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Open Hand, Open Heart Party

This is an event to kick off renewed activity with the organization Heart in Hand. All are welcome to come and enjoy food, drink, and fun and get to know the organization and what they stand for! And who knows, maybe even join the group to assist in their future charitable projects.


June 19, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Aella Vulpiano Drake Jerrica Cambria Emberly Thea Kiera Cesare Cirroch(RIP) Hadrian



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Serendipity Square - Kismet Carnival Hall

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Tickets for the 50-50 raffle are still available for purchase! They are 500 silver per ticket. Send silver via messenger to Isabeau.

Jerome, a bodyguard, Morgana, a proper secretary, 2 Valardin Knights, Bijou the Jewel, the Graypeak Mountain Dog, Elaine, an older courtier arrive, following Isabeau.

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6 Grayson House Guards, Gioia, a clever actress from Gemecitta arrive, following Jerrica.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Tickets for the 50-50 raffle are still available for purchase! They are 500 silver per ticket. Give silver to Isabeau.

Isabeau, pretty and polished in her pink-to-purple blend of clothes and jewelry, stands at the center of the hall, a smile on her lips as she waves to those who filter in. "Welcome! This is one of the first events thrown by Heart in Hand lately, though Princess Donella also threw a concert benefitting our work with the arts and scholarship rather recently." She shifts on her sandaled feet, "Thank you all for coming, I am assured that we can use all the games and the refreshments have been paid for."

Continuing on in her contralto tones, Isabeau says, "We'e holding a 50-50 raffle to raise funds meant to help provide shelter to recently freed slaves, though this isn't the only cause we will champion, of course. Tickets cost five hundred silver each, and there are no limits on how many you can purchase."

As a member of the Heart in Hand, Aella has been in the Kismet hall for some time helping to ensure things are set up. Her attire is notable for being a dress and in shades of pastel pinks and purples - every so often she moves as if to rest a hand on the head of her ax, which is not at her side. Now, as Isabeau welcomes everyone, the countess stands nearby with Princess Jerrica Grayson - another Heart member and her patron - greeting people politely. Her northern accent is strong, but she's making the effort to look soft and not-too-Prodigal. "Hello, welcome, have a drink." It's... sort of working.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aella before departing.

Neither the first nor the last to filter in is a rather tall and thin man, though not to the point of gauntness. Dressed in an array of monochromatic colors ranging from a dark grey to a white, his silk attire is neither overly special, nor particularly fancy. It is, however, immaculate. His first stop is the hostess, whom he greets with a warm smile, "Good afternoon, my Lady Duchess. A beautiful outfit - I especially like your necklace." He inclines his head politely, but given her hosting duties, he doesn't stay long, moving through the crowd and inclining his head politely in greeting to those he knows and those he does not. He spots Aella and inclines his head as well, offering, "And good afternoon to you as well, my Lady. Your dress is especially lovely this evening." Seeing Jerrica standing with her, he offers a deep bow of his head, perhaps spotting her signet ring. "Good evening to you as well... your Highness?" The platinum-haired man sounds uncertain, but he makes a guess of it. "Messere Vulpiano Rossetti, Steward of House Fidante."

Drake arrives in the hall with Thea on his arm. He seems to dote on her a bit, but does go right for the drinks. This isn't, of course, without stopping to look at the raffle set up. "Ah, freed slaves. It's a good cause. I suppose we could chip in for one or two," he says. "Long as I don't break the bank before the family dinner." But he's never been all that good with money so it seems like he's checking Thea for confirmation.

In a sun themed yellow dress, Jerrica has been finishing up little touches her and there and welcoming guests as they arrive. The Grayson stands near Aella and Isabeau during the opening speech. "I'm so glad everyone could come! Please enjoy yourselves," she says snagging a couple of drinks from a passing server. "Messere Vulpiano, so nice to meet you! Would you like a glass of..." she looks at what she has snagged. "....Wine?"

Cambria arrives, and though not a member of the association, nevertheless appears favorable towards its cause and goals. There are, of course, smiles and nods, and pleasant greetings to all those around. The hosts for the event are given all due respect, but only when it is Cambria's turn to approach them, as the Hydra Duchess was not so rude as to simply shove her way past others in order to do so.

Emberly is here in her dawn colored outfit, that sets off her red hair nicely, she looks over the others she smiles a little as she finds whom to hand her silver to

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Thea arrives in a tight fitting, purple gown, displaying every curve she has. Apparently there's a purple theme, little did SHE know! HA! Walking at Drake's side, she smiles a moment,"It is, yes. I may even have some of my own to chip in as well. It'll be well spent." Going to grab a drink herself, non alcoholic of course, the Countess greets Isabeau with a wink. "Nice seeing you again,"her eyes looking to Aella as well. "Countess--hello. I didn't realize you wore gowns. It's nice and pink." Was that compliment? She thinks so! Seeing Cambria, she gives her a wave as well. "Cousin..."

