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Autumnal Gala

An autumnal gala is being held to celebrate all the season has to offer. Come dressed for the season and enjoy a bounty of treats. Games and prizes throughout the evening!

(OOC: Since the impromptu NYE party I threw last year was well-received, I figured I'd throw another for those of us who will be housebound for whatever reason.)


Dec. 31, 2021, 10 p.m.

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Cassiopeia Baldessare Zakhar Kiera Cesare Keely Mattheu Patrizio Aella



Arx - Upper Boroughs - Seawatch Sanctuary - Conservatory Ballroom

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Zakhar takes Sharpened butcher knife with engraved antler handle from Darkest double wrapping Serpents belt.

Zakhar takes A metal teacup saucer with rounded seashell engravings and a couple of dents from Darkest double wrapping Serpents belt.

Zakhar takes Bonbon's Beard Tamer, a citrus-scented hair oil from Darkest double wrapping Serpents belt.

Zakhar puts Bonbon's Beard Tamer, a citrus-scented hair oil in Darkest double wrapping Serpents belt.

Once ushered into the ballroom of Seawatch Sanctuary, guests that have arrived for the Autumnal Gala are greeted with splendor - in a decidedly rustic way. The bar and tables have been draped in mossy green hued honeysilk with heavy ceramic vases full of seasonal flowers and foliage on display. Medeia, heavily pregnant, stands near the entrance to the ballroom in her floral brocade and velvet gown, a warm and welcoming smile on her face. "Hello, hello! Welcome to Seawatch Sanctuary!" Her Lycene accent floats on the air over soft music being played by a four-piece band by the dance floor. "Come in and enjoy an evening of fun and relaxation. There are games, drinks, food, and maybe kittens." There are definitely kittens. A small pen of them, in fact, cute as cute can be. Three different games have been spread around the ballroom - something involving a ball and corn cobs, another requiring a balance beam, and yet another that appears to require sifting through hay. Servants circulate with trays bearing treats.

Arriving on Baldessare's arm, Cassiopeia moves with a natural confidence met with a warm smile. It's bright on her features and reaches her eyes. It shines with happiness and hope, even if it's just for tonight. Her gown sparkles with every bit of movement, hundreds of little glass beads, catching the light and accenting her approach. There is curiosity in her expression, a new place, and many unfamiliar faces blended with those she already knows. Engaging with the quiet conversation with the prince, she is all smiles and whispered conversations between the pair, as they find their way inside. Taking a moment to greet their host, Cassiopeia is holding a spiked fruit in her other arm and hands it to her as a hosting gift. "Lovely to see you as always Lady Medeia, you look stunning! Thank you for organizing all this, everything looks so incredible!," she says with a cheerful and excited tone, leaning in to whisper something to the woman, with a hint of mischief in her eyes.

A broad smile upon his face, Baldessare walks in with Cassiopeia at his arm. There is something about the way the two walk that seems a bit off - a newness, perhaps, to their attempts at matching their gait arm in arm, but also an energy about it. He nods and smiles and exchanges pleasantries with other guests as they approach the host together. He spots the basket of kittens available for adoption, and as Cassioepeia leans over towards Medeia, he sighs inwardly and rolls hie eyes upwards.

The old man (aka: Whitebeard, Zakhar, Lieutenant, /why is this man threatening me with a spoon?/ ...) will find himself pointed in direction to the ballroom, the bone cane scrapes along the floorboards with a solid thud then dragging lift before he makes his next calculated step into the room. A soft nod in Medeia's direction as he looks at the Lady Eswynd's declaration of more cats, before eyeing said kittens and a soft hint of a grin might be seen under the snowy white beard. A light scratch to side of his face and a pat to his head as he appears to be realizing that the rooster is not there. Then a look behind him quickly, and an audible sigh as he clicks his heels together, turns on a silver and heads to see about these kittens. "Doctorsy. Shekies is getting out of shape, more kittens will help here." He looks over to see Cassiopeia and Baldessare and nods to Cassiopeia as he turns away from Medeia and pulls a very dented tea cup from his vest and shakes it at a passing porter. "Marquessa, it is fine to see you out to enjoy the city." Then staring back at the porter that is staring at his tea cup. "You fill this."

