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Suspires Singing Instruction

Join Nina of the Suspires and Bard's College for a teaching session about the art of vocal music and how to use one's voice best in performance. Lessons will be held in the Music Library of the new Suspires Academy, Pravus Ward. (OOC Note: head to the central west side of the Pravus Ward and look for Mother of Sighs, Suspires Academy, then head upstairs. Pravus Ward is south of the lowers and can be reached from the Low Bridge or through Crown Ward)

Teachers and students welcome!

(This is a social event and opportunity to get and exchange Performance trains with some RP attached. Lessons will focus on mundane music, but it's natural for conversation topics to wander too!)


Sept. 16, 2021, 3 p.m.

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Ophira Gianna Evaristo Cassiopeia Jareth Duarte Grady Cesare Zoey Ilira Aksel Savio



Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Mother of Sighs - Music Library

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Comments and Log

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, Midnight Sea, an Ostrian gelding leave, following Evaristo.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, Midnight Sea, an Ostrian gelding arrive, following Evaristo.

2 Ivory Shields, Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist, Romeo, a love sick bird who wouldn't be free leave, following Nina.

2 Ivory Shields, Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist, Romeo, a love sick bird who wouldn't be free arrive, following Nina.

This is the Suspries Music Library, a round room set up like a tower to resonate with music that leads toward the ceiling and have the proper acoustics for any kind of musical practice. Nina has set up a lectern at the front of the room, just in front of the fireplace. The fire itself is roaring warm to keep out the last of the cold outside. Nina is also dressed warmly, in a gown of dark red brocade, looking professional and comfortable but still quite elegant. Aside to the front is a tea service, though this isn't the sort of event that serves alcohol. The central bar downstairs is of course still open for those who wish to relax after class is over. Nina is calm and waiting for things to begin, just looking over her notes.

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove arrive, following Cesare.

Having arrived rather early, Ophira was settled on the ledge of a window that cast a beautiful trickle of light over the harmonious space. A large folio filled with various informational tidbits was at her side, tucked between body and wall. It was a languid posturing, a half crooked shapely leg whilst it's other trailed for a quick dismount from her perch. Given that there was no alcohol in this part of the building, the Siren of Setarco had made sure to bring up a tumbler what could only be rum from the dark ripple as it was sloshed idle about the glass. Tawny eyes, sultry in their thick lashes drowse was aimed to inspect the drifting flakes of snow, shifting every so often with impish perusal of those filtering in.

Gianna gave the place a very thorough once-over when she arrived, swaddled in her gigantic black furs. Since then, she's warmed up and undone the furs some. She's wandering about the library, examining the collection with a calculating eye and taking out items to browse.

Evaristo strolls in with his usual lazy gait, one hand resting on the peacepound warpic on his weapon belt, the other holding a pipe - but he's finished smoking, so he tucks it away and looks around with open curiosity, his first time being here. He lets out an impressed whistle, then turns a beaming warm smile at Nina as he walks over. "Nina! You look STUNNING - as always," he tells her, admiring her openly. "Darn it, I was almost going with RED and gold too, but decided on purple. We could've matched so well," he says, rambling cheerfully. He bows around to the others, and waves and greets, "hello, hello."

Winter is still in full thrust and the cold has Cassiopeia moving quickly to take solace indoors. Wrapped tightly in a thick wool and fur cloak, there is a dusting of real snowflakes over the embroidered ones. They start to melt, causing everything to have a subtle sheen. As she tugs down the hood, the young woman's cheeks are flushed red and she wears a friendly and bright smile on her face. Not one to make a loud entrance, she is careful to slip into the room, eyes darting around for a familiar sight. When she sees Nina, she offers the woman a smile of familiarity and murmurs, "Missere Autumndale," she dips her head to Nina, "you look stunning as always, I am delighted to be here in this space," she says warmly to her in greeting.

While not as well known as a dashing war hero.. or the bell of the ball in her first season, Jareth's familiar face smiles briefly as he walks into the music library drawn by the hawkers mention of musical lessons. The actor impishly winks when a passing young lady recognizes him and he makes his way into the library and finding a place to lean casually with his right shoulder against a book case. A polite nod is given to those he recognizes in attendence.

A heftier man strolls in, winded from ascending stairs. He's well layered in warmth - maybe too much - sweat beads on his forehead. Once in, Count Duarte is eager to find a seat to catch his breath.

Grady's voice is audible for just a second or two before he actually appears in the doorway, chattering to his assistant. "... be fine. You worry too much! With so many people singing so beautifully, one person who can't carry a tune won't matter." Thin without being either tall or graceful, he doesn't cut an especially distinguished figure as he comes in, but he more than makes up for it with the open, smiling expression of someone who is unabashedly happy to be here.

Cesare missed the memo and is instead wearing blue and black today. Couldn't someone have let him know? He could have matched. Oh well. The Softest is only a little late, and is performing some kind of movement which manages to simultaneously elegantly fling off his snow-dusted coat and hang it on a boathook in a singular gesture. "Look at all these beautiful faces," he enthuses. "So many people I adore. Evaristo." A hug, a cheek kiss. "Marquessa." A hug and a cheek kiss for Cassi. "Nightingale." A very polite back-of-the-hand kiss and a deep bow. "Mockingbird Nina - or am I meant to call you by a different title in this situation?" A back-of-the-hand kiss for her too. "Lady Ophira." And one for you too. "It's been entirely too long since I've seen every one of you. How has winter done this to all of us? Ah well. Spring is soon on its way!"