Isabeau's eyes grow wide as she looks to Jerrica, "Wine? At a brewery?! The shock. The horror," She teases Jerrica, with a playful scrunch of her nose. "Did you like the gift?" she asks the princess, before smiling to Aella, "I didn't get enough of a chance to bully yours into creation yet. Soon, though. I truly appreciate both of your support." She looks to Vulpiano, smiling her sweet, seraphic smile to him, "Messere Rossetti, how nice to see you again. Thank you for the compliment." Then her gaze tracks to Cambria, her smile growing a little in warmth. "Countess, Count." To Thea and Drake.

"Ah, Thea," Cambria says, smiling brightly. "And your dashing husband," said of Drake, whom Cambria had not properly met before. "A delight to see you both here." She takes in the immediate crowd so far, and says to Thea, "Everyone looks so lovely. I adore it." Even Aella! Since Cambria knows her not, she has no reason to assume that the woman does not otherwise dress in fancy clothes on the regular.

Aella gives a nod of greeting to Vulpiano, introducing herself, "Countess Aella Ravenseye." There's a look at Jerrica that says 'do not hand me wine.' Her stormy eyes scan the hall so she can find a server with beer. Once the tankard is in hand, she gives Thea a half-hearted smile. "Aye, gowns, the foundation of any good wardrobe." Then, critically, she narrows her eyes in her fellow countess' direction. "Where's your beer?"

Emberly smiles a little to Drake and Thea and she slowly meanders a bit closer, "you both are looking lovely today, its great to see you both again." she says in a friendly manner

Kiera walks in following her brother and sister in law to her slight embarassment "Douchess" she first greets isabeau with a curtsey and then to Aella "Countess, you look lovely"

Jerrica greets the guests as they arrive. Frankly, there are many that she doesn't know so there are a lot of introductions happening. "Lady Crovane, I trust you are well. Thank you for coming," she tells Emberly politely. "I love your necklace, Countess Wyvernheart! I've been looking for jewelry ideas lately." The princess compliments Thea. Then to Isabeau, "Oh yes! It is lovely! You have an amazing eye for these things and are so thoughtful!" She bubbles as she shows off the bracelet the Duchess gave her.

Vulpiano smiles as Jerrica simply grabs something from a tray, "Yes, your Highness, that would be wonderful. Thank you so much." The platinum-haired man accepts the offer of the wine with more than a touch of humility, a slight blush rising to his otherwise pale cheeks. The Lycene steward absolutely does not go through any elaborate wine tasting ritual. When Aella introduces herself to him, he smiles a little mysteriously, but says in return, "A pleasure to meet you, my Lady Ravenseye."

Drake is getting a bit more used to 'Count,' so he raises his glass to Isabeau. "Hello there. Good event so far." He smiles at Cambria. "That would be me, yes, Drake. Good to meet you." His eyes track to the necklace as it's pointed out, but then he just looks at Thea's face for a second, before back to the room.

Isabeau gives Aella an indulgent look at her half-hearted proclamation about gowns, and then seems even more tickled at her question to Thea. But she's offering her hand to Cambria, rather than commenting on that, "Duchess, I wasn't expecting you, how thoroughly delightful to see you." She smiles at Kiera, "Lady Kiera, it's a party, not a... well, I'm not sure what exactly one must show up perfectly on time for. If you want to do penance for being a little late, you must challenge someone to a game."

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove arrive, following Cesare.

Emberly touches her own necklace before she looks to Thea's and she smiles brightly as attention is drawn there. But it is Isabeau's words of a game that get her blue orbs to turn to Kiera with an impish sort of glimmer within them

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met, 2 Sanna House Guards, Bear arrive, following Cirroch.

"He does exist,"Thea mentions with amusement. "Princess Jerrica, nice to see you. And thank you. It belonged to my mother. My father gave it to her when they married.,"she explains with a small smile, nudging Drake a moment. To Vulpiano, she introduces herself,"Countess Thea Wyvernheart. It's a pleasure to meet you." So.Many.People! Hearing Aella however, Thea lifts her eyebrow just a touch. Nope. She will NOT look at Isabeau. No no no! "Oh um..well you see...I'm going on a sebatical for a bit you see. No drinking for a few months." There's a clearing of her throat, followed by a drink. "Hey Kiera,"Thea quickly greets her sister in law, distracting herself.

Cambria takes Isabeau's hand, and then very casually uses it to 'pull' herself into Isabeau's side. "I always seek to surprise in the best of ways," she tells the Telmar Duchess. Thereafter, Cambria grants Isabeau her personal space back. "I looked forward to the opportunity to attend when I first heard it announced." Then, to Drake, Cambria says, "A pleasure to meet you as well, Count."

Cesare's fashionably behind schedule to the party. Not late; you can't be late to a party, it's the nature of the thing. He's rather toned-down tonight, in muted shades of grey and black accented by scarlet, rather than his usual vibrant finery - but this is no reflection of his general state; he seems to be otherwise in high form, with a carefully cultivated air of casual deshabille including hair which is just this side of wild, curls spilling down his back. It does nothing to distract from the black eye, but perhaps that wasn't the aim. He is looking...for a drink.