"Marquessa, Your Highness, welcome," Medeia greets Cassiopeia and Baldessare, one eyebrow lifting slightly in curiosity at the pair. The Proscipi woman earns a wider smile, however. "It has been too long, and soon we will need to stage a rematch of our snowball fight, yes? We should consider making that open to others." There's a conspiratorial flash in the lady's eyes when the marquessa whispers to her. Murmuring, she replies, "But of course." Her gaze moves to the prince, her head bowing slowly. "Forgive the lack of curtsy, Prince Baldessare, I am not certain I could stand back up if I tried." The kittens gain the most attention when Zakhar enters, and the lady smiles brightly. "I would be happy to have one of Fluffy's kittens accompany Shekies." She begins to step closer to the little pen, gesturing for Zak to take a closer look. And maybe Cassiopeia, as well.

The kittens are hard to ignore, the young woman's attention constantly drawn in that direction. At the mention of the snowball fight, she lights up. "It is the only reason worth looking forward to winter for. I suspect this year, I will prove myself a worthy competitor. I think that's a lovely idea Lady Medeia, we could have big snowball fight! I could think of nothing better to do in the freezing cold," she shivers a little but her smile remains warm. Seeing Zakhar enter, she lifts a hand and waves to him with finger wiggle. "Zakhar, happy Autumn! How is Captain Waddles?," she wonders, seeming to catch his interest in the kittens as well. The Marquessa leads Baldessare in the direction of the pen, "did you have a pet growing up, your Highness?," she asks him. Her attention is easily diverted, much like a crow, so many shiny things. "Look, games!," she says, the beam seems to interest her the most, already stoking her competitive spirit.

A warm smile is extended towards Medeia by Baldessare. "Please, of course, I would not insist upon it even if not for your condition." He bows, instead, towards her. " He glances to the side at Cassiopeia, watching her examine the kittens. He knows what is coming. At the talk of snowball fights, he perks up. "That does sound like it would be a lovely event. It has been too long since I have hurled a snowball at anyone - I believe the last target I had was Benedetto, some many years ago." His gaze turns to Zakhar as well, bowing his head in greetings, before Cassiopeia leads him towards the pen. "I am a master of horse and have spent years cultivating a knowledge of animals and seeing to their needs." As Cassiopeia whirls her attention to the games, he chuckles softly. "Yes, indeed." Nonetheless, he follows along on any trajectory that the Marquessa seems to have determined.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

Zakhar seems happy to know that there will be a new friend for the matriarchal of his clowder, though to figure out if he's smiling under the beard or staring at the tea cup while trying to figure out how to drink from the sharpened edge is another question all together. The drink that is in the tea cup gets thrown in the general direction of his mouth and what gets in is licked at while the rest might fly over his shoulder, hitting what or who knows. "What is this about games?"

Zakhar takes Golden skull with silk brain pocket from Sling Satchel with bleached thumb bones.

Zakhar puts Golden skull with silk brain pocket in Sling Satchel with bleached thumb bones.

Zakhar takes Coconut shell, some twine, and a delicately carved bamboo post from Sling Satchel with bleached thumb bones.

Zakhar puts Coconut shell, some twine, and a delicately carved bamboo post in Sling Satchel with bleached thumb bones.

Medeia grins. "Oh, yes, I should have had this little one /and/ recovered just in time for such an event. I am due just before winter." The lady is standing around the pen of kittens with the others, discussing the potential for a large snowball fight to be hosted b her and Cassiopeia. "I had so much fun teaching you to enjoy the snow." A strange thing for a Lycene to enjoy, perhaps, but Medeia does. She then turns and looks at Zakhar. "I think I know just which one should join you and Shekies." She points to a feisty kitten that keeps trying to climb out of the pen. The cat is a mix of silver and gold stripes, showing off her mothers gray tones in dazzling contrast with tawny fur. "She was first born, and seems determined to let us all know that she is first." A glance to Baldessare has her thinking, but she shifts back to Zakhar easily enough. "I call her Ariesse."