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery, 3 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Gianna looks over her shoulder at Nina. "This place is lovely," she says. She'd given her greetings earlier, but now that she's poked around some she's more of an authority on whether the place is actually lovely or not. She nods to those she recognizes, closes a book she was perusing, and settles it back on the shelf. She's very dark compared to the brighter colours, a raven in with the more colourful birds.

Mid sip, it's halted as Cesare enters and garners a smirk teasing at the corner of lush lips which purse in returned kiss flown upon the comfortable air, Ophira soon taking that sweet imbibement. Eyes sweep over all those who have arrived - adjusting posture, attention is fully given with a swiveling cross of booted leg over it's pair in a sleek slide of leathers. "What a beautiful turn out." Is purred aloud with accented lilt, canting that abyssal dark head for a moment as if taking in the full picture of all those drifting about to make themselves comfortable, "Someone get poor Count Amadeo a drink, he looks fit to drop." Is spoken teasingly, clearly making no move to do it herself.

Zoey slips in a few minutes later than most, not wanting to interrupt if instruction is already happening. She takes a moment, glancing around to get a feel for things before finding her place in goings on.

Ilira arrives a fashionably few minutes late to the gathering, a flash of red and gold beyond the doorway before she steps through. Decked head to toe in lustrous jewels, fine metals and lush fabrics, she glitters as she moves, the red velvet of her gown pulling tight across her hips with her stride. Her face lights up and she lifts a dainty hand to wave excitedly at those she recognizes, her golden bangles jangling. Making eye contact with Zoey, she mouths, "Hiiiiii!" and slips between shelves to join her patron.

Has Aksel been standing against the wall the whole time? Who knows. While certainly he can be an imposing figured, he certainly has a way of blending into the wall. Might be the fact that he accidently wore the same color shirt that the wall is.

"Yes...please..." comes Duarte's pleasant, but winded, reply to Ophira. The man has just about recovered, but continues to take heavy breaths. He undoes the buttons down his coat and lets it open so he might recline.

The tall blonde's eyes shine with warmth as she returns Cesare's hug and kisses his opposite cheek. Taking the opportunity to murmur something quietly to him. A few other faces are familiar and the woman makes an attempt to greet them casually. "Mockingbird Evaristo, hello again." she says to the man with recognition, a friendly expression given before she is glancing over to others. "And Lord Deepwood, pleasant seeing you here," she adds. When Ilira comes in, Cassiopeia moves to offer the woman a hug, "and Ilira, it is wonderful to see you, my dear." Cassiopeia's tone is light and excited, enjoying a moment to greet new and old friends. The trio of ever so tall Proscipi guards that came in with the young Marquessa are quick to hit up the snack table, the benefits of the job.

Evaristo hugs Cesare back, a kiss to his cheek, a playful wink - and then he flops onto a seat after getting himself a cup of tea. "Ahhh," he says contently, the warmth of the fire, the hot tea - and the company - being a source of great joy. "It IS so nice to see so many friends at once! It feels like this is a most JOYOUS gathering," he says and beams at Nina. "I suppose song always brings out the BEST of people, hmm?"

Nina laughs at Evaristo's comment, smiling brightly as she looks at his own outfit. "Well you look fantastic too. I didn't even have time to prepare something new, but I'm finally caught up on all my requested crafting commissions. The new velvet is amazing and yet I have yet to work much with it." She opens her arms wide. "This is a new space -- one of the places I've set up for open lessons in the Academy. Those who wish to use this building for their own classes are more than welcome. There's a dance space downstairs, and as soon as spring begins, the back courtyard will be a lovely open place to do artwork under day or night sky." A nod to Cesare. "And, Mockingbird is perfectly suitable. I'm always so happy to be with the Bard's College in such an occasion, but my office there is a little more for one on one classes or ..." Hm. Her lips purse. "Discussions."

Jareth glances around the assembled where he found his perch to stand and watch. An arch of his scarred brow seeing all of the fancy jewels and fashions of the nobles who have come to the singing lessons. "This should be interesting." He whispers to himself keeping his usual welcoming smile, not quite his megawatt stage smile but noticable nonetheless.

Zoey smiles brightly at the friendly greeting from Ilira, and when her protege is in turn greeted by Cassiopeia she asks, "Ilira, would you like to introduce me to your friend?" As quickly as the requests passes her lips, Nina is speaking, and Zoey stops to listen attentively until she is finished.

Grady lingers on the fringes of things, initially, with the air of someone who's taking the temperature of the room in an unfamiliar situation before actively engaging.

Swigging back the rest of the rum in a motion that would make a sailor blush, Ophira moves to poor a glass of crystalline water and then another of tea in a cup for the withering Amadaeo, motion a stalking thing as it's handed over to the breathy Count, "Don't pass out on us." Is chided with a tsk, moving back to her feline perch to collect the notes in which to share with anyone interested. Otherwise the Seraceni was perfectly happy to watch the conversations flow with a content smile as if being around folk was a treasure in and of itself.