There's a lot of people now, and Aella's eyes widen as she looks around. To Isabeau she shakes her head. "Wouldn't have known there was anything to apologize for if you hadn't said..." When Kiera greets her, she raises her tankard slightly. "Lady Kiera, aye, as do you." There's a motion between the women. "Blue, suits our hair better." That might be a comment on the very pink and purple dress she is wearing. Maybe. She looks no more comfortable as Thea's explanation comes and the realization dawns on her. "Congratulations? Yes? May you and Count Drake be blessed with a strong firstborn." She clears her throat and drinks deeply from the beer in her hand. Someone save her.

Vulpiano turns at Thea's introduction, offering the Countess a bow, "My Lady Wyvernheart, a pleasure. Messere Vulpiano Rossetti, Steward of House Fidante. You look radiant this evening." He straightens from his bow and gives the woman a smile. "Is it Lycene? I recognize the cloth - and..." Vulpiano pauses, perhaps overhearing Thea's discussion on a sabbatical and also realizing what that meant, "My congratulations as well, my Lady, and to your husband. Is this your first?"

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Drake looks a little flushed for a second when he hears 'firstborn', a comment which causes him, personally, just to drink a bit more. But he'll get used to the idea... and, well, it's not as if people won't be knowing sooner or later. He clears his throat and nods. "It is," he says. "New responsibilities, but it comes with the territory. She's going to be great."

Draped in a seasilk overcoat of deep garnet red with white embroidery running the entire length of panels is Cirroch, barefooted and wearing little else. He takes long strides into the room with little pause for who might be following him, nearly smooth as he grabs at a drink and begins to / Sanna sip / it in one go, then handing the tankard off to the next passing tray. Clasping his hands together as he stops to survey the room.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aella before departing.

Bright blue eyes alight with mirth as she pointedly ignores Aella and Thea's conversation, likely to ease the embarrassment of the latter that is likely to come, Isabeau traces them over the room at large A smile of greeting is sent to Cesare, and a dip of her head, "Welcome, Cesare. And Marquis Sanna! Thank you both for coming. I've just about decided that we'll start picking games to play soon."

Kiera squeezes Thea's arm affectionally at the greeting and returns Emberly's grin and offers greeting to both her and Cambria "Lady emberly. Duchess Mazetti.Lovely to see you both again" Then she says to Isabeau "So many games to choose from. Do you reccomend one in particular?

"It is is, yes. I'm from the Lyceum you. I should have said I was once Malvici,"Thea begins. But then she hears Aella, which caught on to Vulpiano. Her cheeks flush and the usual strong woman actually turns a bit pink. "Oh-um--yes. Thank you. It is,"Thea's eyes skimming Drake. "So tickets! How many tickets is everyone buying,"she proclaims a bit louder than intended. "Hello Marquis Cirroch, Whisper Cesare."

Having obtained the refreshment he sought, Cesare glides over to Isabeau, bowing deeply. "Duchess Isabeau, a pleasure to see you this evening. You look stunning, although I feel as if I say that to you every time I see you. Purple is one of my favorite colors, though, and it's so rare to see pink sapphires. I adore the gradation in tone of the amethysts you've chosen - I assume you've had a hand in this yourself, knowing your exacting standards, but if not, your taste speaks for itself." The reminder of tickets gets him digging for a bag of silver, and then he turns to Thea as he catches wind of the conversation. "Countess Thea! How lovely to see you." Softer: "Congratulations."

"Duchess Isabeau. Thank you for holding something worthy to get out of the house for." Cirroch exclaims back with a warm smile. He turns to Cambria, with his arms open as he heads towards her to give her a hug. "Duchess Cambria, it is good wonderful to see you." He nods to Thea, "Countess Thea." and Aella, "Countess Aella. We should have the papers ready soon."

Emberly smiles a little as she looks to Thea, "congratulations, I will be sure to send over a plushie" she smiles a little as she moves to find herself a seat casually ruffling her fingers over her silks

Isabeau nods to Cesare, her fingers gathering the front of the lace-trimmed honeysilk shawl that loops around them, "I did, actually. The dress and sandals I picked up, the jewelry and shawl was made specifically for the event." To Kiera, her gaze returns to as she hums and considers, "I think... Wolf in Sheep's clothing is fun for a group. Would anyone like to play? Or does anyone else prefer a different game?"

Aella popintedly steps away from Thea, nearly managing to look apologetic for calling attention to her before grabbing another tankard and approaching Cirroch. She's found someone she can be loud and dumb with. "I'm making social missteps already," She tells the man. "But that's good news." The first tankard is emptied and passed off to a server as she starts on the second. A game? She perks up. "I'll play." Any game.

"Ah, thank you all, and I'll buy a few," Drake says to Thea, just trying to perhaps change the subject. He looks at Isabeau. "Ah, I see, is that the game where one player is secretly the wolf? Hm." He looks at the table. "I could be in."