Zakhar checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Zakhar is successful.

Kiera walks into the gala with a smile on her face, and looks about approaching hostess and kitties "Good evening, Lady eswynd. you look radiant. Thank you for hosting"She looks at the array of kittens

"Then it's settled, once you are recovered and without child in your belly, we will host a snowball fight. Let's get some of those Southerners out of their hiding," she grins conspiratorially with the other woman. "I had a lot of fun, it...changed my perspective. It's funny how that can happen, when something you hate or fear it put into a different light," she smiles warmly. As Medeia find Zakhar the perfect kitten, Cassiopeia's free hand is gently stroking a little sleepy patchy one, enamoured by it. But then, she is in an entirely different direction, "I must try the beam, I cannot wait," she exclaims to Baldessare, "excuse us," she says to the others, she's a woman on a mission. The Marquessa is already removing her shoes, it wasn't going to take long indeed, and she is finding an apple so she can wait for her turn to try the feat!

Cassiopeia checks composure and performance at hard. Cassiopeia fails.

Smiling happily as he moves along with Cassiopeia, trying to keep up, Baldessare awaits having the kitten handed to him so she can participate in the challenge

Zakhar nods to which cat is being selected for him to take home and heads to Medeia to pick the little one up and plop it upon his shoulder. "You stay there, and hang on." He's talking to the kitten, then as the small one digs in on his shoulder and tries to show displeasure at having suddenly get put at a different height by biting at one of the old man's dangling earrings. Zakhar only tugs his ear back from being pulled towards the shoulder with rider upon it, a sideways nod back to Medeia, "She'll be a good addition." He then heads over to the Corn Cob Bowling and picks up the small leather ball. Giving it a heft and catching it in his hand, he listens to the porter's explanation of the game and there's a frown, then after a small whispered word he shakes his head to have another earing caught at by the kitten as the ball is thrown.

Up into the air, not low along the ground and into the middle of the cobs the leather ball lands. Knocking over half of the cobs with a soft thud as he then spins to the kitten, grabbing it off of his shoulder, "We don't bite those. You shall sit up here then." And with that the kitten is placed on his head, where the rooster can be found typically. (What Rooster!?)

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Medeia: An ever gracious and lovely hostess!

Shoes off! Silly things. Cassiopeia is taking the apple and holding her dress while she climbs up to walk across the beam. "This is incredible!," she exclaims, looking so excited to do it. Putting the apple on her head she tries to make it across, careful little steps. The Marquessa is smiling from ear-to-ear and she is trying to keep that apple balanced. Alas! It falls part way through, but luckily she does not. Making it across she hops down, "that was so much fun!," she looks around, "what's next?," she wonders... The Marquessa will no doubt try all the games over the course of the night, but her attention will often return to those kittens, but mostly she will chat and socialize, leading Baldessare fondly around as she takes in everything, seeming to have a lovely time!

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Zakhar checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Zakhar is successful.

Baldessare checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Baldessare fails.

Sparing a warm smile for Cassiopeia as she attempts, unsuccessfully, the apple walk, Baldessare applauds her efforts nonetheless. "A valiant effort, Marquessa, indeed." Once she returns to his side, he hands the kitten off back to Cassiopeia, appoaching to try his hand at the beam himself. He manages to make it, ironically to the exact same spot as Cassiopeiea before he fails as well. He retrieves the fallen apple and heads back over to reclaim the kitten.

"Lady Kiera, hello!" Medeia brightens when she sees the Wyvernheart lady enter the ballroom. "How lovely to see you, my lady. Would you like to see the kittens? My cat decided she was to be a mother. And do try your hand at the games. Or rather, your legs as it may be in the case of the harvest walk." The lady is looking over the kittens, sending furtive glances in Baldessare's direction as if she is trying to choose one that suits him without his knowing.