Cesare nods, his eyes bright, surrounded by people he enjoys spending time with. He sees Zoey slip in and waves to her, and curiously looks to the people he doesn't recognize. "Mockingbird, this is beautiful. I'm nowhere near as experienced a teacher as some people see, but especially now that I'm Softest, you know I wanted to be here in support and to offer absolutely anything I can. I hope Whisper and the Suspires can hold some joint events in the future."

He offers a hand to Jareth. "I don't think we've met, sir. Cesare, Softest Whisper. Welcome to the Academy."

"Cassie!" Ilira sweeps Cassiopeia into her arms and holds her in a warm, lasting hug. "We keep meeting like this, when did I get so lucky?" She flashes a wink and a brilliant smile at the marquessa before turning to Zoey, but as her lips part, Nina begins and she quiets to hear her announcement. She snaps her fingers approvingly. "Fabulous." Returning her attention to the Kennex and the Proscipi, she smiles, "Zoey, this is my friend, Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi. And Cassiopeia, this is Lady Zoey Kennex, Market Maven and my dearest patron! Also a good friend of Savio's, so you have more than one mutual connection," she grins.

Savio arrives as subtly as a man can while wearing a turquoise fur coat and dark-lensed spectacles, hair tied up with a bit of starlight silk and umbra. It is not terribly subtle.

Zoey lifts her hand and flutters her fingers to Cesare before listening to Ilira's introduction. "Marquessa Proscipi," she says, dipping into a polite, practiced curtsey. "A pleasure, truly. Are you here to teach, to learn, or to mingle?" She gives Ilira and approving smile.

Jareth tilts his head and offers his hand in return greeting to Cesare. "A pleasure, Jareth.. the Great, of the Blackrose Mummers." The actor's rich baritone voice is low not to disrupt Nina's greets everyone. The actor cuts a striking figure wearing such simple though well tailored clothing cut to accentuate the lithe frame of the stage.

Duarte sniffs at the tea. Sets it down. His head dips to Ophira, "Much appreciated." But he doesn't drink the water either. He dip of his head and a mumble to his attendant and soon enough something alcoholic is delivered the Count.

Ophira checks composure at normal. Botch! Ophira fails completely.

"Many here are with the Bard's College and the Suspires," Nina says, "So obviously, we can divide up! For those who consider themselves experts in the vocal arts such as my mentors and comrades, I'd appreciate your help, especially with vocal ranges I cannot personally hit." She raises a finger, getting behind her lectern. "Everyone's voice is different, after all! And for those here to learn, please make yourselves known, and we can do brief introductions round the room. I will start by introducing myself, for those who do not know: I'm Nina Autumndale, Mockingbird of the Bard's College and a member of the Suspires Council in Arx. Oh, and do not feel pressure to sing if you are shy. Even being present and meeting new people is a nice way to spend a cold day."

"I could have flasked you!" Is shouted in mock hurt towards the Count as an infectious grin flourished, revealing the hidden flask in her jerkin with a hearty knock but then realizes that it comes during Nina's spectacular announcement. There is a sheepish smile flashed towards the most ravishing Mockingbird, "Apologies." What a rude creature! Giving a little cough, trying to overcome her outburst, "I have some collected information as well if anyone would like it. It's easily collected at the Bard's College but well, I brought it with me today should anyone be curious."

"I am HARDLY a very good teacher, but I can throw in my unasked for opinion and rambling advice, all helpfully," Evaristo offers cheerfully. "Also," he adds and pulls his trusty lute to his knees, kicking his feet up on another chair, "I will happily provide the tune and notes." He glances around the room, realising not everyone might know who he is, and adds; "I am Mockingbird Evaristo Arterius."

The blonde Proscipi is all smiles as she exchanges a warm hug with Ilira and seems appreciative of the introductions, she turns her attention to Zoey. "Your reputation precedes you Lady Kennex, it's a pleasure to meet you. I hope one day we can get a chance to get to know each other better.," she says with soft sincerity. A flush of red tinges her cheeks and she shakes her head, "mingle for the most part. Perhaps I will learn something, but I will not torture anyone with my singing. Unless we want all the neighbourhood cats coming," she seems confident enough to make a joke at her expense, but the look in her eyes says it's probably true!

As Nina starts to speak Cassiopeia brings her attention back to the host and she listens, making her own introduction to the room. "Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi of Tremorus. I am hoping to learn a bit about performing, should the opportunity present itself, but I am also happy to share what I know of... well, what I know," her cheeks flush and her smile brightens.

Savio has a weird instrument with him, like a bowed lute, or a not-a-lute, slightly disconcerting in appearance with its many bone keys. Lifting his stained glass spectacles up to perch them on his head like a tiara, he casts some amusement in Evaristo's dierction. "I want your unasked-for opinions and rambling advice, but I want them in rhyming verse."

"Nightingale Gianna Delvecchio of the Bard's College," Gianna announces herself with the air of someone who sort of expect her name to be already known. Which may or may not be true. She folds her arms over her stomach and tosses her hair to clear her shoulder. "I can offer pointers. I'm a terrible teacher, though. People say I'm too mean."

Evaristo stage whispers to the room at large, pointing subtly at Gianna. 'She is. Really mean.'