Seeing Thea and Drake's reactions, Vulpiano just smiles knowingly and leaves that topic alone, instead saying, "Ah, Southport. I have oft had business there. I have spent most of my life in Tor - except the last few years between Arx and Tor. A charming city, my Lady. I enjoy it very much." He turns and sees Cesare, "Ah, Messere Whisper. Fortune smiles on me. How does the day find you?" Vulpiano dips his head to the man in greeting.

"Oh, I love a game," Cesare says. "Any game. All the better if I'm terrible at it." He flashes a smile, brief but brilliant, to Vulpiano. "Lovely to see you again - and please do call me Cesare. It's the only name I was given at birth, and I do prefer it. No need to be so formal with me, though your politeness is noted and appreciated."

Cirroch smirks to Aella's comment and replies, "Do we really make missteps? Or is everyone else failing to be themselves?" He winks to the countess while grabbing another tankard and turning to Cambria for an aside. Then turning back around, the long panels of the coat nearly spinning outwards. "What is the game? Wolf's in what?"

Thea just offers a wink to Aella. "It was bound to get out sooner or later,"as she goes to agree with Isabeau. "That sounds fun." She looks to Emberly and smiles a moment. "Thank you." Thea then hears Vulpiano, grateful for the change of subject. A large smile appears at the mention of her home. "It is, yes. I miss home more often in the winter months, but I'm now getting used to Highhill as well. Thea chuckles, saying,"It didn't take much for Drake to get used to the heat as well." She hears mention of Tor as well, her eyes shifting just a little. "I will be going to visit soon. To give my condolences and such...I haven't been there in a year or two at least."

Jerrica continues sipping on her wine. After all she is still holding two glasses with beer being the preferred beverage of the evening. The Grayson's green eyes scan the room and settle on Vulpiano and Casare before she gracefully walks over to them. "Are you two up for a third? There are so many games, and I find myself at loose ends." She laughs gently. "Shocking I know."

Emberly nods her head a little as she agrees with what Cesare says "ooh a game?" she asks as she looks over to the lady mentioning it "I have never plaied, how is it done?" she asks

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"No gambling games," Drake says, as he settles down with a whiskey and looks at the cards at hand. "I'm terrible at those. Of course I'm not much of a liar either, so I'm sure I'll bust out of this one fast."

Vulpiano nods to both Jerrica and Cesare, "I'd also love to play - and I also find myself at loose ends, your Highness." He laughs, but it might be drowned out in the hubub of conversation. "It /is/ rather shocking though," he agrees. He glances to Cesare, "What do you say, Cesare?"

Kiera is likely the only one in the room likely grinning like an idiot at drake and thea's discomfort, a slight mistep of her own perhaps for someone usually concerned with decorum she is simply over the moon about being an aunt, regarding the game "how does one play?

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Thea checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 25 higher.

Vulpiano checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 127 higher. Vulpiano rolled a critical!

Emberly checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 35 higher.

Kiera checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 37 higher.

Cesare's Whisper face is not at its finest this evening. Possibly he just looks shadier than usual due to the damn black eye. Possibly he's not ever actually really trying to hide his emotion. Possibly he's just...not trying very hard. Either way, something in his hand makes his mouth twitch.

Cesare checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 33 higher.

Jerrica checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 53 higher.

Isabeau checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 47 higher.

Emberly checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 55 higher.

Vulpiano checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 24 higher.

Thea checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 24 higher.

Kiera checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 32 higher.

Drake checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 16 higher.

Vulpiano checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 41 higher.

Isabeau checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 39 higher.

Thea checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 32 higher.

Jerrica checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 32 higher.

Cesare checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 57 higher.

Emberly checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 28 higher.

Kiera checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 41 higher.

Drake checked charm + empathy at difficulty 10, rolling 17 higher.

Kiera is looking at drake with a raised brow as she lays her card down. she could suspect him of being the wolf or that might be a common look she gives her brother

Emberly laughs a little as she listens to Drake as she makes another play, she too was not the winner but she smiles a little

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cesare before departing.

At Jerrica's shocked sound, Vulpiano smiles again, collecting his cards, "I was, indeed, the wolf among you. My apologies for the deception."

Aella has been discussing the beer options with one of the servers, having gotten distracted after finishing off her second tankard. She appears impressed by the selection available, gets another beer, and then stands by to watch the game unfold.

Thea really looks at Vulpiano. Her lips break into a smile before she asks,"Are you sorry that apologetic. I don't think so."

"Well done," Cesare congratulates Vulpiano with a hand to the shoulder, another flash of a smile, laying his own cards down. "I'm out of practice at bluffing. Perhaps I need to take lessons from you, sir!" He nods to everyone at the table, though. "Quite a competition. Would any of you like something to drink, while I'm up?"

Kiera offers a bow of her her head in vulpiano's direction "well done Messere. Have I actually introduced myself. Lady kiera wyvernheart

Jerrica is overheard praising Isabeau.