Zakhar stares at the pins that have fallen and curls his shoulders, with the kitten now hanging onto his hair the next leather ball is sent flying at the remaining pins and with a combination of lead cob spinning around it knocks the remaining cobs down. Now, he has a silly smile and stands back upright. The kitten is picked up from his head and held in his hand as a finger becomes something to attack and attempt to chew on.

Kiera smiles " I love kittens, though I don't know if one would do particularly well in a house full of large dogs but i i wpuld love to have a visit" she peers closer "how are you my darlings

Medeia straightens, one kitten nestled in her arms that is peering out curiously but calmly. "Oh, they should be okay. They have all been around Butterpup - my Graypeak mountain dog. And their mother is a wildcat, a very hardy and dog-like cat. Not sure about the father..." Her words trail off with a soft laugh, indicating that she was surprised by Fluffy's motherhood. She glances over to Zakhar, where he is bowling, and gives a light cheer.

Kiera hms as she looks over the kittens "I will ponder while I try bowling. " She gooes to pick up the fallen corn cobs and place them back on their markers, being very precise

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove arrive, following Cesare.

From somewhere within the Sanctuary, a figure of radian golds and plums emerges, gleaming majestically. It is Cesare, come to grace the Gala with his presence. He looks alarmingly perfect, as if thoughts that occupy normal human beings have never bothered him. His hair gleams like ebon silk. His skin is like radiant gold. No, he's mostly just like - a normal, albeit attractive and excessively well groomed person. "Helloooooo," he yodels to the inhabitants of the ballroom.

Kiera checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Kiera is successful.

With the cob pieces down and his finger being chewed upon, Zakhar looks around the room then focuses upon Medeia with a nod. "This one is feisty. I should get her back and be introduced to Shekies, and waddles, and the rest of the clowder. I'm sure Pyre will have something to say as well."

A servar brings Medeia a glass of cider - fresh, not fermented. The lady seems pleased to have it, and takes a sip while watching everyone. When she sees Cesare, she lifts the glass in greeting. "Dearest, I have missed you. Come see Fluffy's kittens. I had to learn to be a midwife to a cat."

"Kittens," breathes Cesare. "Show me these kittens. Please show me these kittens." He immediately swans over to Medeia, sinking to his knees beside her. "I have heard that witnessing the births of animals is much simpler than that of humans, though I've no practical experience in either. What do you think? Does the Queen smile a bit on the simpler creatures? I think in my next life I will be a cat. Oh, to bask in a sunbeam, untroubled."

Kiera carefully takes the small leather ball eyeing the cob pins carefully and lets it roll. seven pins go down but the three remaining will be a hard task. two are split towards the right and one stands by itself on the leftside

"Of course," Medeia says to Cesare, gesturing to the remaining kittens - onyl one has been claimed, the one that left with Zakhar. "Would you like one?" Then, she's mulling over how to answer his question. "Well, humans aren't birthing three or more, so that's a blessing. Some animals can have a dozen babies at once. That seems... Exhausting."

6 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Keely.

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Havard, a battle-scarred gentle giant, Runa the clever, seafaring raven, Bryndis, another redheaded northern Prodigal arrive, following Aella.

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields, Keely, Mattheu, Aella arrive, following Patrizio.

Quite late but no less thrilled to be in attendance, a small crowd makes their way through the door and into the ballroom. Guards from various houses disperse to the usual places, leaving a core four. At the center is the handsome Patrizio, gleaming from head to toe in pale blue armor. On one arm is the fiery-haired Aella dressed in flattering monochrome, with a cheeky raven perched on her shoulder. She in turn has the jingling Mattheu in tow, the colors of autumn floating elegantly about his person in the form of scarves. And on the other arm of the Pravusi prince is the timid Keely in a crimson ballgown with a voluminous skirt that she does her best not to assault her escort's legs with as they walk.

Cesare is like, about to cry over these kittens. He is picking them up, one by one, and examining them. They are the most precious things he has ever seen. "How could someone decide which one they wanted?" he asks Medeia. "And will they not eat my birds?" He is a flash of gold among a pile of fluff, kissing each kitten in turn. "You are so wonderful," he blesses them. "Your life will be full of amazement and beauty." The mention of having one baby, let alone a dozen, makes him grimace faintly. But kittens are so much cuter than human babies!