Addressing Ophora, Duarte apologizes. "I'm sorry, my lady. I promise you can flask me next time." His attention goes to the hostess/instructor. "Duarte Amadeo - and I care to one day enrapture any listener with something soothing and low versus something that resembles the raspy grumbling death of a gut shot brown bear." He means shot by an arrow, of course.

Gianna nods her head, looking regal. And probably mean.

Savio flails at Duarte. "You could have asked me at literally any time in the last two years," he points out. But having SPOTTED the Count, he's now floating over with intention to greet him with a Saffrony kiss to each cheek, mwah mwah. Run, Duarte, run. Or fail to run and suffer the consequences of Savio's public affection.

Jareth raises his voice to address the roam in his stage voice, still with a rich baritone. "Jareth.. of the Blackrose Mummers, for those that have not meet me before..and lately blessed by Lady Mabelle Laurent to oversee her theatre and performances in Artshall. I came to listen, offer pointers from a performance point of view..and also never hurts to recruit for those who seek to perform here in Arx or in the new theatre in Artshall when it is completed."

Duarte checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Duarte is successful.

Cesare straightens a bit - not that his posture was bad, but he straightens into something more like performance posture; spine straight, chin up. With a slightly apologetic look to Jareth, whom he hadn't quite finished introducing himself to. "I think most of you already know me, but I am Cesare, Softest Whisper, Disciple of Jayus, moderately known for a time as the Singer of Setarco. My vocal range is a light tenor, but my range is anywhere from countertenor to the top of baritone. It was /about/ two and a half octaves on a good day, last time I put it to the test. Everyone here knows the basics of chest, head, mixed voice, yes? Or are we really beginning at the beginning, for some of you?"

When there is a long enough gap that she is able to comfortably do so, Zoey straightens up to stand just a little taller, and in a clear voice she introduces herself as well. "Lady Zoey Kennex nee Bisland. I am also a member of the Bard's College, and while not officially a teacher there I can teach," she says. "My language students might tell tales of me sticking my fingers in their mouths to help them make the right shapes for the desired sounds, but I assure you that is not typical of my instruction style. I sing in the Contralto range, and can help both women of the lower range and men of the higher range most effectively."

Cassiopeia blinks when Cesare talks about chest, head and mixed voice. The look on her face says she is starting before the begining, and as such, finds a glass of wine.

Evaristo beams at Savio. "You DO love to challenge me, lord Savio. It is so nice to see you in such a cheerful mood!" As if Savio was NOT the last time they met. He's playing softly on his lute now, but so quiet it won't overpower conversation. "Ah Nina, we are an unruly bunch of ARTISTS here, before you know it we'll all be singing on the top of our voices and there will be cacaphony." His eyes widen. "Oh, can we do that?"

"No cacaphonies," Gianna says immediately and very firmly.

It gradually dawns on Grady that people are introducing themselves, and he's going to wind up looking like some kind of lurking creeper if he doesn't put on his big boy pants and participate. He takes a steps forward and smiles, broad and bright, lighting up his face and his eyes. If there was some trepidation to involve himself a second ago, it's gone and forgotten, now. "Lord Grady Deepwood. I'm afraid I'm not much of a teacher. Or a singer. Or a musician. But I find all of this extremely interesting!"

Duarte spots that bee-lining, impending overly familiar, Saffronese greetings from across the room. He manages to lean just enough so Savio's pouting lips smack only air. Duarte meets the Prodigal's cheek a gentle pat-pat to the cheeck of a gloved hand. "Good to see you Lord Savio. My interest in crooning just arose this very morning, I promise."

Meanwhile, Cesare spots the dodging of Savio's greeting, and the accompanying cheek-patting, from across the room. His eyes narrow. "I can also offer lessons in etiquette," he says. Pointedly.

As an afterthought, chewing on lower lip and waiting for everyone else to introduce themselves, "I realize some of you might not know me before I start offering lore. Ophira Seraceni, Siren of Setarco and member of the Bard's College. I'm able to offer perhaps some personal recommendations for those who are interested in the curious realm of singing spells into their songs." There was no fear in this admittance, a cant of head with a smile, "My range is varied but I favor contralto." A pause, "I can also help those looking to learn how to blade dance and can teach the fundamentals."

There is a pointed stare at Cesare but for now she remains quiet.

Ilira's eyes flicker forward, following the introductions as they make their way around the room. After Zoey's and Cassiopeia's, she finds the attention on her and perks up! "Hello! I'm Ilira Whisper, though I think about 95% of you know that already." She grins, "I have never taught officially, but have been a singer and lutist just about my entire life, so I can probably show you a few things." A wink, "I am an alto, but my voice is very flexible and I am happy to help those of soprano or contralto range."

Nina smiles at Cesare, grateful to have another expert in the room who can help with the lessons. It's a terrific question. "I'm so excited to hear about the new theater," she says to Jareth at his comment. "The more we teach up, the more performers we'll have! Truly, having stage presence is one of the most powerful skills to learn. And. Training the voice can help with things besides singing: if you want to be heard at a distance, a strong voice cannot steer you wrong. Blade dancing is a skill I have no talent for at all, so I'm grateful that there's those we can learn other instructions from as need-be. Let those who are participating get up to our feet, and we'll begin with breathing exercises."

Evaristo wields Mockingbird's Lute.