The platinum-haired man just turns a mysterious smile onto Thea, "My Lady Countess, you wound me so. This is the face of a man who is honest to a fault." He laughs at that, likely having convinced exactly zero people of anything. "Skills hard-won in the Lyceum, I'm afraid. Bluffing, I mean." He glances to Kiera as she introduces herself and shakes his head, "No, my Lady, and I apologize for not introducing /myself/, earlier. Messere Vulpiano Rossetti, Steward of House Fidante. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Kiera."

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Isabeau hops up and offers a hand to Jerrica with a toothsome grin, attempting to tug the woman towards another game. "Come on, your Highness. Let's check your balance?" She teases her friend.

"Princess?" Aella looks at Jerrica with concern and drifts along with Isabeau and her patron to make sure no one gets hurt.

Drake stands up. "Now. This I'd like to see." He looks at Jerrica, watching closely. "Now. You go first of course."

Jerrica checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 3 lower.

Isabeau checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 48 higher. Isabeau rolled a critical!

Thea is quick to turn her head to the next game. "Who is falling...or not,"she is quick to ask. There is wink to Vulpiano as well,"I know all too well what gets taught in the Lyceum." Thea chuckles, watching the games now.

Aella checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Critical Success! Aella is spectacularly successful.

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Jerrica looks at the Balance Beam Game and decides that she wants a challenge. She takes off her sandals and climbs onto the beam. "Ohhh ok..." With arms outstretched, she begins to walk across the beam one foot in front of the other. About halfway across she begins to falter tilting to one side and then the other. "Ohh... ohhh...AHHHH!" She dramatically yowls as she tips off the side of the beam.

Isabeau climbs up onto the balance beam, and goes onto one tiptoe just for fun, balancing atop it with very little effort.

Cirroch watches the card game with some interest then goes back to find another tankard of ale, he appears to be quite interested in how easily the panels of his silk overcoat spin as he moves through the crowd.

Drake was considering doing the balance but... honestly, it's much more fun to watch the women do it. He gets a refill of his drink, and stands back to observe. Jerrica stumbles... but he keeps a straight face, until she lets out that dramatic yell. Then, he finally breaks, chuckling.

Aella has ditched her tankard, and moves alongside Jerrica, but doesn't reach out to guide her. As she begins to fall to the wrong side, the countess grabs the princess' hand and twirls her close, catching her in a cradling hold. "All right?" Jerrica is set down neatly.

Isabeau gives Aella and Jerrica an amused look as she moves along the beam, loosely hopping off and landing easily on her dismount, "Ta-daaa!"

"Ooof!" Jerrica, ever dramatic, is caught by Aella who is offered a hug. "Only my pride is bruised. Thank you for catching me!" The princess straightens her skirts and finds her shoes again.

Vulpiano's eyebrows raise as Jerrica slips and gives a dramatic yowl and yet Aella is there like /lightning/, if lightning could catch people. And then Isabeau is doing the balance beam like it was a /nothing/. The platinum-haired steward just watches in awe as Isabeau navigates the beam on her tiptoes. He seems content to sip wine, drinking alongside Drake. "That was spectacular," but it isn't clear if he's talking about the dramatic rescue, or the dramatic dance across the beam, or both. Likely both.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cesare before departing.

"At least Rosa will have an eye on you while visiting Stormheart," Aella says with a smirk, giving Jerrica a hug in return. "You didn't learn after the splits?" Playful teasing from the countess. She glances at Isabeau and gives an approving nod. "Next time I go sailing, we'll see how those nimble feet of yours fare on the sea, eh?"

With drink in hand Cirroch watches those at the balance beam, "This looks similar to teaching our young to run the ridges." He puts the drink down, but emptying it, then heading over to the beam with a stop by Isabeau as she hops off the beam. "What is the cost per ticket?"

Isabeau smiles over at Cirroch, with a gesture, "Five hundred silver each, and each one gives you a chance to win half the pot."

Thea mentions to Aella aside,"That's a beautiful necklace you're wearing by the way." Glancing at Drake, she teases,"Are you sure you don't want to gamble? I see another one there..."she starts. But then she sees something with pie. And then there's fruit. So off the Countess goes for food.

Kiera watches Jerrica witg a moments concern as she falters but gives a sigh of relief as aella catches her followed by a look of awe at isabeau before deciding to give it a go herself

Kiera checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 35 higher. Kiera rolled a critical!

Cesare settles into a seat with a fresh drink, allowing those who are more athletically talented to try their luck at the balance beam. He's content to observe - he's already had his one daring rescue attempt for the past six months at least. At least. It was even successful. Nobody drowned. Probably the thing where he hit himself in the face with his own lute and gave himself a black eye was payback for that.

Aella checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 30 higher.

Drake looks at Thea and grins. "Does buying raffle tickets count as gambling?" He looks over. "I'll do one more. But your choice. Bluffing, or handcuffs?" The last one makes his eyes glint a bit more, but... no bias.