Mattheu stops with an awe to the ballroom and all that is within, from the balance beam to the large pile of hay in the corner to the corn cobs, then someone said something about kittens?! The jingling, brightly dressed Ravashari is stuck in which direction to go in, then spotting the softest whisper he bounds directly for them with his bells singing out in every direction and echoing off of the walls within the room. Stopping only to dip down, then grabbing both arms tightly around Cesare's waist and in mid kitten kiss is lifting them up in the air. "Whisper Cesare! It is good to see you again." He puts him back upon the floor, and nods with a soft jingling towards the kittens, "Oooh, who do we have here?" And he promptly picks up one of the kittens, holding it close to his face and nuzzling his nose into the cats, only looking over to Aella for a moment, "Countess, there's kittens."

Medeia laughs quietly, making sure the curious kitten in the crook of her arm gets a turn to be loved on by Cesare. Now freed, her hand settles on her swollen midsection as Keely and entourage enter. "Princess Keely, Prince Patrizio, Countess Aella, Lord Mattheu!" The lady's eyes sparkle at the group. "How lovely to see you all here. Especially you, COuntess, I feel I have not seen you in at least a year... Or longer? I should have you and Rosa over to Eswyndol sometime." Another sip of her very plain, non-alcoholic cider has her nodding to Mattheu. "There are." And there are yet games to play.

Ever the galant guide, Patrizio Pravus is chuckling as he's considering the entourage with whom he's arrived, but there's the sketch of a bow to Aella and Keely. "I think this is where we best part, Your highness, Countess, my lord. I should repair back to my offices, before there's a missive - or ten - from my cousin requesting my updates about the situation in the Saffron. The pressures of my office, I fear." A breath slides from him, as he's sketching a bow, and one more to Medeia as he spies her. "I apologize for not being able to remain, my lady. But I trust that this group shall be well minded in your care."

There is a scheme in mind that Baldessare has. He has been going around to the various stations with the Marquessa, engaging in the frivolity. He has done well at some games, not so well at others, as has she. She continues to stroke the kitten that she has picked up from the start - her pick of the litter, so to speak. And he has held said kitten on occassion, too. But his gaze drifts on occassion to the rest of the litter, and seeing as people filter in that they are slowly being adopted, he realizes just another few minutes and sadly there will be no kittens for the Velenosan prince to bring him for himself.

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields leave, following Patrizio.

It had been a bit since Aella was back in Arx. Mostly dealing with the Stormheart shipyards, so as soon as they entered she brok off from Patrizio's arm to see what trouble... I mean drinks she could get into... That is until Mattheu called her out and then Medeia. The red head grinned, waved and then turned around and walked towards the others. There was a slight 'O' as she seen the cuteness of the kittens and everyone giving them attention. "Absolutely adorable." She gave a polite nod to Medeia, "It has been awhile it seems! I've been very busy at Stormheart and Rosalind is... well being Rosalind. We would love to come by. Thank you." her gaze turns to Mattheu. "I'm sure the kittens would love to play with the jingling bells." a hand would go to jingle of the bells in front of the kitten hopefully having it pat at it.

A gentle smile is offered to Patrizio, and Keely's hand slips from the crook of his arm to fold with its twin, hidden within her skirts. "Thank you for the escort, your highness," she murmurs quietly, before shifting aside to give him room to depart. Her focus is then pulled to Medeia, who earns a broader and warmer smile, and a dip of the princess' chin. "Lady Eswynd," she greets the woman, taking a pair of steps nearer to she and, subsequently, the kittens. "You look radiant. Thank you for hosting this event, how marvelous. Everyone looks to be having a wonderful time." Her dark gaze slides over the room, resting momentarily on Cesare and Mattheu with a touch of mirth as their antics ensue.