At the mention of singing songs, Zoey's eyes flick to Ophira. There is a sense as she watches the Seracani that she is making mental notes.

"Only because you are so superbly equal to such challenges, Evaristo." Savio smiles at him, and at Duarte, though perhaps somewhat dryly at the latter. "Of course," he agrees. "Just so. Well, you're surrounded by lovely, talented people. And also me. So you've come to the right place?" He offers little waves for Cesare, Ilira, Zoey, Cassi, and introduces himself to the room with more reluctance than would usually be his style, perhaps. "I am Savio, of the Proscipi. I can instruct, maybe, depending on what is it you would like." He drifts over after this to take up position near Gianna, content with mostly watching as Nina leads.

Cassiopeia sips on her glass of wine, while her trio of guards are still helping themselves to snacks. They are tall and need to eat a lot, it seems. Rather, she is curious to hear about everyone's accomplishments and abilities. Her eyes sparkle with curiosity and she is no doubt impressed by the company she find herself in. A little finger wiggle wave is given to Savio, who she no doubt saw enter earlier, as she tries to withhold ambushing him with Proscipi-style affection. Rather Cassiopeia's attention is drawn to Ophira at her offer, a look of interest on her features.

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Gianna nods to Savio before turning her attention to Ophira. "We'll have to talk later," she says. She straightens up, possibly to begin with the breathing exercises Nina mentioned.

Evaristo lofts an eyebrow at Ophira, his jaw dropping a little. Then he shoots to his feet, snorts amusedly at Savio, then looks expectantly at Nina - being a good and quiet student for now, fully intending to be a good example.

Cesare nods to Nina, shifting so that they're each covering roughly half of the room. "The greater your lung capacity, the longer you'll be able to hold a note steadily. And it's also important to know how to tighten your abdominal muscles to keep your voice strong even as you move about the stage, if you intend on performing in theatrical plays or anything of the sort. Imagine that a string is in the base of your stomach, and you rise from that string, through your spine, lengthening yourself, but keeping your shoulders down and back, and your neck as long as possible. And then you breathe from the very bottom of your stomach through your nose, filling up, up, up, with air. Feel the tension in your lungs when you have inhaled as much as you can? And then without any pressure, release through your mouth gradually until your lungs are completely empty."

Jareth whispers in rebuttal to Cesare's string and back comment, "Or like my music instructor taught us when I was much younger.. lift and separate." He stands tall off where he leans against the shelving dsiplaying this pushing his shoulders back.. "Though be careful how you tell a young lady this." He winks.. ever the rake.

Nina looks cheerfully at Cesare as the instructions begin. "Excellent explanation!" She rises up to her feet and puts her hand over her stomach. "Shall we? It helps, when you inhale, to push all the air into your belly. Even if it puffs out a bit when you inhale, that means that you are doing it right." She laughs at little at Jareth's comment. "I have some garments that do that, too." Nina then demonstrates taking a long breath.

There is a glance returned to each in kind who passes a curious eye over the Seraceni, Evaristo is greeted with a raising of brow, tapping her lower chin in a playful gesture to make not of his dropping jaw. Ophira nods to Gianna before she then goes into listening to Cesare and his explanation which she finds illustrates the art of breathing perfectly.

Gianna shoots an amused look Savio's way because of something or other and dutifully turns toward Nina to inhale. Lift and separate indeed. Breathing exercises are something she is very, very familiar with.

Evaristo inhales the air, straightens up to his full height and lifts his chin a little. The air is held deep for a moment and then let out slowly.

"Once you have all that air in your belly, you should go ahead and push it out, with a big, loud shout if you have one. But keep it strong and deep, solidly supported with your spine," Nina says. "HA!" This is a quite useful exercise for any who wish to shout so loud that it rattles the room, as many can or are wont.

The 'puffing it out while you inhale' doesn't quite agree with Duarte's tailored fit. His growing belly now stresses the buttons as he participates in the breathing. His breaths are heavy and audible.

Cassiopeia checks stamina and performance at normal. Critical Success! Cassiopeia is spectacularly successful.

Jareth inhales with the breathing exercises beginning. He holds it for a count of three before releasing it and starting again, not talking further at the moment while they work on this.

Evaristo checks stamina and performance at normal. Evaristo is successful.

Ophira checks stamina and performance at normal. Ophira is successful.

Evaristo does it again - inhaling deep, his posture is perfect, his eyes glitter with mischief - he opens his mouth and sings out, arm moving up with palm forward; "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

An impish grin flits across Ilira's features, twinkling in her eyes. "Oh dear," she quietly giggles, then slips back into the breathing exercise with a lingering glimmer of mischief in her expression. She breathes almost soundlessly, her shoulders back and her spine straight as though a ruler were placed along its length. Her belly barely puffs as she fills her lungs, then exhales, slow and steady and controlled. A look of deep focus overcomes her being.

Cesare checks stamina and performance at normal. Cesare is successful.

Cassiopeia is keen to participate in the breathing and shouting practices. The young woman listens with a thoughtful expression on her face, taking in the information and watching the others demonstrate. Holding her glass down at her side, Cassiopeia takes in a deep breath, filling her lungs. Her breathing is less like a performer and more like an athlete at first but she tries to temper it a bit. Filling her belly with air, she goes to push it out and she shouts, "HA!," and oh is it loud. It's spectacularly loud. It's so loud that it startles Cassiopeia and she jumps, nearly spilling the wine! Nearly, but no casualties yet! The loud shout has her face turning a bright red afterwards, "ahem," she clears her throat looking around, like she hopes no one heard that, as if.