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Cirroch smiles broadly, "Ah. two-hundred then." Then nodding to Petroc to deliver the amount. He watches the game a little longer, rubbing his hands together, "This should be amusing." Then looking to Petroc and his guards Dado and Esben. "IF I fall. No one tell Ansgar. I will never hear the end of it." He laughs lightly with an enthusiastic smile upon his face.

"Oh, thank you, the jewelers of Stormheart are excellent." Aella takes the opportunity to brag a little, even grinning fully for the first time all night. As Kiera goes to do the balance beam, she stays back to watch in case of need for another rescue before muttering, "Wonder if these shoes will kill me?" The dress is more of a problem, and she hikes the skirt of the poofy thing up so she can walk across the beam. She does just fine, much to her surprise. "Huh. Maybe. /Maybe/ gowns aren't so bad." Where's her beer?

Kiera walks very carefully across the beam and does not once waver. perhaps imagining a book on her head

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Cesare. "I know someone that can give you lessons,"she quietly murmurs to him. Is she serious? Only Cesare may know. Peering at Drake's eyes, Thea impishly grins. "Handcuffs it is...."her eyes revealing something else as well. Spying Kiera on the balance beam, Thea cheers for her from her spot as she goes to the last game.

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Cirroch checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 20 higher.

Cesare does not bristle at the suggestion that he needs lessons in whatever Thea's suggesting he needs lessons in. He only blinks mildly. These things happen. They happen. He sips his drink politely, watching the continued adventures on the balance beam, smiling slightly at Aella's comment.

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Isabeau calls out, "Last call for tickets, the pot is up to over two hundred fifty thousand for the winner."

How drunk is Cirroch INDEED... Well, he's at a level where a balance game, one where he should know how to do as he was raised running across ridges of mountain tops to not create a single drop of the thick snow there to cause an avalanche to any below. However, he's had a couple of drinks now. And takes to the balance beam. He doesn't fall off of it, though there are moment where both Dado and Esben can be heard snickering over the crowd in the room. As he jumps off of the beam, his assistant Petroc covers his eyes most likely in embarrassment for his Marquis, and the man quickly runs over to help smooth down the silks. Cirroch looks to his assistant with a mild glare, then breaks out in a laugh that builds its own echo off the rooms walls, calling out "Countess Aella! Where's the cask?!"

Drake checked intellect + leadership at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Thea checked intellect + leadership at difficulty 10, rolling 65 higher.

Kiera's cheeks turn pink as she watches cirroch dismount the beam

Drake possibly, really is hopeless at party games. Or at least at getting out of fingercuffs. Or both. Someone may have to rescue him if he ever actually ends up tied up, but, fortunately, Thea is there to actually assist with the mechanics of this operation.

Aella makes a gesture toward the casks for Cirroch before going and handing a coin purse to Isabeau.

What has Cambria been doing? It's not important! What is important is that she manages to buy a ticket before it is too late!

Why WOULDN'T Thea be good at fingercuffs?! She hmmms and ha's, teasing Drake,"Should I just leave you like that?" Thea grins at him, before she DOES start to help him out, freeing the poor guy. She glances at the cask that Aella has and sighs.

A messenger or two arrive for Cesare somewhere in the intervening time period of balance beams and fingercuffs, and shortly he takes the opportunity to slip out without any fanfare.

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Isabeau smiles at Cambria as the last ticket is bought, moving over to confer with Morgana who has been dutifully filling out bits of parchment and numbers and names. She calls out in her warm, contralto voice, arresting attention, "I want to thank everyone who came and participated in the event and who bought raffle tickets. We've raised two hundred and sixty-five thousand silver, which means that's just what our pot for the winner is at. Before we do the drawing, however, I'd like to tell you all who Heart in Hand is as an organization..."

Luigi, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Hadrian.

Thea grins at Drake and nods, then turns her attention to listen to Isabeau.

Cirroch turns to Aella as she points out the directions of the casks. Then looks over to Cambria with a grin. He turns to listen to Isabeau's thanks for the event and lightly, very un-Northernly, claps. "A wonderful group of people."

Cambria makes certain to give Isabeau room once she has purchased her raffle ticket, all the more so since the Telmar Duchess is prepared to given something of a speech. There is a silently mouthed 'thank you,' to both Isabeau and her assistant, Morgana. She finds her way over to Cirroch, and with whomever he might be standing with!

Vulpiano sips his wine in the back for a few moments, quietly chatting with some others in the background as the festivities go on around him. When Isabeau takes to announcing to the audience, however, he turns from the few people he was talking to to listen attentively.

After the balance beam incident, Jerrica is nursing her pride and a tankard of beer at a table out of the way. Her green eyes regard the tankard with skepticism. This may be the first one she has held in her life.

With Cambria's departure from Isabeau's presence, Hadrian offers a little waggle of his fingers toward the Duchess of House Telmar as his own form of interlinked greeting and farewell. Then onward he goes, making his way downtown, walking fast, though he gives a smile and wave to the occasional face that he may recognize. Or maybe he doesn't recognize it. A small portion of people will pretend to know someone, if that someone does in fact pretend to know them, after all. Then he's Cirroch bound (and whomever he may be standing with), by virtue of wandering around after Cambria.

