede. Is it standard to bump the difficulty of B's attempt over A's fail, and by one level? Example: Ambrose fails a normal check and is sliding off a cliff. Bridget tries str+ath to save Ambrose . . . at Hard? What's the general rule of thumb for intercessions?

Camille, the Iron Maiden have been dismissed.

2 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

Dog, a scruffy west Oathlands mongrel have been dismissed.

Lou says, "That's really a GM call, and each Gm might call it differently. I think I'd only step up difficulty for PLayer B if Player A botched the roll, rather than just failed it. I'd make them roll normal if it was just a regular fail."

Lou says, "I am also overtly generous and give a variety of choices for players to choose from. For instance, perception or intellect + survival, investigation, or agriculture were perception checks in a recent plot for me."

Raimon listens

Lou says, "I like to see if there are other types of skills players can use to justify getting to a place."

Lou says, "Sometimes, in addition to athletics, I include performance, because dancing is still athletic."

Lou says, "And dancers do a variety of jumps too."

Cristoph says, "A sidebar before I forget: So in my personal experience, these moderate risk (and down) events can be pretty generous to PCs. Normal rolls are reasonably okay for them to pass. I know that the first time I tried to run one of these, I was nervous as hell. Lets take my mistake earlier where I harmed Bree and didn't give her the options? Maybe she wanted to damage her armor or destroy it! to lower her damage. It's okay! Because when the scene is over, I can ping staff and be like, "I MESSED UP HELP." And they can go and fix that heavy damage to something more appropriate or to what it was meant to be. It's a not a big deal and sometimes these things happen."

Ryhalt says, "On the Risk Ratings, what does it mean for 'it has to be escalated'?"

Lou says, "Sometimes, during the course of the plot, things can get harder. Say, a group of players failed to complete their task. It's possible, when that happens, that they're then going from Moderate Risk to Significant RIsk."

Lou says, "Or, say, they managed to anger the person they're supposed to be making into an ally. The difficulty raises in general. And, maybe that person could be a significant NPC that was harmless while they thought they were getting new allies, but becomes more dangerous when those allies turn out to be something else."

Lou says, "There were actually some scenarios in the initial PRPs for Eurus that could have had the effect of making the war effort harder."

Ryhalt says, "And how does say a starting storyteller deal with that if the risk level is now something they can no longer due during that night? Like having a low risk go to moderate risk?"

Apollo wonders if storytellers progress with the plots they run.

Lou says, "I believe you'd talk it over with staff first, to see if you can keep GMing it, and if not, the plot then gets passed onto a storyteller of a higher rank."

Savio says, "I'm rated as Junior Player Storyteller. Can I run a moderate with general checks at normal? Risk 3 is Junior... Risk 4 is player... not sure where Junior-player falls. It would be kind of a bummer to only be able to run easy general-checks, instead of normal."

Ryhalt says, "Okay, so it's a scene killer, go tit"

Lou says, "Junior checks generally start at easy, but your checks can go as high as hard depending on your scenario."

Savio says, "Makes sense, thank you"

Raimon Q4: Can ST's 'tag team' on a plot? i.e. Can 2 ST's of differnt levels alternate scenes and if escalation occurs, the 'senior' can step in? If so, how is this noted / handled?

Cristoph says, "You'd be at Risk 3, Savio. What I've done for another player is, they'll pitch their risk 4 and then I go and hang out. And answer any questions and sort of hang out as a backseat driver."

Lou says, "Ryhalt - also, the thing to tkae into consideration, is all the players on that plot have to unanimously agree that it goes up a risk rank."

Lou says, "If not, it stays at that risk rating it was originally on"

Cristoph says, "So if you were looking for something like that, you could probably ask Apostate if that would be okay, if you have someone willing to act as your ride along."

Orion, a healer's surly Assistant, 4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Fernando, the pygmy bear leave, following Azova.

Savio says, "That'd be good, thank you"

Cristoph says, "Raimon, yeah. I think that kind of falls under what I was saying to Savio. I'm going to hang out in another STs scenes next month to do something similar. You'd want to let staff know that's what you're planning on doing so that they can yay or nay the plan."

Dolmen, a prodigal agent leaves, following Harlex.

Lou says, "So, it'd only be a scene killer if your players, as a whole, wanted to jump up to that next level of risk."

Bree waits around for heals.

Ryhalt says, "Okay, good to know"

Cristoph says, "Oh yeah, let me +request you."

Alette, a discreet lady's maid, Isabel, a calm diplomatic aide, Elena, a solemn knight attache, 4 Valardin Knights, Gracious, a hospitable turtle leave, following Zara.

Raimon Q5: What's the Number One mistake you see ST's make and how to avoid it?

Lou says, "I haven't personally sat in on many plots other people are running, so I cannot answer that question. And from those plots that I've taken part in personally, I haven't seen anything I'd constitute as a mistake really."

Lou says, "However. . I can tell you that players will always surprise you."

Cristoph says, "Yeah. Same. In my OWN scenes? I generally just try to be aware of pacing? Like, I tend to not let anyone player take a long time to pose. I'll politely as possible tell them they can hop in the next round, and just keep keeping on."