Kitten in hand, Cesare gives a squeak and a laugh as Mattheu picks him up. "Look!" he says, doing a twirl, jingling indicatively "I'm wearing your bells. Don't they look lovely?" Then, kitten still in hand, he skips off to the dancefloor, picking up an apple. He studies the setup for a moment and then kicks off his shoes. Apparently the Softest has chosen not only to balance an apple, but also to walk the beam /and/ hold a kitten. "Wish me luck!" he calls, holding the kitten like a talisman.

Cesare checks composure and performance at hard. Cesare fails.

Mattheu checks dexterity and survival at hard. Critical Success! Mattheu is spectacularly successful.

Baldessare checks composure and performance at hard. Baldessare fails.

Baldessare checks wits and legerdemain at daunting. Baldessare marginally fails.

One of Aella's servants quietly snuck in to hand a message for her. Opening it up in haste, she rolled her eyes a bit before folding it back up. "Well, it seems duty calls. Hopefully we can all get together soon." she says to Medeia and then to Mattheu. "I'll get in touch with you when it's more calm."

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Mattheu checks wits and legerdemain at daunting. Mattheu fails.

"A soft gasp comes from Medeia. "Cesare! None would eat your birds if you trained them. Even Fluffy ignores them when they come by." She looks a little offended on behalf of her cats. The comings and goings of various guests has her looking back and forth briefly before her attention settles on Keely. "Your Highness, we have not had a chance to talk properly. It is hardly the best time to meet hwen I am stitching a body in the hospital. I hope you are doing well. And it is unfortunate that your time in the city was caused by such a horrific tragedy."

Keely's smile falters briefly as Medeia's words reach her, but she presses it back in place and offers a small nod. "I am well, thank you. I have faith in the leadership of Her Grace, and the bravery of our allies," comes her soft reply, the words sounding slightly practiced but still earnest. "Our home will be reclaimed before long, and we will rebuild. Thank you for your kind words." She draws a breath, turning her eyes back toward the kittens. "These kittens are just darling, my lady, how generous of you to offer them to your guests," she voices with more ease now that her canned reply has been delivered. "And such a beautiful location, too. Simply wonderful. Have the games been very eventful? I tried a game at my first event here and there were minor injuries."

Mattheu puts the kitten down and heads over to the Haystack, slipping his headband over his eyes and flopping backwards into the haystack in a cascade of soft jingling. He lets out a small 'eep' as he lands on something, and twists to pull the headband up from one eye to see what he's managed to collect. "I've found a small pouch!" then opening it and smiling, "This should go well." he looks at the haystack for a second and then over to Medeia, "Can I go again?"

"You may," Medeia calls over to Mattheu, smiling before turning her attention to Keely again. "My husband has been working with others on the reclamation. My part has been here in the city, working on helping to resettle refugees, mending those who need it, and so on. We will all see Bastion restored." Her chin dips to the princess before gesturing to the kittens. "Please, if you would like one? It would be an honor to send one home with you."

Mattheu checks wits and legerdemain at daunting. Mattheu fails.

Without even standing up Mattheu thrusts his hand back into the haystack behind him and pulls out another small pouch, this appears to amuse him greatly and he starts to laugh as he gets up and looks at the dance floor then the conservatory path, calling over to Medeia, "If my sister asks, this was found properly correct?"

Medeia says, "Yes, found properly."

Mattheu checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Keely fails to entirely contain herself as Medeia makes her invitation, a faint sound escaping the young Grayson that resembles a squeak of delight. Her entire face lights up, and she has already taken a kittenbound step before pausing and remembering her manners. "Thank you, my lady, that is so kind," she murmurs with a sheepish smile, doing her best to look just the right amount of enthusiastic as her slippers carry her to the meandering balls of fur. She glances around when she reaches them, her brow furrowing with concern when she considers the kitten-walloping power of her massive skirt. A pace or so away, she resigns herself to lacking poise and flumps straight down, her gown poofed out all around her, fingertips drumming gently at the honeysilk as her soft voice calls to summon the creatures nearer. "Come here, darlings," she coos gently, unable to smile any wider if she wished to. As the kittens find their way over, she glances back to Medeia and ventures a reply over her shoulder. "Thank you both for your aid. I have an idea I have been mulling that I would like to discuss with you soon. Perhaps not at such a festive occasion."