When some of the action dies down and people's eyes on her, Isabeau begins, "Founded by Marquis Ford Kennex, Heart in Hand was created to bring together donors and volunteers in one place to assist those who need it. Providing food, shelter and hope to both the citizens of Arx and of Arvum as a whole. With that direction in mind, I've recently taken over the organization and have many plans to support various funds, charities, and causes in the future. We will gladly take donations and distribute them, volunteers, or members who wish to help with the odious paperwork or planning of events." Isabeau continues, "If you wish to join, simply let me know, otherwise we greatly appreciate people coming to the events, donating, and perhaps even joining us when we go to do things that are needed."

Isabeau speaks with Morgana again, and reaches for a bowl of parchment, digging her hand in as she fishes around for a few moments, then plucks up a bit of paper, "And wouldn't you know, our lucky winner is... the owner of ticket two-hundred thirty..." She confers with Morgana who checks off on the list for a moment, "Countess Aella Ravenseye! Who is also our top donor for the raffle. Way to hedge your bets, my Lady."

Kiera has been standing in quiet conversation with cirroch but turns to give isabea her full attention as the duchess speaks applauding aella as she wind " Good eveng Duke and Duchess Mazetti. would you like a private word with the Marquis?" she seems prepared to move off

Vulpiano lifts his hands to clap as soon as Aella's name is called, giving the Countess a polite applause as she goes to claim her prize.

Cirroch stares at Petroc with a grin as the man finally has found to filling the large twisted goats horn with the ale that he's been pilfering from passing trays in the event. With the horn in hand he looks over to Cambria with a nod, and to Hadrian as the Duke comes following along after. "Duchess Cambria, lovely to see you." He takes a smaller sip from the horn, "Duke Hadrian! I found your Duchess." He smirks towards Hadrian. "You both know Lady Kiera?"

Jerrica hears Aella's name as the winner of the raffle. She claps eagerly for her protoge.

Thea hears Aella's name and she applauds the Ravenseye Countess. "Congratulations!" Trailing the newest entrance, she nods her head,"Hadrian,"Thea greets with a slight smile.

Soon Hadrian's attention turns attentively to Isabeau that he may cast all of his eyes (two, he has two) toward Duchess Isabeau Telmar so that he may watch and listen (thus two ears are directed at her; of which he also has two). Soon enough he's nodding along with her words, his brow increasing with lines that show a look of concentration, likely on the words spoken, even though his nods remain fluid and casual. Relaxed. By the end and the announcement of the winner, Hadrian's hands come together. Clapping firmly and perhaps just a touch too loudly for the Countess in question, who he calls out to with a sudden bark of noise, "Woo! Yeah! Get it, Countess Aella Ravenseye, you're great!" Then he promptly goes quiet, turns his attention to Kiera, and favors her with a warm smile and a casual batting of his hand, "I don't think that's necessary... unless, is it?" he asks with a glance toward Cambria, then to Cirroch, then back to Cambria, "Is it super secret meeting time or are we just having, you know, a relaxing evening? I'm not wearing my decision making undergarments."

Cambria claps when the winner of the raffle is announced, as well as for Isabeau's words. In her more immediate vicinity, however, Cambria says to Cirroch and Hadrian, "Yes, and very fortunate that he found me, too." She offers Cirroch a wink. "I have been terribly lost in my own mind this last little while. Who knows where I might have ended up?" Then, to Kiera, Cambria says, "Oh no, dear, you need not depart on account of us. We're here to enjoy the evening, same as everyone else." She smiles towards Kiera.

Aella is standing there, dumbfounded. And turning pink at all the attention - the color of the evening, it seems. "Aye? Thanks. The rest will go to a good cause, too." She didn't buy all those tickets to win.

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Drake holds out a hand for Thea. "Shall we, then? Plenty of games back home," he adds, glancing at her again. "But this was a lot of good fun."

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Cirroch looks to Hadrian, Cambria, and Kiera. The group he's with now. "There's decision making undergarments?" He looks to his own dress, or what he managed to get on when being told that he might be late for the event, then back up. "I managed to get my overcoat on Duke Hadrian. We might have wildly different ideas of what is needed to wear when making decisions. Though I belive that this is not a super secret meeting time." He grins broadly with a irresistible smile. He turns slightly to when Aella is called to be the winner, and yells, typical Northern style, "Way to show them Countess Aella!"

Drake is overheard praising Isabeau.

Seeing that the winnings are passed off and the rest of it returns into the care of none other than one of the Duchess's entourage, Isabeau smooths out her skirt and relaxes with a sigh and a smile, the most of her more arduous duties over, and she can go back to enjoying the party. Her blue eyes alight on Hadrian's arrival and movement to Cambria, and she steps over to the pair, and Cirroch and Kiera by turn. "Nice to see you, Duke Hadrian. Thank you for coming." she offers warmly. She turns a sweet, seraphic smile onto Aella at her words.