Cassiopeia shouts from nearby, "HA!"

Quietly is the breathing exercise demonstrated, but as Ophira readies a shouting note it comes out repressed, as if the Siren is holding back. Lofty is the shout then ends in a melodious laugh as eyes sparkle given all of the range of sounds.

"HA!" echoes Gianna, with great volume. She has some set of lungs, she does. This is perhaps to be expected. And she looks pretty smug about it, too.

It has been noted in the past that Cesare's ability to project his voice is... daunting. He's probably not using all of that ability - and he stops to make an aside - "Bonus points if you can keep the palate of your mouth - that's the soft part of the roof, you can usually feel it with your tongue - high and round as you say your 'ah,' keeping your vowel nice and soft," - before he expels a rich, profound "hah!"

Nina checks stamina and performance at normal. Nina is successful.

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Gianna checks stamina and performance at normal. Gianna is successful.

Duarte checks stamina and performance at normal. Duarte is successful.

Nina walks around checking the students to see those who are making the most eager noises. She applauds lightly at Evaristo's boisteriousness, and Cassiopeia, as well. "Ah! Yes, that's the way. Some here have instruments as well..." Nina invites her accompanyist who is totally not a bodyguard to many events, and he is standing by with the flute, but as Evaristo is also present Nina gestures to him and the lute he carries. "Do you care to provide us with a solid note? We should all listen carefully, and try to hit it together. All breathing should fill your belly first and come out solidly through your throat. Listen to a note first, then try to match it cleanly."

Perhaps somewhat more subdued than is his usual wont, Savio is not participating in the exercises as defined, but he appears appreciative of the efforts of the students and instructors nonetheless.

Evaristo beams at Nina, it's like she KNOWS him - chances are he'd soon lose focus with all this. Now he can keep his hands busy. "Of course!" He walks to stand next to the flutist, and the two play a note together, but not too loudly.

Grady is the other person who isn't participating, which leads him towards drifting in Savio's direction. He's careful not to interrupt, not that anything short of shouting would have a shot at cutting through the noise that's currently being created. Creative noise, but it's loud.

Ilira rests one hand on her hip, observing the instruction with a quiet, luminous smile. She does not partake, yet, though her posture remains as erect and flawless as a spear prepped for battle.

Savio regards Grady with some mild surprise, but murmurs to him and sets his instrument on a nearby table so it can be inspected by the other man.

Savio drops What an interesting lute, why are there bones on it.

Zoey participates along with the rest int he vocal exercises, then watches and listens carefully to the notes played. "Should we try to match pitch?" she asks Evaristo.

"Pay attention to where the note comes from, as you sing. Do you feel it here?" Cesare touches his chest. "Here?" His forehead. "Or somewhere in between? That's what we talk about when we say chest, head, or mixed voice. The richest sounds often come from the chest, but the clearest and highest from the head. And the strongest, in a trained singer, can come from the mixed voice, where both chest and head are involved."

Singing is fun. Making loud noises is also fun. Cassiopeia looks to be having a delightful time, focusing on the present moment and the sights and sounds she hears. There is a warm expression on her face and she embraces it, even if her cheeks are still flushed. When there is a call to match the tone, she seems a little less confident, but not less willing. Cesare's question has her thinking, probably too hard about the answer. Cassiopeia tries to match her voice to the note and consider where she feels it. "I... feel it everywhere?," she says in a half-statement, half-question.

"Sure!" Evaristo nods to Zoey and will do just that - match pitch with his own voice.

Evaristo suddenly does a few stomping dance steps too, just because. He smiles beatifically.

Grady definitely went over to ask Savio about the musical instrument, as it turns out. They exchange a few words, and then he picks it up. His long, thin hands have a light touch, but even so, he takes care with it while he inspects it.

Ilira gives Cassiopeia a sly, knowing half-smile. "You feel it in the soul, first," she murmurs to her, then flickers her gaze up to Evaristo and tilts her head delicately, listening--attuning. She breathes in deeply again.

Gianna obliges by matching pitch with the sort of ease one might expect from someone in her position. Her gaze flicks to Evaristo for a moment, and his little stompy dance steps. A line appears between her brows.

Ilira checks stamina and performance at normal. Ilira is successful.

Cassi's mention of feeling it everywhere gets a grin from Cesare, one of the rare ones with teeth and all. He steps over to her and takes her hand, guiding it along his chest and neck as he sings a soft, truncated scale for her so she can feel how the vibrations travel.

"We can shake things up here!" EVaristo suggests. "I'll do another, harmonizing tune. So, you of the lower range - sing THIS tune instead!" he suggests and switches to one that harmonizes - with his voice too. 'Aaaaaaaaaaa' - there's no word, just his voice, mingling with the rest.

Ilira's eyes half-lid, capturing and captive by the music, as she always is. On that third inhale, she lifts her head and opens her mouth, lilting out a lush, clarion note of "hah' in perfect harmony to the chord. She smiles briefly, the warmth of which spreads and lingers on her face.