Cristoph says, "Yeah. There's no way to plan for everything a player can do, so I don't try, lol."

Lou says, "You can plan for the best of things, and then they'll want to split the party 3 ways and make you GM three different things at the same time. I am OK with doing that, knowing it'll take 3 times longer to finish your plot. My goal is to give them the stories they want to play in."

Lou says, "House Clement is did that, and so we're on night 3 of GMing. But, they're having fun, and that's all that matters."

Raimon thanks everyone, very much, for all of your help and advice !!! Take Care, All !!!!!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

Lou says, "Have a good night!"

Cristoph says, "I think if there aren't anymore questions, we're good to close?"

Bree says, "Thank you!"

Ryhalt says, "Yes, thank you!"

Cristoph says, "Hi Apos! Thanks Apos!"

Looking forward to reading the log. Thanks y'all!

Apollo says in Arvani hand language, "Is there a way to shower praise and adulation on the folks who ran this? Because SO HELPFUL."

Savio says, "Thank you friends, this has been good to know."

Apollo says, "Is there a way to shower praise and adulation on the folks who ran this? Because SO HELPFUL."

Kastelon agrees, wholeheartedly.

Cristoph says, "lol"

Cristoph says, "I would also like to thank LOU AND ZARA because there is no way I'd have remembered 1/3rd of this by myself."

Sorrel says, "This was awesome. Thank you so much, guys."

Cristoph says, "OH WAIT"

Cristoph says, "Evaristo had questions:

1. I felt there could be another enemy NPC between Mook and Elite, when I ran a scene at risk rating 3 the other day. Could there be like a Thug between, with the stats of Thug - Hard to hit/Dodge, Severe, Heavy, Medium, Light, Bruise, Surv, Surv+1, Surv+2 and HP of 10? Not tested the balance, this is just a suggestion of something in between - someone better than me with numbers might come up with a better one, if so.

2. 2. I was told that the system of rolling Strength to do damage, after a successful Hit roll, is now no longer used, and that the hit roll determines damage. If so, that document should be updated, I know there is confusion on this. (Not so much a question, though I want to be sure this change is official.)

#2 I think we covered, isn't a thing anymore. And yeah, will probably be cleared up in an update at some point."

Lou says, "I kinda thought the mooks were the thugs really. With scrubs being your normal every day folk that come after you with the pitchforks and makeshift weapons."

Cristoph says, "Same here."

Lou says, "And if not makeshift weapons, the lesser skilled in combat at the very least."

Sirius says, "Yeah like, if you look at the gradient of skill that each help file has on every skill/stat..."

Cristoph says, "Yeah. Sometimes the mooks seem a little easy? But I think they're supposed to be that way."

Sirius says, "People who have lvl 5 at things are meant to be almost godly. Six being godly."

Sirius says, "Willpower, for example. The torture gives up first. Think about that for a minute..."

Lou says, "I've felt that way too, Cristoph. And I think that's more because the marginal success was scaled back than the mook became easier."

Sirius says, "The mook may feel easy to people who have stacked dice, but if someone comes in running 3's all around they're going to be risking their neck fighting the mook."

Savio says, "Ohhh how do you do that GM check"

Aleksei says, "help gmcheck"

Savio says, "Thank you"

Cristoph says, "A very tiny sample. But with 3s (as our totally randomly stats/skills number for tonight) you have a reasonable change of success."

Cristoph says, "Azova just killed two guys tonight and she was the healer."

Sirius says, "Exactly! So, the Mook is meant to feel easy to people who have 5's in everything. To them, the Elite is the 3's Mook."

Cristoph says, "Yeah, agreed. It's also not horribly dangerous to people who aren't stacked."

Sirius says, "But as you rolled there, that was four successes and three failures, that's a legitimately risky thing to endeavor in. It'd certainly get me excited as someone playing a person who isn't all about fighting."

Sirius would happily risk his life fighting mooks. They're Elites to him.

Cristoph says, "Yeah. If those were dodges instead of attacks, the person involved would have taken a reasonable amount of damage and left with some wounds to lick."

Cristoph says, "Which, I appreciate. I like injuries!"

Sirius says, "Indeed! But it wouldn't be in so quick and assured succession that they'd die before they could receive help, etc."

Lou says, "Sirius, that might be true in the old system of @check, but in the new system even the most skilled of warriors have the same chance of failing."

Sirius says, "So all in all, plenty of room to work with. I think it's fine as it is."

Lou says, "But if they've built up knacks, they have a way of mitigating those circumstances."

Cristoph says, "I'm getting tired and meandering in thoughts. But! Many of your groups will be mixed. When I say feels easier with mooks, I mean more the overall group's success. And yeah, there's what, a 5% chance to botch now?"

Cristoph says, "Or is it less?"

Kael says, "5% sounds right from last I heard."

Lou says, "Something like that."

Cristoph says, "It's definitely not more than that."

Cristoph says, "Okay, I promise I'm not hoarding anymore questions in my mailbox. >.> Now we're good! I think!"

Lou snickers.

Aleksei blows kisses

Lou says, "Okay. As your partner in crime, I'm heading out :)"

Savio says, "Thank you again guys. It can be daunting. Really helpful <3"

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