Mortimer Ridgewattle the Third arrives, delivering a message to Keely before departing.

Keely is overheard praising Medeia: What a wonderful and festive event. And with kittens!!

Mattheu looks at the corn cobs and leather ball, then rolls it along the ground under his foot. And promptly sits down at the edge of line leading to the pins and pushes the leather ball towards the pins to watch a couple of them get knocked down. The smile on his face is either, this man is easily amused, or he's having a lot of fun.

"Oh?" Medeia looks at Keely with ciriosity at the mention of an event. "I would be happy to meet with you at another time, you need only ask, Your Highness." The kittens find Keely to be quite enticing - or at least her dress. One chocolatey brown kitten with a cream colored belly and front paws cries up to the princess with a sweet sounding chirp of a meow. A paw taps Keely's knee tentatively before the little ball of fur curls up in her lap. "Piscetta seems to have taken a liking to you. That is what I have been calling that one. She is a doll." A glance over to Mattheu brings a vibrant call out, "My lord, you should come by the hall, sometime, to play a game with my husband. I think you would enjoy a game of Islands."

The kitten pawing at her knee has Keely's focus drawn down to her lap, after which she draws in a soft gasp, her large brown eyes instantly glimmering with adoration. "Oh," she voices faintly, her hands gently lowering to stroke over the creature's back and then carefully, carefully gather her fuzzy body up to tuck in the crook of her arm. "Piscetta, would you like to come home with me? Tiddlywinks is the very best friend anyone could ask for. I am sure he will love you." She lowers her chin, lightly nuzzling at Piscetta's brow and then turning her attention back to Medeia with a slightly emotional smile, silently checking that she is, indeed, allowed to abscond with this little ball of fluff.

Mattheu looks at the pins that fell down and then gets up, leaving them as they are without much worry to if he gets a second shot on this game or not. Looking to Medeia, "I could do that, there are few things that truly keep me busy around the city these days." He waves his hand a little, "In that I'm still figuring out what it is that I should be doing here." Then looking to Keely with a smile as she finds a kitten to take home, and to Baldessare. "This has been a lovely event Lady Medeia. And I haven't forgotten that I should come by for another lesson in the art of using the smaller weapons." He then looks back to the doorway, where a brightly dressed Ravashari woman stands and he shakes his head. "Though it looks that I'm to be called away."

Medeia gives Keely an encouraging smile and gentle nod. "I think Piscetta has decided that she will be yours, Princess." As Mattheu is speaking, one well-meaning server opens the door to the gardens beyond the ballroom and accidentally allows Fluffy - mother du jour - and Butterpup into the ballroom. The pair dash through the room, a wild chase between cat and dog ending in the haystack. It's a rather messy end result, but the lady manages to respond before going to deal with the mess. "I may not be able to give that lesson for another few weeks; I would rather give it while armored and demonstrating." The Rivenshari lord is called away just in time to not have to worry about the mess the animals make.

"It was lovely to make your acquaintance, my lord," Keely calls softly to Mattheu as the man prepares to depart, snuggling the kitten a bit closer to herself and still bearing the silliest of joyous smiles. "I hope we may encounter one another again soon." She takes her time trying to find her feet, careful not to topple any wayward kittens as she does, and cautiously backs away. "Lady Medeia, what a marvelous evening. I apologize for the brevity of my visit, but I will send a missive soon that we may sit and discuss some ideas." A pause, and a smitten glance down to Piscetta lass. "Thank you so very much, for the event and for this sweet new friend."

3 Pravus Honor Guard, Edmund, Paxton the Party Pigeon arrive, following Bridget.

New kitten cradled in her arms, Keely turns to depart the ballroom after a few murmured farewells on her way to the door, her retinue stirring into motion to file out behind. She pauses when she reaches Baldessare, smiling gently and offering slightly lengthier parting words.

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