Duarte delicately massages his throat. He clears it. "I only feel it here, unfortunately," he says with a labored rasp. He's also taking a break from the controlled breathing as it's tired him some.

Gianna's voice is dark and rich; she has no trouble at all matching to the tune. Though her attention is now wandering a bit, this is as easy as, well, breathing to her.

Savio doesn't seem worried about his weird lute with the bone keys under Grady's inspection, though he is watching the other man with curiosity, and perhaps (unlike him) a bit of wariness. He does continue their murmured conversation, though.

The Marquessa of Tremorus blushes easily and her cheeks are a warm shade of red. There is a knowing nod when Ilira mentions that music is felt by the soul. There is no disagreement there, she seems to understand that even if she isn't all that familiar with performing herself. As Cesare takes her hand, she closes her eyes so she can focus on what she feels, first and foremost. Holding her hand on his chest, she stills her self and then her eyes pop open, having felt something, "oooh," she exclaims quietly, "I understand now," she murmurs with an ever growing smile.

The only wariness that Grady displays is the nervousness of someone who really, really does not want to accidentally break something they have picked up. He's all smiles once he sets it down again, turning the full force of that charisma right onto Savio while he, from the looks of it, peppers the poor man with questions.

Zoey takes another breath like in the exercise previous and matches the lower note, keeping it soft to help blend with other voices that join her.

Savio drops A Sumptous Set of Chairs for Conversation.

Savio drops A Couple of Couches in Sumptuous Silk.

Savio has joined the A Sumptous Set of Chairs for Conversation.

Grady has joined the A Sumptous Set of Chairs for Conversation.

Duarte has joined the A Couple of Couches in Sumptuous Silk.

Nina looks down at the floor for a moment as Evaristo dances, the dance steps making a nice rattle in the room as the acoustics are great in here. "Perfect. Those at the lower note, resonate down here--- here--" She sings one note a bit lower, but her range is clearly a higher one. "And keep it in your chest. Try to keep the back of your throat open, rather than pinching. Don't sing it through your nose. If you're tempted to, try going up to this note -- here--" She sings a slightly higher note-- "And we'll get a simple two-part harmony."

Evaristo is caught up - the harmonizing singing is wonderful in its simplicity, voices blending together. He sways, a bit hypnotized by this himself, smiling wide - but he is one that quickly needs things to be new, so he now changes the tune of his lute playing, and he nods to the high range singers - encouraging them to move up, to change to THAT note, to harmonize with a third one if they want to. Otherwise, the lute will do that work.

Ilira's voice mingles and melds with the others around her in a liquid hum, the strong, single note resonating from a warm place in her chest. She holds, and holds, and holds, then releases, the sound lingering in the acoustics for a moment. As the instruction goes on, her eyes drift curiously to Savio and Grady where they converse by a corner table.

"Wonderful," Cesare says. Listening closely to Cassi's pitch, he joins in alongside her and raises his hand just slightly to indicate a minor adjustment, leveling it out when the notes have matched perfectly. Then he drops to the lower note, so that she can hear up close what the harmony sounds like.

Savio takes What an interesting lute, why are there bones on it.

Gianna takes the lower tone, harmonizing easily. She closes her eyes and just sings, a faint smile curving up the corners of her lips.

The room has a clear resonance now, and when the proper note is hit, the vibrations of the two-part harmony echo nicely throughout the space. Nina nods a few times, and walks around listening to individual tones, with the help of other instructors. "I only have one more exercise for all of you, and then we can part for the day or enjoy drinks downstairs or here! We're going to try singing the full scale. Starting at the bottom..." She gestures for her assistant to play a single note on the flute, which sounds like a C note to the trained, "And then, begin. Do, re, mi--" A small pause, and then she sings it again... "And then Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!" She nods once. "I understand that other nations might measure the scale differently, but let's do it this way, for today! Do--" And she listens for the response, to make sure all are ready and then directing the lesson.

Zoey starts her climb up the scales, her voice softening ever so slightly around So as the sound moves from her chest to her head.

Evaristo is in the flow, the room is filled with wonderful notes. He sings - he loves it. He nods to Nina and starts, accompanying with the lute. "Doooo Reeeee Miiiii Faaaaa Soooo Laaaa Tiiii.... DIE YOU FUCKING DISGUSTING HUNDRED LEGGED PIECE OF STINKING CREEPY FUUUUUUCK!" - the latter isn't part of the scale and it's SCREAMED, right before Evaristo starts to smash the lute hard on the floor around the chairs, even kicking one of the chairs to the side so he can reach. That lute... isn't faring very well. "I WILL GET YOU! JUST LIKE THE REST!" His gaze is rather wild, and his hair is somehow more unruly. SMASH! The lute breaks but the pieces cling on from the strings, so he can still try to use it to smash whatever it is... he's trying to kill. Least he is clearly not trying to hurt any of the PEOPLE in here.

Gianna sings the scale, cool and --- okay what. She opens her eyes as Evaristo flips out and starts smashing things, one eye closing entirely as she winces. "Ah," she says. She shoots a look Nina's way and then starts applauding. "Wonderful scales, everyone. Just wonderful. Is it time for drinks?"

Grady has become pretty well wrapped up in his conversation with Savio, letting the growing sounds of the music settle around him like a comfortable blanket, which is probably why he jumps as much as he does when Evaristo is suddenly yelling and smashing things. He looks up, eyes wide, and for at least the first few seconds, just completely freezes.