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One of the Grayson guards approaches Jerrica and begins a quiet conversation with her. "Mhmm.... I" The guard nods. The princess says her goodbyes and leaves. "Thank you, Duchess." She hugs Isabeau on the way out.

6 Grayson House Guards, Gioia, a clever actress from Gemecitta leave, following Jerrica.

Kiera looks quizzically at harian as if trying to decide what undergarments he is wearing. then the next thought occurs and she blushes

"Some under clothes are better for making decisions in than others," Cambria says sagely, as if she has a wealth of experience under her belt when it came to such things. When Isabeau approaches however, Cambria says, "A wonderful event. I look forward to what the future holds for Heart in Hand." Of course, she does not miss Kiera's blush, and Cambria politely lifts a hand to her mouth.

"Sometimes the most important decisions require none at all though. It's really a confusing fashion scene, but it is what it is," Hadrian follows up Cambria's own words, nodding once toward Cirroch as if that's just how it is in the world. Though he does lift a hand to flap his fingers in a wave toward Thea, along with an acknowledging nod. His attention turns back to regard Kiera, his eyebrows rise, and a chuckle escapes the Duke of House Mazetti. He doesn't make comment or speculation based on the reaction, but instead turns to regard Isabeau, "Thank you for putting together an event for so many fine people to attend, my lady. Thank you for your generous and charitable pursuits," he says with a brief bow of his head in thanks.

Kiera hms "I think the evening went spledidly Duchess. I hope you do as well"

Cirroch smiles to Isabeau, "It was a lovely event. Is there more of these to be held? I'm seeking more ways to better the appearance that my family has left me with. While it can be helpful upon the battlefield, within the city, it can be troublesome if those I'm to speak with are worried if they will get to keep their heads."

Aella finishes off her... fourth?... beer. "I shouldn't talk about undergarments in public." Or ever, probably. She grins at Hadrian. "Nice to see you again." Then, a look to Cambria. "You must be Duchess Mazetti, then? Countess Aella Ravenseye."

Hadrian leans aside to mutter something at Cirroch.

Hadrian mutters, "Listen. Sometimes RECEIVING ... is a very fine gift. I ... ... once deliver me ... heads, ... ... those ... ... ... friend. ... memory ... I did cry happy ... It ... a wonderful gift."

Isabeau smiles at Hadrian and gives a roll of her shoulders in a shrug as she is handed a glass of something to drink. She sniffs it and discovers a cider and takes a little sip, "I'm glad this one has come off, really. Now onto the next one. I'm planning a meeting for the group soon, to discuss what we'd like to do in the future." She smiles at Cirroch and nods, "There will be. Various sorts of fundraising. Would you like to help us host them, Marquis or do volunteer work?" She smiles seraphically.

"And a delight to make your acquaintance as well, Countess Ravenseye. Congratulations again on your win this evening," Cambria says to Aella. She then listens to the conversation as it unfolds around her, smiling in a content manner.

Kiera nods "I should be getting on home. Thank you all for the lovely evening"

"There is the trap that progress offers," Hadrian remarks back at Isabeau with a chuckle, clearly joking judging by his tone, "you have one success, so that makes you crave another, and another, and another, and another. Then the next thing you know you've lead a successful life, you're old, grey, your knees are weak, your arms are heavy, somewhere there's someone's mother's meal on your tunic. At least you're successful though, which is pretty important". Then Hadrian's attention turns to regard Aella and he favors her with a broad, bright, beaming grin before he offers her a dip of his chin in return to her own greeting, "It's an immense pleasure to see you again, too, as always". Kiera receives a nod of understanding, along with a comment aside to Cambria, "We should follow in the footsteps of those august individuals who traveled the path before us at some point. I've a painting you really, really, really... really, really, really need to see."

Cirroch laughs lightly to an aside from Hadrian, a small nod to what was said. Then responding to Isabeau, "Where ever I could do the most, damage? ... No, the word is help. Where ever I can do the most help." He's had a few drinks tonight, the size of the goat's horn doesn't help that while its only been three or four horns, each has been nearly a full flagon. Though he still stands upright and is as cheerful as ever.

Cambria regards Hadrian with something of a /look/ before she leans in to say something to Isabeau...

Cambria mutters, "I ... ... about ... but ... do not ... ... plans ... include ... mother ... up on me, now ... when ... ... Even though I won't be ... ... I'll ... my hair before I ... ... ..."

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Isabeau gives a well-mannered snort that is obviously amused at what Cambria says, before her lips quirk up at the edges and she teases, "I'm blonde. We don't go gray until we are dead, and even then it blends." She smiles a little impishly before bouncing on her toes for a moment and telling Cambria, the impishness fading into just plain joy, "Oh, you'll never guess who has returned."

Cambria lifts a hand to her chin, regarding Isabeau thoughtfully. It is clear she is actively trying to sort through a list of names in order to give a serious answer. "You know, I really hope that it is that one really handsome actor, you know the one. Everybody loves him." She probably just really wanted an autograph.

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