"Ev, Ev." Cesare leaves Cassi's side immediately and gets right within smashing range. Probably a bad idea, but. "Hey, you're all right. Shh." He attempts to remove the battered lute from Ev's hands and put his own hands on Evaristo's shoulders in a calming gesture, lowering his voice to address his fellow bard further.

Evaristo checks composure at hard. Evaristo is successful.

Savio pauses in his conversation with Grady at the chairs, casting an incredibly worried glance at Gianna. He seems about to get up and cross the room, but Cesare is on it, and it seems likely Evaristo would not benefit from a crowd at this moment.

Zoey gasps at Evaristo's outburst and takes a couple of steps back to avoid and flying splinters that might and up going her way.

Nina checks composure at hard. Nina is successful.

The sudden outburst sends Duarte into a coughing fit as he gags on his notes. The count doubles over to grab his knees and begins to wheeze.

Grady freezes initially, yes, but once he remembers himself, he returns to his conversation like nothing happened, studiously not noticing Cesare still calming Evaristo down. Even the cadence and timbre of his voice, inasmuch as it carries, hasn't changed.

Nina, ever cool and collected, it seems, stands up, folds her hands, and looks very proud at Evaristo for his extremely good handling of the scales which was calm and dignified. "Ah! Wonderful job everyone." She grins at Ginna. "Yes. I think so. Maybe it's time to dismiss and have drinks now on a job well done!" She clears her throat.

Cassiopeia's eyes goes as wide as saucers at the outburst, it is enough to distract her from her singing. There is a look of gentle empathy in her eyes for Evaristo, not sure what is going on, but she takes this opportunity to sit down somewhere more comfortable and sip on her wine.

Evaristo is just about to smash down again, when Cesare is at his side. He holds up the lute - it's more just some pieces of wood and string right now. He narrows his eyes at it, then looks at Cesare. "I got it," he says, and runs a hand through his hair, taking a deep, deep breath. There's a very flat centipede smeared out on some of the wood. "Right! Sorry about that," he says and beams a wild smile around the room. "All is good! Hahaha, just wanted to see if you were all FOCUSED! Please... do carry on." He moves to the fireplace, and throws his lute on the fire. "I guess I need a new lute."

Evaristo checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Nina: Nina hosted a lovely Suspire's event! A great environment to learn in.

In the middle of her scale, on the richest note, Ilira is disrupted by Evaristo's fly off the handle. Strangely, she doesn't start and she doesn't retreat, just stands, looking on. Her expression is utterly, impassably unreadable. Then she strides up to Zoey and leans up to peck the Kennex on the cheek. "Good to see you, love. I'm out." She reaches to briefly squeeze Zoey's hand and turns to Cassiopeia, blowing a few little kisses with a smile. "And you, darling." Before slipping out, she calls back to Nina, "Wondrous instruction! Thank you for hosting!"
And she is gone.

Evaristo is overheard praising Nina: Sorry for the smashed lute. You are a wonderful hostess, as always!

Ilira is overheard praising Nina: How wondrous this was!

Cesare steps back with a smile and a nod to the room. "Thank you so much to everyone who attended. For those of you whom this was ground already trodden, I hope it was a good refresher. And I hope to see you back again. Thank you, of course, to our wonderful hostess for holding this event. It was such a fantastic idea, Nina."

Zoey is overheard praising Nina.

Gianna nods calmly as people begin to leave. She drifts toward Evaristo, her voice quiet as she addresses him.

Grady is overheard praising Nina: A fascinating event, and skillfully taught!

Gianna is overheard praising Nina: Mockingbirds give the best singing lessons. Well, this Mockingbird at least.

"Thank you very much for all that assisted in instruction," Nina nods to Cerare. "You're a natural teacher as well."

"It was my pleasure," Cesare replies, dipping his head. "I'm glad that I could help out, and you know I'm always happy to assist in whatever way I can. Oh, before I forget to say so - Nightingale, Mockingbird - Radiant Anisha sends her well wishes. She wanted me to tell you next time I saw you."

"I'm still overdue for a talk with her," Gianna remarks, nodding to Cesare. "Thank you. And congratulations, if I haven't said so before."

Cassiopeia hands off her empty glass and she offers a warm smile to those still gathered. To Nina she says, "what a wonderful event Nina, thank you so much," she murmurs to the other woman with appreciation. There is a parting smile given to Cesare, Savio and Evaristo, a few other nods of less familiarity, before the young woman is bundling up for the winter weather. The snack-munching trio of Proscipi House Guards pull their attention from the food and drink and are ready to accompany the woman out into the cold. "It was lovely to see everyone, a pleasant day and stay warm," she murmurs, since this is also her objective.

Evaristo murmurs something back to Gianna - he seems to be entirely calm now, but lingers near the fire there. The lute burns quite well. Nothing much remains of it now. "Thank you SO much, everyone. I had a wonderful time. It's... something very special when singing together with many others."

3 Proscipi veteran guards, a soft grey rabbit with huge floppy ears leave, following Cassiopeia.

Gianna nods to Evaristo; Cassiopeia's rabbit catches her attention, though, and she watches the little animal leave.

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